• Published 23rd Oct 2019
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Power Rangers Harmony Force - Adamverse

A team of Power Rangers from Earth come to Equestria to meet with their friends; the Mane 6. But evil is returning to this land, so the humans must execpt new powers to protect this world.

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Nightmare Night

Adam got up one morning, with a lot of excitement; tonight was his favourite time of year. On Earth, they call it Halloween; but here, it's known as, Nightmare Night. The ranger leaped out of bed and went to his cupboard, inside was his monster costume.

"This is gonna be great." he commented. He was soon joined by Screwball when she knocked on the door and was let in; the chaotic pony also enjoyed Nightmare Night. All the great pranks that could be pulled, and all that delicious candy.

Adam worked up the courage to ask, "So, Screwball. What are you dressing up as?" The pony turned her head towards her human friend and replied, "Me and my friends are going in group costumes, you'll see them tonight." The two of them wandered into the living room, only to find Mothball and Fluttershy hanging up the decorations.

The human and the chaotic pony joined in with the decorating; this Nightmare Night was going to be one to remember.

Everypony else in Ponyville were getting ready for tonight; Sweet Apple Acres was going to open it traditional corn maze, Rarity would always sell out of costumes to the colts and fillies, Sugar Cube Corner was making all the treats and candies & as I said, Screwball was preparing her usual Nightmare Night pranks.

The only thing that could go wrong tonight, would be if the rangers had to 'work'. They could only pray that Zombra takes tonight off, as well.

But they should know, that evil, never takes a night off.
Deep within the underworld, Zombra was watching Ponyville set up for it Nightmare Night festival; he gagged at the sight of all the happy ponies. However, the dark unicorn had a new trick up his sleeve.

He turned towards Chrysalis and Discord, who were both standing in the room with him, "My friends, this time of year is for us monsters. With the power I'm gaining from all the energy, my dark power has tripled." Zombra explained. The Queen of the Changelings stepped forward and asked, "So what will that do to help us?"

The false king continued, "Because my power has tripled; I can summon, not one, but three villains this time." Discord stepped forward and stated, "Then we must not waste this opportunity, release your strongest monsters." Zombra turned to the purple knight, "That is what I intend to do."

Zombra summoned his life cells, he observed the villains he had not yet released, trying to choose ones who can beat the rangers and gain power from fear.

He looked hard, until he found the three that could do the job, "I have the three villains, each one with power drawn from Nightmare Night." The shadow pony raised the cells above his head and blasted all three with his dark magic.

"I summon, Count Venom."

Somewhere within Ponyville, a figure emerged from the shadows. Holding a cane, wearing a black outfit, his skin was a greeny-grey colour & he had a bat tattoo on the side of his bold head. "Ah, the vampire king has returned." the villain muttered.

"Zombie Boss."

Outside of town, in an old graveyard, a tomb's door was creaking open. From the stone prison, a zombified man started dancing like Michael Jackson, celebrating his freedom. "Hahahaha, I'm back. There's dark deeds to be done, and power to be won." Just as the zombie was about leave the graveyard, he was confronted by a Timber-Wolf. The wolf was about to pounce, until the villain grabbed his head; he started to drained the brain power from the wolf, turning it into a mindless zombie.

The zombie villain made his way towards Ponyville, with his new pet following him.

"Toxic Jack."

Deep inside a old house, that was perched on top of a cliff, over looking the town; the third villain was released. The monster passed through the wall like the ghost that he was, he muttered, "Look out Equestria, your most 'haunted' it back." the ghoul laughed at his little joke. He left the house and flew towards the town, the three villains were about meet up and hatch their plan.
When Nightmare Night finally came, the rangers all went out and met up with each other. They had come up with some strange costumes.

Rory was wearing his X-wing uniform, he claimed to be dressed as a spaceship pilot. Kian, after living on a farm for sometime, decided to go for that kind of theme; he dressed as a scarecrow. Wiktoria asked Rarity for her costume, a human sized Wonderbolt uniform, in honour of the family she lives with. Rose and Gemstone designed their costumes together, Rose was a witch, while Gemstone was a little black cat; the unicorn filly was with the rangers tonight.

The rest of the team saw Adam and Heather walking up to the group. Heather, who had been living with Derpy and Dinky, was dressed as alien; in honour of Dinky's father. Adam, had dressed a ghost he saw in an old cartoon; it was the Green Ghost, from Scooby Doo, Adam's favourite monster.

"Hey guys." Heather greeted. "Happy Nightmare Night." Rose stepped forward, she stated, "Have you guys seen Screwball, she and her friends were coming with us. Weren't they?"

"Did somepony call for help?"

The ranger team turned around to see Screwball and her friends, in Power Ranger outfits. Thunder Dash was red, Dinky was pink, Apple Blossom was white, Lightning Dash was blue, Cinnamon Sticks was green & Screwy was yellow. The ranger saw their ponies and sighed peacefully, they actually looked a little cute.

"Were here too."

They all turned their heads and saw Mothball and Charlie coming towards them. Charlie dressed like a mad doctor, for reasons I think you know. And Mothy had gotten into the Power Ranger theme as well, he was dressed like Celestia's Knight.

Now that everybody and pony was here, the group decided to go get some candy, before it was all gone. Little did they know, that evil was out on the hunt for power tonight.
The three villains were all together, they already had a plan to destroy the rangers. Count Venom, was put in charge of this evil-three; he told the other two what they had to do.

"Boys, we each have our unique powers. That's why were going to split up, divide and conquer if you prefer." the vampire explained. The zombie and the ghost looked at each other, then Zombie Boss stepped forward, "With my power, I can turned Everypony into my zombie minions. We could raise ourselves an evil army."

However, Toxic Jack had something else in mind. "You two can waste you time making zombies out of ponies, I'm going to use a more powerful way to destroy the humans." Venom didn't like the ghoul's attitude, so he replied, "Well then, Mr ghost. You are free to go off and do what you like. Just Don't come crying back to us when you fail."

With those words, Toxic Jack flew off into the night, leaving the zombie and the vampire to hatch their plan.

"With that spineless ghoul out of our way, we can destroy the rangers, easy." Zombie Boss stated. Count Venom saw a group of ponies coming towards them, "Then what you waiting for? Use your zombie powers on those ponies." the count ordered.

The zombie villain listen to his boss, and breathed his red dust from his mouth. The dust was heading straight for the incoming ponies, once they breathed it in, the spell took effect.

The three ponies started to feel strange, then they had a strange hunger, for brains. The began to groan like zombies, waiting for their master to give them orders. Venom and Zombie Boss came out of hiding and stood next to their new soldiers, "Now all we need, is a lot of ponies." the count stated. The two villains laughed like crazy, their plan was working.
The rangers and their pony friends were already collecting candy from all over town, they had promised to collect extra, for the little ones at home. As they walked, the rangers were still admiring the costumes being worn by the ponies, they felt like they were their heroes.

All it took was a scream from the distance to ruin their night, they all saw two villains marching towards them. They were leading an army of zombified ponies, meaning that fighting the army was out of the question.

Count Venom and Zombie stood in front of their army when it came to a stop, the vampire stated, "You must be the Power Rangers, you can just surrender your powers, and we'll let you live."

The Red Ranger stepped forward and stated, "Not a chance." he then turned to Charlie and ordered, "Charlie, get the ponies out of here, we'll handle this." Screwball stepped forward, trying to say, "But we can fight, we can help."

Adam knelt down to her eye level and said, "Screwy, I promised your mother, I'd look after you. Go with Charlie please." The chaotic pony thought for a sec, "Okay, Adam. Be careful, and kick his butt." As the group of ponies went with Charlie, Adam turned back to the villains and said, "That's the plan."

The six rangers all stood in a line, ready to morph. They pulled out their morphers and chanted the magic words, "Magical Source, Harmony Force!"

The ranger team was now morphed, so they pulled out their weapons and charged for the villains. But the monsters made the zombified ponies charge, the rangers couldn't harm the ponies; all they could do was dodge the incoming attacks.

The rangers leaped over the zombies and delivered strong kicks to Count Venom and Zombie Boss, sending them flying back to the buildings. When they got up, they were mad, "Must we do everything our self?!" the count cried. The two monsters charged at the rangers, ready to fight for victory.

Not far away, Charlie was leading the ponies away. Until, the third monster jumped into the path, "Well, well, well. This doctor has brought me the Power Rangers, now I'll prove I'm the better monster." Toxic Jack stated. The ghost pulled out a glowing green stone from his pocket, he held it in the air and laughed like a true villain.

Charlie stepped forward and tried to punch him, but his fist went straight through him. The villain blasted the knight away, then turned to the ponies, "Your rangers are coming with me." He then turned back to Charlie, "And you can have a play about with this delightful villain."

Toxic Jack blasted the ground with his stone, the green energy generated something on that spot. When the light was gone, Charlie was standing in front of a familiar face.

It was Candy Cane, or rather, Candy Cane's ghost.

Charlie had to fight past this ghoul to get to the ponies, unfortunately, Toxic Jack had used his power to transport the ponies away with him. Nobody or pony knew where they went; leaving Charlie to battle the ghost of a past villain.

So the ranger morphed into his armour, "Magical Source; Harmony Force!"

"You ready to rumble?" the knight asked. Candy Cane charged at the ranger, but Charlie used his Sonic Sword to strike the villain hard. The ghost wasn't like Toxic Jack, so the ranger could touch him; meaning he could use the special attacks.

"Sun-Beam, spin attack." Charlie said as he drew a circle in the air with his sword. The knight used his magic to throw the sun drawing at the villain, striking him hard. Candy Cane moaned before being destroyed, again. Now, Charlie had to find his friends.

Back at the main fight, the rangers were easily winning. The rangers came together, combining their weapons; Zombie Boss was in the strike zone. The rangers shouted, "Celestial Sword, Final Strike." they brought the mighty weapon down, strike the zombie villain.

Zombie Boss cried, "This ain't over rangers, I'll rise again." but the villain was too weak to carry on, he fell to the floor and exploded out of existence.

The vampire saw his partners destruction and fled for his life, the rangers were about to follow him; but Charlie arrived on the scene. "Rangers!" he cried. "Rangers! It's Screwball and her friends, they've been kidnapped by another villain."
At the old haunted house, Screwball and her friends were being held by the ghost villain.

"Screwy, I'm scared." Dinky said as she held close to her best friend. The six ponies and one Changeling close together, Screwball hugged onto Mothball, they were waiting to see what happened next.

Toxic Jack entered the room, he stared at his cowering hostages. The ghost walked closer to them, he muttered, "I've captured the Power Rangers. And Venom said I was useless." Thunder Dash looked up to the villain and stated, "Look man, you got the wrong creatures, were not the Power Rangers. These are just costumes." But Toxic Jack suddenly turned angry, causing Thunder to fall back to the floor, "Do not anger me, ranger!"

The ponies sat quietly as the ghost thought of the right way to destroy them, however; the plan was put on hold when another creature walked into the room.

"Toxic Jack, let these creatures go!" the purple knight ordered.

The ghost looked up as Discord entered his haunted house, the knight ordered the release of the captured ponies & Changeling. But Toxic Jack would not oblige, he replied, "You and your pathetic honour. When Zombra turned you evil again, he made you into a real push over."

Discord pointed his shield at the ghost, "Then I'll banish you to debts of the underworld." The eye in Discord's shield opened and a dark magic blast was thrown at Toxic Jack; a portal opened beneath his feet, the darkness clutched him and dragged him to the underworld. "No!" he cried, but then, he was gone.

Once the villain was gone, Discord turned to the hostages, "Give the rangers this." he said, handing them a glowing spell card. "This will give the Red Ranger a new power, but it will only large for an hour." Cinnamon Sticks took the card from Discord.

Just as the draconequus was about to leave, his daughter tried to stop him, "Daddy, Daddy wait." the dark knight turned back to the chaotic pony, "I'm sorry, child; but I don't know you or who your father is. I'm only helping you because these monsters fight without honour." With those words, a new portal upon beneath Discord's feet and he was pulled back to the underworld.

Mothball led the group out of the haunted mansion, they made their way back to town, there was still one villain left.
The rangers search the town, but could not find Screwball and her friends. Gemstone had gone home, so that was one less pony to worry about; but the rangers had bigger problems.

They were still morphed from the previous battle, but they saw Count Venom return. He had an evil smile on his face, so Rory said, "Where's our friends?!" but the vampire replied, "I don't know what you talking about."

Within the underworld, Zombra was watching the whole thing. He decided to use his most powerful spell on his vampire villain.

"By the power of all evil, make my monster grow." He casted the spell, through his rift and towards Venom.

Count Venom started to grow larger than a house, the rangers stood back and watched the villain grow. Kian stepped forward and said, "Time to titan up!" The rangers pulled out their morphers to become the Mystic Titans, Charlie and Heather continued to look for the missing ponies.

"Mystic Minotaur!" Kian said.

"Mystic Breezy!" Rose said.

"Mystic Aquamare!" Wiktoria said.

"Mystic Griffon!" Adam said.

"Mystic Phoenix!" Rory said.

Once the rangers were in their titan forms, they began the battle.

Kian used his giant axe to strike the vampire, but the villain simply dodge the attack by changing into a swarm of bats. Rose flew up to Venom, but was knocked away by his cane, she crashed in Adam and Wiktoria. Rory tried to use his sword and strike the villain, but Venom blocked the strike and the two of them sword fought with their weapons.

Only until, Count Venom struck Rory down with a single blow.

They rangers didn't know what to do, so they tried to form the megazord; but the vampire kept blasting them down when they tried to get up.

On the ground, Screwball and her group had arrived at the scene; Charlie and Heather had seen them, so the went to greet their friends. Cinnamon Sticks stepped forward and shouted for Rory, "Rory, use this." the pony through the magic card at the phoenix titan, the relic bonded to his element.

Rory stood up, he said, "Now it's time to end this." he used the power he had just go, and chanted a new spell. "I summon the Pony of Shadows." with that chant, Discord's stallion emerged from a portal; Rory leaped onto it's back and started riding it towards Count Venom.

The villain was confused on he managed to gain this power, but then Rory tried something else.

The fire tail sliced into Count Venom, with heat power that could match the sun. With that final strike, the vampire was defeated, "Uh! This bites!" he cried before exploding into nothing.

The other titans stood behind their leader, witnessing the victory; Charlie, Heather and the ponies were all cheering on the ground. Another win, for the side of good magic.
Back at the haunted mansion, Chrysalis had found the thing that Toxic Jack had dropped. "The ghost's magic stone. Zombra will give me a nice reward if I deliver this & snitch on Discord for rescuing those pony brats."

The Changeling queen flew back to her lair, with Toxic Jack's magic stone. Little did she know, Discord was watching her, plotting a way to get rid of her.

"I promise you this, Chrysalis. You will not keep me away from my family." What both her and Zombra didn't know, was that the spell the King of Monster had put on Discord, was wearing off. Discord could not return home until he was fully back to normal, he would need the rangers help with that.