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Power Rangers Harmony Force - Adamverse

A team of Power Rangers from Earth come to Equestria to meet with their friends; the Mane 6. But evil is returning to this land, so the humans must execpt new powers to protect this world.

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Man-Spider: part 1

In the Everfree; Adam and Discord battled until one was destroyed, Adam struck the Lord of Chaos with his magic staff. He backs away from the yellow suited hero; he said, "You fight well Yellow Ranger, for that; I will let you live for now." Adam placed his staff back in his holder on his belt; then de-morphed, returning to himself. "Why do you not remember her Discord?" Adam asks. "She misses you, she loves you. Fluttershy, Screwball, Zany, even Mothball; they want you back."

The draconequus raises his shield; the eye in the centre stares directly at Adam, "I leave you with a curse ranger, you will become your inner monster." With those words; Discord blasts the boy with a strong chaotic blast, sending him flying into a tree. When Adam gets up; preparing to start fighting again, he notices Discord is gone.
Adam arrived back at the Chaotic Castle; Fluttershy was waiting for him outside the front. "Adam!" she cried. "What happened?"

Adam then collapsed in front of her; Fluttershy took the human in her hooves trying to wake him up.

Later that day; Adam woke up, he was in his bed with a hot towel on his forehead. The boy noticed the yellow Pegasus sitting in the armchair next to him. "Fluttershy? What happened?" The mare stroked his hair; then said, "Just rest. I'll tell your friends where you are."

Little did they; watching them through his rip in reality, Zombra observed the Pegasus nursing the Yellow Ranger back to health.

Zombra's rift closed and he turned to Chrysalis. "What has our draconequus done to this ranger?"

"I cursed him." Discord said as he marched into the room. The Changling queen turned to the purple knight, "What do you mean you cursed him?" she asked. Discord stared at the two villains before saying, "Trust me. By tomorrow, the Yellow Ranger will be no more." The Lord of Chaos then turned away from the pair; leaving Zombra and Chrysalis confused.

"Discord cannot be trusted, even after to corrupted him. He still chooses to work alone." Chrysalis explained. Zombra thought for a minute, "We must show Discord how to follow orders." The Changeling Queen nodded her head; agreeing with her partner. "Let me try something, I have a plan to make Discord respect our wishes." With those dark words; Chrysalis left the room, leaving the King of Monsters on his own.

Zombra summoned his life cells; he observed them, trying to choose which villain to release. "I know just the villain to defeat the rangers." The shadow pony levitated the chosen life cell above his head; before blasting it with his black magic.

Deep within the Everfree forest; lightning struck the ground, generating a large staff in the ground. Zombra's rift re-opened and he peered into view of the staff, "Rise Minotaur." The staff was then clutched by a bull headed monster; wearing Greek armour, his eyes glowed blood red & he had a large nose ring hooked onto his snout. The beast looked to the sky; seeing his master, "What is your bidding King Zombra?"

Zombra looked impressed towards this villain; finally a minion that shows respect, "I command you to destroy the Power Rangers. With the Yellow Ranger weak, they will be down a team member. This is the time to strike." The Minotaur nodded to his master; he knew his orders, now he needed to carry them out.
Rory had just left with Charlie; to go on some top secret mission, leaving the rest of the team in Sugar Cube Corner. Kian payed the check and the ranger left.

Wiktoria, Kian & Rose were all walking through the streets; being the only humans on the planet, they did get a few stairs. Braking the silence; Rose says, "Have any of you seen Adam; I haven't seen him since the party last night?" Wiktoria shook her head and Kian explained, "I saw him run towards the forest after everybody and pony left, but I haven't seen him since."

The rangers came to a stop when Screwball rushed towards them; she cried, "Guys! Guys!" The chaotic pony took a moment to catch her breath; since she just ran all the way here. Screwball then explained, "It's Adam, he was attacked by my Dad last night." The rangers gasped after hearing the news; Kian asked, "Where is he?" The pony motioned them to follow her; however they didn't get far when Kian's morpher rang, he quickly answered it and listened to Celestia's orders.

When he hanged up; he said, "Zombra released a new villain, it's on it's way to town." Wiktoria asked. "What do we do?" They all stood there trying to come up with a plan, "Rose; you and Wiktoria go see if Adam's okay, I'll go stop this villain." Kian ordered. With the words; the girls rushed off with Screwball, leaving Kian by himself.

"MAGICAL SOURCE, HARMONY FORCE." the Green Ranger yelled.

Now morphed; Kian made his way to the edge of town.
The girls arrived at the castle; Mothball met them at the door, "You girls should come in, something weird is happening." the Changeling said. Screwball and the rangers followed Mothball to Adam's room; only to find Fluttershy standing outside, peering in through the window.

"Mom, what are you doing?" The Pegasus turned to her daughter and replied, "Um; well honey, Adam's not feeling to well." Suddenly; their talk was interrupted by a loud "Ah!" from Adam's room.

Screwball said, "That's it, I need to see what's going on in there." With those strong words; the pony marched in the bedroom, only to scream at the sight of Adam. It would seem that the Yellow Ranger has.... grown four more arms.

"I know right?" Adam commented. Everyone walked in and gasped at the sight of four extra limbs coming from Adam sides. "What is happening?" Rose asked with a scared tone. Adam sat on his bed and sighed, "What's happening is I need to leave." All the creatures in the room asked, "What?"

Adam decided to explain; you see, this has happened to him before. "During my time as Spiderman; I once contracted a disease, a mutation disease. It was generated with spider DNA and lunar panels, which means when the sun goes down...." Adam couldn't finish the sentence for he knew it would scare them. Fluttershy approached the half spider boy, "I lost Discord to evil, I'm not going to lose you to." She wrapped her hooves around him, embracing him in a warm hug. Adam hugged her back.... with all six arms.

Rose broke the silence with, "Daniel!" All the others looked at her confused, "What about him?" Adam asked. Rose began to explain, "You helped him create a antidote for his lizard transformations, how would this be any different?"
In the Everfree forest; Kian was wandering, looking for the villain. "This place is creepy." the Green Ranger commented. He kept walking through the moldy trees; until he stopped a lake, "Whoa." he said as he stared at the sparkling lake, the sun was causing the water to shine.

The beautiful moment was interrupted when was struck on the back; sending flying into the lake. The Minotaur marched towards his fallen enemy; dripping with water, Kian got up and stared at the horn headed beast. "You must be one of those Power Rangers my master told about." Minotaur said. Kian grasped his magic staff; drawing it from his belt, "Your a Minotaur." Kian stated. The beast stared at him with an angry look, "Your very perspective, aren't you?" he muttered.

After a minute of staring; Kian took action, he charged for Minotaur with his staff in it's axe mode. Minotaur raised his staff like a spear and began to charge himself; his foot began scraping the ground, like a bull getting ready to attack.

Minotaur and Kian clashed their weapons together; the battled it out like gladiators in the arena, "You will fall ranger!" Minotaur cried. Kian struck the beast's chest with his mighty axe; Minotaur stumbled back to recover. The villain decide to use a different attack on this ranger, "Take this!" Minotaur cried breathing a green gas all over the ranger. The colored smoke fogged the area; Kian could see a thing, "What's going on?"

Out of no where; Minotaur delivered a punch to the Green Ranger, forcing him back. Minotaur muttered, "Tell me ranger, what do you fear." Kian looked up; only to find he wasn't in the forest anymore, but his was in a garden.

"What the hay is happening." With those words; he recognized the garden, it was Wiktoria's garden. This was where he trained to become Ant-man; where he learned how to use the shrinking tech. He took moment to admire the place from his past; but it was cut short when he noticed something everything was getting bigger, the whole garden was growing.

It didn't take Kian long to see that it wasn't the garden; it was him, he was shrinking. Until he was the size of an ant; he looked around the tall grass stems, "What's going on?" The ranger noticed something charging towards him; from the distance it only looked like small black dots, until the got close enough. It was a group of charging ants; heading right for him, looking hungry.

"So this what you fear Green Ranger." Kian heard Minotaur's voice in his head. "Your afraid that you'll fail as Ant-man and the ants will cast you out."

Returning to reality; Minotaur watched Kian run away from his illusions, "One down, five to go." the villain muttered.
Back the Chaotic Castle; Adam was still deciding what to do, "I can't stay here; when I change, I'll endanger you all." Adam explained. Fluttershy motioned everyone into the living room; leaving the spider boy sitting on his bed.

"What should we do?" Screwball asked. Rose stepped forward, "I'm going back to Earth, Daniel will have an anti-serum to Adam's condition." Everybody and pony agreed; Rose turned to Wiktoria, "I need you to go find Kian, we haven't heard from him since he went to the forest."

Rose and Wiktoria left the castle; leaving Fluttershy and her children with half human, half spider that could go crazy at any minute.

Rose steps into the garden, "Blades, I need a Space Bridge from here to Earth." she said into her communicator. With those words; a large blue portal opened, Rose entered the wormhole and stepped out the other side. She was now in O.S.C HQ on Earth; she was greeted by two clone troopers, "Miss; the director needs a word with you." Rose looked at the two soldiers, "No, I need to get to Dr Sandy's lab." When she tries to walk away; the clones block her path, "Sorry Miss, were just following orders." Rose gives up and follows the soldiers to the command centre.
Wiktoria left the town; making her way to the Everfree forest. She was suddenly stopped in the middle in the path, "Another ranger, must be my lucky day." Minotaur stated. The Blue Ranger looked at the figure behind the beast; it was Kian, un-morphed and his were wrapped in chains. The villain was dragging the Green Ranger along; like a prisoner or a slave.

Wiktoria pulled out her morpher; quickly saying, "Magical Source; Harmony Force." She instantly morphed into her suit; now she was battle ready. "Magic Staff, Spear Mode!" the ranger yells before he staff becomes a large hunting spear.

The Blue Ranger charged towards Minotaur; but the villain was quick and swung his staff at her, striking her chest hard. Wiktoria plummeted to the floor; with the beast standing over her, "Now let's see what you fear little blue ranger." With those words; Minotaur blasted her with a wave of his dread-breath. Just like Kian; she began to fall into a nightmare.

All was dark; until a light lit up the room, she was in her father's lab. Before her was the Quantum Tunnel; it was at full power, she saw her father about to enter the pod that would take him to the quantum relm. As he sat in the drivers seat; Wiktoria noticed something on the computer screen, "The tunnel's becoming unstable." She turned back to her father, "Daddy no! Don't do it." Dr Pym didn't listen; he continued to power up the pod's engines.

"He can't hear you." a voice said in Wiktoria's head. Dr Pym then blasted off into the tunnel; but something was wrong, the quantum field was becoming unstable. All of a sudden; the tunnel began to spark and break apart.

In one final spark; the tunnel exploded, while Dr Pym was still inside. Minotaur witnessed the destruction of Wiktoria's father, "So that's what you fear; your afraid your father will perish when he tries to bring your mother back." Minotaur watches the ranger stand in the middle of the path; staring at thin air. The villain throws Kian at her; sending them both to the ground, Wiktoria de-morphed and rubbed the back of her head. They both moaned in pain; Minotaur walked past them and couldn't help but laugh a little at the weak humans.

The villain then made his way to the town; little did he know, an even bigger threat was about to rise in this town.
"Adam has been moaning all day." Mothball complained whilst covering his ears with his hooves. Fluttershy was trying to get Zany to sleep; but it was almost impossible, Screwball walked to hear the moans. "Wow that boy can scream." she commented. Fluttershy turned to her daughter, "It's not his fault honey, we have to help Adam in this troubling time."

Mothball then had a thought, "Hang on; if chaos magic did this to Adam, can we use it to undo it?" Screwball frowned when she heard his idea, "No, Daddy's magic is way more powerful than mine. I wouldn't be able to undo this curse." the pony explained.

Everpony was beginning to get worried; it was almost sun down. Screwball looked out the window; the sun was setting and the moon was rising, "Uh Mom, we should lock Adam's door." Fluttershy nodded and handed Zany to Mothball; she made her way down the hall, until she came to a stop at Adam's door. She gently open the bedroom door; revealing the boy sitting in the corner, "Adam?" the Pegasus asked. The boy turned to her; but his eyes were glowing red, "Get away Fluttershy!" he cried.

The boy moaned in pain as the change was upon him; the moon was high in the sky, the curse was taking effect.

Fluttershy screamed at the site of the monster before her; Adam a.k.a Spiderman was gone, and so; Man-Spider was reborn. "Rah!" the monster cried. Screwball came in to see what the all the fuss was, "What are you doing M..." She stopped when she took one look at Adam, "Sweet Celestia!" she screamed. With all the screaming; Adam crashed through the window, landing in the garden. He then ran off towards Ponyville; Fluttershy ran out the front door with Screwball following her.

"Mothy, stay here and take care of Zany." Screwball told her coltfriend. She then sped after her Mom; Adam began firing webs and swinging through the streets. He swings and stops in front of Rarity's fashion studio; with acid dripping from Adam's jaw, he approaches the building.

Adam begins to climbs up the wall and peers into a window; he notices a tiny white unicorn tucked up in bed, the spider creature crawls into the room and approaches the bed. The sound of her light snoring suddenly makes Adam feel peaceful; unfortunately, Adam's heavy breathing wakes Gemstone up. Her eyes slightly open; she mutters, "Mommy, is that you?" Her eyes are wide open now; she mistakenly turns towards the monster leaning over her, "AH!" she screams.

Seeing no other option; Gemstone runs out of her room, she sprints down the stairs to find her mother sitting in the armchair, rubbing her stomach. "Gemstone darling, what's wrong?" Rarity asked. The fillie was panting; trying to catch her breath, "There's...there's a monster in my room." Rarity smiled at her daughter, "Darling, you know there's no such things as monsters." Suddenly; there was a knock at the door, the white unicorn made her way to the front door.

When the door was answered; Fluttershy and Screwball were breathing heavily, "Fluttershy darling, what are you doing here?" Fluttershy thought before she asked this, "You haven't seen a huge spider have you?"

Suddenly; Gemstone was heard screaming from the living room, Rarity ran to he child only to find her shaking at the sight of the creature at the top of the stairs. Rarity looked up; she found herself staring at something that looked like it had been brought back from Hades itself. She cried, "What in Equestria is that?!"

Everpony ran outside; when everybody was safe, the all witnessed Adam leap from Gemstone's window and begin swinging to the centre of town. "Fluttershy, what is that thing?" Rarity asked. The Pegasus turned to her unicorn friend, "I'm so sorry Rarity, that's Adam. Discord cursed him, every night he'll turn into that creature." Rarity took a moment to understand the situation; she looked at her friend before saying, "We must help him, he's doing so much for us. It's time we do something for him."

The four ponies made their way after Man-Spider.
"What do you mean Daniel's gone?" Rose asked Olessia. They were in the command centre; Rose was just told that Daniel was called to Autobot city to help fix the ground bridge.

"I'm sorry Rose; with Daniel gone, I need all the scientists here." Olessia explained. Rose was beginning to panic, "But Adam's going to become Man-Spider again and I need someone to mix up an antidote." Olessia thought for a moment. "Very well. I will call Daniel back, but there's no telling how long it will take." Rose sighed in relief.
The Pink Ranger was Space Bridged back to Equestria; when she stepped from the portal, Wiktoria and Kian were carrying themselves towards her. "Rose?" Kian muttered. Rose approached her friends, "What happened?" she asked.

Kian got his strength back and explained what had happened to them.

The conversation was interrupted by a loud roar from the distance; they turned to see a spider like creature swinging towards them, "What in the name of Cybertron is that?!" Kian cried. The beast swung towards the rangers; the team only got a small look at it before it swung away.

The group was then joined by the four ponies; Fluttershy, Screwball, Rarity & Gemstone. "What happened to Adam?" Wiktoria asked. Screwball frowned before saying, "You were to late."

All of a sudden; a familiar noise was heard, it was the TARDIS materializing. Stepping out of the blue box was Rory and Charlie.

The other rangers; joined by Screwball, Fluttershy, Rarity and Gemstone; were all running towards Rory.

Rose wrapped her arms around Rory; he was confused as for what was going on. Rory stroked the back of Rose's and asked, "What's going on?" Fluttershy answered, "It's Adam, something has happened to him."

Kian stepped forward and said, "Rory, it's happened again."