• Published 23rd Oct 2019
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Power Rangers Harmony Force - Adamverse

A team of Power Rangers from Earth come to Equestria to meet with their friends; the Mane 6. But evil is returning to this land, so the humans must execpt new powers to protect this world.

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Yellow is not for Fear

One morning, Adam was out in Fluttershy's garden; he was looking over the beautiful planet. It was at that moment he realised what he had always wondered about himself, Adam wanted to stay here.

While he was looking at the view, Screwball came outside to join him. The Yellow Ranger turned to his pony friend and asked her something, "Screwy, when this is all over. Like when we've defeated the elements and saved you dad; you know I have to go back to Earth, right?"

The chaotic pony learned at him and sighed, "Yes, I will miss you when you leave again." But that's when Adam told her what he wanted to do, "But, what if I didn't go back to Earth? What if I stayed here, with you?" Screwball was happy that he was suggesting that, but she didn't want to ask him to give up his life on Earth.

"Adam, that's a generous thought. But what about you life on your home planet, what about your parents, your brother?" Adam placed his hand on her shoulder and replied, "Screwball, this world has been more of a home to me then Earth ever was. I don't want to go back." The two of them quickly hugged before heading back inside; Adam decided to sleep on it tonight before he made any big decisions.

They went into the house and told Fluttershy & Mothball about what Adam was considering to do; like Screwball, they were happy to have him here, but they didn't want him to give up his own life.

Not to mention, how would his friends react; Adam staying on Equestria while they all go back to Earth. And what about his family; he'll never be able to marry, he'll never have children to continue his family name. But like I said, the boy would sleep on it before he made any decisions.
Deep within the underworld, sitting on his throne of darkness, King Zombra looked through his rift in reality; staring at the world he had sworn to conquer. But those plans were put on hold by the same group of teenagers that trapped him in the underworld, and are destroying all his monsters.

Never the less, him and the elements had to keep trying; so the four remaining Evil Elements gathered in the room and presented their weapons.

The Master shot it's orb of dark magic, the energy flew around the room until it placed itself on the monster the Master had chosen. "Very well, amigo." Rattle-Bones said when he saw that he had been chosen. Before he had the chance to escape to the surface world, Shriek pulled him to the side.

As the two skeletons wandered down the cave's halls, Zombra and Malagore began to talk.

Zombra started with, "Now that I am back, I have resumed my command over the monsters of the underworld." But Malagore then reminded him, "My King, you have reverted back to your original form. Meaning you are once again trapped here in the underworld."

"That may be, but I have a plan for my escape, my hot-headed friend." Zombra waited until all the monsters were out of the room, so it was just the two of them. "When Rattle-Bones goes to the surface, we will let him fight the Power Rangers however he likes. If the rangers destroy him, then I will absorb his power; once I am fully powered up, I will be able to revert back to my warrior form, and set myself free."

Malagore replied, "I like your plan, my King; but what happens if he isn't destroyed, what if he wins."

Zombra didn't think of that, so he stated, "Well then, we make sure that he is." Malagore was shocked to hear that last part, he returned with, "You would sacrifice one of my own for your benefit?" But the King of Monsters said, "In these times, my friend; sacrifices must be made."

Rattle-Bones returned to the main chamber, he explained his plan to his masters. "I have a spell that will turn the rangers against each other. My 'Hate Spell' will make the Power Rangers hate each other so much, that they'll destroy each other."

Zombra like the plan, so he summoned a portal to take Rattle-Bones to the surface world.
Later that day, Adam met up with his friends in town; they all decided to 'try' and take today off. They wandered through the streets of Ponyville, Adam thought it was time he told his friends about how he might be staying on this planet. After he told them, the had mixed responses.

Rory was surprised, Kian and Wiktoria were shocked & Rose was happy for him; but also a little concerned. Each ranger expressed what they thought about this.

"Adam, you can't stay here. We have lives back on Earth, we have to protect our home." Rory stated. But Adam replied strongly, "Well I'm sorry Rory, but I think this planet is a better home for me."

Wiktoria stepped forward and said, "I know you care for this world's species, but you belong on Earth."

"How do you know that? I have more peace on this planet. Equestria is the only place I've ever truly felt a t home; Earth is where I come from yes, but I feel like this is where I belong." Adam explained. He then turned away from his friends, until he felt Rose place her hand on his shoulder.

"If you want to stay here, then we can't make you leave. But you should talk to your parents about this; space travel takes up a lot of energy, as does Space Bridge travel. Meaning you won't be able to see your friends and family that often." she states. Then Kian steps forward and says his bit, "And where would you live? When Discord comes back, the castle will be a bit crowded."

Adam had a lot to think about, but he couldn't come to a decision.

However, his thoughts were put on hold for the time being; because Wiktoria noticed Ghouls running towards them. The rangers put this little matter aside for now, they came together to fight off these creepy creeps. When the Ghouls collided with the Power Rangers, each ranger broke of a group of Ghouls to fight.

Rory leaped on top of the fruit carts, two Ghouls jumped after him. With a powerful kick, the Red Ranger sent one of them flying off the cart and made it land on the rest of them. And with only one Ghoul left, Rory leaped into the air and delivered and spinning kick to the face of the last Ghoul.

Rose was cornered against the wall of a building, but that didn't stop her from delivering a strong punch to one of the Ghouls; which sent it flying across the sky. As the rest of them, they were kicked away one by one.

Adam was being thrown around like a basket ball, so he put a stop to it. When the ranger landed on the ground, he quickly got up and began fighting back. It was when he knocked one of the Ghouls down, the rest of them weren't that hard to defeat.

Wiktoria fought back hard, they pushed her against the fountain; so she decided to put a little magic into the mix. Using the magic she had learnt, the water from the fountain rose up and blasted itself towards the Ghouls; they were washed away in a giant tidal wave.

Kian was able to use his magic to lift a tree out of the ground, the Green Ranger used the tree to wack the monsters away; they landed on top of the ones Wiktoria had knocked down.

When all the Ghouls were down, they all disappeared in a purple flash. The rangers came together to talk about what just happened. "Did anyone else think that the attack was a bit random?" Kian stated. All the other rangers agreed, but they couldn't be sure about why the Ghouls would attack without a reason.

"Maybe I could answer your question."

The Power Rangers turned to see Rattle-Bones walking towards them. "You rangers are finally about to meet your match, face me if you dare." the Master of Undead stated. The ranger team came together and pulled out their morphers, "Sorry bone-boy, but it's time for you to go back to the graveyard." Rory stated.

The team typed the code into the morphers and cheered, "Magical Source; Harmony Force!"

Once the rangers were morphed, they pulled out their weapons and charged at the monster; Rattle-Bones did the same with his cutlass, charging at the rangers. When they clashed together, the fight had begun.

Rory and Kian were slashed away by the strong, sharp blade that the monster held; he pulled the same move on Rose and Wiktoria. Adam was the only ranger left standing; so, using his crossbow, he blasted the monster with all the lightning power that he had. Until Rattle-Bones used dark magic to strike the Yellow Ranger away, sending him flying into the other rangers.

All the rangers got up and looked at the monster, he muttered, "You rangers think you can beat me? You can't destroy what's already not alive." Rory stepped in front of his team and replied, "We'll see about that." With those words, the rangers combine their weapons into the Celestial Sword.

As the whole team held onto the sword, they chanted, "Celestial Sword! Final Strike!" And with that, they brought the sword into a slash onto Rattle-Bones. His last words were, "Not cool." Before exploding into nothing.

When the smoke cleared, Rose muttered, "Is that it, that was way to easy." Everyone else agreed, after everything they've faced, it's never that easy.

And they were right, Kian noticed Rattle-Bones' bones coming back together, until it reformed his skeleton body. When the monster was rebuilt, he said, "Told you. You can't destroy me that easily." And now that he had the five main rangers together, he put his plan into action. Rattle-Bones through the sack of Hate Dust onto the team, infecting them with his Hate Spell.

When the dust went away, the monster had disappeared. And all the rangers felt strange, all except Adam.

"Is everyone okay?" the Yellow Ranger asked. But the response he got, was not what he expected. "Why do you care, yellow-boy?" Rory commented. The team de-morphed, and began to walk away from each other. Adam was the only one who stayed put.

"I can't believe I walked with you dead-weights." Kian stated.

"Friendship is magic. More like it's a waste of my good time." Wiktoria said as she stormed off.

"Why am I even here? I hate pink." Rose said as she walked away from the group.

Rory turned to Adam and stated, "Go a head Adam, stay on this planet. You were dragging the team down anyway." Adam was hurt when he said that. But then Rory said something else, "Oh, and one more thing; yellow is the colour of a coward." And with that, he marched away, just like the rest.

What was one lone Yellow Ranger going to do now?
Celestia somehow managed to gather the rangers in the town hall, but none of them wanted to be their; all except for Adam, who it seemed the spell didn't work on.

"What is the matter with your rangers? Your acting like a bunch on arguing children." Celestia stated. Adam replied to her statement with, "I think that monster put some kind of a spell on them. It made them hate each other."

Wiktoria interrupted, "Wrong as usual, Adam."

"Yeah that monster had nothing to do with it." Rory continued.

Rose explains, "The only explanation for this, is that some friendships aren't meant to last."

When the Pink Ranger had finished, Kian stood up and stated, "Princess, I wish you all the luck. But give my element to some one who can stand this lot." He then storms out of the town hall. One by one, the other infected rangers follow him, until Adam speaks up.

"Guys. If are team breaks up; then evil wins." Rose then pretended to gasp, the said, "Whatever." And then the team left.

"What do I do now?" Adam muttered. Celestia placed her hoove on his shoulder, "I need you to get me a sample of that dust. Maybe Twilight can come up with some kind of antidote." Adam agreed to the plan, but then the princess continued, "Although, you have to hurry; before the rangers leave the planet. Equestrian magic won't work on Earth."

So Adam wasted no time getting to where they battled Rattle-Bones; but there was a question going through Adam's mind, 'Why didn't the dust effect him?'.
Down in the underworld, Rattle-Bones was celebrating his victory over the Power Rangers. "Yes! It's only a matter of time before the rangers turn their powers on each other. They'll destroy themselves." the monster bantered.

But then he heard Zombra growl when he looked through his rift, he called Rattle-Bones into the chamber.

"Master of Undead; though I congratulate you on defeating four of the rangers, why is there still a yellow to deal with?" Rattle-Bones looked through Zombra's rift and saw that Adam was not infected. The monster was scared of what his king thought of him, so he tried to fix this fast.

"Not to worry, my king. I will just go to the surface world and destroy himself. Now that he's all alone, he won't stand a chance against me." Rattle-Bones summoned a portal to the surface world.

What the King of Monster didn't know, was that Super-Nasor was listening on him; he had also heard about what he was planning to do if Rattle-Bones succeeded at destroying the rangers. "So, you think you can just use us to re-fuel your power? Well, no today, your majesty."

'Nasor teleported to the surface world, he was going to put his plan into action.
Adam & Twilight went back to the battle site, the princess had brought her science equipment. The ranger guided her to where there was a sample of the dust.

Twilight sweep the tiniest sample of the Hate Dust, she placed it into a small container. Once she had all she needed, she said, "Now I'll get to my old library, there I should be able to come up with some form of antidote to cure your friends."

However, as they were walking away, a blast of dark magic was coming right for them. Twilight didn't see it, but Adam's spider-sense warned him; just before the blast hit, Adam pushed the princess out of the way. Twilight was safe, but the dark magic hit the ranger.

Adam rolled across the ground, he stopped when bumped into the fountain. He looked up and saw Rattle-Bones coming right for him; the monster said, "One lone Yellow Ranger, that won't a problem for me." He would of blasted Adam again, but Twilight started blasting him with her magic. When Rattle-Bones turned to the princess, Adam got up and morphed.

"Magical Source; Harmony Force!"

Now that he was morphed, he charge into the monster's back; tackling him to the ground. But he turned to Adam and through him off him; Rattle-Bones drew his weapon and Adam drew his magic staff.

The two warriors locked in an epic duel; while he fought, the ranger shouted to Twilight, "Go! Make the antidote!" With those orders, the princess flew to her old library.

The Yellow Ranger and Rattle-Bones were holding their weapons together, the fight was no closer to ending; until Adam leaped backwards and fired at the monster with his crossbow. The element did his best to block the attacks, but one of the blasts managed to knock him back. When he got back up, he began saying something to Adam.

"You can't beat me on your own, you're just a lonely boy." But Adam then spoke wisdom to the monster, the true words of an Element of Harmony. "I am one with my element, and so are my friends; I am never alone." Then he tried a different attack, "Legendary Source; Harmony Force!"

Adam morphed into his legend mode, he then noticed something on his lion staff, "Code 5." The Yellow Ranger had unlocked his full potential. Rattle-Bones felt a little scared at first, but then got over it and charged at the ranger.

The ranger wasted no time using this new power, "Code 5, Element of Light!" he cheered. The suddenly, a bright glow with shone from Adam's body. Rattle-Bones was confused as he cover his eyes from the bright light, "Impossible, the Yellow Ranger has a second elemental power."

When the glow disappeared, Adam decided to end this. "Element of Kindness, full power. Power of Lightning, Power of Light; Powers Unite." The Yellow Ranger blasted a large beam of lightning and light energy at the monster, the power was too much for him, he was defeated.

"Uh! What did I do to deserve this? Oh yeah, all that stuff I did." He muttered before he fell forward and exploded, properly this time.

When the battle was over, Adam de-morphed and went to find Twilight.
Twilight had made and antidote to the Hate Dust, she and Adam found the rangers about to enter a space bridge. Twilight turned to the ranger next to her and said, "Here, throw the powder at them." she said while handing Adam the bag.

Adam used all his strength and threw the bag at the other rangers; just before Kian could step through the portal, the bag exploded next to them, causing the dust to spread all around them. The antidote made them all pass out, Adam and Twilight ran to them.

The princess explained, "Don't worry, they'll be alright."

Adam and Twilight took the rangers to their homes. Another win for the good guys.