• Published 1st May 2020
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Tournament of Duelling Fun! - Garfield23

Lord Zeno is bored till someone introduces them to Yugioh cards, its a disaster waiting to happen and one all 12 universes will pay for. And tucked away in the sixth will draw in Canterlot High into a conflict of truly cosmic Levels

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Chapter 11- Sakura enters the Duel

Author's Note:

This Chapter is dedicated to a friend of mine who passed away recently. He was a friend who I played Yugioh with and who I respected a lot, thus even though this chapter was finished before I found out, it feels right to release it in his honour as a duelist, a friend and one who's presence in this world will be missed.

“Okay! Attack Jasmine’s life points directly!” Rukia declared as her monster charged in and the defeat was complete the duel hadn’t lasted very long since Momo and Rukia proved too much for either of their opponents, as the life points hit zero, Jasmine held her arm and looked down expecting severe punishment for their defeat, however Nico approached her and helped her up “You two played well” Rukia said as the four shared a handshake marking the end of their game, despite Rukia’s lifepoints being higher, no demands of the losers were made but the happiness from the winning teams was clear.

The Grand minister descended and turned smiling as he raised for silence “After quite an interesting contest….we have our winners! Momo Yaoyorozu of Universe 11 and Rukia kuchiki of Universe 9 are our the uncontested winners! Now to select the next two teams! First for the red team!” the lights shot up and circled round before landing in Universe 2 and Universe 10 “The red team is chosen! Usagi Tsukino aka Sailor Moon from Universe 2 and Yuesi Fudo of Universe 10!”

Yuesi smiled as he was chosen and Akiza gave him a high five as he picked up his duel disc “Good luck Yuesi! We believe in you!” Yuesi nodded as he turned to leave and Jack looked down “Come on Jack?”

“Come on! No one is going to beat Yuesi! Not until I get my shot!” Jack said with a confident smile and Yuesi laughed “What?”

“No worries Jack! I look forward to our rematch!” Yuesi said as he walked into the centre.

Usagi picked up her duel disc as the other scouts gave her reassuring pats on the back “I’m ready girls” she said as she walked up and shook hands with Yuesi “I guess we’re team mates”

“Yeah!” Yuesi said as he smiled at her “Hope your good?” Usagi laughed and the two turned ready to meet the blue team.

“Now for the blue team!” the Grand Minister said as the blue lights shot into the air, they circled for a while before one headed for Universe 7 and landed on “Son Goku of Universe 7 is selected for the blue team!”

The zeno twins cheered happily “Yay! It’s Goku!” the first Zeno cheered

“Oh yes I bet Goku is really good at this!” the second Zeno said

Goku waved to the Zenos as he got his duel disc “Yes it’s my turn!” the rest of Universe 7 team however stared at the blue light as it still hadn’t fallen but it seemed to be picking between Universe 1 and Universe 12 before finally the blue light fell. The air was then filled with Gilgamesh’s sickening laughter, his laughter cruel and full of victorious joy “He’s happy…who was selected” Team 12 parted revealing a small woman with light purple hair wearing a school uniform “Her?”

“Sakura Matou of Universe 12 is selected!” the grand minister declared but no one moved, anything that made Gilgamesh laugh like a mad man made everyone uncertain even Goku didn’t move his eyes lingering on the girl, her eyes appeared dead and lifeless as if pain was all she had ever known “Would the Blue Team please come to the centre”

Gilgamesh turned to Sakura Matou and whispered “I want total victory…..show them your power!”

“Yes…master” Sakura Matou said as she walked out into the centre “Total victory”

Yuesi looked at Sakura Matou with the same level of concern “She looks….her eyes remind me of…” he shook his head clear of those bad memories as Sakura walked into the centre without a word to either of her opponents but Goku had still not moved, Sunset and Twilight had both grabbed his arm and both were shaking uncontrollably “Those two are…scared”

Usagi said “They’re not the only ones” around them several teams were trying to calm down their more receptive team members, Rei from Universe 2, Kari Kamiya from Universe 4, 2 members of Universe 1’s team and Kiba Inuzuka of Universe 5 were crying as fear took over completely as they could sense something deeply disturbing coming from Sakura Matou. Kiba’s dog, Akamaru was very close to running away from the smell he could smell “This is horrible”

Sunset shook “Please Goku! For the love of Celestia just forfeit! Don’t duel with her! I have a terrible feeling!” she begged before Tien pulled her off Goku “NO! NO! STOP!” Twilight also begged as Vegeta did the same.

“Don’t worry, girls! I’ll win!” Goku said confidently but his own shaking fooled no one. He finally walked out and extended a hand to Sakura however the glare he got convinced him that was a very bad idea “Uh hi! I’m Goku!”

Sakura Matou turned her glare as cold and ruthless as ever suddenly darkness surrounded her, causing Goku to jump back instinctively again other team members with visual powers saw through it and they were horrified. Hinata and Sasuke of Team 5 were both left stunned as their jutsus made it clear how dangerous Sakura Matou was but all those with magic also sensed the threat “I’m here to make you all pay for my pain!”

Usagi activated her duel disc as she said “We’ll pay for nothing!” she wasn’t about to stand back and allow her friends to be scared by the threats of this girl “I’m not scared of you! I have faced Queen Beryl, the doom Phantom and Galaxia! I’m here to win!”

Yuesi activated his duel disc “Yeah! I won’t let you win either!”

Even Goku was raring to go and activated his duel disc “Let’s go!”

The Grand Minister said “Let the duel begin!”

Yuesi took the first move drawing his starting hand he found it to be quite strong “Okay! To start my turn I summon Shield Warrior in Defence mode and set three cards face down!” he looked at his hand on his next turn he could use a spell to discard Quilbolt hedgehog then hopefully draw Junk Synchron and summon it before summoning back Quilbolt hedgehog and synchro summon his Stardust Dragon. His facedowns would also ensure he made it to the next round “I end my turn”

Goku took the next move “Okay let’s see! Alright! I summon this in face down defence and set two cards face down!” Goku equally had a good move in mind, he’d been well taught but Sunset was still shaking on the side lines along with Twilight screaming for him to stop.

Even Beerus sensed the threat “Uhhh Whis level with me…how worried should we be?” he asked as Whis leaned his head to the side and shrugged “You know that’s not an answer!!”

“I honestly don’t know…this girl’s energy is hard to read and I don’t have anything on her past” Whis said as he looked away, when no one was looking his expression soured, fact was he did know what was about to happen, the terrible deck Sakura Matou wielded was as fearsome as any because it oozed the same darkness that Sakura herself did causing Whis to whisper “Be cautious Goku….when she plays her first card destroy it”

The warning was well advised as Usagi started her turn and also played three face down traps then said “After setting three face downs I summon Marauding Captain in attack mode and then use his effect to special summon a second!” this field created an attack lock that Usagi hoped would protect her till she could summon the heavy hitters of her deck “I end my turn”

Whis whispered “Now we see if our fears are well founded” his words rang through the air and for the first time Sakura Matou’s smiled but if anything it was more chilling than her previous actions.

Sunset begged “For the love of all things, Whis! If you don’t stop this! They’ll all be killed!” she practically screamed “You have to stop this! Just let her win! Don’t let her make her move! She’ll kill them!” Tien rubbed her back but nothing could be done as Sakura drew to start her turn.

Rei screamed “Usagi! RUN!”

“There is no running” Gilgamesh said coldly “Now watch as Sakura Matou proves her worth!”

Sakura Matou said “I activate the field spell Mausoleum of the Emperor!” the field spell activated and as the field changed Whis felt his head fall, their only chance to stop her had passed and as she activated the effect “I give up 2000 life points! For every 500 I give up…it acts as a monster towards the tribute summoning of a high level monster!”

Yuesi nodded “But what monster could need 4 tributes?” but then he saw her smirk “No…no…no”

“What is it Yuesi?!” Usagi asked looking to him with deep concern as she realised he knew what Sakura was planning “What’s wrong?! Apart from what is already wrong!?”

“A field spell like that…giving up so many lifepoints…she must be sure she’s got a monster worth summoning…I think it’s an Earthbound Immortal” he said “But how?!”

Sakura heard the spikey haired man’s comment “Oh so you’ve met this monster before?! No no…that can’t be….because this is special….this is my Earthbound Immortal!” suddenly the air was filled with cracking thunder and lightning “I summon Earthbound Immortal Darkus Godd!” the field was surrounded by purple flames as the massive monster emerged. It’s head brushed past where the Zenos were sitting and all looked up in fear.

Even the zenos stared in awe of this thing “Do you think Goku will be okay!?” the first zeno asked concerned

“No need to worry, my lords even if battle damage in this duel is real…it’s impossible for any duelist to be killed during the duels….I made sure of it” the Grand Minister reassured as he watched on but for the first time his calm expression was wavering “I think”

“All my life…all I’ve known is pain and fear! Now my power will ensure you three will never see the light of day!” Sakura screamed as she set the remaining cards in her hand on the field “I now activated my Earthbound Immortal’s special effect!” the immortal roared as black and red tendrils shot out towards every card on the field stabbing every card through the centre “Now, no card effect, spell or trap can activate to negate this effect! I must surrender all but 1 of my life points!” as she said this other cards appeared on the field filling every space, Sakura clearly felt pain from the lost points but she seemed to enjoy it as the lifepoints slipped away “Now my Earthbound Immortal destroys every card on the field! And for every card destroyed….you all take 800 points of damage!”

“Wait how much!?” Usagi said in fear, she had a card in her hand that could counter the effect but without space on the field there was nothing she could do.

“That’s 35,200 points of damage” Yuesi said slowly the damage would be well past the word catastrophic as he shook in fear “There’s got to be a way to counter it!”

“Well there is” Sakura admitted “I can’t activate this effect if you have any divine beasts in play or in your graveyards!” Yuesi looked to Goku but his face down monster was not a divine beast “Also if there are any in your hands?” all three faces fell as they realised they didn’t have any “Now then! Darkus Godd! Destroy them!” the field blew up as all the cards were destroyed. The lifepoint damage hit Goku, Yuesi and Usagi ruthlessly, all three fell straight back, the damage was so devastating their decks were all destroyed, even Yuesi’s Stardust Dragon was not spared and the remains of their decks were blown away by a cruel wind “hmm that was fun!”

The audience was left in shock as Sakura walked back to Universe 12’s area “I don’t believe my eyes” Luffy whispered in numb shock “How could that have happened!?”

“I don’t know” Nami said in equal shock as she shook “I don’t think they’re…breathing”

“YUESI!” Jack Atlas screamed as he ran to his friend’s side “No…no…no….nooooooo!” Jack grabbed Yuesi’s shoulders and shook him “Please…wake up! NO! You promised me! You promised me! We’d meet in the next round!” Akiza walked up her eyes filled with tears “Please for the love of….”

“Jack…it’s no good…he’s gone” Akiza said numbly as Jack continued to scream “Please stop….the pain….” Jack looked to her “I know…I love him but he’s….” the rest of Universe 10’s team ran up and pulled the two away. Alexis comforting Akiza as Jaden and Kaiba tried to sooth Jack’s anger. As they were being led away Akiza’s eyes flickered dangerously, her anger hidden by tears and her desire to let loose dangerously present “Alexis…please tell me…I’m wrong”

Alexis shook her head and weakly mumbled “I can’t”

As this was happening all of team 7 ran forward with elements of team 6 however Vegeta got there first “Very funny Kakarot you can get up now” but when Goku didn’t Vegeta said “Kakarot? No….no this isn’t funny!”

No one laughed or told Vegeta the terrible truth till Krillin stepped up and said “It’s no use…he’s dead”

Hardest hit however was Universe 2’s team, Usagi’s body lay as Rei led the scouts to her body but it was Makoto who broke the unbearable silence as she turned to Universe 12 “I swear! You’ll pay for this!” she screamed but all the scouts around her didn’t seem to share her fire.

In Universe 11 Deku looked on at the sight shaking but first to speak was one of the pride troopers, none other than Top who looked in shock “The mighty Goku…killed?!” he asked in a numb shock “Just as well Jiren isn’t here but….why is that girl so…”

“Evil?” Dyspo asked as he shook in place “I ain’t so sure but if her pain is real…I think it’s probably beyond what we dare imagine” he asked “Permission to go and…”

“Granted” Top said knowing what Dyspo meant.

Belmod turned to his Angel, Marcarita and asked slowly “How could the energy of that duel kill Goku?”

Marcarita said “Simple the pain is usually applied depending on someone’s threshold…Goku could have gone ultra-instinct and it would have still killed him” she however still looked shaken “But it shouldn’t have been possible to do over 35,000 life point’s worth of damage”

Belmod frowned “Something tells me that Gilgamesh wanted to make an example of Goku”

Deku said “Well it was a terrible idea”

Belmod smiled “Hmm? You think so?”

Deku nodded “The teams here already hated Universe 12’s team but this will just make everyone here want a chance at revenge for this….look at teams 6 and 7…I’d say all of them will now want a shot at vengeance”

Marcarita smiled “If you think that’s true I hope you get the chance to duel next because you look ready?” Deku nodded “Huh…Hey Belmod want to bet Universe 12 won’t get a single duelist to the next round?”

Belmod nodded “Safe bet I’d say”

The Grand minister made the corpses on the field disappear as he descended and looked to Universe 12 “Let this be a warning to your team if you kill any other duelists in this tournament your entire team will be disqualified!”

The Zenos above looked unfazed by the death of Goku but despite this what the second zeno said revealed their annoyance “I’d disqualify them now”

The first zeno said “We must be fair and that was the effect of the card”

The Grand minister however coughed and said “It’s time to select the next teams for duelling! First the red team” the red lights shot up and hovered round the area over the teams before the first light fell on Universe 1 “Yoda of Universe 1 is selected!”

“Hmm my turn it is?” Yoda asked as he got up from his chair “Hmm good, good. Hope team mate is good too I do” he said as he watched the light fall in Universe 4’s team “Hmm a child? Good”

“From Universe 4 Cody Hida is selected!” The Grand minister said as the blue lights now shot up this time the lights only circled for a few seconds before they fell upon Universe 7 and Universe 8 “Master Roshi of Universe 7 and Tony Tony Chopper from Universe 8”

However amongst the straw hats chopper was shaking uncontrollably “Come on Chopper it’s your turn!” Usopp said but Chopper shook his head burying into Robin’s lap, he was utterly terrified and would need time “Luffy what are we going to do?”

“Isn’t it obvious, Usopp? One of us will have to stand in for Chopper he is no fit state to duel” Zorro said in a flat but in a weirdly caring tone “I may as well”

However Sanji snapped “Oh no you don’t moss head! I want a chance to play!” but both were silenced as Luffy walked past them “Luffy?!”

“Stand down” Luffy said but it wasn’t a request this was an order and his face was his serious expression, the one he used when he was not to be messed with and Zorro and Sanji stood down but Nami walked up “Nami?”

“None of you three are in a fit state to duel either. Out of the entire crew I’d say only myself, jimbei and Robin are fit but since Robin is already out…I’m going to suggest a coin toss” Nami said firmly meeting Luffy’s glare but Luffy relented “Okay Jimbei get over here!” Jimbei shrugged and walked over, Nami tossed a coin but Jimbei won the toss “Damn it!”

“Sorry” Jimbei said as he walked up, the Grand Minister looked less than impressed as Jimbei walked forward “Forgive Chopper, he’s not in a fit state to duel” Jimbei stated “The last duel was too…traumatic” the grand minister nodded as Master Roshi approached Jimbei “Pleasure to meet y….”

“I’m not here to talk” Roshi said, his voice was cold and bitter “I’m here to get my chance to go to the next round and get my shot at Gilgamesh. That poor girl isn’t to blame for what happened to Goku” he removed his sunglasses and his eyes were as harsh as a blizzard.

Yoda approached the two “Ah yes…the last duel…unpleasant it was” he reached a clawed hand up to Jimbei who took it and gave it a firm shake “Pleasure to meet you three this is”

Jimbei nodded “It is an honour for me as well”

On the sidelines many teams were still shaken by the shocking duel but as Gilgamesh sat on Yugi’s back, his smirk only grew bigger, despite Deku’s predictions his two strongest duelists were already through and as the Grand Minister began to speak Gilgamesh looked to Master Yoda with interest “Now the last duel of the day is about to begin! After this all teams will retire for dinner! Tomorrow’s duels will be announced tomorrow!” there was a pause “Is everyone ready”