• Published 1st May 2020
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Tournament of Duelling Fun! - Garfield23

Lord Zeno is bored till someone introduces them to Yugioh cards, its a disaster waiting to happen and one all 12 universes will pay for. And tucked away in the sixth will draw in Canterlot High into a conflict of truly cosmic Levels

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Chapter 7- One more card

“I can’t believe this is happening!” Sakura said as she watched the duellists preparing to duel, the Universe 5 team was in shock, they assumed that this couldn’t happen, the chances had to be ridiculously out of it for this match to ever happen but Sakura turned to Sai and asked “What are the chances of this happening?!”

Sai just shrugged as he looked on as the four drew their opening hands and then mused “Well look at this way, Sakura…at least we’ll have one person through to the second round even if Naruto loses so badly that he….” WAM! Sakura punched Sai into a nearby wall “I guess I misspoke” Sai mumbled in a little bit of pain.

“Regardless….this match is over…Shikamaru is a genius at this game” Neji Hyuga said as he crossed his arms in front of himself “Naruto maybe a great ninja but duelist…”

“Yeah he’s not so bright…I mean Shikamaru just has this in the bag!” Choji said as he opened a bag of crisps and began to snack on them “I mean what chance does Naruto realistically stand?”

Hinata rose to her feet before giving a small shake of her head and said “Well yes but Naruto isn’t fighting alone that girl from the Universe 7 team is duelling at his side and maybe Naruto and Shikamaru will go through to the next round....”

“Oh give me a break Hinata” Kiba said as he stroked Akamaru who groaned happily “You saw what happened in the last duel? That girl will probably try to turn on that knuckle head! And will likely succeed!” he stood up and added “Besides that other girl, Ami is also in this duel and she could pose a threat to both our guys”

“Yeah we don’t know much about this Ami girl” Sakura agreed as she rubbed her chin “But she is up first…and seems to be taking her time?”

Ami was indeed taking her time considering her opening move slowly as she looked at the cards one by one and then said “Right…I’m going to open with this! I play a monster in face down defence” she then picked a second card “And play this face down”

“Right my move!” Naruto said happily as he drew a card “Okay! I play…uhhhh”

“Does he know what he’s doing?!” Sakura said in shock

“uhhh I play Battle Ox in attack mode! And then I play the spell card, Heart of the Underdog!” Naruto declared as his Battle Ox appeared on the field raising its axe and the spell appeared behind him “And to end my turn I play a card face down!”

“Wait I remember Naruto’s deck…” Sai said as he dusted himself down “The deck is mostly normal monsters and equip spells but one card in there is dangerous”

“It’s my turn” Shikamaru said as he drew a card “Right…” he also took his time as he looked at Naruto’s ox and smiled “You know Naruto I was hoping we’d get to duel but not this early…I play the spell, Card destruction. This means we all discard our hands and then draw the same number of cards” all four did as they were supposed to “Now I play two cards face down and end my turn”

Sunset looked to her deck and sniffed “Fluttershy this is for you” she drew a card and smiled “Thank you…I play a spell Black Luster Ritual!” she raised the card above her head and then added “In order to invoke the power of this card I must sacrifice monsters from my hand that equal level 8! And I have one! I sacrifice from my hand this card! Blue Eyes White dragon!” Kaiba from the side lines was shocked but then he realised since Sunset was from a different dimension, she could gain access to it and he smiled eyeing her up “The offering has been accepted! I summon Black Luster Soldier” the ritual monster surged forward from the ritual and raised its sword high “Fair warning this is merely the first of many ritual monsters my deck has to offer!”

Shikamaru smiled “And here I thought Naruto was the real threat…but you’ve made a mistake summoning your most powerful ritual monster…unless this really is opening move of a much more fearsome deck?”

“You’re smarter than I thought” Sunset said and smiled “As it happens this isn’t my only deck but I will use it to crush you!” she pointed to Gilgamesh who smirked as he sat with his team “You all seem nice but I have to get Fluttershy back!”

Ami nodded “Friendship like that is worthy of respect but I can’t afford to lose”

Sunset simply chose a card from her hand “I’ll end my turn with a facedown”

Ami drew a card and shrugged “Shame…I wanted to see that monster attack but….I flip my Cyber Jar!” she flipped the card revealing the destructive jar which blasted both Battle Ox and Black Luster Soldier“Now we each get to draw five cards and if there are any level four or below monsters we have to summon them” the four drew “I play Beta the Magnet Warrior, Gamma the Magnet Warrior and Alpha the Magnet Warrior!”

“All three!?” Sunset said as she drew but her result wasn’t pleasing “I play Masked Dragon in defence mode”

Naruto drew and smiled “I play all five monsters! Blackland Fire dragon, Giant soldier of stone, Gil Garth, Axe Raider and Alexandrite Dragon, with the first two in defence mode!” all five of Naruto’s monsters appeared “Thanks for the favour!”

Shikamaru shook his head as he said “I didn’t get any”

Ami smiled as she then said “I’m sorry Naruto but I think you’ve made a mistake…” Naruto looked at his five monsters and shrugged “Well my three monsters can combine into a stronger force. In the monster card, Valkyrion the magna warrior!” the three magnet monsters broke apart and the powerful Valkyrion appeared raising it’s sword “and remember I still have my attack! Valkyrion attack Gil Garth!”

“I don’t think so!” Sunset declared “I activate my trap Attack Guidance armour! And equip it to my Masked Dragon!” the armour appeared on the unlucky dragon and Valkyrion was guided to attack it, the dragon braced itself as Valkyrion took it’s head off “Thanks to that I get to summon a dragon from anywhere in my deck! So I pick Decoy Dragon!”

Ami smiled “That was a good move…I end my turn”

“I’m up!” Naruto said as he drew and smiled “Alright! Check it out! I drew a normal monster!” he showed the card exposing a Gaia the Fierce Knight and then drew again “Hmm Not what I wanted but it’ll do…check it out!” he played the spell he’d just drawn “It’s the ritual card…see Sunset you’re not the only one…curse of the masked beast! And I’ll offer up Gil Garth and Blackland Fire Dragon….to summon fourth The Masked Beast!”

“Impressive but it’s nowhere near strong enough to take on Valkyrion, Naruto” Shikamaru said but then noticed Naruto holding up another card “Oh no”

“You remembered? I play the equip spell Mage Power!” Naruto declared as he equipped it to his Alexandrite Dragon “And I play another card face down…so that means my Alexandrite Dragon has…4000 attack points! Now my mighty dragon attack! Diamond Storm Blast!” the dragon reared up and fired it’s attack.

“Not so fast! I play a spell! It’s called Shrink!” Ami declared but then Naruto hit a button on his duel disc “Oh no!”

“Oh yes! I play my trap, Mystical Refpanel!” Naruto declared and added “With it I’ll use your spell to target Valkyrion…dropping his attack points to 1750!”

“Nice card, Naruto but now I play my trap! The Mirror Wall! And my second trap Dust Tornado! To wipe out your mage power!” Shikamaru said as he then added “Making your monster’s attack points a mere 1000!” Alexandrite dragon smashed into the mirror wall and it’s points indeed dropped to 1000

“Now Valkyrion counter sword slash attack!” Ami ordered as her monster cut Alexandrite dragon in two and Naruto’s points dropped to 3250 “Phew that was close thanks Shikamaru!”

“No problem” Shikamaru said giving her the thumbs up.

“Oh yeah…well I still have my masked beast at…” Naruto began but noticed Sunset shaking her head “What!?”

“I have that trap in my deck! Mirror Wall is continuous; if you order Masked Beast to attack it’ll only be destroyed!” Sunset warned as Ami nodded

“Smart girl” Shikamaru said as he smiled at Sunset “She’s correct…Naruto. It gives me no pleasure but Ami and I will have to defeat you”

Naruto smiled “That’s the thing Shikamaru I am not going to lose! Sunset and I have two kickass decks plus this duel is just too good to stop! Even if we’re all rivals…I love this sense of competition” both Ami and Sunset did nod in agreement “Already I can see Sunset and Ami are worth respecting…” he turned to Sunset “You don’t mind if I call you a friend?”

Sunset smiled “I’d be insulted if we weren’t” Sunset said as she gave him the thumbs up “But I’m sorry Shikamaru…I need to get through as I’ve said before…Fluttershy needs me to save her!”

Ami shrugged “If we win Sunset and face Gilgamesh later…I promise we’ll see your friends freed! That’s a promise from Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts as a whole!”

“Well if it’s okay it’s still my move” Naruto said as he sighed “No choice, I end my turn”

“Sorry to say this maybe the last move…” Shikamaru said as he drew “Hmm or not but I do take 2000 life point damage from having Mirror wall in play. I play one card face down and then play the spells Mass Driver and Wave Motion Canon!” the two canons appeared on the field and Shikamaru smiled “I then play Cost down! Using this card allows me to reduce the level of a monster by 2 and all it costs me is a card from my hand!” he discarded “And Now I summon Shadow Ghoul in attack mode!” the zombie monster rose on the field and it’s attack read 1600 “May look harmless but for every monster in my grave it gains 100 attack points! And after discarding so many cards…it’s attack stands at 2200!”

“So that’s why you discarded our hands! You had nothing but monsters?!” Naruto said in surprise Shikamaru nodded “That’s rare for you”

“Hmm well at any rate I play one card facedown and end my turn!” Shikamaru said as he stared at Sunset “Your move?”

“And I’ll make it count!” Sunset said as she drew “In a big way! I play this…” She smiled at the card remembering it was Fluttershy who gave it to her “I play Martin’s return! This spell allows me to summon any monster who went to the grave without battling! So return to the field Black Luster Soldier!” the warrior returned and showed his sword “But I’m not done! Thanks to Martin! My Soldier gains a special ability! For his first attack, traps played against him will be destroyed and that includes continuous traps already in play!”

“Meaning the mirror wall is little more than tissue paper?!” Shikamaru said as he rubbed his chin “Impressive card but why is it in your deck?”

Sunset sniffed as she saw Martin’s spirit standing beside her Soldier “You know why! Now I play another spell! Magnum Shield! This card will add Black Luster Soldier's defence points to his attack points! Giving him 5500 attack points! So even if you could stop it….you won’t”

“Allow me to help!” Naruto added “I activate the trap metalmorph! Meaning that when Black Luster Soldier attacks it’ll gain half of the attack points of whatever it attacks!”

“Meaning it’s only logical for Sunset to attack me” Ami said as she turned to Universe 2 who were shocked by what seemed to be happening “I’m sorry girls…couldn’t pull it off” she turned back to Sunset “If you attack, Sunset with your monsters…it’ll be over. 7250 hitting my monster will take off 3750 and then Decoy Dragon can take the rest”

“My mirror wall will…” Shikamaru countered but was left unsure what he could do “If I play my second trap…it’ll be destroyed…”

“It’s okay, Shikamaru” Ami said happily as she turned to face Sunset “Please just order the attack….you need to win this don’t you? If you attack Shikamaru…he could have a quick play spell that could weaken the blow…I’m the only logical target!”

“I…I…can’t…” Sunset whispered as she thought about what happened at the end of the last duel carefully but then Ami nodded as Sunset nodded in return “Okay! Black Luster Soldier attack Valkyrion!” Black Luster Soldier charged forward as he did Mirror wall appeared in front of him but the spirit of Martin smashed it “Chaos slash!” Valkyrion braced itself for the blow, raising it’s sword as Black Luster Soldier swung his shield disarming the magnet warrior and then thrust his sword through the chest of the magnetic warrior “I’m sorry, Ami”

“It’s okay…” Ami began but then the shockwave from the battle hit her winding her as she fell to one knee “You did it…”

“Decoy Dragon attack” Sunset ordered “Gently!” she ordered, the small dragon hovered over and slapped Ami across the face “That was still a little rough” Ami’s points dropped to zero “I end my turn”

“It’s my move” Naruto said drawing a card “With Shikamaru’s mirror wall gone…I’m free to attack…Masked Beast Attack Shadow Ghoul…”

“Naruto wait!” Sunset warned but too late masked beast was already attacking it’s staff in front of it and Shadow Ghoul bracing itself “NOOO!”

“I activate the trap Magic Cylinder! Watch Naruto as your attack goes in one pipe and comes out the other aimed right at you!” Shikamaru explained as exactly that happened “Now is that all you got?!”

“Y…Yeah” Naruto hissed as his points dropped to 50 points and he held his stomach in pain “Sunset looks like I may be about to go out. I’m sorry but I end my turn”

Shikamaru drew a card sadly and his wave motion canon gained a counter “It’s such a drag doing this, Naruto but I…activate…my wave motion canon….fire” the canon let loose a shot and this hit Naruto dropping his points to zero “Now for you, Sunset…I play…”

“I don’t think so” the grand Minister said as he floated down in the centre of the duelling area “You remember I said it was the first two duellist to hit zero who’d be out…well Ami and Naruto’s points are zero. Last duel both Jiro and Yugi’s lifepoints hit zero at the same moment and Miss Fluttershy’s had already hit zero but Sunset is the winner of this game since her lifepoints are 4000 and your points are 2000, Shikamaru…”

“Does that mean I’m out?” Shikamaru asked

“No simply both Naruto and Ami’s fates are in Sunset’s hands. Sunset can demand they switch teams in an advisory role, she can enslave them, kill them or just demand their decks” the Grand Minister said in his usual matter of fact tone “So Sunset…what will it be?”

“I’ll accept their defeat with the two forfeiting a single card of their choice to both Shikamaru and myself” Sunset said assuming she had to ask for something.

“You know you don’t have to demand anything” the Grand Minister said calmly

“Oh in that case! A simple hand shake is all I ask” Sunset said kindly Ami and Naruto were healed by the Grand Minister and the two rose to shake Sunset’s hand “Thanks for your help Naruto”

“Yeah well you owe me remember” Naruto joked “Hey take this…it’s not my favourite card but it’s proven helpful in the past…here” he handed her a simple spell card “It’s my heart of the underdog spare…it could be helpful”

Ami smiled as she walked up “Yeah here…take this from me, I didn’t get to play it but it’s my favourite monster and here are the cards needed to summon it. Water Dragon…could I get those back at the end?” Ami joked but Sunset nodded “Huh?!”

“I promise I’ll get these cards back to both of you when this tournament ends” Sunset said as she hugged Ami “Thank you…If it weren’t for your say so…I don’t know if I could have…”

“Don’t worry about it…You didn’t want to hurt me…and I appreciate that” Ami said kindly “You’d make one heck of a sailor scout”

“Just about to say she has brains of a ninja!” Naruto joked

“If that were true you wouldn’t be a ninja, Naruto” Shikamaru joked as he walked up and shook Sunset’s hand “Thanks…you gave me quite a challenging match but if the Grand Minister hadn’t stopped me…I would have ended the duel…so I hope we’ll get a rematch…because I promise Miss Shimmer…next time I’ll put you away in a turn”

Sunset smiled “I’d like to see you try” Shikamaru smiled and walked away with Naruto

“I think he likes you” Ami joked as she gave Sunset another hug “Sailor Moon will be eager to duel someone from your team now…I hope your team is strong”

“oh is she better than you?” Sunset asked

“Hmm not sure but her deck is a reflection of who she is kind but strong” Ami mused as she turned towards Universe 2 “hey good luck…if we get time later I’d love to chat” Sunset couldn’t help but look on as Ami walked away till the Grand Minister coughed.

“Oh sorry” Sunset said as she headed for Universe 7 “Hey guys…What?!”

“You certainly brought honour to our team” Tien offered kindly

Beerus shrugged “A bit too close for my taste and maybe you should have taken one to recommend us on how to deal with their team mates in future duels” he said but Whis glanced disapprovingly at Beerus who looked a bit sheepish “Okay! Okay! Well done, Sunrise Shimset”

“Sunset Shimmer” Whis corrected

The Grand Minister coughed loudly “Time to select the next 4 duellists to play in this tournament! First the red team!” the red light shot up in the sky and hovered round but finally one light came down on Universe 1 and Universe 3 “Duellists selected are Tony Stark and Lucy Heartfilia!” the universe’s reps stepped out, the Grand Minister Coughed again “Now for the Blue team!” the lights shot up and this time they came down on Universe 4 and Universe 8 “From Universe 4, Izzy Izumi and from Universe 8…Brook?”

“Yohohoho…is it really my turn! Oh joy!” Brook said as he walked forward “Mind if I give everyone’s ears a little joy from my music?” Brook asked the Grand Minister who looked confused and turned to the Zenos who nodded eagerly “Right….”

“With all due respect…I’m here to win…not to hear an impossibility” Tony Stark said as he readied his duel disc “You’re a skeleton…your vocal cords should have decayed long ago”

“Oh they did and it hurt terribly…or rather it would have hurt too had my pain cells not decayed too before that” Brook joked “Yohohoho Now what sort song are you all in the mood for?”

Izzy however was still standing by the god of Destruction “Remember, kid you take out everyone in this game…no excuses or else your little digital pet gets blown to bits” Quitela whispered into Izzy’s ear who sadly nodded “Good boy…now go and get me a win”

Beerus watched Quitela frowning “Little creep…bet those kids are going to be hard to play against or with…since Quitela probably has their arms twisted behind their backs” Whis nodded “If there’s one thing Quitela is…it’s underhanded”

“Indeed, my lord but he’s not breaking any rules…so it’ll be hard to proof one way or another” Whis said as he scratched his nose “But this duel should prove interesting”

Roshi smiled “Yeah…interesting” he said as he looked at Lucy “Hmm owwwwww!” Rainbow dash stomped on his foot “OI! Was that really necessary!?””

“Yes” Rainbow dash said dryly.

Author's Note:

Well that was rather okay. I have to admit I'm not entirely happy with how quick the duel was but I'm hoping the fact Sunset was the winner was pleasing given Fluttershy's loss. I do want match suggestions so please remember if you want to see a certain match do suggest it.

Now for some housekeeping concerning the made up cards, most of the cards that'll be made up were shows/movies/books that couldn't be fitted into the story and I wanted to include so whilst it may seem lazy, I want this to be more fun than anything else and it's not suppose to be modern Yugioh tactics or anything. I have seen Zexal and Arc V but don't generally like them. I like ARC V's story but duelling is a bit silly. So there maybe Pendulum and XYZ monsters later on but don't count on it.

Hope you have a lovely day and I hope the duel was entertaining.