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Tournament of Duelling Fun! - Garfield23

Lord Zeno is bored till someone introduces them to Yugioh cards, its a disaster waiting to happen and one all 12 universes will pay for. And tucked away in the sixth will draw in Canterlot High into a conflict of truly cosmic Levels

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Chapter 2- Forces Begin to Gather

“What do you mean!?” Twilight asked in shock as Rainbow sat across from her in her castle, she couldn’t believe what she’d been told by Canterlot High’s Rainbow Dash. However this was an undeniable reality, when the clearly scared, hurt and upset Rainbow had crashed through the portal in front of a startled Spike who had burst into the middle of a Pinkie Pie Party “You mean Canterlot High came under attack but by who?!”

“I don’t know! Sunset called me screaming for me to run! Then I heard a woman’s voice and Sunset told me that I had to reach you” Rainbow cried as she sat shaking, her left forehoof was broken clearly from when she’d punched the Sayain but then she openly sobbed “Please, Twilight! We need your help!”

“But what can I do?” Twilight asked as she looked down at the table “I don’t have a lot of power in that world. If they came through the Portal we may stand a chance but this is just not something...” she paused as she looked towards the doors and Spike looked concerned as he brought in a tray with some baked goods “I want to help but if I can’t…wait did you get a look at the leader of this group?”

“Only for a passing moment” Rainbow sniffed as she tried to look stronger but it was hard for her since for a person so loyal to her friends, she’d showed in her book such cowardice and fled “We have to get back there and help!”

“And do what?!” Spike said firmly as he looked up at her “You punched one right and look what it did to your hoof…hand. You’re in no shape to go anywhere!”

“You cowards! These are our friends!” Rainbow screamed as she began to shake “You can’t just leave them! Who knows what these creeps will do to our friends! I can’t believe this!” she tried to get out of the chair and onto her hooves but her body wasn’t fully use to her pony body so she ended up falling due to her hurt leg “I can’t….leave them”

“You won’t have to!” a voice at the door said and there stood Equestrian Rainbow Dash looking cross “Twilight! How could you even think like this!?” the pony walked over to her double and helped the other mare back into the chair “This isn’t cool!”

“I agree!” Starlight said standing at the same door “Twilight! We…”

“Don’t you think I want to help! There is nothing we can do! We go there and what good is there that any of us can do!?” Twilight asked as she then began to sniff, her mane beginning to look a little more frizzled and her eyes clearly bloodshot “Sunset, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and my other self…but we’re stuck for options”


Back at Canterlot High all the students, staff and their families had been gathered. Sunset looked sadly downward as the others looked to her for guidance but she had no ideas. Hit stood in front of the portal, preventing any more students from running through it, Cabba and Kale blocked off the other escape routes. Leaving the gathered people trapped before the God of Destruction and his assistant. Caulifla was walking through the crowd trying to find anyone who didn’t have a deck to play with but the uncomfortable silence was finally broken when Champa started laughing “Oh relax everyone! I maybe the all-powerful God of Destruction but that’s no reason to be worried! I’m simply here because I like Duel Masters!”

“Uh Lord Champa that’s Duel Monsters” Vados corrected as she looked calmly around the crowd “I have already detected those with decks…I’ll highlight those who don’t. Caulifla sort those who don’t into the school”

“Right” Caulifla said as lights from Vados’ staff shot out, completely harmless but those who it highlighted walked towards the school till it finally hit Applebloom “Hey! Short stuff move!”

“But I have a deck!” Applebloom begged she couldn’t place why but she didn’t want to go into the school, it felt like a horrible idea and she kept begging “Please! My sister has it! Please don’t!”

Champa looked at Applebloom annoyed as he hovered over “I don’t care! You don’t have a deck! You are no use to me! I am Champa the God of Destruction!” he smirked clearly thinking Applebloom would respect his title “Now move it, Shrimp!”

“STOP IT!” Applejack yelled running forward “I have her deck! Please stop!”

“Back in line!” Caulifla snapped as she dodged Applejack trying to punch her “Not a bad right hook for an Earthling but here’s one of mine!” she used only a drop of her power in the punch that followed but the attack completely winded Applejack and send her flying back into Big Mac “Now…I hope that serves as a lesson”

Cabba yelled “Was that really needed!? She’s just protecting her sister!”

“And I respect that but dude we’re here to do a Job!” Caulifla huffed “Besides I didn’t do any harm”

“Applejack! Applejack!?” Applebloom screamed trying to get past Caulifla but not getting by and the Sayain picked her up by the scruff of the neck “NO! Put me down!”

“Caulifla?” Kale asked unsure of this and seeing something of a resemblance between the two sisters and their own relationship. She wanted to fly over and stop them but she focused on her job “Please be kinder” Caulifla nodded and put Applebloom in the school gently.

Big Mac held Applejack back but then the light passed over Rarity “NO! You can’t!” Sunset screamed, the girls formed a circle around Rarity trying their best to keep the stronger opponents out “You’re not getting any more of our friends!” Sunset said but they were aware as the light continued to shine onto other people that they were up against a wall on this one.


“Man this is one boring world. Could do with some more exciting things...just in general” Belmod said as he looked down at the city far below him but shrugged “OH looks like we’ve been noticed”

“Oh yes, My lord” Marcarita said as she looked down at the fighters flying up to them “I believe that one is called Hawks. Here the earthlings have developed things called Quirks which are naturally occurring Super Powers” she offered as Hawks closed the gap “But please someone deal with him”

Dyspo flew forward and said “I’m just going to assume we’re to avoid killing them. Man my job recently has gotten so damned Boring!” he grabbed Hawk’s wings and dragged him back “Man! Your wings are freaky! I bet I can pull them off”

“What?!” Hawks said in alarm but in a moment he was slammed into the ground “Damn!” he passed out from the impact.

“Well done, Dyspo!” Top said as he landed and looked around “Hmm I get the feeling we’re not going to get a warm welcome here since we just floored one of their heroes” he sighed “Such a shame. Hawks I believe was his name…seems like a truly noble spirit!”

“You’ll pay for that! We won’t allow you to harm these people!” said a man dressed in yellow “I am Fatgum and I’ll do what I can to stop you!”

“Dude! You are either very brave or very foolish” Dyspo said as he looked smugly at Fatgum

“Allow me” Top said as he stepped towards Fatgum “I respect your noble desire to protect these people but we are here to fulfil our duty! Now please step aside!” suddenly a torrent of water struck Top in the face and he looked mildly annoyed “Who dares!?”

“The Name’s Backdraft!” a man called out from the crowd his water cannons trained on Top “Allow us to make this clear! We will stop you!”

“Backdraft! Behind you!” Fatgum yelled a warning but it came too late as the well build, Kettle landed behind Backdraft and a swift punch knocked out the fire rescue hero “This isn’t good! I have to hope my Quirk will hold”

“Fat chance, Fat boy!” Dyspo said running forward and punching Fatgum in the stomach “HEY! Why didn’t you fall over?!”

“My quirk” Fatgum grunted but he was in a lot of pain from the blow “I won’t fall to the likes of you!” he punched Dyspo in the face and the force was strong enough to force Dyspo back “You…won’t beat me…”

“Your spirit is to be commented” Top said sadly and then added “You would make a worthy Pride Trooper! But I must do my duty” he surged forward and before Fatgum could respond he was punched in the face, the poor tired pro hero was send flying and landed in the ocean “Today is not going to be an easy day”

Elsewhere in the UA Highschool dorms “NO! FATGUM!” Kirishima yelled horrified as the TV showed the battle as it was happening “Please no!” Kirishima began to shake as the class of 1A watched on in horror as the alien invaders began to walk through the Pro Heroes, any who tried were swiftly beaten and Kirishima shook “He’s gotta be okay!”

Midoriya Izuku remained silent as different students had different reactions to the oncoming threat, some like Momo and Todoroki shared in Midoriya’s stunned silence. Some including Uraraka tried to cheer the class up with optimism but class members like Bakugo were responding to this with rage and Panic. Perhaps the only reaction that was held by one class member alone was Tenya Ida trying to restore calm. However no matter the reaction, the school was already trying to take steps to prepare since the Aliens…were clearly heading their way.

Outside Cementoss and Power Loader were trying to use their quirks to sure up the walls and even try to make more defences but a lot of teachers were readying for battle. If they couldn’t protect the students, it’d be one more failure UA could ill afford and even All Might was preparing “You do know your ability to fight is significantly unlikely to last long” Eraserhead told him but All Might shook his head “You have to know our chances are less than zero”

“We have to protect the students…it’s that simple” All Might said and he turned frowning “I refuse to just roll over and let them walk all over us! I believe in the students and that’ll give me the strength I need…to do more than just transform…I have got to do this!”

“For Izuku?” Eraserhead dryly added

“No…I have to do this for everyone in Class 1A…Class 1B. Every class in this school! And for all my friends” All might said firmly “You and I may not always see eye to eye but can’t you appreciate that is my job!”

“Yeah I know I was just messing with you” Eraserhead said smiling “That was just a tactical deception”

All Might laughed “You know sometimes I think you should be a comedian…you may have proven to be good at it” the two shared a laugh till Snipe screamed a warning “Looks like it’s time”

Belmond and Marcarita hovered over the wall of the school as the Pride Troopers took care of the pro heroes who tried to stop them. Belmond looked around “My you know this school is impressive. To be fair the whole planet is a credit to our Universe. Their spirit is quite strong”

“Yes I quite agree” Marcarita said as she looked around at the gathered teachers and she addressed the heroes “Rest assured teachers of UA Highschool we mean you and your students no harm” however the staff didn’t relax, all gathered look ready for a fight but then the Principle stepped forward “AH! Principle Nezu I assume?”

“Yes. You’ll understand our position when we say we don’t believe you” Nezu said as he looked as calm as always but his eyes showed the anger as fierce as a wild fire, he was clearly in a bad mood and then said “Take one more step and we’ll do what we have to”

Belmond shrugged “It’s a shame….your world has no reason to fear me if it just does as I ask” he said as he stepped forward “I am the God of Destruction and I am simply here to gather those who can help me with a simple task”


“So you want to look through the time line?” Gowasu asked as he took a slow sip of tea “For what purpose?”

Rumsshi smiled and said “Simple our universe holds the origins of this” he held up a single card, he paused and turned to Kusu “I am informed there have been several powerful duellists through the history of our Earth. Need I remind you what happens if we don’t assemble the strongest possible team?” Gowasu remained silent and Rumsshi snarled “Come on! Do you really want to disappear again!?”

“Don’t misunderstand I am not interested in disappearing again but this breaks all kind of rules” Gowasu said as he then added “Besides do you even have a list of duelists you want? Because I’m not going back in time to randomly look for 10 players!”

Kusu jumped forward eagerly “I have the list here!” she pushed it under Gowasu’s nose who looked through the list “See great isn’t it!?”

“Six of these duellists have dates next to them?” Gowasu asked

“That’s when they were at their best!” Kusu reassured as she then added “I’ve watched their duels from afar! My favourite is this one!” she made her orb shine bright and an image appeared above them with sound “Watch this!” the image showed the duel between Yugi and Joey at the end where the Black Skull Dragon was revived to finish Joey off “See such a good move!”

“I found it confusing” Gowasu said slowly

“This is what I have to put up with when she decides to peer in on the mortals duelling” Rumsshi said sadly and shrugged “But she’s the best one qualified to pick our team. So please, Kusu, just tell us who you want”

“OH okay! Well those two of course! Yugi Moto and Joey Wheeler but also Seto Kaiba!” Kusu said as she made the image showing a different duel “These three as well! Jaden Yuki, Chazz Princeton and Alexis Rhodes!” she then made the image change again this time showing a Turbo duel “I also want Yuesi Fudo, Jack Atlas and Akiza Izayoi!”

“But that leaves us one spare spot” Rumsshi said annoyed “Surely you have a final member”

“Well I was hoping I could be the tenth?” Kusu offered but Rumsshi and Gowasu shook their head “Oh please! I have worked so hard with my deck! Mine is so good!”

“I don’t doubt it” Gowasu said as he took another sip of tea “But it’s not something I think any other Universe would accept” he shook his head “And besides maybe if you’re lucky we can convince our ten to practise against you”

“But…but…I want to!” Kusu said sadly “Please Rumsshi!”

“This is just the way things have to be” Rumsshi said as he looked angrier now “Now please select your final duelist or I’ll choose whoever I think looks best!”


Heles sat in her palace as she stirred a drink casually with a finger, Sour looking on with some concern as she hadn’t moved since the announcement had gotten to them and seemed unlikely to move but finally he broke the silence “You seem unhappy”

“I am…we are to participate in another tournament how am I supposed to feel about such sad news” Heles said as she looked at a picture on the wall “And this time all around a single planet? Earth…and in a game I know next to nothing about!?”

“It is perplexing but perhaps you should contact that Planet’s defenders to see if they have any idea how they can help us?” Sour asked and then added “I did ask Pell if he would be kind enough to join us but he said he would go and ask that Planet’s defenders”

“But aren’t those planet’s defenders….OH NO!” Heles gasped in horror “Why did you let him go alone!?”

“I fail to understand the problem?” Sour asked sounding bored about it.

“You don’t understand that planet’s defenders are the Sailor Scouts!” Heles said sounding scared “If he disappears…I go too!?”

“The Sailor Scouts hardly seem strong enough to kill, Pell” Sour offered but Heles shook her head “Then how will they succeed at such a thing?”

“By looking at them! The Sailor Scouts are very beautiful...they're literally called the Pretty Guardians!” Heles said as she grabbed his shoulder “Get us there now! If we don’t hurry then I dread to think what will happen if we don’t get there!”

Heles was right to be worried Pell had a weakness for beautiful girls but unlike many of the other universes he’d simply landed at Rei’s temple and was now enjoying a mug of tea with Rei whilst calmly explaining the situation “So that’s the situation. I hope you appreciate why we didn’t ask you and the scouts to help us with the Tournament of power?”

Rei sipped her own tea and nodded “Yes well it does sound like we wouldn’t have been much help in a martial arts tournament” she said as she then added “But I hate to say only a couple of the girls play that game. Usagi and Ami I think”

“But not yourself?” Pell asked as he took a biscuit “I would assume a girl of such intelligence as you would be a natural?”

“I can’t say I’ve ever had a desire to do so” Rei said trying not to look guilty “I will admit the game has only been around for a couple years and I don’t really have time to play it but Usagi always goes for that sort of thing. And Ami just seemed to start playing because Usagi was”

“Considering the other teams are unlikely to play fair. We’d be better off choosing members of the scouts” Pell said with a cheeky smile “And we do have a month to prepare”

“Oh you’re doing better than I thought you would be, Pell” Heles said standing at the door and Rei looked at the Goddess with uncertainty “But that is good reasoning there, Pell” and she sat down next to Rei “hmm and I must admit your beauty is something to behold my dear” Pell now clearly blushed and Heles sighed “I hope if the other teams have beautiful women you’re able to control yourself”

“Don’t I always!?” Pell asked as he then added “Besides so long as we have love…”

“Sometimes that line doesn’t fly with me!” Heles said bluntly and Pele laughed nervously “But I have heard a lot of good things about the Sailor Scouts of Earth. It really does impress me so how well your leader has done”

“Vicious rumours” Rei murmured but then smiled “We would be happy to help!”


As the gods prepared Twilight looked through a set of notes on every possible reference to Sayains, Purple cats and anything she could use to learn more about the threat Canterlot high faced but the only information she had found was a vague reference to Beerus but it was a dead end of a lead. As she did her desperation didn’t go unnoticed by one who would be able to help. King Kai looked on as he had sensed Twilight mumble Beerus’ name and now knew the situation “Such a pity” King Kai said as he desired to help and looked to Earth where he contacted Goku “Goku?”

Goku was with the Earth Members of Universe 7’s team when he heard King Kai’s voice, when Beerus showed up he demanded all members of the Earth Team gather. Whis had already contacted Zeno requesting Freeza be removed from their team list and thankfully the Zenos had agreed but with an understanding the replacement would be impressive “King Kai?!” Goku asked as he heard King Kai’s voice “What’s Wrong?”

“Oh I’m fine Goku still dead but you know otherwise great!” King Kai said sarcastically but then his tone became more serious “I’ve been watching a planet far off in another part of the Universe but still in my sector. It seems their newest Princess, has gotten a visitor from Universe 6”

“Is it Hit!?” Goku asked eagerly but King Kai coughed “Oh right….who is it?!”

“It’s a school girl from Universe 6’s Earth” King Kai revealed now letting everyone gathered around Goku to hear “She seems awfully upset”

“So why should we care!?” Beerus snapped he then had a question “So why ask Goku about this?!”

“The School girl is talking about a purple cat attacking her school…I think that means it’s likely the Universe 6’s god of destruction” King Kai revealed

Whis suddenly smiled “And if we can get the girl…we could have information of Team’s 6 decks!” he said happily and he rubbed his hands together “Isn’t that right King Kai…you clever scoundrel!?”

“No wait! I just wanted to help them!” King Kai said but then he rubbed his chin “But it may give us our new tenth member and she could teach you muscle bound fools how to play this card game since I can sense her deck is with her”

“What’s the School girl’s name?” Tien asked as he looked concerned “She maybe very well be willing to help us if it means she can get her friends back”

Beerus smirked “I can’t wait to see the look on Champa’s face when we drop that on him!? Goku! Go get the girl!”

“Fair warning, she has turned into a pony due to the nature of the portal but it should be okay. Oh and there are two of them” King Kai revealed and Goku nodded raising two fingers to his forehead “Goku it’s going to be hard for you to sense the Planet but focus on the high level of magic!”

Goku struggled but finally got a lock on Equestria and onto Twilight who finally sobbed out “Please someone help us!” Goku then appeared before her a moment later “What the!? Who are you!?”

“My name is Goku” Goku said happily and then added “You did ask for help?”

Author's Note:

So yeah maybe not my best work and a lot of people will probably be cross about how certain worlds were treated. I get it! It's annoying when Dragonball is portrayed as the overwhelming force but that's because power wise they are very strong. I wanted to make a story where duelling is the main focus and this was the best way.

Now if Your keeping score. Dragonball, Equestria Girls, Sailor Moon, Yu-gi-oh and My Hero Academia are already in the story....that means there are 7 spots remaining! These worlds can be any so long as A you also suggest a God or Universe they belong with. If you don't know Dragonball just suggest the world please?

Also this meant to be a little bit of fun! If you want something in the story just ask and I won't promise it'll be in the story later but I'll try. Also the rest of chapters in the following story are unlikely to be as long.

Now for the duels, these duels will be based on votes! If the first duel is say Goku vs Sailor Moon vote on who you want to win, please?(To be clear this is just an example). Also if you want a certain duel to happen...just suggest it.

Have a nice day!