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Tournament of Duelling Fun! - Garfield23

Lord Zeno is bored till someone introduces them to Yugioh cards, its a disaster waiting to happen and one all 12 universes will pay for. And tucked away in the sixth will draw in Canterlot High into a conflict of truly cosmic Levels

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Chapter 3- Recruitment Troubles

Twilight observed the orange clad man with great curiosity since she had assumed humans couldn’t come to Equestria given her experience at Canterlot High but here he was. However he seemed different from other humans for one she could sense a high concentration of power and for another his weird hair was a definite give away but she knew two Pinkie Pies so maybe she wasn't in a position to judge that. Also she could tell Goku was a kind man, his generously big smile showed to her he wanted to help and she gasped as he knelt down “Well you asked for help didn’t you?” Goku asked as Twilight nodded “King Kai let me know”

“But where’d you come from!?” Twilight asked confused at Goku’s presence but now not unhappy to see him since any help was welcome “Also I must admit the presence of a human is weird to me”

“Well that would be weird except I’m not a human” Goku said happily he then clarified “I’m from a planet where humans live but I’m actually a Sayain”

“Wait a Sayain!? Rainbow mentioned the woman she punched called herself a Sayain?!” Twilight gasped as she looked at Goku with surprise and then anger “But why would your people attack Canterlot high!?” her horn powered up ready to attack but Goku shook his head “WHAT?!”

“Well it’s complicated but this Canterlot high isn’t in our universe…You see we’re in Universe 7 and Canterlot High is in Universe 6” Goku explained and then laughed nervously “I don’t understand it all myself” Twilight didn’t look impressed but sighed “Something wrong?”

“Oh no everything is just fine! I mean my friends are in trouble, I have an alien in my reading room and there’s nothing I can do about either of them!” Twilight yelled as she rubbed her temple with her right hoof “So this Universe 6 has Sayains too? And how do you know that?!”

Goku couldn’t help but look stunned at Twilight, he didn’t expect the reaction he was getting and had to think “Well you see the thing about that is…there’s this purple cat…”

“Wait what!? So you know him!?” Twilight interrupted if possible looking even angrier

“Uhhh there’s actually two of them. Universe 6 has Lord Champa and Universe 7 has Lord Beerus” Goku said and Twilight’s expression seemed to get even more dangerous “And they’re the gods of destruction…”

“GOKU!” King Kai snapped, he should have known Goku could possibly make things worse and talk about picking the worst possible point to go for. If this didn’t’ make Twilight panic well, it’d be a credit to Twilight and King Kai quickly spoke to Twilight “Twilight! Sorry my name is King Kai! Nice to speak with you, been watching your…uh anyway. Sorry about Goku I should have known he’d make a mess of it but we do want to help” King Kai explained everything he knew about the Tournament and even filled Twilight in on some background info “So that’s the situation”

Twilight’s expression rivalled her expression when she was trying to get a friendship lesson into Celestia and Goku looked away uncomfortably “Okay” she breathed out slowly “I think I have an idea…If this game is the source of the problem….and they’re after duellists?” Goku nodded “And you can rival them in power?” Goku nodded again “I think I may have a plan. Can I count on your help, Goku?”

“What are you thinking?” Goku asked a smile beginning to grow on his face and Twilight muzzle also bore a grin by this point. She hovered up and whispered into Goku’s ear “Oooo…oooo I like….So I get to?! That’s perfect!”

King Kai having heard the plan nodded “Hmm you’ll only have time for a couple of seconds and any mistake will cost you”

Twilight nodded “But that maybe all we need and it may very well not work. However we have to try!” Twilight said stomping her hoof onto the ground and Goku nodded “Let’s do this” the two moved towards the mirror which she powered back up “Okay? You ready?” Spike ran in “Spike?!”

“Let me help!” Spike asked and Twilight nodded

It was then that all three leapt through the portal, Hit on the other side taken by surprise as Goku flew out “Hi Hit!” and punched him in the back of the head.

“Twilight!” Sunset screamed in surprise but Spike bit her trouser let pulling her towards the portal to which Sunset nodded and ran for the portal “Come on girls!”

“GOKU!” Champa yelled in shock and surprise “GET HIM!”

“Sorry Champa, love to stay but this is a rescue mission” Goku said as he ducked as Caulifla lunged at him “Nice seeing you again”

“Stop them!” Champa yelled desperate as Twilight pushed Sunset through the portal Goku quickly following “Noooo!” however the plan didn’t work fully the other Equestria girls tried but Kale and Cabba stopped them. Worst of all Spike running back to the portal tripped missing the portal by inches and left helpless as Hit reappeared “Grab that dog!”

On the other side of the portal wrongly assuming Spike had made it in before her Twilight turned off the mirror by blasting the generator with magic “Where’s Spike!?” Twilight asked only to realise in a horrifying moment of clarity.

“He was right behind me!” Goku offered lamely, the truth of what had happened dawning on him and he looked guiltily downward “I should have made sure he got through before me! I’m so sorry!”

“It’s not your fault” Twilight whimpered and began to cry “It was my fault! He’s my number one assistant! He’s my brother and more….I should have stayed to make sure he got through safely” Sunset wrapped a hoof around Twilight, in a cruel twist they had traded Spike for Sunset and Twilight was left saying one thing “I…I…have to get him back!”

Sunset nodded “I know and thank you, Twilight. We’ll get our friends back” she said as she turned to Goku “I think I caught your name, Goku was it?” Goku smiled and nodded “Thank you”


Champa was pissed off by the loss of Sunset Shimmer and worse not gaining the princess like Vados had said they could but worst of all he got a dog in return “Give me one reason why I shouldn’t destroy you!” Champa hissed as he placed his foot on Spike’s head “You are worthless to me! You can’t duel and you can’t teach! But I know this…how did Goku find out about my plan?!” Spike simply growled but as Champa applied a little more pressure with his foot Spike screamed “That hurt doggy!?”

“STOP IT!” Fluttershy screamed running forward, grabbing Champa’s foot and trying to get it off Spike’s head but Champa being far too strong “Stop it, please!” Kale stepped forward and pulled Fluttershy back “NO! Stop let me go!”

Cabba did say “Lord Champa please stop it! It’s a dog, a little harmless creature and since when can a dog talk!?” he laughed nervously but Spike grunted a response “What?!”

“I said kiss my flank!” Spike growled and Vados ended up laughing as she walked over lifting Champa off the dog “I’m not telling you anything!”

Vados picked him up and said “Well aren’t you a brave dog?” she scratched him just behind his ear and despite Spike’s best effort he couldn’t help but let out an enjoyable sigh “Now please tell us?” Spike shook his head “Oh well…your still cute and brave. I think someone has earned himself a bit of a treat” Champa looked at her annoyed but Vados shook her head “Sorry Lord Champa but you can huff and puff all you like”

Champa snarled “Regardless you better have my ten duelists!?”

“I do my lord” Vados said and then added “But I want Caulifla to learn to play…I think she could be a good counter for Goku and correct me if I’m wrong but Caulifla would like a rematch?” Caulifla nodded looking angry “Also I need a replacement for Sunset Shimmer” she turned to the gathered students, staff and families “If you don’t hear your name please move into the school and those that do will get a duel disc” the remaining people all had decks with the exception of Rarity “Ahem Fluttershy…” a beam shot out from Vados staff onto Fluttershy’s wrist and a duel disc appeared shaped like the Number 6 but as a nice touch was a light green with Fluttershy’s Butterflies on top “Do you like?”

Fluttershy looked down and nodded saying “Thank you”

“Big Macintosh” Vados said the same thing happened except the disc was a light blue “Maud Pie…” a dark grey Duel disc appeared “Shining Armour…” a yellow duel disc appeared, Shining had been dragged along with his family and had a deck of his own “Twilight Sparkle…” a light purple duel disc “Applejack…” Applejack looked sadly away as a light red duel disc appeared “Scootaloo…” another light purple duel disc “Sweetie Belle…” a light green duel disc “And finally Pinkie Pie” Pinkie had to be the only member of the team who looked excited as a light pink duel disc appeared on her wrist “The rest of you into the school please?”

“Wait! Can’t we say goodbye?!” Applejack pleaded Champa looked annoyed but the Sayains didn’t move, not even Hit moved Granny Smith and Applebloom ran out the school hugging their family “Applebloom? Please tell me where you got that box? I don't want you know to have that whole experience be the...last” Applebloom looked nervously at Granny Smith and shook her head “Okay…I love ya and please be safe”

“Just use the box! If ya are going to be in a Duel Monsters Tournament ya may need it!” Applebloom said sadly, the other members were saying goodbye to Rarity and their families “We love ya too”

“Time’s up!” Champa snapped “Get into the school!”

Suddenly Pinkie Pie had an idea “Wait! We need to look super cool for a tournament right!?” Champa shrugged “Well we’ll need Rarity to uhhh design costumes!” Rarity smiled, maybe with some luck they could turn the tide but Rarity nodded deciding to play along “Tell him Rarity!?”

“Oh well I think I could design some really nice outfits for your duellists, Lord Champa was it?” Rarity asked and Champa glared at her looking dangerously at her but Rarity held her nerve “I mean such a fashionable God must surely know the value of dressing properly?” Champa smiled and laughed as he took a liking to Rarity.

“Alright! Alright! You stay” Champa said and then watched as Applebloom walked back in “Alright Vados do your thing” Before the gathered mortals, Vados raised her staff and in a moment the school shrunk down to a thing about the size of a soda can “Well done….now you lot remember this! If you don’t win the Tournament, you won’t get this back!” he held up the school and gave it a small shake “You get whatever wish you want from the super dragonballs but I demand Victory!”

There wasn’t a reply instead just a dejected nod from all gathered. Vados coughed “Now you may go home but be gather at Miss Sparkle’s home for training bright and early tomorrow” she said happily and turned to Twilight “Oh one more thing…you and your brother will be hosting us. Clear?”

“Crystal” Twilight said


Kusu smiled as she looked at the three duelists she was facing in a duel, Yugi Moto, Joey Wheeler and Seto Kaiba for her it was like a dream. They were on the boat that was travelling it’s way to the temple where the final duel would take place, Kusu and Murichim having shown up with Kusu challenging the three “Oh I can’t believe it! Three of the best monsters ever!”

“I only count two” Kaiba said dryly as he looked over at Joey’s Red eyes black dragon with a dismissive smirk “Wheeler’s doesn’t count for much”

“Oh yeah, Rich boy” Joey snapped as he looked up at Kaiba’s Blue eyes “Yours sounds like it belongs back in the…” he quickly rethought his choice of words “Uh never mind”

Yugi’s Dark magician was also in play and the current scores read, Yugi 4000, Joey 3000, Kaiba 4000 and Kusu 100 so Yugi simply said “Look Kaiba, Joey…let’s focus on this game! I don’t like how easy it has been. Remember if we lose we have to obey any request she has!”

“Yay! And you’re about to lose!” Kusu said observing carefully the face down cards the three had, each had one whilst Kusu had 3 herself but if her plan worked she’d win easily “My cards are unstoppable! Just have to wait for my best monster!” Kusu smiled as she drew one card but looked sadly at the card sighing sadly “Oh well”

“What’s the matter didn’t get the card you need?” Kaiba asked clearly unimpressed “Your duelling has been even more pathetic than Wheeler’s is”

“Oh shut up, Kaiba” Joey snapped as he then added “Besides she did challenge all three of us….”

“And I’m about to win” Kusu said as she revealed a level one monster in her hand “Behold my monster, the absorbing monster, Began slime!” a single pink blob appeared on the field with zero points and nothing else really impressive about it “Began slime is my ultimate monster!”

“No disrespect but if it’s a monster that can absorb other monsters on the field….I’ve seen something like that before” Yugi said remembering his duel against Pegasus “and it’s not impressive”

“Oh no Began Slime has a very special ability! It can absorb all monsters of a certain type from any one person’s deck!” Kusu revealed and held up a single coin “It is all based on a coin flip…normally it works on who gets to decide but because there are three of you! I will let Yugi pick if he calls it right. I’m not stupid enough to ask Joey to do it”

“alright” Yugi said sighing “I will go for Heads!”

Kusu tossed the coin but she used a little of her power to encourage to land Tails “Tails!” Yugi, Joey and Kaiba gulped “Oh and yes it will also take from your fusion decks! So I pick dragons and I choose Kaiba’s deck!”

Kaiba snarled as he looked out all his dragons and the total amounted to 9 dragons including two of his blue eyes and his ultimate dragon “So what, your monster’s attack points are combined from the dragons your slime absorbed?!” Kaiba asked slowly.

“Not quite. It gains 500 points for each card it absorbs! So 9 dragons times by 500 is…4500!” Kusu said eagerly “Ooo I can’t wait to win!”

Yugi sniffed “Well go ahead but fair warning our face downs will stop it” he said sadly, it was a shame such a powerful monster seemed to be wasted since Joey’s face down was kunai with Chain, Kaiba’s he knew to be Attack Guidance Armour and his own was the powerful trap Devine wind which if she did what he thought she would, then he’d simply counter it but then Kusu began laughing “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing…it’s just I’ve seen so many of your duels from afar, they were very entertaining but a bit primitive” Kusu said as she reached a hand into the air “Compared to the future duels of Yuesi and Jaden they’re a bit pedestrian”

“Say what!?” Joey snapped

“oh nothing but I know your moves so well…Yugi that Devine wind won’t do you any good” she pushed a button on her duel disc “Not when I activate the trap, Dust Tornado” a hurricane swept onto the field and took out Yugi face down “Now for my real plan, thanks Kaiba…this is my favourite move and I learned it from you! I activate the trap Ring of Destruction”

“But that’ll take you out as well?!” Kaiba said in surprise “Unless….”

“Unless I have a spell to counter it? I do….it’s called Damage Vaccine Omega Max” Kusu revealed “So whilst you all take 4500 life point damage from the Ring of Destruction on my slime…I’ll be gaining those points!”

“Oh no!” Yugi yelled in alarm but too late as the Ring of Destruction exploded and all three duelists life points dropped to zero whereas Kusu’s life points jumped to 4600 “We lost…all three of us”

“Yay! I won! I won!” Kusu yelled happily “And that means you three now work for me” she raised her staff and the three were trapped in little spheres of light “Yay!” Murichim approached and smiled as he looked at the little orbs containing the trapped duelists “I can’t believe I won! Open the bag!” Murichim obliged and Kusu popped the three orbs in “I can’t wait to get the others!”


Mule in his metal suit, Camparri and Eyre touched down on Universe 3’s Earth looking around at the welcoming committee that had gathered Eyre sighed and pushed his glasses further up his nose “I was hoping we could avoid a fight but I guess that was too much to hope for, from such a primitive planet but I guess we’d better teach you all a lesson. Catopesra please deal with these annoyances. Try to avoid killing them”

“Yes of course!” Catopesra yelled eagerly running forward “I’d suggest you surrender! You all are no match for my suit!” he flexed his muscles a little but none of the opposing warriors dropped their guard stances instead they seemed to be readying themselves to charge but then Catopesra flexed his left arm “Come on surely none of you wish to fight against the will of the god of destruction?!"

A single old man stepped forward, Catopesra looked at the old man with confusion but smiled when he coughed politely “Please forgive us but could we ask why you are here? We are sorry if we did anything to offend you?”

“You can drop the act” Eyre called out and added “We are not so easily fooled by your primitive….fighting skills or primitive technology. We simply need your people to play a little card game. I believe in this dimension you call it Yugioh cards?” the gathered warriors looked at the small blue man with confusion “Does anyone gathered here play the game, yes or no?!”

In the midst of the crowd of gathered warriors a single woman stepped forward “Step aside, master” she said and turned to face the aliens “A few of us do but Fairy Tail doesn’t take being bullied lightly. Forgive me but I can’t just ignore the insult!”

“And who might you be?” Catopesra asked as he looked the woman in the face through his helmet “Your courage is impressive!”

“My name is Erza Scarlet” said the woman


Back in Twilight’s castle, Twilight sat sniffing as she looked at a photo of Spike, she had been sitting alone for about half an hour on her bed, whilst the others discussed the battle ahead and felt her spirit beginning to fail. Not only had she lost Spike but now all her hard work could mean very little “Twilight?” Goku asked as he walked into her room “We’re about to leave. I promise we’ll get Spike back. Champa isn’t a complete jerk…”

“I want to go with you” Twilight said and added as she looked at the photo “Even if I can’t do much I need to at least try!”

“Here’s the thing Twilight I can only realistically take back two with me to Earth and you don’t know how…” Goku began but catching the look from Twilight, he sighed and rethought his choice of word “Then again I don’t know how to play the game either and I could come back for you?”

“There’s no need Goku!” said a happy sounding voice from behind him, Goku turned and found himself face to face with Whis “I decided it’d be easier if I came and got you but if your new friend wants to help…I don’t see why not. It’d be good for Beerus to meet the future ruler of this place anyway”

Twilight looked at Whis with utter confusion “Um yay?” She offered numbly as she then added “But I better tell my friends first. Would that be okay?”

Author's Note:

Okay so I'm just going to carry on the story as planned but I do want to stress 90% of this story isn't set in stone. If you have any ideas I'd love to hear them! Who do you think should also be in the tournament? Maybe Universe 4's god is really micky mouse.

Do you want One piece, Bleach, naurto, video game characters, live action! I'm all ears! Also any questions you have I'd be happy to answer