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Power Rangers Harmony Force - Adamverse

A team of Power Rangers from Earth come to Equestria to meet with their friends; the Mane 6. But evil is returning to this land, so the humans must execpt new powers to protect this world.

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Hearts Warming

A few months after the defeat of Nightmare Moon, that wonderful time of year came around again; that time, was Hearts Warming.

For those of you that don’t know, Hearts Warming is the Equestrian version of Christmas; the day to celebrate the first ever friendship between Unicorns, Pegasi and Earth Ponies.

And this year, was going to be a special one, it was Adam’s first Hearts Warming; his first holiday on his new home planet. And the boy planned to make it a special one.

It was five days before Hearts Warming; Adam was out in town, shopping for presents with Screwball and Fluttershy. He was planning on getting his new family something great and wonderful, to say thank you for taking him in.

“Hey Adam, what do you think of this?” Screwball asked. “I’ve always wanted one of these for this time of year.”

The pony was gesturing to the item in one of the shop windows, it was festive version of Screwy’s propeller hat; Screwball had always wanted one of those, to add to her festive appearance.

Adam looked at the hat in the window, he asked her, “Couldn’t you just poof one up, with your magic.”

“I could, but it’s the fact that if it came from somepony as a gift, it would make it more thoughtful.” She replied.

It was settled, Adam was going to make it his mission to get that hat for Screwball; it was going to be his Hearts Warming gift to her.

Fluttershy then called them both over, she had gotten her shopping, it was time to make a move before the snow came down anymore.

The three of them made their way home, while they walked, it was really starting to snow. In the end, Screwball just decided to teleport them all home; it was quicker and easier.

When they arrived home, they found Discord by the tree; he had Zany in one hand, while hanging up decorations on the tree with the other hand.

“Hi honey.” Fluttershy said as she flew over to her husband and kissed him on the cheek; she then took Zany from his hand and flew him over to the kitchen. “Somepony needs a bottle.” She said in her momma voice.

Screwball stated, “Come one, Mom. He’s almost two, you’re going to need to stop treating him like a baby at some point.”

But the yellow Pegasus replied, “Never going to happen, Screwy. Your all still my babies, even you Adam.” That statement made the human blush a bit.

When Adam sat down on the couch, he turned to the wall on the far side of the room; he then pulled out a note book. He had been keeping track of his growing life on Equestria, making little notes about things that had happened; he was writing his latest entry.

‘December 19th

I wish I had brought a TV, oh man, how I miss TV.’

He closed the note book and put the pen down; he then decided to go find Mothball, the one he could have guy talks with.

Mothball was in his room, the one Screwball had made to look like his room in the changeling hive; speaking of which, the former prince had been given a special role not too long ago.

Princess Celestia had made him and ambassador for the changelings, since he was the first Changeling to be reformed; Celestia told him to teach the Changelings everything the ponies had taught him.

When Adam found him, he was at his new desk, writing lessons that he could teach the his own kind.

“Yo, bro.” Adam said as he walked in.

Mothy turned to his friend a greeted him as he walked in; Adam sat on the bed and the two friends began talking.

“What can I do for you?” Mothball asked.

Adam replied, “It’s about Screwball.”


The human explained what he needed, “I want to get Screwball something for Hearts Warming, and since she’s your marefriend, I figured you know what I could get for her.”

“Do you have any idea on what to get her?”

“Well, there’s this hat that she’s been eyeballing since the start of the month.” Adam thought about it. “I would get her that, but I have no money.”

Mothball stopped him for a sec, “Wait, you still haven’t found a job?”

Adam sighed at himself, he has been trying to find a way to pay for his own food and things; he felt ashamed living of Fluttershy and Discord’s stuff. Even though Discord could just create anything he wanted with a single thought, he still worked hard to earn his own way.

“Apparently, no one wants to hire the only human on the planet.”

Mothy said, “Dude that is harsh.”

“Yeah well, you save the world one minute and when it’s all over, ponies just forget.” Adam got up and started to walk out the room. “I mean ever since Nightmare Moon was destroyed, nothing has happened.”

Outside in the snow, something was digging his way out of the icy prison; he was determined to get revenge on Discord and the Power Rangers for locking him down in the underworld.

Two filly were building a snow pony in their garden, they were having a good time in the snow; until something scared them off.

As they built, a ghostly hand rose out of the snow, they screamed and ran inside the minute they saw. So they didn’t see the rest of the figure crawl to the surface, and roar like an animal.

“Yah!” the creature cried. He then brush of the snow and saw where he was, “I’m out, I’m free. I’m free!”

The figure then leaped back into the snow and started making a snow angel, he muttered, “Hello Equestria, hello Power Rangers; I will find you, and I will have my revenge. Toxic Jack is back.”

He then looked up to the sky, and cried, “YAH! Jerks.”

2 days before Hearts Warming, Evening

Adam was sitting in the living room, he was still thinking of a way to buy that hat for Screwball; he couldn’t ask anyone for money, that wouldn’t be fair, and he couldn’t use Earth money, that wouldn’t work here.

His thoughts were interrupted when Screwball walked into the room, “Hey, how’s my favourite human?” she said as she stroked her head on his shoulder.

The two of them just sat together on the couch for a bit; this pony was like a sister to Adam, he loved her like they were truly family.

Screwball then asked, “Adam, have you heard from Thunder or Lightning Dash; Aunt Rainbow called round yesterday looking for them?”

Adam thought about it, he hadn’t seen the twins in two days; come to think about it, Mothball told him he hasn’t heard from Cinnamon Sticks in a few days.

They sat up on the seat when they heard something coming from the hallway, they got up and decided to investigate.

When they went into the next room, Adam was the first to talk, “A space bridge?”

A large blue portal had opened up in the middle of the room, just hovering there; until the castle got some visitors. From the portal, came four humans; four humans well known on this planet.

“Surprise!” Rose cheered.

“Merry Christmas, Adam.” Kian greeted.

It was them; Rory, Rose, Wiktoria and Kian. The Harmony Force Power Rangers united once again; Adam was so surprised, he welcomed his friends into a group hug.

“I can’t believe you guys are here, and in your work clothes.” Adam said; his friends were wearing the military jumpsuits, they had just resumed the roles of the O.S.C rangers and month back. Equestria may have been out of danger, but Earth still needed protecting.

Adam was happy to see his friends, “You guys didn’t have to come all this way to see me.” He said.

“Nonsense, Adam; we came to see you because were all friends, we also brought you some things.” Wiktoria explained.

Rory handed Adam a box with wrapping paper on it, a present; he said, “You can open it on Christmas Day.”

Adam corrected him, “It’s actually called Hearts Warming on this planet.”

The rangers were distracted and didn’t even notice Screwball behind Adam, “Screwy.” Rose stated, welcoming the pony into a hug. She accepted it, the whole team came in for one more hug.

“Touching, very touching.”

The team all heard a voice they didn’t recognise, so they turned around, only to find a horrible looking figure. A prisoner striped outfit, his hair was as green a grass, and he lloked truly disgusting.

“Who are you?” Rory asked.

The creep stepped closer; Screwball hid behind Adam, she knew who this guy was. The rangers took defensive positions, just in case.

“My name is Toxic Jack, the last surviving member of the three villains Zombra sent to destroy you on Nightmare Night.” He explained.

Kian said, “That night, we faced a Vampire, a Zombie and a…” he thought for a sec, “Nope, that was it. If you were supposed to work with them, where were you?”

The villain said, “I was busy, capturing the Power Rangers; and I’ve come to finish the job.”

‘Jack pulled his own finger, releasing some gas from his body, he then was able to float in the air; he flew around the room before swooping down and snatching Screwball. The ghost villain flew towards the window and said, “You’re mine, Yellow Ranger.”

Rory had to move fast, he pulled out his blaster and fired a bolt at ‘Jack; however, the blast went right through him.

The villain stated, “You can’t hurt me, humans; I’m a ghost.” he then chuckle like a maniac.

Adam couldn’t do anything, if he was a ghost, magic attacks wasn’t going to do much to him. The ghost laughed one more time before flying out the window with Screwball, the rangers ran to the front door to try and see where they went; but they both disappeared into the night.

Adam was devastated, he sat at the table in the kitchen with his head in his hands; Rose sat next to him and patted him on the shoulder.

“How could I let this happen?” Adam asked himself, “Discord and Fluttershy take Zany to see Zephyr Breeze for one day and I let their daughter get kidnapped two days before Hearts Warming.”

Wiktoria sat across from him, she said, “You can’t blame yourself for this, Adam; we didn’t know this was going to happen.”

Rory was walking up and down the room, thinking about what that ghost was talking about; “What I don’t understand is why that ghost called Screwball the Yellow Ranger? Last time I checked, Adam was the Yellow Ranger.”

That’s when Kian figured it out, “Guys, that night, our pony friends were dressed up as us; the Power Rangers. While we were busy fighting the other two monsters, he must have found them and thought they were us.”

Adam said, “So, if he thinks that they’re us, then he could destroy them.”

“We won’t let that happen, Adam; come on rangers, let’s find this creep so we can all have a happy Hearts Warming.” Rory stated.

The rangers then left the castle to find their friends, Adam also informed them about something.

“Hey guys, before I forget; did I ever tell you I got this.” Adam then showed his friends the Draconnequus Morpher, Discord gave him the power when the rangers left; he’d need it if he was going to be the Guardian of the Tree of Harmony.

At Toxic Jack’s haunted house lair, he had strapped Screwball to a science table; she looked around, she was in some kind of Dr Frankenstein lab knock off.

“What are you going to do with me?” she demanded to know.

The ghost pointed to her right, beside her was her friends; also strapped to a table, but they were wearing helmets with a tube attached to the top.

“Thunder, Lighting, Cinnamon Sticks, Apple Blossom.” Screwy gasped.

The villain explained, “My old Life-Extractor machine is draining them of their life force, once I have it, I will use it to become a living being; one with incredible powers.” He laughed like crazy again before placing one of the helmets onto Screwball.

The helmet put her into a sleep, she laid there in a trance as the machine drained her of her life.

Suddenly, ‘Jack felt a presence outside his house; “Humans.” He stated. The ghost made his way outside to deal with them.

The ranger team arrived outside the haunted building, Rory said, “Yep, this is definitely the place.” He was getting a creepy vibe from this place.

The team walked to towards the front door, only for it to open by itself; Toxic Jack stepped outside to confront the intruders. “Happy Hearts Warming, humans; why don’t you leave stopping the bad guy to the Power Rangers.” He then laughed at his own joke. “That’s right, I have the rangers.

Kian then stepped forward and said, “Let’s get something straight.”

“We are the Power Rangers.” Rory finished.

But all the ghost villain did was laugh, so it seemed they would have to prove it. Rory looked at his team, “Ready Rangers?”

“Ready.” They said in unison.

Rory, Kian, Wiktoria and Rose pulled out their Earth made morphers, “O.S.C, Emergency!”

The four O.S.C rangers were ready to fight, they may not have magic anymore, but Earth’s powers were just as powerful.

Now it was Adam’s turn, his first time using this incredible power, he needed to get it right. With that, Adam did the same hand gesture Discord used to do and chanted, “Magical Source; Harmony Force!”

Adam had done it, the armour and the power were amazing; now that Toxic Jack had his proof, his head was spinning.

“But if you humans are the Power Rangers, then who am I draining the life from in there.” The ghost questioned.

“You’re what!?” Adam cried.

The Draconnequus warrior charged forward, he drew his sword from his shield, he was determined to save the ponies.

However, Toxic Jack blasted him back into his friends; they all got back up and waited for the villain’s next move.

“While I was down in the underworld, I met some friends; perhaps you’d like to meet them.” ‘Jack chanted a spell that opened a portal to the underworld, from the portal, a squad of Ghouls emerged.

Kian was the only one to say it, “Oh man, not these guys again!”

The rangers and the Ghouls began battling in the front garden of the house; ‘Jack went back inside to finish the process.

Adam was surrounded by the creeps from the deep, they drew their yellow sword and attempted to attack; Adam fought them off with his sword and shield, but they just kept getting back up.

On the other side of the battlefield, Rory and Rose were fighting off their own set of Ghouls; Rose use her Delta Striker and turned it to the blaster mode, Rory used his Delta Blasters. They fired off a few shot, blasting the Ghouls to the ground, one even was hit so hard he flew across the field.

Wiktoria and Kian used their swords to push the monsters back; Kian leaped into the air, as did one of the Ghouls, but the Blue Ranger was able to kick him away. He landed on top of the rest of them and kicked them all down.

When the rest of the monster minions gather together, Adam got the honour of finishing them off. He raised his shield, the eye in centre opened; “Behold the power of light magic, Chaos Blast!”

A blast of light energy was fired at the Ghouls, it struck them hard; they fell to the ground and disappeared in their natural purple flash.

When the threat was dealt with, the rangers made their way inside.

Toxic Jack was watching the meter rise up, the ponies’ life force was almost completely drained. “Soon, I will have the power to rule this world, and all of its subjects.”

When the meter reached the top, the ponies had tire circles around their eyes; they were never going to wake up as long as ‘Jack had their life force. He stepped inside a chamber next to the tables, tis would transfer the power into him.

“At last, the world is mine.”

The Power Ranger came into the room, but it was too late, Toxic Jack had the power.

When he stepped out of the machine, he had completely changed; he had horns, and bat wings, his rib cage was sticking out of his chest on his left side & his eyes were as red as fire.

“Yes, yes; I am alive again. And with more power than ever.” The monster said. He used his wings and flew out the house through the wall, it smashed open and he flew towards the town.

Adam rushed over to check if Screwball was okay, her pulse was very weak; Rose scanned her with a device form her belt.

“She’s very weak, if we don’t their life force back in…” she set a clock, “forty-five minutes, they’ll be…”

The red knight turned to her, “They’ll be what?”

“They won’t be coming home for Hearts Warming.” She replied.

Rory stepped forward and took command of the situation, “We need to go after that monster and put an end to him, for good.”

Kian then stated, “And now we a chance, he said it himself; he’s alive.”

“This means, our weapons should work on him now.” Wiktoria stated.

Adam stepped towards the hole in the side of the house, “Let’s make sure our friends make it home for the holidays.”

With that, they leaped from the house and ran down to the town.

Toxic Jack wasted no time trying to destroy Ponyville; he used his new dark powers to terrorize the ponies, destroy everything in sight, and even frighten little foals.

“I am the most powerful being on the planet, who would dare stop me now?!” he cheered.

Suddenly, a red blast flew across the sky and hit the monster in the wing; he fell to the ground and tried to figure out where that blast came from.

“We dare.” Kian stated. He and the other rangers marched towards the scene, ready to end this.

Toxic Jack got up, “You think you can beat me, time to show you something you’ve never seen before.”

Wiktoria said, “Let me guess, you’re going to grow real big?”

“I’m going to gr…” he then stopped and said, “Hey, how did you know?”

It didn’t matter, he still grew into a giant; he was as big as two of the Ponyville buildings stack on top of each other.

Adam knew it was time to try something he’s wanted to try ever since he got this power, he pulled out his morpher and contacted Celestia, “Princess, it’s time.”

“I’m on my way, Adam.”

Rory did something similar, he used his morpher to contact Earth; “Olessia, we have a situation.”

At O.S.C HQ on Earth, Olessia received the call, she replied, “Let me guess, a thirty story version of a monster you we just fighting?”

Rory asked, “You’ve done this before, haven’t you?”

“Once or twice, I’m sending the Rescue Bots.” She spun around in her chair, she pressed communications button and gave the order, “Rescue Bots, roll to the rescue.”

The courageous group of Autobots transformed into their vehicle modes and drove through a newly opened space bridge portal.

When the Rescue Bots arrived on Equestria, they picked up their human partners; Arcee got Rose, Blades flew down to get Wiktoria, Chase drove passed and picked up Kian & Heatwave stopped so Rory could get in the driver’s seat.

Boulder had no driver though, his partner had found something new; he didn’t mind, he could see help the other Bots.

Celestia galloped through a portal, she met up with Adam; they both looked up to see the monster towering over Ponyville.

Rory said, “Alright rangers, let’s show this creep that it’s not Halloween. Let him have it.”

Blades started by flying around him and blasting him with yellow lasers; Heatwave and Chase changed to robot mode and started throwing rocks that Boulder scooped up.

Adam also knew a way he could help, he turned to Celestia and she asked, “Are you ready, Adam?” he nodded and was prepared to see if this would work.

The Draconnequus Warrior leaped into the air and chanted a spell, “Somba Alicho Catastrose!” Celestia changed into her mystic titan, the Alicorn. The two of them combined into one Megazord; Adam stated, “Centaurus Uni-Zord!”

The other rangers were impressed that he was able to master that so quickly, Rose said, “Hey Rory, why do we get in on that?”

“Good plan.” The Red Ranger replied.

The four O.S.C ranger said in unison, “Delta Squad Megazord!”

Boulder and Chase drove forward and changed shape into two legs; Heatwave ran forward, ready to join them’ he leaped into the air and transformed into a torso. He locked together with the legs, and a head sprouted from the top; Blades and Arcee then locked onto the combiner as the two arms.

The Power Rangers stated, “Delta Squad Megazord, online!”

The combiner stood beside the Uni-Zord, ready to take on the monster; Toxic Jack stated, “Big deal, I have powers to.”

A green fire ball suddenly generated in ‘Jack’s hand, he threw the fire ball at the two Megazords; they just managed to get out of the way. The Delta Zord equipped its blaster and fired some shells at the monster; Adam drew his weapon and charged forward, delivering a powerful slash.

Toxic Jack stumbled back, he muttered, “How, how are you hurt me.”

Wiktoria replied, “You may be all powerful, but you’re mortal.”

Rory shouted, “Let’s finish this guy!”

The Delta Squad Megazord changed up the blaster, Adam prepared his final attack.

The Rescue Bots counted down until they fired.

Arcee, “Five…”

Blades, “...Four…”

Boulder, “…Three…”

Chase, “…Two…”

Heatwave, “…One.”

“FIRE!” they all cried.

The blaster released a blast that was more powerful than ever, it stuck ‘Jacks and almost destroyed him; it took Adam to finish him off.

“Ancient Powers, Mystic Spell Ceil!”

The Uni-Zord leaped into the air and gave down on the monster; when he impacted, Toxic Jack cried, “Becoming mortal, should have thought that through.” When the two came together, the monster exploded into nothing, Adam emerged from the smoke unharmed.

The two Megazords came together and shook hands, they nodded to each other and turned back to ‘Jack’s remains; the life force flew from the ground back towards the haunted house.

Screwball started to wake up, the straps had been removed, so she could get up; she looked around and saw her friends waking up as well.

Lightning Dash asked, “Screwy, what’s going on?”

“I have no idea.” She replied.

The ponies all got of the tables and ran for the exit, they met the rangers there; they were happy to see them, but the main thing was getting the kids home.

It was Hearts Warming eve, Screwball’s family was sitting by the fire; Adam was sitting in an armchair with Zany on his lap.

The rest of the team had said hello to their pony friends, dropped of a few presents and then space bridged home for the holidays.

Adam was thinking about something, he opened his journal and wrote in an entry.

December 24th

I realised something about me living here on Equestria, I don’t need a TV, because I have this family. I may not have been able to get Screwball that hat, but I got to be her hero one last time; that’s all I wanted for Hearts Warming.

I will find work, I will pay my own way; this time next year, I’ll be a millionaire.

P.S That phrase sounds familiar.

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