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Power Rangers Harmony Force - Adamverse

A team of Power Rangers from Earth come to Equestria to meet with their friends; the Mane 6. But evil is returning to this land, so the humans must execpt new powers to protect this world.

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Draconequus Warrior

Discord, the Lord of Chaos, former servant of the Master and King Zombra; he had finally escaped the underworld. While still trapped inside his purple armour, he could now return to his home and have the armour removed.

The knight was wandering through the Everfree Forest, just walking; and thinking about the first things he’s going to do, the minute he’s out of this armour. First he would hug and kiss his wife; he hasn’t been able to do that in almost a year. He would hug his son and daughter; heck, even his daughter’s boyfriend.

Discord was still carrying the sword and shield that he would use to battle the Power Rangers; while in the underworld, he would think of dropping the weapons and leaving them down there. But he never knew if he would need to defend himself down there, so he kept the sword and shield with him.

As the Draconequus continued to walk, he began to have flashbacks; to times he was not proud of during this last year.

Like the time he cursed the Yellow Ranger and turned him into Man-Spider.

In the Everfree; Adam and Discord battled until one was destroyed, Adam struck the Lord of Chaos with his magic staff. He backs away from the yellow suited hero; he said, "You fight well Yellow Ranger, for that; I will let you live for now." Adam placed his staff back in his holder on his belt; then de-morphed, returning to himself. "Why do you not remember her Discord?" Adam asks. "She misses you, she loves you. Fluttershy, Screwball, Zany, even Mothball; they want you back."

The draconequus raises his shield; the eye in the centre stares directly at Adam, "I leave you with a curse ranger, you will become your inner monster." With those words; Discord blasts the boy with a strong chaotic blast, sending him flying into a tree. When Adam gets up; preparing to start fighting again, he notices Discord is gone.

Discord was not proud of that day, now he was himself again, he regretted every bad thing he ever did to the rangers. However, he knew that they knew he wasn’t in control; once he was free from this armour, he would help the Power Rangers destroy Zombra and the rest of those monsters.

First Discord had to find his way out of the forest and make it back to Ponyville, or at least to his castle.
Deep within the underworld, Chrysalis had entered the main chamber; Malagore and Super-Nasor had gone to do other things in the caverns, the Changeling queen came to speak with her old partner.

“King Zombra, it’s time we did something about those Power Rangers.” Zombra face-hoofed himself, he then explained to Chrysalis, “My Changeling friend, I’ve been telling myself that for the last year. If I knew how to do that, don’t you think I would have done it already?”

Zombra hopped down from his throne and began to think back to when things seemed like they were going to go like planned.

“Remember when we turned Discord into of Night Warrior, he was a powerful soldier in my monster army.”

"There's nothing here; no crisis, no danger, no nothing." Discord was about to call it, until....

A swarm of Changelings charge from among the trees; blasting Discord with little green beams, knocking the draconequus to the ground. When the smoke cleared; Discord was surrounded by Changelings and one of them he recognised.

"Hello Dissy-dear."

The draconequus looked up; only to find....


Standing before Discord was the Queen of the Changelings; Chrysalis, one of Discord's oldest enemies.

Hate grew in Discord's eyes, "What are you doing here you parasite?!" he cried. "I thought I saw...."

"The last of me." she finished. "Oh Discord; when will you learn you'll never be rid of me." The Changeling Queen began to circle Discord and talk, "You and your family will not stop my plans this time. Especially now that I have a partner." Discord was confused, what did she mean "partner"?

"Chrysalis! Stop confusing the foolish creature." cried a voice coming from above. Discord looked up, only to find another familiar face. Discord looked even more confused, "King Zombra; why are you helping Chrysalis?" The shadow pony hopped down from the cliff and walked towards the draconequus, "I'm simple getting my payment." The false king explained.

Discord asked, "Payment? What is she giving you?" The king of monsters responded with, "A warrior. One that will serve me, her and our master." This whole thing was really making Discord's head spin, what were they talking about?

"Answer me this, lord of chaos; doesn't a bit of you miss being evil?" Zombra asked. "Because this goody-two shoes life can't be that good, can it?" Discord didn't understand; until two Changelings grabbed his arms, holding him to the ground. Zombra stepped towards the draconequus; his horn began to glow dark purple, "I think I've found my warrior."

Before Discord could teleport away; he was blasted with a dark magic beam. Before it took effect; Discord let out a large, "NOOOO!"

Suddenly, Zombra was snapped out of the Flashback when the two remaining evil elements walked into the room; Malagore explained, “It is time for the Selection Ceremony; the last two elements, one will rise, one will fall.”

Super-Nasor replied to that statement with, “Yeah, no pressure Malagore.” The two monsters presented their weapons to the pool of water in the centre of the room; the Master’s magic was projected into the air, it placed itself on the Master’s chosen monster.

Finally, after a long time of waiting, one monster got his chance. “Yes, at last!” Super-Nasor cheered when the dark magic placed itself on his fan-blade. “My time has finally come, the Power Rangers will face a real challenge and I will destroy them all.”

Super-Nasor needed no plan from his masters, he just summoned and portal and went to the surface world.

Malagore turned to King Zombra and asked, “What happens if he fails, my king?” Zombra sat back on his throne and replied, “It matters not, Malagore. My time has almost come, with just a little extra power, I will be able to generate my warrior form and once again leave this hateful place.”

Zombra and Malagore began to chuckle like true villains, Chrysalis stood there watching the two laugh like mad.
The rangers (including Heather and Charlie), were all at Sweet Apple Acres, they decided to take some time thinking about all adventures. Adam remembered the day him and the rangers first arrived on this planet, coming to this year’s Grand Galloping Gala. Rory remembered a more recent event, the day he was sprayed with Hecka-Toad’s bad luck slime; he spent the whole day having bad things happen to him.

Kian suddenly remembered his greatest memory of being a Harmony Force Power Ranger; he asked his team, “Do you guys remember the day we got our legend powers?” They remembered that day, Rose replied, “How could we forget, those powers were so incredible.”

The rangers' new staffs had numbers on them, so they used it.

Kian tried his new magic first, "Code 1, Rock Slide!" he pointed his staff at the monsters, and boulders were blasted towards them, taking some out.

"Code 1, Tornado Blast!" Rose cheered. A large portion of wind was thrown at the remaining Ghouls, blowing them into the cave wall.

"Code 1, Tidal Wave!" Wiktoria blasted the Ghouls hold the Mane 6 with a strong blast of water.

"Code 1, Lightning Strike!" Adam destroyed the defeated Ghouls with his Lightning, the disappeared in purple smoke.

Rory used his power on the last monster, "Code 1, Inferno Slash!" he slashed his staff at Brawl-&-Chain, sending the elemental master out of the cave and into the forest.

“Those powers are by far the best thing to come out of being a Power Ranger.” Wiktoria stated. But then Charlie replied to that statement with, “Now, come on; you guys are forgetting the real best part about being a ranger.”

All the others didn’t know the answered, so the Gold Ranger said, “Protecting the innocent and saving the world.”

Today was going so well, the call from Celestia made the good feeling go away. Rory pulled out his morpher and answered, “What’s up, Princess?”

Celestia explained the new situation, “Rangers, another Evil Element has surfaced in Ponyville; the Master of Earth.” With their answer, the rangers all ran towards the town; on the way, Adam stated, “Don’t worry guys, with all our new powers; this one with be easy.”

The Power Rangers had it in their mind they could beat this monster in record time.
Super-Nasor scared all the resident ponies away, like he was searching for the perfect spot to hatch his evil plan. His search was over when he found a small patch of dirt in the ground; he reached in a small pouch he carried and pulled out small plant seeds.

Using his weapon, he dug a hole in the dirt, then dropped the seeds into the soil; when he covered the seeds with the dirt, he muttered, “That’s it babies, grow for daddy.”

Suddenly, small plants began to grow out of the ground; the vines and plants grew bigger than normal ones, they began to sprout out of the ground everywhere, wrapping themselves around the buildings.

The Master of Earth admired his work, “Yes, this world will soon become my own private plant garden. Or maybe, even a jungle.” He laughed like a true villain, not knowing that his enemies were on the way.

The rangers arrived at the town’s centre, they saw all the plants that had grown over the buildings. “This reminds of that song, ‘Welcome to the Jungle’.” Kian said. Heather turned her head and saw the thing they were looking for, “There, that’s him.” She shouted, pointing at Super-Nasor.

“Welcome rangers, welcome to my brand new jungle. My new kingdom.” The monster explained. “You will have to go to great lengths to defeat me.” He then laughed like crazy again.

Rory stepped forward and said, “Okay guys, let’s show this over grown pot-plant how trip hedges on Earth. It’s Morphin Time.”

The five main rangers pulled out their morphers and began the morph sequence, shouting out, "Magical Source, Harmony Force!"

Once the team was morphed, they each called out their titles.

"Element of Honesty, Green Harmony Ranger!" Kian cheered.

"Element of Laughter, Pink Harmony Ranger!" Rose announced.

"Element of Loyalty, Blue Harmony Ranger!" Wiktoria stated.

"Element of Kindness, Yellow Harmony Ranger!" Adam cried.

"Element of Magic, Red Harmony Ranger!" Rory said as he stood in the middle of his team. He then turned to Charlie and Heather, asking, "You guys ready to join the party?"

Charlie morphed first, "Solar Sound Morpher." he said as he pulled out his morpher. "Magical Source, Harmony Force!"

When Charlie had his armour on, he cheered, "Power of the Sun, Celestia's Knight!"

The ranger to morph was Heather, using her wand, she began the chant. “Magical Source, Harmony Force!”

“Element of Generosity, White Harmony Ranger!” Heather said.

With the whole team morphed now, they could begin the battle against Super-Nasor; Rory ordered, “Alright rangers, let’s get him.” The team drew their weapons and charged at the monster, the Master of Earth used his weapon to fight back.
Meanwhile, at the Castle of Chaos; Fluttershy was in her garden, watching Zany play with the rabbits. She sighed in awe as she watched her baby boy laugh and play with the animals, her motherly love for her children was her magic; it was all the magic she needed in life.

Suddenly, a figure came stumbling out of the forest, a walking suit of armour. “Fluttershy, are you here? Fluttershy, my love?” The yellow Pegasus turned to where the voices were coming from, then her eyes filled with tears, “Discord!” she cried.

She flew over to her husband and wrapped her arms around his neck; Zany watched his mother hug the strange purple knight, he didn’t understand why.

Discord dropped his sword and shield and hugged his wife, never letting go of her again. Fluttershy released him from the hug to look into his eyes; though they were still behind a helmet, “Discord, the rangers; they can use the elements to set you free.” The lord of chaos remembered that very thing, so he put his wife down and turned towards Ponyville. “I must find the rangers, so they can undo this dreaded curse.” He stated.

He quickly turned back to his wife and caressed her face, “Wait for me?” Discord asked. She stroked the hand that was on her face and replied, “Always.”

Discord picked up the sword and shield, he then ran all the way to Ponyville; Fluttershy watched him run, knowing he’s coming back this time.
The battle between the Power Rangers and Super-Nasor had already begun, he used his fan-blade to block any sword or axe attacks. Heather, Rose and Wiktoria used their magic staffs to blast him from the distance; along with Adam and his crossbow.

‘Nasor blocked the blasts with his weapon, while also striking Rory, Kian and Charlie. With one final strike, the monster knocked those three rangers into the rest of their team; they all collapsed to the ground.

Charlie sat up and muttered, “We may need some back up.” The rest of the rangers tried to get up as well, but the fight had taken so strength out of them. Super-Nasor walked towards them, saying, “You rangers destroyed my brothers and sister; for that, prepare to meet your destruction.”

‘Nasor raised his weapon for the final blow, until another blast out of nowhere knocked off his feet and blasted him towards a building.

“No today, Super-Nasor.”

All the rangers turned to see Discord walking towards them, he said, “Time for you to leave, or be destroyed yourself.” The ranger team got up and ran towards their friend, Adam was the first to hug Discord. He said, “You’re okay, Fluttershy will be amazed.” But Discord explained that she already knew, he then said, “It’s time to get me out of this armour.”

Kian said, “Let’s do it. Charlie, can deal with Super-Nasor while we handle this.” The Time-Lord turned to the monster and replied, “Watch me.”

As the gold knight ran towards the Master of Earth, the two of them clashed into a battle of their own. Meanwhile, the six barers of the Elements of Harmony stood in a circle around Discord; he was ready for this, ready to go home.

The six rangers drew their magic staffs and began the chant, “Ancient Powers, Mystic Spell Ceil.” A gold ring was generated around Discord’s body. The ranger said the spell, “Gowen Mysto Relinkvor!” Suddenly, each magic staff fired a rainbow blast at Discord, the magic was breaking away the armour.

Piece by piece, bit by bit; the armour was falling off his body. Until….

There was a flash of light, the rangers all covered their eyes; when the light disappeared, so did the armour. Standing before the Power Rangers, was Discord himself; he was free.

The Draconequus looked at his hands, he didn’t see black gloves, he saw a lion paw and an eagle talon. He muttered, “I’m free….. I’m back.” He quickly checked himself, all his animal parts were still there; his tail, his antlers and his one tooth. “I’m FREE!!” he cheered.

The rangers admired their work, they had finally done it; Adam had done what he had promised Fluttershy, saved Discord.

However, as the rangers were celebrating; Charlie was flung towards the group, he couldn't hold Super-Nasor back any longer. "Sorry, Rangers. I tried to beat him." Rose patted him on the shoulder and replied, "Don't worry, Charlie. Let's beat him together." she insisted.

But, before the Power Rangers could charge forward, Discord put out his hand to stop them. "Stay back rangers, I'll handle this over grown leaf."

Super-Nasor was surprised to see the lord of chaos willing to fight, "I thought you were out of power." the monster muttered. Something suddenly appeared in Discord's hand, a morpher. "I'm not."

Discord opened the morpher and typed in the spell code, he could now use the power he gained for and to defeat evil. "Magical Source, Harmony Force!"

The rangers watched their friend morph back into the wolf armour, the difference being; it was red.

"Burn Heart of Chaos, Draconequus Warrior! Defender of Peace!" Discord announced.

Super-Nasor could not believe his eyes; neither could Zombra, him and Chrysalis were watching the whole thing through the rift. The Changeling Queen stated, “First five rangers, then six, then seven; now eight. This is getting ridicules.”

Back at the fight, Discord drew his sword from his shield, “I’ll give you one chance, Super-Nasor; leave, go back to the underworld and never come back.” But the monster lifted his weapon and replied, “I’m not going anywhere, you are the one that will be leaving. Now, I’m going to do what Zombra and Chrysalis should have done months ago.”

With that said, the two warriors charged into a mighty battle; ‘Nasor used his fan-blade to strike his enemy, but Discord was able to block it with his shield. Once he had an opening, the Lord of Chaos was able to strike the plant monster, forcing him to stumble back.

Discord decided to finish this, he channelled all his power to his sword, reading the final strike. “In the name of Chaos, Blazing Storm Slash!” he cried. The Draconequus brought his sword down and slashed Super-Nasor with the might of fire.

The strike was too much for the monster, ‘Nasor muttered his final words, “You may think you’ve got me; but we plants always grow back.” He then fell forward and exploded into moss chunks.

Discord muttered, “It’s good to be back.”

Zombra watched his monster be destroyed, but he didn’t look mad; Chrysalis looked at his face, he was smiling. “What’s got you so happy, now there’s only one evil element left.” King Zombra turned to her and replied, “Down get your wings in a bunch, watch.” He said while pointed back at the rift.

The vines from the buildings began to slither off the walls like snakes, they made their way to where Super-Nasor was destroyed. The rangers all turned their attention to moving plants, the started wrapping around each other; like they were forming something.

Once all the plants had joined the merge, Rory could see what they doing; once they had finished, there was a flash of green and standing before them was a giant Super-Nasor. “SURPRISE POWER RANGERS; DID YOU REALLY THINK I DIDN’T HAVE A BACK UP PLAN!!”

The rangers had to stop this guy before he levelled the whole town, Discord figured he wouldn’t be able to help in this situation; however, he was wrong.

Just as the rangers were about to use their Titan Powers, Princess Celestia flew down from the sky to meet them. “Discord.” She said, happy to see her old friend. The draconequus put his weapons down to hug his first friend; they broke the hug when they remembered the problem they had. Super-Nasor was still going to destroy the town, so they had to act fast.

Suddenly, a glow came from Discord’s belt; he grabbed the source of the glow, his morpher. When he opened it, three numbers were glowing on the keypad; “A spell code.” Discord muttered. He already knew what this could do, so it was time to see if it works.

He turned to Celestia and asked, “You ready?”

“Always.” The princess replied.

The draconequus typed in the spell code and chanted the spell, “Somba Guliose Equestras!” he then grew into a giant. Celestia used her magic to grow into her giant mystic Alicorn form; the two of them ran towards each other.

Discord leaped into the air and began to combine with Celestia. Where the combination was complete, Discord cheered, “Power of the Sun, Power of Chaos; Centaurus Uni-Zord!”

This new Megazord was incredible; Celestia had formed the arms and the legs, Discord was placed in chest piece, forming part of the torso and the head. Celestia’s Alicorn head became a sort of helmet for the Megazord; and her tail had created a cutlass-like sword.

Once they were ready, Discord and Celestia charged towards Super-Nasor; the two giants clashed together, trying to knock the other over. “You can’t beat me, you won’t beat me; I’ve waited too long for this.” ‘Nasor stated. But Discord replied, “Well then, this will be a let-down.”

But suddenly, the monster pushed the Megazord back; once he had some space, Super-Nasor sprouted vines from his hands. The vines wrapped around Discord, stopping his movement; even his sword couldn’t cut through it.

The rangers on the ground were watching the battle, they saw that there friends were in peril. “Let’s give them a hand, rangers!” The Power Rangers used their weapons to blast magic at Super-Nasor, the blasts were strong enough to break his concentration; the vines around Discord dropped, he now had an opening.

“I’m ending this.” The draconequus cried.

He channelled all his power to his weapon, using an even more powerful attack. “Chaotic Strike!” he yelled.

Discord’s sword slashed Super-Nasor with so much chaos magic, the final strike was enough to defeat him. The monster cried, “No! It was my time! All that waiting, for nothing!” he then fell forward and exploded for the last time.

It was over, the rangers had won the day again. Rory stated, “That weed’s been wacked; one monster left.”
When the fighting was over, all the rangers returned to their homes; meanwhile, Adam had a promise to keep.

The human and the draconequus approached the Castle of Chaos, standing by the front door, was the family Discord once lost. Screwball had her hoof around Mothball’s neck and Fluttershy was holding Zany in her wings.

Screwy couldn’t believe her eyes when she looked towards the rope bridge; and saw her father crossing it. “Daddy!” she cried as she ran towards him. The two of them gave each other the monster of all hugs, the rest of the family joined the group hug; in the mist of it, Fluttershy and Discord shared a passionate kiss.

Adam watched the family become close again, he stood behind them, watching them be happy. Screwball turned to the human and held out her hoof, “Come on Adam, your apart of this family now to.” She pulled him in and Adam joined the hug.

The rangers had done it, they saved Discord. And with just one evil element left, this fight was coming that much closer to ending.

Author's Note:

When it came to creating a Megazord for Celestia and Discord, I just had to improvise. Tell we what you think of it.