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Tournament of Duelling Fun! - Garfield23

Lord Zeno is bored till someone introduces them to Yugioh cards, its a disaster waiting to happen and one all 12 universes will pay for. And tucked away in the sixth will draw in Canterlot High into a conflict of truly cosmic Levels

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Chapter 4- Team Spirit?

“Oooo so how many are entering?” The first zeno asked as he looked at his god pad “uh 1…2…A lot?”

“Yes a lot” the second zeno said eagerly as the names of those entering filled out the spaces, soon images appeared alongside those names and the Zenos smiled as the Grand Minister approached the two and bowed to them “So many names…”

“Yes my lords. I have to report Universe 7 has just send in their names. I’ll read them out now. Goku, Vegeta, Android 18, Krillin, Tien, Gohan…Hmm and three names I don’t know hmm better check with Whis who these new names are” the Grand minister contacted Whis a moment later “Whis? What is the meaning of this list? I said you could replace one or two not three”

“Sorry, sir but Piccolo, Freeza and Android 17 weren’t willing to participate” Whis offered sadly knowing that wouldn’t fly with the Grand Minister “It took a lot of convincing to get Vegeta to agree at all. It would seem he doesn’t think the card game is worth learning but if it means taking on Goku he is willing”

“Hmm I can overlook Freeza and Piccolo but Android 17 won the last Tournament so you’ll need him” the Grand Minister said firmly before looking through the names “Wait Twilight Sparkle? Not your Universe’s pony princess?”

“The very same” Whis said eagerly turning towards Capsule corp’s garden “Right now the other two new names on the list are teaching the others how to play with some…interesting results”

“Oh so it’s going well?” The Grand Minister asked happily

“Uhhhh not really” Whis said rubbing a nervous bead of sweat from his forehead.

The Universe 7 team had been given Duel discs by Whis and Twilight had used a transformation spell on herself and the other two to change them into their Equestria girl forms but some members of the Z fighters were slow learners “No Goku you can’t play that!” Sunset Snapped as they had another practise duel

“Oh come on! It’s so strong looking!” Goku whined as he sighed “What about this?”

Rainbow Dash was having just as much trouble practising with Vegeta “Stupid card game! And you’re a useless teacher!” Vegeta snapped as he looked annoyed at the deck “If I want to play this card what is stopping me!?” he played a card who’s terms of play weren’t met and smirked smugly only for a moment later “AHHHHHH!” the duel disc shocked him painfully “What was that!?”

“Whis made sure to include a function to shock you muscle heads if you tried anything like that. We need you to learn to play and soooo the rules must be observed” Beerus said as he yawned and stretched “On the plus side this is very entertaining” Vegeta’s eyes bulged dangerously but sighed and drew one card since he’d forgotten to draw.

Meanwhile Tien was practising with Twilight whilst Tien had learned the basics he was struggling with certain aspects “hmm so if I sacrifice my Monk Fighter and my Karate Man in order to summon Gaia the Fierce Knight…is that right?” Twilight nodded since she’d grasped the rules fairly quickly “Okay! Here he comes, Gaia the Fierce knight! Attack!”

“Tien no!” Krillin shouted a warning but it was too late as Twilight flipped a trap revealing Shadow Spell which trapped Gaia and allowed her monster to counter attack “Oh man! Tien”

“You’re getting better” Twilight offered kindly as Tien smiled at her shrugging “We’re both still learning and besides we’re both a lot better since we got here” in truth it had been a week since Whis had returned with Twilight, Sunset, Rainbow and Goku from Equestria. At first the learning had been slow especially with Vegeta and Goku not understanding some concepts but now practise duelling was being done. Krillin and Android 18 grasped the game quickly since Maron took an interest in learning too. The others weren’t grasping the game so easily.

“I play Red Archery Girl” Master Roshi said eagerly as he eyed up the female monster as it appeared, unlike normal duel discs these monsters were real enough and Master Roshi was admiring his monster’s bodies “hehehe come here you beautiful young thing!”

“Master Roshi!” Gohan snapped firmly “You are not supposed to do that!” this was probably the biggest problem, Master Roshi when left to pick his own cards…had chosen an all-female deck and clearly not for pure motives “At least these decks are only temporary”

The Grand Minister watched on with Whis “You do seem like you are having troubles”

“That’s an understatement” Whis said dryly “I’ll try to get Android 17 into the team. He’ll probably grasp the game better than the others”


Universe 7 was far from the only Universe having issues, Universe 8’s god of destruction, Liquiir was having as much trouble finding duellists on his Earth since apparently he was looking at a world full of mostly ocean, with some of the weirdest weather conditions, they weren’t extreme but they were varied and unpredictable, Korn and Iru were looking elsewhere to increase their chances but as Liquiir flew over an island, he ended up flying into an area filled with a variety of hurricanes. Normally they shouldn’t have been enough to throw him off but these winds were unusually fierce and in a moment of calm, he let his guard down. The lull in his guard caused a rock to strike him in the back of the head, he fell to the choppy sea below and this could have been the end but an hour later. He was pulled from the water and next thing he knew he was lying on a bed “hmmm where am I?” he asked as he began to slowly rise.

“Woah! Woah! Lie back down! You were in that water for too long!” a voice said and Liquiir then became aware he was blind, his eyes were open but they refused to work properly, it was like looking into a white void and the voice said “You got a concussion…I don’t know how but an injury to the back of your head would suggest a heavy object moving at great speed”

“I can’t see anything” Liquiir said frustrated by the white “Who are you!?”

“My name is Tony Tony Chopper. Your vision will return in time” the voice said as he walked away to fetch some medicine “Luffy pulled you out the water just a little while ago but don’t worry your safe with us” he encouraged Liquiir to open his mouth “Here” he poured a warm bitter liquid into Liquiir’s mouth which caused the god to cough “You’ll be okay after a little rest”

“Chopper!” a voice called out.

“Franky? What is it?!” Chopper asked as the noise of many panicked footsteps could be heard “Franky!?” Chopper prepared to defend his patient but he couldn’t know what he was facing as the ship was rocked by an unseen attacker “Franky!?” the sounds of screams followed as Chopper felt a rush of panic “Anyone?!”

Robin burst in, before putting herself between Chopper and the new comer who walked in shortly “Who are you!?” Robin yelled feeling the desire to protect her friend “We did nothing to you!” the man standing before her glared at Liquiir “We won’t let you hurt him!”

“Wait what?!” Korn asked confused by the woman’s statement “I’m his attendant! When I sensed he’d been hurt I went looking for him. Liquiir are you okay?” the fox god nodded and Korn settled “Opps I do believe there’s been a misunderstanding then?”

“It would seem so” Liquiir said dryly

Korn sighed “So you were hurt by a freak occurrence or was it your own carelessness this time?” Korn asked as Liquiir shrugged “So both? Well I’ve got to say sorry to this pirate crew”

“Pirate crew?” Liquiir asked and smiled he couldn’t believe his luck maybe this was the break he was hoping for given that pirates were famed for their greed and lust for treasure this could be a much easier way to recruit a team of duellists “Tell me doctor, how would I go about recruiting your crew for a job?”


“Hehehe this is so fun” Kusu giggled as she drove her stolen duel runner round a corner, she nicked it from some pizza delivery guy, okay she knew it was Crow but she didn’t care about him, she just wanted the ones she’d been send for and the current opponent she was facing was of little interest “You know Trudge is it? I can’t help but think of you as a warm up”

“Oh yeah, Squirt! Montage Dragon attack!” Trudge ordered as he was certain this attack would work “Hope you’re ready for a nice warm jail cell”

“Doubt it! Because I activate the traps Ring of Destruction and Damage Vaccine Omega Max!” Kusu said happily, the resulting explosion dropped Trudge’s lifepoints to zero but Kusu’s goal had been achieved as three duel runners were coming up fast “oooo finally!”

Yuesi pulled to a stop by Trudge “Trudge!” he ran up and helped sit Trudge so he was leaning back against his duel runner “You okay!?”

“Yuesi…she…duels differently…damage was…real” Trudge whimpered before he passed out. Yuesi stood up glaring at Kusu who smiled sweetly as Akiza and Jack rolled up pulling to a stop.

“So you wanted our attention? And now you have it!” Yuesi snapped as he looked at Crow’s runner “It’s just as well I put a tracking chip in that runner…”

“Oh that? I was counting on that” Kusu said simply “But I don’t mind having a light warm up with your friend”

Jack looked at Trudge “If you think you’re going to get away with that…you’re dead wrong! Hope you’re ready for a duel with the Master of Faster!”

“Oh Jack…I don’t have time for that. So I’ll take you all on at once” Kusu said as she stared at them “If you win I’ll return your friend’s runner but when I win…you three will work for me!” the three facing her looked doubtful but then she reeved up the duel runner “And if you don’t agree to play me I’ll destroy this runner!”

Yuesi said “You’re bluffing!”

“Am I?” Kusu said pulling out her staff and pointing it towards a tall building “Then call me on it?”

Akiza mumbled “I don’t think she is bluffing. She seems deadly serious”

“Alright Squirt we’ll play your game!” Jack said and the four started their runners, Jack was up first to the curve and he said “If you don’t mind I think I’ll go first! I play two cards face down and summon my Mad Archfiend in attack mode!” the monster appeared beside Jack’s runner twirling as it did and smirking “I’ll end my turn there!”

“It’s my turn now!” Akiza said as she looked at her hand each duelist gaining a speed counter “Alright I summon Lord Poison and set one card face down! Your turn Yuesi!” her Lord Poison appeared beside her runner as her turn ended.

Yuesi nodded drawing one card “I discard one card from my hand in order to summon Quickdraw Synchron! He can take aim at another Synchron monster for a synchro summon! And would you look at that he’s chosen my Junk Synchron but first my Quilbolt Hedgehog is going to pop back for a bit more fun in the sun!” his Quilbolt Hedgehog appeared next to his runner “And now I synchro summon! My Junk Archer!” Kusu smiled as her plan all came together and Yuesi’s Junk Archer appeared “And now I…what’s going on!?”

Junk Archer appeared on Kusu’s field with some weird blob of slime on its head “Oh sorry Yuesi that’s my Synchro slime! When you summoned your junk Archer this little Parasite saw his opportunity and jumped onto the field! And when he did he hooked himself to your Junk Archer…oh and before I forget your friends are about to lose their traps! Because at the same time my End slime hates Special Summons! So he destroys one kind of card for every special summon and since there were two Spells and traps go!” Jack and Akiza watched helplessly as their back rows were taken out as a black slime appeared on the field “It’s still your turn Yuesi?”

“I…I…I…” Yuesi looked at his hand, his first draw hadn’t been the best so he had four monsters but one of them was “I summon Shield Wing in defence mode!”

Kusu drew a card and smiled “it’s a shame…I was just getting to enjoying this but after my turn only Yuesi will be left” she said happily

“What do you mean you, squirt!” Jack snapped as he looked at the field “I’d say we’re still in this!”

“Hmm? Oh that’ll be fixed shortly” Kusu said as she revealed her first card and it begins with this card “Soul Exchange! This speed spell variant allows me to sacrifice one monster from each duellist including myself! So here we go I sacrifice Jack’s Mad Archfiend and Akiza’s Lord Poison! To summon Dark Magician” the magician appeared twirling his staff as Kusu smirked “Oh I stand corrected none of your life points will remain when I’m done! I use Yuesi’s shield wing and my End slime to summon Elemental Hero Neos!”

“It can’t be!” Yuesi yelled in horror “Yugi and Jaden’s monsters!”

“Oh you remember that duel? Well I’m sorry to say now I have three powerful monsters in play…you may think I can only take out one of you but remember I said all! I’ve still got my normal summon! I summon my level four Self Destruct Slime!” She smirked as a large white blob appeared on the field “Now for this card acts a lot like a certain time bomb except it goes off once it absorbs a certain number of monsters and the magic number is 4!”

“NOOOO!” Yuesi screamed as Neos was absorbed

“What is it, Yuesi? We still have one turn left?” Jack asked looking concerned.

“Her Synchro slime and Junk Archer count as two monsters!” Yuesi said in horror “But wait won’t you just take out your own life points?!” Kusu shook her head “What?! But the combined attack points are over 5000!”

“Normally I would take damage but here’s the thing my hand holds a little surprise! My Shock slime!” Kusu said as she showed the card “This little guy really should be called Shock absorption slime because when I’m about to take Effect damage all I have to do is give up half of my lifepoints and the damage becomes zero!”

Jack groaned “Oh no!” as the Self Destruct slime absorbed the remaining monsters and exploded. All three duel runners vented steam, before they rolled to a stop and all three fell off, the damage they had taken was indeed real but they weren’t dead. Kusu rolled up and held up her staff, the three disappearing. Murichim gathered the 9 orbs for her after he landed and she smiled happily with her good work.

“YAY! I got all 9…” Kusu began but Murichim looked at the 9 orbs they had gathered “What!?”

“But don’t you need 10?” Murichim asked curious as to the final member

“Don’t worry I have someone in mind for that role” Kusu said as she looked at the 9 orbs “I have the perfect person in mind”


Sunset shimmer looked out from her bedroom as she thought over the last week, she looked out over the city but then there was a knock on her door “Hmm Come in?” as the door opened Sunset was surprised to see Tien walking in with a calm look upon his face “Tien? What is it?”

“Nothing bad if that is your concern” Tien soothed as he sat in a chair near where Sunset was standing “I’ve been worried about you to be honest. Goku told us what happened at your school” Sunset’s expression looked a bit grimmer but Tien shook his head “You must be worried about your friends and about possibly facing them?”

Sunset nodded but then looked to the moon “It’s more than that, it’s…” she paused and wasn’t sure if she could continue “Tien…can I ask have you ever, that is to say…have you ever felt like you’ve let yourself betray a friend?” Tien nodded “I wasn’t always liked or even trusted by the school…I worked hard to…and just like…” Sunset felt tears sting behind her eyes “I want to believe…” Tien stood up and wrapped a comforting arm around Sunset, rubbing her back gently and Sunset resisted but Tien held firm “Please…”

“Just let it out” Tien offered kindly and Sunset did, Tien held her as the girl let out all her grief and regret crying with tears streaming down her face “Its okay; it’s not your fault. I’ve met Champa I know what he’s like...”

“But I left them!” Sunset screamed and began punching Tien’s chest “How will they ever forgive me!? And I’m supposed to duel against them! This is so wrong”

Tien nodded as he let her go and released a breath “You and I are two different people but pain is something all creatures know and yet no two pains are the same. We all make mistakes too I’ve made enough to…and I’ve failed often enough to know….the sting of failure” he raised his right hand cupping it slightly “It’s not a question on how you dwell on them but how you handle those failures”

Sunset’s eyes widened “I…thanks” she smiled as Tien returned the smile and turned to leave “Wait! Why were you concerned?”

“You remind me of a friend of mine” Tien said simply and walked out “And I know you’ll duel well for us. Tomorrow is our day off…tell you what seems like the last two weeks you, Rainbow and Twilight have been focusing on duelling a lot and maybe you could…”

Suddenly Beerus floated up from the big area below and Tien gulped “Day off?” Beerus said dangerously “I don’t remember anyone agreeing to that, three eyes?” he glared at Tien but Tien maintained his gaze as if daring Beerus to stop him “What point would a day off serve?”

“It’s simple Lord Beerus” Tien began but didn’t know where exactly he was going with this “It’d do us all some good to get some time off…to uh…clear our heads!” he hoped that would fly with Beerus and when Beerus smiled, Tien thought he was out of the dangerous spot but Beerus frowned a moment later. However Tien was saved by Sunset who quickly stepped between the two.

“It’s simple Lord Beerus, Tien is going to take us shopping for new Duel Monster cards tomorrow and that way our decks could get a lot stronger” Sunset said calmly and Tien sighed nodding vigorously “So is that okay?”

Beerus cupped Sunset’s face and said dangerously “On one condition” Sunset tried to look to Tien for help but Beerus kept a firm grip “I get to come too and we go somewhere for some tasty food!” his grin suddenly returned and Sunset felt a surge of relief “So we leave at 10am tomorrow morning!”


Arak was having a bad day, he’d arrived alongside his Universe’s angel and Supreme Kai on Earth but so far they weren’t having much luck finding any duellists. It seemed the humans were too busy doing other things and he looked on as a battle seemed to be taking place “I think we came at a bad time” Cukatail offered and Arak nodded “So maybe we should look somewhere else?”

“If this battle is so important…maybe we should get involved” Arak said simply “Though it does make for a good spectacle. What is this place called?”

“I believe it is called the Hidden Leaf Village” Ogma said as she looked on at the battle unfolding before them “It would seem they’re facing an enemy of considerable strength…” at that very moment a figure floating high in the air seemed to move his arms and a moment later the Hidden Leaf Village was pushed against its own walls “Oh…that maybe a slight problem”

“You don’t say” Arak said as he sighed “We may need to go back a bit to see if we can recruit this village at an earlier point…this is the last village”

“You mean the others weren’t very friendly?” Cukatail offered and Arak nodded again. The three turned away but would return once they’d gone back a bit further.


Kusu approached her final choice for her team, she timed this choice perfectly and hopefully she could gather up this player easily enough but as she approached him, he turned with a cruel look of joy “Would seem I have company? Hope you don’t mind but I have goals that I need to dispatch you to the shadows!”

“Bakura is it?” Kusu asked as she readied her duel disc “I’m here with an offer for you”

Bakura’s smirk grew as he began to laugh evilly “So what is this offer?”

“Hmm how would you like any wish your heart desires?” Kusu said and then added the juicy part of her offer “Any duellist you beat you can do with what you desire?”

“You have yourself a deal. A wish would allow me to get Zorc’s desires fulfilled” Bakura said smugly as the two shook hands and with that a new dangerous element was added to the Tournament. Kusu knew this but she didn’t care much since now they had the ten. However she was far from the only one to add a dangerous player to their team, Universe 12’s new team even had the Grand Minister worried.

Author's Note:

Right So I have one question now that this chapter is done. I'll admit I'm not sure how good or bad this chapter is but I assure you, I tried my best and I promise to keep working on the following chapters.

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