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Power Rangers Harmony Force - Adamverse

A team of Power Rangers from Earth come to Equestria to meet with their friends; the Mane 6. But evil is returning to this land, so the humans must execpt new powers to protect this world.

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The End: part 2

The rangers rushed Celestia to Canterlot, Luna and Twilight were waiting for her there; they were worried sick after they heard what happened.

Discord carried her through the doors to her bed chamber, he laid her on her bed and pulled the covers over her body. Luna went to her sister’s side, praying she’ll be alright. “Is she okay?” Twilight suddenly asked.

Discord clenched her hoof and tried to wake her up, “I don’t know, Twilight; I don’t know.”

Rory was at the back of the group, he was angrier at his team and himself than ever; they had finally been defeated after a whole year of fighting the darkness. “I don’t believe this, the one thing we think we can do and we fail.” He stated.

Kian replied, “Will you calm down, you sound like a second grader, man.”

Rory turned to the Green Ranger and said, “Well I’m sorry, I’m not the one that got shot down by candy.”

“Rory, stop it.” Wiktoria interjected. “Kian’s right, you’re acting like a child.”

The Red Ranger then storms off, leaving the other to try and help Celestia; Adam knew what he had to do, so he went after his friend.

Rory stood on the balcony of the castle, he looked over this small planet; what was he doing here, a planet they found by accident three years ago and suddenly he’s a sworn protector of a planet of intelligent horses.

“You don’t like it here, do you?”

The Red Ranger turned to see the Yellow Ranger standing in the doorway, Adam then started looking at Canterlot; this world was small, but it was so much more. “What do you have against this world?”

Rory sighed, “Aliens, were fighting to protect aliens; only because their too peaceful to fight for themselves.”

“Rory, that’s not fair, you know they wouldn’t last an hour on their own; if we didn’t help them, their world would already be in the hands of evil.” Adam explained. Rory, however still had his doubts about what his friend is saying.

“I just don’t understand what a conflict between good and evil on a world we don’t live on, has to do with us. Highly trained officers of planet Earth, protectors of our home planet; not some little girl’s imagination land.” He then gestured to Equestria.

“Careful, Rory careful. Otherwise I’m going to take you over to that balcony and see if the Pegasi have changed the laws of gravity.” Adam threatened; he rarely did that to his friends, so this was serious.

“How do you expect me to feel? We had the whole universe to choose from when we crashed our ship that day; we could have landed on Skaro and be destroyed by the Daleks, or Naboo and have a week’s holiday. Oh no, not you, you decided to go to wonderland.”

Adam suddenly lost it, he tackle Rory and wrestled him to the ground, the Red Ranger fought back by trying to push him off.

Rose walked over and saw the two of them fighting, she panicked and used her magic to split them apart. When Rory got up, he’d had enough.

“That’s it, I quit.” He pulled his morpher out of his pocket and threw it to Rose’s feet. “Find yourself another Red Rangers, I’m done protecting fairy land; I’m done.” The former Red Ranger then stormed out of the castle.

Before he left completely, he used his communicator to send a message to Earth, “Send a Space Bridge, I’m coming home.”

Night had fallen on Equestria, and down in the underworld, things were not looking so go.

“Idiots!” The Master shouted.

Candy Cane, Zombie Boss and Switch all turned to their master that had just entered the room; Jack began charging an energy blast in his hand. “You villains are worthless, you let the rangers get away.”

Switch stepped forward, “Master, we didn’t let them escape; if my memory serves me correctly, it was you who told us to retreat.”

Jack didn’t like the sound of that, Switch backed away as the energy in Jack’s hand grew bigger. “However, I could be wron…”

Before he could finished, Jack released the energy blast; it struck Switch and turned him to ash. The Master stepped closer to Zombie Boss and Candy Cane, the zombie was hiding behind the candy man; “I trust you two aren’t going to make me cross.” Jack said.

The two villains nodded their heads, out of fear for their lives.

Chrysalis then walked in, Jack noticed her and sighed, “Ah, my Queen of the Changelings; I hope you have my army ready.”

“Of course, my master.” She then bowed to him. “And our agreement is set? When you take control of Equestria, Discord and my traitorous son are mine to destroy.”

Suddenly, Jack started laughing, like had been exposed to laughing gas. “Foolish bug, I not taking over Equestria; I’m destroying it.”


The Master explained, “I am destroying this miserable mud ball, and once it’s gone; I will take my dark magic to Earth and rule that world.” He began laughing again.

Chrysalis muttered, “But, that wasn’t in our agreement; you told me we would rule this world together, not destroy it.”

Jack suddenly blasted the changeling queen into the wall with a blast of purple lightning; the changelings flying around above them were about to attack the one that harmed their queen, but Jack planned for that.

He threw a magic spell up to the swarm and it sent a wave of energy through each and every one of their minds, putting them completely under his control.

Before they would be allowed to attack the surface world, Jack had one last trick up his sleeve. He pulled a small bag pouch out of his pocket, “Behold, the remaining four Life Cells, they will give us the final push in Equestria’s destruction.”

The Master used his dark magic to set the worst of the villains free, “Behold, the monsters King Zombra should have used.”

The dark magic released the villains into the room…

“Ghost Pirate Red Beard.” The villain appeared to be the ghost of the galaxy feared pirate villain; with an eye mask made from bandages, his right arm replaced with a squid cannon and a laser cutlass sword in his left hand. And to top it off, a long red beard growing under his chin.

“Medusa.” This villainous snake wore a black tank top, and long black trousers; her hair wasn’t hair, but rather snakes. With her power, she could turn anyone to stone her magic eye beams.

“Merlin, the Warlock.” This evil adaptation of the wizard, who served King Arthur, was filled with knowledge of dark magic. A dark blue rope, grey beard, and a very powerful wizard staff.

“And finally, Phibious; the Fish Man.” This creature’s scales were a dark as swamp water; two tanks were hooked plugged into his back, so he could brief out of water. He could also shoot darts from his wrist to temporarily paralyse his enemies.

The four villains stepped before their master, and politely bowed to him; they said in unison, “What is you command, lord of the night?”

The Master got up off his throne and stated, “At last, the end has come.”

The next day had finally come, in the town hall, Twilight had the told the Mane Six and their families to meet with her there; along with the rangers.

When the ranger team arrived, Wiktoria was the one to ask, “Where’s Rory?”

Only Adam replied, “He went home.”

The Blue Ranger didn’t understand, but they had other things to worry about; when everybody and pony was here, Twilight started the talk.

“Alright everyone, we have to talk about what we all know is coming. Nightmare Moon has somehow returned.” The members of the Six’s families began mumbling among themselves, they were unaware that it was this bad. “All we know, is she’s back; not through Luna, but threw one our human friends.”

Kian stepped forward and took over from the princess, “Jack, he was one of our friends on Earth; until he passed away. But somehow, Nightmare Moon’s has used her dark magic and brought him back; but also filled with dark power. He’s now as corrupted as King Zombra or Chrysalis, or any of the creeps that have shown their faces here.”

Everypony was now worried sick; Rarity tried to rock baby Jewel in her hooves to try and get her to sleep, Screwball held hooves with Mothball, Pinkie Pie’s mane began to deflate. It took Rainbow Dash to break the silence in the room.

“I suggest we all go home and keep our families safe; surely the rangers can handle this. They’ve beaten every threat they’ve come across since they got here, this should be a walk in the park.” The Pegasus explained.

The rangers agreed with her statement, but they did have their doubts; since they were down a ranger and two members of their team had lost their powers. Heather whispered, “And without Rory, you guys can’t use the Titan Megazord.” She did have a point.

However, the others did agree with Rainbow Dash, they all decided to go home and wait out the danger; the rangers had to do their best to protect the innocent.

“It’s time.”

A portal to the underworld opened, an army of Ghouls marched onto the surface world; the residents of Ponyville did what they had to do. They grabbed their young ones, they took what they needed and they ran for their lives; the Ghouls began terrorising the entire town.

Twilight had heard about the attack, so she called the rangers. Adam, Rose, Kian and Wiktoria came together and ran to the battle; this was it, they’re final battle, for real this time.

Meanwhile, at the Castle of Chaos, Charlie was told to meet Discord there; he had something for them both to do.

“Discord, I’m here; what’s up.”

The draconnequus turned to him and said, “We need to go to Canterlot and protect Celestia; in her current state, she’ll be easy to attack.”

Charlie was up for protecting the princess, but he had no powers. “Discord, Jack took my ranger powers, remember?”

“I’ve thought about that.”

Discord used some of his chaos magic and gave it to Charlie, the doctor then suddenly morphed into his armour. ‘How could this be?’ he thought.

“I used some of my magic to temporally restore your powers, now let’s go.” Discord then morphed into his armour and the two them teleported to Canterlot.

The Power Rangers arrived at the scene of the battle, it was as bad as they thought it would be, Ghouls were everywhere; and not just Ghouls. Changelings were flying around the air, picking things up and dropping them on other things. Some ponies, including some of the Mane Six we trapped by the monsters.

This monstrous attack was led by four of the six villains Jack had used to attack Equestria; Red Beard turned to the rangers and said, “Well mates, look who we have here.” Merlin, Medusa and Candy Cane turned around as well, and smirked at the rangers.

Rose stated, “Looks like Jack has some more hired help.”

“Don’t talk about our master with your common tongue!” Medusa said with a hiss. “The Master couldn’t be here at this time, he’s finishing other business.”

“So you’ll have to play with us until he gets here.” Candy Cane chuckled.

The Power Rangers had to stop these things, so it was time for them to suit up; they pulled out their morphers and morphed, “Magical Source, Harmony Force!”

The four Power Rangers were ready to end this war against evil, even without a Red Ranger; Adam stated, “Come on guys, we may not have our weapons, but we can still win.”

With that said, the monsters and the rangers charged into a mighty battle.

Adam and Red Beard started a fist fight in the middle of the street, the ranger landed a few hits on the pirate, knocking him back slightly. Red’ however, was ready for more; he aimed his squid cannon at the Yellow Ranger and fired, Adam dodged the sea creatures and charged towards Red Beard again.

Rose had to do her best to avoid Medusa’s eye beams, one touch of those lasers and the Pink Ranger would be trapped as a pink statue. The ranger kicked the snake woman away, long enough for Rose to deliver another kick to her face and knock her into the wall.

Kian avoided Merlin’s blasts and punched him in the stomach, the warlock stumbled back, but the released a more powerful magic blast. The Green ranger was blasted into the street lamp, but he had to keep fighting; he got back up and pushed forward, like a proud soldier and kicked the staff right out of Merlin’s hand.

Wiktoria followed Candy Cane up to the roof of a building, the two of them were ready to fight. The Blue Ranger kicked him in his fat stomach, but it just wobbled like jelly; Cane’ swatted her away with his cane, she tried to fight back. But the villain was tough, he knocked off the roof and she landed by her friends.

The rangers were not strong enough, these villains were just too much all at once. Merlin stated, “Let’s get rid of these rangers, for good.”

Merlin then charged his staff, Medusa gave it extra power with her eye beams; Red Beard was ready to fire at the ranger team, Merlin gave the energy from his staff to the squid in the cannon, Candy Cane even enchanted it with his candy magic.

Red Beard fired the blast, the power would surely destroy the rangers; but they had one chance.

They pulled out their morphers and chanted quickly, “Legendary Source, Harmony Force!”

Before the blast hit them, they used their legend powers to push the blast back; and it worked. The magic created a shield that threw the blast back at the monsters, Candy Cane muttered, “Oh no.”

The blast was so powerful that the villains never stood a chance, when it hit them; they all exploded on the spot, they were no more.

The rangers cheered with joy, “Yes!” Kian shouted.

The celebration would have to be put on hold, because something else was coming.

Within the walls of Canterlot castle, Discord and Charlie were already locked in a battle with Phibious and Zombie Boss; the Master was standing behind the two villains’ watching them battle the rangers.

Discord pushed the zombie back, but the villain had released his red dust; the warrior’s vision was clouded, the dust confused him. Zombie Boss’ new weapon was a dented steel pipe, he used it to strike Discord’s armour, making him stumble back; it was as if the villains’ power had been increased.

Charlie was grateful for his powers back, but he never thought it would be this hard to battle against a fish-like monster; Phibious was shooting at him with his paralysing darts, the knight blocked them with his sword.

Suddenly, Discord remembered a spell that would defeat them both, so he decide to use this mighty power.

“In the name of chaos, Blazing Storm Slash!” he cried. With one stroke of his mighty sword, the two villains were shot back to their master.

Jack wasn’t happy that his two monsters were knocked down so easily, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” He muttered. When the two villains got up, Jack placed his hands on their shoulders; they felt the power being drained from their bodies.

As the two monsters turned to dust before the rangers’ eyes, the Master stepped forward to claim his prize; “Behold, my dark power.”

“No wait!” Charlie said.

But it was too late, there was a flash of purple, and then all was dark.

The rangers were still morphed, but they were helping the towns folk repair some of the damage that had been done to their beloved town.

Adam and Wiktoria used magic to lift the heavy debris and free any trapped ponies or animals; while Rose and Kian took the other ponies to safety. Heather was waiting at the safe haven the rangers had chosen for the ponies to stay until the fighting was over.

The rangers had to be quick, they’ve gotten no word from Charlie or Discord; and Jack could arrive at any minute.

Until finally, the darkness came…

The skies turned black as night, even though it was only mid-day; and in the centre of town, the dark Megazord appeared before the rangers.

“Citizens of Ponyville, hand over the Power Rangers; your reward, we’ll let you live!” the Master commanded. Another wave from the army of Ghouls charged towards the town, this time, intending not to fail.

All the ponies ran for it, the rangers had to hold back the Ghouls long enough for them to escape, but these ghouls were stronger.

While him and his friends fought, Adam said, “I never thought I’d say this, but where’s Rory when you need him?” Suddenly, a Ghoul knocked him over, the other rangers were knocked down as well.

The Master saw his chance to do what he’s been planning to do, “Behold the Eye of the Master!” The Power Rangers felt the magic and powers being drained from them, until they de-morphed from there being nothing left.

Wiktoria reached for her morpher, but had disappeared, as had the others.

“At last, the rangers are no more; now begins the beginning of the end!” Jack used his weapon to stir the clouds, a storm of evil was coming. However, the rangers had no choice but to keep fighting.

Until Rose shouted, “Where’s Discord and Charlie?!”

The Master looked down to them again, he opened his hand and dropped two bodies to the ground; Discord and Charlie landed in front of the ranger team. Wiktoria checked them, they were still breathing.

Each ranger had a job to do, even without their powers; they broke of and started battling the Ghouls once again.

Kian fought as best he could, using his Earth ranger training to knock down a few Ghouls, they did over power him eventually, but he just got back up and kept fighting.

Above him, he heard screaming; when he looked up, he saw a familiar face. Cinnamon Roll was trapped by Ghouls, Kian was not going to let that little filly be harmed by these monsters. The Element of Honesty charged past the Ghouls and ran to a stair case; making his way to his pony friend.

When he reached her, Kian kicked the Ghouls away; even kicked one off the roof. He place Cinnamon Roll on his back, wrapped her hooves around his neck and nuzzled him; she snapped out of it when she saw they were surround again.

“Are we going to be okay, Kian?” she asked in a scared tone.

Kian replied with an honest answer, “I won’t lie to you, sweetie; I don’t know.” He caress one of her hooves, “Let’s get out of this together.”

The Green Ranger leaped at one of the Ghouls, they all plummeted to the ground; the Ghoul hit the floor first, Kian rolled across the dirt with Cinnamon Roll in his arms. They were both okay; Kian put her back on his back, he ran her to the safe camp.

Wiktoria was ambushed by small group of Ghouls, they knocked her off guard and pushing her to the ground; they would have finished the Element of Loyalty, that’s if the Dash twins didn’t jump into the action and knock the Ghouls to the side.

The twins kept trying to fight them off, Wiktoria had the opportunity to run, but she didn’t; she chose to remain loyal to her friends.

Wiktoria joined the fight again, once the Ghouls were out of the way, she got the Thunder and Lightning to the safe camp.

Rose was looking through the debris, trying to find any ponies that got left behind; until she heard familiar crying coming from the Carousel Boutique. The building was filled with Ghouls; Rarity, Fancy Pants and Gemstone were standing outside. Fancy Pants was holding Rarity back, she was trying to get inside and save Jewel; who was still in her room.

The Element of Laughter ran past the family and into the building, she kicked down any Ghoul that got in her way; until she made it up to Jewel’s bedroom.

Rose kicked the door down, she found Jewel in her baby crib; the baby unicorn saw her God-Mother, and she smiled. Rose picked up Jewel, she knew she could always make this baby laugh; she took the baby to her parents.

Rarity cried with joy when she held her baby girl in her hooves, the Pink Ranger took the family to the safe camp; they’d be safe there.

The Master still made the Changelings fly through the sky, dropping debris on Ponyville; Adam avoided the falling rocks, and fought his way through the Ghouls. During his search, he found something unusual; Mothball was helping a Changeling that had been knocked out of the sky, its wing was trapped under a rock.

The Element of Kindness knew that they were the enemy, but a wise mare told him to be kind, they may just be kind back.

Adam ran over to help Mothball get his fellow changeling out from under the rock; the boy used his strength the lift the rubble, until he pulled the stone of the creature’s wing. However, when the Changeling was free, he hissed at the two of them and then flew off. Mothy was upset, but Adam tried to comfort him; they both made their way to the safe camp.

That was it, all the ponies were safe; now the rangers could focus on fighting the real threat.

The space bridge had finally opened just outside the town, Rory had all his stuff and was ready to go back to Earth; where he belonged.

“At last, I get to go home. Goodbye guys, good luck.”

However, when he turned to the town, he saw the evil Megazord stomping about in the streets of Ponyville; he reached into his pocket for his morpher, but it was gone. He had given it back to Twilight before he left.

The former Red Ranger didn’t know what to do; he had no power, no team, no plan. What could he do?

That’s when it came to him, he needed to boost the magic; and the best way of creating Friendship Magic, was with new friendships. He dropped his bags and jumped through the space bridge, he was going to need some help.

Once everypony was safe, the ranger team ran back to where Charlie and Discord were lying unconscious; they had to stand and fight the evil, and beat it.

Before the rangers could do anything, Chrysalis appeared in front of them; she appeared unarmed and not a threat.

However, the rangers kept their guard up; Kian asked, “What do you want, your majesty?”

The Changeling Queen stepped forward and explained her actions, “I am not here to fight rangers; if the Master wins, it will mean the destruction of Equestria, all of it.” She sighed and continued, “This is my planet to, and I can help you.”

“How?” Wiktoria asked.

Chrysalis turned to the two fallen warriors on the ground, “I can revive them.” She stated. Using her horn, and some magic, Chrysalis generated an energy field over their bodies; they began to twitch and wake up.

It was a miracle, Discord rose up and so did Charlie; when this happened, Wiktoria wrapped her arms around the Time-Lord’s neck. “You’re alive.” She squealed.

“Yeah, I’m the Doctor; of course I’m alive.” Charlie replied.

The reunion was cut short by the monster of a Megazord that was still standing over them, “YOU LITTLE TRAITOR!” The Master sent a blast of dark magic at Chrysalis, she landed on a wagon of hay and was knocked unconscious.

The Power Rangers looked up to face their final challenge, they had to do something; until Discord went back to his usual ways, “I’ve got a plan, let’s run.” He said. But no ranger would follow him, Adam stepped forward.

“No, I’m threw running; I’ve found my family, I’ve found my home. I’m through running.” Adam marches forward to confront his friend turned enemy. “I’ll stay and fight.”

The other angers cheered, Rose shouted, “Yeah, we fight.”

The Master chuckled a bit before saying, “COME ON THEN!”

The Power Ranger may not be rangers anymore, but they still have power; hope, that’s true power.

Adam stated, “We will show the Nightmare Moon how powerful we really are, even without magic.”

Suddenly, a harmony spirit of Celestia appeared in the sky; she had come in her astro-form to give the rangers her guidance. “Without magic Harmony ones, you are never without magic; you just have to know, where to find it.”

Rose then asked, “’Never without magic’, what did she mean by that?”

“Maybe she meant us.”

The rangers turned to their left, they saw Rory; and behind him, every human agent from the O.S.C on Earth.

“Or maybe, she meant us.”

The rangers then turned to their right, they saw Heather; with every resident of Ponyville. The Mane Six, their families and everypony else; they had all come to help.

Rory explained, “Look, I spoke to the agents of the O.S.C, and I told them, the same lesson yu told me. The only way to stop the evil, from both our worlds, is to unit as one.”

Heather stated, “I said the same thing to the ponies; either we stay the way we were and let evil win, or we stand together and destroy the real evil.”

From the crowd of ponies, Twilight stepped forward, with baby Twinkle in her hooves; she explained, “Power Rangers, you have fought all year for us. Your magic is used up, well let us, give you some of our magic.”

Olessia stepped out from the crowd of agents, “That’s right, all of us believe in the Magic of Friendship.” She stated.

The two crowds came together and held hooves in hands, Olessia locked hand and hoof with Twilight; while she held her daughter in the other. And finally, Heather and Rory joined hands; each of the rangers even joined hands with each other.

Rory called out, “Let’s show them.”

“Together.” Heather replied.

The whole crowd cheered in unison “We Believe in Friendship.”

It was incredible, the power of the two worlds coming together was fuelling the Morphin Grid; the rangers were getting their powers back.

When the crowd moved away, it had worked; all eight fully morphed Power Rangers stood before the Master, the Power Rangers were back. The black sky disappeared, it was day time once again.

They each began to cheer their titles….

“Burning Heart of Chaos, Draconnequus Warrior!”

“Power of the Sun, Celestia’s Knight!”

“Element of Generosity; White Harmony Ranger!”

“Element of Honesty; Green Harmony Ranger!”

“Element of Laughter; Pink Harmony Ranger!”

“Element of Loyalty; Blue Harmony Ranger!”

“Element of Kindness; Yellow Harmony Ranger!”

“Element of Magic; Red Harmony Ranger!”

The eight rangers chanted in unison, “We call forth the magic, together as one, united for all times! Power Rangers, Harmony Force!”

Jack couldn’t believe it, he cried, “Impossible, I took your power, you have nothing.”

Rory stepped forward and stated, “We have something you’ll never have, Nightmare Moon; we have friendship, you can never take that away from us.”

“Give me that magic!” the monster demanded. The Eye of the Master opened, ready to absorb the power.

But the rangers shouted, “You got it!”

They released a wave of light magic, they blasted it into the Master’s Eye; they were giving him their magic.

Jack was able to absorb a large portion of it, but eventually, it became too much for him. “Oh, I devour it, and yet still it comes.”

Kian said, “Guys, it’s working, keep going.”

Adam then stated, “There is no end, to our magic.”

“Stop! It’s too much!” the Master cried. But the rangers just kept going, they even increased the flow, giving him even more. Jack muttered, “I cannot… take anymore! I have… devoured… all I can!”

Suddenly, Nightmare Moon’s Megazord body gave away, it glowed bright gold before disappearing into particles of magic dust; the dust specks scattered into the atmosphere.

The magic caused the Ghouls to disappear in a purple flash, the changelings were also free from the mind control spell they were under.

Only the shield with the Eye of the Master, remained floating in the air.

Rory said, “Come on, rangers; lets combine our weapons.”

The team had their weapons back, the combined them into the Celestial Sword; only this time, Heather locked her sceptre in place and created, The Harmony Lance.

Discord charged his sword, “In the name of Chaos, Blazing Storm Slash!”

Charlie readied his final strike, “Solar Sword, Power of the Sun!”

The other rangers held their arms together like a trampoline, “Launch Red Ranger!” the cheered. Rory had the lance in his hand, they threw him up into the air; Discord and Charlie used the final strikes to super charge the Harmony Lance, and then Rory hurled it at the shield.

“Hey yah!” he cried.

When the lance hit the Eye of the Master, but the lance and the shield exploded out of existence; Nightmare Moon was finally gone, for good.

When the smoke had cleared, the rangers de-morphed and walked among the crowd of humans and ponies; they could finally rest easy, knowing evil had been vanquished from Equestria, never to return.

Suddenly, Celestia appeared with Luna by her side; she said, “Well done, my little rangers; you have finally saved Equestria from the rising darkness; which means, the great battle is over.”

However, the celebration was put on hold when Chrysalis woke up and she had her Changeling army back; the rangers all took defensive positions, however, she didn’t order an attack.

“Well done, Power Rangers.” She congratulated. “You rangers have shown me that this can end in fighting, but peace.” She then turns to see Mothball in the crowd, she opens her hooves and invites him into a hug.

He runs to his mother and hugs her strongly, “Princess Celestia, I request there be peace between ponies and Changelings.”

Celestia didn’t need to think about this, “I accept your offer, Chrysalis.”

The whole town cheered, the battle was over; however, that meant, the power rangers weren’t needed any more.

2 days later

Adam was visiting Ponyville cemetery, the place where they had built something for Adam’s oldest friend.

When he arrived at the memorial, he revealed some flowers he had in his bag; he placed them down in front of the grave that had been put there.

“Where ever you are now, Jack; perhaps you’ve found peace.” Adam said.

The name on the grave; Jack Titley, 2002-2019.

“Goodbye, my friend.”

Adam walked away from the grave, he turned back to give a final wave to his childhood best friend; he then makes his way back to the town centre.

This time, the rangers were going to say their proper goodbyes, the families they’ve been living with walked them to the space bridge; Celestia was there as well to say her farewells, as was Twilight’s family and Luna.

The portal had opened to take the rangers back to Earth, they were all saying goodbyes to their pony families.

Rory and Kian hugged each and every last member of the Apple Family; Cinnamon Roll’s eyes were full of tears as she hugged the Green Ranger, he stroked her mane as he hugged her back.

Rory was shaking hooves with Big Mac and saying his farewells to Cheerilee, their daughter, Apple Blossom was also sad to see Rory leave. “Goodbye Rory, you’ll always be a part of the Apple Family.” ‘Blossom stated.

“Don’t worry, my little pony; I’ll come back and visit someday.” Kian said as he put Cinnamon Roll down next to her brother. He then stroke Cinnamon Sticks’ hair and roughed up his mane. “See ya round, slugger.”

The Red and Green Ranger then turned to the two that took them into their home, made them apart of the family; “Goodbye Applejack, Spike.” Rory said.

The farm pony cried into her husband’s shoulder, before hugging the two of them together. “I’ll miss you two, we all will.” She said.

When she let them go, they waved to Applespike in his stroller before walking towards the portal.

Rose, held baby Jewel in her arms, she was sad to have to leave her god daughter. She turned to Rarity and said, “If you every need a babysitter or some help with her, please don’t hesitate to call me.”

Rarity took her baby and wrapped her hoof around Rose’s neck, “You’ll make a great mother yourself, one day.”

The Pink Ranger smiled, she hugged everyone else in the family before walking to the portal; before she turned away, she waved to Pinkie Pie’s family across the path. The Tri-Pies were crying as their mother held them close, but the saw Rose’s wave.

“I’ll miss her, mommy.” Cherry said.

Pinkie replied by kissing her daughter on the forehead, “She’ll come back and see us one day.”

Wiktoria was hugging the Dash children before she left for Earth, Prism was the only one who wouldn’t let go; “Do you have to go?” she asked as her eyes flooded with tears.

“I promise, I’ll come back and we will go on great adventures, me and you.” She put the filly down and said her farewells to Rainbow Dash. “Goodbye, you guys are the coolest.”

The joined in a three way hug, went they pulled away, Rainbow gave a parting gift the Blue Ranger. “Here’ all of Daring Do’s books, in audio form; whenever you listen to them, you can think about your adventures here. It was Prism’s idea.”

Wiktoria hugged Prism one more time before walking towards the portal, she turned back to them and waved goodbye.

Heather and Charlie said their goodbyes to Derpy and Dinky, Heather was going to use the Portal this time; while Charlie used his Tardis.

Heather gave a huge hug to Dinky before walking over to the portal, leaving Charlie with the two ponies. Dinky turned to the Time-Lord, she said, “I guess this is goodbye.”

Charlie replied, “Doesn’t have to be.”

“What?” Derpy asked.

“You see, I don’t ever stay put for very long; this has been the longest time I’ve stayed in one place.” The two ponies were confused, so he continued, “I don’t know if you know, but I can travel in time. If you come with me, we could be gone for seven weeks and I can have you back in one minute.”

Derpy was thinking, Dinky did like the idea of it.

The Doctor asked, “What do you think, do you want to see all of time and space?”

The two ponies looked at each other, they then ran towards Charlie; he moved out of the way to let them in.

A few seconds later, the Tardis took off; into time they went.

It was time, the Power Rangers were going home. Adam approached his friends, he wanted to wish them luck; “I hope you guys can handle things without me.”

Rory sighed, “Come here, you numpty.” The team came together for a group hug.

When they pulled away, the rangers gave their morphers to Adam; they then walked through the vortex, home awaited them.

When the Power Rangers went back to Earth, life carried on for them; they decided to pick up where they left off.

Rory returned to the O.S.C’s Air Force, he welcomed back as legend to the younger pilots.

While flying through space one time, he was put in command of the Red-Squad; they made him Red-Leader.

“Red Squad, check in.” he ordered.

“Red Two, standing by.”

“Red Three, standing by.”

“Red Four, standing by.”

Red Two asked his commander, “So where to now, boss?”

“Let me guess, another fouled up mission we’ll need to complete with our unrivalled piloting skills.” Red Three stated and then laughed.

Rory ordered, “Cut the chatter Red Squad, were off.”

With that order, the X-Wing squad flew off into to hyper-space.

Kian and Wiktoria stayed together, they took over Pym Tech when Wiktoria’s dad retired; they now ran the company that would supply advanced technology to the whole world.

As Kian poured them some water, he turned to his partner and brought the drinks over.

He handed a glass to her and proposed a toast, “To the future.”

“To the future.” She replied.

Before either of them said anything else, Kian leaned forward and kissed Wiktoria on the lips; she didn’t fight it, she welcomed it and kissed him back.

Now that they didn’t have to fight for their lives, they could have a life together.

Rose and Heather stayed in touch, they became good friends; they even started a small business together, an art studio.

They would teach art to other people and sell their own; it wasn’t a lot, but it’s what they liked to do.

One day, Heather walked into the studio and found Rose painting a large picture; she walked over to see what it was. “What’re you painting?” she asked.

Rose was just about finished, “It was hard, but I completed my master piece.”

She turned the canvas around and revealed the painting; it was the Harmony Force Power Rangers, all standing in their iconic battle poses. Heather was impressed, it was beautiful; everyone was there, they all looked incredible.

As one Yellow Ranger, the ranger that chose to stay on Equestria; he was given something that he’d never forget.

Two weeks after the other Power Rangers had left, Adam and the Chaos family was called to Canterlot for a special occasion.

Adam walked into the main hall, standing at the end of the hall, Celestia and Luna were waiting for him. The boy walked forward to receive a new destiny, one that would make him the last of the Harmony Force.

“Adam, of Earth; we have given the Elements of Harmony to the Tree of Harmony for safe keeping. We ask you now, if we give you this power, will you defend the tree?”

Adam didn’t need to think on it, he bowed to the princesses and replied, “It would be my honour to protect the Great Power.”

Adam arose and Celestia said, “Then will this sword,” she then revealed the red sword that Discord used as a ranger, “You shall become the new Draconnequus Warrior.” The boy took the sword, the magic morphed him into the armour.

“Thank you, Celestia.”

She replied, “Good luck, and may the power protect you.”

I wrote this story as a message, explaining that no matter where someone may be in the universe, you are never alone.