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Power Rangers Harmony Force - Adamverse

A team of Power Rangers from Earth come to Equestria to meet with their friends; the Mane 6. But evil is returning to this land, so the humans must execpt new powers to protect this world.

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Once a ranger

Deep within the underworld; Discord was having words with his supposed master, "Zombra; every villain that you've released has been destroyed by the rangers, we need a different approach." The king replied with, "And what exactly do you propose we do?"

The Lord of Chaos thought for a minute; then it came to him, "We need even more powerful villains." Zombra looked at him; confused, "What are you talking about?" Discord began to explain what he meant, "Villains from the rangers' past, they would be perfect for destroying them. Because they have experience with fighting this team of heroes."

"Which villains did you have in mind?" Zombra asked. Discord used his magic to project holograms of each villain the could hire to help.

"King Mondo."

The king of the machine empire; this villain battled the ZEO Power Rangers, he came the closest to taking over the Earth. But he was stopped by the rangers and his ship was blasted into deep space. Mondo swore he would return one day and get his revenge on the Power Rangers.

"Kaita; the Bat-Rider."

The terror of Kingkow; and arch-enemy to the Dino Thunder Rangers. He was defeated by the twin kings, Brady and Boomer; & their team.


Shockwave is the only Decepticon that still wants to destroy the Autobots, he created the Insecticons, Dinobots & Predicons.


She terrorized the far-side of the galaxy; until she was defeated by the Lost Galaxy Rangers, she was presumed destroyed. That is until she returned and began conquering planets again.

"The Shredder."

He battled the Ninja Storm Rangers; his mutant powers double his strength, speed and fighting abilities. He was banished to the ninja spirit realm after his defeat.

Discord explained, "These are super-villains will destroy the ranger for us. Like us, they want revenge on this group of children." Zombra thought about Discord's plan; then said, "Very well, I will use my dark magic to bring them here."

Zombra's horn began to glow; he generated a dark vortex in the centre of the room. The portal grew larger by the second; one by one, mighty villains descended from the vortex. Each one was confused on why they were here or where they even were. But there they were; Mondo, Kaita, Shockwave, Trakeena & Shredder.

"Where am I?" Kaita asked, the others were thinking the same. Mondo noticed Zombra and Discord watching them from across the room, "Who are they?" the machine king asked. Zombra stepped off his throne and greeted the villains, "I am King Zombra; I have brought you all here to destroy the Power Rangers." When the villains heard the shadow pony's statement, the all started laughing.

"What? The Power Rangers?." Shockwave said. "If I knew how to do that, do you think I would have been wandering what remained of Cybertron for the past 3 months?" The other villains agreed. Trakeena explained, "I went to the far away corners of the galaxy just to get away from those heroes in multi-coloured suits." Shredder stayed silent for the whole argument, he didn't even groan at the other villains complaining.

Zombra decided to explain his plan, "Listen to me you gang of bad guys; look what happened when you all worked alone, you were defeat, humiliated & above all; beaten by children." The villains decided to listen to what he was saying. "If we combine our powers, the rangers won't stand a chance against us." Mondo stepped forward holding something in his hand, "This is a Evox Virus, it can sever their connection to the Morphing Grid. Once their powers have been taken away, they'll just be teenagers." All the villains liked the plan; and Zombra thought of something that could help, "I know just the villain to use for this plan."

Upon summoning the life cells; Zombra found the right cell, "I summon.... Cyber Racer." Instead of appearing somewhere in Ponyville; Cyber Racer generated right next to Zombra, "What is you command master." the newly released villain said. King Mondo plugged the hard-drive into the Cyber Racer's arm; the Evox Virus began to take effect, "Now; each blast from his laser will have enough power to cut off a ranger's powers." Mondo explained.

All the villains began to laugh; all except Cyber Racer and Shredder, they both just stood there in silence. "The Power Rangers will finally fall." Discord muttered as all the villains cackled.
The rangers decided to take today off; Applejack and her family had taken the rangers to forest for a hiking trip. Behind the the group; Rose was pushing the stroller that was carrying Applespike. The hiking group came to a stop in the center of the Everfree.

"Nice day." Adam commented. Nobody or pony knew the they were being watched from a far.

The Apple Family and the rangers sat down around a fire when night came over; they decided to camp out tonight, "I'm turning in." Cinnamon Sticks explained. So the brown earth pony crawled into his tent; pretty soon, everyone else did the same.

During the night; the campsite got an unwanted visitor; Cyber Racer marched towards Cinnamon Roll's tent, "Scanning; no trace of the Morphing Grid." the villain said as his cyborg eye scanned the tent. Cyber Racer began scanning all the tents; until he found the rangers' ones. The villain activated his blaster and began firing upon the tents.

Kian's tent when up in smoke; luckily he escaped before the flames got him, the ranger leaped out of the tent and watched it burn to the ground. "Guys; it's time to rumble." All the ranger woke up and came face to face with the villain. Cyber Racer stood there aiming his blaster at the rangers. Rory took command of his team and said, "You guys ready?". The team all nodded their heads before pulling out their morphers, "Magical Source; Harmony Force!" they all cried.

Now the team was morphed; the readied their weapons, however what happened next was not what they expected.

From behind the trees; the rangers were shocked to see the five boss villains from the past. "Kaita!" Rory gasped. "King Mondo?" Kian said. "Shockwave?!" Adam gasped. "Shredder?" Wiktoria questioned. "Trakeena?" Rose said. The five ranger faced the now six villains when the gang stood by Cyber Racer. Mondo asked, "Miss us rangers?" but the team did not respond. Shockwave turned to Zombra's villain, "Minion; use the Evox Virus, destroy their connection to the Morphing Grid." the Decepticon ordered.

Cyber Racer fired at the rangers; the blast was more powerful then it was thought to be, each ranger was shot down with a single shot. The virus began to take effect; each ranger felt their power being drained, "My power, it's disappearing." Wiktoria moaned. Even in their weak condition; the rangers had to get up and fight, so that's what they did.

The team picked themselves up and began attacking the villains. Each ranger took on one villain; leaving Cyber Racer to watch the battle, luckily the fight was taken down the mountain. So Applejack and her family were safe.

Rory began the fight by sword fighting with Shredder; the villain grew katana blades from his gauntlets and sliced at the Red Ranger.

Rose used her shield to block blaster bolts being fired by Shockwave; she charged forward and began kicking and punching the Decepticon. However; the virus made her to weak, Rose's attacks couldn't make a dent in him.

Adam was blasted to the wall by Mondo; his power was weakening and the villain was somehow stronger than before. The Yellow Ranger got back up to try again; but was once again struck down by Mondo's staff.

Trakeena used her alien powers to blast Kian down; she was to strong for him to keep fighting.

Wiktoria couldn't keep fighting either; Kaita used his dagger and began firing fire balls at her, sending into the rest of her team.

Now the rangers were all together again; the villains prepared their final blow, "This is true dark power." Trakeena stated. The villains all grouped together, "EVIL FORCE FIVE; FINAL BLAST!!" they all cried. A wave of dark power came from the evil group and washed away the rangers, causing them all to de-morph. They tried to get up; but they were to weak, Rory said, "We can't give up, we can't let them win." The rangers went for their morphers; when they flipped them open, the devices began to spark and shatter.

"What happened?!" Adam cried. King Mondo stepped forward and explained, "We've severed your connection to the universal Morphing Grid, your not Power Rangers any more." All the villains began laughing; even Shredder joined in for this one. Before the villains could attack; a light appeared in front of the rangers.

Celestia appeared in front of them; she said, "You will not harm my rangers you evil misfits." The sun princess used her magic and teleported them away. Kaita ran through the smoke trying to find them, "There gone." he muttered. Shockwave placed his mechanical hand on the bat-rider's shoulder, "It doesn't matter, their no threat to are plan now."
The rangers and the princess appeared in Canterlot Castle; where they were greeted by Twilight and Luna, "Rangers, thank the moon your safe." However; the rangers didn't feel so good, they had lost their powers. Celestia began speaking, "With the rangers gone, the land in unprotected. I must do something."

With another flash of light; Celestia was gone, leaving the others in the room. Twilight said, "I'll send some guards to the forest to collect Applejack and her family, they'll take them home." Kian was relieved when he heard Applejack was going to be okay. The rangers decided to go back to Ponyville; even without their powers, they still had to protect Ponyville.

At the train station all the rangers were boarding the Ponyville Express; Adam was the last to board, he had a lot on his mind. The boy couldn't believe that his days as a Power Ranger were over.

On the train; the rangers thought of what they were now going to do. Rory thought this would be his chance to go back to Earth, Rose thought she might now have some more free time, Kian was in a mood cause he missed his axe, Wiktoria still could believe it had happened & Adam; as I said had a lot on his mind about the situation.
The next day; the rangers were called to the town hall, it was an emergency. When they arrived; Twilight was there, as was Luna. "Rangers, Kaita and Shredder were spotted entering the east part of town. We need you to help the ponies." Rory stepped forward and explained, "Will all do respect Princess Luna, were not rangers any more. We can't battle monsters without are powers."

Adam didn't believe what he heard; he stepped forward and said, "We might not have ranger powers, but we can still fight." All the rangers agreed and left for their mission.

Upon arrival; it was as Luna said, Kaita and Shredder we causing chaos. Even though the rangers couldn't morph; they still had to do their best and fight. Rory decided to start the fight by charging at the villains with the other rangers chasing after him; however, Kaita blasted them with a fire ball. The blast sent the flying towards the buildings; they moaning in pain when they him the ground.

All seemed lost when the two villains marched towards the defeated team; that is until, a blast of green energy sent Shredder flying backwards. When Kaita turned to where the blast came from; he got a real shock.

"Surprise." the new ranger said. Kaita was about to attack but he was fired at by red blasts; when the smoke cleared, he got another shock.


Shredder had recovered from his attack and was ready to fight; but a yellow blur came flying past him and struck his armor, hard. The saw the blur land onto of one of the food carts....

"Thought you guys could use a hand." the yellow ranger says to the team. Kaita was about to attack but was once again knocked down by another ranger. This one hit him with a small but powerful katana slash.

"Let the games begin." this ranger said. The two villains came together to try and address the situation; however, one final blue blast was fired at them to finish them off. There was one final new ranger; this one was the oldest out of all the new ones.

"Time for you villains to leave." the blue ranger said. The villains didn't stand a chance against the new team of rangers; Shredder muttered, "Zombra didn't tell us their would be more rangers." Kaita then said, "Lets get out of here." With those final words; Kaita and Shredder teleported back to the underworld, leaving the new team with the old one.

"Power down." the new rangers said; with those words, the rangers de-morphed and revealed themselves. Adam recognized all of them; except the red one, "Thanks." Rory said as each team came face to face. "Is anyone else confused?" Kian asked. The one ranger that seemed like the leader said, "When we get back to the town hall, we'll explain everything."

So the rangers went back to the town hall to find out what was going on.
When everyone was here; Celestia appeared in front of the rangers, "Rangers; while you don't have you powers, I had to call in some help." Rory and his team observed the new rangers; as I said, Adam recognized some of the rangers. "Emma; Blue Ninja Storm Ranger. Mikayla; Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger. Ross; Green Lost Galaxy Ranger. Shaun; Blue Zeo Ranger." he explained. Then he turned to the final ranger, "But who are you?" he asks.

The Red OSC Ranger explained himself, "You see; I'm Oliver, I'm from the future. In the future; I'm Rory and Rose's son." Rory and Rose were the first to gasp, not believing the news they heard. Celestia continued to explain her plan, "I was able to use some of my magic to restore these rangers' powers. While you can no longer protect my kingdom; I chose Shaun, Emma, Oliver, Ross & Mikayla. To replace you, as the new team of Power Rangers."

The harmony rangers didn't like what they were hearing; they were being replaced.

After the meeting was finished; everyone left, just continuing with their day. Rory and Kian went back to Sweet Apple Acres, Adam went home to the Chaotic Castle, Wiktoria took the balloon up to the clouds & Rose strolled home to the fashion studio.

Meanwhile; down in the underworld, all the villains were now in a mood.
"You are the one to blame Zombra!" Shockwave yelled. "Not only have failed to actually destroy a ranger, but now their popping up like Scraplets." All the villains agreed that Zombra was to blame.

"Wait my friends, I have a plan." Zombra uses his dark magic to open a rift in reality; all the villains watch what happens out in Ponyville, they see Cyber Racer. Discord is there to; using his chaos magic on the villain, making him grow bigger and bigger. Once the villain was fully grown; he began stomping through the streets, all the ponies began to run away in fear.

The new team heard the attack and rushed to the scene; Shaun took command as he was the oldest ranger, "Okay guys, we have to use the Titan Megazord." Once the mech had arrived, the new team climbed inside and prepared to fight the giant villain.

Meanwhile; back at Sugar Cube Corner, the old team were not having a good day. "I don't know about you guys, but I think retirement came a bit to early." Rose commented. Adam just stared out the window; thinking about how he's failed, he promised Fluttershy he'd save Discord. And that's when it hit him, "Guys, I have a plan. But we need to go home." The others looked at him confused, "You mean back to Earth?" Kian asked.

Adam nodded and led his friends outside, "O.S.C HQ, requesting urgent space bridge." Adam said into his old communicator. Instantly; a blue portal open up in front of the team, they all followed the Yellow Ranger through.

Back at the Megazord battle; the ranger team was being knocked in every direction. When Cyber Racer blasted the Titan Megazord to the ground; Emma muttered, "Does anyone know how to drive this thing?!"
"So what are we looking for again?" Wiktoria asked. The team had gone back to Earth and to an old junk shop, "I'm afraid you wouldn't believe me if I told you. All you need to know is this guy can get us are powers back."

Whilst the rangers were looking around; Rory stopped at the till, "Hello? Anyone here?" Suddenly, a creepy old man appeared behind the counter. "Hello, what can I do for you?" The rest of the team met Rory at the counter and Adam said, "Were here for the secret merchandise. I mean the.... droids."

The store owner raised his eyebrow at Adam's statement, "Follow me." the man said before walking to the back; the rangers did as instructed and followed him behind the curtains.

The rangers were led to an old storage room; the opened the large loading door and said, "This is where I keep all the robots and droids I've.... collected over the years. Feel free to look around." The store owner just left them to their business. The team started wandering through the crates, they still had no idea what Adam was trying to find. "Guys, I sense something." Rory stepped forward, "What is it Adam?" all was quiet, until....

Three metal tennis balls went flying over the team's heads; the balls the exploded and generated groups of football headed robots. "Man, not these guys again." Kian said. They were robots created by Doc Ock, used as his evil minions. Krybots; robotic foot-soldiers, they're left hand was replaced with a blaster.

The former rangers knew they had to fight in order to get out of here; so they spread around the room and began fighting.

Rory leaped on top of the crates; knocking down any bot that jumped up after him. Kian was swinging a broom still any they, send them to the ground. Wiktoria started punching their heads together, causing them to malfunction. Adam constantly back-flipped with Krybots chasing him, until he eventually delivered a spin kick to them. Rose finished the last group of bot by lifting one up and throwing him into the rest. They battle was over; the rangers emerged victorious.

When all the panic was over; Adam saw a large crate with O.S.C logo on it, "There you are." he commented. The rangers gathered around the large box, "What's in there?" Rose asked. Adam replied, "This is going to get us our powers back."

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