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Tournament of Duelling Fun! - Garfield23

Lord Zeno is bored till someone introduces them to Yugioh cards, its a disaster waiting to happen and one all 12 universes will pay for. And tucked away in the sixth will draw in Canterlot High into a conflict of truly cosmic Levels

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Chapter 8- Desperate Stakes

Tony Stark looked at his opponents calmly and then stared at his deck before staring at his opponents again this time paying particular attention to Brook as he said “Hmm…interesting…last thing I remembered before coming to this little party, was…dying and now I'm facing a skeleton in a duel...there's a joke there but I can't be bothered working it out” he paused and turned to Micky who smiled at him “Hmm I guess…I better make a move to get this duel started…” he drew a card and his face darkened “Marvel deck? My marvel deck is, one formed from my friends and my enemies....Micky, what does it mean? Marvel?”

Micky called out “Don’t overthink it!”

Tony frowned “My head hurts trying to remember where I was before I appeared in Micky’s castle…I have to think…” the headache only got worse “I…I did die…how?! My daughter…I have to get back!”

“What’s he talking about?” One Zeno said as he looked down

“Don’t know but sounds like it hurts him” The second Zeno said as he smiled “Sounds like he was dead”

“No he’s currently dead…Like Freeza in the last tournament you can see the halo” the grand minister said as he hovered up “Except sounds like Micky dragged him to his castle on dodgy methods thus his memory may have been affected...it seems to go in and out but I'll help” the Grand Minister floated down and tapped Tony on the forehead making Tony shake his head "Does that help?"

"Y...Yeah...yeah that helps..." Tony said as he then felt his mind finally settle down a bit "Thank you"

"Think nothing of it...please take your turn" The Grand Minister said happily.

“I play…the field spell, Avengers Tower!” Tony yelled as a tower shot up behind him all the way up, as it passed the zenos, the two clapped happily as they saw the big A of the Avengers form on top of the tower and Tony smiled up at it “With it I can special summon one Marvel Monster! And I pick Marvel Iron Man MK1” suddenly from the top of the tower a box shot out from the Avengers floor, Tony hit a button on a wrist band he was wearing and the box headed straight for him as it broke into pieces “So I am the monster!” the armour box crashed on top of him causing a massive cloud of smoke and when it cleared Iron Man stood in full armour with a duel disc on his wrist “This feels so familiar….well I guess this thing will get some getting used to but it’s…so right…to be back in this armour”

“Isn’t it dangerous for him to be the monster? And when Gilgamesh summoned himself…he didn’t become the monster?” Sunset asked Whis from the side lines

“That’s simple he’s not at any more risk than he would be under normal circumstances” Whis answered “And as for the second Gilgamesh summoned a different dimension version of…”

“Wait what?” Goku asked confused “That sounds confusing”

“It is” Whis admitted

Iron Man’s attack registered in at 2200, defence was 1800 but his armour registered his special ability to Tony within the armour “Right with my special ability I can summon another Marvel monster from my deck but for every level it is…I lose 100 lifepoints! So I summon Marvel Warmachine!” from the top of the tower a dark shape shot out and flew down to hover next to Iron Man “Rhodey?”

“Tony?” Warmachine turned smiling as his attack registered in at 1800 but his defence was 2200, Tony’s lifepoints dropped by 500 points “Oh my…you were….how’d I get here?!”

“Long story, how’s everyone been without me?” Tony asked as his face plate rose up revealing his face to Rhodey who returned the favour smiling the two shared a hug “How’s…I want to ask about…so many people right now…I don’t know where to start, I mean I know where but not who”

Rhodey smile only grew bigger “Hey your not going soft on me are you? Where's the smart alec jerk we all love?” he joked as Tony pulled away and punched Rhodey in the arm “To answer your question…everyone is fine…well fine as they can be…Cap is out too but that’s a long story. Looks like you’ve got your hand full with whatever this is…”

“It’s that kids Japanese card game…” Tony began

“Pokemon?” Rhodey asked

“No…Yu-gi-oh…I woke up a couple weeks back and learned to play…well it was hardly a challenge” Tony joked

“So I guess time to show them how we do things!” Rhodey said as his faceplate closed and his guns trained on Brook “Wait…I can’t move”

“It’s move one and this is a tag game so we can’t attack on the first move” Iron Man explaind as he picked two more cards right “I play two cards face down and that’s my turn”

Izzy sadly drew a card and looked at his hand “I…play…I mean I…..”

Rhodey whispered to Tony “Whatever happens you have to save him” Iron man nodded “He’s just a kid and I’ve seen that look before”

“I play the spell insect barrier! Then I play Pinch Hopper! Defence mode!” Izzy yelled as the bug appeared on the field and the barrier appeared too “I then play a face down and that’s it”

Lucy had also noticed Izzy’s dejected look and looked sadly to him as she drew “I play the….” She noticed Brook looking at her “What!? Your creeping me out!?”

Brook began to say “Oh nothing my dear but may I see your…” WHAM! A bolt of lightning struck him before he could finish “Should have seen that coming but then again I don’t have eyes…so I…” another bolt of lightning struck him as Nami sat back down looking annoyed.

“Well I summon…Key Mace in attack mode” Lucy said as a small fairy appeared on the field smiling as she hovered onto Lucy’s shoulder “I then set two cards face down”

“Well I guess it’s my move” Brook said as he drew a single card “Hmm well I guess I’ll begin with my own field spell…Music Stage! Now every time I play a monster! It takes a spot on stage as part of the band! There are five slots! And when all five are filled…I’ll summon my ultimate creature!”

“We’d better stop him before he finishes!” Rhodey said and both Lucy and Stark nodded

“But first lets welcome the drum man! To give us some sick beats, I play Armoured Zombie!” Brook declared as his monster appeared but then walked up on stage, it’s armour changing for black leather and a pair of sunglasses “And next I think I’ll play this spell…Brain Control! Yeah I lose a fat 800 but in exchange I gain my band’s backing vocals! Key Mace! You’re up!” Key Mace drowsly floated over also changing clothes into a plain white robe “Nice! Now I play the spell Double Summon! And with it I’ll summon our lead guitar player Vorse Raider!” Vorse raider appeared and also changed clothes and his halberg changed to a big electric guitar whilst he ended up in red leather “Now before I end my turn once a monster joins the band…it can’t leave”

“So Key mace won’t return” Lucy guessed

“You got it!” Brook said as he turned to the band “Not too bad now just the Saxophone player and lead singer and we’ll be ready for our opening song! But that’s my turn”

“Not if we can help it!” Warmachine yelled

“Damn right! It’s my move!” Iron man yelled as he drew “I play my next monster Marvel Spider-man!” from the top of the tower a web shot out and wrapped to the top of Brook’s stage before suddenly Spider-man landed on the roof of the stage “Hey kid!”

Spiderman looked to Tony and said “hey Mr Stark…whoa...this is weird…where are we?! It’s like we’re at…a really weird comic book convention!?”

“Long story kid….talk later! Anyway Marvel Spider-man…has a special ability where he gets to launch an attack behind your enemy lines…Direct attack!” Iron man ordered pointing at Izzy but as soon as Spider-man jumped toward Izzy he ran smack into the Insect barrier “Opps”

“Opps?! That hurt!” Spider-man snapped as he landed on his bum “That was not fun!”

“I forgot about his spell…well Warmachine attack!” Iron man ordered as Warmachine aimed at Pinch Hopper “Fire at will!”

Warmachine nodded as he locked on and fired but Izzy sadly nodded “Yeah I thought that would happen so I activate my Pinch Hopper’s ability…when he’s destroyed I get to summon any insect monster from my hand so I pick Digi Kabuterimon!” suddenly a bright flash filled the area and a second later Izzy’s partner digimon stood Kabuterimon with an attack power of 1900 “Hmm Kabuterimon…It’s good to see you”

“Well I admit this isn’t ideal old friend” Kabuterimon said as he looked around “I would rather we could get a burger to catch up with”

Izzy smiled for the first time and said “I promise we will”

“I hate to break up the reunion! But I’m attacking!” Iron man said as he flew forward and Kabuterimon braced himself but Iron man slammed into the Insect Barrier falling to earth with a bump “what the?!”

“I activated my trap! DNA Surgery! I picked Insect!” Izzy said as he turned to iron man “No one will hurt Kabuterimon so long as I’m here!”

“Well I guess I’ll need to end my turn” iron man said unsure of what to do.

“My move…I play the spell Digivolve!” Izzy said as he held the spell high “In order to use this card I have to be in control of a Digi monster! And then I must give up half my lifepoints…so…Kabuterimon take it away!”

“Kabuterimon digivolve to….Megakabuterimon!” the digimon roared as he changed to his more powerful version Izzy’s points dropping to 2000 but Megakabuterimon’s attack points came in at an eye watering 3200!

“Next I play the equip spell…I’m sorry…Megamorph…since my lifepoints are the lowest…It doubles Meagkabuterimon’s attack points! I’m sorry Mr Stark…but this is the end!” Izzy declared

“No! It’s not…” Tony said as under his helmet he became worried “My traps will stop the attack…”

“If not for the special ability” Lucy said as she pointed at their face downs which suddenly all disappeared before the monster “We’re helpless”

“I hope you understand I have to win!” Izzy yelled “Megakabuterimon! Horn Buster on…Spider-man…destroy him!”

“NO!” Iron man turned, Spider-man’s attack came in a weak 1500 “I won’t let you!”

“No choice…Horn Buster!” Megakabuterimon declared as his horn sparked and then his attack launched a massive energy wave…heading straight for Spider-man!

“NOOOO!” Iron man yelled as he flew over and pushed Spider-man out of the way “ahhhhhhh” the attack struck and Tony’s armour fell off but his points only dropped to 100 “If I give up…Avengers Tower….I gain…enough lifepoints to survive”

Brook nodded “Very impressive”

“Regardless on the next move…I’ll finish you…off” Izzy said as he ended his turn.

Lucy walked over to Tony “are you okay?”

“Yeah…I am but I gave you a chance…” Tony said as he pointed to Spider man and Warmachine “Use them and knock the kid out!”

“HEY!” Spiderman snapped

“Not you” Tony said as he looked to Lucy “I hope you have a plan?”

“I do” Lucy said as she drew a card “I play twin twister to take out DNA Surgery and Megamorph! Now I play the ritual spell Black Illusion Ritual! I offer up Warmachine….Sorry”

“Just win” Warmachine said firmly as he disappeared

“This allows me to summon Relinquish! This card has one special ability you should fear kid” Lucy said as Relinquish appeared on the field and opened its mouth wide as a black hole appeared “It can absorb one monster! I’m going to use to absorb Digi Megakabuterimon!”

“NOOOO!” Izzy screamed as Relinquish began to draw in the digimon who struggled as Izzy ran trying to stop it “Nooo! Please don't! Not that! Stop it! No!” as Relinquish finished absorbing the big bug and closed it’s wings “No! Open! No! For the love of” Izzy screamed trying desperately to open the wings “NO! Please give him back!”

Spider-man stood up, approaching Izzy sadly and tried to gently pull him away "It's just a game" he tried meekly but Izzy's screams were so horrible that Spider-man pulled his mask off exposing the kind face of Peter Parker "Please stop this! You..."

"He's my friend!" Izzy screamed "He's done so much for me! How am I suppose to..." he went back to desperately trying to pull open the wings.

Tony watched his eyes wide in horror as he asked "What on earth is going on!?"

From the side lines many of the spectators were beginning to feel deep disgust for Quitela but deep sympathy for the duellists on his team. On Universe 3 team seats, Makarov sat shaking in rage, his face bore a very dangerous look but then he calmed down and turned to Natsu and Erza "That boy...must be saved to join our..."

"No need to say anymore!" Natsu said happily "Lucy will get him!"

"Indeed she is very capable" Erza said as she gave Lucy the thumbs up who nodded at the signal "I think she understood..."

"Uhhh hate to point this out but why don't we just tell her!?" Gray Fullbuster asked slowly and the guild members looked away as Gray sighed "You didn't think of it did you!? You know to use our magic?!"

Makarov laughed "Well it's all about being good sports" he offered meekly

Lucy looked sadly as Izzy kept pulling, it was so severe one of his finger nails flew off, he was crying and banging desperate to get back Tentomon “I…I’m sorry but this has to be done!” Lucy screamed as tears came down her face, she ran forward and pulled Izzy away, holding him close as Quitela smirked on the side lines but she stroked his hair trying desperately to sooth the boy, she looked up at Relinquish her eyes begging for the monster to understand and she breathed deeply before saying “It’s okay…it’ll be over in a moment! Relinquish! I order you to attack…Izzy but please be gentle”

Relinquish looked on, it’s unflinching single eye blinking but then the stalk with the eye nodded and in Megakabuterimon’s voice it said “Thank you” and swiped easy gently with the back of it’s hand dropping his points to zero.

Lucy stroked Izzy’s hair and whispered “It’s almost over…we’ll have you safely away soon. I end my turn Brook! Finish this!”

“Only if I can see your…” Brook began but caught a look from Nami “ahem my move! I play monster reborn to revive Digi Kabuterimon!” Kabuterimon soared out from the ground and hovered overhead before taking centre stage “Next I summon Celtic Guardian!” Celtic Guardian appeared before his clothes were switched for a black suit and a saxophone appeared in one hand “Now time to play a little song! Yohohohoho!” Brook ran up on stage and began to sing Butterfly alongside the monsters “This card allows me to summon any fusion monster from my extra deck regardless of summoning requirements! I call on the Cyber End Dragon!” the impressive fusion monster appeared in a bright flash

Tony stood up and said “attack me…I only have 100 points left” Spider-man began to walk forward but Tony tore the card off the disc and smiled "Sorry about that but I don't want to see anymore suffering today" Tony breathed as he looked at the card "Tell everyone back home...hi from me, kid" before he put it in the graveyard and spread his arms wide "Go ahead and attack me!"

“I guess I have no choice! Cyber End Dragon attack Mr Stark!” Brook ordered as the dragon surged up to its full height and fired from three mouths with a powerful blast at Tony “Tone it down a little bit…it’s a bit too much” Tony Stark took the blast full on and his points hit zero

The grand minister hovered down and declared “The duel is over! Lucy Heartfillia and Brook will be advancing to the next round. Lucy as the duellist with the highest points, the fate of the losers is up to you” Lucy looked to Izzy and then to Tony as the Grand Minister drew closer “What is your decision?”

“I want Mr Stark and Izzy healed but for Tony to go back to his team. However I wish Izzy to join mine” Lucy said honestly and then added “His friend too…the bug…”

“What she can’t ask for that!?” Quitela snapped but before he could prevent it, a light shot out of his orb and landed near Izzy “NO!”

“Who…” Izzy began but then Tentomon appeared and his eyes filled with tears “It can’t be!”

“Oh Izzy you’re a sight for big sore green eyes…got any eye drops?” Tentomon joked as he helped Izzy up “You look great by the way…” Izzy smiled as Lucy approached “Who’s she?”

“She’s the one who saved us” Izzy explained and walked off to join the Fairy tail team

“So Universe 4 is brow beating their team into duelling for them” Whis said in a surprised voice “However I suspect most teams here were brow beaten but the gods and kais did their best to convince them to duel for them…”

“Yes well Quitela has never been that bright” Beerus dry panned “We’d better see how many of his team we can steal”

“Good plan” 18 said as she added “It maybe they have cards we could put to use”

The Grand Minister coughed “It is time for the next selection! First up the red team…” the two lights shot fourth and hovered round this time both hit Universe 2 with Sailors Neptune and Uranus being selected “Now the blue team!” this time the lights shot for Universe 11 and Universe 9 “Katsuki Bakugo and Mayuri Kurotsuchi…”

“That’s Captain Kurotsuchi” came a voice as the soul reaper captain stepped out and turned to Universe 6 “Hmm I was hoping I’d get a chance to…add you to my research subjects…and…” he turned to Universe 7 and smirked at Sunset Shimmer “Once I’ve won this…I plan to add you too”

“How does he know?” Sunset whispered but Kurotsuchi raised his hand to his ear and began laughing “He creeps me out”

“You’re not alone there” Tien said as Krillin and himself stepped forward

“I’m sorry I’m not currently interested in studying dwarves or three eyed humans” Kurotsuchi explained as he pointed at Sunset “When I entered this dimension I detected an unusual energy emitting from 8 sources…however this place has much I can dissect when I get back to my lab” Tien stepped closer raising his fist “I’m sorry my dear fellow…as I said I’m not currently interested but I appreciate you volunteering”

“I’m going to say this once…threaten my friends with disembowelling again…I will drop you from Orbit” Tien said with his eyes narrowing dangerously.

“No need to be rude” Kurotsuchi said as he turned towards the duelling area and saw his partner “Seems my partner maybe equally short tempered”

Meanwhile Uranus and Neptune were planning their game plan but Bakugo was looking increasingly annoyed as he looked at his opponents “This is so annoying! Hurry up you old fart!” Bakugo snapped as Kurotsuchi approached “I want to get this victory over with” Kurotsuchi smile grew broadly dangerous at this.

Author's Note:

This chapter is...a little better in my book than Chapter 7 but it's still needs room for improvement I think. At any rate I hope this chapter is up to scratch and that everyone who reads it enjoys it!

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