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Tournament of Duelling Fun! - Garfield23

Lord Zeno is bored till someone introduces them to Yugioh cards, its a disaster waiting to happen and one all 12 universes will pay for. And tucked away in the sixth will draw in Canterlot High into a conflict of truly cosmic Levels

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Chapter 6- Bitter Defeat.

Whis sighed as he looked at the gathered team before him, he looked at Sunset, Twilight and Rainbow Dash before saying “The time has come, this tournament may not have the same stakes as the Tournament of Power but with Universe 6 having your friends…it could be a much larger challenge for you three. Pulling your punches could very well spell doom” he then looked up "Oh my the stakes really are interesting"

Sunset nodded “So long as we can win and help them, I’m willing to do what it takes…right girls?” Twilight and Rainbow nodded “It’s not as if we can afford to take it easy on them…trust us we’re in for the long fight and besides the others would never forgive us if we took it easy on them!"

Goku smiled and clapped Sunset on the back “That’s the spirit! We’re gonna win this tournament and save your friends!”

Vegeta shrugged “So long as I get a go against you Kakarot I’ll be happy” he said with a sneer

Whis raised his staff “Well regardless it’s time to go. Hold hands everyone” the gathered team joined hands with Beerus and Whis, a moment later they had teleported. When they arrived they weren’t the first team there “Hmm oh look Universe 2 is already here!”

Twilight and Sunset turned to see the Universe 2 team “I felt like I’ve seen them somewhere before” Rainbow said in surprise as one of the Sailor Scouts turned to look at them “They’re so…familiar” the scout who turned gave a small smile and approached “Huh!? HEY!”

“Hello My name is Haruka and who might I ask are you?” the scout asked as she extended a hand, only for Goku to shake it “Hey!”

“Name’s Goku! You look strong!” Goku said in his normal clumsy way but Haruka smiled because despite being caught off guard there was something she did like in Goku, she however couldn’t take her eyes off of Sunset, there was something interesting about her that made Haruka want to learn more “We’re the Universe 7 team!”

“Universe 7? So you guys won the last tournament?” Ami said as she approached with the other scouts as she shook Krillin’s hand who smiled in a polite manner “We’ve been told all about you but Heles failed to tell us about you three?” she looked at the three closely and shook her head "You don't seem to fit the team if you know what I mean?"

“That’s what had me interested about them” Haruka admitted as she looked closely at Rainbow “You have eyes that say you will not be conquered….I hope we get to duel…I’d find that match interesting to see the spirit you have but also you…” she pointed at Sunset "You're certainly an interesting prospect"

“I also wouldn’t mind getting to know your team better” a voice said from behind Haruka, out stepped Usagi, she was staring at Twilight and her smile was as warm as ever but there was a small fire in the eyes of the scout’s leader “Something about you makes my heart…feel stronger…I can sense a small glimmer within you. I know we will duel”

"I hope so" Twilight said, she couldn’t help meeting Usagi’s eyes and they shook hands as Usagi and her team headed back to their team area. Twilight looked to Sunset who nodded they shared the same feeling about Universe 2's team, the team seemed to be trustworthy but Twilight couldn't be sure since there was a danger in being too trusting.

Then they heard a small muttering sound behind them “Interesting…yes…an all female team and a team made up of a mixture of what appears to be fighters and tactical members…yes must be skilled players…smart players and…” an average height green haired boy was jotting notes down in a book “Yes…need more notes…”

Tien was first to challenge the boy “Hey! It’s rude to mutter and not introduce yourself!” Tien snapped catching the boy off guard and causing him to drop his note book. Tien picked it up and smiled as he opened the book, in a short time the boy had taken notes and began drawing pictures of them "This is...interesting..you have a name?"

“OH!? Sorry My name is Izuku Midoriya! I’m really sorry!” the boy said bowing multiple times “I’m sorry, sorry please forgive me because I am sorry” Tien couldn’t help but look at the boy with a mixture of interest and a touch of embarrassment given he clearly didn’t mean any harm. The picture of him was quite flattering for what it was “I’m from Universe 11’s team…” suddenly the looks the Z fighters gave him were changed to looks of surprise but a couple of distrust “What’s wrong!?”

“Hey! Deku! No flattering with the enemy!” Dyspo said as he approached and added “Especially with the returning champions….” He suddenly spotted the three new members “So who might you be? Certainly don't look like fighters...hope you're tougher than you look”

Dyspo was staring at Sunset who met his gaze with a cold look, something about Dyspo made her uneasy but Dyspo smiled and she said “My name is Sunset Shimmer, these are my friends Twilight and Rainbow. We may not be fighters but we're here to win and save our friends!”

Dyspo’s smile only grew “I have to admit you are spirited…but Deku come on” Deku nodded and followed Dyspo who whispered a warning "Your research into our rivals is very impressive but remember you're going to have to ready yourself for duelling"

"I know sir" Deku said as he looked at Goku's picture "Why does that Goku guy look so friendly? He doesn't seem powerful?" but Dyspo shook his head and began laughing "What?!"

"I thought the same thing" Dyspo said kindly

It was then another team arrived, this one however got a reaction out of Beerus and the girls who’s glares were sharp and harsh as Universe 6 arrived “AH! Beerus! How’s it going!?” Champa said as he approached but his stare was on Rainbow and Sunset who returned the stare with angry glares “Done stealing members of my team!?”

“What! You made our friends join your team!” Sunset snapped her anger clear as she glared at Champa with a look of sheer hatred and it took Gohan holding her back to stop her jumping at him “You are evil! Terrible! You’ll pay!” Gohan had to keep his grip strong because if he hadn't Sunset would have leapt at Champa.

Champa’s reaction sickened those around him as he began to laugh “Calm down, dear…I’m simply pointing out that Beerus broke the rules” he said through his laughter “And I…” but at that moment Rainbow Dash ran forward trying to punch him but this time Android 18 grabbed her and held her back "Hmm trying to break the rules again?"

Beerus shrugged “I didn’t order it so I broke no such rule and you seem to be trying to piss off my team” he said as he then pointed out besides “Look…every team is here now. So we’d all better get ready for the Grand minister’s announcement of who’ll be up first for duelling”

“Right” Champa said as he walked away, his team looked sadly at Team 7 but knew better than to throw their duels. Each team no matter how they were recruited had a way to keep their team in line. Some teams looked happier than others but those teams outnumbered the sad teams.

The Grand Minister coughed as his voice filled the Null Realm “Welcome all 12 Universes to the new tournament where we will be hosting a Tournament of Duelling fun! For the pleasures of Lord Zeno!” the two zenos looked down from their thrones in eager delight as they awaited the Minister to announce the first match “You will notice for this tournament we have set up team areas for each team, teams are free to interact with each other but any hostile behaviour will not be tolerated!” the teams looked behind them and spotted houses with chairs in front of them, the houses had a number on them and the minister continued “The first round of this tournament will be tag duels but the pairs will be selected at random and anyone who’s lifepoints hit zero will be eliminated no matter which team they’re on!”

“So there maybe motive for a tag partner to turn on their partner” 18 said quietly “And wipe out their lifepoints too?”

“I suspect that will happen” Whis said to confirm 18’s concerns "Knowing what some of these people are capable of...it wouldn't surprise me that they will try that"

“The winner will thus get to determine the fate of the losers” The minister continued leading to gasps of concern from some teams but one team’s captain seem to positively grin with eagerness at this rule “And the higher the lifepoints will decide the winner between partners so if Partner A has 300 and Partner B has 301, it’s partner B who gets to decide the fate of the losers!”

Luffy looked sadly at his team “So I could lose my crew? With these rules" he shook his head "We can't afford to lose then!"

“Now time for the first 4 to be selected!” the grand minister raised his hand and four orbs of light left his hand, two red and two blue “Now if these lights connect with you…you will be selected!” the four lights floated round slowly like a roulette in midair “Now let’s see who!”

The first red light stopped before falling on Fluttershy of Team 6 who looked sad but she stepped forward “NO!” Sunset growled “Please…Red light connect with me!”

But her luck didn’t hold as the second red light came down on a member of Team 11 “I wonder if it's Izuku” Tien questioned but a girl stepped forward “Or not"

“Team Red has been selected! Fluttershy of Universe 6 and Kyoka Jiro of Universe 11!” the Grand Minister announced proudly and he then watched as the blue lights still hovered above “Now team blue!” The first blue light came down on Universe 10 and the second on Universe 12 “And Team Blue are Yugi Moto of Universe 10 and Gilgamesh of Universe 12!”

Whis’ expression darkened “Oh dear…this maybe a terrible match for us” Whis said as the selected duellists gathered on the duelling field in the centre of the area “Gilgamesh’s reputation isn’t to be underestimated. What I've heard is that he is ruthlessly intelligent” Beerus sat down and Whis sat next to him with Team 7 standing to watch the match “Well we’d better hope dear Fluttershy will be okay”

Sunset looked at Gilgamesh with concern but then his face turned to her “Hello…” he said as he walked over “I hear your team won the last tournament…which one of you is Goku” when Goku stepped closer and offered to shake hands “hmnm I don’t think so…you are beneath me, beneath my contempt and unworthy of my treasure. I just wanted to see who might be my biggest rival but what I see here is an exaggeration and a joke” he turned and walked back to the ring pausing in front of Fluttershy “Weakness like yours disgusts me…you’d do better to remember your place” Fluttershy murmured a reply but Gilgamesh couldn’t hear it “What?”

“I said I’m not weak!” Fluttershy snapped “I maybe not as brave as others or as confident but I’m here for my friends and family! I will win!” she then showed him her eyes unshaken by his scowl "And if you insult my friends again...I'll be sure to stand up for them!"

Jiro turned her head impressed by Fluttershy’s defiance “Wow…you really know how to make a good first impression!” Jiro said as she walked up and shook Fluttershy’s hand “My name is Jiro…your Fluttershy?” the shy girl nodded “I do hope we can get to hand this arrogant jerk his ass!”

Yugi approached and said “So long as you try your best there’s no shame in losing but I can’t afford to lose either” he shook both Fluttershy and Jiro by the hand “Right good luck” The teams took their place and a light shone bright above Yugi “I assume that means I’m first?” when the Grand Minister nodded Yugi drew his opening hand before Atem took over “Okay! Let's begin! Hmm I’ll start by setting two face downs and summoning Alpha the Magnet Warrior in Defence mode!” Alpha appeared on the field spinning and landing looking calm as it raised it's shield “And that’s my turn!”

The next move was Fluttershy’s to take “Um okay…I…um let’s see” she checked her hand, nothing she held was a match for Alpha but it didn’t have to be…she just had to trust her defences could hold “I…I….um I…play two face downs and then summon a monster in defence mode!” the cards appeared on the field and Fluttershy gulped “I end my turn”

Gilgamesh drew one card bored and said “Boring moves like that are pathetic….you are weak! Inferior to me!” Gilgamesh snarled at Fluttershy “Respect is for the strong and you are not!” he looked at his hand “You are so weak…I do not need to play a single card, I end my turn!”

Jiro laughed “Sounds like all talk and no bite! It’s my move! Alright! I play pot of greed, this card allows me to draw two cards. Now hmm yeah this works!” she looked out a monster “I now summon Vorse Raider in attack mode! Then I set a card!” Vorse raider appeared snarling as he readied his weapon “Turn end”

Yugi smiled “You’re certainly confident…but I’m afraid it is simply not enough. I draw! Hmm I’ll sacrifice my Alpha the Magnet Warrior and summon my Summoned Skull!” Alpha disappeared, being replaced by the tall demon monster and Yugi smiled “Now Summoned Skull attack with lightning strike on Vorse Raider!”

“FOOL!” Gilgamesh snapped as lightening crackled around them as Summoned Skull channelled it’s power at Vorse Raider “She has a trap card!”

“She’s not the one you have to worry about!” Fluttershy suddenly declared “I play my trap, it’s one of my favourites…it’s called Redwall Defiance!” suddenly a wall appeared in front of Vorse Raider absorbing the blow “This trap doesn’t only stop your attack but it allows me to take control of the attacking monster!”

“What?” Yugi said admiring the trap with a confident smile “Impressive” as Summoned Skull appeared on Fluttershy’s field "I'll admit...probably underestimated them a little but..."

“That’s not all! I activate my second trap…it’s called Redwall Union Equip! It allows me to sacrifice one monster on our field and equip it to another monster! I sacrifice Summoned Skull and equip it to Vorse Raider!” as soon as she declared it, Summoned Skull disappeared and Vorse Raider yelled in surprise as suddenly it was clad in armour that looked like the fiend “That’s it”

"Risky play" Whis mumbled to himself but then added "However to have a chance Fluttershy and Jiro will have to work closely together so Fluttershy did well"

“I might have underestimated you” Gilgamesh said in a calm voice “In a single turn you’ve taken a powerful monster and used it to reinforce your partner’s monster making Vorse Raider’s attack points an impressive 4400. I don’t mind admitting you may be in fact worthy of my time” Gilgamesh’s face however suddenly became sinister “However I have a card in my hand that’ll change that…it’s called Grail’s Wish!” a golden cup appeared before Gilgamesh and he smirked “To explain this simply, this card allows me to sacrifice an opponent’s monster and summon a monster from my deck with half the attack points! And no it's not cheating that I played it from my hand!” he looked through his deck “ah perfect! I summon Servant Lancer Leonidas in defence mode” the powerful warrior appeared with a raised shield and his defence points were a scary 3000 “Now for his special ability! I can summon any tuner monster from my hand so long as I discard the rest of my hand! I summon the tuner monster Servant Caster Bluebeard”

“Hmm so annoying….You summon me when I have better things to do” Bluebeard said as he appeared “I am not your puppet”

“Silence!” Leonidas snapped

“Is it my turn?” Fluttershy asked

Yugi sighed “Yep”

“Okay my move…I draw” Fluttershy said her hand now didn’t look too promising her best cards were gone, used to give them an advantage but instead had just allowed Gilgamesh to gain an advantage, her face down monster was Redwall Cornflower, a monster’s who special ability wouldn’t be much help and she looked to the monster in her hand “I…don’t know what to do…”

“Fluttershy! Believe in yourself and in your cards you’ll need to believe in them if you’re going to beat Gilgamesh!” Sunset suddenly called out “Please! We believe in you! Believe in yourself!”

“I…Sunset?! Thank you…I may lose but when I have friends like you and Jiro….” Fluttershy said as she turned to Jiro who nodded her support “I’ll go down giving it my all!” she looked at her hand again and spotted a possible winner “I play the spell card! The will of Martin!” a scroll appeared on the field “This powerful spell allows me to sacrifice half my life points…” her life points went from 4000 to 2000, this did cause Fluttershy quite a bit of pain but she gritted her teeth determined and defiant to fight on “To choose a monster from anywhere and summon it! I must also launch an attack as soon as it appears but that’s fine because the monster I pick is…Servant Saber Arturia!” Gilgamesh’s face formed a look of sick rage as Saber appeared on Fluttershy’s field smirking as she did “Thank you”

“How’d you know Arturia was in my deck!?” Gilgamesh bellowed

“I don’t know” Fluttershy said shyly

“I called to you…sweet Fluttershy…I could not bear to serve Gilgamesh and wanted to be your servant” Saber Artuira said kindly turning and hugging Fluttershy who was surprised “Your spirit is strong and brave and I wouldn’t serve anyone else…You are worthy of me. Now use my special ability”

“Yes I use Excalibur Calling! This special ability allows Saber to call another of the Saber class to our field! And I choose the Servant Saber Mordred” Fluttershy yelled as another card flew out of Gilgamesh’s deck only for Saber Arturia to give a look of slight annoyance although small, Fluttershy noticed and asked “What did I do something wrong!?”

“No…I just don’t want to talk to her right now” Saber Arturia admitted as she pitched her nose in a sad shake of her head “But here comes trouble”

“I heard that!” Saber Mordred snapped as she appeared “Hi Dad! Not in a chatting mood are we?!” she looked towards Fluttershy and gave a dismissive shrug "Hey...I don't recall being in this weakling's service"

“Not really” Saber Arturia said as she turned back to Fluttershy and ignored Mordred “But I sense you’re intentions are to use us to summon your strongest monster…do it! I want to see you win!”

“R…Really?!” Fluttershy asked but Mordred glared at her for sounding nervous “I...I…I play my spell card! Polymerization! To Summon the Redwall Fusion monster…Redwall abbey in defence mode! This card can only be summoned by fusing monsters together that had the same attack points and were over 2000!” she looked at the cards of the two sabers as they flew back to Gilgamesh who looked annoyed but also impressed by the high walls of the abbey before him, it had 4500 defence points dwarfing Leonidas.

The zenos looked down from their thrones “Wow! Impressive! So strong, those walls look tough” one zeno said as he tried to look inside the walls.

“Indeed the real walls of Redwall Abbey were built to both protect and welcome friends inside….withstanding siege from rats like Cluny the Scurge or from the Raven Ironbeak” the grand minister said as he rubbed his chin “But it lacks a single attack point so maybe miss Fluttershy is mistaken in its summon”

The second zeno nodded “Well she’s gotta have more to it? Or maybe she hopes those two will be impressed by the walls?”

"Well I'm impressed..strong walls they are" the first zeno said.

Fluttershy had finished looking through her deck and said “Thanks to the Abbey! I can Summon any one Redwall Monster regardless of summoning requirements!” she had found the monster “I choose the Warrior of legend! Redwall Martin the Warrior!” the warrior mouse appeared his attack points set to 2500 “Now I activate Redwall’s second effect! Once I have a face up Redwall monster in attack mode it gains 500 attack points for each level!”

“And Martin is a level 7!?” Yugi correctly stated as the warrior mouse raised his sword high above his head and the air cracked with lighting as his attack points surged to 6000! The players watched on impressed by the warrior mouse’s new found strength “It could crush Leonidas easily or….”

“Miss Fluttershy…” the mouse suddenly said clad in his heavy armour as he turned to look at her “I come with my own special ability…By giving up a card from your hand you can have me attack twice! Please it’d be best if we take out those monsters first!”

“Well I guess…we could do that! Yeah first I start the battle by ordering Martin to attack Leonidas!” Fluttershy yelled in her quiet way as Martin began to charge, Leonidas turned raising his shield blocking the first blow of Martin’s shield but he couldn’t stop Martin bringing his sword down in a clear cutting movement that cut him in half “And now I…”

“We discard a card…” Jiro interrupted turning to Fluttershy “Well I should help….and since I discarded that card my deck finally gets to help! When I discard this card I get to summon it! Behold the power of my music hero deck! I Summon Music Hero Elton John!” suddenly the air was filled with the sound of music of Rocketman as the legendary singer rose in a cloud of steam in a pose as his defence points were registered as 2000 “Hi Mr John?”

Elton John turned with a smile and nodded, this was Elton John at the prime of life and he said simply “Hope you don’t mind if I start singing now…” the song cut out as Elton John brought a microphone to his lips and began to sing.

“What is this tripe!?” Gilgamesh snarled as the song began

“Show some respect!” Jiro yelled “This is one of the greatest Musicians who ever lived! And with his summon his song touching the hearts of Martin and Fluttershy’s defence monster…I get to draw two cards and Martin gains an extra 100 attack for each!” she smiled as Elton nodded at Martin who returned his nod “Now Martin attack, Bluebeard!”

“oh no” Bluebeard sighed as Martin cut him in half too “Ohhh that was good but my special ability activates as I’m destroyed and now Gilgamesh will summon your doom!”

“Indeed I get to summon Servant Berserker Hercules!” Gilgamesh called out as the towering brute rose to the field but weirdly his attack points were registered as 0 “Now you may be wondering where his attack points are? Not to worry his attack points are the combined total of all monster currently on the field!”

“But that would mean…his attack is 6200 from Martin…and 1900 from Mr John” Yugi said slowly “8100!”

“Yay! So many attack points!” Zeno one yelled excited as Zeno two nodded

“It is quite impressive Lords Zenos” The Grand Minister said as he then added “And Mr Muto hasn’t had much of a chance to impress” he then paused “But it may very well be over”

Fluttershy looked sadly to Martin “I’m sorry”

“Not your fault” Martin said sadly “If I had not said my bit…you could have won without me”

“No no no! You did great” Jiro said as she sadly admitted “I just wish I could have done more”

Fluttershy walked up to Jiro who looked sadly downwards but then Fluttershy gave her a small hug “We’re a team…I know we maybe from different worlds but I’m honoured to have met you and played with you side by side!” Jiro nodded as she returned the hug “For better or for worse we gave it our all and that’s all anyone can ask of us”

Watching from their seats, Naruto Uzumaki said “If this tournament has people of that spirit…I can’t wait for my turn!” his team mates laughed, some things never changed and Naruto’s eagerness was one such thing “But that Gilgamesh certainly seems tough”

Monkey D Luffy smiled as Nami turned to him “I know that smile Luffy….what is it?”

“Can you believe how many amazing people are in this!? Those two are just amazing! Those two are about to lose and yet…they’re so free” Luffy said as he stood up “I want up next!”

However not everyone was so happy watching as the imposing monster stood on the field well over 20 feet high “Fluttershy…” Applejack whispered from where she sat “This can’t be happening…what will happen if they do lose!?”

“It all depends on who has the higher lifepoints” Shining Armour admitted as he heard her “I suspect….”

“That Gilgamesh will take out Yugi in the same move he takes out those two” Kaiba said to Joey as they watched, the Universe 10 team was silent as none of them doubted that was a possibility. It was what made sense and he seemed to be the type to do it “I’ve seen that look too often to doubt it”

Joey was silent for a moment and then nodded “It pains me to say it, Rich boy but your right” Joey’s tone was filled with a small hint of sadness “It’s sad too because I feel like I know that Fluttershy girl…she maybe shy but she reminds me of something that just makes my head hurt”

“Doesn’t sound that hard” Kaiba joked but he then saw Joey’s eyes “If Yugi does lose…it’ll be up to us to win this, Joey and I hope you’re not thinking of taking it easy on anyone….HEY! Where are you going?!”

“I’m just gonna see what we’re up against” Joey admitted as he walked away but kept his eyes on the duel “Please Yug don’t let your guard down”

“Enough stalling! Do you end your turn, Miss Fluttershy! Your stalling is annoying!” Gilgamesh snapped as he looked down at his hand “I want to let loose Hercules on you!” as he said this Hercules roared in rage, Martin looked ready to go down fighting but despite how he tightened the grip on his sword, the nerves were clear with the way his body trembled ever so slightly “or do you wish to surrender you pathetic fool!” Fluttershy mumbled her response but no one could hear it “Pardon!?”

“I said….I’m not done! I activate the final effect of Redwall….I’m sorry, Martin, this is the last resort…I activate Walls Crumble! This effect destroys Redwall…and summons fourth one of the monsters used to summon it! Come back Servant Saber Arturia!” there was a bright flash but when it cleared there stood Saber Arturia looking confident “The second part of this effect is that Saber can led her attack points to Martin for one last attack…”

“Allow me” Jiro interrupted discarding a card

“And if Mr John wants to…” Fluttershy added but both Jiro and Elton John nodded “He can led his attack points too!” both monsters led their attack points to Martin as his armour suddenly changed to a bright gold colour “Now on top of that! For Every monster who led him strength he gains 100 attack points for every level involved including his own! So that’s 2200! That should be enough to drop your points to zero!” Gilgamesh shrugged “Martin! Take those points and ATTACK! Final Sword Slash!”

“Charge!” Martin yelled as he charged forward “For the will of Redwalll! For my friends and all those who have fallen! I am that is!” Hercules roared and lunged forward but Martin dodged to the right and when Hercules spun to hit him, Martin jumped into the air and swung his sword cutting Hercules’ head off “I did it!” the head of Hercules landed with a thump at the feet of Yugi who was surprised but impressed.

“Hmm amusing little mouse but someone needs to revise the 12 trials of Hercules” Gilgamesh said calmly as the body of Hercules hadn’t fallen “To defeat Hercules you must defeat him 13 times….and till that’s done my life points….will only be cut in half each time” he grunted as his lifepoints fell to 2000 but despite the pain, his grin only grew “and I have the redwall cards in my treasure….I know that attack costs you dearly!”

“What are you talking about…” Yugi began but Martin suddenly fell to one knee as his armour disappeared exposing the mouse underneath “What the?!” the mouse looked old, his whiskers grey for many battles but it was in his eyes where the pain seemed the most noticeable, Martin the Warrior looked more like Martin the broken and his sword fell to the ground.

“He’s right…that attack is a last resort….once it’s used my points fall to their base value…” Martin wheezed as he held his chest “Fluttershy forgive me….”

Fluttershy let a single tear trickle down her face “There’s nothing to forgive, Martin….I felt the same way when I read about Rose…but please we’re a team! Goodbye”

“Now Hercules rip that mouse in two!” Gilgamesh ordered


“Elton John!!” Jiro called out as he jumped in front of Martin who looked up shocked as a part of Elton's clothes fell onto him “I didn’t order this!”

“But you were going to!” Mr John said as he smiled back “I activate my special ability! This allows me to sacrifice myself and take your monster with me! Hope you don't mind the trip!” he disappeared a moment later and Jiro fell to her knees but it was all for not. It had worked…till Gilgamesh began to cackle.

“What’s so funny!?” Yugi hissed in disgust

“Hercules maybe gone but your efforts have just unlocked a more powerful monster…I give up all but 1 of my lifepoints to summon fourth…myself!” Gilgamesh yelled as a second version of him appeared on the field, his attack points came in at 2000 but Gilgamesh grunted “My special ability allows me to summon the four most powerful monsters from my deck!”

“So what!?” Jiro challenged “We have you beaten can’t you see! All we have to do is get to my turn then I can summon my favourite of the Musical Hero monsters!” she held up a single card "All we need do is summon this and...." she looked at Fluttershy with a knowing look.

“And with my defence monster will…” Fluttershy began but then four monsters appeared on the field.

“Impossible! Where’d you get those!?” Yugi snapped as slifer the sky dragon, obelisk the tormentor, winged Dragon of Ra and a woman appeared on the field “The Egyptian god cards!”

“Oh them? Those are just the icing on the cake to the fourth, may I present Servant Ruler Joan!” Gilgamesh said as Joan stepped forward looking a little sad “I’ll activate her special ability now! This effect allows me to force all cards on the field apart from one to the hand” he smirked “Including my partner’s…” all Gilgamesh’s monsters returned to his hand, Yugi’s cards returned as did Fluttershy’s but weirdly Slifer remained on the field who’s attack was registered as zero “Oh yes I forgot to explain….when summoned in this way…the monster’s effects are negated for a turn”

“Which means…when Fluttershy ends her turn” Yugi began “Slifer’s attack will jump to…7000!” The dragon hissed looking down at Fluttershy practically daring the timid girl to end her turn. Fluttershy looked up into the monster's face and felt her heart quake in fear for what would happen but as the second ticked down so did her options. Her hand had her cards back but there was precious little she could do with them especially when facing a monster who's attack points were ready to end this on the next turn!

“But if she ends her turn…there’ll be no way to stop Slifer from attacking” Sunset Shimmer whispered in a horrified tone as Team seven knew Fluttershy's fate was all but sealed at this point. Tien walked over and placed his hand on Sunset's shoulder in a supportive manner.

“I don’t understand! What will happen if....when she takes an attack from that thing!?” Rainbow Dash screamed distressed by the mere sight of Slifer "I mean how is that card even legal! It's like cheating!"

Joey suddenly approached and said in a sad voice “It’s likely she won’t survive the blow…I took an attack from Ra once and...” he shook his head “Just curious though and wanted to ask why is your team so invested with this duel given no one from your team is in it?”

Sunset and Rainbow looked uncomfortably to Twilight who explained simply “Well Fluttershy and her friends are friends of ours” she hoped that would be enough but then a member from the Naruto team approached and Twilight gulped “You don’t seem impressed by my answer?”

“Sorry no I’m not because I feel there’s more to it. Name’s Shikamaru” the man said as he looked at Twilight closely and then met her eyes “Regardless of your motives to tell half-truths tell me all I need to know….I know I’ll be meeting you later in the competition. And when I win…I hope you’ll permit me to know why there are two of you?” he pointed to Sci Twilight who looked uncomfortably away.

Joey snarled “That’s your biggest question?” Shikamaru glared at Joey who returned the glare “This tournament has so many questions as it is…that one isn’t in the top 10!”

“Hmm so which question is the number 1?” Shikamaru asked as he watched Joey who pointed to Twilight and then all around in a big circle “What?!”

Joey then pointed to Gilgamesh who noticed but smirked confidently at Joey who said “The question is what are the motives of all those taking part…because no matter how much I watch that guy...those eyes he has make me ask, what’s he in this tournament for?” Shikamaru shrugged admittedly that was a fair question “And in my team…Bakura”

“awwww something wrong Wheeler?” came a dark voice as Bakura approached looking sinister as he smirked “Or is it just simple fear?! You know what I’m capable of and…” he spotted Sunset and stepped closer “And the shadows want to consume some of you more than others” he raised a hand to Sunset but Tien stepped between the two “Hmm?”

“I would advise you leave my friends alone” Tien snarled as the other z fighters gathered round in a protective manner.

Bakura shrugged “Well regardless of who I face…I’ll be sure to send you all to the sha…” suddenly a sword’s tip stopped him from speaking by being drawn a mere inch from his face turning to see the swordsman of the Strawhat pirates.

“Not a very friendly tone is it?” Zorro said as he was far from alone, next to him was Nico Robin looking equally unimpressed by Bakura “Now I suggest you leave them be” Bakura walked away as suddenly Slifer roared “Looks like that woman has ended her turn”

“That woman is my friend!” Rainbow dash snapped grabbing Zoro by the front of his clothes, her eyes filled with tears, Zoro simply let her and nodded with a kind smile on his face "What's that smile about!?"

“Forgive him…Zorro meant no disrespect” Robin said in a friendly tone as she gently hugged Rainbow in a supportive manner, rubbing her back gently and generally showing Rainbow a level of support that Robin usually reserved for her crew mates “We’re simply seeing who’s who in this little tournament and also so we can see if we can…make some friends”

Joey said cautiously “That’s friendly of you”

However Zorro was right, Fluttershy had ended her turn and in so doing sealed her fate, Gilgamesh drew a single card and Slifer’s attack rose to 8000 as it’s effect returned “I’ll admit I have but one turn…one turn to end this otherwise Slifer will go to my grave but in this turn all my opponents in this duel shall fall” he took a card from his hand “I’ll start with this! Reload! This spell allows me to shuffle the cards in my hand back to my deck!”

“But why?” Jiro asked “You could wipe out Fluttershy or me…”

“But that’s the thing…I don’t just want to destroy you two” Gilgamesh said calmly and then yelled “Slifer! I command you attack…Yugi!”

“WHAT?!” Joey yelled in alarm “YUGI!” Krillin grabbed Joey “Let me go! If he takes an attack from Slifer he’ll be…”

“I know” Krillin said as Slifer turned towards Yugi it’s mouth opened wide and Yugi pulled off his duel disc turning towards Joey giving him a sad smile causing Joey to struggle all the more. Slifer’s attack began to power up filling with a fearsome orb of power “I’m sorry” Krillin whispered

Suddenly Fluttershy ran forward and pushed Yugi out the way “Fluttershy!” her friends screamed in horror as the attack fired, the full force hit Fluttershy, she disappeared in the stream of destruction and above them the Zenos clapped at the entertaining show of Slifer the Sky Dragon. Finally the attack stopped, everyone had to stop the Equestria girls and Twilight from running to their friend in case Slifer wasn't finished.

“Hmm annoying” Gilgamesh said as Fluttershy’s points hit zero “Since I won! I get to decide her fate!”

“NO!” Rainbow dash screamed as Gilgamesh approached the injured Fluttershy and flipped her over with his foot “Leave her alone!” she tried to pull free but Robin kept a tight hold on her despite Rainbow's frantic attempts.

“Hmm annoying but worthy…I sense a great power within…worth keeping. My request for the loser is for her to become my slave!” Gilgamesh yelled as he looked back at her, a single small bird that had been teleported by mistake by Whis flew over and tried to protect Fluttershy but Gilgamesh found the answer he was looking for with this small action “I can see her being of use and besides she’ll make a fine trophy”

“A trophy!” Yugi yelled in disgust as Jiro also looked furious “Is that all we are to you!? In that case since your attack is through I'll team up with Jiro to finish you!”

Gilgamesh shook his head “Those who proof themselves worthy of my time are worth keeping but you Pharaoh have proven not to be…Now I play this! The spell Fated Choice! This powerful spell allows me to take one monster I control and either dish out their attack points as damage to every player or add them to my lifepoints” Yugi and Jiro braced themselves “And I pick the first option! After I activate Ring of Defence! So both of you are taking 5000 life points of damage! This means…Game over” Yugi and Jiro both fell to their knees as their points hit zero and the shock wave from the spell forced them back causing serious injuries to both “Now to claim my prizes…you three will be…”

“Joey!” Yugi screamed as Joey ran up “Joey take my deck!” Joey grabbed up the cards before turning to run but one card slipped from his grip “No! Joey! Stop!”

“My servants!” Gilgamesh finished before adding “Nice try Pharaoh…now let’s see what clumsy mistake your friend Joey made” he picked it up and his smirk only grew “Oh! How Ironic! It’s none other than your fabled Dark magician?” Joey looked to the deck he was holding and his expression grew more desperate but Goku ran up holding him back “Good call…now hear this! All of you will be my slaves! Weather your Muscle bound apes or slender celestial guardians!”

“What!?” Sailor Moon yelled in disgust "Bad enough what he's done to those three...I'll never serve him"

“As if” Ichigo Kurosaki said in equal disgust

Vegeta glared at Gilgamesh and then said “Hope he isn’t a betting man”

Joey looked sadly to Yugi as Yugi disappeared into a golden portal and the UA students equally watched as Jiro disappeared into the same portal but when it was Fluttershy’s turn her friends from Universes charged forward forming a circle and even the Z fighters, Zorro and Nico charged forward to help “Out of the way or you’ll all be disqualified” the Grand Minister warned “The rules of the tournament are absolute! I suggest you move”

“We won’t let him take our friend!” Twilight snapped in disgust as she raised her hands but then Beerus and Whis approached “Mr Whis!?”

“I’m sorry Twilight but our team has no part in this” Whis said as he then added “Now please move”

“We won’t!” 18 said firmly “This girl gave it her all! She is worthy of respect”

“This is your final warning” the grand minister said evenly “If you don’t surrender her to meet with Gilgamesh’s decision…you will be removed” he held his hand up and Team 7 knew they had no choice as they all made the bitter decision they had to.

“I’m sorry Fluttershy” Sunset said as the Universe 7 team moved with the z fighters pulling Rainbow, Sunset and Twilight back to their team seats. Team 6 were removed by Caulifla and Hit, Zorro and Robin seeing no further point in staying moved off “Evil…evil….man” Sunset whimpered watching as Fluttershy disappeared into the portal “I swear I’ll get Fluttershy back…no matter what it takes”

“Get in line” Joey said as he walked over sadly “I want to get Yug back! Now but I promise no matter if it's you or me who takes him down...I'll get Fluttershy back too!”

The Grand Minister coughed “Now that duel is finished it’s time for the next round….” The lights appeared overhead and this time the first red one shot over to Universe 2 and the second red light landed on Universe 5 “Shikamaru Nara of Universe 5 and Ami Mizuno of Universe 2 have been selected for Team Red! Now team blue…” the first blue light landed this time on Universe 7 and then the second blue light fell on Team 5 again “Weird I thought I…oh well, Naruto Uzumaki of Universe 5 and Sunset Shimmer of Universe 7 are selected for Team Blue!”

Naruto was over to Sunset barely a second later and smiled offering his hand “Hey! My Name is Naruto”

Sunset smiled and shook Naruto’s hand “My name is Sunset Shimmer but please just call me Sunset”

Naruto blushed and said “Yeah just saying this…but I’m sorry about your friend?” Sunset nodded “Right…my friends and I were…impressed” Naruto admitted “I hope your good because uhhh we may be doomed…What?”

“You’re not filling us with confidence” Master Roshi said sadly

“It’s just that Shikamaru is like really smart! And I’m not called the Knuckle headed ninja for nothing” Naruto laughed nervously as Sunset looked at Rainbow for some support but Rainbow's reaction was what Sunset's was.

“Do you want a white flag now or later?” Rainbow Dash deadpanned.

Author's Note:

Right so that's the first duel done and dusted, it was a tough one. First to the Musical Hero cards, I do not mean any disrespect towards Sir Elton John or to who I originally had in mind to fill that role, it's meant more as a loving tribute to the singers I have a great deal of respect for and I just wanted to say they're awesome in my own way(Maybe should have send some fanmail, joking).

Second some duels will be determined already but remember if you want to suggest events like who you want to see paired up to duel and even the winners of those duels...let me know! This story is a very big project but I like to think the story can be adapted to have more ideas added to it.

Third and most important, the team roasters are NOT all filled. I'm using a table to fill in teams but Universe 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 11 and 12 are not all accounted for so please say who you think should be in their teams especially Universe 1.

Hope you all have a lovely day!