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Welcome to the Worx, we're here to serve the finest equine buggery in all the world.

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Nice twist, but I am interested in your OC now, was she in the "business" like the two bumbling thugs or was she just a really tall/big pony?

Perhaps.more on her in the future?

I'm glad you're interested ^.^ though Ditches actually isn't my OC, she belongs to Fenix Dust. Fenix also did that sweet cover art, you can find his stuff here: https://derpibooru.org/profiles/Fenix%2BDust

Though I did enjoy writing her and I'd like to do more, Fenix has a great history about her and her organization that I'd love to cover at some stage.

I had no idea the jester that was Onyx was a dang capable writer... You learn new things everyday it seems. :rainbowlaugh:

You accomplish a decent amount of character development in a very short wird count, your description and details where well done, and your perspective writing skill was impressive. I do hope to find some free time to read your other two creations.


Birdie you came! Hah, how wonderful! I may be a jester with no moral compass and an insatiable thirst for the base, the primal and the obscure, but I pride myself on at least having the capacity to appear decent before others. What better way than through the civilized art of literature?

Thank you for your kind words, I do hope you find my other works to be impressive, entertaining and utterly lewd. I'll strive to improve and truly earn the praise of so fine a fellow.

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