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Tournament of Duelling Fun! - Garfield23

Lord Zeno is bored till someone introduces them to Yugioh cards, its a disaster waiting to happen and one all 12 universes will pay for. And tucked away in the sixth will draw in Canterlot High into a conflict of truly cosmic Levels

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Chapter 13 - FREEDOM!

Aizen smirked as he began the duel “ohhh don’t worry girls…I’ll be kind” he said with a calculating look over to Rainbow Dash “I see….Now’s the time for words to stop and actions to begin” he picked his first card “Here I’ll play one card face down and then summon my first monster in face down defence mode”

Scootaloo smiled and said “Is that all you got? My move!” she drew a sixth card and looked at her hand “I’ll start by playing a field spell!” suddenly the field changed so they were standing in front of a large train station “Welcome to Tidmouth Station! My deck is now the best!”

“hmm empty bragging” Kirei said as he glared at the station as an Engine approached the platform “What the?!”

“Oh yeah! I forgot to say! Once per turn I get to special summon one random Sodor monster from my deck! So long as its level 4 or below!” Scootaloo said and added “So Welcome to the Field Sodor Toby!” the little brown tram engine pulled to a stop “Now all Sodor Engines need a train to pull! It’s part of their job! Since Toby is a level 2, any two non sodor cards become part of his train!”

“What?!” Aizen snapped as his two cards turned into two trucks which were attached to Toby

“Oh dear! I’m frightfully sorry” Toby suddenly said “But did you need those?”

“I’m not done! Since that was a special summon I’ve still got my normal summon! So I tribute Toby and his trucks to summon Sodor Gordon!” from the station there came a loud whistle as the long blue engine pulled to a stop “His special ability means that he needs passengers! So he takes 9 random cards from your hands!” Aizen and Kirei watched as their entire hands were pulled to Gordon “But best of all with the new passengers, Gordon converts that to attack points 500 for each card!”

“500?!” Kirei said in surprise “You’ve got to be joking?!”

“It’s no joke! Gordon’s attack points sit at 4500!” Aizen snarled

Sora smiled over at Scootaloo as Kirei started his turn “I pass, there’s nothing I can do” Kirei said as his one card was just an equip spell “Your move Sora! Better make it count!” Sora nodded glancing over at Quitela who nodded confident Sora wouldn’t dare betray him.

“My move…” Sora said as she drew a card “I summon….I mean I….” Sora had a way to stop Scootaloo but she couldn’t think, she couldn’t believe this was happening but her card could either be used to help Kirei and Aizen or drive the knife in and defeat them but she knew she’d have to be careful to give nothing away till the last second “I play my monster in face down defence mode! And that’s it”

Quitela sat feeling his control over his duellists slipping “Yeah certainly seems like you’ve gotten yourself in trouble” a voice said from behind him, Quitela turned as Beerus stood looking at him with contempt “My team are trying their hardest whilst your team doesn’t seem like they even want to duel”

“Oh shut up! I’m gonna win this time! If these brats don’t win! I’ll blow up their precious playground with their little pets too! It’s as smple as that!” Quitela said and then looked down to the orb that contained the entire digital world “If they don’t win well their precious pets will go boom!”

Beerus sneered at that “That’s all very well but of all the teams in this contest yours is the weakest in terms of resolve” Quitela looked cross “Your threats only hold weight if you can keep that tiny orb in your grip” Beerus headed back to Universe 7 as Quitela pocketed the orb.

“Yeah well least none of my puppets are dead” Quitela scoffed as Beerus paused “Goku…dear sweet Goku your team’s captain is…” Beerus began to laugh “What?!”

“Who ever said Goku was our team captain this time round? This is a card game? Whis selected the team captain and they’re still to duel” Beerus said as he turned his head toward Universe 7 “So enjoy the rest of the duel”

Aizen started his turn, he drew a single card and snarled “I play one card facedown and end my turn”

Scootaloo noticed her field spell as a whistle sounded from it “Looks like it’s time for Gordon to go! Wait till he see this! It’s awesome!” Gordon blew his whistle as he pulled the train out “My Sodor cards must go and do their jobs at the start of each of my turns! But as Gordon leaves he deals to all my opponents 100 points for each truck! So that’s 900 points of damage!” Aizen and Kirei’s lifepoints fell to 3100 “Yay! Now I special summon my next monster Sodor Edward in defence mode!”

Another whistle sounded as the small blue tender engine pulled into the platform “Oh dear, Scootaloo I am sorry about being late” Edward said as he took his position in front of Scootaloo “Care to explain my special ability to these two lovely Gentlemen”

Aizen snarled “My trap will stop any special ability” but the trap failed to activate “What the!?”

“Oh my! I am sorry but whilst I’m on the field, no face down cards can be flipped up” Edward explained as he smiled “I do hope that doesn’t cause you any problems”

Aizen and Kirei looked sick as two parrots as Scootaloo played her next monster “I summon Sodor Percy in attack mode!” a cheeky whistle sounded from the platform as Percy rolled in “Percy is my tuner monster! So I’m gonna use him for a Synchro summon! If that’s okay?”

“Of course it is! Come on Edward!” Percy said

“Right behind you!” Edward said “Oh and by the way when Percy tunes a monster he steals one card on the field for another level in this summon!” Aizen screamed in anger as he watched his card disappear as a level “Now we synchro summon…”

“Me!” A voice said from the station as an engine rolled in “Sodor Thomas!” the cheeky tank engine rolled to a stop his attack points registered in at 2400 “Now my special ability! I can special summon one random Sodor Monster from Scootaloo’s deck!” two whistles suddenly sounded from the station as two tender engines rolled in “Ah! Donald, Douglas welcome!”

“Dunna fess yourself Thomas! Sodor Double Donald and Douglas here ta help!” Donald said as his twin smiled “And our special ability is rather neat! We are a union monster! When we equip to Thomas he’ll be able to attack twice!”

Douglas added “Sorry about that” as their line linked to Thomas’ and they fell in behind Thomas “We’re ready when you are, Thomas!”

“Try it!” Kirei said confidently as he held up his card, Scootaloo paused looking uncertain but Kirei’s bluff was empty “Attack now or end your turn!”

Scootaloo blinked taking his bluff “Okay…I end my turn”

“Scootaloo! NO! It’s a trap!” Rainbow screamed but it was too late Scootaloo’s turn had ended and Kirei drew a card to start his turn “No….”

“Now I think it’s about time we rid ourselves of this ugly train station” Kirei said smugly as he played his field spell “I play the field spell Holy Grail War one!” the train station disappeared “And as I understand it…your monsters have no place to drop off their goods so every turn costs you 100 points to keep them…” it was true Scootaloo’s monsters indeed would dish out 100 points for every monster she currently had “And when Gordon returns…it’ll cost you 200 points per card!”

Thomas said “Sorry Scootaloo”

“Don’t worry about it!” Scootaloo said confidently “We can still win! I know it!”

Tien watching from the side lines sighed “She’s in a worst position than she appreciates” Rainbow shot him a dirty look as he shook his head “Sora is far from a friend…her own motives mean she could easily attack Scootaloo when her turn starts”

“No…but they’re…” Rainbow began and shook “She’s just a kid! The life point damage is real! It’ll hurt her! Scootaloo! Please give up for your own sake!” she cried out

“How dare you!?” Vegeta said coldly “Either of you! You, Tri-clops I thought you respected drive and a never give up spirit?” Tien nodded “And as you for you Rainbow! How can you ask her to give up!? When she’s duelling for your friend!”

“What?!” Rainbow asked in shock

“Haven’t you noticed? Her gaze keeps glancing to Fluttershy! She’s hoping if she wins she can get Kirei to gain Fluttershy’s freedom” Android 18 said as she looked down “I suspect everyone on Universe 6’s team is holding out hope if they got this chance they’d get to play for Fluttershy’s freedom”

Rainbow fell to her knees “Then it’s my fault! Scootaloo! Please! We’ve already lost a friend in Goku! Don’t throw away your life or your wellbeing for my sake! I already respect….”

“NO!” Scootaloo screamed hearing Rainbow begging “I can’t, Rainbow! Don’t you see?! Don’t you remember?! That song you sung before the friendship games!?” Rainbow looked down but nodded “We’re Wondercolts, come cheer our name!”

“We’re not the school we were before” Rainbow choked

“We’re Canterlot united!”

“UNITE! We'll never bow” Rainbow said as she stood back up as Sunset and Twilight placed their hands on her shoulder “Wondercolts forever!” all three cheered before Rainbow said with a smile “You are a true Wondercolt, Scoots”

A tear trickled down Scootaloo’s cheek as she said “And I will win! Watch me Rainbow!”

Sweetie Belle suddenly screamed “Our time is now!”

“Incredible” Natsu Dragneel said from Fairy Tail as he sat watching “YEAH!” he breathed fire “GO Wondercolts! Come on Fairy Tail! Wondercolts!”

“Wondercolts!” the entire Fairy Tail Team Screamed this spread round till Universe 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 2, 3 and 4 were screaming their support for Scootaloo “Your time is now!”

“No stop it!” Quitella snapped as the Digidestined all screamed their defiance “Stop it now! Or I’ll smash the Digital world to bits!” he reached into his pocket but the orb containing the digital world was “GONE!?!”

“Oh sorry is this yours?” Wendy Marvell asked holding the orb in her hands “Carla and I just thought it was so pretty” as she spoke Mule stood in front of her protecting her from Quitella’s wrath “Digi Destined! You can duel now because you want to! SORA!”

Sora turned her head and smiled “I activate my quick play spell! Mystical Space Typhoon to wipe out your field spell!”

Kirei screamed “No! You’ll pay for this!”

“Not likely! Because now I activate my second quick play spell! It’s called A digital world!” Sora said suddenly a card popped out of her deck and it appeared on the field the area changed to a map of the Digital World “This card allows me to summon from my deck, Digital Biyomon!” but instead of appearing on the field like other monsters the orb Wendy held shone and Biyomon shot fourth “Biyomon?”

“Sora!” Biyomon wrapped her wings around Sora “I’ve missed you, Sora! You saved me”

“Not me…Scootaloo thank you” Sora said as Biyomon nodded “You can count on our help to win this!”

“You will not….” Aizen said coldly as he readied his sword to be drawn “Once I draw my blade you won’t be able to see your cards! Never mind play them!”

“Not so fast!” Yoruichi Shihōin said as she flash stepped in and stole Aizen’s zanpakutō, Aizen shook with rage at her and she said confidently “Well use of zanpakutō isn’t really allowed”

“You’ll pay for this” Aizen growled but then he turned realising if Yoruichi had the nerve to steal his zanpakutō then it was likely the entire Universe 9 team was defying the alliance and indeed there was the bane of his life standing next to Sidra “YOU! Kisuke Urahara!”

Kisuke smiled and said “Opps”

Kirei snarled “Never mind! Let’s just beat these two! My last card will help! I play Holy wish! If this card works out! You two are finished!” a golden cup appeared in the centre with two golden dice “Now how this works is if I roll an even number Aizen and I will get to draw 6 cards but our turns will end there! If on the other hand it rolls and odd number! Half the cards from both your decks will go to the graveyard! And regardless of the outcome! If the numbers match, so long as it’s not two ones, you take damage equal to the number times by 500! If it’s two ones I lose on the spot!”

“It does take all the cards in his hand to activate but given he has none he can just play it” Gilgamesh said from the side lines

“Enough stalling! DICE ROLL!” Kirei snapped as the cup dropped the contents onto the ground and the dice rolled out the first came to a stop “YES! A six!”

“So he won’t lose automatically!” Kaiba said from the side “It’s a shame you aren’t rolling the dice, Wheeler” as the second dice slowed “It’s stopping” it rolled to a four “NOOO!” both Aizen and Kirei drew 6 cards each “This is bad!”

Kirei said “Alright! Now that this duel is back to where it’s supposed to be!” he looked at the cards he had with a cruel smirk he said “Look at you two….you both look so nervous. I play two cards face down and then a monster in facedown defence mode, I do believe it’s your turn Sora….I suggest you surrender and I’ll show you mercy...well a little”

Sora smiled “Tempting offer….but I’m done being a puppet! I’m a digidestined…My friends and I are now free and if Scootaloo doesn’t mind I’d like to borrow her monster?” Scootaloo nodded with a smile “You’re about to see the strongest card we possess! I play DNA Fusion! Bioymon and Thomas unite!”

Biyomon “You up for this!” Thomas whistled as the twins separated from Thomas “Biyomon!”


“DNA Digivolve to! Digi Metalgreymon! RAAAA!” the two said as they combined “And we’re not done! DNA Fusion can be played twice at the cost of half of Sora’s lifepoints! Donald, Douglas!?” the twin whistled their support “Metalgreymon!”

“Donald and Douglas! DNA Digivolve to….Digi Shinegreymon!” The new Digital monster roared as it appeared on the field “This is new! Never seen this digimon before….”

Izzy from the side lines checked his data base said “Here it is! Shinegreymon! Yes it’s a Mega level digimon! According to this! It’s attacks include Glorious Burst! That sounds like quite the attack!” the Fairy Tail guild smiled as they looked up at the huge monster “I can’t believe Sora had that card?”

“I don’t think she did” Tai said as he approached “Remember DNA fusion is a gamble! It fuses cards randomly from anyone’s deck…willing to bet someone…” he looked over the Universe 4’s angel “Had those cards just in case. The only condition for the fusion is the right monster attributes must be used and Biyomon is a Fire attribute alongside the light attributes of the Sodor cards”

“Glad it happened” Wendy said

“Yeah but it wouldn’t have happened without you” Izzy said in a grateful voice.

Aizen looked up at Shinegreymon with disgust “You think 3200 attack points will be enough to…end this duel!? As if! Wait what the!”

“Oh that? When Sodor cards are used for a fusion their effects carry over!” Scootaloo declared “So now! Shinegreymon can attack twice in a row and I can special summon a random Sodor monster to my field! Come Fourth! Sodor Adam!” there was a whistle as the engine appeared on the field “Weird…don’t remember you”

“Sorry for being a bother” Adam said as he readied himself in defence mode “My special ability! Allows me to revive a Sodor monster from the Graveyard! Come on Edward don’t want to be late?”

“Adam!? It’s good to see you” Edward said as he rolled out in defence mode “Sadly my effect is negated”

“Leave it to me!” Shinegreymon said as he readied himself “Now I can attack twice! Glorious burst!” his attack targeted Kirei’s face down monster “Oh and before I forget! My attack can punch through your monster’s defence and deal damage!” the fire ball shot out but as it landed the monster flipped.

“Thank you! I reveal my monster! Blast Sphere! This becomes an Equip spell before damage step” Kirei said as the red sphere attached to Shinegreymon! During your next Standby phase it’ll self-destruct and take you with it Sora!” Scootaloo and Sora looked down “There’s nothing you can do to stop it!”

“No! There is! I activate my quick play spell!” Scootaloo said “This is called Sodor Station switch! It swaps control of a monster with another! I swap Shinegreymon for Adam!”

“Scootaloo!” Stop!” Rainbow begged as the two monsters swapped positions “But why!?”

“Because if she hadn’t Blast Sphere would have taken the rest of Sora’s lifepoints” Twilight said in shock “Scootaloo made a very selfless decision but also a logical one…it doesn’t mean that she won’t suffer a lot of pain from this”

Sora turned to Scootaloo “Thank you”

“You taking a risk for me! It’s only fair! And Rainbow once told me…” Scootaloo turned looking at Universe 7 but right at Twilight “Loyalty is her element! So it’s mine too!”

Sora said “Love is mine! And I love having you as a friend” Scootaloo gave her a high five.

Aizen laughed “aww how sweet! But it’s my turn!” he drew a card and his smirk turned cold “I guess it’s time to finish you off, Sora! I play Monster Reborn! And I use it to revive Thomas!” Thomas rolled onto his field with a frown on his face “Heh! Now Thomas attack Sora!” however Thomas didn’t move “What’s going on!?”

Scootaloo laughed as she said “You don’t get it! Thomas and the other engines of Sodor will only attack or change their modes or take any order you give if you have Sodor Sir Topham Hatt in your extra deck or graveyard! Guess you don’t have it?” Aizen’s scowl grew “Oh and by the way! If you don’t have that card! Thomas will attack you!”

“Yep” Thomas said as he reversed backwards and blew steam at Aizen who coughed in surprise “Guess you should have read my card?”

Aizen scowled as his lifepoints dropped to 600 “Well since you’re no use to me…I’ll sacrifice you for…” but his duel disc confirmed that was an illegal move “What!? I can’t even sacrifice him!?” Scootaloo nodded as he grabbed the card about to tear it up but caught the glare of the Grand Minister and stopped “I end my turn! Now at least I get to watch Shine Greymon blow up! Wait what the?!”

“When Thomas is attempted to be sacrificed when you don’t have Sir Topham Hatt, Thomas switches ownership! With a random monster!” Scootaloo explained as Thomas was now on her field and Shinegreymon was on Aizen’s field “But guess what…Blast Sphere will still go boom whilst attached to your monster!” Aizen looked up horrified as the dial on Blast Sphere was approaching zero “It’ll go up when I draw this card!”

Aizen’s glare was deadly as he said “Do it and I’ll make you pay!”

“We’ll see!” Scootaloo said as she drew a single card, Blast Sphere exploded dropping Aizen’s lifepoints to zero “Hmm now to finish this! Fluttershy will be back with us in the next few moments!”

“No” Kirei said with a smug smirk on his face as he shook his head “You assume as Gilgamesh’s right hand my defeat will mean a damned thing to him? You’re holding onto a false hope. My defeat will mean nothing. Go ahead. Finish me off or here’s an offer….attack Sora and I’ll get Fluttershy her freedom. I promise”

Scootaloo paused she had no reason to hold back, she could summon another monster, she could even revive Shine Greymon and have him finish Kirei off but if he was telling the truth…she could win Fluttershy her freedom! She’d even gain Sora her freedom at the same time by recruiting her to Universe 6’s team but it’d still mean allowing Kirei through to the next round. She looked at her hand then turned to look at Rainbow Dash, her heart conflicted, loyalty meant something to her idol and friend “I don’t know what to do” Scootaloo whispered as she stood trembling “Please no…I have to…I don’t know”


“Rainbow?” Scootaloo whispered but no that scream came from Universe 12 so it had to be “Fluttershy?”

“What are you waiting for?! Attack him! It’s our best hope to eliminate him! Why are you waiting?!” Fluttershy screamed her voice straining as Saber walked up behind her and dragged her away as she squirmed trying hard to get free “Scootaloo! Please!”

Scootaloo shook her head “Sora? Are you happy continuing in the tournament?”

Sora smiled “So long as we can be friends?” she said as she walked over and hugged Scootaloo “But do what you think is right”

“Yeah! I play Premature Burial! By giving up 800 lifepoints! I can revive Shinegreymon from the Graveyard!” Scootaloo said as the ground shook and cracked as the massive digimon appeared “I can end this with one attack! But you don’t get off that lightly! Thomas attack! Steam drive cannon!” Thomas roared forward he hit Kirei directly who flew backwards his landing painful as he rose to his feet “Shinegreymon! End this! Attack!” Shinegreymon flew forward and struck Kirei but his points didn’t drop to zero instead they dropped to 600 points “What the?! That should have finished you off?!”

Kirei laughed as he held up a spell “You never saw my true deck…but you have won Scootaloo….not entirely though” He turned walking away “I played the quickplay spell Damage Bounce” Scootaloo fell to her knees as her lifepoints hit zero “Just as well Sora’s lifepoints were higher than mine”

Sora felt Biyomon reappear beside her “Oh Scootaloo I’m so sorry…You deserved to win that but I…I don’t know what to say” Scootaloo shook her head “You did great”

Rainbow ran over and hugged Scootaloo to her chest “You did great, kid! We’re so proud of you!” Scootaloo began to cry as Rainbow soothed her “You should have won but it just wasn’t meant to be” she turned her head to Sora “Thank you”

“No….I owe Scootaloo if not for her, my friends and I wouldn’t have gotten our digimon back” Sora said as Biyomon nodded “Her Sodor deck was amazing. Scootaloo thank you” Sora turned to leave and added “I hope we get to talk together soon…you’re a nice girl”

The Grand minister dropped beside Sora and asked “What do you want done with the losers?”

“Don’t suppose I could ask for Scootaloo to take my place in the tournament?” Sora asked but the Grand Minister shook his head “Well…I’d like Scootaloo to be given Aizen’s deck! And Aizen to be removed” Aizen growled as he dropped his deck onto the ground before he disappeared back to Universe 9 to be dealt with “Scootaloo take that as a small prize to the real winner”

Scootaloo picked up the cards and nodded “Thank you”

The Grand Minister rose into the air as he said “After a truly amazing duel! We are now moving onto the next round! Red Team selection!” the red lights both headed for Universe 3 “From Universe 3 we have Gray Fullbuster and Juvia Lockser!”

“Oh no” Gray groaned as Juvia screamed with joy

“Now for the blue team!” the grand minister said as the blue lights shot up into the air and also headed for a single Universe “From Universe 5 Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno!” the announcement wasn’t met with excitement rather a low growl from the other members of Universe 5. Sasuke was only part of the team because Arak thought it a good idea and Sasuke had only agreed on equally uncomfortable terms “Please may both teams prepare for the duel?”

Sasuke approached Sakura and said “You’d better not hold me back” he warned as he walked away “I don’t have time to babysit you”

Meanwhile in the Universe 7 rooms Soma Yukihira sat smiling stupidly as word had finally made it round the other chefs and two had popped in “So to summarise your trying to learn a game’s rules in two days?!” Erina Nakiri asked trying to restrain her voice from shouting “It’s hard to know if this is the dumbest mistake you’ve ever made or just the latest big one….I mean we’re here to prepare food…not play a children’s card game!” she finally began shouting “I can’t believe you, Soma! Of all the stupid…stupid…just plain stupid ideas you’ve had, this is somewhere at the top!”

Takumi Aldini nodded as he sighed “Seems to me like this is you trying to win for the sake of winn…”

“NO!” Soma said firmly and then whispered “I do have a reason beyond that” he then stood up “I was ordered to not cook for three people! Instead meant to just give them scraps or or….Dog food!”

Takumi looked horrified “What?!”

“Dog food!” Erina screamed in disgust “You’re joking!” Soma shook his head “Right! I want in!”

“Me too!” Takumi said in disgust

“You can’t” Soma said as he added with a cheerful smile “I’ve had the whole night to learn and you two don’t know how to play either?” Takumi and Erina both shook their heads “So I’m the best suited for this”

Erina pinched her nose and muttered “That’s debatable”

“Hmm” Takumi nodded

Seto Kaiba said “He’s doing fine….it’s not ideal but he’s grasping the game….well enough” there was a collective groan “Sort of reminds me of Wheeler” with that the conversation came to an end as the duel outside began “It maybe as well for you to watch this duel Soma”

Author's Note:

I haven't got much to say about this chapter except for the inclusion of Adam is meant as a small nod to Victortanzig's Youtube Channel because it inspired me to keep telling this story for better or for worse. If I'm being honest the result of the duel wasn't what I wanted but I tossed a coin to make the choice on who should win and well it is what it is. My favourite MLP character is Scootaloo as it happens so writing her defeat wasn't fun but it has to be understood that my favourite characters aren't going to be given priority and will be eliminated as the need arises(Or as a spiteful 50p decides for me).

There's one more chapter to be edited aiming to have that up by the 28th of May as a wee memento to a friend who's birthday it will be(Even if they never read this).

Anyway I hope you're all having a nice day and hope you're enjoying the insane story.