• Published 1st May 2020
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Tournament of Duelling Fun! - Garfield23

Lord Zeno is bored till someone introduces them to Yugioh cards, its a disaster waiting to happen and one all 12 universes will pay for. And tucked away in the sixth will draw in Canterlot High into a conflict of truly cosmic Levels

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Chapter 1- Zeno Bored

The quiet of Zeno’s Palace was endless as the two Zenos sat on their thrones, they had remained quiet for so long that the silence was suffocating even for their Grand Minister and their Attendants. The first Zeno turned his head to look to the right, the second Zeno looked to the left and then they faced the other. The first Zeno let out a long sigh that hung in the air for the longest moment before the second copied him and they both turned their attention to the Grand Minister.

“Bored” was all the first Zeno said

“Yes we are bored” the second Zeno said

“Well your graces it has been a while since anything interesting happened. If you would like I could arrange some entertainment?” The Grand Minister suggested “You did seem to rather enjoy the last....”

“NO!” both Zenos said in unison “We want something new!”

The Grand Minister shrugged “Well you could always watch one of those Earth movies from Universe 7?” he suggested lamely “I hear this one is supposed to be the Mortal Goku’s favourite….” But the Zenos groaned annoyed again this time looking around the room some more “Okay…maybe a game?”

“We already played all the games” The second Zeno said

“Well as I understand it…there is a new game that my Daughter, Kusu has recently taken an interest in from Universe 10” the grand minister said as he made a pile of Duel Monster cards appear in front of the Zenos “They call it Duel Monsters there but most of the twelve universes have it in some regard….and they call them Yu-gi-oh cards in most of them but it seems like a rather interesting game” the Zenos seemed interested as they floated the pile over and started looking through them.

“Oooooo I like this one” the first Zeno said and the second looked nodding at the card selected “Teach us how to play” however the Zenos were fast learners and within a week the same problem propped up “Bored again! This game is boring!”

“Yes very boring….” The second zeno said as then both looked like they got an idea “Grand Minister you said something about this game being in all 12 universes?"

The Grand Minister rubbed his chin and nodded "Yes, I do believe it is indeed in all of them, in some of them though the game is a few years old and in others it's not been there very long" he said as he smiled "But why do you ask?"

The Second Zeno smiled clapping his hands together "Oh goody! We can invite them round and we could play against them! We could learn so much!"

“Oh yes! Good idea! And we should invite Goku! It’s been so long since we’ve seen him!” the first Zeno said but then got a mischievous idea "We even could create our own cards! Watch!" he raised a hand at the pile of cards and the decks changed to include cards of unrivalled power "YAY! Now how should we play them?"

The Grand Minister then had a suggestion “How about we have a Tournament? You can watch the best play against each other and maybe even have a prize like a wish from the Super Dragonballs?”

“Ooooo! That’s even better!” both Zenos said as the two smiled happily “Make it happen! Make it happen!”

“I shall contact all Twelve gods of Destruction, all 12 kais and convey your orders” The Grand Minister said with a smile as he bowed and left the room “Maybe now the Zeno will be happy. You really can’t top such a grand tournament like the Tournament of power and I think….Universe 7 should have all their fighters participate again. They will be the returning champions but maybe allow them to swap a few players since not all would be willing"


“Hey! Whis! Where’s my Pizza?!” Beerus snapped feeling annoyed at Whis for taking so long but Whis appeared smiling. The two were back on Beerus’ planet enjoying peace and quiet for the first time in quite a long while but Whis had gone to Earth to get some Pizza for the two “Well it’s about time!? I need my Pizza now or…what is it?! You look far too happy!? What has Goku done now!? Or is it Vegeta this time!?” he pinched the bridge of his nose “If those two have done anything…”

“Nothing, my lord, since that fight with Broly it seems things on Earth has settled down but I’d be surprised if that had kept up. No I got a message from the Grand Minister” Whis said happily as he coughed and looked at the message “Hmm seems Lord Zeno is bored and desires another tournament”

“OH NO! Not another one!” Beerus yelled in horror as he leapt up and floated toward Whis “It’s all very well for you to look so calm! But if Universe 7 is destroyed, you don’t! It’s so unfair and I haven’t even gotten a decent nap!”

Whis sighed and shook his head “Well the stakes have been settled, it would seem Zeno agrees it would be a little silly to hold another tournament where those are the stakes…not to worry Lord Beerus the stakes are the following” he read him and then laughed “It would seem for the losers their god of destruction and Kai will be erased….since some of the Gods annoyed Zeno at the Tournament of Power. Would seem this may be how Zeno will be dealing with things going forward....wait…what’s Yugioh cards?”

“How am I supposed to know?! Aren’t you suppose to know that sort of thing!?” Beerus snapped but frowned “But knowing our luck, I can guess which trouble making planet has it! How long do we have to prepare?”

“Seems we have a month” Whis said “ahhh but we have to enter with the same team we entered with in the Tournament of Power….since our universe won and unlike the Tournament of Power all 12 universes will be participating”

“Oh that’s just super!” Beerus croaked sarcastically as he looked down “So to summarise…we have to play in a tournament, with a game you and I don’t know about! With a team that doesn’t get on and we had to trick into it last time! And if we lose I’ll die!? How is that fair!?”

“Oh I know what it is now. Seems to be a children’s card game….Shouldn’t be too hard for some on our team to grasp the basics of but I suspect Freeza and Goku probably won’t. Freeza for lack of caring and Goku because it isn’t fighting” Whis said as he looked down “Hmm I believe we now have 30 days 23 hours and 23 minutes to get a move on”

“Your enjoying this aren’t you” Beerus said dryly as he grabbed Whis’ arm and the two took off “So we have Twenty Minutes? We have to teach 10 fighters how to play a children’s game and hope they win or I’m dead! Wait since Freeza will be a pest to recruit any chance we’re allowed to sub him out!?”

“You are assuming of course that Lord Zeno would allow such a thing? And Even if that were true we have to convince 9 other fighters to learn how to play a children’s card game. And some weren’t overly eager to help in the first place” Whis sighed as he went through the list “18 and Krillin shouldn’t be too hard if we can just get our hands on some money to pay them. Roshi, Tien and 17 I’m not sure about probably could get Tien if I promise to give him a little training. Gohan and Piccolo might but I wouldn’t bet on it. Goku, Vegeta and Freeza are the real concerns. Ah! We can replace a member or two but I suspect Lord Zeno would really want those last three”

“This is all very annoying! That lot are fighters not card players!” Beerus screamed annoyed

“Well I suspect the Supreme Kai would probably be willing to help since his life is on the line too” Whis said as he then added “And that’s where we’re heading first”


“You have got to be kidding me!?” Champa screamed in rage as he stamped his feet “Not another one! A Tournament?! I hate this!” he had just been informed about the stakes of the Tournament and was naturally a little unhappy “I swear, I’m going to…wait did you say Universe 7 has to use the team they used in the Tournament of Power?!”

“Yes” Vados said in a calm voice “You seem happy about that”

“Why shouldn’t I be! Beerus is stuck with a bunch of idiots to play the game! I can pick a fresh team and thanks to that Simpleton, I now have my Earth back! Now where to pick from, this is an Earth game right?” Champa asked and Vados nodded “Excellent! Tell me what point on that planet has the highest Power Level?! We can use that as a point to start and if they have any special abilities even better for letting us cheat!”

“Alright…let me look….Here we are? This place has got a really high level, not especially strong fighting wise but magic practically oozing all over the place”

Champa looked into the orb eagerly and his face fell, he looked for all the Universe like Frost had just blown it up again and then he screamed “A HIGHSCHOOL!? Are you kidding me!? A school full of teenage brats!”

“Lord Champa…it is a children’s card game” Vados stated happily “Who’s most likely to play this game?”

“Children and oh….I see your point” Champa said as he looked back into the orb “I want to know who has the highest levels of Magic! Show him to me…” the image changed, showing a girl with red and yellow hair causing Champa’s smirk to only grow bigger “Or her! That works fine for me! Get me Cabba and the Sayains girls too…we could use their help and Hit! We don’t need to be gentle”

“My lord is that wise?” Vados asked as she looked unsure “We could just ask nicely”

“NO! And besides I like the look of that cupcake that pink girl’s got” Champa said as he licked his lips and he suddenly noticed something “Hey wait…are those the cards?! They do play!? Even better! You were right!”

Vados smiled “Allow me to go and recruit them alone, sire. No need to waste your time” she offered but Champa shook his head “Sir?”

“I want to meet my new team and I want them to obey me so I’d better come with you” Champa said as he put his hand on Vados’ shoulder “Next stop Earth!”


“It’s my turn! I play this Machine King in attack mode!” Scootaloo screamed sitting at the School Cafeteria “Oh yeah! I’m so awesome at this! I bet I can beat anyone! Machine King Attack!”

Applebloom smiled and shook her head as she flipped her defence monster revealing a Celtic Guardian “Hmm My Obnoxious Celtic Guardian says otherwise!” and Scootaloo scowled “Looks like ya can’t get by my warriors!”

“Yeah well my machines rock!” Scootaloo snapped

“My Fairies are pretty awesome” Sweetie Belle chirped up.

The school had been Yugioh card mad for a few weeks since the game had done a massive event in the school sponsored by Industrial Illusion and it’s CEO, Maximillian Pegasus. The school even had a tournament of its own where the surprise winner had been Sunset Shimmer. So the school was enjoying the fad, most knew it’d be over soon but for now the CMC sat playing a three way match.

“I don’t like it” Applejack said sitting beside Rarity watching the CMC “This game, it’s just a fad and it’s all Applebloom focuses on right now. Also Big Mac but he’s sensible and doesn’t let it get in the way of other things”

“Oh calm down” Rarity laughed as she put a comforting arm around Applejack “In a few weeks they’ll forget they ever even played it and then you can relax again. It’s just a harmless fad like you said. They’ll get over it like Sequins”

“But what if it’s like…” Applejack began but Rarity gave her a look that said she wasn’t eager to discuss it further “Pinkie, Fluttershy, Twilight, Sunset and even Rainbow play it now! I feel like we’re the odd ones out!?”

“Yes but you can either join a fad or decide to not be a part of it” Rarity said as she pulled out a pencil and a sheet of paper “You have to admit Mr Pegasus does have a rather Unique fashion sense”

“Yeah” Applejack said as she watched Applebloom laugh and enjoy the game “Those cards aren’t cheap either though”

“Does she spend her own allowance?” Rarity asked sounding a little more annoyed


“Then that’s the beginning and end of it!” Rarity snapped and raised a finger “I will not discuss this further! If you are so worried about her schoolwork and other commitments discuss it with your Granny and Cheerilee”

“I think I will” Applejack said standing up and approaching Granny Smith who looked on with concern “Are ya worried too?”

“Hmm?” Granny Smith said with a shrug “I think that game seems rather harmless” Applejack stormed off feeling like everyone was just being stupid and not seeing how bad this game was but when she got to Cheerilee’s classroom the result wasn’t nearly as harmless “She’s missed how many!?”

“Applebloom’s homework has been late twice in the last two months” Cheerilee revealed and looked a bit annoyed “I have wanted to discuss this with your Granny Smith but I wasn’t too worried since the work has been done. Her friends Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo have also been late…Applejack!?” Applejack had turned towards the door and was about to storm out “Wait!”

“It’s that Duel Monster game!” Applejack said as she opened the door but Cheerilee shook her head “What!?”

“I admit they have seemed a little distracted since…well Mr Pegasus’ visit but…only the second piece of work was late after his visit” Cheerilee admitted as she then added “Your work has been late more often than hers has”

Applejack looked a bit sheepish but nodded “Yeah but I’ve got my band, my farmwork and…”

“And you think she can’t have a hobby!?” Cheerilee challenged but Applejack shook her head “So what on Earth has gotten into you!?”

“I just…I want…” Applejack stammered but then stormed out “Am I wrong to hate this game?! NO! NO! This game is so stupid!” she was so busy thinking about the game that she didn’t notice Twilight using her locker and thus when Twilight stepped out the two girls bumped into each other “Oh Twilight I’am so sorry sugarcube”

“It’s fine, Applejack. What’s wrong you sounded awfully upset” Twilight asked as she picked up her deck from the floor, Applejack looking dismissively at one of the cards and groaning “Oh that!? It’s Dark Magician Girl! She is so amazing! I love how technically challenging the game is and this card is so…”

“I don’t care! It’s just a stupid time wasting card game!” Applejack snapped but then realised what she’d said “Twilight I’m sorry”

“Yeah…I have to go” Twilight said walking away sadly and Applejack felt even worse but also angrier. That night she tried to call Twilight again to apologise but Twilight answered with “I’m busy”

“Ya can’t be surprised she doesn’t want ta talk ta ya right now” Big Mac said kindly as they cleaned up after Dinner “Ya did shout at her about something she’s proven to be quite good at…” Applejack glared at Big Mac clearly not in the mood to talk but Big Mac coughed and continued “I know my opinion on this just ain’t worth much since I’m biased”

“Well so am I….I suppose I can’t get too upset since it’s just a fad I ain’t into and Twilight just pushed ma button at the wrong moment” Applejack admitted as she turned towards her phone hoping Twilight may have texted but all that was there was a message from Sunset “Hmm?”

Then it happened as Applebloom rounded the corner a box slipped from her grip, it had clearly been something she’d been trying to smuggle out of sight “Applebloom?! What’s that!?” Big Mac asked as he grabbed the box. It was a massive booster box, it still bore the price on it and Big Mac looked at horrified “Where did ya get the money for this!?”

Applejack looked at the box shocked and her eyes bulged “How munch!? This is more allowance than…Applebloom…” she felt a tear trickle down her face “Where?”

“I…I…I…” Applebloom began clearly looking for any reason she could give but even if she told the truth they wouldn’t believe her “I got some part time work…”

“Then why sneak this in!?” Big Mac roared “You…Did you steal this!?”

“NO! I swear!” Applebloom said in a very defensive manner

“Then where!?” Applejack snapped but was now in no mood to talk further “Give me that box and that thing you call a deck!”

“NO! Please! Applejack!” Applebloom begged but it was no use, Applejack and Big Mac looked madder than ever and Applebloom reached into her pocket “Please just let me keep, my favourite?”

Applejack shook her head “NO! Till we get to the bottom of this…We’re taking these cards from you!” Applejack said as she put the cards in her pocket “And you should be glad I don’t know which one is your favourite or I would rip it in half!”

Applebloom screamed and ran crying “Ya went too far” Big Mac said but Applejack was seeing red in a big way and wanted to make it clear she was cross but this was a mistake she’d live to regret. Because outside the school in a bright flash, Champa and Vados arrived looking around Champa smirked.

“Gather the students of this school my fighters! Just don’t hurt them” Champa ordered and Kale, Hit, Caulifla and Cabba moved out “And be quick about it!”

Fluttershy was the first to be targeted, Kale arriving at her home and despite her families best efforts, Kale was focused on pleasing Caulifla but the Universe 6 fighters also targeted anyone who had even been in the school in the last year! So when Hit arrived at the Twilight residence both Cadence and Twilight were on his list “Don’t bother resisting” Hit said as he knocked the front door down “I don’t want to hurt any of you but I have my orders”

“What do you want!?” Nightlight snapped as he tried to protect his family but Hit swept him aside easily “NO!”

“Stop this!” Twilight screamed “Please stop!” she tried to use her magic but it was useless, Hit’s power was far greater and her magic only held him back for a fraction of a second “NO! He…He’s a monster!” he broke her magic and stepped closer “NO! NO!”

Elsewhere Rainbow was trying to outrun, Cabba who was trying to be gentle but Rainbow was avoiding him, she had to make it to the portal and then maybe get to Equestrian Twilight for some help! Cabba had mentioned they wanted Canterlot high’s students “Please stop…I don’t want to hurt you..” Cabba called out but Rainbow kept running “You’ll leave me no choice but to be a little rougher”

“TRY IT!” Rainbow called out “PINKIE! NOW!” suddenly a loud explosion clouded Cabba’s eyesight “Well done! Pinkie!”

“Well! No matter! Two of you just makes my job easier!” Cabba said confident his higher power would make the difference, he flew straight at Pinkie but smacked into a crystal wall “What the?!”

“Fighting’s really not my thing I’m more into fashion but I will destroy you if you touch my friends!” Rarity called out from her hiding spot “Sorry, Darling whilst I love your amazing fashion sense….Someone clearly needs a lesson on…OW!”

“On what?” Caulifla said as she pinned Rarity’s arm behind her back “You were going somewhere with this?! I don’t know why Lord Champa wants this school and I respect you ladies for fighting back but take my word for it…you’re no match for a Sayain!”

Rainbow snapped “OH YEAH!” she ran up and punched Caulifla in the face “How’d that feel!?”

“Hmm? Was that supposed to hurt?” Caulifla said with a sneer “You’re not bad to look at are you? But you’re not in my league in terms of power!”

“Remember don’t hurt her! We may need her!” Cabba said in alarm but Rainbow was gone before they could stop her “NO!”

“You idiots! She’s heading for the portal!” Champa screamed as he wanted the whole school “They’re magic powers is what I want them for and if you let one slip away! What’s the point!?” Rainbow surged into the portal before Champa could stop her and Vados just shrugged “Why didn’t you stop her!?” Vados shrugged and Champa growled “That portal leads to Universe 7!”

Vados shrugged again “It doesn’t matter m’lord she’ll be bringing back an Equestrian Princess which will be of use to us” Vados said confidently “And may even bring back another one…either way I think we’ll be good” an hour later all the school were gathered and now Vados had what she needed “Now then who should be on our team and who should be our hostages”

“Hostages!?” Principle Celestia snapped trying to hide her sheer rage “I demand you free us at once!”

Champa felt annoyed “We know you’re school as a lot of power, maybe not fighter level but we can use your skills for our own end” Champa then pointed at Vados’ staff “Now my angel here will scan each of you to see who here is of the best use to us in the Duel Monster Tournament”

The school knew it was a long shot but many were hoping that Equestrian Twilight would pop out the portal with reinforcements but it seemed unlikely as Hit and the Sayains stood by the portal, it’d be unlikely Twilight would be able to slip past and by the sounds of it, Vados was counting on it but also even if Twilight did suddenly appear what could she realistically do against such power.

Author's Note:

So that's Chapter 1 of my new story! Now for the fun part. Who else do you think should be the Tournament? There is already some universes decided on, Universe 7 and 6 have shown their participating teams already but a few others are also decided.

Please comment which world you think should get a chance at duelling this can be any team from an anime, video game, movie or book. Just suggest and I'll take it into consideration.