Power Rangers Harmony Force

by Adamverse

First published

A team of Power Rangers from Earth come to Equestria to meet with their friends; the Mane 6. But evil is returning to this land, so the humans must execpt new powers to protect this world.

The evil in Equestria has returned and it's up to a team of friends to stop them. The team must use the Elements of Harmony and become powerful beings; Power Rangers.

With another world in need and their friend taken by the forces of darkness, can Adam; with the help of his friends, protect the world that is precious to him.

And save Discord.

The Introduction

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The one thing every being in the universe seeks; but they fail to see what else the universe has to offer. This story is to show that no matter how hopeless the situation seems; one is never without power. My Name is Adam; on my planet, I'm the Green Ranger. I work for the a secret organisation called; the O.S.C, defenders of Earth and any allied planet. The organisation has a secret weapon to help the fight against evil easier; a team of Power Rangers, made up of the best agents.

My best friend; Rory, leads the team as the Red Ranger.

Kian; another one of my friends, helps with the battle strategies as the Blue Ranger.

As I said; I'm the Green Ranger, I'm the team's technical operator. I build our weapons and equipment.

Wiktoria; the team's loyal fourth member, she is the Yellow Ranger.

And finally; there's Rose, she helps us out when we feel down. She is the Pink Ranger.

Me and my team use our powers to defend our home and those who can't defend themselves. But we wouldn't be able to save Earth so many times if it weren't for our friends from another planet. Our Zords; or should I say the Rescue Bots, five sentient robot beings from the planet Cybertron. Each ranger is assigned to a Rescue Bot for mobility and extra fire power. The Rescue Bots our.....

Heatwave; a red fire truck, assigned to assist the Red Ranger.

Chase; the sensible blue police car, assigned to the Blue Ranger.

Boulder; a massive green bulldozer capable of moving three times it's wait, he helps me.

Blades; a nervous yellow helicopter, but when it come to helping the Yellow Ranger; he can get the job done.

Finally there's Arcee; not really a Rescue Bot, but he pink sports car mode can get the Pink Ranger to the emergencies faster.

And that's not all, together, the Rescue Bots can combine into Defensor. An even bigger robot with the power of all five Rescue bots. You've got Boulder and Chase; forming the two legs, joined by Heatwave; who forms the head and torso, that leaves Blades and Arcee forming the arms. They all are a great asset to our team, but if it weren't from the help of our friends at O.S.C HQ; it would be even harder to make every mission a success.

At HQ; we are commanded by the newest director of the organisation, Olessia Jackson. She was originally the medical officer and second in command to the old director, Jack Titley.

Me and Jack go way back; when I first joined the O.S.C, me and Jack were assigned together as partners. After a few missions together we became best friends; I was so proud when was elected the new director of the O.S.C, but his time as the boss was not long.

I still feel like what happened was my fault; we were on a mission to find and capture an escaped criminal, this criminal was one of my old enemies. His name is Kobi Smith; but he calls himself, Venom.

You see; other than being a Power Ranger, I'm also Spiderman. And Jack was the New Goblin; his father was the Green Goblin.
We both chased Venom into an abandoned warehouse; we knew it was a trap, but I wasn't going to let him get away this time. As we entered the building; the door slammed behind us, Venom crawled from his hiding place to greet us.

"Hello there heroes, welcome to you crypt." Venom cackled.

"Your going to pay for all the people you've killed Venom." I cried. "This ends now!"

With those words; I leaped at Venom, grabbing hold of him and we both start rolling around the floor punching each other. Jack just watched before jumping into the fight; he pulled Venom off me with his goblin strength and threw him to the back wall. When I got up; we both prepared for another attack from the villain. Venom shot a web line at the ceiling and swung over towards us; Jack thought quickly and pushed me out of the way, but he was kicked towards the other wall. I watched as his unconcise body came a stop, then turned my attention back to Venom.

"Your next Spiderman!" The oozy creature growled.

I simply muttered, "Wrong!"

Venom shot two web nets at my hands; the were strung up as if I were in chains, like what they have in dungeons. The large symbiote beast marched towards me and began slapping me back and forth. With the final slapped; he ripped my mask off, I didn't care since he already knows who I am. I stared at him; waiting for me to end my life, but instead....

"When I'm through with you; I going to find that girl you like, Heather. And tear her apart." Venom said. The creature turned his head; only to find a loose pipe that had been dented into a blade-like shape. "This'll do the job" Venom ripped the pipe from it's place and sharpened it even more with his teeth. I watched him bite down on the steel tube; shaping it into his murder weapon.

Venom approached me with his right-hand grasping the pipe; he lifted it above his head and prepared to strike the finishing blow. Jack began to come around; he noticed Venom and what he was about to do. Venom thrusted the pipe towards me...but....

Jack leaped in front of Venom and....

The pipe impaled Jack; straight through his chest, just missing his heart; but that didn't save him. Venom pulled the steel rod from him and said, "Pathetic." He then threw Jack back to the wall.

I was filled with so much rage; I broke free from Venom's web, tearing the web lines from the ceiling taking chunks of it with me. I began swing them at Venom; using the ceiling chunks as weapons, he managed to dodge my first attacks. In the end; I defeated Venom, but I couldn't save my friend.
My team of Power Rangers helps the Autobots in their fight against the Decepticons; Optimus Prime is a close friend of mine, he and I are members of the Avengers. But our powers will not be enough to save Earth and Equestria from the incoming threat; this crisis might one of the toughest things we've ever faced.....

It's Morphing Time!

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A space bridge portal opened up outside Canterlot Castle's main gate; from this portal, came a group of five humans. Rory, Kian, Adam, Wiktoria & Rose; coming to this years Grand Galloping Gala. In front of the gate; Twilight Sparkle was waiting to greet them.

"Welcome human friends; how was your trip?" The Princess of Friendship asked. Adam responded with, "Fine; just a simple space bridge travel." She guided them to the entrance and they all entered the grand palace. Once inside; the six of them met up with the other ponies.

Rory walked over to the Apple Family, to see his friend; Big Mac. They had both bonded over the interests and skills.

Kian met up with Applejack and Spike; they were discussing life on the farm, Kian began telling his stories of his life as Ant-man.

Adam ran straight for Discord and his family. Screwball saw Adam coming and quickly rapped her hooves around him. She said, "Its so good to see you." And Adam responded with, "How's Mothball been treating you?" She turned her head to see her coltfriend watching them and waving to the other humans. Screwball quickly said, "He's fine."

Wiktoria greeted Rainbow Dash and her family; they started comparing stories about Dash's adventures as a Wonderbolt and Wiktoria's adventures as The Wasp.

Finally; Rose started speaking to Rarity and Fancy Pants about their life. Rose asked how Rarity was doing in her condition, "So how long until your due?" Last Hearts Warming; Rarity announced she was pregnant, Gemstone was excited about having a new brother or sister. Rarity answered Rose's question with, "Well darling, I'm not due until September." Rose couldn't help but shed a tear from what she heard, Rarity embrace her in a kind hug. Rose whispered, "I so happy for you."

In all the talking; no one noticed Princess Celestia enter the room. In a serious tone; she said, "Discord, I need to speak with you at once." Everybody and pony wondered what this could be about.
In a meeting room; Celestia sat Discord down and began talking, "Discord; there is a crisis in the Everfree Forest, my troops reported seeing.... Changelings.

Discord's eye turned red with fire, "No. I will not even look at one of those creatures again! Besides my daughter's coltfriend." Celestia looked at Discord, she didn't like his answer. She said, "Discord; only you have the power to put a stop to the Changelings, I need the Elements of Harmony here in Canterlot during the Gala." Discord thought for a minute.

"Fine; I'll investigate, just keep my family safe while I'm gone." Discord explained. "Make sure nothing happens during the Gala." Celestia put her hoove on her heart and said, "You have my word Discord. Your family will be safe."

Little did they know; that their whole conversation was being watched by a creature peeking in through the window; a Changeling. The bug-like pony muttered, "I must report this to the queen, she'll wanna here this." With those words; the Changeling flew away with a evil smile on his face, made up of his fangs and sharp teeth.
The night before the Gala; everybody and pony was in the dinning room, the Mane 6, their families and the rangers. Everyone was there; all except Discord, who was off on his secret mission. Fluttershy was the first to notice Discord's absence; she asked, "Has anypony seen Discord?"

Celestia; who sat at the end of the large table, turn to the yellow Pegasus and said, "I sent on a secret mission to the Everfree Forest, I'm sure he'll be back before the Gala." Adam was not at the dinner table; he was on the floor playing with the really young ponies, Zany, Applespike and Twinkle Sparkle. Adam was a little autistic; so no one really thought it was weird for Adam to be doing. Adam would just sit in the middle of the floor and let the children climb on him; he would have Twinkle in his arms, Applespike on his left shoulder & Zany sitting on his head and Adam would just tickle them.

When dinner was finished; the children went to bed and all the adults went to a sort of living room and began talking about things. The groups were the same as before; Adam spoke with Fluttershy & her daughter, Rory was asking Big Mac if any help was needed at Sweet Apple Acres, Kian and Spike were playing "Go Fish" on the coffee table, Wiktoria spoke to Rainbow Dash about life in the Wonderbolts & Rose sat Gem Stone on her knee and spoke with Rarity.

"How's your brother Adam?" Screwball asked. Adam turned to the purple pony and explained, "I think he's doing fine; I mean he has good friends, he's on a good team and he can do great things with his powers." Screwball and her Mother smiled to hear the good news. A small question came to Adam's mind, "Screwball; did anything happen last year? Because there was a large portion of chaotic energy emitting from Ponyville." Screwball quickly realized what Adam was talking about, "Oh; that was Daddy, he had a bit of a melt down. There was this whole thing with the Changelings and Dad thinking Mom didn't love him anymore, but we managed to solve it and stop the Changelings."

Rory was speaking to both Big Mac and Applejack; "How's parent life for you AJ?" he asked. Applejack smiled and responded with, "Well; me and Spike have had some ruff patches through the years, but we've always worked things out." Rory couldn't help but feel happy for her. A bit of a evil grin was drawn on Applejack's face, "You and Rose thinking about taking things further?" she asked. Rory's face turned bright red, "Whoa! It's a bit early for that AJ. We're both only seventeen after all." He tried to explain. The grin on Applejack's face grew bigger, "But you love her don't you." she nagged. Rory tried to block out the sound by putting his face in his hands.

Kian and Spike were to busy to talk to anyone else; they were too stuck in their card game, "Do you have any Two's?" Kian asked. "Go fish." Spike responded.

Wiktoria and Rainbow Dash spoke about their great adventures; including the recent battle with the Changelings, "So you dropped Prism from the sky?" Wiktoria asked. Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes and sighed, "Come on; I thought she was a Changeling." The two adventurers couldn't help but laugh at each other's stories; Rainbow Dash enjoyed hearing about the monsters Wiktoria and the other rangers defeated.

Rose was just bouncing Gemstone on her knee; Rarity was explaining their ideas for the baby's room. "Maybe we'll paint it purple; since we don't know if its a boy or girl yet." The white unicorn explained. Rose had an idea, "On Earth; we have a device that can tell you the gender of the baby, we can take you to Earth and find out." she explained. Rarity politely shook her head; her and Fancy Pants wanted to make it a surprise, like Gemstone when she came along.
That night; Discord was hovering through the Everfree Forest, he was searching for the crisis. He couldn't shake the feeling like he was being watched, little did he know, he was.

"There's nothing here; no crisis, no danger, no nothing." Discord was about to call it, until....

A swarm of Changelings charge from among the trees; blasting Discord with little green beams, knocking the draconequus to the ground. When the smoke cleared; Discord was surrounded by Changelings and one of them he recognised.

"Hello Dissy-dear."

The draconequus looked up; only to find....


Standing before Discord was the Queen of the Changelings; Chrysalis, one of Discord's oldest enemies.

Hate grew in Discord's eyes, "What are you doing here you parasite?!" he cried. "I thought I saw...."

"The last of me." she finished. "Oh Discord; when will you learn you'll never be rid of me." The Changeling Queen began to circle Discord and talk, "You and your family will not stop my plans this time. Especially now that I have a partner." Discord was confused, what did she mean "partner"?

"Chrysalis! Stop confusing the foolish creature." cried a voice coming from above. Discord looked up, only to find another familiar face. Discord looked even more confused, "King Zombra; why are you helping Chrysalis?" The shadow pony hopped down from the cliff and walked towards the draconequus, "I'm simple getting my payment." The false king explained.

Discord asked, "Payment? What is she giving you?" The king of monsters responded with, "A warrior. One that will serve me, her and our master." This whole thing was really making Discord's head spin, what were they talking about?

"Answer me this, lord of chaos; doesn't a bit of you miss being evil?" Zombra asked. "Because this goody-two shoes life can't be that good, can it?" Discord didn't understand; until two Changelings grabbed his arms, holding him to the ground. Zombra stepped towards the draconequus; his horn began to glow dark purple, "I think I've found my warrior."

Before Discord could teleport away; he was blasted with a dark magic beam. Before it took effect; Discord let out a large, "NOOOO!"

Fluttershy woke up in the middle of the night; she thought she heard someone cry "no". Now she was awake; she couldn't sleep, so she went to the castle's kitchen. She flew out of bed and wrapped herself in her soft night gown.

When she arrived; Fluttershy found one of her human friends sitting at the main table. The yellow Pegasus asked, "Adam; what are you doing up?" Adam put down his spoon and replied, "My spider-sense has been going of all night; so I came down to clear my head, with ice-cream." Fluttershy sat next to her friend, still with a worried look on her face.

"You still worrying about Discord?" Adam asked. Fluttershy slightly nodded, "He's never been away from me this long; apart from the Changeling crisis, what if he's hurt or in trouble." Adam put his warm hand on her shoulder, "Don't worry Fluttershy; he's the ex-lord of chaos, I'm sure he's fine." Fluttershy wiped the tears from her face, "You really think so?"

Adam embraced her in a warm hug, "I know so." he whispered.

He let go of his friend; she said, "Why do you do so much for us? Your not even from our world." Adam said what he would always say to anypony who asked that, "Fluttershy; this planet, it's inhabitants are precious to me. Your precious to me." he said as he took her hoove. "I will defend your planet until my last breath and that's a promise."

Fluttershy embraced him in one more hug before she flew off back to bed, "Good night." she whispered. Adam managed to respond with, "Good night, my dear."

Up in the tower; Luna was watching the night, until she was approached be her sister. "What are you doing up sister, you need your rest." The night princess asked. Celestia appeared with a concerned look on her face. "I am worried sister; Discord has not yet return from his mission." Celestia said. She looked through her telescope took try and spot the draconequus.

"He'll be fine sister." she heard from Luna. "He can handle himself." Celestia turned to her little sister, "How can you know that Luna?" The princess of the night smirked a little, "Well, he's put up with you." Both princess's began to laugh at Luna's joke.
The night of the Grand Galloping Gala; everypony in Canterlot came tonight, even Princess Luna stuck around for this one.

Fluttershy was dressed in her classic green butterfly dress, Screwball wore the same red dress as last year, Mothball wore a dark blue tuxedo & Zany had a little red suit to match his eyes.

Rarity's family wore the type of fancy clothes they would usually weir.

Rainbow Dash's family hand a verity of clothes; Rainbow and Zoarin had they're Wonderbolt uniforms, Lightning and Prism wore similar light blue dresses, while Thunder had his blue tuxedo.

Pinkie Pie's family surprisingly had sensible dresses; the Tri-Pies had dresses to match their colours, red for Cherry, blue for Blueberry and pink for Raspberry. Pinkie Pie wore a yellow dress; while Red Shoes wore his magicians outfit.

The Apple Family all dawned the same outfits as last years Gala, only because they didn't want to trouble Rarity in her condition.

Twilight wore her royal gown; made by the best tailors in Canterlot, (no offence Rarity.) Flash Sentry wore his soldier armour; while their daughter had a small pink dress.

Finally; the rangers wore their O.S.C uniforms, which included a black military jumpsuit with their iconic colour covering the left arm and shoulder. Red for Rory, blue for Kian, green for Adam, yellow for Wiktoria & pink for Rose. Everyone gathered in the ball room to join the party.

This years Gala wasn't really any different from the others; The Cutie Mark Crusaders had come to perform, the Wonderbolts were going to do their stunt show & Screwball and Zany were pranking someponies. Fluttershy sat at her table; watching her children from a far, only to be joined by Rarity and Rose. "How've you been Fluttershy? We never got a chance to talk earlier." Rose explained. Fluttershy was still worried for her husband; it had almost been a day since he left.

"Has Discord sent any message? Where is he? I don't want him to miss our dance." Fluttershy mumbled. Rarity put her hoove on her best friend's shoulder, "It's okay darling, he knows what he's doing."

Before anypony could do anything else; a bolt of lightning struck the stain glass window, shattering it into fractals. Everyone noticed that it started raining...….. chocolate milk.

Finally; from the broken window, Changelings flooded the air around the ponies; knocking any Pegasus to the ground, blasting away the royal guards and hovering over their new hostages. Zombra and Chrysalis entered the room; follow by a man shaped figure, he wore purple and black armour, his shoulder pads looked like silver wolf heads & he carried a purple shield containing a large purple sword. Zombra was the first to speak,

"I suppose a comment about crashing the party would be in order, HAHAHA!" he cackled. "I don't suppose you've noticed the weather?" Everyone drew the attention back to the chocolate rain; there are only three creatures in Equestria that can do this and Screwball & Zany didn't do it.

"Discord, step forward." Chrysalis commanded. Then the purple knight stepped in front of his queen. Adam quickly figure out who that was, "Discord? What have then done to you?!" he cried. The purple knight drew his sword and swiped it at Adam; blasting his with a small portion of chaos magic, knocking him over. Fluttershy quickly ran to her human friend's aid; hold him in her hooves, "Discord, what are you doing? Stop it now!" Adam gestured her to be quiet; then explained, "No Fluttershy; that's not Discord, not anymore."

Rory then stepped forward and help Adam up, "Lets show this guys how we handle party crashers on Earth." he said. Him and the rest of the rangers step in front of the crowd, pulling out their morphers.

"You guys ready?!" Rory cried. Each rangers announced their response.





With those words they all called out their battle cry, "OSC, EMERGANCY!!"


With that; five Power Rangers stood before the King of Monsters, each one with enough power defeat evil. Kian was the first one to speak, "Now you could just surrender; or we could do it the fun way." All the ponies in the room ran out the back door; all except the Mane 6 and their families, even though the parents told their kids to run. Chrysalis cried out to her children, "Children, destroy the humans!"

With those words; all the hovering bug-like ponies shot form the air like bullets towards the rangers. The team broke apart; scattering themselves around the room.

Rory took centre stage in the middle of the room; surrounded by Changelings, he struck his battle pose. As each Changeling charged at him; he knocked them back with a kick to the face, sending them into each other like bowling balls and pins.

Kian was in the corner of the great hall; the Changeling tried to attack but, Kian used his weapon to fend them off. "Delta-Striker!" he cried as he drew a sword like baton from his belt. Each Changeling was struck down by a swipe of his Striker; knocking them unconscious on the floor.

Adam used a long range weapon; to blast the enemy out of the sky. He set his Delta-Striker for blaster mode and fired stun beams at the Changelings.

Wiktoria did the same; blasting the Changelings with her Striker. She hit all her targets and leaped into the air; she hit the last one with a strong kick to the stomach, sending him flying to the floor.

Rose was using her acrobatics to dodge the enemy attacks; she was able to land some punches on the creatures, sending them to the ground in pain.

When Kian finished of his group of Changelings; he tried to attack the Discord, he attempted to throw a hook to his face. However; Discord was quick and grabbed Kian's fist before it hit him, the Lord of Chaos squeezed hard on the Blue Ranger's hand. "Ah!" he cried as the pain sunk in. Wiktoria came up behind him, delivering a kick to the back of his head. Discord responded with throwing Kian on top of the Yellow Ranger; making them both moan in pain. Adam and Rose tried to attack the purple knight; they sent karate kicks to his chest but he didn't even flinch, instead he took the by the ankle and threw them into the other rangers.

Rory; being the only one left, had to stop this once and for all. "Delta Blasters!" he cried a he drew two small, red pistols from his belt. Rory began firing at Discord; trying to knock him of balance; but all it did was push him a back a little. Discord drew his sword and slashed Rory's chest; causing him to de-morph, as did the rest of the rangers.

They were all just lying their in pain; as Zombra moved towards the Mane 6, "I'll take your Elements now." he commanded. "Never!" Twilight cried as she marched up to him. Zombra simply smiled at the purple alicorn; then turned his head to Rarity, "I hear this one's with child and I loathe children. Grab her!" Two armoured Changelings grabbed the white unicorn, "No Mommy! Mommy!" Gemstone cried as her father tried to hold her back. Zombra unhooked her Element from around her neck; he held it in his hoove, "Thank you, my dear." Zombra said as he knocked Rarity to the floor. The other Element keepers attempted to use them to stop Zombra, but he simply blasted them to the back wall; their families went over to help them.

Zombra placed the Element of Generosity a small black box; the rangers tried to get up but they were to weak, "Get up rangers, we have to help them." Adam cried. Kian got up and said, "Adam's right, were Power Rangers. We can't give up."

From the other side of the room; Twilight had an idea, "Rangers! Take these!" With those words, the ponies threw their Elements to the rangers. Each ranger caught an Element; then it started to glow, like it was filled with raw power. When the glow vanished; the Element changed into.... cell phones.

"Guys; I think they're morphers." Adam said. "I think we just got new powers." The rangers looked at each other with excitement. Kian was the first to ask, "What do we say to morph?" With those words, the phrase suddenly sprung into everybody's mind. Rory called out to Zombra; he didn't realise what was happening, "You want the Elements?....."

"You guys ready?!" Rory cried. Like before....





The whole team called out their new morph phrase, "MAGICAL SOURCE, HARMONY FORCE!!"


When the smoke cleared; five multicoloured rangers stood before Zombra and his minions. The rangers began to call out their titles....

Kian cried, "Element of Honesty; Green Harmony Ranger!"

Rose cried, "Element of Laughter; Pink Harmony Ranger!"

Wiktoria cried, "Element of Loyalty; Blue Harmony Ranger!"

Adam cried, "Element of Kindness; Yellow Harmony Ranger!"

Finally; Rory cried, "Element of Magic; Red Harmony Ranger!"

The Mane 6 looked upon the rangers; they couldn't help but be proud of them, "Great job rangers." Twilight stated. King Zombra stared at his brand new enemies and said, "Well, this has been an entertaining evening. Chrysalis, destroy them!"

With those words; the Changelings and their Queen charged at the new team of rangers, only to be knocked down by their new abilities. The rangers drew their weapons; Magic Staffs, and blasted light energy at the swarm. Anything that was hit instantly on the floor; unconscious. Chrysalis dove for Adam; he point his staff at her trying to defend himself, then she was blasted with lightning. A new phrase came to Adam's head, "Magic Staff, Crossbow Mode." Instantly; his staff transformed in a crossbow-like blaster, he began firing at the Changelings. The other rangers witnessed his new weapon; they thought they would try it.

"Magic Staff; Axe Mode." Kian said.

"Magic Staff; Spear Mode." Wiktoria said.

"Magic Staff; Shield Mode." Rose said.

"Magic Staff; Sword Mode." Rory said.

Now with their new weapons; the Power Rangers knew they couldn't lose, "This is how it's done, Earth style." Kian stated. The rangers charged at the remaining Changelings; however, they all fled in fear. Their Queen was frustrated; but she excepted defeat and flew away to, leaving just Zombra and Discord. Zombra stepped towards the team, "It doesn't matter, I have one of you Elements and that's all I need to conquer this world." he said. But the rangers saw a widow of opportunity; their staffs returned to normal and Rory said, "Your not conquering this world."

With those words; the rangers blasted Zombra with their magic, encasing him in a rainbow. Zombra tried to fight back but it was no good; the magic was too strong, he was defeated.

A final flash of light struck the room; Zombra disappeared, suddenly Celestia and Luna entered the room with the royal guard. Discord was left standing in the room; he remained silent as the guards surrounded him, until.....

"You rangers fight with honour; I will not destroy you now, but we will meet again. When that day comes; I will not hesitate to destroy you and everyone you love." Discord snapped his fingers and disappeared in a flash of light. With all the threats gone; everyone in the room relaxed, all except Fluttershy. She ran crying to Adam; wrapping her hooves around him, Adam removed his helmet and embraced her. The yellow Pegasus muttered, "He's gone, Discord's gone!" Adam lowered himself to her eye level, "Fluttershy, me and my team will do everything in our power to bring him back." Adam promised. "I give you my word."
When the night ended; everypony went to bed, all except Twilight, Celestia & Luna, they gathered the rangers in the meeting room. Twilight was allowed to speak first, "Rangers, me and my friends can no longer protect Equestria. We have our families to look after and until Discord is returned to normal, our home is not safe." Adam interjected her speech, "If we want to turn Discord back to normal, we need all six Elements and Zombra took one with him to wherever he went."

Celestia thought for a while, "Discord deserves our help; I ask you rangers, will you help us?"

Rory stood up, "I don't know much about this planet, but I do know that its precious to Adam. Freedom is the right of all sentiant beings...."

Kian cried, "Hey! That's Optimus' line."

All the rangers and the princess's came to an agreement; the rangers were going to stay, protect Equestria, retrieve the lost Element & save Discord.

Wiktoria said, "Yes, the Power Rangers are back."

Settling in

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Deep in the Everfree Forest; Discord wandered endlessly, he was searching for his "partners".

"Those rangers can not stop the master, he will soon return to plunge this world into internal night."

Before anything else could come into motion; a ring of dark magic transcended around the Lord of Chaos. The strange energy began to pull him beneath the surface; dragging him underground, until he fully disappeared.

When he came around; Discord was in a cave, "Welcome Discord." as was heard from the dark. When light emitted the cave; Discord was surrounded by Changelings, with Zombra sitting on a throne of rocks at the end of the room. Beside her partner was Chrysalis; ordering her children to stand down, Discord approached the two with anger in his step. "You let humans defeat you Zombra!" The Lord of Chaos cried.

Zombra replied with, "That may be; and now I am imprisoned here in the underworld." Discord took in his surroundings; he was actually in the underworld. Chrysalis asked, "So what is your plan to escape Zombra." The King of Monsters marched down from his thrown, "There is no way for me to escape! Especially now this land is guarded by Power Rangers." Zombra yelled. "When the rangers blasted me with their magic, it banished me here. Only their power, can set me free." Discord thought of something,

"You have one of the Elements of Harmony, that's a start." he explained. "We must retrieve the rest." Zombra thought for a while, "Well; they don't call me the king of monsters for nothing." Zombra; using his magic, presented a small coin sack.

Discord and Chrysalis observed the small bag; then turn to Zombra with blank looks on their faces, "What? Are you going to buy the rangers's powers?" Chrysalis joked. Zombra emptied the sack; spilling the contents into the are, they coin like discs hovered in the air in a straight line. Zombra explained, "These are the life cells; which I stole from the library in Canterlot, each one containing a monstrous super-villain." Chrysalis smiled. "So these monsters can steal the power for us?" she asked. Zombra nodded his head; then turned his attention back to the life cells.

"Which one to release? And where to send you?" he thought to himself. Certain cells presented themselves to their master. "Vampire, Medusa or Pirate?" Zombra listed. Until one finally caught his eye, "Of course; the ultimate warrior." The King of Monsters lifted the cell in the air with his magic, then blasted it with his dark magic. "I summon; the Black Knight!"

Just outside the Everfree Forest; a vortex opened, revealing a shadow of a figure. This beast was large; the size of a man, he had black armor, on his belt was a silver sword handle with no blade, his helmet was shaped like a skull & beside him was a hovering motorcycle with the head of a horse. When the figure emerged from the portal; he said, "I have returned Celestia, you will pay for locking me away!"

"Black Knight!" cried a dark voice in the air. The knight looked up; King Zombra's eyes were watching him through an opening in reality. "I command you; steal the Elements of Harmony from the Power Rangers and destroy anything that gets in your way." The Black Knight stared at the one who released him, "Why should I listen to you?! I have my own plans."

Zombra didn't like what he heard; using his horn, he sliced it across Black Knight's life cell. The villain felt it and he fell to his knees in pain; Zombra cried, "I may not be able to threaten to destroy you; but as long as I have your life cell, you will do my bidding." The Black Knight lifted himself off the ground, "Very well, master." he said. Zombra's eyes grew bigger in the sky, "You know your mission, now go!" he commanded. The Black Knight mounting his hover bike and road of towards Ponyville.
Within the town; the Mane 6 were walking through the streets with the rangers, Twilight however had to stay in Canterlot. The rangers were taking in the sites before being stopped by Applejack. "Okay rangers; if your going to be staying on our world, then you need places to live." the cowgirl explained. Fluttershy suggested, "Why don't each of us take a ranger into our home."

Rory stepped up, "You girls down have to do that, we wouldn't want to be a bother." Applejack stepped towards the Red Ranger, "Please; your doing some much for us, let us do something for you." The rangers saw there was no point in arguing with them, so they agreed.

So the ponies and rangers divided themselves; Rory and Kian went to live at Sweet Apple Acres with Applejack and Big Mac, Adam was taken by Fluttershy and her Family, Wiktoria chose to live with Rainbow Dash in their cloud house & finally, Rose went to live with Rarity at her fashion studio. The group split up as they all took their ranger to his or her new home.

At Sweet Apple Acres; Kian and Rory admired the new rooms, Applejack allowed them to stay in the guest rooms. "Rory; check it out, were roommates." Kian yelled as he leaped on his bed. Rory sat on his bed and watched his friend bounce up and down on his. "Kian; first things first, no waking me up in the middle of the night because you've had a nightmare."

At the Castle of Chaos; Adam was playing catch in the back yard with Mothball. He threw the ball at the Changeling and it was quickly shot back at him. "Nice serve Mothy!" Adam cheered. Screwball then emerged from the back door; she was coming to join them. "Screwy." Mothball said as she hopped towards the court.

Up in the sky; Rainbow Dash let Wiktoria into her cloud house, the fact it was made of clouds made very soft and cosy. The blue Pegasus flew beside her human friend, "What do you think?" Wiktoria took in the surrounding, "It's beautiful, thank you again Rainbow." The Blue Ranger and the Wonderbolt embraced each other in a kind hug; even though Rainbow Dash wasn't usually that lovey-dovey type. Prism tugged Wiktoria's leg, "Come on, I'll show you your room."

Meanwhile; at Rarity's studio, Rose was observing her new room. "I hope this will be enough for you darling, I don't know how you humans live." Rarity; you have been so kind, this room is fine. I couldn't ask you to do anything else."

What the rangers didn't know; was that danger was on it's way to Ponyville.
Outside the town; the Black Knight had arrived, ready to attack. "This will get the rangers attention." he muttered. The knight reached for the sword handle on his belt; with it in his hand, he pushed a button on the side and the handle opened up. It revealed a yellow and red sword blade; the knight swiped his sword at a food cart, causing it to explode. The stallion next to inches away from the cart; jumped from the flames, he watched his business go up in smoke.

"Help! Somepony help!" he cried as he fled for his life. The Black Knight marched into the town; causing anypony who saw him to run away screaming. The knight yelled, "Bring me the Power Rangers! And I might spare all your lives!"

When the Black knight reached the town center; the streets cleared in fear, the villain stood there waiting for his enemies to come.
The screaming of the ponies could be heard all the way to Sweet Apple Acres; the noise caught Kian's ears, he ran to find Rory.

The Red Ranger was helping Big Mac buck apples out of the trees; however they were interrupted by Kian sprinting outside. "Rory; there's trouble in town!" he cried. Rory gasped when he heard the news, "Is Zombra back?" Rory asked. Kian didn't know; but they quickly made their way towards Ponyville. On they way; Rory used his morpher to contact the other rangers.

At the Castle of Chaos; Screwball, Mothball and Adam were throwing the ball around the garden. "Adam; heads up!" Screwball yelled as she threw it towards him. Adam quickly reacted and dived for the ball; only to land in the grass, but he got up and brushed himself off. Their game was interrupted when Adam's morpher rang from his pocket; the ranger answer the call, "Rory? What's up?"

"Adam; there's something attacking Ponyville, we need the team." Adam dropped the ball, "Screwball, I gotta go. There's trouble." Adam explained. The pony understood and Adam ran towards the front gate.

In the cloud house; Wiktoria had just got Kian's call, she was on her way to the action. As was Rose after getting of the phone with Rory.

The team met up in the center of town; only to find that the streets were deserted, all but one. The Black Knight stepped forward; observing his foes, "So, you must be the Power Rangers?" the villain asked. Rory stepped forward to confront the knight, "I don't know who you are, you need to pack it up and leave." he ordered. The Black Knight simply laughed and re-ignited his sword. The rangers new what time it was; it's morphing time!

The rangers activated their morphers and all yelled the passwords, "MAGICAL SOURCE; HARMONY FORCE!"


With the team morphed; they were ready to stop the Black Knight, "Let's net the knight guys." Adam joked.

The Black Knight charged at the rangers; swinging his sword in every direction, the rangers did the same with their weapons. Within distance of them; the knight struck Adam and Rose with his mighty blade, sending them to the ground. Wiktoria and Kian leaped into the air attempting to kick the knight's face; however they were stopped in the air by his hand, he sent them flying as he threw towards the buildings. Upon contact with the wooden wall, the rangers fell to the ground in pain. leaving just Rory top battle the villain himself; the Red Ranger readied his weapon, "Magic Staff; Sword Mode." with those words; his staff became the his sword once again.

Rory charged at the knight; waving his sword, striking the Black Knight armour. The knight growled in pain; the strike was powerful, but not enough. "Ha, you'll have to do more than that." the villain said. He picked himself up and struck Rory's chest with his sword, sending Rory to the ground next to his team.

The team was in so much pain; they de-morphed, now they just crawled to each other. The Black Knight stood over his fallen enemies, "I would have expected more of a fight from the mighty Power Rangers. But then I guess I'll take your fighting skills and be on my way." The Black Knight lifted up his face plate; revealing a light green skin colour, no mouth, no noise, just two pupiless eyes on his face.

A green energy began to be drained from the rangers; it was being absorbed into the Black Knight's face, he was stealing their fighting skills.

All seemed lost; until a purple blast shot the knight away from the rangers, the team looked up only to find that Discord was responsible for the save. The Lord of Chaos stepped in front of the wounded rangers; almost as if he was defending them, "You dare call yourself a knight?! You fight without honor!" Discord cried. The Black Knight got up and marched towards his new enemy, "You dare attack me?! You'll regret that!" The Black Knight grasped his sword and clashed it with Discord's.

The two knights began fighting each other; giving the rangers enough time to recover, "Get up rangers, he's distracted." The rangers yell, "Back to Action!" and with those words; they all re-morph. With their weapons, the rangers charge at the two knights.

Discord and the Black Knight were to distracted with each other to notice the rangers, "Why are you helping them, they're our enemies?!" Discord swung his sword at the knight striking him to the ground. "I simply let them recover, it is not honorable to attack enemies who can't fight back." The Lord of Chaos explained. "Now they can fight, they're all yours." Discord back away from his fellow knight; he began chanting a spell, "Bassalichie el fraydo!"

With those words; a portal opened beneath Discord's feet, the vortex dragged the warrior back to the underworld.

With the Chaotic creature gone; the Black Knight turned his attention back to the rangers, the team blasted their magic at him from their staffs. The Knight did his best to block; but he was struck down by the magic, "Uh!" the Black Knight cried. He got back up and readied himself for another attack.

The Black Knight said, "You think you've beaten me? You won't stop me!" With those words; the Black Knight's hover bike zoomed past the rangers, to the knight's side. He mounted his bike and sped off. The rangers tried to chase him; but it was too late, he was gone.
The rangers retreated to their homes; however they kept their guard up, they didn't know when the Black Knight was going to strike again.

Meanwhile; down in the underworld, Discord was in a mood. He was wandering the halls of the cave; he was alone until Chrysalis, "You've got a lot of nerve showing your armored face here after the stunt you pulled." she stated. Discord ignored her and kept walking; but she followed him. The Lord of Chaos entered the main room and was confronted by Zombra, "What did you do?! Because of your honor; the Power Rangers still have their powers." Discord finally spoke, "Your villain fought without honor, he is no knight." Zombra was infuriated with him; so much that he blasted Discord with dark magic.

The warrior was flung towards the back wall; but that wasn't enough to keep him down, Discord got up and fought back. "Chaos Blast!" he yelled, the eye in Discord's shield opened and blasted purple fire at Zombra. The King of Monsters quickly dodged the attack; then fired more magic at Discord. The two of them must have been fighting for at least 20 minutes now; until Chrysalis comes between them, "Boys, boys; fighting will not solve anything." she stated. "We need to be fighting together; not against each other."

Zombra lowered his horn; Discord lowered his sword, the fighting had stopped. "I'll send the Black Knight back to the surface, he'll finish the rangers once and for all." Zombra explained.
At Sugar Cube Corner; the rangers were enjoying ice-cream, but still worried about the Black Knight. Kian was the first to break the silence, "Hey guys; what do you think are Zords are going to be." Everybody looked at him. "Zords Kian, we haven't been on this planet for long, things might work differently here. We might not even get Zords." Wiktoria explained.

Suddenly; the ground started shaking, something was coming. Rose looked outside and saw....

The Black Knight..... but he was huge, the size of a tower. "Rangers face me if you dare!" his voice echoed in the streets. The rangers ran out of the shop to observe the giant villain. "What was that you were saying about Zords Kian?"

The Black Knight noticed his tiny enemies; he began to march towards them, "Found you rangers!" he cried. The rangers ran for it; now being chased for a ten foot tall Black Knight. Before the monster could catch them; the team ducked behind an alley, could they believe they were hiding. "We have to do something. Were Power Rangers." Adam said. Rory disagreed, "Open your eyes Adam, we can't stop that." he said.

While they hid; Kian's morpher rang, he put it on speaker. "Rangers; this is Celestia, you must activate your titan powers. Use them to become the Mystic Titans." With those words; the rangers got a boost of confidence, they ran from the hiding place towards the Black Knight.

"MAGICAL SOURCE; HARMONY FORCE!" they all yelled as they morphed into their suits. The rangers were still holding their morphers, "Okay team; let's try this new spell Celestia gave us." Rory ordered. The rangers typed the spell code into the keypad and pushed the centre button; together they all called out, "TITAN FORMATION!"

Each ranger began to grow and change into a creature from the Everfree Forest....

"Mystic Minotaur!" Kian yelled.

"Mystic Breezie!" Rose yelled.

"Mystic Aquamare!" Wiktoria yelled.

"Mystic Griffon!" Adam yelled.

"Mystic Phoenix!" Rory yelled.

The rangers were now giant mythological beings, "This is awesome!" Adam yelled. All of a sudden; they could hear Celestia in their minds, "Rangers, the time has come. Form the Titan Megazord to defeat the Black Knight." The five Titans stepped forward; confronting the Black Knight. "What?! How have you done this?!" the villain yelled.

Rory asked his team, "You guys ready?" However; only Rose replied, "You know we are."


The mighty Megazord stood before the Black Knight; Rory said, "Alright rangers, let's turn this suit of armour into scrap metal." The Megazord summoned a giant sword; wielding it in the Zord's right hand. All the rangers yelled, "Titan Megazord; take flight." With those words; the Megazord sprouted Griffon wings, sending it off the ground.

When it got high enough; the sword began to glow, "Whoa, can you feel the power?" Adam asked. The rangers guided the Megazord through the air. All the rangers chanted,

"Spirit of the ancient Titans!" Suddenly; they were surrounded by the ghost of mythological creatures. "Titans Attack!"

With those words from the rangers; the spirit charged at the Black Knight, striking him left and right. Finally; the rangers finished him of with a final slash from their sword, it struck the villain's armour strongly. "Nooo!" The knight yelled. "The great Black Knight has fallen, but my master will return." With those final words; the Black Knight fell forward hitting the ground hard before exploding out of existence. When the smoke cleared; the Black Knight was no more.

Zombra saw the whole thing through his magic vision, "Uh! Why must I have such disgraceful minions? But it doesn't matter; I will send more villains, even stronger than the Black Knight. As soon as my strength returns."
The Mane 6 took the rangers to Sweet Apple Acres to celebrate; they now have a Megazord, so now the fight will be easier to win. Adam stood up from the table, "Ladies and gentlemen and Ponies, I'd like to propose a toast to my team, to the my friends and to Discord. I wish he could be here; I know that wasn't him that saved us from the Black Knight, but it felt like he was still protecting us. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow; but some day, we will get Discord back."

Birthday Bash

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It was a fine morning in the Chaotic Castle; Celestia had just risen the sun, Adam was walking up. When the Yellow Ranger got out of bed; he walked towards his mirror, "Morning Birthday boy." he said to the glass. Adam made himself look presentable before heading downstairs; something was waiting for him.

Adam entered the living room; but there was no one there, it was like a ghost town. The boy didn't know what to do, "Fluttershy? Screwball? Mothball? Where is everybody?" he asked.

Before anything else could happen; Screwball and her family appeared in front of him with a flash, sending Adam to the floor in shock. "Happy Birthday!" the yelled. Adam was still on the floor panting; but he was helped up by Mothball, "You okay Adam?" the Changeling asked. When the boy was on his feet; he answered, "Yeah, you guys just took me by surprise."

Fluttershy approached Adam with a present; he cried a little when he saw it, "We all picked this one out." she said. Adam took the box and unwrapped it; inside was a picture frame, inside the frame was a picture of Fluttershy and her family. Even Discord was there; in the corner of the frame was some writing, it read "Happy Birthday Adam and thank you for protecting us. Love Fluttershy, Screwball, Mothball & Zany." Adam couldn't help but cry as they all embraced in a group hug; Screwball remembered something, "Okay Adam, you need to go to the park. Rose is waiting for you there." she explained. Adam followed the purple pony's orders and left for the park.

Once he was gone; the ponies and Changeling got everyone out of hiding, Rory, Kian and Wiktoria were hiding in the broom closet. "Okay, Rose is distracting him for the day. We have to get all the stuff to Sugar Cube Corner." Rory explained. So they all grabbed the party supplies and made for Pinkie's work place.
Adam soon arrived at the park; Rose was waiting for him on a park bench, when she saw him coming she greeted him with a gentle wave. "Happy Birthday Adam." she said with delight. Adam replied, "Thanks Rose, so I hear your supposed to be distracting me." A cold chill went up Rose's spine; she said, "What? No. It's just two friends out on one of their Birthdays." Adam knew she was up to something; but decided to play along, just to see what the outcome was.

They began their day with a walk through the meadows of the park; just taking in the views, when suddenly....

Changelings sprung from the trees; surrounding the rangers, something bigger emerged from the swarm. "Oh joy. I've found myself two adorable Power Rangers. Once my mouth watering work is done, all you want to do is have fun, fun, fun. HAHAHAHAHA!" the red and white suited villain laughed. Adam noticed something about the villain; he had a red and white cane; that looked like a lollipop, a red and white striped tuxedo, he was a little over weight and he and a marshmallow spiral hat on his head.

The rangers knew this guy was a threat; Adam asked, "Who are you?" The villain skipped around them with a smile on his face, "Call me Candy Cane." he said. The rangers stared at the candy themed villain; I thinks it's morphing time.

"Ready Rose?" Adam asked. Rose replied, "Ready." Then; pulling out their morphers, they both yelled, "MAGICAL SOURCE; HARMONY FORCE!"


Now morphed; the Yellow and Pink Ranger were ready for battle. The drew their magic staffs from their belts; and they morphed into the weapons.

Candy Cane simple laughed, "Now the fun begins." he said.
1 hour earlier...…….

Down in the underworld; Zombra was pacing back and forth, Chrysalis walked in on her partner. "What are you doing Zombra?" she asked. The King of Monsters answered with, "Planning." Then; the Changeling queen remembered what she was going to say. "Zombra, there's news about the rangers. Today is the Yellow Rangers Birthday, the perfect time to strike." she explained. Zombra thought for a minute.

"Brilliant Chrysalis. I have just the villain for this job." the shadow pony said as he approached the life cells. Zombra found the one he was looking for; he hovered it into the air, then blasted it with his dark magic. "I summon; Candy Cane."

In the centre of town; a purple light flashed outside an old candy shop, the purple light then generated the candy themed villain. When the striped suit villain realised he was free; a evil smile grew on his face, "Well, well, well; the candy man is back. And he wants to go see his old friend Pinkie Pie." Before Cane could do anything else; Zombra eyes appeared in the sky, "Candy Cane, your orders are to destroy the Yellow Ranger's Birthday. And then steal his Element." The King of Monsters ordered.

Candy Cane was a little scared of his shadow pony master, "Of course my master, no human or pony can resist my sugary treats." he said.

When Zombra's eyes disappeared from the sky; Cane entered his candy shop, no one had been in there for years. The villain flipped the power switch; restoring power to the machines, "Now a plan is forming in my head, soon those Power Rangers will feel dread." Cane sang. "I hope this isn't to extreme, I think I have myself a scheme. The candy will make them zip and zoom, the Yellow Ranger will meet his doom. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"
Not far from the park; the other rangers and the ponies were setting up Adam's party at Sugar Cube Corner. Screwball was in the kitchen with Applejack baking the food, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy flew up to hang the banner and Pinkie Pie was just blasting decorations up with her party cannon. All the kids were writing cards and wrapping presents at the tables; while the babies were just playing with each other. "Hurry up everybody and pony." Kian said. "We don't know how long Rose can keep Adam distracted."

As all was going well; Rory's morpher rang, he answered it quickly. Celestia was on the line; Rory put it on speaker, "Rangers, there's trouble at the park. Adam and Rose got ambushed by Changelings and a new villain." the princess explained. The rangers were needed, "Guys keep setting up." Rory said. "We'll be back." After those words; Rory, Kian and Wiktoria ran from the shop, morphing into their rangers suit. "Magical Source; Harmony Force!" they cried as they leaped through the air.

Now morphed; the sped towards the park.
Back over at the fight; Adam and Rose already started battling the Changeling swarm, while Candy Cane watched from a far.

Finally; the other rangers arrived at the battle, "Adam! Rose!" Kian cried. Unfortunately; Kian distracted Adam and Rose, they were hit with a Changeling blast. It was so powerful; it sent them flying into the rest of the team. Candy Cane skipped forward to greet the other rangers, "Well; looks like we have more rangers joining our little party." The rangers ignored his comment and readied their weapons, "I don't know what your planning; but if you've learned anything from the Black Knight, it won't work." Kian explained.

The Power Rangers struck their battle poses; but Cane didn't order a attack, "Oh I think that's enough playing for now, just pass on a message to Pinkie Pie for me." Cane said. "I'll meet her in my old candy shop and if she doesn't show up...… her fillies get it." Adam shot up in rage, "Attacking my team is one thing, but no one threatens the Tri-Pies!" he cried. Adam's magic staff converted to it's crossbow mode; he began firing at Candy Cane, blasting him back towards the trees. As for the rest of the Changelings; the buzzed away in fear of getting shot, leaving Cane to fend for himself.

The villain got to his feet and said, "Have her meet me at my shop, and no funny business." Cane ordered. Then the spiral lollipop on his cane began to spin; Candy Cane was lifted into the air, flying away. The rangers watched as their enemy escaped; Rory was the first to speak, "We can't let Pinkie go to that maniac, he'll destroy her." Rose turned to her team and asked, "Why does he want Pinkie Pie anyway?" But none of the rangers knew, so they de-morphed and left.

Adam was told to go back to the Castle of Chaos; Fluttershy was waiting for him there, everyone else went back to Sugar Cube Corner. When Adam arrived; Fluttershy was in her garden, the boy greeted her with a kind wave. They both spent most of the afternoon feeding and playing with the animals; until Adam stepped inside for a drink. While he was gone; Fluttershy started to sing to her animals.

"Each day when the sun rises, I hurry from my sleep. Coming here to greet you with my song." she sang. Totally unaware that Discord was wandering the woods next the castle. He was close enough; he could hear the Pegasus singing, "What is that beautiful sound?" he asked. The purple knight approached the castle he once called home; he found Fluttershy singing in the garden he made for her, when he had her imprisoned. Discord slowly approached the mare without being spotted; he stared at the yellow pony for a while, "Why does that Pegasus look so familiar? And why is she so.....beautiful?" he asked himself.

Discord came out of hiding; and approached Fluttershy, "Hello miss." he quietly said. Fluttershy turned and said, "Hello, how can I hel……" before she could finished, she gasped at the site of her husband encased in the evil armour.

"Di...Discord?" she said with a scared voice. She backed away from him ever so slightly; but he didn't not harm her, he just stood there. "Why do you look so familiar, Element Barer?" the draconequus asked. Fluttershy felt less afraid of him, "Do you know who I am?" she asked. But Discord simply shook his head; Fluttershy's eyes started to fill with tears, "I'm your wife Discord; we've raised two beautiful children, we have such wonderful friends. Please Discord; come back to me, I love you." With those words; she wrapped her hooves around the purple knight, trying to convince him that what she was saying was true. Discord didn't move for a minute; until....

"No!" he cried and pulled Fluttershy off him. "I am the Lord of Chaos, you are a friend of the rangers. A friend of my enemy, is my enemy." The knight grasped his sword and raised it above his head; attempting to strike her down. "Discord, no please!" she cried. But it was to late; he swung his sword at her but.....

It was quickly blocked by Adam; he was already morphed and blocking Discord's attack with his magic staff. "Leave her alone!" Adam said angrily. The ranger lifted the sword away and struck the knight with his staff; causing him to move back in pain. Discord stared at the Yellow Ranger; then placed his sword back into his shield, "Your lucky I don't destroy you now, but we will settle this once and for all." Discord explained. Adam removed his helmet to get a better hearing of what he was saying.

"What did you have in mind?" the ranger asked. Discord thought for a minute; then it came to him, "Tonight; seven o'clock, we fight to the finish. No magic, no team, just me and you battling for victory; loser is destroyed." Adam was concerned about the proposal; but it seemed like a fair wager, "Deal." the ranger replied.

With the agreement settled; Discord turned his back on the pair, marching his way back into the forest. Fluttershy couldn't help but cry; she hugged onto Adam, "Please Adam, don't destroy him." she mumbled. Adam lowered himself to her level, "No, I won't destroy him. I promised you I'd get him back, so that's what I'll do." the ranger explained.
At Sugar Cube Corner; the other rangers had to decide what to do about Candy Cane. They were joined at their table by Pinkie Pie; who had already been told about the villain who wanted her for some reason. Rose asked, "Pinkie, who is this guy and what does he want with you?" The pink earth pony tried to remember that name, "Candy Cane, why does that name sound so familiar?"

Her and the rangers sat there thinking; until the name finally sprung to Pinkie's mind....

"Candy Cane! I remember now; he owned a candy shop in Ponyville, but it was shut down when Sugar Cube Corner was opened. The Princess's found out he was stealing recipes from and evil, enchanted book in the Canterlot library." the pink pony explained. Applejack interjected the story, "I remember the story; the book also gave him candy powers. So as punishment; Celestia locked him away in a life cell." the cowgirl said.

Kian realised something, "And he wants revenge on Sugar Cube Corner, and wants you because you run it now." he said. Everyone understood the situation; now they just needed to find Cane and stop him.

Pinkie Pie had a plan, "Everypony, stay here and finish setting up. Me and the rangers are going to stop Candy Cane." The rangers called Adam and told him to meet them at Cane's candy shop.
Upon arrival at the shop; the rangers were already morphed, and Pinkie was hiding behind Rose's legs. Rory broke the silence with a yell, "Candy Cane; she's right here, come and get her!"

With that; a flash of pink light appeared in front of them, "I see you brought me my business rival, shame I still have to destroy you." A voice said. Suddenly; the ranger were blasted out of the shop and into the streets, when they got up they saw Candy Cane; holding Pinkie Pie to his chest. Adam yelled, "Let her go Cane!" But the candy themed villain just laughed, "Ha! You rangers are such push overs." he said.

Adam readied his crossbow; but was stopped by Wiktoria, "No Adam, you could hit Pinkie." she said. Cane flipped his cane over and pointed the end at the rangers, "You've interfered for the last time rangers, my gobstopper cannon will see to that." the villain explained. With those words; he fired exploding gobstoppers from his cane; at the rangers, one by one the rangers were shot down by the deadly candy.

Cane turned his attention to his pony hostage, "Your turn Miss Pie." Pinkie began to cry a little; until a strange noise was heard, something unlike anyone had every heard.

When the noise go louder; Adam recognised the sound, "That noise; could it be?" he asked.


The blue police box appeared right in front of the rangers; without warning, a man stepped out of it. "Hello Adam, I miss something." The man turned to the ranger as if he knew them, "Charlie, what are you doing here?" Rory asked. Charlie; also known as the Doctor, explained himself. "Celestia gave me a ring, and also gave me something to help you in the fight." Charlie reached into his jacket pocket pulling out his screwdriver, he turned to the villain a beamed some sonic energy at his arm.

Cane felt his arm tingling and let go of Pinkie, she ran towards the ranger where it was safe. Charlie stepped forward towards the villain, "Who are you?!" Cane yelled. Charlie simply said, "I'm the Doctor. And I brought this." Charlie reached into his pocket and pulled out...… a morpher.

"Solar Sound Morpher!" Charlie yelled. "MAGICAL SOURCE; HARMONY FORCE!"


Everyone was amazed at the new ranger; Charlie yelled, "Power of the Sun; Celestia's Knight!"

Zombra was watching the whole thing from his lair; he cried, "No! Not another one!"

Cane was in even more angary, "No told me there were six Power Rangers!" Charlie was hold his sonic screwdriver; it glowed at first before Charlie said, "Solar Sonic Saber!" With those words; his screwdriver transformed into a large knight's sword, made entirely out of gold. Charlie struck a battle pose; Candy Cane readied for battle, then they both charged at each other.

The other rangers and Pinkie watched the knight and the villain battle; Charlie managed to strike Cane sometimes, but it wasn't enough. The villain blasted Charlie back to the team; he quickly got up though, "Charlie; how are you a ranger?" Rose asked. Charlie answered, "I'll explain later; right now, I've soften him up. Combine your weapons and take him down." The team looked at him with confused looks under their masks; what did he mean. The Power Rangers drew their magic staffs and place them together; suddenly, the crystals in the centre of the staffs began to glow.

The staffs hovered above the rangers; they began to lock together, forming a large sword.

The weapon fell into the rangers' hands; Kian broke the silence, "This thing is awesome!" he yelled. Cane felt a little scared; Rory called out, "Celestial Sword; Final Strike!" All the ranger grabbed a part of the handle; raising it above their heads, "Uh oh!" Candy Cane said.

The rangers brought the saber down; slashing Candy Cane with a powerful strike, when the energy faded; Cane began to spark. "Uh!" he muttered before falling forward; with a final explosion, Candy Cane was no more.
That night; Adam was on his own, "Well this has been a smashing day." he said. The boy was wandering through the streets of Ponyville; until he ran into Sugar Cube Corner, "When life gets you down, stack it back up with ice-cream." he commented.

Adam opened the front door; the room was pitch dark, it was almost spooky. He began to walk inside; there was no sign of any life or movement, "Hello? Pinkie? Just popping in for a snack."

Without warning; all the lights came on and Adam's friends jumped out and yelled, "Surprise!" Adam once again fell to the floor in shock; Rory walked over to help him up. When he was back on his feet; he walked over to the group of ponies, humans, a Changeling & a dragon, "You guys are amazing, you did all this for me?" Fluttershy approached the Yellow Ranger, "You said that our world is precious to you, this is our way of saying thank you." Adam embraced the Pegasus in a warm hug; they were soon joined by the rest of the group, all cuddling together. When they broke apart; Pinkie Pie yelled, "Lets party!"

And so they did; there were party games, Applejack had brought apple tarts and apple cider, Pinkie had made a cake shaped like Adam's Spiderman emblem & Adam was at the present table. Everybody and pony was handing him wrapped boxes; Rainbow Dash got him a Daring Doo book, Rarity had given him some human stile clothes, Rory got the boy a new O.S.C communicator, the presents kept coming.

The party lasted about two hours; whilst having fun, Adam completely forgot what he had to do. He approached Fluttershy; she was sitting with Zany, watching Screwball and Mothball on the dance floor. "Fluttershy?" he said. "I going to meet him." A worried look then sprung onto the mare's face, "Please, don't hurt him." she insisted.

When everybody and pony went home; Adam knew it was time, so he ran for the forest.
Deep within the Everfree Forest; the Lord of Chaos was waiting for his opponent.

Adam found Discord sitting on a rock in the centre of the forest; the knight stood up, approaching the ranger. "Are you ready to settle this?" he asked. Adam pulled out his morpher; holding it to his chest, "Magical source; harmony force." he said slightly; he then instantly morphed.

"We end this now!" Adam cried.

Bothe the warriors drew their weapons; they were both ready to fight, they charged at each other. They say a loud thunder was heard when their weapons clashed together....

Forever Red

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Far from Equestria; in a whole other galaxy, was the planet Earth. Orbiting this planet was the Moon; in the Sea of Tranquillity, familiar evil is plotting a return. Among the rubble; an army of Stormtroopers were digging up the rocks. Wandering through the troops; were the last surviving generals, of the Decepticons.

Onslaught, Brawl, Swindle, Vortex & Blast Off; they had taken command of what remained of the Galactic Empire, "We finally found it." Onslaught stated. "Troops keep digging, Megatron was a fool to leave this here." The Stormtroopers were digging out a Decepticon weapon; a machine that would have won them the war.

Little did the Combaticons know; someone was watching them from above, on a cliff. It was someone in a cloak; spying on the enemy, trying to see what they were planning. When the figure removed his cloak; it was revealed that it was, Adam Davenport (from Lab Rats). "No good, they've almost dug it out." the bionic human said. As he tried to run away; he knocked some rocks down the hill, catching the attention of the Cons. Brawl turned his head; seeing Adam, "Stop!" he cried. "Blast Off, let's go!" Brawl and Blast Off converted to vehicle mode and sped after the intruder.

Adam ran for his life but the Decepticons were catching up with him; with no other option, Adam used his emergency teleporter. "Location: Earth, O.S.C Spaceport." he cried as he kept running.

With the coordinates locked in; the teleporter activated, transporting him to the new location. Brawl stopped his engines and Blast Off landed by his side; they both transformed back to their bot modes, "Let him go, it to late anyway." Blast Off said.

Back on Earth; Adam's teleporter brought him back to base, the hero had just arrived in the Command Centre. He was greeted by Olessia; director of the O.S.C. She asked, "How was your mission?" The bionic human came to his feet and replied, "They found it." Olessia gasped at the news she heard; she ran back to her desk, activating a commlink. "Jack, contact the recruits. It's time."
At a vacation home; on the beaches of Hawaii, another familiar face was enjoying his day off. Before he was rudely interrupted by a waiter bringing him a phone, "Excuse me sir, you have a phone call." The boy in the deck chair reached his arm out to grab the phone, "Hello, this Jack." he answered.

On a distant island; someone else was about to get a phone call, "King Brady, there's someone on the phone for you." Mason said. King Brady and King Boomer came tumbling down the stairs wrestling again; it to Mason having to pick them up and pull them apart, the man pulled the twin kings apart and gave Brady the phone. "Thank you Mason, hello this is King Brady." he said as he answered the phone.

In the centre of London; at ITV studios, a production assistant was trying to find one of the TV presenters. "Excuse me?" he asked around. "Has anyone seen Mr McPartlin?"

All over the world; recruits were picking up phones and receiving a location and a time to meet up.

Returning to Equestria; Charlie went to find Rory, he found the group of rangers at Sugar Cube Corner. They were all their except Adam; no one had seen him since his party last night. Charlie approached the group; they didn't notice him at first, "Rory, the Red Harmony Force Ranger." Charlie stated. Rory and the rest of the team turned to their newest member, "What is Charlie?" Charlie was wearing a red and black fireman's jacket; no one had seen him wear that for over a year, "I was sent by Olessia to recruit you for an important mission. The fate of Earth is at stake, we need you help."

With those words; Rory sprung out of his chair and went with the Time Lord. They both walked outside to Charlie's vehicle; the same blue box he always travelled in, "You remember the TARDIS don't you Rory." Charlie asked. Rory replied with a simple, "How could I forget all the times I nearly threw up in this thing."

They both stepped into the time machine; with a flip of a switch, the TARDIS materialised away.

Later that day; Charlie, Rory and their blue box appeared in a space centre on Earth. Upon stepping out of the time machine; Rory saw two other people he recognised, "Kye, Ivan? What are you guys doing here?" Kye replied, "Well I was let out of the Raft for good behaviour, and Ivan here came and picked me up."

Kye had been in prison for some time; because he once joined the Galactic Empire, he helped build the ultimate weapon. However; in the end, Kye saw the light. He betrayed the Empire and helped destroy the Death Star; although that didn't same him from sometime behind bars. Ivan on the other hand; he is a former Power Ranger, also a super hero. Ivan is Kid Arachnid; Spiderman's sidekick, same powers as the web-slinger but with two extras. Kye also was a Power Ranger before the war; Kye was the Red Ninja Storm Ranger and Ivan was the Red Dino Charge Ranger. Also; for those who didn't know, Charlie has also been a Red Ranger in the past. He took up the role of the Red Lightspeed Rescue Ranger.

Charlie broke the conversation; saying, "I guess you already know this two rangers." Then he pointed to a sports car, "And that's the Crimson Thunder Ranger." A grown man stepped from the car; Charlie explained his name, "Anthony McPartlin." The thunder ranger stopped him before he finished, "Please, just call me Ant." he explained. "And that's Adam Davenport." Adam walked up to the group; him and Rory greeted in a hand shake. "Nice of you to join us." Adam said.

Rory was amazed by who he was surrounded by; he asked, "So you guys are all Red Rangers too, what's going on?" Charlie answered his question, "We were all assembled by one ranger, our leader for this mission." Rory responded to this with, "Leader?"

Suddenly; the hanger doors opened, stepping inside was a Power Ranger legend. Rory asked, "Is that, Adam's little brother?" Ant gently slapped Rory's shoulder, "That's Jack, the Red Space Power Ranger. He's been a ranger for as long as his brother." Ant explained. Jack joined the group and was greeted by his fellow rangers; he opened with, "Thank you guys for coming on such short notice." Kye was the first to respond, "What's going on? Your call sounded urgent."

Jack had to inform them of what they were about to face, "I was hoping this day would never come, Adam here has been tracking down the last remaining forces; of the Galactic Empire." Ant asked, "But I thought the O.S.C destroyed them years ago." Jack wandered past his team, "We destroyed their leader, Astronima." The space ranger explained. "But some of their army managed to survive. And now; under the command of a team of Decepticons, the have gathered in a secret base on the Moon."

Rory stepped forward and asked, "The Moon? So how are we suppose to get their to stop them?" Kye turned to the Time Lord of the group, "Can't we use the TARDIS?" he asked. Charlie looked at him with confusion, "Kye; they're a evil military army, the last thing I want to do is pilot a super, high-tech time machine right in front of them."

"So how do we get there?" Ivan asked. "In this." They all heard Jack say. They all turned their heads and noticed lights had been illuminated; revealing a large orangey-gold space shuttle. Jack says, "May I present the Ark, mark II. Fresh from construction from Autobot city, the fastest space ship in the galaxy." Everybody stands there admiring the shuttle; before Jack turns back to his team, "Rangers; this will be a very dangerous mission, I can't force you to go, the time to decide is now."

Rory explained his answer, "To come here; I left the planet I suppose to protect without it's Red Ranger, but Earth is my home and I will always come and protect it."

"Same goes for me and Ivan." Kye stated.

"Count me in." Charlie said.

Not even a question." Ant commented. Adam stepped towards Jack, "Then it's settled." Adam said.

So with everybody going; they made their way into the ship, but they were stopped by Kye. "Wait, wasn't there another Red Ranger here on Earth?" he asked. Jack turned back to his fellow rangers, "I gave him a call; but I guess he couldn't make it, so we'll have to go without him." Jack explained.

Then everybody heard a car pull up outside; they ran for the exit, to find someone parking a yellow beetle. The driver stepped out and revealed himself to be; Nelly, the Red Wild Force Ranger. Before he left the car; he quickly said, "Thanks for the lift Bee." The car simply beeped at his comment. The newest ranger walked towards the group; greeting his old teammates. Jack was the first out of them to speak, "You had us worried, we thought you weren't going to show up." Nelly responded with, "Come on, I'm the newest Red Ranger. You guys weren't gonna do this without me were you." All the other rangers just nodded; now that everybody was here, they all boarded the shuttle.

The new Ark took off from the hanger; flying on direct path to the moon.
Far from Earth; even further than Equestria, was a jungle planet. The planet was called Marenoi; home to the Lost Galaxy Power Rangers, their leader was pulling his sword from the stone.

Whilst flying to the Moon; Jack decided to brief all the rangers about what was to come, "Let's begin; two years ago, the Galactic Empire tried to invade Earth. Myself and my brother Adam led the charge in the final battle; which led to the destruction of Astronima. But then a new threat came to our planet; the Decepticons, this was a war that lasted a whole year." All the rangers listened carefully as Jack continued. "When we defeated the Cons; Megatron joined his brother and the Autobots. But a squad of Decepticons; under the command of General Onslaught, have brought the Empire back. And now they're planning to take Earth for themselves."

Jack played the recording which Adam took of the enemy when he was spying on them; it showed all the stormtroopers digging, Ant pointed out, "They're digging for something." Kye asked, "What would they want on the Moon."

"Trypticon." Rory interrupted. He would know because he was there; battling the Decepticons along side Adam and their team. Jack nodded at what Rory said; he explained, "When Megatron was defeated, his ultimate weapon; Trypticon, was put into stasis mode and buried on the Moon." The Space ranger then played a clip on the projector; the Decepticon titan was the size of Omega Supreme, maybe even larger. Rory said, "If the Empire get their hands on that Decepticon, they're gonna have more than enough power to attack Earth."

Charlie said this confidence, "We have to stop them here, on the Moon. Were the only chance Earth has."

On the Moon's surface; inside a base for the Empire, Onslaught was giving a speech to the army. "When the Empire was defeated, we were force into the dark." the leader explained. Brawl yelled, "That's right." The Onslaught replied with, "But no more!" The whole army cheered at the statement. "With this, the greatest Zord ever built. We will be able to rebuild the Galactic Empire and have revenge on those who destroyed our great leader, Princess Astronima." With his speech over, the army gave one final cheer.
Later that day; the Combaticons were ready to put their plan into action, "Onslaught, the last of the energon reserves have been transferred into Trypticon." Vortex explains. The leader simply nods at his fellow Decepticon; the he says, "Finally, Megatron will regret the day he betrayed us." With a motion of his hand pointing towards their super weapon; Onslaught ordered, "Let's begin."

However; more they could leave, a blast of energy sent two Stormtroopers flying through the door. "You know, you should really let this little grudge go Onslaught." Nelly said as him and the other rangers marched through the entrance. Rory stepped forward and said, "Were not gonna let you bring back Trypticon."

Onslaught and his crew were then joined by a large group of Stormtroopers; Kye then asked, "How come the transformers are the same size as humans in this story?" Jack replied with, "Because the guy that wrote this story wanted to make it fair for us. If the Combaticons were giant; that wouldn't be fair at all." The Combaticon leader yelled, "Troopers, ATTACK!" The rangers and Stormtroopers charged at each other and the battle commenced.

Nelly was backed into a corner; one trooper leaped at him, but the Wild Force Ranger caught him and threw him into another. Three more enemies tried to attack; but Nelly swung his leg around, delivering a strong kick to all three of their faces.

Jack leaped up onto a higher platform; where he was met by a group of the enemy, they all underestimated him because of his size and age. Although Jack was only twelve; he was a great fighter, he kicked each and everyone of them off the platform. He watched them all plummet to the floor; knocking them unconscious.

Kye used amazing ninja skills to fight them off; as well as, "I used to be your leader, I know all your moves." Kye stated.

Ant battled the Stormtroopers with a mixer of comedy, secret agent & agility fighting skills. He rapidly punched one in the face, swung his legs around; knocking three of them over & leaped at one and started rolling around.

Adam was chased into the boiler room; his path was blocked by two more troopers, luckily he gave them a blast from his bionic sonic wave. The blast sent them to the other side of the room; one trooper even tried to sneak attack Adam, but was found and the ranger threw him out of his hiding place; off the platform, down to all the pipes.

Charlie front rolled in front of his enemy squad; he had his blaster, the ranger began firing on the Stormtroopers. The fought back by firing their own blasters a Charlie; but he repaid the attack with blasts of his own, he dodged their laser and fired at the remaining enemy.

Ivan was smart; he was using their own blasters against them, firing left and right at the enemy.

Rory finished off the Stormtroopers with his magic; using his morpher, he shot a blast of magic at the enemy. When they all turned to stone; Rory muttered, "I love magic." He then noticed the Combaticons escaping; Onslaught said, "Team, let us board Trypticon."

Rory chased the Decepticons out to the surface of the Moon; with strong words he yelled, "Stop!" Onslaught and his turned to face the ranger, "You fool." the leader said as he fired at him with his Riot Cannon. Rory managed to dodge it; but only just. The Combaticons approached the ranger, "You will be the first to feel our wrath." Swindle stated.

However; before they could attack, a red blast knocked them to the ground. Rory was then scooped up by a red speeder; the speeder was carrying two more Red Rangers. One of them said, "Hold on Rory." The other one said, "Are you okay?" Rory simply nodded as they got ready to jump off the speeder; they landed back on the ground where they were joined by the other rangers. Charlie said, "Rory; I see you've met Aaron; the Red Lost Galaxy Ranger, and this is King Brady; the Red Dino Thunder Ranger."

Brady and Aaron then de-morphed; the reunion was cut short when the Combaticons approached the group, "What? Ten Red Rangers?!" Brawl cried.

The rangers stood in one big long line; Nelly said, "Well, this is the part the readers have waiting for." All ten ranger called out the most famous line, "ITS MORPHIN TIME."

"Wild Access!" Nelly yelled.


"Red Wild Force Ranger!"

"Let's Rocket!" Jack said.


"Red Space Ranger!"

"Dino Charger Ready!" Ivan said. "Energise, Unleash the Power!"


"Red Dino Charge Ranger!"

"RPM, get in gear!" Adam yelled.


"Red RPM Ranger!"

"Go Galactic!" Aaron said.


"Go Galactic!"

"Lightspeed, Rescue!" Charlie said.


"Red Lightspeed Ranger!"

"Ninja Storm, Ranger Form!" Kye shouted.


"Red Ninja Storm Ranger!"

"Thunderstorm, Ranger Form." Ant yelled.


"Crimson Thunder!"

"Magical Source, Harmony Force!" Rory said.


"Red Harmony Force Ranger!"

"Dino Thunder; Power Up, Hah!" Brady cried.


"Red Dino Thunder Ranger!"

The Combaticons witnessed the morph of ten Red Rangers; still stood in a line, a mighty explosion took place behind them.

Onslaught was full of rage, "Combaticons! Attack!" he yelled. The rangers charged at the Decepticons and they did the same to them; two rangers took on one Combaticon each.

Nelly and Rory were thrown to the ground by Onslaught; he charged at them with rage, Rory responded by charging back. The ranger and Decepticon clash upon impact; Rory delivered three punches to his chest, but was then flung back by a kick to his chest. Nelly got up and said, "Watch how a lion does it." He then full beast mode; clawing and punching Onslaught into the side of a cliff. Rory watched and called out, "Nice."

Jack and Kye both delivered a strong kick to Brawl; the Con almost lost his balance, but the fired two missiles from his tank cannons. The rangers dodged the attack; backflipping from the Decepticon, they watched as the missiles crashed to the ground. Brawl ran for them but was stopped by Kye; his ninja kicked him in the face, sending him back a little. Jack finished him off with his special move, "I call this the Rocket to Mars!" The space ranger leaped towards Brawl and delivered a strong kick to his chest; sending him flying to the cliffs, "Ah! Aaaaah!" he cried before exploding upon impact with the cliff.

Swindle was chasing Ant and Brady down a steep hill; he fired his Scatter Blaster at the dino ranger, however Brady leaped behind the Combaticon. Swindle fired again; hitting the top of the hill, causing the rocks to begin an avalanche. The two rangers began backflipping down the hill, with Swindle still chasing them. When Ant and Brady reached the bottom; they turned back to the Decepticon. "Thunder Blaster!" Ant said. Brady said, "Tyrano-staff!" The held their weapons up and fired at the incoming enemy; the beams struck him hard, causing him to begin tumbling down the mountain side.

Aaron and Ivan began a sword battle with Vortex; the Decepticon was using his propellers, from his helicopter mode as swords. Aaron went for a swipe at him; but the Combaticon leaped high in the air. Aaron looked up to see Vortex coming back down; he blasted a powerful beam at the ranger, creating a dust cloud. Little did Vortex know; Aaron jumped up as well, striking him with galaxy saber when the passed each other. As the Decepticon got closer to the ground; Ivan decided to finish him off, "My turn, Dino Charge Saber." he said as he flew through the air; striking Vortex with his sword upon impact. Vortex the fell to his knees; before exploding out of existence, Aaron simply dropped back to the ground when the smoke cleared.

"Your finished!" Blast Off cried as he fired his Path Blaster at Adam and Charlie. The two rangers kart-wheeled across the Moon's surface; firing their blasters at the Decepticon. They needed to find cover; so they ducked behind two rocks, waiting for Blast Off's next move. He approached the rocks; still firing his gun, the rangers thought of a plan. Charlie asked, "You ready?" Adam responded with, "Lets do it!" They both leaped from their hiding places and rapidly fired at Blast Off. They dodged his blasts before Charlie kicked the gun out of the Decepticon's hand. The both then fired the weapons at him; sending Blast Off flying off the cliff and plummeting to the ground below.

To finish off Onslaught; Rory leaped and punched him directly in the Deception logo branded on his chest. He backed away as sparks began exploding from his body; Nelly said, "Still number one!"

Onslaught got up and cried, "Well I still have Trypticon!" The Decepticon charged towards the titan. He climbed inside and activated the energon reserves, "Trypticon lives again." All the rangers gathered around and watched as the Decepticon monster woke up from stasis. Charlie stated, "Man that is one ugly Zord." Trypticon then took off into the sky; Nelly said, "We've got to get back to the Ark." Before any of them could move; Rory had an idea, "We need Zords." Jack marched to the harmony ranger, "Known of us can call our Zords from the moon."

Rory stepped out in front of the group, "I can." he said.

The ranger pulled out his morpher; typed in a spell code, "Titan formation!" With those magic words; Rory began to grow and transform into his titan form, now he was big enough to fight Trypticon. The other rangers were amazed; watching their friend turn into a giant.

Rory face Trypticon; holding his large sword, the Decepticon Titan flew directly towards him. Rory whispered to himself, "For the Earth."

When Trypticon got close enough; Rory swung his sword, taking of the titan's head. The severed lizard head went flying away from the Moon; while the body began to explode from the inside. Onslaught; still in the driver's seat, began to noticed the his plan has failed. He muttered, "Astronima; I have failed you and.... the Empi...."

The Decepticon couldn't finished his sentence as Trypticon's entire body exploded; taking Onslaught with it. All the rangers on the ground began to cheer; the had won. Rory then yelled, "Red is forever!"
Back on Earth; the rangers were ready to say their goodbyes.

Jack stepped forward and began to speak, "Thank you all, Earth is safe again. I think its time we go back to where we're supposed to be." When the space ranger finished talking; he gently strolled away. The rest of the Red Rangers watched as the original "Gold" Ranger left. Charlie placed his hand on Rory's shoulder, "Time to get you home." the Time-Lord said.
When the TARDIS materialized outside Sugar Cube Corner; Rory was the first to step out, only to find a real shock. The other rangers; joined by Screwball, Fluttershy, Rarity and Gemstone; were all running towards Rory.

Rose wrapped her arms around Rory; he was confused as for what was going on. Rory stroked the back of Rose's and asked, "What's going on?" Fluttershy answered, "It's Adam, something has happened to him."

Kian stepped forward and said, "Rory, it's happened again."

Man-Spider: part 1

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In the Everfree; Adam and Discord battled until one was destroyed, Adam struck the Lord of Chaos with his magic staff. He backs away from the yellow suited hero; he said, "You fight well Yellow Ranger, for that; I will let you live for now." Adam placed his staff back in his holder on his belt; then de-morphed, returning to himself. "Why do you not remember her Discord?" Adam asks. "She misses you, she loves you. Fluttershy, Screwball, Zany, even Mothball; they want you back."

The draconequus raises his shield; the eye in the centre stares directly at Adam, "I leave you with a curse ranger, you will become your inner monster." With those words; Discord blasts the boy with a strong chaotic blast, sending him flying into a tree. When Adam gets up; preparing to start fighting again, he notices Discord is gone.
Adam arrived back at the Chaotic Castle; Fluttershy was waiting for him outside the front. "Adam!" she cried. "What happened?"

Adam then collapsed in front of her; Fluttershy took the human in her hooves trying to wake him up.

Later that day; Adam woke up, he was in his bed with a hot towel on his forehead. The boy noticed the yellow Pegasus sitting in the armchair next to him. "Fluttershy? What happened?" The mare stroked his hair; then said, "Just rest. I'll tell your friends where you are."

Little did they; watching them through his rip in reality, Zombra observed the Pegasus nursing the Yellow Ranger back to health.

Zombra's rift closed and he turned to Chrysalis. "What has our draconequus done to this ranger?"

"I cursed him." Discord said as he marched into the room. The Changling queen turned to the purple knight, "What do you mean you cursed him?" she asked. Discord stared at the two villains before saying, "Trust me. By tomorrow, the Yellow Ranger will be no more." The Lord of Chaos then turned away from the pair; leaving Zombra and Chrysalis confused.

"Discord cannot be trusted, even after to corrupted him. He still chooses to work alone." Chrysalis explained. Zombra thought for a minute, "We must show Discord how to follow orders." The Changeling Queen nodded her head; agreeing with her partner. "Let me try something, I have a plan to make Discord respect our wishes." With those dark words; Chrysalis left the room, leaving the King of Monsters on his own.

Zombra summoned his life cells; he observed them, trying to choose which villain to release. "I know just the villain to defeat the rangers." The shadow pony levitated the chosen life cell above his head; before blasting it with his black magic.

Deep within the Everfree forest; lightning struck the ground, generating a large staff in the ground. Zombra's rift re-opened and he peered into view of the staff, "Rise Minotaur." The staff was then clutched by a bull headed monster; wearing Greek armour, his eyes glowed blood red & he had a large nose ring hooked onto his snout. The beast looked to the sky; seeing his master, "What is your bidding King Zombra?"

Zombra looked impressed towards this villain; finally a minion that shows respect, "I command you to destroy the Power Rangers. With the Yellow Ranger weak, they will be down a team member. This is the time to strike." The Minotaur nodded to his master; he knew his orders, now he needed to carry them out.
Rory had just left with Charlie; to go on some top secret mission, leaving the rest of the team in Sugar Cube Corner. Kian payed the check and the ranger left.

Wiktoria, Kian & Rose were all walking through the streets; being the only humans on the planet, they did get a few stairs. Braking the silence; Rose says, "Have any of you seen Adam; I haven't seen him since the party last night?" Wiktoria shook her head and Kian explained, "I saw him run towards the forest after everybody and pony left, but I haven't seen him since."

The rangers came to a stop when Screwball rushed towards them; she cried, "Guys! Guys!" The chaotic pony took a moment to catch her breath; since she just ran all the way here. Screwball then explained, "It's Adam, he was attacked by my Dad last night." The rangers gasped after hearing the news; Kian asked, "Where is he?" The pony motioned them to follow her; however they didn't get far when Kian's morpher rang, he quickly answered it and listened to Celestia's orders.

When he hanged up; he said, "Zombra released a new villain, it's on it's way to town." Wiktoria asked. "What do we do?" They all stood there trying to come up with a plan, "Rose; you and Wiktoria go see if Adam's okay, I'll go stop this villain." Kian ordered. With the words; the girls rushed off with Screwball, leaving Kian by himself.

"MAGICAL SOURCE, HARMONY FORCE." the Green Ranger yelled.


Now morphed; Kian made his way to the edge of town.
The girls arrived at the castle; Mothball met them at the door, "You girls should come in, something weird is happening." the Changeling said. Screwball and the rangers followed Mothball to Adam's room; only to find Fluttershy standing outside, peering in through the window.

"Mom, what are you doing?" The Pegasus turned to her daughter and replied, "Um; well honey, Adam's not feeling to well." Suddenly; their talk was interrupted by a loud "Ah!" from Adam's room.

Screwball said, "That's it, I need to see what's going on in there." With those strong words; the pony marched in the bedroom, only to scream at the sight of Adam. It would seem that the Yellow Ranger has.... grown four more arms.

"I know right?" Adam commented. Everyone walked in and gasped at the sight of four extra limbs coming from Adam sides. "What is happening?" Rose asked with a scared tone. Adam sat on his bed and sighed, "What's happening is I need to leave." All the creatures in the room asked, "What?"

Adam decided to explain; you see, this has happened to him before. "During my time as Spiderman; I once contracted a disease, a mutation disease. It was generated with spider DNA and lunar panels, which means when the sun goes down...." Adam couldn't finish the sentence for he knew it would scare them. Fluttershy approached the half spider boy, "I lost Discord to evil, I'm not going to lose you to." She wrapped her hooves around him, embracing him in a warm hug. Adam hugged her back.... with all six arms.

Rose broke the silence with, "Daniel!" All the others looked at her confused, "What about him?" Adam asked. Rose began to explain, "You helped him create a antidote for his lizard transformations, how would this be any different?"
In the Everfree forest; Kian was wandering, looking for the villain. "This place is creepy." the Green Ranger commented. He kept walking through the moldy trees; until he stopped a lake, "Whoa." he said as he stared at the sparkling lake, the sun was causing the water to shine.

The beautiful moment was interrupted when was struck on the back; sending flying into the lake. The Minotaur marched towards his fallen enemy; dripping with water, Kian got up and stared at the horn headed beast. "You must be one of those Power Rangers my master told about." Minotaur said. Kian grasped his magic staff; drawing it from his belt, "Your a Minotaur." Kian stated. The beast stared at him with an angry look, "Your very perspective, aren't you?" he muttered.

After a minute of staring; Kian took action, he charged for Minotaur with his staff in it's axe mode. Minotaur raised his staff like a spear and began to charge himself; his foot began scraping the ground, like a bull getting ready to attack.

Minotaur and Kian clashed their weapons together; the battled it out like gladiators in the arena, "You will fall ranger!" Minotaur cried. Kian struck the beast's chest with his mighty axe; Minotaur stumbled back to recover. The villain decide to use a different attack on this ranger, "Take this!" Minotaur cried breathing a green gas all over the ranger. The colored smoke fogged the area; Kian could see a thing, "What's going on?"

Out of no where; Minotaur delivered a punch to the Green Ranger, forcing him back. Minotaur muttered, "Tell me ranger, what do you fear." Kian looked up; only to find he wasn't in the forest anymore, but his was in a garden.

"What the hay is happening." With those words; he recognized the garden, it was Wiktoria's garden. This was where he trained to become Ant-man; where he learned how to use the shrinking tech. He took moment to admire the place from his past; but it was cut short when he noticed something everything was getting bigger, the whole garden was growing.

It didn't take Kian long to see that it wasn't the garden; it was him, he was shrinking. Until he was the size of an ant; he looked around the tall grass stems, "What's going on?" The ranger noticed something charging towards him; from the distance it only looked like small black dots, until the got close enough. It was a group of charging ants; heading right for him, looking hungry.

"So this what you fear Green Ranger." Kian heard Minotaur's voice in his head. "Your afraid that you'll fail as Ant-man and the ants will cast you out."

Returning to reality; Minotaur watched Kian run away from his illusions, "One down, five to go." the villain muttered.
Back the Chaotic Castle; Adam was still deciding what to do, "I can't stay here; when I change, I'll endanger you all." Adam explained. Fluttershy motioned everyone into the living room; leaving the spider boy sitting on his bed.

"What should we do?" Screwball asked. Rose stepped forward, "I'm going back to Earth, Daniel will have an anti-serum to Adam's condition." Everybody and pony agreed; Rose turned to Wiktoria, "I need you to go find Kian, we haven't heard from him since he went to the forest."

Rose and Wiktoria left the castle; leaving Fluttershy and her children with half human, half spider that could go crazy at any minute.

Rose steps into the garden, "Blades, I need a Space Bridge from here to Earth." she said into her communicator. With those words; a large blue portal opened, Rose entered the wormhole and stepped out the other side. She was now in O.S.C HQ on Earth; she was greeted by two clone troopers, "Miss; the director needs a word with you." Rose looked at the two soldiers, "No, I need to get to Dr Sandy's lab." When she tries to walk away; the clones block her path, "Sorry Miss, were just following orders." Rose gives up and follows the soldiers to the command centre.
Wiktoria left the town; making her way to the Everfree forest. She was suddenly stopped in the middle in the path, "Another ranger, must be my lucky day." Minotaur stated. The Blue Ranger looked at the figure behind the beast; it was Kian, un-morphed and his were wrapped in chains. The villain was dragging the Green Ranger along; like a prisoner or a slave.

Wiktoria pulled out her morpher; quickly saying, "Magical Source; Harmony Force." She instantly morphed into her suit; now she was battle ready. "Magic Staff, Spear Mode!" the ranger yells before he staff becomes a large hunting spear.

The Blue Ranger charged towards Minotaur; but the villain was quick and swung his staff at her, striking her chest hard. Wiktoria plummeted to the floor; with the beast standing over her, "Now let's see what you fear little blue ranger." With those words; Minotaur blasted her with a wave of his dread-breath. Just like Kian; she began to fall into a nightmare.

All was dark; until a light lit up the room, she was in her father's lab. Before her was the Quantum Tunnel; it was at full power, she saw her father about to enter the pod that would take him to the quantum relm. As he sat in the drivers seat; Wiktoria noticed something on the computer screen, "The tunnel's becoming unstable." She turned back to her father, "Daddy no! Don't do it." Dr Pym didn't listen; he continued to power up the pod's engines.

"He can't hear you." a voice said in Wiktoria's head. Dr Pym then blasted off into the tunnel; but something was wrong, the quantum field was becoming unstable. All of a sudden; the tunnel began to spark and break apart.

In one final spark; the tunnel exploded, while Dr Pym was still inside. Minotaur witnessed the destruction of Wiktoria's father, "So that's what you fear; your afraid your father will perish when he tries to bring your mother back." Minotaur watches the ranger stand in the middle of the path; staring at thin air. The villain throws Kian at her; sending them both to the ground, Wiktoria de-morphed and rubbed the back of her head. They both moaned in pain; Minotaur walked past them and couldn't help but laugh a little at the weak humans.

The villain then made his way to the town; little did he know, an even bigger threat was about to rise in this town.
"Adam has been moaning all day." Mothball complained whilst covering his ears with his hooves. Fluttershy was trying to get Zany to sleep; but it was almost impossible, Screwball walked to hear the moans. "Wow that boy can scream." she commented. Fluttershy turned to her daughter, "It's not his fault honey, we have to help Adam in this troubling time."

Mothball then had a thought, "Hang on; if chaos magic did this to Adam, can we use it to undo it?" Screwball frowned when she heard his idea, "No, Daddy's magic is way more powerful than mine. I wouldn't be able to undo this curse." the pony explained.

Everpony was beginning to get worried; it was almost sun down. Screwball looked out the window; the sun was setting and the moon was rising, "Uh Mom, we should lock Adam's door." Fluttershy nodded and handed Zany to Mothball; she made her way down the hall, until she came to a stop at Adam's door. She gently open the bedroom door; revealing the boy sitting in the corner, "Adam?" the Pegasus asked. The boy turned to her; but his eyes were glowing red, "Get away Fluttershy!" he cried.

The boy moaned in pain as the change was upon him; the moon was high in the sky, the curse was taking effect.


Fluttershy screamed at the site of the monster before her; Adam a.k.a Spiderman was gone, and so; Man-Spider was reborn. "Rah!" the monster cried. Screwball came in to see what the all the fuss was, "What are you doing M..." She stopped when she took one look at Adam, "Sweet Celestia!" she screamed. With all the screaming; Adam crashed through the window, landing in the garden. He then ran off towards Ponyville; Fluttershy ran out the front door with Screwball following her.

"Mothy, stay here and take care of Zany." Screwball told her coltfriend. She then sped after her Mom; Adam began firing webs and swinging through the streets. He swings and stops in front of Rarity's fashion studio; with acid dripping from Adam's jaw, he approaches the building.

Adam begins to climbs up the wall and peers into a window; he notices a tiny white unicorn tucked up in bed, the spider creature crawls into the room and approaches the bed. The sound of her light snoring suddenly makes Adam feel peaceful; unfortunately, Adam's heavy breathing wakes Gemstone up. Her eyes slightly open; she mutters, "Mommy, is that you?" Her eyes are wide open now; she mistakenly turns towards the monster leaning over her, "AH!" she screams.

Seeing no other option; Gemstone runs out of her room, she sprints down the stairs to find her mother sitting in the armchair, rubbing her stomach. "Gemstone darling, what's wrong?" Rarity asked. The fillie was panting; trying to catch her breath, "There's...there's a monster in my room." Rarity smiled at her daughter, "Darling, you know there's no such things as monsters." Suddenly; there was a knock at the door, the white unicorn made her way to the front door.

When the door was answered; Fluttershy and Screwball were breathing heavily, "Fluttershy darling, what are you doing here?" Fluttershy thought before she asked this, "You haven't seen a huge spider have you?"

Suddenly; Gemstone was heard screaming from the living room, Rarity ran to he child only to find her shaking at the sight of the creature at the top of the stairs. Rarity looked up; she found herself staring at something that looked like it had been brought back from Hades itself. She cried, "What in Equestria is that?!"

Everpony ran outside; when everybody was safe, the all witnessed Adam leap from Gemstone's window and begin swinging to the centre of town. "Fluttershy, what is that thing?" Rarity asked. The Pegasus turned to her unicorn friend, "I'm so sorry Rarity, that's Adam. Discord cursed him, every night he'll turn into that creature." Rarity took a moment to understand the situation; she looked at her friend before saying, "We must help him, he's doing so much for us. It's time we do something for him."

The four ponies made their way after Man-Spider.
"What do you mean Daniel's gone?" Rose asked Olessia. They were in the command centre; Rose was just told that Daniel was called to Autobot city to help fix the ground bridge.

"I'm sorry Rose; with Daniel gone, I need all the scientists here." Olessia explained. Rose was beginning to panic, "But Adam's going to become Man-Spider again and I need someone to mix up an antidote." Olessia thought for a moment. "Very well. I will call Daniel back, but there's no telling how long it will take." Rose sighed in relief.
The Pink Ranger was Space Bridged back to Equestria; when she stepped from the portal, Wiktoria and Kian were carrying themselves towards her. "Rose?" Kian muttered. Rose approached her friends, "What happened?" she asked.

Kian got his strength back and explained what had happened to them.

The conversation was interrupted by a loud roar from the distance; they turned to see a spider like creature swinging towards them, "What in the name of Cybertron is that?!" Kian cried. The beast swung towards the rangers; the team only got a small look at it before it swung away.

The group was then joined by the four ponies; Fluttershy, Screwball, Rarity & Gemstone. "What happened to Adam?" Wiktoria asked. Screwball frowned before saying, "You were to late."

All of a sudden; a familiar noise was heard, it was the TARDIS materializing. Stepping out of the blue box was Rory and Charlie.

The other rangers; joined by Screwball, Fluttershy, Rarity and Gemstone; were all running towards Rory.

Rose wrapped her arms around Rory; he was confused as for what was going on. Rory stroked the back of Rose's and asked, "What's going on?" Fluttershy answered, "It's Adam, something has happened to him."

Kian stepped forward and said, "Rory, it's happened again."

Man-Spider: part 2

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It was the middle of the night; the sky filled with the brightest of stars, all of Ponyville was in peace and harmony.

All except the four ponies and three humans trying to explain the situation to another human and a Time Lord. "So run that by me again." Rory stated. Rose, Kian & Wiktoria had explained that Adam had turned into a spider-like monster; and he was swinging through the streets. Fluttershy and her daughter were standing there with horrified looks, "We have to help Adam, this isn't him. He's changed." Kian explained, "Don't forget, Minotaur is still out there."

The rangers and ponies of were unable to think of a plan; until Rory once again took charge as the team leader, "Here's the plan. Rose, take Fluttershy, Screwball & Wiktoria; you guys go find Adam. Charlie, you go with Kian and me; were going after Zombra's villain."

Gemstone steps forward and asks, "What about me and Mommy?" Rory lowers himself down to her eye level, "Gemstone, I need you to stay here and look after your mom. She's not going to be able to help in her condition." The fillie nodded her head, agreeing with the Red Ranger. Once everybody and pony understood the plan; they put it into action.
It was dark in the Everfree Forest; Adam had gone there to look for a shelter, most likely a cave or something. The spider creature wandered through the trees; searching for signs of life, until he saw a small rodent scrurrying a cross the grass.

It was a mouse; digging in the dirt and trying to hide, the monster seized the opportunity and shot it with a web shot. The innocent creature was now trapped in the sticky residue; the mouse squeaked in fear as it's capter approached. Adam grabbed the mouse with one of his many claws; he stared down at the little one, before biting into it.

Man-Spider sat on the ground; chewing on the mouse, enjoying its taste. He then began licking his palm and what remained of the rodent. With his little snack finished; the beast got up and carried on walking. Not knowing that he was being followed.

Further back in the forest; Screwball was calling out Adam's name. "Adam, where are you?" the pony cried. She peered around a large; she had found Adam, he was marching towards an opening in the side of the cliff. Screwball watched her mutated friend; she knew that any sudden movement could scare him off.

Screwball was then joined by Fluttershy, Wiktoria and Rose. They all hid behind the tree trunk; observing the poor boy. Fluttershy was the first to speak, "I going to talk to him." As she tried to slip towards Adam, she was stopped by Wiktoria. "No Fluttershy, I know you want to help Adam. But he's not himself, he'll hurt you if he sees you." The Pegasus thought before saying, "He's still my friend, I have to try and reason with him."

Fluttershy ignored the ranger's warnings and marched towards Man-Spider. With fear in her step; she went from marching to tip toeing to the beast, with her quiet, scared voice returning; she said, "Adam, can you hear me?"

Man-Spider swung around; sending Fluttershy to the ground in fear. "Rah!" the beast cried. The terrified Pegasus tried to crawl away from the monster; she looked in all six of his eyes, watching his mouth drip with acid. Rose stepped forward, "Adam! Stop!" she said.

The monster turned his attention away from the scared pony and looked directly at the Pink Ranger. Rose saw no other option; were going to have to fight Adam. The ranger pulled out her morpher; holding it in her right hand, she said, "Magical Source; Harmony Fo......"

But before she could finish; Adam wacked her away with a swing of his second left arm. Rose went crashing into a tree; she rubbed the back of her head, moaning in pain. The ranger got up with rage in her eyes; she muttered, "Sorry Adam, but your gonna get it now."

With her morpher still in her hand; she cried, "MAGICAL SOURCE; HARMONY FORCE!"


Now morphed; Rose charged for the mutated boy, Adam then charged at her. When the two fighters clashed; their battle had begun.
Rory, Kian & Charlie were searching for the loose villain; they found him outside the Ponyville Museum. The rangers saw Minotaur staring at a statue of another minotaur, he was just looking at it. "Hey! Horn-head!" Charlie called out, that got Minotaur's attention.

The villain stepped before the rangers; he looked at his enemies, "I'm surprised your still up to fight me after our last encounter Green Ranger." he commented. Kian pulled out his morpher; then said, "You cheated last time, this time I've got help." Him and the other rangers readied their morphers; then began their morph sequence, "Magical Source; Harmony Force!" the rangers yelled.

With those words; the team instantly morphed. Minotaur readied his battle staff; the rangers drew their magic staffs and Charlie had his Sonic Saber. The rangers and villain charge at each other; Rory made the first move, by striking Minotaur with his sword. The beast stumbled back; Kian swung his axe, striking the villain's chest. Charlie came in for the final strike; the Gold Ranger struck Minotaur hard, severing one of his horns from his head.

"No!" the villain cried. Charlie stumbled back to his friends; they watched Minotaur get back on his feet. "Master, I need more power. Please help me King Zombra." the villain muttered. Zombra was watching them through his rip in reality, "Very well." the false king said.

Suddenly; the sky filled with black clouds, lightning began to strike the ground. One bolt was a direct hit on Minotaur; the electricity surged through his body, until he fell to his knees. Rory approached the villain as the clouds disappeared; only to find...… Minotaur was growing.

Minotaur was growing to the size of Twilight's old library; when the transformation stopped, "Ha! Try and stop me now rangers!" the villain's voice echoed in the streets. The rangers oved back in fear; Kian asked, "What do we do? Without Adam, we can't use the Megazord." Rory was thinking of a plan; Kian was right, their Zords were useless without Adam. But then Charlie stepped forward, "I've got just the thing." Charlie raised his hand above his head; it began to glow gold, "I summon the Ponyville Express!" he chanted.

Suddenly; the town's train came speeding past them, but it wasn't running on tracks. Kian and Rory were puzzled, "What are you doing?" Rory asked. The Ponyville Express began to glow like Charlie's hand; a light energy transformed the train into a gold and blue colour.

"You guys wait here, I'll stop Minotaur." Charlie before boarding the train.

The Red and Green Rangers watched the train race off towards Minotaur; Charlie was somehow driving it, "I haven't tested this yet." Charlie muttered. "But it's now or never. Ponyville Express, Megazord mode!" With those words, the train began to transform.


The two rangers on the ground admired the brand new Megazord; Kian said, "Wow. Now that's cool." Minotaur stared at the Zord; he muttered, "I'm gonna rip you tin can apart." Charlie drove the Zord towards the villain; the both clashed upon impact, Charlie delivered a strong punch to the villains chest.

As Rory and Kian watched the giants fight; Discord approached them from behind, "Hello rangers." he muttered. Green and Red spun around; coming face to face with the purple knight. "What do you want Discord?" Kian asked. Rory continued with, "Haven't you caused enough trouble?" Discord stared at the rangers, "When it comes to Chaos, there's never enough." he replied. The Lord of Chaos drew his sword; pointing it at the rangers, "Fight, or be destroyed." he said.

The rangers knew that inside that armour was their friend; but the had to stop him, the also drew their weapons. When they were all battle ready; the charged for each other. Upon impact; Discord struck Kian with his sword, send the Green Ranger to the ground. Rory used his sword and slashed Discord's shield; but it did nothing, the draconequus cried, "Chaos blast!" The shield's eye opened and a blast of chaotic magic was fired at Adam.

"You rangers are weak, even with the elements. I will take them for myself." Discord approached the rangers, attempting to take their elements. But then; Rory sprung up and struck Discord's hand away with his sword, "Your not getting the elements Discord!" the Red ranger cried. The Lord of Chaos had to think of a new idea; he then looked up to see Minotaur and Charlie's Megazord still fighting, "I know how to destroy a ranger." he muttered.

The chaotic being began to chant a spell, "I summon the Pony of Shadows." A evil portal opened on the ground; from it sprung a giant black stallion. Kian asked, "Isn't that the pony that's supposed to haunt the castle of the Two Sisters in the Everfree forest." Rory realised, "Oh yeah, Discord must have taken control of it when he took over that castle."

Discord muttered, "That's not all I did with it."


The dark Megazord's attack sent Charlie's Zord to the ground; he was losing power. Rory and Kian saw the horror that Discord was causing, "What do we do now?!" Kian cried. Charlie called Rory on his morpher, "Rory; you guys need to become the Mystic Titans, you might not be able to form a Megazord but I need help up here." Kian and Rory had to help their friend; so they morphed into the titan modes. "Titan Formation!" they both cried.

"Mystic Minotaur!" Kian cried.

"Mystic Phoenix!" Rory cried.

Now big enough; they both joined the battle against Discord and Minotaur.
Rose was being thrown all over the forest; trying to stop Man-Spider from getting away, she landing on a stump of an old oak tree. The monster marched towards her; with the acid dripping from his jaw, he was licking his lips & staring directly at his prey.

Suddenly; Wiktoria came swooping in, kicking Man-Spider to the side. She was already morphed and helped Rose to her feet, "Took you long enough." Rose complained. Their talk was cut short when Adam got back up; the beast breathed heavily, staring at the two rangers. The girls readied their weapons; waiting for the monster to attack, but something else happened.

Lightning and electricity began attacking Man-Spider; the creature back away, the girls noticed someone step before them. Rose quickly realised who the figure was; it was Dr Sandy, "Daniel." the Pink Ranger cheered. The doctor turned to his friends and said, "Sorry I couldn't get here sooner, that Space Bridge will never stay fixed." Man-Spider was filled with rage; yet he still didn't attack, Fluttershy and Screwball were still just watching from behind the tree.

Daniel then pulled a small device from his pocket; he said, "I haven't used this since before the war, let's hope it still works." After his statement; another device appeared on his prosthetic left arm, "It's Morphing Time."


The Gold Dino Charge Ranger was a incredible display; he cheered, "Power of Tech; Power Ranger Gold!" A large sword was then drawn from his belt; his primary weapon, the Terri-Saber.

With all the rangers ready; Daniel quickly explained the plan, "Girls; we need to tire him out, enough I can get close and inject him with the cure." he said while pulling a large syringe from his belt. The girls nodded and began their attack; Rose started by pushing Adam back with her shield, while Wiktoria struck his chest with her spear. Daniel leaped into the air; his wings began to carry him towards the monster. With one strike filled with lightning and power; Man-Spider was on his knees.

The rangers jumped at the opportunity; Daniel used the syringe and injected the anti-serum into Adam's arm, if Adam were here he say something like, "Pick an arm, any arm."

The serum didn't take long to take effect; but it didn't do what they all expected it to do. Man-Spider was surrounded by a light energy; he began moaning in pain, Fluttershy noticed something in the light. She could see Adam; but also Man-Spider, as if the both existed at the same time.

A flash of light surrounded them; and all was dark, they got a shock when they woke up. Rose got up and saw; Adam, lying there as a human being. He had been reverted back to his human form; the ranger helped the poor boy up, "Adam? Adam are you okay?" Adam coughed a bit before saying, "I....I..I think I need a mint." Adam joked. The other rangers and the ponies got up a wen to see him; the curse was broken, Adam was free.

Unfortunately; their get together was cut short because by the oak tree stump, Man-Spider was coming around. Screwball was the first to notice the monster was still here. "Um, rangers." she muttered. "Were not done here."

The rangers saw what she meant; the spider monster was staring right at them, his eyes filled with more rage then Nightmare Moon. Wiktoria turned to Daniel; confused, "I thought you said the cure was going to get rid of that?" she cried. Daniel looked at the creature; it was all part of his plan, "You see; now that my serum has separated Adam and Man-Spider, we can hit old ugly there with everything we got."

Adam looked at the beast; this creature nearly made him hurt his friends, but no more. "Magical Source; Harmony Force!" Adam cried as he pulled out his morpher. The ranger instantly morphed and drew his magic staff; now ready for battle.

The monster charged at Adam; but the ranger was quick and fired his crossbow, sending beams of lightning at the creature. Rose and Wiktoria blasted long beams of light magic at Man-Spider's chest; the magic was draining him of his strength. Daniel finished the job with the Terri-Saber; in powerful words, he cried, "Terra-Lightning Blitz!" The power slashed the monster; destroying it for good.

Adam watched his inner monster finally be defeated; under his breath, he muttered, "Good riddance."
In the middle of town; there was still a battle of the titans raging on.

Kian was fight Minotaur head on; swings his axe and striking the villain. Charlie drove his Zord towards Discord; the ranger used his most powerful attack, "Furnace Blast!" he cried. The Megazord's chest opened up and fired a heat beam directly at the draconequus. The blast was so powerful; that Discord fell to the ground, Charlie stood over the fallen warrior. "Your not that powerful Discord." But the Lord of Chaos sprung to his feet and delivered a strike to the Zord's chest; the furnace cannon was damaged, meaning Charlie was defenceless.

Rory was trying to help Kian; he leaped onto Minotaur's back and began riding him like an actual bull rider. "Yee ha!" the ranger cried. But the villain grabbed Rory by the arms and threw him at Kian; sending them both to the ground.

Just arriving; Adam, Rose, Wiktoria, Daniel, Fluttershy & Screwball, they saw the Megazord being crumbled by Discord. Adam was the first to speak, "We got to get in there." he cried. The other rangers agreed; but they were stopped by a swarm of Changelings, led by their queen.

"I'm afraid I can't let you do that, Discord must destroy the Gold knight so Minotaur can finish of your friends." Chrysalis explained. Daniel stepped before the bug-like pony, "Good thing they have a spare." he said while drawing his sword. The other rangers wondered what he was doing; then the Gold Ranger said, "Go. I'll take queeny here." The rangers listened to their friend and ran towards the giant's fight; leaving Daniel to defend Screwball and Fluttershy by himself.

As soon as a Changeling flew forward; the battle began. Daniel sliced and struck down anything that came in his path; sending the creatures to the ground, moaning in pain. Their queen was becoming unhappy, "Get up you fools!" she cried. She turned her head towards the other battle; seeing that Discord was winning, she put her plan into action.

Chrysalis blasted a beam of green energy from her horn; it hit Discord directly in his shields eye, causing his power to deplete. The giant looked to the ground and saw the one behind his pain; in a dark voice he said, "I will crush you hag." Chrysalis laughed at his threat, "You'll have to catch me first." she said before flying away, with her children following her. Discord had no choice but to retreat; he muttered, "You rangers will fall by my sword, but not today."

A portal opened beneath the evil Megazord's feet; before he disappeared, Adam heard Discord say, "Take care of them Adam." Before the Yellow Ranger could respond; the Lord of Chaos was gone. Minotaur was left on his own; Adam and the girls were about to join Rory and Kian, but they stopped. Kian stood up and charged all his power to his axe; he cried, "Element of Honesty, power strike!"

The axe struck Minotaur hard; the villain cried, "You gave me the horn!" He fell to the ground and was destroyed. Daniel, Fluttershy and Screwball cheered as they saw the big monster was no more. The rangers were proud of their victory; but Adam could shake the feeling of what Discord said.
Back at the Castle; Fluttershy and Adam were sitting on a bench in the garden, just throwing bird seed around the grass. Watching as birds came swooping in for their food; although Adam wasn't in the mood for feeding animals.

The Pegasus mare looked at her human friend and said, "What's wrong Adam? You should be happy, Man-Spider is gone." The boy turned to her, "I just really want you to be happy; and you won't be truly happy until Discord is returned to normal." he explained. Fluttershy was concerned for the boy; she wanted to help anyway she could. The mare decided to go back inside, "You coming for dinner?" Adam shook his head before saying, "I'll be there in a minute."

Fluttershy flew inside; before she was completely out of site, Adam whispered something under his breath. Fluttershy didn't hear what he said; but he didn't really want her to hear it. He said, "I love you; Fluttershy."


Under the dirt

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Zombra sat down in his underworld prison; hating the rangers, "Why? Why is it when ever I try to take this world, some form of good stops me? And now because of some teenagers, I am trapped in this prison." He began to remember back when Equestria was filled with monsters; but their all gone, their bones lie beneath the dirt. That's when an idea sprung into Zombra's head; the perfect villain to bring back an army of monsters, the king summoned his life cells.

"I know the one to release today." He found the right cell and powered up his horn. With his dark voice; he muttered, "I summon.....Doctor Fossil."

Deep within an old quarry; a portal blasted out a man. This was human shaped; but his skin was scaly, on he his right hand; he wore a brown leather glove covered in wires and circuits & he was wearing and paleontologist's uniform. The man stood up and recognised where he was; he was on a dig site, where somebody has been digging up fossils.

"I can't believe it; I'm back, it's my dig. Just as I left it." Dr Fossil stated. "My work continues."

In the sky; Zombra's spying rift opens, "Fossil!" the king cried. "I did not free you to continue your research. I freed you for your power, raise me an army of extinct monsters. Ones that will cause the most damage." Once he had given his orders; Zombra disappeared. Fossil was thinking, "Ones that do the most damage, they might take some time to find." he then looked down at a fossil he was digging up all those years ago. "But you; little beasty, can start the chaos."

Fossil used his gloved hand and began shooting lightning at the skeleton; flesh began to animate around the bone, bringing the creature back to life. It was a..... giant snake.

The beast had to be about ten feet long and covered in red and black scales; Fossil was able to control the monster like a puppet, "Go my baby." Fossil ordered. "Make those rangers practically give me the Elements. Ha, ha, ha!"
In the clouds; Wiktoria was sitting in Rainbow Dash's house, reading a Daring Do book. One of her childhood dreams was to be an explorer; she play games in her back garden.

Wiktoria was then joined by Prism; the little Pegasus jumped on to the couch to see what the girl was doing. "Hey there sport." the Blue Ranger greeted. The fillie looked at the book and said, "This one's my favourite, can you read it to me?" Wiktoria nodded and read the rest of the chapter out loud.

Zoarin was about to walk in; but he stopped when he saw his daughter and the human sitting together on the couch, reading together. Without saying a word; he quietly left the room.

As Wiktoria read; Prism sat quietly, rapped in her arms. The beautiful moment was destroyed when the ranger's morpher rang; the girl put the book down and answered her phone. It was Celestia; calling to tell the rangers trouble was coming to Ponyville. Wiktoria stood and made her way to the door; but before she left, she saw Prism with a frown on her face. The girl lowered herself to the fillie's level, "I'll be back soon, then we'll keep reading." The Pegasus smiled before the Blue ranger left the cloud house.
In the market of Ponyville; Applejack was shopping for her family's dinner tonight, all was quiet. Until one pony came running past; screaming like some kind of madmare. She cried out, "Snake!" Applejack was confused; the earth pony muttered, "All this over snake?" She got her answer when another pony ran in the same direction as the other, "GIANT SNAKE!" they cried.

Applejack turned her head in the other direction; she muttered, "It can't be." But she was wrong; a giant snake came crashing through two market stools. The mare back away; she had seen this snake before, "Hissta!" she cried. Applejack ran for her life; the snake began chasing after her, licking it's lips during the chase.

The mare was chased to the town centre; she was stopped by Rory and his team, "Applejack, what's wrong?" Kian asked. The rangers were surprised to see a snake the size of house; Adam was the first to speak, "Just when you think you've seen it all." he joked. Rory said to his team, "Ready?" they all answered him with a strong "Ready!"

They all called out the morph sequence, "MAGICAL SOURCE; HARMONY FORCE!"


Now morphed; they charged for the snake. But the monster put up a fight; using it's long tail, it knocked Adam and Kian back towards a wall. Rose threw her shield at it's face; but the snake caught it with his mouth and threw it back at her, the shield struck her hard. Wiktoria tried to use her spear; but it wasn't enough, the beast wrapped itself around and began squeezing. The Blue Ranger cried out in pain; only Rory was left, so he acted quickly.

The Red Ranger leaped into the air; and brought his sword down on the snake, impaling it through it's solid scales. The monster cried out in pain; Wiktoria took her chance and broke free from it's strong grip, she jumped up and struck the snakes face with her spear. The snake fell to the ground; the rangers observed the unconscious monster, but then something strange happened.

The snake began to flash blue like a hologram; before it just disappeared. Rose broke the silence, "Where'd it go?" Rory answered, "I don't know, but that wasn't a normal snake."

"No it wasn't Rory." Applejack interrupted. She approached the rangers and began her story about how she knew that snake.

"The snake's name is Hissta. It attacked Sweet Apple Acres when I was very young; it would attack our farm and eat our crops." she explained. "But it's impossible for him to be here." Adam asked, "Why's that?" Applejack was hesitant to say this, "Because Hissta's been dead for over 12 years, his species went extinct just before I married Spike." The rangers were confused; if he was extinct, how could he of just attacked the market.

The rangers returned to their homes; Rory and Kian took Applejack back to the farm.
In the quarry; Doctor Fossil was digging up more fossils to bring to life, "Now I have a Troll, a Sharktopus & Hairy-vulture. These will all do some great damage to this land." Before the doctor could continue; Zombra's spy rift opened in the sky. "Fossil!" the king cried. "Your snake was defeated by the rangers! I told you to bring back powerful monsters." Fossil was terrified of his angry master. "My king, let me explain. The snake was only a distraction, my monster army is growing as we speak." the villain explained.

Zombra rolled his eyes before saying, "Fine; you have one, more chance. Don't blow it!"

The King of Monster's rift closed and Fossil was left on his own, "Time to bring back another beast." he said. Before he could resurrect one of the monsters; he heard voices coming from the distance.

The rangers were exploring the quarry; Rory explained, "Applejack said this was where Hissta's remains would have been buried." So the team began to investigate where the giant snake came from. Wiktoria felt like her dreams were coming true; she was in a quarry, a place where fossils are usually found. She said, "I can't wait to tell Prism about this." The rangers came to a stop when they saw a dig site; someone had been digging for fossils.

Wiktoria rushed towards the site; only to find a strange looking man digging in the dirt. "Um, hello there." the ranger said. She was then joined by her joined by her team; who were greeted by the man. The digger introduced himself, "Hello their children, Doctor Fossil at your service." Wiktoria replied with, "Hi; I'm Wiktoria, were the Power Rangers." Fossil gasped at the news before grabbing the Blue Ranger's had and shaking it rapidly. The villain said, "So I finally meet the great Power Rangers, this is an honor." he finally let go of Wiktoria's hands.

The doctor motioned the rangers to follow him; he explained, "My work is to find the bones of long lost species, such as extinct animals and creatures." The rangers look around his workplace; searching for any clues that would see if Fossil was behind the snake attack. Adam wandered of from the group tour; he walked over to a dig pit, it looked like a fossil was once buried here.

Adam stated, "Wow, what ever was in here had to be about ten feet long." That's when it hit him; because hear that next to the pit was a trail, like something slithered away. Adam had figured it out; he cried, "Guys! Guys! Were in trouble!" he ran for his friends.

Doctor Fossil showed the rangers some of his artifacts; such as dragon claws and extinct animal bones. He explained, "You see; the black shadow dragon could disguise itself as a shadow, before pouncing and attacking it's prey." Adam sprung in front of his friends; he said, "Guys, Fossil's behind this." The rangers were shocked; Fossil played the innocent, "What are you talking about?" he muttered. Rory looked at Adam and asked, "How do you know?" The yellow ranger looked back at the dig pit, "Look over their." he pointed at the trail. "Something big slithered out of that pit."

Fossil began to get angry; he raised his gloved hand and fired electricity at the rangers, they blasted into one of the dig pits. "You may not be here to learn ranger, but you still need to be taught a lesson." the villain stated. Fossil unbuttoned his shirt and threw it away; revealing and amber heart embedded in his chest, lightning began blasting out of his chest. Suddenly the fossils began to reanimate; the Sharktopus, the Hairy-vulture & the Troll.

The three monsters began to walk towards the the rangers; so the team pull out their morphers. The team instantly morphed into their suits and prepared to fight the titans; Rory attacked the Troll, Kian fought of the Hairy-vulture & Rose and Adam were fighting the Sharktopus. Wiktoria went straight for Fossil; who was watching the fight from a far.

Rory used his sword to fight; but the Troll had a large club, it swung it's weapon at the ranger. Rory dodged the attack with a back flip; the ranger the blasted the monster with a fire blast from his sword. The blast was so powerful; the Troll was shot out of the quarry, he went flying towards the sky. Before he was flung into space; the beast disappeared, just like Hissta.

Kian was being thrown left and right; the vulture flapped it's wings, creating a strong wind. The Green Ranger pushed past the force; the he had an idea, Kian through his axe at the giant bird. The axe hit a critical point; causing the Hairy-vulture to disappear like the others. Rory met up with Kian; they both went to assist Wiktoria.

Rose and Adam blasted the shark monster with their staffs; the beast tries to fight back with it's tentacles but two rangers was to much. Until the Sharktopus grabs Adam with one of it's mighty arms; Rose tries to help but is knocked back, Rory and Kian join the fight.

Wiktoria chases Fossil to a higher cliff; he blasts some more lightning at her, but her spear blocks it. "You won't stop me, I will find the ultimate monster." The Blue Ranger leaps up to the doctor; but he fires one last blast at Wiktoria, sending her to the ground. Fossil drops down to her; grabs her by the neck and says, "Told you, I'm the master of the extinct." the doctor throws her to the ground, he sees the Sharktopus battling the rangers.

Adam is still tide in the monsters grip; Rose blocks other attacks with her shield, Rory and Kian are severing other tentacles with their weapons. Adam decides to take action; he uses his crossbow to blast lightning at the monsters face, it reacts with anger. The beast throws Adam into the air; Adam shoots a final blast at the monster, the blast defeats the beast and it vanishes. Adam lands next to his team; they see Wiktoria losing to Fossil, so they go help their friend.

Fossil decides to use his final plan; he calls to his master, "King Zombra, make me bigger and I can bring all the dead back." In the sky; Zombra's rift opens, "You fool!" Zombra cried. "The stink weed monster fossil is beneath you!" With those words; the rift closed, Fossil stated, "The Stink Weed Monster; that's the most dangerous extinct monster on the planet." Doctor Fossil charged all his power to his amber heart; he then released the power into the ground, causing it to rumble. The rangers watched as vines began to grow out of the ground; giant vines, like they were alive.

Finally; a large plant monster grew out of the dirt, the creature had to be at least 30 feet tall. Fossil watched his final creation leave the quarry and make it's way to Ponyville, "My monster will destroy you town and you can't stop it." When the monster left; the rangers were left alone with Fossil, "You a disgrace to all paleontologists Fossil." Wiktoria said. The rangers decided to use their most powerful weapon; the weapons joined together to form the "Celestial Sword, final strike!" the cried. The raised the sword above their heads; they brought the sword down on Fossil, striking him hard.

The villain cried out, "No!" before exploding like all the villains before him. Rory commented, "Now that villain's extinct." And he was right; Doctor Fossil was no more.

Their moment of glory was halted when they remembered a giant plant monster was heading to town. "We have to stop that thing." Adam said. So the rangers ran after the Stink Weed Monster; it was still in the Everfree forest.
The monster broke down any tree that was in it's path, it left a trail of destruction behind it & the rangers were right behind it. Rory said, "We need titan power." Before they could change to their titan form; Celestia called them on their morphers, "Rangers, I think it's time I give you a new Megazord combination." the princess explained. Then; the rangers morphers began to glow, "Let's give this a go." Adam stated.


The fire ball hit the centre of the monster; destroying it form the inside, the monster exploded of existence. The rangers cheered in joy; this day was won, another victory for the Power Rangers.
That evening; Wiktoria came home, only to find Prism sitting on couch. She was right where she left her; the ranger asked, "Have you been sitting there this whole time Prism?" The fillie looked at the ranger and nodded, "I want us to finish the story." Prism said.

Wiktoria smiled and sat on the couch next to her; she picked up the book and wrapped themselves in a blanket, and Wiktoria carried on reading out loud.

Rainbow Dash and Zoarin watched them sit on the couch together; Rainbow couldn't help but cry a little at the beautiful site. And they were left to read their books for the rest of the evening.

That's a rap

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Kian woke up one morning; only to listen to the sound of Rory snoring in the bed above him. Kian moaned when he couldn't get back to sleep; so he got up and went down stairs.

He found Cinnamon Roll sitting on the couch; eating a bowl of bran-flakes with bits of apple in it. "Morning Cinnamon Roll, how was your night." Kian asked. The little fillie frowned a little; she explained, "I have a film project at school, but I can't think of anything to do it on." The Green Ranger sat down; he explained, "You should do it on what you want, just of something amazing and then film it."

The pony sat closer to Kian; she put her bowl down and stroked her head against his arm, as if she was cat. Cinnamon Roll began to fall back asleep in Kian's arms; he didn't mind, he thought it was quite adorable. He just there with the fillie cuddling closer to him; the quiet moment began to make Kian a little sleepy to. Soon the ranger dropped of to sleep; holding Cinnamon Roll close to him.

Little did they know; this whole event was being watched by Zombra; he was staring at the through his rift, "So you want something to film little fillie?" he asked. "I've got just the thing."
Deep within the underworld; Zombra observed his life cells, choosing his next villain. "That little brat wants to make a movie, she can record the rangers destruction." Zombra laughed. He found the perfect life cell within the bunch; began to cast his releasing spell, "From the sands of Equestria's deserts; I summon, The Mummy."

In side the Ponyville museum was an old pharaoh's sarcophagus; the museum was closed right now, so no one saw what happened. The lid of the coffin began to rise; from the tomb, a creature completely wrapped from head to toe in bandages. The villain was the size of a man; apart from his wrapping, he wore Egyptian armour, on his face was a sort of gold mouth piece, his eyes glowed bright green & embedded in his forehead was a shiny green stone. The Mummy began to wander outside; upon arrival, Zombra's rift appeared in the sky.

"Mummy; I command you, The Green Ranger his help his friend with a video project. Find them and destroy them both; once he is no more, bring me his Element." the king ordered. The villain stared at the evil eyes in the sky; he muttered, "Yes.....Master." The Mummy then wandered of into town; Zombra closed his rift and sat back in the throne.

"Now to think of a plan to destroy the rest of the rangers." the king muttered. Suddenly; Chrysalis came flying in, she was followed by a blast of purple energy. Zombra shot of his throne and stared at her, "What is the meaning of this?!" he cried. Discord entered the room; he yelled, "How dare you order the witch to attack me!" Chrysalis tried to back away from her chaser, "It was Zombra, Discord." she tried to explain. "He made me do it, he the one to blame."

"SILENCE!!" Zombra cried. "I don't know who's fault this is, but fighting each other is not going to get me out of this prison." Zombra stormed off, leaving the Lord of Chaos and Queen of the Changelings alone together. Discord stared at his hated nemesis, "If you weren't the only reason the Changeling army is help us, I would destroy you right here, right now." he said. Chrysalis looked back at her old crush, "You know Dissy-dear, now that your single again. We could kick off are old spark." she said seductively.

Suddenly; Discord was blasted into a flash back, a memory that this version of him didn't recognize.
"I can't do this." Discord said while standing at the alter. Applejack slapped on the back before saying, "Ya better not bale."

They were all in Canterlot; this was the day Discord married Fluttershy. Applejack looked towards the big door at the end of the room, "Put that fan away, it's starting." she told the nervous draconequus. The large doors opened; Sweetie Bell, Applebloom & Scootaloo came skipping down the isle.

"What am I doing here? I shouldn't be here. Why am I here?" Discord thought, until he saw the beautiful Pegasus standing at the end of the room. The bride looked at her husband-to-be and ever so smiled; Discord muttered, "She's an Angel." Applejack over heard his comment and replied, "Easy tiger, save it for the honeymoon."

Fluttershy began to walk down the isle; Discord couldn't believe that this was happening.

After some words from Twilight; who was performing the ceremony, they went straight to the vows. "Do you Fluttershy; take this...draconequus, to be your lawfully wedded husband. In sickness and in health, for as long as you both shall live?" Fluttershy let out a simply, "I do." Twilight then turned to Discord; he didn't hear what the alicorn said, he was to busy staring into his love's eyes.

"That's your cue." Applejack said. Discord suddenly realized it was his turn; he quickly said, "Oh yes. I do, I most deferentially do." Everypony giggled before the wedding continued.

Twilight finished the ceremony with, "Then by the power vested in me; I now pronounce you, husband and wife. You may now kiss...." she was interrupted when the newly weds knew what to do. They sealed their love with a long passionate kiss; Celestia approaches Rainbow Dash, "Rainbow, that's your cue." the princess says. The blue Pegasus quickly runs outside; she readies her wings and performs a epic Sonic Rainboom. The married couple look outside to see the event; Pinkie Pie springs to Fluttershy and Discord and yells, "BEST WEDDING EVER!"

Discord comes around; with Chrysalis still looking seductively at him, "So what do you say?" she asked. Discord turned away from her and stormed off; the Changeling stared at him as he walked away.
Later that day; Kian had taken Cinnamon Roll to the market to find something for her to film for project. However; there was nothing that interesting for them to film. Kian suggested going to the museum; but Cinnamon wasn't into that ancient stuff, she wanted action in her movie.

They were about to call it a day; until a scream was heard from the distance, a unicorn was running from something. The creature was soon seen by the whole market; it was the Mummy, Zombra's latest villain. Kian said, "Everyone run!" The ponies listened to the Green Ranger and began to run away. Kian also said, "Cinnamon Roll; go home, I'll take care of ugly." The fillie began to run away; but instead of running home, she hid behind one of the market stools.

Kian approached the Mummy and said, "Listen, pack your bags and go back to wherever you came from." But the Mummy just stood there; when he finally spoke, he said, "You.....are....doomed!" Kian smiled at the villain's statement. "That's all I needed to hear." he said.

Kian pulled out his morpher, "Magical Source; Harmony Force!"

Kian instantly morphed into his suit; ready to fight the Mummy. The villain kicked off the battle by blasting bandages from his wrists; tying Kian in a tight grip. The ranger tried to break free; but they were to strong, Kian couldn't move. The Mummy approached the Green Ranger; attempting to take his Element, but the villain was blasted back by four multiple colored blasts.

The other four rangers join Kian in the battle; Rose asked, "What's this guys problem?" Kian replied, "Don't know, but he's going down." Rory used his sword to cut Kian free; they all readied their weapons to battle Zombra's villain.

Each ranger managed to lay an attack on the Mummy; Rory struck his chest with his sword, Rose threw her shield at him, Wiktoria swung her spear around and it struck the villain on the back, Adam fired his crossbow from a distance & finally Kian finished the attack with a axe strike to the chest. The Mummy was thrown towards a wall; he slid down to the floor, weak and defeated.

Adam walked towards the villain, "It can't be that easy, can it?" The rest of the team joined him; they stared at the unconscious mummy. Rose said, "I think we should interrogate him. Find out what Zombra's planning." Rory nodded his head; agreeing with her, "Adam; web him up, let's get him to Canterlot."

Following his leader's orders; Adam blasted the villain with a web net, tying him up. The Green Ranger used his ranger strength to lift the Mummy over his shoulder; all the ranger got the Ponyville Express to Canterlot.
That evening; that rangers were in the Canterlot dungeon, staring at the Mummy chained up in a cell.

Rory sat at a wooden desk; with his fellow rangers standing behind him. "Okay, who wants to ask the fist question?" the Red Ranger asked. Kian stepped forward and deliver a strong glare at the chained up villain, "What has Zombra ordered you to do?" he asked. The Mummy didn't answer; he just stood there waiting for the next question.

"We don't time for games, tell us what we need to know." Adam ordered as he walked up behind Kian. The villain finally decided to talk, "You....will....fall." he muttered. The rangers didn't respond; only Rose said something, "Look; you can talk, so tell us what we need to know." The villain muttered, "Nev...er."

A whole hour went by; but the rangers got no information out of the villain, Wiktoria broke the silence, "This is ridicules. He's not going to talk." Rory stood up from the desk and approached the bars, "Look, you know something we need to know. Surely we can come to some sort of agreement." the ranger said.
Discord was wandering through the woods; he thoughts were on the memory his witnessed, "What is happening to me, I don't love and I'm not married." he muttered. All of a sudden; his head started to hurt again, another memory was returning. Discord blacked out as the vision played through.....

"She's so beautiful." Fluttershy said as she held the newly born fillie in her hooves. Discord said, "She's so....normal." Fluttershy asked him, "Isn't that what you wanted? You said you didn't want our child to judged like you were." Discord put his eagle-claw to his bearded chin, "Yes; I did say that, but how do we no it's my baby."

"Discord!" the Pegasus cried. The draconequus waved his hands innocently, "I didn't mean it like that. Maybe they gave us the wrong one." he explained. "I mean look at it; no snake tail, no antlers, it doesn't even have wings. I mean we both have wings, so shouldn't she also have them. She's just a normal, purple, earth pony; that doesn't make any sense."

The baby then opened her eyes; revealing spirals instead of pupils, "Oh Discord, her eyes." Fluttershy pointed out. Discord finished her sentence, "Their spirals, no pupils whatsoever."

"She must be your daughter then, welcome to the world little one." Fluttershy said in a kind, warming voice. It finally took some convincing; but Discord finally excepted that this baby was his child, "Look at her." the chaotic being said. "Isn't she just an adorable little screwball." It finally came to him; the perfect name for this perfect child, "That's it, we'll call her Screwball." Fluttershy looked at her husband a little confused, "Screwball? Wouldn't that be labelling our baby as....crazy?" Discord looked at his wife with confidence that it was a good name, "Need I remind of my name." he stated.

Fluttershy excepted defeat and agreed it was a cute name, "Point taken, Screwball it is."

The Lord of Chaos came out of it; he head was still spinning, but he just kept on walking.
Back at the dungeon; Twilight came down to talk to the rangers, "Have you got anything out of him?" the princess asked. Rory replied, "No, this know when not to talk." The rangers decide to call it a day; they all followed Twilight out of the dungeon, leaving the Mummy alone in his cell.

A whole hour went by; the villain just stood in the centre of the cold cell, waiting for something to happen. Zombra watched his villain through the rift; he decide to give his minion some help, the evil king began to cast a dark spell.

The Mummy felt a surge of power flowing through him; he began to grow, the chains broke off him and the room began to crack open. He could no longer fit in the cell. The ponies above began to feel the whole castle shaking; they all looked outside, only to fight a giant Mummy crashing through the ground. The rangers ran outside; the villain was the size of the castle, "I....am...rising!" the giant muttered.

Adam stated, "We have to stop this guy." The others agreed; they all morphed and grew into their titan forms. The five titans confronted the Mummy; the villain started the fight by firing his bandages at the rangers, tying them together. Rose yelled, "I can't move!" Kian replied, "None of of us can!"

Rory used his sword to cut through the bandages; he then charged towards the Mummy, delivering a strong strike to his chest. The villain replied his attack with a punch; send the Red Ranger towards his team. When the rangers were free from the bonds; Wiktoria had an idea, "Guys, let's use the dragon formation." All the rangers thought that could work; so they chanted the spell, "Mystic Titans; Dragon Formation."

Kian, Wiktoria, Adam & Rose began to combine and form the dragon; Rory leaped onto of the combination. With the dragon formed; the rangers charged fro their enemy, blasting the villain with fire balls. The Mummy tried to lasso the flying Megazord; but it was to fast, "Let's use our special attack." Rory stated.

The Red Ranger jumped off the dragon; the other rangers fire a fire ball towards the Mummy, Rory kicked the fire ball to give it more thrust. The blast hit the villain directly in the centre; causing it to fall to it's knees, it then muttered it's final words, "Nightmare....Moon....will return." The Mummy then fell forward and exploded; destroyed forever. Only Adam heard what he the villain said; the Yellow Ranger muttered, "What did he mean by that?"
When Rory and Kian got home; Cinnamon Roll greeted the rangers with a hug. Kian lowered himself to her level, "I've got something for you." he said. The Green Ranger handed her a memory card; she took it to her camera, the card contained footage of the battle the ranger fought today. Kian had recorded it for her; now she had a film for her project.
But then the fillie had another idea; she whispered in Kian's ear, the ranger knew exactly what to do.

That night; everybody and pony was invited to Sweet Apple Acres barn, they all came to watch the new movie. Cinnamon Roll stepped in front of the projector, "Welcome friends and family, this is a little thing I threw together with Kian's help. I call this....Morphing History."


Once a ranger

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Deep within the underworld; Discord was having words with his supposed master, "Zombra; every villain that you've released has been destroyed by the rangers, we need a different approach." The king replied with, "And what exactly do you propose we do?"

The Lord of Chaos thought for a minute; then it came to him, "We need even more powerful villains." Zombra looked at him; confused, "What are you talking about?" Discord began to explain what he meant, "Villains from the rangers' past, they would be perfect for destroying them. Because they have experience with fighting this team of heroes."

"Which villains did you have in mind?" Zombra asked. Discord used his magic to project holograms of each villain the could hire to help.

"King Mondo."

The king of the machine empire; this villain battled the ZEO Power Rangers, he came the closest to taking over the Earth. But he was stopped by the rangers and his ship was blasted into deep space. Mondo swore he would return one day and get his revenge on the Power Rangers.

"Kaita; the Bat-Rider."

The terror of Kingkow; and arch-enemy to the Dino Thunder Rangers. He was defeated by the twin kings, Brady and Boomer; & their team.


Shockwave is the only Decepticon that still wants to destroy the Autobots, he created the Insecticons, Dinobots & Predicons.


She terrorized the far-side of the galaxy; until she was defeated by the Lost Galaxy Rangers, she was presumed destroyed. That is until she returned and began conquering planets again.

"The Shredder."

He battled the Ninja Storm Rangers; his mutant powers double his strength, speed and fighting abilities. He was banished to the ninja spirit realm after his defeat.

Discord explained, "These are super-villains will destroy the ranger for us. Like us, they want revenge on this group of children." Zombra thought about Discord's plan; then said, "Very well, I will use my dark magic to bring them here."

Zombra's horn began to glow; he generated a dark vortex in the centre of the room. The portal grew larger by the second; one by one, mighty villains descended from the vortex. Each one was confused on why they were here or where they even were. But there they were; Mondo, Kaita, Shockwave, Trakeena & Shredder.

"Where am I?" Kaita asked, the others were thinking the same. Mondo noticed Zombra and Discord watching them from across the room, "Who are they?" the machine king asked. Zombra stepped off his throne and greeted the villains, "I am King Zombra; I have brought you all here to destroy the Power Rangers." When the villains heard the shadow pony's statement, the all started laughing.

"What? The Power Rangers?." Shockwave said. "If I knew how to do that, do you think I would have been wandering what remained of Cybertron for the past 3 months?" The other villains agreed. Trakeena explained, "I went to the far away corners of the galaxy just to get away from those heroes in multi-coloured suits." Shredder stayed silent for the whole argument, he didn't even groan at the other villains complaining.

Zombra decided to explain his plan, "Listen to me you gang of bad guys; look what happened when you all worked alone, you were defeat, humiliated & above all; beaten by children." The villains decided to listen to what he was saying. "If we combine our powers, the rangers won't stand a chance against us." Mondo stepped forward holding something in his hand, "This is a Evox Virus, it can sever their connection to the Morphing Grid. Once their powers have been taken away, they'll just be teenagers." All the villains liked the plan; and Zombra thought of something that could help, "I know just the villain to use for this plan."

Upon summoning the life cells; Zombra found the right cell, "I summon.... Cyber Racer." Instead of appearing somewhere in Ponyville; Cyber Racer generated right next to Zombra, "What is you command master." the newly released villain said. King Mondo plugged the hard-drive into the Cyber Racer's arm; the Evox Virus began to take effect, "Now; each blast from his laser will have enough power to cut off a ranger's powers." Mondo explained.

All the villains began to laugh; all except Cyber Racer and Shredder, they both just stood there in silence. "The Power Rangers will finally fall." Discord muttered as all the villains cackled.
The rangers decided to take today off; Applejack and her family had taken the rangers to forest for a hiking trip. Behind the the group; Rose was pushing the stroller that was carrying Applespike. The hiking group came to a stop in the center of the Everfree.

"Nice day." Adam commented. Nobody or pony knew the they were being watched from a far.

The Apple Family and the rangers sat down around a fire when night came over; they decided to camp out tonight, "I'm turning in." Cinnamon Sticks explained. So the brown earth pony crawled into his tent; pretty soon, everyone else did the same.

During the night; the campsite got an unwanted visitor; Cyber Racer marched towards Cinnamon Roll's tent, "Scanning; no trace of the Morphing Grid." the villain said as his cyborg eye scanned the tent. Cyber Racer began scanning all the tents; until he found the rangers' ones. The villain activated his blaster and began firing upon the tents.

Kian's tent when up in smoke; luckily he escaped before the flames got him, the ranger leaped out of the tent and watched it burn to the ground. "Guys; it's time to rumble." All the ranger woke up and came face to face with the villain. Cyber Racer stood there aiming his blaster at the rangers. Rory took command of his team and said, "You guys ready?". The team all nodded their heads before pulling out their morphers, "Magical Source; Harmony Force!" they all cried.


Now the team was morphed; the readied their weapons, however what happened next was not what they expected.

From behind the trees; the rangers were shocked to see the five boss villains from the past. "Kaita!" Rory gasped. "King Mondo?" Kian said. "Shockwave?!" Adam gasped. "Shredder?" Wiktoria questioned. "Trakeena?" Rose said. The five ranger faced the now six villains when the gang stood by Cyber Racer. Mondo asked, "Miss us rangers?" but the team did not respond. Shockwave turned to Zombra's villain, "Minion; use the Evox Virus, destroy their connection to the Morphing Grid." the Decepticon ordered.

Cyber Racer fired at the rangers; the blast was more powerful then it was thought to be, each ranger was shot down with a single shot. The virus began to take effect; each ranger felt their power being drained, "My power, it's disappearing." Wiktoria moaned. Even in their weak condition; the rangers had to get up and fight, so that's what they did.

The team picked themselves up and began attacking the villains. Each ranger took on one villain; leaving Cyber Racer to watch the battle, luckily the fight was taken down the mountain. So Applejack and her family were safe.

Rory began the fight by sword fighting with Shredder; the villain grew katana blades from his gauntlets and sliced at the Red Ranger.

Rose used her shield to block blaster bolts being fired by Shockwave; she charged forward and began kicking and punching the Decepticon. However; the virus made her to weak, Rose's attacks couldn't make a dent in him.

Adam was blasted to the wall by Mondo; his power was weakening and the villain was somehow stronger than before. The Yellow Ranger got back up to try again; but was once again struck down by Mondo's staff.

Trakeena used her alien powers to blast Kian down; she was to strong for him to keep fighting.

Wiktoria couldn't keep fighting either; Kaita used his dagger and began firing fire balls at her, sending into the rest of her team.

Now the rangers were all together again; the villains prepared their final blow, "This is true dark power." Trakeena stated. The villains all grouped together, "EVIL FORCE FIVE; FINAL BLAST!!" they all cried. A wave of dark power came from the evil group and washed away the rangers, causing them all to de-morph. They tried to get up; but they were to weak, Rory said, "We can't give up, we can't let them win." The rangers went for their morphers; when they flipped them open, the devices began to spark and shatter.

"What happened?!" Adam cried. King Mondo stepped forward and explained, "We've severed your connection to the universal Morphing Grid, your not Power Rangers any more." All the villains began laughing; even Shredder joined in for this one. Before the villains could attack; a light appeared in front of the rangers.

Celestia appeared in front of them; she said, "You will not harm my rangers you evil misfits." The sun princess used her magic and teleported them away. Kaita ran through the smoke trying to find them, "There gone." he muttered. Shockwave placed his mechanical hand on the bat-rider's shoulder, "It doesn't matter, their no threat to are plan now."
The rangers and the princess appeared in Canterlot Castle; where they were greeted by Twilight and Luna, "Rangers, thank the moon your safe." However; the rangers didn't feel so good, they had lost their powers. Celestia began speaking, "With the rangers gone, the land in unprotected. I must do something."

With another flash of light; Celestia was gone, leaving the others in the room. Twilight said, "I'll send some guards to the forest to collect Applejack and her family, they'll take them home." Kian was relieved when he heard Applejack was going to be okay. The rangers decided to go back to Ponyville; even without their powers, they still had to protect Ponyville.

At the train station all the rangers were boarding the Ponyville Express; Adam was the last to board, he had a lot on his mind. The boy couldn't believe that his days as a Power Ranger were over.

On the train; the rangers thought of what they were now going to do. Rory thought this would be his chance to go back to Earth, Rose thought she might now have some more free time, Kian was in a mood cause he missed his axe, Wiktoria still could believe it had happened & Adam; as I said had a lot on his mind about the situation.
The next day; the rangers were called to the town hall, it was an emergency. When they arrived; Twilight was there, as was Luna. "Rangers, Kaita and Shredder were spotted entering the east part of town. We need you to help the ponies." Rory stepped forward and explained, "Will all do respect Princess Luna, were not rangers any more. We can't battle monsters without are powers."

Adam didn't believe what he heard; he stepped forward and said, "We might not have ranger powers, but we can still fight." All the rangers agreed and left for their mission.

Upon arrival; it was as Luna said, Kaita and Shredder we causing chaos. Even though the rangers couldn't morph; they still had to do their best and fight. Rory decided to start the fight by charging at the villains with the other rangers chasing after him; however, Kaita blasted them with a fire ball. The blast sent the flying towards the buildings; they moaning in pain when they him the ground.

All seemed lost when the two villains marched towards the defeated team; that is until, a blast of green energy sent Shredder flying backwards. When Kaita turned to where the blast came from; he got a real shock.

"Surprise." the new ranger said. Kaita was about to attack but he was fired at by red blasts; when the smoke cleared, he got another shock.


Shredder had recovered from his attack and was ready to fight; but a yellow blur came flying past him and struck his armor, hard. The saw the blur land onto of one of the food carts....

"Thought you guys could use a hand." the yellow ranger says to the team. Kaita was about to attack but was once again knocked down by another ranger. This one hit him with a small but powerful katana slash.

"Let the games begin." this ranger said. The two villains came together to try and address the situation; however, one final blue blast was fired at them to finish them off. There was one final new ranger; this one was the oldest out of all the new ones.

"Time for you villains to leave." the blue ranger said. The villains didn't stand a chance against the new team of rangers; Shredder muttered, "Zombra didn't tell us their would be more rangers." Kaita then said, "Lets get out of here." With those final words; Kaita and Shredder teleported back to the underworld, leaving the new team with the old one.

"Power down." the new rangers said; with those words, the rangers de-morphed and revealed themselves. Adam recognized all of them; except the red one, "Thanks." Rory said as each team came face to face. "Is anyone else confused?" Kian asked. The one ranger that seemed like the leader said, "When we get back to the town hall, we'll explain everything."

So the rangers went back to the town hall to find out what was going on.
When everyone was here; Celestia appeared in front of the rangers, "Rangers; while you don't have you powers, I had to call in some help." Rory and his team observed the new rangers; as I said, Adam recognized some of the rangers. "Emma; Blue Ninja Storm Ranger. Mikayla; Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger. Ross; Green Lost Galaxy Ranger. Shaun; Blue Zeo Ranger." he explained. Then he turned to the final ranger, "But who are you?" he asks.

The Red OSC Ranger explained himself, "You see; I'm Oliver, I'm from the future. In the future; I'm Rory and Rose's son." Rory and Rose were the first to gasp, not believing the news they heard. Celestia continued to explain her plan, "I was able to use some of my magic to restore these rangers' powers. While you can no longer protect my kingdom; I chose Shaun, Emma, Oliver, Ross & Mikayla. To replace you, as the new team of Power Rangers."

The harmony rangers didn't like what they were hearing; they were being replaced.

After the meeting was finished; everyone left, just continuing with their day. Rory and Kian went back to Sweet Apple Acres, Adam went home to the Chaotic Castle, Wiktoria took the balloon up to the clouds & Rose strolled home to the fashion studio.

Meanwhile; down in the underworld, all the villains were now in a mood.
"You are the one to blame Zombra!" Shockwave yelled. "Not only have failed to actually destroy a ranger, but now their popping up like Scraplets." All the villains agreed that Zombra was to blame.

"Wait my friends, I have a plan." Zombra uses his dark magic to open a rift in reality; all the villains watch what happens out in Ponyville, they see Cyber Racer. Discord is there to; using his chaos magic on the villain, making him grow bigger and bigger. Once the villain was fully grown; he began stomping through the streets, all the ponies began to run away in fear.

The new team heard the attack and rushed to the scene; Shaun took command as he was the oldest ranger, "Okay guys, we have to use the Titan Megazord." Once the mech had arrived, the new team climbed inside and prepared to fight the giant villain.

Meanwhile; back at Sugar Cube Corner, the old team were not having a good day. "I don't know about you guys, but I think retirement came a bit to early." Rose commented. Adam just stared out the window; thinking about how he's failed, he promised Fluttershy he'd save Discord. And that's when it hit him, "Guys, I have a plan. But we need to go home." The others looked at him confused, "You mean back to Earth?" Kian asked.

Adam nodded and led his friends outside, "O.S.C HQ, requesting urgent space bridge." Adam said into his old communicator. Instantly; a blue portal open up in front of the team, they all followed the Yellow Ranger through.

Back at the Megazord battle; the ranger team was being knocked in every direction. When Cyber Racer blasted the Titan Megazord to the ground; Emma muttered, "Does anyone know how to drive this thing?!"
"So what are we looking for again?" Wiktoria asked. The team had gone back to Earth and to an old junk shop, "I'm afraid you wouldn't believe me if I told you. All you need to know is this guy can get us are powers back."

Whilst the rangers were looking around; Rory stopped at the till, "Hello? Anyone here?" Suddenly, a creepy old man appeared behind the counter. "Hello, what can I do for you?" The rest of the team met Rory at the counter and Adam said, "Were here for the secret merchandise. I mean the.... droids."

The store owner raised his eyebrow at Adam's statement, "Follow me." the man said before walking to the back; the rangers did as instructed and followed him behind the curtains.

The rangers were led to an old storage room; the opened the large loading door and said, "This is where I keep all the robots and droids I've.... collected over the years. Feel free to look around." The store owner just left them to their business. The team started wandering through the crates, they still had no idea what Adam was trying to find. "Guys, I sense something." Rory stepped forward, "What is it Adam?" all was quiet, until....


Three metal tennis balls went flying over the team's heads; the balls the exploded and generated groups of football headed robots. "Man, not these guys again." Kian said. They were robots created by Doc Ock, used as his evil minions. Krybots; robotic foot-soldiers, they're left hand was replaced with a blaster.

The former rangers knew they had to fight in order to get out of here; so they spread around the room and began fighting.

Rory leaped on top of the crates; knocking down any bot that jumped up after him. Kian was swinging a broom still any they, send them to the ground. Wiktoria started punching their heads together, causing them to malfunction. Adam constantly back-flipped with Krybots chasing him, until he eventually delivered a spin kick to them. Rose finished the last group of bot by lifting one up and throwing him into the rest. They battle was over; the rangers emerged victorious.

When all the panic was over; Adam saw a large crate with O.S.C logo on it, "There you are." he commented. The rangers gathered around the large box, "What's in there?" Rose asked. Adam replied, "This is going to get us our powers back."

Sting of birth

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It was just another day in Ponyville; the sun was rising over the beautiful land, and somepony was going to have a hard day.

Rose had just woken up to the sight of Celestia's sun being risen; also to the sound of Fancypants running up and down the hall. The ranger opened her door; finding the well dress unicorn pacing back and forth with a terrified look on his face. "Fancy, what's the matter?" Rose asked.

The stallion turned to the human, "Today is Rarity's due date. So are new baby could be born any day now." Rose was excited to hear the news; Gemstone was soon going to have a new brother or sister. Rarity walked out of her room and joined the conversation, "Good morning Rose." she greeted. The human replied, "Morning, I hear today's your due date." The white unicorn simply nodded her head. The whole family went downstairs for some breakfast; Rose quickly used her morpher to contact her team.

At the Chaotic Castle; Adam was in his room, walking back and forth. "Why can't I just do things like everyone else." he muttered. "Because I'm not like everyone else." he said while jumping down from the ceiling. That's when his morpher rang; upon answering it, Rose delivered the good news. "Sweet Celestia, that's fantastic." the Yellow Ranger said. Rose did the same with all the other rangers,

"Give them my congratulations." Kian explained.

"That's brilliant." Rory said.

"This is a day to remember." Wiktoria said.

This day could not be ruined for the rangers or for Rarity & Fancypants; that is, if the whole thing wasn't being watched by Zombra through his rift.
The King of Monsters ventured through the life cells; attempting to find one which will help him complete today's plan. After five minutes of searching and groaning from the thought of losing again; he found the one he was looking for, "You will steal this new born child and bring it to me." he muttered.

He began the sequence to release the villain; blasting it with his dark magic, "I summon.....Scorpiotron!"

Just outside of town; a stallion was returning with buckets of water. Suddenly; the ground started to shake, then the road cracked open. The pony looked down the newly formed hole; before being knocked back by a giant metal claw, the stallion dropped his water and ran for his life. Within seconds; a giant metallic scorpion monster raised up from the crack, Zombra opened his rift and stared upon his newly freed villain.

"Scorpiotron, I command you to steal Rarity's soon to be born child. Once it is mine, I will raise the child to be as evil as me." The robot scorpion replied, "Very well, I'll destroy anything that gets in my way." he spoke in a scary computerized voice, due to him being part robot.
Rose sat in her room; Gemstone sat with her as they looked at an old family book. Rose turns to the tiny unicorn and asks, "What are you hoping for, a brother or a sister?" But Gemstone turned to her human friend and replied, "I just want somepony to play with."

"Gemstone! Rose! Come on! Rarity's going into labour." Fancypants explained while shouting up the stairs. Rose picked up the fillie and ran downstairs; the whole family ran outside.

They had to get to the hospital; but they were stopped in the middle of the street, "Your going no where." said the large beast scaring of the surrounding ponies. Rose handed Gemstone to Fancypants, "Who are you?" the Pink Ranger asked in a serious tone. The metallic beast answered her question with, "I am professor Victor Reevor, but you can call me.... Scorpiotron." The Pink Ranger confronted the villain; pulling her morpher from her pocket, "Out of our way, were in a hurry." she explained.

Scorpiotron began to laugh at the group, "I'm leaving with that baby, even if I have to rip it out of the unicorn with my claws." Rarity gasped at what she heard. Rose gestured them to run back to the house; they followed her orders and made their way home, leaving Rose and Scorpiotron face to face.

"Now, I'll destroy you and all the ponies in Ponyville to get that unborn child." the villain explained. Rose was prepared to fight, "Magical Source; Harmony Force." she said, she instantly morphed into her ranger suit. She drew her Magic Staff from her belt and changed it to shield mode; Scorpiotron's tail was revealed from behind him, it was made up of cogs and gears; with a large spike on the end. The ranger charged at the villain; throwing her shield to his face, but sadly no effect.

Scorpiotron wacked her to the side with his giant metal claw; Rose crashed into a food cart, moaning in pain. She needed the rest of her team; and she got her wish, the rest of the team arrived to help their fellow ranger. "Rose, you should go help Rarity." Adam stated. Scorpiotron faced the multicolored heroes, "More of you will not make a difference, I'll crush you all." the villain growled. Rory and Kian ran straight for the villain; with their bladed weapons ready to fight, their steel clashed with Scorpiotron's claws.

Adam stayed at a distance and fired his crossbow at the beast, but it did nothing to him. It wasn't until Wiktoria threw her spear; it landed in a opening in the villain's armour, causing transmission fluid to leak. Scorpiotron's face told the rangers he was getting weaker, "This isn't over, I'll be back." the villain cried. He began to drill into the ground, the rangers tried to stop him but it was to late.

The team de-morphed and ran back to Rarity's house, they went as fast as they could.
"Fancypants, where's Rarity?" Rose said as the team entered the house. "She's upstairs in bed, what am I going to do? The baby's going to be here soon." Kian stepped forward and explained, "Well you can't take Rarity to the hospital, not with that monster after her. Fancypants was pacing back and fourth again, "What can I do? I can't call a doctor, they won't get here in time." The unicorn and the rangers all stood there trying to think of an idea.

That's when Wiktoria had a plan, "Adam, your a doctor." she stated. Adam turned to her confused, "I'm an engineer, a doctor for machines." Fancypants looked at the boy and explained, "Please Adam; you have to help, my wife is having the baby right now." the boy was concerned, he's never dealt with something like this before.

"Okay fine.... I'll do it." Adam explained. "But I'll need help, can someone come with me?" Rose stepped forward and said, "I'll do it, I'll be their for Rarity." So it was settled; Adam was going to deliver Rarity's baby and Rose was going to help.

When the two rangers followed Fancypants upstairs, the other three went outside. Rory ordered, "Okay guys, while they do that. We stand guard, let nothing interrupt this delivery." Kian and Wiktoria nodded in agreement. However their job was easy compared to what Adam and Rose were doing.
Outside of town; Scorpiotron was being yelled at by his master, "How hard can it be to capture a pregnant unicorn!" Zombra cried as he looked down on his minion from his rift opening. The villain tried his best explain himself, "Master; it wasn't my fault, the Power Rangers arrived and kept her away from me."

The king's face dropped into his hooves, "Why have I been cursed with such annoying humans?" he muttered. "Well that does it; I can't beat them with my power, I'll destroy them with their own power." Zombra looked across the room to see Chrysalis watching him; in commanding words he ordered, "Bring me the Element of Generosity."

The Changeling queen did as commanded and flew off into the tunnels.

When she returned; Zombra threw the small black box through the rift. The Element landed in front of Scorpiotron; he picked up the box and crushed it in his claw. When the case was gone, the relic inside began to glow; the villain could feel the power. Zombra cried, "Use that Element to match the ranger's powers; even they won't be able to fend off that much power." Scorpiotron opened the glass hatch and placed the neckless around his neck; the power was pulsing through him.

Zombra said one last thing, "Remember; you must wait for the baby to be born before you steal it, it's no good to me dead." Scorpiotron replied, "Yes King Zombra." The villain then dug his way back down into the ground; tunnelling his way back to Ponyville.
In Rarity's bedroom; she was lying back on the pillow when Adam walked in, "Okay; just a quick reminder, I've never done this before." Rose was on Rarity's left side while Fancypants was on the right.

"Now I just need to check the....the....the place where the baby comes out." Adam muttered. Rose looked at him with a 'really' look on her face, "'Place where the baby comes out.' Couldn't you at least make up a name for it and pretend you know what your doing." she stated.

Adam lifted up the blanket to have a look and came back up white as a ghost, "Okay, I think it's starting." he said. Rarity let out a bit of a scream, Fancypants held her right hoove, "It's okay my dear." Adam had to take charge of the situation; so that's what he did, "Okay Rarity; when I say, I want you to push as hard as you can." the unicorn nodded ever so slightly.

Adam began to count down, "Three...two...one....push!" Rarity pushed as hard as she could.

Outside; the other rangers could hear the unicorn screaming, "Oh my." Kian stated. Suddenly; a crack opened up on the floor. From the crack, Scorpiotron lifted himself to the surface; he saw the rangers outside the fashion studio. "Well, well, well; only three this time. That baby is going to be mine." Rory stepped for and said, "You'll have to go through us first."

The villain looked at the group of friends before saying, "Gladly." Scorpiotron charged forward; not showing any mercy. The rangers had to morph quickly; they pulled out their morphers and cried, "MAGICAL SOURCE; HARMONY FORCE!"


Now the rangers were morphed; the grabbed the staffs and fired a rainbow blast at Scorpiotron. Without Adam and Rose, the blast wasn't as powerful; however it didn't work anyway. When the blast faded; the ranger saw the villain standing behind a shield made of diamond. The shield faded and Scorpiotron said, "Like my new power, curtesy of the Element of Generosity." The rangers saw the Element around his neck; Wiktoria said, "We have to get that back."

Kian agreed, "If we get the last Element, we can use it to turn Discord back to normal." The rangers now knew their mission; destroy Scorpiotron and get the Element back.

Rarity was in a lot of pain; they had been doing this for at least an hour now, as if things couldn't get worst; Fancypants passed out. That left his wife in the hands of two humans, "Come on girl, push." Rose said. Adam could see something, looked like a horn. "Rarity, Rose; I can see the head, it's got a horn." Adam knew that another push would get the head out; so he gave Rarity the signal and she pushed with all her might.

With that strength; the head was out; along with the horn, there was a small lock of purple hair. "Okay Rarity, I think one more push should do it." Adam explained. The unicorn heard the human; she used what was left of her strength and pushed hard. The Yellow Ranger could see, "It's coming, it's coming." the boy stated.

Until finally; cries could be heard, Adam held a baby unicorn in his hands. "It's a girl." the boy said. Rarity sighed in relief, it was all over. Rose looked at her and said, "Do you want to hold her?" Rarity nodded. Adam snipped the cord and handed the baby to her. A small tear fell from Adam's eye as he watched the mother & child be happy together. Rose cried a little too, watching the to of them. The silence was interpreted when Adam said, "We should probably see if the others need help." Rose nodded and they both ran out the door.
Scorpiotron was throwing the rangers around like tennis balls; Adam and Rose ran outside to see the chaos, "Whoa." Rose commented. The pair pulled out their morphers and instantly morph into their ranger suits.

The other rangers were then thrown to Adam and Rose's feet, "Nice of you guys to finally show up." Rory said. Wiktoria got to her feet and asked, "How's Rarity?" And Rose replied, "She and her new baby are fine." But saying that was a mistake; because Scorpiotron heard that, he now knows the baby's been born. "I'm going to destroy you all!" with that, the villain charges forward.

All five rangers decide to try something; they all draw their Magic Staffs, send a rainbow blast towards Scorpiotron. The blast stops the villain in his tracks, but he still pushes forward. "We need more power." Kian states. The Rory has an idea, "Guys, form the Celestial Sword." the rangers do as ordered and combine their weapons. The Red Ranger lifts the sword above his head; all the others grasped the handle as well, "Celestial Sword, Final Strike." The villain believes that it won't do anything to him, boy was he wrong.

The blast from the sword blew him into the sky; the Element around his neck fell, luckily Adam caught it. Scorpiotron flew higher and higher until he exploded from the force. Rory commented, "Not back for a big guy." No that the threat has been dealt with, the rangers went back inside.
The team de-morphed and entered the room; Fancypants had woken up and Gemstone was on his back. "Isn't she beautiful?" Rarity asked. The rangers all nodded; Rarity continued, "I can't wait for her to meet all her aunts and uncles." she then looked at Rose, "And her god-mother."

Adam was full on crying now; he rested his head on Kian's shoulder. Rose stood there trying to take in the news, "Thank you Rarity." she said. The rest of the visit was just everybody and pony looking at the new baby; Rose even got to hold her at one point. "What are you gonna name her?" Wiktoria asked. Rarity looked at Fancypants and then back at the rangers, "We thought about it darling; and were naming her 'Jewel'."

Rose cradled the baby in her arms; all this was being watched by Zombra in his lair, "This is why I loathe children."

Seeing Double

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Adam was wandering through Ponyville, the last few days have been that he can handle; such as him and his team getting the Element of Generosity back. This meant, that once they find Discord, they can turn him back to normal. However, they would have to find somebody to bond to the Element, so they could become a ranger.

Whilst Adam was walking, he saw Rose, Rarity and Jewel in her baby stroller, they were out shopping for food. He'll never forget how he delivered Jewel fro Rarity.

Also, across the market, he could see Rory & Kian helping the apple family sell the fruit and lift the heavy barrels onto the wagon.

Adam was proud that him and his friends had made such strong bonds with the ponies of this planet, nothing was going break the bond between them.

Little did Adam know, he was being watched by someone in the bushes behind him. This figure was just staring at him, Adam still didn't notice and just walked off. The figure began to mutter, "Before I destroy you ranger, there are some old friends who would like to say hello."
Later that day, the rangers were called down to the market again, something was trashing the carts.

When the team arrived, they were shocked to see.... The Black Knight destroying everything in site. He turned to the rangers and said, "I'm back, rangers."

The team was confused and a little scared, Rory stepped forward and asked, "We destroyed you, how are you back?!" But the Black Knight just swung his sword at them, blasting them with a magic blast. The rangers were knocked to the ground, but they got back up and pulled out their morphers.

"Magical Source, Harmony Force!" the cried.

The team instantly morphed into their suits, they pulled out their weapons and charged at the knight. The weird thing is, the Black Knight didn't fight back, he just held his sword and ran away. The rangers followed him deep into the market, but when they turned a corner, the knight was gone.

Kian turned around to try and find him, but then suddenly tied in a strong rope. Only it wasn't rope, it was bandages. The Green Ranger looked up and saw the Mummy at the other end of the bandage line. "Rangers....fall.." he muttered.

The Yellow Ranger blasted him with a lightning blast, knocking him off the roof he was standing on. The team ran to go get him, but when they arrived, he was gone.

Wiktoria was shocked, literally, when she was hit with a electric blast. She brushed herself off and said, "Oh no, it's got to be Fossil." and she was right. Doctor Fossil was standing behind the team, his gloved hand sparking with electricity.

The Power Rangers were confused about where all these villains were coming from. They were to weak, so they had to retreat, they used the teleporters. They all vanished and re-appeared in Canterlot, they needed to think of a plan.
The team arrived at the castle, the princesses were waiting for them. They were just as confused as the rangers, three villains from the past have appeared in Ponyville, three villain that have already been destroyed.

"Rangers, we must stop this before it gets worst." Twilight explained. Rory then said, "You mean before any of our other creepy foes make a comeback."

The princesses now thought it was time to create the new ranger, one who can master the power of the Element of Generosity. However, they had no one to give it to. That's where Adam came in, he had just the person. So he went back to Earth to pick them up, meanwhile, Celestia gave Kian and Rory another mission.

"Kian, Rory, I need you to go to Tarturous. Tirek is there, he must know how this is happening." Celestia explained. The two rangers excepted the mission and left at once.
Wiktoria & Rose arrived back in Ponyville, confused on how three villains that had already been destroyed, appeared in the market. The Pink Ranger suggested, "Maybe it wasn't villains from the past, maybe it was illusions. Protections of past villains." Wiktoria shook her head in disagreement, it had to be something else.

As they walked through the streets, a scream was heard from around the corner. The two ranger went to see the problem, but they came face to face with another villain from the past.

The mechanical monster, known as Scorpiotron, was smashing through the market as if they was children's toys. Rose was the most annoyed, she hated this villain the most; this was the monster that tried to steal her god-daughter. So the two ranger quickly morphed into their ranger suits, they had to stop this guy, now.

The scorpion monster saw the Power Rangers charging at him, so he began the battle by striking them with his tail. Wiktoria was knocked back, but Rose blocked the attack with her shield; it took all her ranger strength, but she pushed the tail away. The Blue Ranger got up and tried attacking with her spear, she managed to lay a few strikes on Scorpiotron's armour. With one final strike, the monster fell to the ground; the two rangers approached their old foe, hoping to get some answers.

Rose started the talk with, "Okay ugly, how the hay are back? Even after we watched you destroyed." But the villain didn't answer. A sudden purple glow came under the Scorpiotron, the villain was pulled into the ground through a dark portal. The Power Ranger couldn't do anything, so they watched him get away.

With nothing left to do, they de-morphed and headed home; they could only hope that no more monsters came back for a rematch.

Up on Tarturous, the feared villain, Tirek; was sitting in his cage.

Suddenly, the villain's attention was caught when a portal opened and two humans stepped through it. Tirek stated as he held onto the bars, "Well, well, well, I finally get to meet the famous Power Rangers, I heard so much about." The two heroes ignored his comment and matched towards his cell.

"Listen, Tirek. Three super-villains have been in Equestria, three villains that we've already destroyed. How can that be?" Rory questioned. However, the centaur-beast just laughed, the muttered, "Why, oh why do you think I'm going to tell you anything?"

Kian asked, "Alright, what do you want?" Tirek shook his head with disappointment, the replied, "Isn't it obvious? I want out of here."

The two ranger had to think, they couldn't let Tirek loose in Equestria, it would a disaster. But they needed information, so they came up with an idea. "Okay, Tirek." Rory started. "We will talk to the princess about it. But for now, give us what we want."

Tirek told them what he thought, "Let me think; did you see the villains at the same time?" Kian replied, "No, they appeared like one at a time." The centaur continued, "Then it sounds like your dealing with the villain, Switch, the shape-shifter. All he needs is enough information about a certain creature, and he can take the form of whoever he likes."

The rangers understood, it all make sense now, a shape-shifter. Kian said, "We need to get back to the guys, they should know about this."

Before the rangers left, Tirek stated, "Remember our deal, Rangers." Rory stepped up to him and replied, "We'll keep our word, as long as what you've told us is true." The two rangers stepped through the re-opened portal, leaving Tirek alone in his cage.
Kian and Rory returned to the Ponyville Town Hall, the rest of the team were waiting for them there; as well as the newest member of their team.

Adam stepped forward and said, "Our new ranger is right here." A girl stepped from behind Adam, she looked about the same age as the others. The girl said, "Hi, I'm Heather. I'm an old friend of Adam's." The rest of the team new this ranger, but only by legend. She was the original Pink Ranger, she fought along side Adam during the war, before Rose took over.

Rose was really excited to meet her predecessor, they never actually met in person.

While the rangers were getting to know her, the princesses were approaching. "Rangers." Twilight said. "This must be the newest member of your team, the one who will carry the Element of Generosity." Luna stepped forward and present a black box, when it was opened, the last element was revealed.

Celestia stepped forward to bestow the power to her, "Heather, your friends have chosen you to join their team. Do you promise to only use this power for defence, not attack?" The new ranger knelt down on one knee and replied, "I promise, your highness."

The princess continued, "Then by the power vested in me, I name you, the White Ranger."

The rest of the team watched the element fly out of the box and change it's shape; but instead of turning into a cell-phone, it became a magic wand. Heather took the wand in her hand and excepted the power, the other rangers applauded.

All it took were some screams heard from outside to break up this magical moment; the rangers looked out the window, only to see another villain from their past.

The Minotaur was tearing apart the streets, scaring all the high-class ponies away. The ranger left the princesses and ran down to the street.
When the rangers arrived at the scene, Minotaur stopped rampaging a turned to the team of heroes.

"Well, well, well; long time, no see, rangers." the villain said. Rory stepped forward and replied, "Drop the act, Switch. We know it's you."

The villain was confused, until he gave in to the ranger's wish. He shifted back to himself and said, "You are correct rangers; it is I Switch, the master of disguise." So the rangers pulled out their morphers, but before they could morph, Switch used a new trick.

"Behold the power of the master." Switch shape-shifter into the Black Knight, but then he started to duplicate. The pieces of him started to form into other villains; Scorpiotron, Dr Fossil, The Mummy, Minotaur & a new one, Cyber Racer.

The rangers stared at the six villains standing before them, Zombra was watching form his rift, "Yes, even the rangers can't handle that many warriors." he muttered.

The Power Rangers decided to end this, so they finally morphed; Adam turned to Heather and said, "Watch and learn." All the rangers said, "Magical Source, Harmony Force!"


Heather saw the team of Power Rangers, she saw the amazing suits, so she decide to get in on the action. She waved her wand and spelled, "Magical Source, Harmony Force."


"Element of Generosity, White Harmony Ranger."

Heather joined her team, the six villains stood in front of the six rangers. Without a second thought, the two sides charged at each other; clashing upon impact.

Rory used his sword to battle with the Black Knight, the two warriors clashed their swords together. The Red Ranger managed to lay a few strikes onto his armour, but it wasn't enough for him to go down. So they continued to battle like gladiators.

Wiktoria was getting even with Dr Fossil, but the electricity in his gloved hand was blasting her away. Her spear helped her block some of the attacks, but she was knocked back a lot.

Rose wanted to make sure Scorpiotron stayed destroyed this time, so she used her shield and all her power to attack him. But even that wasn't enough; she was caught in his metal grip and thrown to the ground. When she got back up, the villain's tail struck her hard.

Adam tried to fight Minotaur back, but he never actually fought this villain, so he knew none of his moves. The beast knocked Adam's crossbow out of his hand, meaning the Yellow Ranger was defenceless.

Kian fought his arch-enemy with all his strength, but he remembered how tuff the Mummy was, so he had to fight harder. Using his axe, the Green Ranger tried to cut the bandages of the villain, but all he did was knock the villain of balance. The Mummy quickly recovered and punched the ranger away.

Heather was new at this, but she still knew how to fight like a ranger. Her magic staff became a sceptre, she slashed at Cyber Racer, knocking him to the ground. A finished was using her most powerful attack, "Diamond strike!" she cried, and blasted the villain with a rain of diamonds.

Cyber Racer stumbled back before exploding apart, he flaming, robot parts fell to the ground. Heather muttered, "I like this power."

The other rangers were knocked back, the villains used their most powerful attack. The evil creatures started to merge together, the rangers watched as the glowing glob started to shape itself and grow into something else. When the energy disappeared, the rangers saw a giant Switch, the villain had grown all on his own."

"YOU RANGERS BETTER STEP BACK!" he said as he nearly stepped on the rangers.

Heather was the only one with enough power fight, but she hadn't used her titan mode yet. But she had to try, otherwise she'd have failed as a ranger. So she used her power and change her form, sort of.

"Titan formation." she chanted. "Mystic Giant."

Instead of changing into a titan, she just grew into a huge ranger. Switch saw her opponent and charged at her, Heather did the same and charged at him.

The two of them battle in the sky, the rangers watched from the ground; they would help, but their power had depleted.

After Heather had struck Switch a few times, she finished him off. "Magic Staff, final sapphire strike!" the staff generated a large diamond, it blasted itself towards the villain. Switch was sparking like crazy, until he muttered, "I can't copy my way out this." he then exploded like all the villains that he copied.

Heather was about to shrink back to herself, until....

Discord appeared out of a portal, the rangers de-morphed to see the friend in the dark armour. The dark warrior said, "I see you have white. Can she match the powers of purple and black?" he chanted a spell to summon the Pony of Shadows.


Heather de-morphed and landed in front of her friends; Discord, while still in his centaur mode, looked down on the rangers.

"It doesn't matter how many rangers you have, or how many of our villains you destroy. You will still lose." A portal opened beneath Discord's feet and he was pulled back to the under world.

The rangers remained quiet, except Adam; he muttered, "We'll save you, Discord."
Back in the underworld, Zombra was more mad than the time he was beaten by Cadence and a baby dragon.

Chrysalis looked at her partner and muttered, "First five rangers, then six, and now seven." Zombra stared at her with a menacing look.

He sat back on his chair and said, "This is not over rangers; I will escape this prison. And when I do, I will destroy this world; and you with it."

Nightmare Night

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Adam got up one morning, with a lot of excitement; tonight was his favourite time of year. On Earth, they call it Halloween; but here, it's known as, Nightmare Night. The ranger leaped out of bed and went to his cupboard, inside was his monster costume.

"This is gonna be great." he commented. He was soon joined by Screwball when she knocked on the door and was let in; the chaotic pony also enjoyed Nightmare Night. All the great pranks that could be pulled, and all that delicious candy.

Adam worked up the courage to ask, "So, Screwball. What are you dressing up as?" The pony turned her head towards her human friend and replied, "Me and my friends are going in group costumes, you'll see them tonight." The two of them wandered into the living room, only to find Mothball and Fluttershy hanging up the decorations.

The human and the chaotic pony joined in with the decorating; this Nightmare Night was going to be one to remember.

Everypony else in Ponyville were getting ready for tonight; Sweet Apple Acres was going to open it traditional corn maze, Rarity would always sell out of costumes to the colts and fillies, Sugar Cube Corner was making all the treats and candies & as I said, Screwball was preparing her usual Nightmare Night pranks.

The only thing that could go wrong tonight, would be if the rangers had to 'work'. They could only pray that Zombra takes tonight off, as well.

But they should know, that evil, never takes a night off.
Deep within the underworld, Zombra was watching Ponyville set up for it Nightmare Night festival; he gagged at the sight of all the happy ponies. However, the dark unicorn had a new trick up his sleeve.

He turned towards Chrysalis and Discord, who were both standing in the room with him, "My friends, this time of year is for us monsters. With the power I'm gaining from all the energy, my dark power has tripled." Zombra explained. The Queen of the Changelings stepped forward and asked, "So what will that do to help us?"

The false king continued, "Because my power has tripled; I can summon, not one, but three villains this time." Discord stepped forward and stated, "Then we must not waste this opportunity, release your strongest monsters." Zombra turned to the purple knight, "That is what I intend to do."

Zombra summoned his life cells, he observed the villains he had not yet released, trying to choose ones who can beat the rangers and gain power from fear.

He looked hard, until he found the three that could do the job, "I have the three villains, each one with power drawn from Nightmare Night." The shadow pony raised the cells above his head and blasted all three with his dark magic.

"I summon, Count Venom."

Somewhere within Ponyville, a figure emerged from the shadows. Holding a cane, wearing a black outfit, his skin was a greeny-grey colour & he had a bat tattoo on the side of his bold head. "Ah, the vampire king has returned." the villain muttered.

"Zombie Boss."

Outside of town, in an old graveyard, a tomb's door was creaking open. From the stone prison, a zombified man started dancing like Michael Jackson, celebrating his freedom. "Hahahaha, I'm back. There's dark deeds to be done, and power to be won." Just as the zombie was about leave the graveyard, he was confronted by a Timber-Wolf. The wolf was about to pounce, until the villain grabbed his head; he started to drained the brain power from the wolf, turning it into a mindless zombie.

The zombie villain made his way towards Ponyville, with his new pet following him.

"Toxic Jack."

Deep inside a old house, that was perched on top of a cliff, over looking the town; the third villain was released. The monster passed through the wall like the ghost that he was, he muttered, "Look out Equestria, your most 'haunted' it back." the ghoul laughed at his little joke. He left the house and flew towards the town, the three villains were about meet up and hatch their plan.
When Nightmare Night finally came, the rangers all went out and met up with each other. They had come up with some strange costumes.

Rory was wearing his X-wing uniform, he claimed to be dressed as a spaceship pilot. Kian, after living on a farm for sometime, decided to go for that kind of theme; he dressed as a scarecrow. Wiktoria asked Rarity for her costume, a human sized Wonderbolt uniform, in honour of the family she lives with. Rose and Gemstone designed their costumes together, Rose was a witch, while Gemstone was a little black cat; the unicorn filly was with the rangers tonight.

The rest of the team saw Adam and Heather walking up to the group. Heather, who had been living with Derpy and Dinky, was dressed as alien; in honour of Dinky's father. Adam, had dressed a ghost he saw in an old cartoon; it was the Green Ghost, from Scooby Doo, Adam's favourite monster.

"Hey guys." Heather greeted. "Happy Nightmare Night." Rose stepped forward, she stated, "Have you guys seen Screwball, she and her friends were coming with us. Weren't they?"

"Did somepony call for help?"

The ranger team turned around to see Screwball and her friends, in Power Ranger outfits. Thunder Dash was red, Dinky was pink, Apple Blossom was white, Lightning Dash was blue, Cinnamon Sticks was green & Screwy was yellow. The ranger saw their ponies and sighed peacefully, they actually looked a little cute.

"Were here too."

They all turned their heads and saw Mothball and Charlie coming towards them. Charlie dressed like a mad doctor, for reasons I think you know. And Mothy had gotten into the Power Ranger theme as well, he was dressed like Celestia's Knight.

Now that everybody and pony was here, the group decided to go get some candy, before it was all gone. Little did they know, that evil was out on the hunt for power tonight.
The three villains were all together, they already had a plan to destroy the rangers. Count Venom, was put in charge of this evil-three; he told the other two what they had to do.

"Boys, we each have our unique powers. That's why were going to split up, divide and conquer if you prefer." the vampire explained. The zombie and the ghost looked at each other, then Zombie Boss stepped forward, "With my power, I can turned Everypony into my zombie minions. We could raise ourselves an evil army."

However, Toxic Jack had something else in mind. "You two can waste you time making zombies out of ponies, I'm going to use a more powerful way to destroy the humans." Venom didn't like the ghoul's attitude, so he replied, "Well then, Mr ghost. You are free to go off and do what you like. Just Don't come crying back to us when you fail."

With those words, Toxic Jack flew off into the night, leaving the zombie and the vampire to hatch their plan.

"With that spineless ghoul out of our way, we can destroy the rangers, easy." Zombie Boss stated. Count Venom saw a group of ponies coming towards them, "Then what you waiting for? Use your zombie powers on those ponies." the count ordered.

The zombie villain listen to his boss, and breathed his red dust from his mouth. The dust was heading straight for the incoming ponies, once they breathed it in, the spell took effect.

The three ponies started to feel strange, then they had a strange hunger, for brains. The began to groan like zombies, waiting for their master to give them orders. Venom and Zombie Boss came out of hiding and stood next to their new soldiers, "Now all we need, is a lot of ponies." the count stated. The two villains laughed like crazy, their plan was working.
The rangers and their pony friends were already collecting candy from all over town, they had promised to collect extra, for the little ones at home. As they walked, the rangers were still admiring the costumes being worn by the ponies, they felt like they were their heroes.

All it took was a scream from the distance to ruin their night, they all saw two villains marching towards them. They were leading an army of zombified ponies, meaning that fighting the army was out of the question.

Count Venom and Zombie stood in front of their army when it came to a stop, the vampire stated, "You must be the Power Rangers, you can just surrender your powers, and we'll let you live."

The Red Ranger stepped forward and stated, "Not a chance." he then turned to Charlie and ordered, "Charlie, get the ponies out of here, we'll handle this." Screwball stepped forward, trying to say, "But we can fight, we can help."

Adam knelt down to her eye level and said, "Screwy, I promised your mother, I'd look after you. Go with Charlie please." The chaotic pony thought for a sec, "Okay, Adam. Be careful, and kick his butt." As the group of ponies went with Charlie, Adam turned back to the villains and said, "That's the plan."

The six rangers all stood in a line, ready to morph. They pulled out their morphers and chanted the magic words, "Magical Source, Harmony Force!"


The ranger team was now morphed, so they pulled out their weapons and charged for the villains. But the monsters made the zombified ponies charge, the rangers couldn't harm the ponies; all they could do was dodge the incoming attacks.

The rangers leaped over the zombies and delivered strong kicks to Count Venom and Zombie Boss, sending them flying back to the buildings. When they got up, they were mad, "Must we do everything our self?!" the count cried. The two monsters charged at the rangers, ready to fight for victory.

Not far away, Charlie was leading the ponies away. Until, the third monster jumped into the path, "Well, well, well. This doctor has brought me the Power Rangers, now I'll prove I'm the better monster." Toxic Jack stated. The ghost pulled out a glowing green stone from his pocket, he held it in the air and laughed like a true villain.

Charlie stepped forward and tried to punch him, but his fist went straight through him. The villain blasted the knight away, then turned to the ponies, "Your rangers are coming with me." He then turned back to Charlie, "And you can have a play about with this delightful villain."

Toxic Jack blasted the ground with his stone, the green energy generated something on that spot. When the light was gone, Charlie was standing in front of a familiar face.

It was Candy Cane, or rather, Candy Cane's ghost.

Charlie had to fight past this ghoul to get to the ponies, unfortunately, Toxic Jack had used his power to transport the ponies away with him. Nobody or pony knew where they went; leaving Charlie to battle the ghost of a past villain.

So the ranger morphed into his armour, "Magical Source; Harmony Force!"


"You ready to rumble?" the knight asked. Candy Cane charged at the ranger, but Charlie used his Sonic Sword to strike the villain hard. The ghost wasn't like Toxic Jack, so the ranger could touch him; meaning he could use the special attacks.

"Sun-Beam, spin attack." Charlie said as he drew a circle in the air with his sword. The knight used his magic to throw the sun drawing at the villain, striking him hard. Candy Cane moaned before being destroyed, again. Now, Charlie had to find his friends.

Back at the main fight, the rangers were easily winning. The rangers came together, combining their weapons; Zombie Boss was in the strike zone. The rangers shouted, "Celestial Sword, Final Strike." they brought the mighty weapon down, strike the zombie villain.

Zombie Boss cried, "This ain't over rangers, I'll rise again." but the villain was too weak to carry on, he fell to the floor and exploded out of existence.

The vampire saw his partners destruction and fled for his life, the rangers were about to follow him; but Charlie arrived on the scene. "Rangers!" he cried. "Rangers! It's Screwball and her friends, they've been kidnapped by another villain."
At the old haunted house, Screwball and her friends were being held by the ghost villain.

"Screwy, I'm scared." Dinky said as she held close to her best friend. The six ponies and one Changeling close together, Screwball hugged onto Mothball, they were waiting to see what happened next.

Toxic Jack entered the room, he stared at his cowering hostages. The ghost walked closer to them, he muttered, "I've captured the Power Rangers. And Venom said I was useless." Thunder Dash looked up to the villain and stated, "Look man, you got the wrong creatures, were not the Power Rangers. These are just costumes." But Toxic Jack suddenly turned angry, causing Thunder to fall back to the floor, "Do not anger me, ranger!"

The ponies sat quietly as the ghost thought of the right way to destroy them, however; the plan was put on hold when another creature walked into the room.

"Toxic Jack, let these creatures go!" the purple knight ordered.

The ghost looked up as Discord entered his haunted house, the knight ordered the release of the captured ponies & Changeling. But Toxic Jack would not oblige, he replied, "You and your pathetic honour. When Zombra turned you evil again, he made you into a real push over."

Discord pointed his shield at the ghost, "Then I'll banish you to debts of the underworld." The eye in Discord's shield opened and a dark magic blast was thrown at Toxic Jack; a portal opened beneath his feet, the darkness clutched him and dragged him to the underworld. "No!" he cried, but then, he was gone.

Once the villain was gone, Discord turned to the hostages, "Give the rangers this." he said, handing them a glowing spell card. "This will give the Red Ranger a new power, but it will only large for an hour." Cinnamon Sticks took the card from Discord.

Just as the draconequus was about to leave, his daughter tried to stop him, "Daddy, Daddy wait." the dark knight turned back to the chaotic pony, "I'm sorry, child; but I don't know you or who your father is. I'm only helping you because these monsters fight without honour." With those words, a new portal upon beneath Discord's feet and he was pulled back to the underworld.

Mothball led the group out of the haunted mansion, they made their way back to town, there was still one villain left.
The rangers search the town, but could not find Screwball and her friends. Gemstone had gone home, so that was one less pony to worry about; but the rangers had bigger problems.

They were still morphed from the previous battle, but they saw Count Venom return. He had an evil smile on his face, so Rory said, "Where's our friends?!" but the vampire replied, "I don't know what you talking about."

Within the underworld, Zombra was watching the whole thing. He decided to use his most powerful spell on his vampire villain.

"By the power of all evil, make my monster grow." He casted the spell, through his rift and towards Venom.

Count Venom started to grow larger than a house, the rangers stood back and watched the villain grow. Kian stepped forward and said, "Time to titan up!" The rangers pulled out their morphers to become the Mystic Titans, Charlie and Heather continued to look for the missing ponies.

"Mystic Minotaur!" Kian said.

"Mystic Breezy!" Rose said.

"Mystic Aquamare!" Wiktoria said.

"Mystic Griffon!" Adam said.

"Mystic Phoenix!" Rory said.

Once the rangers were in their titan forms, they began the battle.

Kian used his giant axe to strike the vampire, but the villain simply dodge the attack by changing into a swarm of bats. Rose flew up to Venom, but was knocked away by his cane, she crashed in Adam and Wiktoria. Rory tried to use his sword and strike the villain, but Venom blocked the strike and the two of them sword fought with their weapons.

Only until, Count Venom struck Rory down with a single blow.

They rangers didn't know what to do, so they tried to form the megazord; but the vampire kept blasting them down when they tried to get up.

On the ground, Screwball and her group had arrived at the scene; Charlie and Heather had seen them, so the went to greet their friends. Cinnamon Sticks stepped forward and shouted for Rory, "Rory, use this." the pony through the magic card at the phoenix titan, the relic bonded to his element.

Rory stood up, he said, "Now it's time to end this." he used the power he had just go, and chanted a new spell. "I summon the Pony of Shadows." with that chant, Discord's stallion emerged from a portal; Rory leaped onto it's back and started riding it towards Count Venom.

The villain was confused on he managed to gain this power, but then Rory tried something else.


The fire tail sliced into Count Venom, with heat power that could match the sun. With that final strike, the vampire was defeated, "Uh! This bites!" he cried before exploding into nothing.

The other titans stood behind their leader, witnessing the victory; Charlie, Heather and the ponies were all cheering on the ground. Another win, for the side of good magic.
Back at the haunted mansion, Chrysalis had found the thing that Toxic Jack had dropped. "The ghost's magic stone. Zombra will give me a nice reward if I deliver this & snitch on Discord for rescuing those pony brats."

The Changeling queen flew back to her lair, with Toxic Jack's magic stone. Little did she know, Discord was watching her, plotting a way to get rid of her.

"I promise you this, Chrysalis. You will not keep me away from my family." What both her and Zombra didn't know, was that the spell the King of Monster had put on Discord, was wearing off. Discord could not return home until he was fully back to normal, he would need the rangers help with that.

Giant Problem

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Discord wandered through the forest, he was trying his hardest to fight off the possession of this dreaded curse; all he wanted was to return to his family, see his wife and children again. All he needed to do was get the rangers to use the Elements of Harmony on him, that kind of magic would break him out the armour.

As he walked, he began to remember some of his old memories, such as; Screwball's first day of school & Zany's birth. It was those memories that gave him hope; hope that this would all be over soon.

However, what the draconequus didn't know, was that he was being followed. The purple knight came to a stop by a tree, this tree in particular was also in his memories. It was the tree that Fluttershy was back up against, when she was cornered by Timber-Wolfs, the night she went back to Discord; he arrived just in time to save her, then they went back to the castle and confessed their love for each other.

The memorial moment was interrupted when Discord was bashed into the tree by a large hammer, he got up and gave face to face with the culprit.

"Well, well, well; this is the Lord of Chaos?" said the villain. This one was huge, slightly bigger than the Minotaur. He wore gladiator armour, a roman's helmet & a technical scope-visor that cover his one eye.

"Cyclops." Discord stated as he brushed himself off. "I was wondering when Zombra was going to release you." Legend has it, Cyclops was the strongest and meanest villain out of the all, he had the strength of twenty muscular stallions. Discord was concerned on why this villain would attack him though.

"Why have you come for me?" the purple knight asked. The villain picked up his hammer and replied, "Don't play the innocent, Discord. Zombra knows that your evil anymore, he sent me to bring you in; he's going to cast the spell on you again."

Discord was not about to lose his life again, he would not go without a fight. He drew his sword from his shield, ready to fight. Cyclops raised his hammer, this fight would go down his history.

The two warriors charged at each other, the weapons clashed upon impact; Discord swiped at the villain with his sword, trying to strike him down. Cyclops would swing his hammer around, but the draconequus would block it with his shield. The brute villain would not stop, so the fight continued.
The rangers were called to the Town Hall, Celestia had told Adam to bring Fluttershy, this matter involved her.

When the rangers arrived, the princess began the explanation, "Rangers, the time has come. Discord is out in the Everfree Forest, alone; this is the perfect time to strike, and stop his evil, once and for all." The rangers were excited to finally help Discord, Fluttershy was so happy, her husband was coming home.

Then Celestia continued, "Although, what you must understand; if Discord does not come quietly, you must do what needs to be done. Even if you have to....destroy him." That last statement made the rangers gasp, Fluttershy included. Kian stepped forward and said, "Wait, I signed up for this to help Discord, so he could come home to his family. I'm not destroying him."

The princess understood their concern, she wanted what was best for her ponies; but Discord had to be stopped, one way or the other. So the rangers pulled out their morphers, they were going to the forest to stop Discord, not destroy him.

"Magical Source, Harmony Force!" they all cried, instantly morphing into the ranger suits.

Before they left, Adam turned to the scared Pegasus and said, "Don't worry, Fluttershy. Discord will come home." With that said, she felt a feeling of goodness, she had hope. The Power Rangers made their way to the forest, to finish this fight.
Discord and the Cyclops fought with all their strength, the lord of chaos was not going back to being a evil warrior, so he decided to run for it. Discord lowered his weapons and ran through the trees; Cyclops watched him run, and muttered, "What a coward."

The villain chased the knight towards Ponyville, the rangers were coming from the same direction.

Rory was the first to see Discord running towards the town; so he drew his sword ready to fight. The purple knight stopped in front of the rangers, he dropped his weapons to prove he meant them no harm.

"Rangers, I promise; I'm no longer your enemy. My only wish is that you free me from my armour." The rangers were concerned at first, but then were happy, their job was made easier. That is until, they saw what was chasing Discord; Cyclops smashed Discord in the back, sending him flying into the rangers.

They all got up, ready to fight the villain; but Cyclops didn't attack, he stood there and spoke, "Rangers, you will give me Discord; and I'll destroy you quickly." Adam stepped forward and joked, "Give you Discord, and be destroyed. I'd hate to hear option number 2."

Cyclops was done talking, he swung his hammer and charged for the rangers. The rangers fought back, Discord fought along side them. Kian used his axe to swipe at the beast, knocking him to his knees; Adam jumped up in the air and blasted Cyclops in the chest with his crossbow. Rose, Wiktoria and Heather used their magic staffs to blast their rainbow powers at him, the magic pushed him back.

Finally, Rory and Discord swiped at him with their swords, knocking him to the ground.

The rangers celebrated their victory, until the Cyclops got back up. "You rangers haven't won, I was only the distraction." Suddenly, a portal was opened beneath Discord's feet, it dragged him down to the underworld. Adam tried to save him, but it was to late.

When Discord was gone, the ranger were still face to face with Cyclops; so the only thing they could do, was keep fighting.
Down in the underworld, the changeling soldiers through Discord in front of their master; Zombra jumped down from his thrown to confront the traitor.

"Our master still has plans for you Discord, but you will pay for what you have done." the king explained. Discord looked up at the monster unicorn, "Who is our master any way?!" he demanded to know. Zombra shook his hoove and muttered, "Not right now. We must punish you for your actions."

Zombra's horn glowed with dark power, he blasted the magic into Discord's body; however, this spell didn't turn him evil again. The draconequus could feel his magic being drained, and Zombra's body was morphing into something; the dark unicorn's shape changed into that of a man.

His new body came with; dark armour, much like roman armour, with a lance shaped like a unicorn's horn, a roman shield & hooves instead of feet. When the transformation was complete, he muttered, "I have it, I have the power. I can escape!" he cheered.

Using his new powers, he flew off into the air; he broke free from his underworld prison and rose up to the surface world.
The rangers were still battling the Cyclops when it happened.

The team of rangers saw a portal open up behind them, they watched the figure crawl out of the vortex. "Hello, rangers." Zombra said as his head came into view. The rangers all gasped at first, but then were concerned and confused, who was that.

It took Cyclops saying, "Master, you almost out." The rangers suddenly realised who the creature was; they readied their weapons, preparing for the worst.

With Cyclops behind them and Zombra coming for them, the rangers were defenceless.

"I've done it!" Zombra finally emerged from the portal. "I'm free!" he used his lance and sliced at the rangers, striking them with dark magic. The Power Rangers fell to the ground in pain, Cyclops went o his masters side. "I will serve in battle, my master." the villain said as he bowed to his master.

The two monster confronted the rangers, Zombra knew exactly what to do. "By the power of dark magic, make us grow!" With those magic words, the two of them grew to the size of titans; they began to march across the town, stomping on food carts, market stalls & even some unfortunate houses. The rangers had to stop them, before some pony got hurt.

"Alright rangers, let's titan up." Rory ordered. The pulled out their morphers and typed in the spell code. "Mystic Titans!" they chanted.

One by one the rangers changed into their titan modes, Heather grew into her giant form. The first five combined into the Titan Megazord, it drew it's sword and was ready for battle. The four giants stood face to face, ready to fight; the rangers attacked first.

The Megazord used it's power to strike the Cyclops, Heather used her diamond attack to blast the fractals at Zombra. However, the king of monsters used dark magic to summon a shield; he then summon his dark power to strike her down. "No more holding back, White Ranger. Behold the power of the master; Dark Magic Strike!" with one slash of dark power, Heather lost her strength and fell to the ground.

She shrank back to her normal size and de-morphed. Leaving the rest of the rangers against two monsters, so they tried their most powerful attack.

"Titan Megazord, take flight!" the all said. The Megazord sprouted it's Griffon wings and flew into the air, once it got high enough, the power was generating the attack. "Spirits of the Ancient Titans." the ghost of the titans appeared around the Megazord. The rangers flew back down to the ground, towards Zombra, "Titans, Attack!" the titan spirits began attacking the king of monsters, the rangers final blow was a slash from their sword.

However, Zombra blocked the attack; he then threw the Megazord across the town, it landed outside the Town Hall.
Fluttershy was still at the Town Hall, she saw the Megazord go down. She feared for the rangers' safety; but then feared for her own when the she heard someone enter the Hall.

The Pegasus hid under a table, she waited for what ever it was, to leave. The figure marched into the room, it was calling out, "Fluttershy? Fluttershy, my dear, are you okay?" the scared pony came out from hiding, only to find her husband, still in cased in the purple and black armour.

"D-D-Discord?" she muttered. "Is it you?"

The purple knight dropped his sword and shield, he wrapped his arms around her; she did not fight back, because the warmth of his body made it clear it was him. The broke apart when Fluttershy remembered the rangers, "Discord, the Power Rangers are fighting Zombra outside, you have to help them."

"Anything for you, my dear." he replied.

The draconequus ran outside, he saw the rangers being beaten down by King Zombra and the Cyclops. He decided to help the rangers, but his plan meant he would never see Fluttershy again; there was no other choice.
Zombra was about to strike the final blow, when a blast of light magic knocked both him and Cyclops away. The rangers looked to their side, they saw Discord running towards the battle.

With what magic he had left, he chanted, "I summon the Pony of Shadows."


The slash from Discord's Megazord did not destroy Zombra, it simply weakened him enough so Discord could put his plan inti motion.

Discord grabbed Zombra from behind, he then chanted a spell to summon a portal underneath them. The rangers saw what Discord was doing, he was dragging Zombra back to the underworld; even deeper this time, and Discord was going to keep him there.

"Rangers!" The draconequus yelled. "I've got Zombra, you can destroy Cyclops." the team watched the two of them being dragged below the surface. The king of monsters cried, "No! I won't go back!"

Before Discord was gone, he muttered to Adam, "Take care of her kid, please." with those words, the portal closed and Discord was gone. Leaving Just the Titan Megazord and the Cyclops to finish this battle.

Rory took command of his team, "Alright guys, lets try that spell Discord used." The others agreed, they combined their powers to create one massive attack. "Ancient Powers, Mystic Spell Seal!" the Power was transferred into the sword.

The Megazord raised it's weapon above it's head, with one slash on Cyclops, the power was way to much for him. The villain muttered, "I should have seen that coming." before exploding, just like all the others. The Power Rangers celebrated their great victory, but mourned the great loss.
When the rangers arrived back at the Town Hall, Fluttershy ran to Adam; the boy picked her up in his arms and hugged her tight. She cried into his shoulder, she had seen the sacrifice Discord just made.

"He's really gone this time, isn't he?" she asked as tears fell down her face. The rangers de-morphed, Adam pressed his lips against Fluttershy head, trying to comfort her. He answered her question with, "I made you a promise Fluttershy, we will see Discord again. I will bring him home, to his family." As the other rangers watched, he continued to hug her close; however, down in the underworld, things weren't so different.

Queen Chrysalis was trying to get her children under control; she also praying to the master for help. "Oh master, help us. Who will lead us now that Zombra is trapped forever."

The master heard her begging, so he summoned some monsters of his own. A dark blast of power was thrown into the room, appearing before the Changeling Queen, were eight monsters that looked like they had come from Tartarus itself. The creature that looked like the leader stepped forward and stated, "Oh guys, were back."

The eight monsters all started laughing like crazy; I'm afraid the fight against evil, has only just begun.

To be continued...

They're Back

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Down below the surface of the planet Equestria, was the evil underworld. The domain of all the evil that has ever dared to set hoove on this peaceful planet. For a short while, the mighty King Zombra was trapped here, and used it as his lair. Even though he was trapped, he still managed to cause destruction to the planet above. Him and his evil villains, which Zombra freed from their life-cells.

However, each villain that was released from it's prison; met a quick end, at the hands of this worlds great heroes. The Power Rangers.

Using the power of the Elements of Harmony, they were able to destroy each and everyone of Zombra's villains. They fought to protect they're temporary home, because freedom is the right of all beings; not just sentient ones. But when the King of Monsters finally escaped his prison, the Power Rangers used their Zords, weapons & skills to finally defeat Zombra; with help from the Lord of Chaos.

Discord was taken by the forces of darkness; but he fought the possession and returned to the side of good. Using his magic, he defeated King Zombra and dragged him back to the underworld; but at a great cost. Discord sacrificed his own freedom to keep both him and Zombra trapped even deeper in the underworld, no one has seen him since.

But one ranger made a promise, a promise to a certain Pegasus that he would get Discord home to her. And that ranger has been searching the lands ever since, trying to keep his promise.
Within the underworld, a new evil had come back from the darkness; hoping to succeed where Zombra failed.

"Oh guys, were back." the monster in the middle stated. The rest of the monsters within the group started laughing like maniacs. The Queen of the Changelings, Chrysalis, stared at the strange monsters; one looked like a giant blue frog, one had a large poofy cloud on his head & two of them looked like they were made of bones.

Chrysalis stepped towards the eight monsters, she stated, "Greetings, I am Queen Chrysalis. What brings you to these chambers?" The leading monster steps forward to confront the Changeling, this one looked like a fish man made out of lava and stones. "We are the Eight Evil Elements, we serve the Master and are the best monsters in his army." he explained.

The Changelings that were hiding in the caves surrounding the room, came out to observe the eight beasts standing before their queen. Chrysalis asked, "Do you have names?" Each monster then spoke their name, starting with the leader.





"Shriek." this one sounded female.



"Rattle-Bones." this one spoke in a Mexican accent.

Chrysalis was trying to hold back her laughter, she thought those were silly names. However, she was not going to say, out of fear of making these monsters angry. Once they were introduced, the monsters had to make themselves known to the surface world. Using their dark magic, they teleported to Ponyville; where they would address the nation of their arrival.
Returning to the town, Adam had just come back from his walk in the forest; because of his magic, he didn't fear the wild creatures. Plus, Fluttershy had shown him how to handle Manticores.

Waiting at the entrance to the town, was the daughter of Fluttershy; Screwball, and her boyfriend, Mothball. Once the boy reached the chaotic pony, they came together for a friendly hug. Screwy muttered, "Any sign of him?" But all Adam could reply with was, "Sorry Screwball, still no sign of your dad."

Mothball stated, "It's only been two days since he saved us all from Zombra. But when it comes to him, he could be anywhere." So the three creatures made their way to the Castle of Chaos, the home that Adam had love living at.

Throughout Ponyville, all of the rangers had strong bonds with their pony friends.

Rory and Kian were happy helping out on Sweet Apple Acres, they were helping Applejack lift crates into the barn. Rory said, "Okay Kian, lift with your knees." But the Green Ranger replied, "Look, you can tell me what to do, or you can tell me how to do it. But you can't do both." Whilst they lifted the box into the barn, Rory muttered, "I didn't."

Within the sky, Wiktoria was playing a ball game with Prism and the Dash Twins. The Blue Ranger's magic allowed her to walk on the cloud like a Pegasus. "Hey Thunder, catch." the ranger yelled when she through the ball in Thunder Dash's direction. The four of them continued to play as the day went on.

Rose was in the fashion studio, helping Rarity with her house work. Fancy Pants was off on a business trip, leaving his wife with the new baby to look after. Gemstone would sometimes help, when she wasn't doing her homework or playing with her friends. Rose would help out by using her magic to get the job done quicker, then she take the weight of the unicorn's shoulders by watching baby Jewel for a while.

Heather, being the newest ranger, was still getting used to living on an alien planet. But Derpy, and her daughter Dinky, would help her alone. Charlie would also stop by, sometimes; he felt a strong-bond between them; almost as if Charlie had a thing for Derpy. I wonder why? :ajsmug:

Little did the rangers know, something evil was rising up from the depts. of the underworld.
The clear blue shy suddenly turned pitch black, as if night had come early. Rising up in the centre of the town, eight giant monsters rose up from the dark portal. Malagore marched to the front of the group, he started to address the ponies.

"Inhabitants of the surface world, we are the Eight Evil Elements. Bring forth the Power Rangers, and you may be spared in the coming war."

The ranger team had seen the giant creature stomping about in the town, so they went to find out what the hay was going on. While they ran, Kian said, "Just when you think it's over, we never learn." The rangers didn't morph yet, they wanted to see what was going on first.

When they arrived at the scene, the were shocked to see how big these monsters were; bigger then any monster they've faced. Super-Nasor noticed the rangers below them, so he informed his leader; Malagore turned to the rangers and stated, "Greetings rangers, allow us to introduce ourselves." One by one, each monster stated their name and title.

"I am Hecka-Toad; the sea monster on the oceans, and the Master of Water!" This monster was the giant blue frog. Wearing a blacksmith outfit, parts of him covered in barnacles & he carried a large hammer; that when he blew into the handle, doubled as a horn.

"I am Thunder-Toll; lord of the skies, and the Master of Lightning!" This monster was wearing knights armour mixed with kings armour. The top part of his head was covered by a poofy cloud, showing only his mouth on his face. He also carried a doubled bladed weapon, the blades wear shaped like lightning bolts.

"I am Rattle-Bones; keeper of the no-longer living, and the Master of Undead!" Rattle-Bones was a bulky skeleton, wearing nothing but a Mexican cape, and a sombrero. He also had a large handlebar moustache above his boner teeth.

"I am Shriek; the bringer of your tornados, and the Master of Wind!" This monster was also made of bones. She looked like a large skeleton bird. The creepy yellow eyes within the skull, actually made the skull look like a helmet.

"I am Brawl-&-Chain; the jailer of Tartarus, and the Master of Metal!" This monster was dressed like a prison guard. Wearing the hat and uniform of one, but with two small cages on his shoulders, and a gas mask welded to his face. His body was also wrapped in a few chains; which he could remove and use as a weapon.

"I am Fifty-Below; the warden of the snowy north, and the Master of Ice!" A giant yeti like creature, wearing medieval hockey armour and a mask. His weapon was a hockey stick, with a sharp blade on the end.

"I am Super-Nasor; king of the forest, and the Master of Earth!" He was a plant monster, covered in leaves, vines and tree branches. He carried a fan shaped blade, that could cut through anything.

"And I am Malagore; the leader of the Eight Evil Elements, and the Master of Fire!" Malagore looked like a giant fish monster, made out of fire and lava, his hands looked like three bladed crab claws, and he was the most terrifying out the lot of them.

Malagore continued, "We are the new enemies of Equestria, fear us! For we will be back!" With those final words, another dark portal opened and the eight monsters were dragged back down to the underworld. The rangers watched as they disappeared.

Rose stated, "We need to tell the princess about this." So the rangers caught the next train to Canterlot.
"It was so strange; they just rose up, introduced themselves and then left. They said we should fear them." Wiktoria stated. The rangers were with the three princesses, Twilight, Celestia & Luna; informing them of the Eight Evil Elements.

Celestia stated, "I have heard of these monsters, their older than Grogar himself." Only Adam knew who that was, he researched the planet when they first came here. The princess continued, "They claim to be the ones who created the eight elements; fire, earth, water, lightning, metal, air, undead & ice. But I thought they were just legends."

Luna gasped when she realised something, she went to her sister and stated, "Sister, if the Elements are real; the prophesy must be real too." This statement made Celestia worry. Kian stepped forward and asked, "What prophesy?"

Celestia explained what it meant, "The legend states that the Eight Evil Elements will work together to destroy what stands in their way for world conquest; and right now, that something is you rangers. But if they defeat you, then the war will start."

"What war?" Adam asked.

"The Elemental War. The eight elements would turn on & destroy each other, until only one remained. The last element standing would be free to conquer the planet." All the rangers were concerned, then Rory stepped forward and asked, "How will the elements conquer the world?"

"It depends on which element wins; Hecka-Toad would flood the lands, Fifty-Below would plummet Equestria into a frozen waste land. Rangers, you must stop and destroy each of the evil elements."
Down in the underworld, Malagore was staring at a pool of water in the ground, he muttered, "Master, the time has come to complete your master plan, we should begin the selection ceremony." The eye of the Master could be seen in the water, it blinked, saying 'yes' to his statement.

So the eight monsters entered the main chamber; standing in a circle, the presented their weapons. Malagore and his club/mace, Hecka-Toad and his hammer, Thunder-Toll and his double-bladed sword, Super-Nasor and his fan blade, Rattle-Bones and his cutlass, Shriek and her bone dagger, Fifty-Below and his hockey stick & Brawl-&-Chain with his wrecking ball on a chain.

The eye of the master was wide open, it shot a beam of dark magic that would choose which element would go and attack the rangers first.

The energy spun around the room, until it placed itself on the chosen monster's weapon; and that monster was.....

"I have been chosen." Brawl-&-Chain stated.

Protect the Elements

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"I have been chosen." Brawl-&-Chain stated.

The Master had chosen the Master of Metal to go to the surface world and destroy the Power Rangers; all of the other elements were fine with it, except Super-Nasor. "Why did he get chosen? I'm the better warrior!" Nasor cried. Thunder-Toll stepped in front of the monster and stated, "Do not question the rules of darkness." the Master of Lightning then turned to Brawl-&-Chain. "Go, defeat the rangers and see if your worthy to rule this world."

With those orders, the Master of Metal summoned a portal that took him to the surface. Leaving the rest of the monsters to wait, and see what happens.

Meanwhile, Chrysalis was watching the monsters discuss their plans, she mutters, "These creatures think they can just walk in and take over; I am still the Queen of the Changelings, and I will not be pushed around by these creatures." While she was busy trying to give herself credit, something to her side caught her eye.

It was a book, flying like a bat; the relic looked important, so Chrysalis chased after it. The book saw her coming and flew away, but she was determined to catch it.

When she finally snatched it in her hooves, she read the title of the book, "The Book of Destiny." she opened the book to see what was inside. "They say this book can tell someone's future." she muttered. As she reads the book, one paragraph catches her eye, it's about her and her son.

"It says here, 'Prince Mothball will confront Queen Chrysalis, and take his place as the ruler of the Changelings'. Could it be that my son will return to me?"

She decided to keep this book a secret, so she hid the book from the Eight Evil Elements. What she didn't realise, was one of them was watching her. "Sneaky, sneaky." Shriek states as she peers around the corner.
Ponyville was quite peaceful today, so Rory decided to take a stroll through the market; Applejack asked him to pick up some food anyway.

While he walked, Rory looked into the sky; he remembered his days as an O.S.C X-wing pilot. To him, a ship wasn't just some machine that can get you to places faster; a ship is freedom. The ability to fly, makes him feel free.

When Rory left the market, his friends were approaching him; Rose was the first to speak, "Hi Rory, were all heading to the park for a game of catch, wanna come?" Rory thought it would be nice to do something active, so he went with them.

However, before they could leave for the park, a blast of dark magic knocked all six of them to the ground. When they recovered, the team saw Brawl-&-Chain walking towards them. "Hello Power Rangers, it is I; the Master of Metal." the monster stated.

The rangers pulled out their morphers and suited up. But before they could attack, Brawl' started explaining his intentions, "Rangers, there's no need to fight, yet. I have a little game for you to play." The rangers stopped to here what he had to say.

"I will go around Equestria, capturing the original six keepers of the Elements of Harmony. If you can stop me from catching them, then I'll surrender." The rangers were concerned, no monster has played something like this. Brawl' continued, "I have six hours to capture all the element keepers, you must each choose a pony to protect; the only catch is, you can't protect your own element, you'll have to switch it up. But if I catch all your friends before time runs out, then I will release the most powerful monster from Tartarus. But if there's at least element barer left, then you win."

The rangers understood the rules, so they watched Brawl-&-Chain disappear through a portal. Before he was gone, he stated, "Your time begins now." So the Power Rangers all decided who they were going to protect, they split up and ran for their targets; this was going to be a tricky one.
At Sugar Cube Corner, Pinkie Pie was watching her triplet children play outside; the site of seeing them so happy always brought a smile to her face.

Suddenly, a blast from out of nowhere almost hit the fillies, so they ran to their mother. Pinkie held her babies tight, as she tried to figure out where that blast came from. She got her answer when she saw the monster, wrapped in chains strolling towards her business. "Element of Laughter, your mine." Brawl-&-Chain said.

The earth pony closed her eyes in fear, she kept his children close to, preparing for the worst. However, it didn't come; the monster was blasted away by a diamond that struck his armour. The White Ranger leaped down from the roof and turned to the ponies, "Get inside Pinkie." Heather ordered.

Pinkie Pie replied, "Thank you, miss White Ranger." as she got her triplets inside. Leaving Heather and Brawl-&-Chain to fight.

"I'm taking that pony, and I'll destroy anything that gets in my way." But Heather didn't listen to his plans, so she readied her magic staff, ready for a battle. But all the monster said was, "When I say 'I'll', I mean these guys." he chuckled at his statement. "Ghouls."

Suddenly, cloaked figures appeared; carrying yellow swords, their face looked like alien zombies & their eyes were a terrifying shade of red. These 'Ghouls' charged for the ranger, ready to destroy her without a thought. So Heather began the fight.

Six of them surrounded her; the first two came at her with their weapons, but she fought back hard. With her staff, she struck their chests, sending them to the ground. One more tried to pounce at her, but she saw it coming and swung her left around, kicking it away. The final three attacked at the same time, one managed to land a hit on her, but she repaid the attack by kicking them away one by one. The first one that was kicked away got back up and sliced at her with his sword; Heather blocked the strike and blasted him away with her magic.

Once all the Ghouls were down, she turned back to the monster. But he was already inside the building; Heather sprinted inside to find Pinkie Pie in the arms of the Master of Metal. She cried, "Let her go!" But Brawl' replied, "Not a chance; one down, five to go." A portal opened beneath the monster's feet, it made both him and Pinkie disappear.

Heather had failed, the Tri-Pies were in tears, out of fear for their mother's safety.
Rainbow Dash was out for a fly when she was ambushed by the Ghouls, she was about to be taken if it wasn't for Kian. The Green Ranger leaped into the scene, striking down the monsters with his axe.

Brawl' had arrived as well, to claim his second trophy. But Kian used his magic to blast the monsters away; all the Ghouls were down, leaving just their master.

The two warriors fought with all their strength; Kian started by striking his armour with his weapon, but Brawl' fought back. Using his chain weapon, the monster tied the ranger in the shackles, Kian fell to the floor. Brawl-&-Chain walked over to the Pegasus mare and tried to grab her, but this one was a fighter.

Rainbow hoove kicked him in the face, giving the Green Ranger enough time to break free from the chains and strike the monster on the back. Brawl' backed away in pain, trying to mutter what he was saying, "It doesn't matter, their are still four others I can go after." With those words, she disappeared through a portal.

Kian stepped forward and questioned, "What did he mean, four?" The worst was thought that he already caught one.
At Canterlot, Twilight Sparkle was walking through the place halls, not knowing of the incoming danger. She entered the gardens outside the castle, she hoping to get some air while she thought about her friends back in Ponyville. She would see her friends sooner than she thinks, the Ghouls appeared.

They swarmed the garden, causing the princess to scream; unfortunately, she was to far away for anypony to hear her. The Ghouls moved aside to allow their master to walk up to the princess, she was a little afraid, for she had never seen a creature like this before.

Brawl-&-Chain stated, "Nice to meet you Princess Twilight Sparkle." he pretended to bow, then continued, "I need you to come with me." But the princess stepped back and said, "Never!" That just made the monster mad.

He would have taken her by force if it wasn't for Wiktoria springing into action, she used he powers to blast the monster away; she also kicked away some of the Ghouls. She took Twilight by the hoove and pulled her away to safety; Brawl' was mad, so he cried, "This isn't the monster lounge, get them!" So the Ghouls sprinted after the ranger and unicorn.

While they did that, Brawl-&-Chain decided to go after another pony.
At Sweet Apple Acres, Applejack was already under attack by Ghouls; but Adam was doing his best to fight them off, while also protecting the children. Brawl' had just arrived to take this pony with him; but a great battle took place at this farm.

Spike was even helping fend of these monsters, he wasn't going to let his wife be taken a bunch of grave yard ghouls, so he was scaring them off with his fire breath. Brawl-&-Chain pushed past the Ghouls and snatched Applejack from behind her husband. Spike tried to stop him, but he was knocked to the side by her kidnapper.

Adam was swarmed by the Ghouls, he couldn't stop Brawl' from taking his friend. Applejack was struggling to get free from his grip, "Put me down, ya varmint. Ya know your manhandling a mare!" But Brawl replied with, "Funny looking mare." that made the pony more angry.

All Adam could do was watch him take her, they passed through a portal to where he was keeping his prisoners. Unfortunately, things were no different at the Chaos Castle.

Fluttershy was being taken by the Ghouls, some of them were knocking Mothball away. Screwball was trying to protect Zany. But the monsters grabbed the Pegasus mare and teleported away. Rose tried to stop them, but they were too strong; they overwhelmed her.

Rose made sure that Screwy and the others were okay, before she got on the phone to her team to get a meeting location. Rory called her back from Rarity's studio, he told the whole team to bring the remaining ponies to the Everfree, they would hide there until it was safe. The team did as ordered and brought Twilight, Rainbow & Rarity to the Everfree Forest.
At the forest, the rangers and the ponies were staying close together, they only had an hour before the time was up; they had to hold out for just a little longer. Why they were their, Twilight noticed something in the distance, it was a cave.

The Alicorn princess went to look in the cave, the rest of the group followed her; inside the cave was a giant tree, made of crystals.

"The Tree of Harmony." Twilight stated. "This could give you rangers a power boost." So the rangers walked closer to the tree, Heather stayed back, she wanted the others to go before her, they deserved the power up. The five rangers pulled out their morphers and presented them before the tree. The morphers began to glow, as if they were reacting to the tree; all was going great, until....

Ghouls appeared out of nowhere and grabbed the remaining ponies, the team turned to see Brawl-&-Chain standing in the cave entrance. "Hello rangers, I've got all six elements." he clapped his hands and three more Ghouls brought in Fluttershy, Pinkie & Applejack. "I think I'm going to destroy one of them now, just for the heck of it." Brawl' began thinking about which pony he would destroy.

But then a flash of light came from behind the rangers, they turned to see their elements glowing even brighter. They took the morphers in their hands and looked at the key pad, "Guys, a new spell-code." Kian stated. The rangers were given a new spell, the words came in their thoughts; so it was time to put this new spell into action.


The Mane 6 couldn't believe their eyes, the incredible power that the Power Rangers had unlocked. Brawl-&-Chain was mad, so he unleashed the Ghouls upon the rangers; the minions readied their swords and attacked.

The rangers' new staffs had numbers on them, so they used it.

Kian tried his new magic first, "Code 1, Rock Slide!" he pointed his staff at the monsters, and boulders were blasted towards them, taking some out.

"Code 1, Tornado Blast!" Rose cheered. A large portion of wind was thrown at the remaining Ghouls, blowing them into the cave wall.

"Code 1, Tidal Wave!" Wiktoria blasted the Ghouls hold the Mane 6 with a strong blast of water.

"Code 1, Lightning Strike!" Adam destroyed the defeated Ghouls with his Lightning, the disappeared in purple smoke.

Rory used his power on the last monster, "Code 1, Inferno Slash!" he slashed his staff at Brawl-&-Chain, sending the elemental master out of the cave and into the forest.

Once the fighting was over, the rangers de-morphed from their legend modes & back to their normal suits and went to check on the ponies, they were all okay. But then they got a shock when they saw Brawl' growing bigger, he rose above the trees and shouted, "I'M NOT OUT YET, RANGERS!" he began marching towards the town.

Brawl' summoned a large staff, with a key on the end; using his magic, he summoned a large door. He placed the key in the door and unlocked it; when the door opened, a large monster was released. The creature was white and had a large wheel at the front of it. It began wheeling through the town, the rangers had to stop it.

The Power Rangers ran to Ponyville, but then Rory got a call from Celestia; who had already found sensed them get their new powers.


The new Megazord's paws turned into hands, so it could hold the large spear weapon that appeared. They had to stop the two monsters from destroying Ponyville, so they began the fight.

With the spear, the struck Brawl' out of the way to get to his monster; the slice him it with a powerful strike, one the blew it apart. With one monster down, they turned to Brawl-&-Chain. "I have never seen such power." the monster stated. Rory said to his fellow rangers, "Come on guys, time to use the spell Discord taught us."

All the rangers chanted, "Ancient Powers, Mystic Spell Seal!" With this blast, the power was too much for the Master of Metal to handle. "NOOO!" he cried.

"You may have destroyed me, rangers. But my fellow brethren will destroy you, and everything you love. NOOO!" he cried once more before falling forward and was destroyed forever.

The other elemental masters watched his destruction through a rift, Shriek muttered, "Those rangers are tougher then we thought." So Thunder-Toll replied, "Then whomever goes next should learn from Brawl-&-Chains mistakes."
The rangers couldn't believe their new powers, this would give them the advantage against the forces of evil.

Now that they had legend powers, the Eight Evil Elements stood no chance.

to be continued....

Best served Cold

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Wiktoria and Kian were out for a run through the Everfree Forest, their new legend powers may have given them new strength, but they need to build up the old strength to. As they ran, Kian had something on his mind; something that he's wanted to ask Wiktoria for a while.

They came to a stop by a tree, they both rested against it for a while. They were both dying of thirst, so Kian asked, "Hey, Wiktoria; would you mind?" The Blue Ranger knew what he was asking for, so she used her new water magic and filled their empty bottles.

While they sat, Kian was still thinking about what he really wanted to ask her.

At the Castle of Chaos, Adam was working on something; something new. Rose was with him, Rory was helping on the farm; Charlie and Heather took Derpy and Dinky for a trip in the Tardis. "So Adam, what exactly is this going to do?" Rose asked. The Yellow Ranger replied, "This is something Celestia told me to make. She wants to help stop these monster and protect her people, so I'm combining magic with tech, and done." Adam held up a new spell card, one that would unlock great power.

"This will allow us to combine our powers with Celestia's. Unfortunately, it only works with the Red Ranger's power; so only Rory can use it." Adam explained. Rose sighed, why did Rory get all the good abilities? However, it did seem like a good way to beat the monsters easier; so she didn't let it bother her.


"It's time for the Selection Ceremony." Malagore stated.

The now Seven Evil Elements stood in a circle once again and presented their weapons; the Master's eye opened up again in the pool of water and shot out it's blast of dark magic.

The energy spun around the room again, until it placed itself on the chosen element's weapon. "Hey, the Master chose me." Fifty-Below stated. Rattle-Bones stepped forward and said, "Remember amigo, don't make the same mistake as Brawl-&-Chain."

"Rattle-Bones! You know the rules." Thunder-Toll shouted. "We do not speak of those who have tried and failed; we do not speak of the fallen warriors."

Fifty-Below already had a plan to defeat the Power Rangers, instead of fighting them all at once, pick them off one by one. So the yeti summoned a portal and went to the surface world, leaving the rest of the monsters to wait for the outcome. But one monster was in a mood, "When is it going to be my turn Master?" Super-Nasor said into the pool of water. "When can my babies plant their roots and cover the planet?"

He looked in his hand and he was holding small plant seeds, they would grow into monstrous plants.

Suddenly, something came flying into the room; it was a note. Hecka-Toad was the one who caught it, he cheered, "Guys, guys; look what I caught." Malagore snatched the note from the frog and read it out loud.

"This is a message from King Zombra.

I was able to use some of my dark power to send this message; I am trapped in a deeper part of the underworld. I know the Eight Evil Elements are in command.

I request that two of them be sent to try and save me. You must hurry, I can't hold Discord off for very long.

"King Zombra is still alive?" Shriek questioned. Malagore turned to Hecka-Toad and Super-Nasor, "You wanted something to do, Nasor? Take Toad with you, and go find Zombra; use the note's magic to trace it back to him."

The two monsters took the note and wandered of into the caves of the underworld, Super-Nasor was plotting something; something that the other elements would destroy him for, but then he thought, 'not if I get them first'.
Kian stood up and was ready to run again, Wiktoria also stood up; they both began jogging through the forest again. As they ran, Kian wondered how he was going ask his friend the thing he wanted to ask; but nothing came to mind.

All the thinking was put on hold when a blast came out of nowhere; the Green and Blue Ranger were knocked to the ground. Wiktoria looked up, she saw the Master of Ice, surrounded by Ghouls; approaching them. "Greetings rangers, I am Fifty-Below. And I'm the one who's going to destroy you today."

The two rangers stood up, the Ghouls were the first ones to attack, so the rangers didn't bother morphing yet.

Five Ghouls jumped Kian, but he fought back. The first one tried to strike him with it's sword, but the ranger dodged it and returned the attack by kick the Ghoul away. The next two were working together, but that didn't stop Kian from rugby tackling them to the ground. Kian then backflipped to kick the last two away.

Wiktoria only had three to deal with, so she made this quick. One Ghoul tried to slice it's sword at her, but when it missed; it ended up hitting another Ghoul. The Blue Ranger fought off the two that were left, kicking and punching at them until the were down.

Once the Ghouls were down, the rangers turned their attention to the monster. It said, "You think your so great for defeating my Ghouls, well, wait until you see this." Fifty-Below opened his arms and a large freeze ray was blasted at the two rangers. Kian acted fast and pushed Wiktoria out of the way, so the freeze ray only hit him.

When the Blue Ranger turned back to her friend, he was frozen in a block of ice; unable to move at all.

"Let my friend go!" Wiktoria cried. But the monster just laughed, "How about this; bring the rest of the rangers to meet me on the battle field this afternoon, and I'll think about freeing your friend." With those words, Fifty-Below and the frozen Green Ranger teleported away.

Wiktoria had to find her friends, they have to save Kian.
Down in the depths of the underworld, Hecka-Toad and Super-Nasor were on their journey to find King Zombra. On their way, Nasor decided to stop for a snack. He reached into his sack, where he keeps his plant food; only to find, the bag is empty.

He turns to the water element and cries, "Toad! Did you take my lunch?!" But Hecka-Toad was playing the innocent, he replied, "I'll admit, I only check your food when I'm hungry."

"But your always hungry." the plant monster replied. "So you have been checking my food."

"Only you would call that cow-pat food."

As the two monsters argued about who stole Super-Nasor's plant food, they didn't notice something coming from the distance. They both stopped fighting and turned to the cave entrance; from the darkness, came a swarm of flying eye-balls with bat wings.

"Ah, Zomb-Eyes!" Hecka-Toad cried.

The two monsters ran deeper into the cave, still being chase by the eye swarm.
Fifty-Below was in the middle of a quarry, he was surrounded by Ghouls, they were guarding the frozen Green Ranger. "The rangers should be here by now, if not; then you're an ice cube forever." he said while talking to Kian through the ice.

"Hey, cold-cut!" a voice cried. Fifty-Below turned to see the remaining four rangers, in the legend suits. "Give back our friend!" Rory ordered. But the monster just laughed, then ordered, "Ghouls, attack!" The zombie-creatures charged at the rangers, with their weapons, so the Power Rangers fought back.

Adam took a few out with his special attack, "Code 1, Lightning Strike!" The ranger slashed his staff at the Ghouls, the were defeated and disappeared in a purple flash. Rory and Rose fought some off with their staffs, while Wiktoria pushed past the minions and went straight for the main monster.

The Blue Ranger washed the monster away with, "Code 1, Tidal Wave!" it blasted the monster into a boulder. Once Fifty-Below was out of the way, Wiktoria used her magic to break Kian out of the ice.

When the ice-cube broke, Kian fell into Wiktoria's arms, "Hey there." Kian said. His friend asked, "Are you alright?" But he didn't get to answer, when he saw the monster coming back. The Green Ranger stood up and said to his friend, "Give me and sec."


All five rangers stood before the Master of Ice, but Kian took charge of the situation. "This will teach you to freeze me in ice." Kian channelled all his magic into is lion staff, then he unleashed his attack.

"This can't be good." Fifty-Below stated.

Kian chanted, "Code 5, Element of Earth, Stump Smash!" Kian's staff extended to a long length, the head of the staff grew larger. The Green Ranger then brought the staff down, the lion head crushed Fifty-Below; and defeated him.

Before he went, the monster cried, "My precious ice, I'm melting." He then fell backwards and exploded.

Not far away, Shriek and Rattle-Bones were watching the fight. The Master of Wind ordered, "Don't just stand their you bag of bones, resurrect that warrior." However, Rattle-Bones wasn't sure, "I'm not supposed to raise fallen warriors, my lady." That's when Shriek got mad, she grabbed him by his bony neck.

"Bring that monster back to life, or I'll use you for a xylophone!" When she let him go, the Master of Undead began chanting his resurrection spell, "Evil spirits of toil and strife, give this fallen beast new life!" a blast of dark magic was shot from his fingers, it blast the remains of Fifty-Below.

The broken pieces suddenly pieced themselves back together, one the monster was back together again; he grew into the size of a titan. The Master of Ice stated, "TONIGHT'S FORCAST, A FREEZE IS COMING." he stomped his foot on the ground, it almost crushed the rangers.

The monster began to make his way to the town, but something stopped him; the rangers looked to the top of a hill, Princess Celestia was blasting his with here magic. "Rory." she said. "We need to combine." The Red Ranger was confused, but the princess showed them what she meant.

Celestia jumped from the hill and summoned a spell seal, she jumped through it. "Mystic Alicorn!" she cried. The rangers watched her grow into a large Alicorn Zord. Adam stepped forward and remembered, "Oh right, the new power I've been working on for you." he handed Rory the spell card, and then Rory placed in in his morpher.

"Let try this new power." Rory stepped forward in front of his team. "Mystic Phoenix!" he chanted, then he grew into his titan form.

Rory jumped on Celestia and started riding her towards Fifty-Below.


With that final strike, Fifty-Below was destroyed for good. His last words were, "Wow, that's cold!"

Shriek and Rattle-Bones watched the fall of their comrade, they saw no point in sticking around, so they returned to the underworld.

Rory and Celestia returned to the team of rangers, back to their normal sizes. "Well done Rory." Wiktoria stated. And the Red Ranger replied, "And well done Kian, he unlocked his full potential."

Celestia explained, "And that's just the beginning; you all have powers that you need to unlock. Once then, we will be able to win this fight." The rangers and princess went back to Ponyville to celebrate their victory; two down, six to go.
Late that day, Kian met up with Wiktoria to ask her something, the something that he's wanted to ask her for a while.

"Wiktoria?" he asked. She turned her head to him and listened to what he had to say. "Would you want to maybe, get some dinner later?" Wiktoria's reply was, "I thought you'd never ask."

So the two of them wandered to a restaurant for the evening; they both didn't realise Screwball and Adam watching them. The chaotic pony stated, "About time." And the ranger stated, "I know, right?" That's when they both went home, waiting for what tomorrow brought them.

Always a Ranger

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One night, it was late at the Castle of Chaos. The whole family, including Adam, was trying to get Zany to sleep; but the little guy is just too full of energy.

It took both Screwball's chaos magic and Adam ranger powers to finally catch him. Fluttershy took him to his bed, but he was still going at it; making things fly around, causing fire works to go off in the kitchen, & even turning Mothball into a frog. Luckily, he used his shape-shifting powers to turn himself back.

The whole family knew that the only way to calm him down was with a story, Screwball looked at the chart of who's turn it was. Because Discord wasn't here, Adam had taken over his spot; and tonight, it was his turn. So Adam prayed a little before going into the foul's room; then he breathed in, and marched into the bedroom.

"Zany, you here?" Adam found the baby sitting in his baby bed. The little guy was actually kind of cute, he could hear Zany mutter, "A-da." which made the ranger giggle.

He picked up Zany in is arms and rocked him a little, he was trying to think of a story, one with action; he knew Zany enjoyed those. "Okay, I've got it. I'll tell you what really happened when me and the other rangers lost our powers and met five Power Rangers from the past." So the boy though about where to begin, but then he explained, "Only you are going to know this Zany, so don't tell anyone. Okay?"

He didn't know if the baby could understand him, but he told the story anyway, just to make the foul happy. "I think we left the story.... ah yes, me and my friends had just defeated some of Doc Ock's robots."

When all the panic was over, I saw a large crate with the O.S.C logo on it, "There you are." I commented. The other rangers gathered around the large box, "What's in there?" Rose asked. I replied "This is going to get us our powers back."

At the Megazord battle

The five rangers from the past were trying to pilot our Titan Megazord, Cyber Racer wasn't making the battle easy; using his cyborg weapons, he blast the Megazord to the ground. Shaun, who was acting as the leader, was trying to lead the team to victory; but they had never used the kind of power before, so the were hopelessly out matched.

When the Megazord tried to get back up, Mikayla said, "Guys, it's no use, we can't fight with what we don't know how to use." Luckily, their luck had just changed; Oliver saw my team running towards the battle.

Using some of our left over magic; when we lost our powers, the magic from the element was still there, we just couldn't use our ranger powers. We were able to shrink Cyber Racer back to his normal size; after that, we had to rely on our plan to get our powers back. But the magic did work, the villain shrank back to his normal height; we saved the Power Rangers.

At Ponyville's Town Hall

Me and my team were waiting there, the new rangers greeted us their; they were still wearing their suits, just without their helmets. Oliver said, "Thanks, we were sitting ducks out there." Then Ross continued with, "Yeah, but now your magic is all gone." But me and the rangers had faith in our plan.

Just as we were talking, something appeared in the room. "I say, you all look rather heroic in those suits." the gold robot said. Emma stepped forward and asked, "Who are you?" The robot replied, "I am C-3PO, human cyborg relations. Your friends brought me in to fix the Morphing Grid."

Kian pulled up a video feed of inside the grid, and it was as 3PO said, the Morphing Grid was fixed; we could access our powers again.

So Princess Twilight came to the Town Hall, with our fixed morphers; each of the new rangers handed a morpher to one of us. And just in time for the final fight, Charlie arrived from his trip around the Lagoon Nebula. With the whole team, and the new one; we could take the battle to the Evil Force Five.

Within a quarry outside Ponyville

All the villains from the past were gathered in the quarry, including Cyber Racer; waiting for their enemies to come and face them. And from the distance, the Power Rangers had arrived, to put a end to their rain of terror.

Mondo was the first out of the group to notice us coming, he cried, "Power Rangers, how many times do we have to face these, annoyances?" Me and the others just ignore his comment; we all knew what time it was, Morphing Time.

Shaun went first, as he was the oldest ranger, "It's Morphing Time; Zeo Ranger 3, Blue!"


Next was Ross, "Go Galactic!"


Emma readied her morpher, "Ninja Storm, Ranger Form! Ha!"


Mikayla morphed next, "Dino Thunder, Power Up! Ha!"


Finally, out of the new team, Oliver. "O.S.C, Emergency!"


Once all of the new team was morphed, it was our turn. Me and my friends pulled out our regenerated morphers, Charlie pulled out his morpher and spoke our mystic words, "Magical Source; Harmony Force!" And we all morphed into our ranger suits, it felt good having our powers back.

The villains were very confused, Kaita even shouted, "But how, we took your powers away." Kian stepped forward and replied, "That's what you thought." Rory continued, "But once a ranger..."

Everyone shouted, "...Always a ranger!"

Once everyone was powered up, we split off into teams and ran into battle. The villains did the same, splitting up and attacking a certain ranger group.

It was a one on one match between Mondo and Shaun, the two arch-enemies fought with all their power. The Machine King blasted the Blue Zeo Ranger with his staff, but the Shaun was able to dodge the attack and deliver a strong kick to Mondo's chest; sending him rolling in the dirt.

Rory and Oliver were working together to battle Shockwave, who was blasting them with his left arm cannon. The Decepticon was determined not to lose this time, so he used all his power. One blast knocked Oliver to the ground, but Rory was still going; so the Red O.S.C Ranger through the Delta-Blasters to his future father. "Dad, catch!" he shouted. Rory caught the blasters and fired at Shockwave, sending the emotionless alien flying across the quarry. "Oh, I missed these." Rory commented.

Ross, Kian & Wiktoria were locked in a battle with Trakeena, she was blasting the rangers with her dark power. However, Kian charged forward and struck her with his axe. From the distance, Wiktoria was blasting back at her with rainbow magic; the villain blocked a few times, but was hit with the last one. Ross wanted to defeat his ranger team's enemy, so he channelled all his power into his Quazar-Saber; with one final strike, Trakeena was blasted away. "Nice." Kian stated.

Me and Mikayla were battling Kaita, he threw his fire balls at us; but we fought back hard. I use my crossbow to blast the evil king with lightning, then Mikayla started striking him with her Terra-Grips. The final attack was what we did together, she used her blaster and I used my staff; we defeated Kaita by blasting him with lasers, the final strike blew him away.

Emma and Rose fought against Shredder, his ninja blades could land a hit on the two rangers; they dodged all the attacks. The Blue Ninja Storm Ranger struck him with her ninja sword, causing him to stumble back; he was pushed back even further when Rose threw her shield at him. The finished him with a combined attack; Rose threw her shield again, but this time, Emma jumped on it and rode it like a surf-board. She waited until she sawed past Shredder and struck his armour with a powerful sword swipe.

Finally, Charlie was battling Cyber Racer. The cyborg tried blasting my friend with the Evox Virus, but Charlie blocked all the blasts with his sword. The golden knight used his sword to finish Zombra's villain, with a strike of sun power. When the weapon struck Cyber Racer, he was sent flying into the air; he was destroyed thanks to the blast. When Charlie saw the villain was gone, he muttered, "Goodbye."

Returning to Shaun and King Mondo, the two of them were just about to rap up their battle. Shaun had one last attack that he could use to defeat Mondo, for good; so he powered up one last time. With all his might, Shaun cried, "Zeo 3, Power Punch!" the attack was so powerful, that when it struck Mondo; it destroyed him. "No!" he cried, before shattering into fragments. Shaun cheered a famous battle cry, "Morph-A-Nominal!"

All the rangers came together, Shaun told, "Mondo is destroyed." However, we were shocked to see the remaining four villain standing in the distance; still weak from their fights. Shockwave stated, "He might be gone, but were not."

All eleven rangers stood in a row, they powered up the special attacks, to finish off the villains. Oliver fired his Delta Blasters, Ross sliced his Quazar-Saber, Mikayla used her Terra-Grips, Emma used her ninja sword, Shaun used his Zeo blaster, Charlie powered up his Sonic Sword, & me and the Harmony Force rangers used our magic staffs.

We all fired our special attacks, blasting away the villains; with that final strike, they were defeated.

All the villains began retreating; Shockwave called a space bridge and took Trakeena with him, Shredder threw a smoke bomb on the ground and disappeared, & Kaita turned into an cloud of sand and just wisped away.

When all the villains were gone, Rory stepped forward and stated, "That was legendary."

When all the fighting was over, the rangers from the past returned to their normal lives; Mikayla returned to Kingkow to make sure the kings hadn't sunk the island while she was away, Emma re-opened her dojo to train younger ninjas, Oliver returned to the year 2039, Ross went back to the planet of the Lost Galaxy rangers & Shaun went back to Earth to see his little sister again.

"And as for me and the other rangers; well, we are continuing the fight. To save your dad." But by the time Adam had finished telling the story, Zany was already fast asleep. The boy gently placed the foul in his baby-bed covered him with the blanket. Once he was tucked in, the boy left him to sleep.

Adam left the bedroom and found the rest of the family sitting on the couch; Screwball was snuggling close to Mothball, with no Discord to stop them. Fluttershy smiled when she saw Adam walk out of Zany's room, "I finally got him to sleep." the boy muttered as he sat next to his Pegasus friend. The rest of the evening was quiet, one by one, everypony else started to trot to bed, leaving just Adam sitting on the couch.

He said to himself, "That, was legendary."
Deeper in the underworld, two monsters were struggling to find their way through a maze of tunnels.

"How can we be lost, Hecka-Toad?" Super-Nasor complained. "I thought you said you had a map?" The Master of Water replied, "I did. I put it in my sandwich so I would know where it was."

"And where's the sandwich?" the Master of Earth asked.

Hecka-Toad looked at the floor in shame and replied, "I ate it."

The two of them were hopelessly lost, so they just had to keep walking until they found what they were looking for.

Lightning Strikes

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The Master of Undead was fleeing for his life; Thunder-Toll chased him into the main chamber, where Malagore and Shriek were.

"Now listen, Thunder-Toll; it wasn't my fault." Rattle-Bones tried to explain. "Shriek made me resurrect Fifty-Below, it was her fault." But the Master of Lightning didn't care who's fault it was; he was very strict when it came to the Rules of Darkness. "You both know the rules." he said to the two skeleton monsters. "If and element is defeated, they are not given a second. And we do not speak of them."

Malagore stepped forward, trying to calm the lightning monster down. "Listen, Thunder-Toll; so what if they bent the rules a little? No real harm was done. And anyway, Fifty-Below was defeated again anyway."

As the four monsters calmed down, the Master's eye opened; signalling the selection ceremony. The four monsters gathered in a circle and presented their weapons, until Shriek asked, "Wait, how can decided who goes next without Super-Nasor or Hecka-Toad?" Thunder-Toll answered her question with, "It matters not, we will have to do it without them."

The Master's magic sprung from the small body of water, it flew around the room before placing itself on.... Thunder-Toll's double blade.

"The Master has chosen me." he stated. "I will defeat the Power Rangers my way." He then turned and glared at Shriek and Rattle-Bones. "And I, will follow the rules." The Master of Lightning summoned a portal to take him to the surface world. Shriek turned to Rattle-Bones and said, "I have a plan."

The two of them ran of into the tunnels, leaving Malagore on his own. "Huh." he muttered.
Rose was pushing her god-daughter in a stroller, they were out shopping for the family lunch. The Pink Ranger looked down a the month old baby and smiled; she could not be more proud with the roll she was given in this child's life. As they walked, they ran into somepony else.

Mothball flew down to greet the two of them, he never really got the chance to speak with Rose; so he thought he say 'hello' as he was passing by. "Good morning Rose, loving day isn't it?" the Changeling asked. The ranger replied, "It is. How are you today, Prince Mothball?"

Hearing the name 'Prince Mothball' made the colt think back to his old life; his mother, the Changeling hive & the fact that his mother wanted him to rule as king, one of these days.

"Please, it's just Mothball. I'm not a prince anymore, I'm a traitor to my kind. You should know, you spent half this year fighting my mother and her subjects." he explained. Rose didn't mean to upset him; she placed her hand on his shoulder, showing she was sorry for bringing it up. He looked back at her and smiled, signalling it was okay.

Their conversation was put on hold when thunder started raging in the sky, a few lightning strikes began hitting the ground. Rose looked up to the clouds and saw what was causing the lightning.

In his giant form, sitting on a throne made of clouds; Thunder-Toll was looked down on his future kingdom. "Inhabitants of Equestria; the Power Rangers have one hour to come before me and face me on the battle field. If they do not come, my lightning will destroy every city in the kingdom, starting with this one."

When his speech was over, the monster vanished in a flash of light. Rose told Mothball get Adam, she took Jewel home and called the rest of the rangers. They had a big problem.
Hecka-Toad and Super-Nasor had been wandering the tunnels for two days, they had finally made it to the Lake of Souls. The water that all the lost souls of the planet would float in, for all eternity.

"Zombra was here, I can sense his presence." 'Nasor stated. Hecka-Toad, pushed past him to go to the water; with water being his element, he felt safe around the stuff. "Water, I'm home." the frog monster stated. Just as he was about to touch the water, Super-Nasor stopped him.

"Don't touch the water you fool. If you come into contact with the Lake of Souls, your soul will be lost in the lake forever." Hecka-Toad moved back quickly, not wanting this water.

When the two monsters saw Zombra wasn't here, they turned away from the lake; until a splash from the water, caught their attention. They turned around and saw something that could not be described; a ghost, wearing Discord's shadow armour. "What are you, spirit?" The Master of Earth asked.

The ghost replied, "It is I, Discord. I wear the shadow armour, but I fight only for good. The Lake of Souls was the best place I could find to keep Zombra locked away." Appearing next to Discord, another ghostly figure; this one looked like Zombra, still in the form he took when he stole Discord's chaos magic. He was in an angry mood though, due to him being trapped.

"Discord!" Zombra's ghost cried when he turned to Discord's. "I demand you free me!" But the purple knight spirit drew his sword from his shield and the two of them began battling.

The two monsters on the shore watched them battle, and saw them both sink beneath the water and they continued to fight. 'Nasor & 'Toad, looked at each other, before they ran back to the caves. "We must tell, Malagore." Hecka-Toad stated.
Thunder-Toll was waiting in the town's centre for the rangers, they had only ten minutes left before the Master of Lightning would unleash his monstrous storm clouds. The monster started muttering, "The rangers are almost out of time. Soon the skies will be filled with my storms."

On cue, only three Power Rangers leaped through the air and land in front of Thunder-Toll; he readied his weapon, to battle the rangers. Only Rory, Adam & Wiktoria were there, Red, Yellow & Blue. "Where's the rest of your team?" the monster asked. Rory replied, "We only need three to beat you, Cloud-Head." That insult made Thunder-Toll angry, he charged at the rangers.

The monster first struck Adam and sent him to the ground, when Adam tried to get up, Thunder-Toll planted his giant foot on his chest; holding him to the ground. Wiktoria used her spear, she got into a clash fight with the Master of Lighting; smashing their weapons against each other. Rory came up from behind and landed a powerful sword slash on the monster's back; causing him to stumble away and get off Adam.

When the Yellow Ranger was back to his feet, the three of them stood in a row, ready to fight. But before they could attack, the plan was put into motion.

As Thunder-Toll stumbled back, Kian and Rose leaped from behind and kicked him to the ground. They joined their team, and looked down on the beaten villain. "This is the great Master of Lightning, he fights like an old man." Kian stated. When the monster got back up, he used his most powerful spell; the growing spell.

Thunder-Toll grew into a giant, he looked down on the rangers and explained, "THE POWER RANGERS WILL FALL MY BLADE! BUT FIRST, TASTE MY LIGHTNING!" The monster stabbed his lightning shaped blade into the clouds, combining them with his dark magic. When the spell was complete, lightning bolts started blasting the ground.

One was heading straight for the rangers, Rose saw the bolt about to hit her team; so she did the right thing and pushed the rangers out of the way. However, she was unable to save herself; the lightning struck her body, pulsing the electricity through her. When the lightning went away, she fell to the ground, unconscious. Her friends rushed to her aid, Rory was holding her in his arms.

The giant Thunder-Toll began marching through Ponyville, nothing could stop him.

Wiktoria stepped forward and asked, "What do we do now? With Rose, we can use the Manticore, or the Titan Megazord." Rory let go of Rose, the looked at the giant, he replied, "I need Celestia, Charlie and Heather." the others wondered why for a sec, until the answer came to them. Rory continued, "We may not be able to use the Manticore, but we can still make a
three Megazords."


Kian, Adam and Wiktoria took Rose to Rarity's house to be looked after; meanwhile, Rory was joined by the three he called for. They all morphed and began to activate their larger forms.

Rory grew into his titan mode, while Celestia turned into her Mystic Alicorn. The two of them combine again, forming a powerful Zord. "Phoenix Uni-Zord!" Rory cheered.

Charlie called for the Ponyville Express, and it changed into it's gold and blue colour; then it began transforming into the giant robot form. "Solar Streak Megazord! Charlie cheered.

"Mystic Giant!" Heather chanted as she grew into a giant White Ranger.

The three of them came face to face with Thunder-Toll, he had already started summoning his lightning to destroy the ponies home town. "You think you can stop me, I am the most powerful, out of the elements." The three rangers charged at him, the monster using his double-bladed weapon to fight back against their attacks.

With the battle on the way, Charlie was the first to have his Megazord struck down; he crashed into the ground, which caused most of the town to rumble. Blasted him with his diamond rain, but most of them he block; the ones that did hit him, did little damage. Thunder-Toll then blasted her away with a bolt of light, she crashed next to Charlie's Megazord.

Rory was the only Megazord left, so he had to finish this. The Red Ranger leaped into to the air, pointed his weapon at the monster when he fell back down; head first. "Final Strike!" he cried. However, the Master of Lightning was able to block the blow and bash Rory & the princess away. The three rangers were out of ideas, they needed some help if they were going to win this fight.

Back at Rarity's house, the other rangers were tending to their Pink Ranger. She had been struck by lightning, sure her power protected her, but she was very weak. Until...

Whilst she was lying on her bed, the other rangers watched her, trying to think of a way to help her. But all they could do is wait, and hope that she would pull through. When suddenly, she awoke from the sleep, she sprung out of bed like a filly on Hearts Warming Day. Kian tried to calm her, until she noticed her morpher glowing.

When she opened it up, some buttons were glowing; she had unlocked her full power, and a new spell code.

The other rangers saw she was ready to go back to the fight, so they all morphed and ran out to the battle between their friends, and the Master of Lightning.

Rory tried his hardest to beat this monster, but each time he attacked, he was struck down to the ground. When all seemed lost, the Red Ranger noticed his team coming towards the battle.

Rose decided to use her new spell, the four rangers morphed into their legend modes; then she used the new code.

"Code 5, Tornado Twirl!" she chanted. Suddenly, a giant tornado came down from the sky, it carried anything it came across. Thunder-Toll tried to escape the threat, but it picked him up and carried him away.

On the ground, the three rangers in their Megazords saw an opportunity. The fired their weapons at the monster, blasting him with everything they had. The element was almost out of power, that's when Charlie finished the job with his special attack.

"Furnace Blast!" he cried. The front of the Megazord opened, and fired a beam of fire, directly at the monster. He cried out in pain before shouting, "The great Thunder-Toll may have fallen, but you will still lose!" When the element hit the ground, he exploded and was destroyed; Rory said, "That's another element, defeated."

The rangers all met up, mainly to congratulate Rose on unlocking her new power. The princess was proud also, she had to return to Canterlot, so she had no time to talk. Rory stepped forward to say, "Great job rangers; three down, five to go."
Mothball wandered home through the forest, he was thinking about the name 'Prince Mothball'. "I'm no prince anymore." he muttered. "My mother didn't even think I was worthy to be a prince."

He was stopped by a figure in the shadows, he turned to see, his mother emerging from the trees.

"Mothy, darling; why do you fight against me?" Chrysalis asked in her motherly voice. The changeling boy was afraid, but then angry, this was the last creature he wanted to see. "What do you want, Mother? Or should I even call you that?" Chrysalis placed her hoove under her son's chin and started talking.

"My dear, Prince Mothball; I've read the future. I know you will join me, you will take your place as the king of our race." Mothball knocked her hoove away, "I don't know what you're talking about, you know I will never go back to the hive." the colt sighed before turning away from the last thing he could call 'real family'. "Goodbye, Mother." he then flew away.

Chrysalis reached out to try and stop him, but it was to late; he was gone. That's when the queen got more angry then ever. "I don't understand, the book told me he would come to my side."

"You read from the pages of what 'might' happen." a voice said from behind.

The changeling turned to see Shriek and Rattle-Bones coming towards her. The Master of Wind continued, "The book you read contained pages of what could happen if the timeline played out right. But your rushed in, so now you lost any chance of getting your son back."

The two monsters said what they came to say, so Chrysalis flew away; now the two of them could begin the preparations for their plan. "With Thunder-Toll gone, there's no one to tell us to follow the rules." Rattle-Bones stated. The two of them laughed like maniacs, this was not going to be good.

The Red Ranger's Bad Day

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Hecka-Toad and Super-Nasor arrived back in the meeting room of the elements; Malagore, Shriek & Rattle-Bones were just standing around. The Master of Water was the first to speak, "My brothers and sister, we found King Zombra. But he is being guarded by the Lord of Chaos." he explained.

Malagore stepped forward and replied, "Then we must strike now; we wait for the Master to choose his next warrior, then we march on Discord. Where did you find him?" Super-Nasor answered, "We found them both trapped in the Lake of Souls."

Just as they were talking, the Master's eye opened; the remaining elements took their positions in a circle and presented their weapons. Before the ceremony started, Super-Nasor asked, "Wait, where's Thunder-Toll?" But then Shriek replied, "He was destroyed by the Power Rangers, as was Fifty-Below."

The dark energy rose up from the small pool of water, the glowing orb flew around the room; then presented itself to the chosen element.

"It's me." Hecka-Toad cheered. "The Master chose me." He wasted no time, he summoned a portal to the surface world; he already knew what he was going to do. However, the others had job of their own to take care of.

"Super-Nasor, Rattle-Bones; we're going to get Zombra. we will destroy Discord and anyone else who stands in our way." Malagore led the to chosen monster through the tunnels, he brought Super-Nasor because he knew where it was & Rattle-Bones came for extra support. Leaving Shriek with the viewing orb, she watched what Hecka-Toad had planned.
At Sweet Apple Acres, Rory was wandering through the orchard. If I'm being honest, Rory didn't really like this planet; sure he enjoyed the thrill of battle against Zombra and the evil elements, but he wanted to get back to Earth. All Rory wanted was to go home and live the life he left behind. Sure he was friends with the inhabitants of this world, but he never thought he'd live here.

The ranger began to make his way inside, until he was stopped by a familiar face. Applejack came out to the orchard to check on him, "How you doing, Rory?" But the Red Ranger just sat down against a tree, he watched the pony mare sit next to him.

"I don't want to offend you AJ, but I'm not really into this planet." Rory explained. She was shocked at first, but then understood, "I get it, Sugarcube. Not everyone likes what others like; I mean Adam likes living on this planet, but that doesn't mean you have to." Rory agreed.

He then said, "That's the thing with Adam; I think he cares more about your species, then his own. I mean I know Adam, he would give his own life for your planet." Applejack put her hoove on his shoulder, "Let's hope he doesn't have to do that. Hope that none of you do."

When the conversation ended, the two of them walked back to the farm house.

When they were just outside the house, a portal opened behind them. From that portal, the Master of Water emerged; with his hammer in his right hand. "Hello there, Red Ranger." he greeted. "Give me your element, and I won't destroy your pony friend." Rory motioned Applejack to get back inside, he then confronted the element.

"Your not getting my element, or my friend." the ranger stated. Rory pulled out his morpher, he then chanted the spell to morph. "Magical Source, Harmony Force!"


Once Rory had morphed into his suit, he drew his sword, "Time to dissect this frog." Hecka-Toad didn't like that statement, so he charged at the one ranger.

Their weapons clashed together, the power of the Red Ranger was one of the strongest in the team. With the two of them fighting, they didn't notice Shriek was hiding behind the hay bail; she watched the monster and the ranger fight to destruction.

"Maybe Hecka-Toad might be the one to defeat the mighty Red Ranger." she whispered. But On cue, another ranger leaped into the battle. The Green Ranger landed on top of Hecka-Toad, kicking him away. Rory had been knocked to the ground, so Kian helped him up to his feet. When Shriek saw the new ranger, she decided to split; she made her way back to the underworld.

The first thing Rory said was, "What took you so long?" Kian replied with, "Sorry, AJ just woke me up from my power-nap." When the two of them had stopped talking, Hecka-Toad decided to use his special attack. The Master of Water's mouth opened and he sprayed a strong blast of slimy water. Kian ducked out of the way, but Rory wasn't so lucky; the water beam blasted him to the wall of the farm house.

When the water stopped, Hecka-Toad summoned a portal and disappeared. Rory got up and de-morphed, Kian ran over to him to see if he was okay; he also de-morphed.

When the Green Ranger went to help Rory up, he said, "Okay Rory, take my right hand." But Kian offered his left hand. As he was pulling Rory up, he realised, "Wait a minute, that's me right hand." he said pointed to the right hand. But then he saw he had let go of Rory and he'd fallen to the floor again. "Oops." Kian muttered.
For the rest of the day, things were going really badly for the Red Ranger. On his way to meet with Rose, he tripped on a tree branch, fell in the Ponyville lake & got chase through the streets by a gang of bees.

When he finally arrived at Sugar Cube Corner, she Rose, Pinkie and the Tri-Pies standing outside the café, looking up at the roof. Rory walked to his friend and asked, "What's going on?" The Pink Ranger turned to him and replied, "There's something wrong with the chimney, Red Shoes is trying to find the problem."

She then pointed to the roof, Rory saw Red Shoes climbing a lander to the roof. Whilst he climbed, his wife shouted up to him, "Now careful, honey; there's a loose slate up there somewhere." But on cue, Red Shoes slips on the loose slate. The slate falls from the roof and, unfortunately, lands on Rory's head. "Ow!" he cries as he grasped his injured head.

As Red Shoes kept climbing, more and more slates began to fall from the rooftop; each one managing to land on Rory's skull. Even if the ranger moved out of the way, they would still seek him out and bash him on the head. Until he fell to the floor, unconscious.

Rose tried to wake him up, but he was out cold; Rose had to slap him to wake him up. When he came around, he decided to handle the problem himself.

Red Shoes got down from the ladder, like Rory told him to do; then he climbs up the ladder, to fix the problem himself. Once the Red Ranger reaches the roof, he hears a small rumble; he decides to ignore it and keep climbing. Once he reached a certain spot on the roof; it collapsed.

Rory fell through the roof and landed on one of the tables, all the others rushed inside, to see if he was okay. They found him lying on top of the now destroyed table, and he was rubbing his head. He would have been really hurt if the table hadn't broken his fall; when he got up, he stated, "I don't believe this. This is just not my day."
Meanwhile, in the quarry; Charlie, Adam & Heather were looking for any sign of chaos magic.

"Come on, Discord. Where are you?" the Yellow Ranger asked. He sat down on a rock, he really wanted to help; but Discord was no where in Equestria. Heather sat down next to him, she place her hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry, Adam. We'll find Discord, even if we have to search the entire planet."

What the Power Rangers Didn't know, was that Discord was somewhere in Equestria; below it.

Near the Lake of Souls, Malagore, Rattle-Bones & Super-Nasor had arrived to claim their king. When they reached the waters, a figure jumped from the lake and landed in front of the three monsters. Malagore stepped forward to confront the figure.

"Why have you come back, elements?" the figure asked as he drew his sword. When the creature stepped into the light, it was revealed to be Discord, holding the large purple sword which came with the shield & shadow armour. Rattle-Bones spoke in his accent and replied, "Well, amigo. We have come for King Zombra. Si?"

Super-Nasor stepped forward and asked, "How were you able to escape the Lake of Souls?" So Discord replied with, "My magic is far more powerful than underworld magic; the lake cannot hold a being like me."

The three monsters drew their weapons, Discord readied his sword; they charged at each other.

Malagore was pushed back by the Lord of Chaos' shield, then took a strong strike from his sword. Super-Nasor grew vines from his arms, these vines trapped Discord in their strong grip. With the opening, Rattle-Bones used his cutlass to strike Discord to the floor. With their enemy down, the three of them approached the lake.

With their combined powers, they were able to pulled Zombra's soul from the lake. Suddenly, Zombra appeared in front of them, he had return to his stallion form. Malagore stated, "My King, we have saved you. We will take you to safety." The monsters all teleported back to the main chamber, leaving the defeated draconequus on the ground; very weak.
Rory and Rose walked through the streets; but wherever they went, the bad luck kept following the Red Ranger. He had a bird fly after him when it thought he was after her eggs, he tripped and face planted in the dirt & a bucket of pink paint fell on his head. No matter what he did or where he went, something bad would happen to him.

When Rory was just about finished with his bad luck, he heard something from around the corner; him and Rose ducked behind a building and looked to see what was happening.

Around the corner, Hecka-Toad was walking down the street, muttering to himself. "I can't believe my bad luck water actually worked. The Red Ranger must be having a really bad day." Rory and Rose heard all he needed to hear, that blast of water is what's making Rory have all this bad luck. So he decided to put a stop to his bad day."

The two rangers quickly morphed into their ranger suits; when they sprang from the corner, the monster stumbled back in fear. "How did you find me?!" he demanded to know. Rose replied with a demand of her own, "What ever you did to Rory, you better reverse it!" But the monster just laughed at the demand.

The three of them drew their weapons, the Power Rangers charged at the monster; their weapons clashed together.

Hecka-Toad's hammer bashed Rose away, so Rory struck him with his sword. When the monster stumbled back; the ranger morphed into their legend modes, for extra power. "Legendary Source, Harmony Force!" with that magic spell, the became the Legend Warriors again.

It was after they morphed, Rose realised something about Rory; two something's. For that entire moment, Rory had not experienced any bad luck. She then looked at his lion staff, the fifth code was glowing. "Rory, you've unlocked your most powerful attack." she commented. So the Red Ranger use his new attack, this one was unlike the others.

Before he could use the spell, Hecka-Toad summon a squad of Ghouls; they surrounded Rory, thinking they had him. Boy were they wrong.

"Code 5, Red Dragon Fire Ranger!"


The new battlizer was the most powerful thing any ranger had ever been granted, Rory had unlocked the full power of the dragon. Rose couldn't believe it; and the other rangers had just arrived to witness the final showdown between the Dragon Ranger and the Master of Water.

While the rest of the team watched on the side lines, Rory and Hecka-Toad charged at each other; their weapons would have clashed together, but the Red Ranger just blasted the monster back to the wall.

The two of them leaped over to the main street, it scared off any pony bystanders; leaving the two of them to continue the fight.

Hecka-Toad started the fight by throwing his hammer at them, but Rory used his batons to knock the weapon to the side; he then leaped into the air and began shooting fire balls at the monster. Each one struck his armour, hard; so Hecka-Toad had to try something else. His mouth opened wide, out came another blast of water; but this time, it didn't work. Yes the water hit the ranger, but Rory was spinning in the air; all the water was just bouncing of him.

The Red Ranger decided to finish this monster; with all the fire power he could handle, he threw a large fire ball at Hecka-Toad. The element wasn't strong enough to stop it, so he cried, "Oh! That was lucky of you!" before he exploded to his destruction.

All the other rangers met up with Rory, they were all so amazed by this cool new power.

Little did they know, Shriek was watching them from afar; she was hiding on the roof of a building. She turned to her right, then suddenly, Rattle-Bones appeared. "What took you so long?" Shriek demanded to know. But the Master of Undead replied, "We found King Zombra. Why did you call me out here?"

She pointed to where Hecka-Toad was destroyed, Rattle-Bones knew what she wanted him to do. "Fine." he complained. Then he began to chant his resurrection spell, "Evil spirits of toil and strife, give this fallen beast new life!"

A blast of purple, dark magic was shot from the skeleton's hand; it blasted itself towards the remains of Hecka-Toad. When the spell was complete, the monster's pieces re-assembled themselves, and he began to grow into a giant. The rangers watched the monster grow bigger, they could hear him shout, "TIME FOR THIS WORLD TO SINK BENEATH MY WAVES!" So the rangers called their new Megazord.

All five of the rangers morphed into their legend modes, and began to chant the spell to activate their Manticore.

"Code 3; legend of the sky, Mystic Fire Bird!" Rory cheered. The power transformed him into a giant falcon, with flaming wings.

The rest of the team chanted, "Code 4, legend of the jungle, Mystic Lion." The four rangers came together and transformed into one Lion Zord.

The two Zords quickly combined into the... "Manticore Megazord!" the rangers cheered.

When Hecka-Toad saw the Zord in front of him, he wasn't impressed; so he blasted his wave of water at them. The Megazord blocked the attack with it's spear, then returned the favour with a attack of it's own.

The rangers chanted, "Legend of Mythology, Spin Attack!" The Megazord's spear pointed towards the monster, it then began to spin at a fast rate. Without warning, a flaming tornado was blasted at Hecka-Toad; sending him flying backwards.

With that final attack, Hecka-Toad was finished; before he went, he cried, "I ate to much for this ride. NO!" Then he fell to the ground and exploded.

All the rangers cheered with joy, another element defeated. Adam stated, "That's half of them gone, already."
Down in the underworld, Malagore sat Zombra on his throne; the King of Monsters was happy to be returned to his leadership. Zombra said, "Now that I have returned, my plans can continue."

Suddenly, Shriek and Rattle-Bones entered the chamber, they had some news. "Hecka-Toad has been destroyed." the Master of Wind stated. That didn't seem to bother any of the others; all they knew was that he failed, and that they had to wait to be chosen by the Master, in order to battle the ones that destroyed him.

All Zombra knew, was that now, he could finally take his revenge on the Power Rangers.
Rory arrived back at Sweet Apple Acres that night, he walked past Cinnamon Rolls' room; he could see the little filly sleeping in her bed. He could watch her all night, he then saw why Adam cared so much for these creatures; they're so peaceful, so beautiful.

Rory kept on walking to his room, where he found Kian sleeping in his bed.

The Red Ranger turned in for the night, he felt like he actually had some good luck after all. Having friends as amazing as his.

Yellow is not for Fear

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One morning, Adam was out in Fluttershy's garden; he was looking over the beautiful planet. It was at that moment he realised what he had always wondered about himself, Adam wanted to stay here.

While he was looking at the view, Screwball came outside to join him. The Yellow Ranger turned to his pony friend and asked her something, "Screwy, when this is all over. Like when we've defeated the elements and saved you dad; you know I have to go back to Earth, right?"

The chaotic pony learned at him and sighed, "Yes, I will miss you when you leave again." But that's when Adam told her what he wanted to do, "But, what if I didn't go back to Earth? What if I stayed here, with you?" Screwball was happy that he was suggesting that, but she didn't want to ask him to give up his life on Earth.

"Adam, that's a generous thought. But what about you life on your home planet, what about your parents, your brother?" Adam placed his hand on her shoulder and replied, "Screwball, this world has been more of a home to me then Earth ever was. I don't want to go back." The two of them quickly hugged before heading back inside; Adam decided to sleep on it tonight before he made any big decisions.

They went into the house and told Fluttershy & Mothball about what Adam was considering to do; like Screwball, they were happy to have him here, but they didn't want him to give up his own life.

Not to mention, how would his friends react; Adam staying on Equestria while they all go back to Earth. And what about his family; he'll never be able to marry, he'll never have children to continue his family name. But like I said, the boy would sleep on it before he made any decisions.
Deep within the underworld, sitting on his throne of darkness, King Zombra looked through his rift in reality; staring at the world he had sworn to conquer. But those plans were put on hold by the same group of teenagers that trapped him in the underworld, and are destroying all his monsters.

Never the less, him and the elements had to keep trying; so the four remaining Evil Elements gathered in the room and presented their weapons.

The Master shot it's orb of dark magic, the energy flew around the room until it placed itself on the monster the Master had chosen. "Very well, amigo." Rattle-Bones said when he saw that he had been chosen. Before he had the chance to escape to the surface world, Shriek pulled him to the side.

As the two skeletons wandered down the cave's halls, Zombra and Malagore began to talk.

Zombra started with, "Now that I am back, I have resumed my command over the monsters of the underworld." But Malagore then reminded him, "My King, you have reverted back to your original form. Meaning you are once again trapped here in the underworld."

"That may be, but I have a plan for my escape, my hot-headed friend." Zombra waited until all the monsters were out of the room, so it was just the two of them. "When Rattle-Bones goes to the surface, we will let him fight the Power Rangers however he likes. If the rangers destroy him, then I will absorb his power; once I am fully powered up, I will be able to revert back to my warrior form, and set myself free."

Malagore replied, "I like your plan, my King; but what happens if he isn't destroyed, what if he wins."

Zombra didn't think of that, so he stated, "Well then, we make sure that he is." Malagore was shocked to hear that last part, he returned with, "You would sacrifice one of my own for your benefit?" But the King of Monsters said, "In these times, my friend; sacrifices must be made."

Rattle-Bones returned to the main chamber, he explained his plan to his masters. "I have a spell that will turn the rangers against each other. My 'Hate Spell' will make the Power Rangers hate each other so much, that they'll destroy each other."

Zombra like the plan, so he summoned a portal to take Rattle-Bones to the surface world.
Later that day, Adam met up with his friends in town; they all decided to 'try' and take today off. They wandered through the streets of Ponyville, Adam thought it was time he told his friends about how he might be staying on this planet. After he told them, the had mixed responses.

Rory was surprised, Kian and Wiktoria were shocked & Rose was happy for him; but also a little concerned. Each ranger expressed what they thought about this.

"Adam, you can't stay here. We have lives back on Earth, we have to protect our home." Rory stated. But Adam replied strongly, "Well I'm sorry Rory, but I think this planet is a better home for me."

Wiktoria stepped forward and said, "I know you care for this world's species, but you belong on Earth."

"How do you know that? I have more peace on this planet. Equestria is the only place I've ever truly felt a t home; Earth is where I come from yes, but I feel like this is where I belong." Adam explained. He then turned away from his friends, until he felt Rose place her hand on his shoulder.

"If you want to stay here, then we can't make you leave. But you should talk to your parents about this; space travel takes up a lot of energy, as does Space Bridge travel. Meaning you won't be able to see your friends and family that often." she states. Then Kian steps forward and says his bit, "And where would you live? When Discord comes back, the castle will be a bit crowded."

Adam had a lot to think about, but he couldn't come to a decision.

However, his thoughts were put on hold for the time being; because Wiktoria noticed Ghouls running towards them. The rangers put this little matter aside for now, they came together to fight off these creepy creeps. When the Ghouls collided with the Power Rangers, each ranger broke of a group of Ghouls to fight.

Rory leaped on top of the fruit carts, two Ghouls jumped after him. With a powerful kick, the Red Ranger sent one of them flying off the cart and made it land on the rest of them. And with only one Ghoul left, Rory leaped into the air and delivered and spinning kick to the face of the last Ghoul.

Rose was cornered against the wall of a building, but that didn't stop her from delivering a strong punch to one of the Ghouls; which sent it flying across the sky. As the rest of them, they were kicked away one by one.

Adam was being thrown around like a basket ball, so he put a stop to it. When the ranger landed on the ground, he quickly got up and began fighting back. It was when he knocked one of the Ghouls down, the rest of them weren't that hard to defeat.

Wiktoria fought back hard, they pushed her against the fountain; so she decided to put a little magic into the mix. Using the magic she had learnt, the water from the fountain rose up and blasted itself towards the Ghouls; they were washed away in a giant tidal wave.

Kian was able to use his magic to lift a tree out of the ground, the Green Ranger used the tree to wack the monsters away; they landed on top of the ones Wiktoria had knocked down.

When all the Ghouls were down, they all disappeared in a purple flash. The rangers came together to talk about what just happened. "Did anyone else think that the attack was a bit random?" Kian stated. All the other rangers agreed, but they couldn't be sure about why the Ghouls would attack without a reason.

"Maybe I could answer your question."

The Power Rangers turned to see Rattle-Bones walking towards them. "You rangers are finally about to meet your match, face me if you dare." the Master of Undead stated. The ranger team came together and pulled out their morphers, "Sorry bone-boy, but it's time for you to go back to the graveyard." Rory stated.

The team typed the code into the morphers and cheered, "Magical Source; Harmony Force!"


Once the rangers were morphed, they pulled out their weapons and charged at the monster; Rattle-Bones did the same with his cutlass, charging at the rangers. When they clashed together, the fight had begun.

Rory and Kian were slashed away by the strong, sharp blade that the monster held; he pulled the same move on Rose and Wiktoria. Adam was the only ranger left standing; so, using his crossbow, he blasted the monster with all the lightning power that he had. Until Rattle-Bones used dark magic to strike the Yellow Ranger away, sending him flying into the other rangers.

All the rangers got up and looked at the monster, he muttered, "You rangers think you can beat me? You can't destroy what's already not alive." Rory stepped in front of his team and replied, "We'll see about that." With those words, the rangers combine their weapons into the Celestial Sword.

As the whole team held onto the sword, they chanted, "Celestial Sword! Final Strike!" And with that, they brought the sword into a slash onto Rattle-Bones. His last words were, "Not cool." Before exploding into nothing.

When the smoke cleared, Rose muttered, "Is that it, that was way to easy." Everyone else agreed, after everything they've faced, it's never that easy.

And they were right, Kian noticed Rattle-Bones' bones coming back together, until it reformed his skeleton body. When the monster was rebuilt, he said, "Told you. You can't destroy me that easily." And now that he had the five main rangers together, he put his plan into action. Rattle-Bones through the sack of Hate Dust onto the team, infecting them with his Hate Spell.

When the dust went away, the monster had disappeared. And all the rangers felt strange, all except Adam.

"Is everyone okay?" the Yellow Ranger asked. But the response he got, was not what he expected. "Why do you care, yellow-boy?" Rory commented. The team de-morphed, and began to walk away from each other. Adam was the only one who stayed put.

"I can't believe I walked with you dead-weights." Kian stated.

"Friendship is magic. More like it's a waste of my good time." Wiktoria said as she stormed off.

"Why am I even here? I hate pink." Rose said as she walked away from the group.

Rory turned to Adam and stated, "Go a head Adam, stay on this planet. You were dragging the team down anyway." Adam was hurt when he said that. But then Rory said something else, "Oh, and one more thing; yellow is the colour of a coward." And with that, he marched away, just like the rest.

What was one lone Yellow Ranger going to do now?
Celestia somehow managed to gather the rangers in the town hall, but none of them wanted to be their; all except for Adam, who it seemed the spell didn't work on.

"What is the matter with your rangers? Your acting like a bunch on arguing children." Celestia stated. Adam replied to her statement with, "I think that monster put some kind of a spell on them. It made them hate each other."

Wiktoria interrupted, "Wrong as usual, Adam."

"Yeah that monster had nothing to do with it." Rory continued.

Rose explains, "The only explanation for this, is that some friendships aren't meant to last."

When the Pink Ranger had finished, Kian stood up and stated, "Princess, I wish you all the luck. But give my element to some one who can stand this lot." He then storms out of the town hall. One by one, the other infected rangers follow him, until Adam speaks up.

"Guys. If are team breaks up; then evil wins." Rose then pretended to gasp, the said, "Whatever." And then the team left.

"What do I do now?" Adam muttered. Celestia placed her hoove on his shoulder, "I need you to get me a sample of that dust. Maybe Twilight can come up with some kind of antidote." Adam agreed to the plan, but then the princess continued, "Although, you have to hurry; before the rangers leave the planet. Equestrian magic won't work on Earth."

So Adam wasted no time getting to where they battled Rattle-Bones; but there was a question going through Adam's mind, 'Why didn't the dust effect him?'.
Down in the underworld, Rattle-Bones was celebrating his victory over the Power Rangers. "Yes! It's only a matter of time before the rangers turn their powers on each other. They'll destroy themselves." the monster bantered.

But then he heard Zombra growl when he looked through his rift, he called Rattle-Bones into the chamber.

"Master of Undead; though I congratulate you on defeating four of the rangers, why is there still a yellow to deal with?" Rattle-Bones looked through Zombra's rift and saw that Adam was not infected. The monster was scared of what his king thought of him, so he tried to fix this fast.

"Not to worry, my king. I will just go to the surface world and destroy himself. Now that he's all alone, he won't stand a chance against me." Rattle-Bones summoned a portal to the surface world.

What the King of Monster didn't know, was that Super-Nasor was listening on him; he had also heard about what he was planning to do if Rattle-Bones succeeded at destroying the rangers. "So, you think you can just use us to re-fuel your power? Well, no today, your majesty."

'Nasor teleported to the surface world, he was going to put his plan into action.
Adam & Twilight went back to the battle site, the princess had brought her science equipment. The ranger guided her to where there was a sample of the dust.

Twilight sweep the tiniest sample of the Hate Dust, she placed it into a small container. Once she had all she needed, she said, "Now I'll get to my old library, there I should be able to come up with some form of antidote to cure your friends."

However, as they were walking away, a blast of dark magic was coming right for them. Twilight didn't see it, but Adam's spider-sense warned him; just before the blast hit, Adam pushed the princess out of the way. Twilight was safe, but the dark magic hit the ranger.

Adam rolled across the ground, he stopped when bumped into the fountain. He looked up and saw Rattle-Bones coming right for him; the monster said, "One lone Yellow Ranger, that won't a problem for me." He would of blasted Adam again, but Twilight started blasting him with her magic. When Rattle-Bones turned to the princess, Adam got up and morphed.

"Magical Source; Harmony Force!"


Now that he was morphed, he charge into the monster's back; tackling him to the ground. But he turned to Adam and through him off him; Rattle-Bones drew his weapon and Adam drew his magic staff.

The two warriors locked in an epic duel; while he fought, the ranger shouted to Twilight, "Go! Make the antidote!" With those orders, the princess flew to her old library.

The Yellow Ranger and Rattle-Bones were holding their weapons together, the fight was no closer to ending; until Adam leaped backwards and fired at the monster with his crossbow. The element did his best to block the attacks, but one of the blasts managed to knock him back. When he got back up, he began saying something to Adam.

"You can't beat me on your own, you're just a lonely boy." But Adam then spoke wisdom to the monster, the true words of an Element of Harmony. "I am one with my element, and so are my friends; I am never alone." Then he tried a different attack, "Legendary Source; Harmony Force!"

Adam morphed into his legend mode, he then noticed something on his lion staff, "Code 5." The Yellow Ranger had unlocked his full potential. Rattle-Bones felt a little scared at first, but then got over it and charged at the ranger.

The ranger wasted no time using this new power, "Code 5, Element of Light!" he cheered. The suddenly, a bright glow with shone from Adam's body. Rattle-Bones was confused as he cover his eyes from the bright light, "Impossible, the Yellow Ranger has a second elemental power."

When the glow disappeared, Adam decided to end this. "Element of Kindness, full power. Power of Lightning, Power of Light; Powers Unite." The Yellow Ranger blasted a large beam of lightning and light energy at the monster, the power was too much for him, he was defeated.

"Uh! What did I do to deserve this? Oh yeah, all that stuff I did." He muttered before he fell forward and exploded, properly this time.

When the battle was over, Adam de-morphed and went to find Twilight.
Twilight had made and antidote to the Hate Dust, she and Adam found the rangers about to enter a space bridge. Twilight turned to the ranger next to her and said, "Here, throw the powder at them." she said while handing Adam the bag.

Adam used all his strength and threw the bag at the other rangers; just before Kian could step through the portal, the bag exploded next to them, causing the dust to spread all around them. The antidote made them all pass out, Adam and Twilight ran to them.

The princess explained, "Don't worry, they'll be alright."

Adam and Twilight took the rangers to their homes. Another win for the good guys.

Harmony Song

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Within the clouds of Ponyville, in the house owned by two members of the Wonderbolts, their human guest was sitting on the couch listening to music through her ear-pieces. Wiktoria was the only one who could hear the music, but anypony who walked past could tell what she was listening to as she hummed to the music.

Lightning Dash even sat with her and the ranger would share her ear-pod, they would listen to the music and sometimes sing along with it.

But it came to an end when Rainbow Dash walked in and told them to be quiet; I swear, when Rainbow became a mom, she turned into a bit of a bore. But she was trying to help Prism with her homework, so they understood. What they both didn't know, was that they were being watched by Lightning's brother, Thunder Dash. He peered in through the window and was laughing at them.

When they stopped, they heard his giggling, Lightning stuck her head out the window and found him. The colt gasped when he was caught, his sister pulled him in through the window and started nooging him. It took Wiktoria to pull them apart, but the girls needed some air anyway.

So the Blue Ranger took Lightning out into town, hoping to pick up some things for lunch and dinner. As they opened the front door, Wiktoria felt a strange feeling; like they were being watched by something else. She decided to ignore it as she put her ear-pods back in and used her magic to float down to the ground.

what she didn't know, was she was right. Zombra was peering through his rift in space, watching the Blue Ranger; the only ranger who hasn't unlock their special power. And just in time for the Selection Ceremony.
Zombra gathered the three remaining elements into the main chamber; Shriek, Super-Nasor & Malagore all presented their weapons.

The pool of water began to glow, the orb of dark magic shot up from the pool and spun around the room. It land on the chosen monster.... Shriek. "Yes." the female monster stated. "And I know just the plan to make sure those rangers don't cause any trouble for me." With that said, she teleported to the surface world.

Super-Nasor had to speak with Malagore, so he pulled him to the cave tunnels.

"Malagore, why do we continue to listen to that false king in there? He failed to destroy the Power Rangers with his own monsters, why must we waste away to serve him?" Malagore got a little mad at the Master of Earth. "Change your tone, Super-Nasor. That is our master in there."

"No, the real master is locked in the underworld sub-levels, waiting for the right moment to return." 'Nasor stated.

The two of them didn't know that Zombra could hear them, he muttered, "Not to worry, Super-Nasor. That Master won't be in the way for much longer. And then, you'll have no choice but to serve me." Zombra cackled like crazy, attracting the attention of the Changeling all sitting in the upper cave entrances above the main chamber.
In the capital of Equestria, Princess Celestia was pacing up and down the throne room; her sister and student were with her, they shared her look of concern. When the sun princess stopped in the middle of the room, she announced, “I going to find him.”

“Sister no!” Luna declared. “Traveling through the underworld is far too dangerous. Leaving your mortal body could have terrible consequences.” Celestia was about to perform a spell that would allow her spirit leave her body and travel to the underworld. She was going to use it to find Discord and guide him back to the surface world.

“Princess Celestia, I should go. You said it yourself that Discord was my responsibility.” Twilight stated. However, Celestia would not let the pony she saw as a daughter to travel to a dark and twisted dimension.

The princess used her magic, the spell freed her spirit from its mortal body. As the body was empty, Celestia looked so lifeless. Her eyes were closed and she just sat in the middle of the room; not moving a muscle.

Once the spirit was free, she had the ability to open a portal to the underworld. When the vortex opened, she waved goodbye to her fellow princesses; even though they couldn’t see her, then flew through the portal. The portal spat her out in a dark tunnel, the princess would search the entire underworld to find this lost creature. So she breathed in and began her search. Her horn lit up, the sense of chaos magic led the way to her friend.
Wiktoria and Lightning Dash arrived in the market, whilst they walked through the stalls, the ranger found some things that she could work into a meal for the family. However, what she didn’t notice; a street performer that was draped in a black cloak was watching them.

The ranger still had her ear-pods in, so when the music from the performer started, she couldn’t hear it. Lighting Dash listened to the music, it sound off key; but the worst part was when the performer started singing. It sounded horrible, the performer sang, “La, la, la; la, la; la, la.”

One by one, the ponies in the streets started to get headaches; Lightning included. As I said, Wiktoria couldn’t hear the music; but she noticed all the ponies start to moan. They all started to look down at the ground, the Blue Ranger was confused. Until one of them looked back up; but something was really off.

They started groaning like zombies, they had black rings around their eyes, and they were moving towards Wiktoria; like they were trying to get her. The ranger turned to her friend, and she was no different; moaning and trying to grab her. So all the ranger could do was run, until she found what was causing this.

The street performer threw off her cloak, and it was Shriek, “Foolish ranger, my zombie song has put all these ponies under my control.” The monster laughed for a second, but the Wiktoria responded with, “Yeah, but not for long.”

The Blue Ranger leaped at Shriek and kicked into the street; with the loss of her focus,, the spell broke. When the ponies saw the monster, they ran away screaming; Lightning Dash hid behind a market stall and watched as the fight between ranger and monster began.

Wiktoria pulled out her morpher, once she typed in the spell code, she chanted the magic words. “Magical Source; Harmony Force!”


Once she was morphed, she drew her Magic Staff; the two of them charged at each other, and locked in an epic battle.

The Blue Ranger started the fight by turning her staff into its spear mode, she used the spear to strike a few blows on Shrieks bone armour. She returned the favour by fighting back with her bone dagger, the ranger blocked the best she could, but one or two blows pushed her back. They finished each other of by delivering a punch to each other’s chest; they were both thrown back from the force.

Wiktoria landed by Lightning Dash, when she saw the Pegasus mare, she quickly motioned her to run. Lightning saw how dangerous it was, so she listened to her friend and flew back to her house.

Just as Shriek got up to finish the job, a strong fire blast shot her across the town square. Wiktoria looked up and saw the Red Dragon Fire Ranger; Rory land in front of her, he didn’t stop to talk, he just charged after the monster.

The other three rangers were just arriving behind her, Kian knelt down to see if Wiktoria was okay. The ranger watched Rory chase Shriek away, she opened a portal and returned to the underworld; so Rory returned to his team. They all de-morphed and re-grouped at Sugar Cube Corner, they needed to think of their next move.
Celestia's spirit wandered through the dark dwellings of the underworld, still searching for her lost friend. Her search brought to a large sum of water, the Lake of Souls; and on the shore, inches away from the water, was the creature she was looking for.

Discord was still locked in the dreaded armour, the princess knelt down next to his body; she had no idea if he was even still alive. So she used her magic to attempt to revive him; but it would cause her to return to her body, leaving him stranded down here once again. But it was the only way he'd wake up, she casted the spell.

As the magic spread across his body, her spirit began to fade; as she disappeared, Discord woke up. He caught a quick look at Celestia before she disappeared, he knew what she did to help him.

Once Discord was alone, he had to find a way out; his battle with the elements left his magic pretty depleted, so he had to find a different way out. However, as he was leaving, something jumped him.

The draconequus was blasted by a purple bolt, knocking him to the floor again. When he looked up, he saw a platoon of Ghouls surrounding him, the only way out was to fight. So Discord drew his sword and began striking down the undead warriors.

Three Ghouls charged for him, they used their swords to attack him; but Discord blocked the attack with his sword and knocked them down with his shield. Another came up behind, but the Lord of Chaos spun around and kicked the Ghoul right into the lake. The rest of them were easy to strike down; until there was only one left. The last monster charge for Discord, but this one suffered a destructive fate; the purple knight used a small portion of magic and blasted his, "Chaos Blast!" at the Ghoul. The blast was so strong, that the monster fell to the ground and exploded.

With the battle won, Discord put away his weapons and began his walk out of this horrible place.
The rangers had just left Sugar Cube Corner, with a plan of attack against Shriek, and her diabolical evil. Wiktoria had sent Lightning home, but she still worried; but she had to keep her mind on battling evil.

As the Power Rangers wandered through town, they heard a noise coming from the streets. Rory led the team towards the source of the noise. When they arrived, they saw an army of zombified ponies, all of them moaning and groaning like mindless slaves.

"Looks like Shriek's been busy." Kian stated. Rose turned to him and replied, "Yeah, no kidding Kian." The rangers had no way to get through those ponies, they knew Shriek had to be on the other side of them; but the only way through, it seems was to fight.

"We're going to have to fight our way through, if we want to get to Shriek."

Adam protested against this, "We can't hurt them, they're innocent ponies. We'll have to go around them." The rangers agreed it was a good alternative; so they turned around to go a different way.

However, when they turned, they saw the rest of Ponyville wandering towards them; all of them, zombified.

"They don't look happy." Rory joked.

Passing through all the ponies, Shriek made her way to the front of the crowd. "Now, Power Rangers, this is where you meet your end." Shriek drew her bone dagger, she held it in the air, about to give the order to her zombies to attack. But the rangers weren't going down without a fight.

Rory turned to Adam and explained, "I'm sorry Adam, were gonna have to fight them."

When Rory said that, it gave Wiktoria an idea. She turned to her friends and explained her plan, "Guys, I've been thinking. We know that our legend modes, have five codes; code one is our unique powers, code three and four activate the legend zord and code five is our full potential. But what does code two do."

The other rangers looked at their situation and thought for a sec; until Adam replied with, "There's really only one way to find out."

The Power Rangers pulled out their morphers and morphed straight into their legend modes, "LEGENDARY SOURCE, HARMONY FORCE!" They cried. Within milliseconds, they had morphed into the legend suits. Rory ordered, "Okay guys, let's try this."

All the rangers chanted, "Code 2, Mystic Spell Ceil."

The five lion staffs drew a Spell Ceil in the air, once it rose high enough, the ceil shattered into fragments of magic dust. The dust particles landed on the zombified ponies, when the magic took effect, the zombie spell had been broken.

Shriek was so mad, when she tried to sing again to put them back under her spell, all she did was cough. "Uh, my voice has lost its tune."

Wiktoria cheered when all the ponies got to safety, but was even more happy when she looked down at her staff. "My true potential." She muttered.

The Blue Ranger stepped towards Shriek, "Times up, bone bird." She stated. Wiktoria held her staff out in front of her and chanted, "Code 5, Tsunami Strike." When the spell was cast, a enormous wave was blasted towards the Master of Air; the wave through her across town.

When she was gone, the other rangers all gathered around their Blue Ranger and cheered for her; Wiktoria may been the last, but they've now unlocked their true potential.

However, the celebration was put on hold when they saw what they saw; Shriek, she had recovered from the blast and had grown into her giant form. "TIME FOR THE ENCORE, RANGERS!!" The giant skeleton bird stomped through Ponyville, it was time to titan up.

Rory chanted, "Code 3, legend of the sky, Mystic Fire Bird." His body morphed into a flaming falcon, his signature bird.

The rest of the team chanted their spell, "Code 4, legend of the jungle, Mystic Lion." The four rangers came together to form the body of a lion.

The two animals combined quickly, into the..... "Manticore Megazord." The rangers cried.

Shriek grabbed her dagger and attempted to strike the megazord, but the blow was block by the spear, the rangers fought back the best they could; but Shriek was able to land one or two strikes on them. Until the Power Rangers used the spear to knock her back, forcing her to the ground.

She got back to her feet, but she should have stayed down. The rangers fully charged the spear, filling it with power; they then chanted, "Manticore Megazord, Spin Attack!" A tornado made from fire was blasted towards the Master of Air, the blast was too much for her.

She muttered, "Well, the show... must.... go on...." she then fell to the ground, the impact caused her to explode, just like her brothers.

In the Megazord's cockpit, no one heard Wiktoria muttered, "So long, Shriek."
When Wiktoria got home that night, Lightning Dash flew to her and hugged her human friend. "I'm glad you're okay, is that bird skeleton gone."

Wiktoria let go of Lightning and replied, "Yeah, she's gone. You good?" Lightning looked at herself and said, "Yeah, I guess so. Checked me over, I'm fine."

"You wanna listen to some music?" Wiktoria asked. Lightning flew over to the couch and replied, "Together." She patted the spot next to her on the couch, the Blue Ranger sat down and shared her ear-pods again.

They listened to Wiktoria's playlist until they both turned.

On the ground of Equestria, emerging from a dark cave; a purple knight stomped out of the opening. Discord had finally found the exit, he stated, "At last, Fluttershy, I'm free."

Draconequus Warrior

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Discord, the Lord of Chaos, former servant of the Master and King Zombra; he had finally escaped the underworld. While still trapped inside his purple armour, he could now return to his home and have the armour removed.

The knight was wandering through the Everfree Forest, just walking; and thinking about the first things he’s going to do, the minute he’s out of this armour. First he would hug and kiss his wife; he hasn’t been able to do that in almost a year. He would hug his son and daughter; heck, even his daughter’s boyfriend.

Discord was still carrying the sword and shield that he would use to battle the Power Rangers; while in the underworld, he would think of dropping the weapons and leaving them down there. But he never knew if he would need to defend himself down there, so he kept the sword and shield with him.

As the Draconequus continued to walk, he began to have flashbacks; to times he was not proud of during this last year.

Like the time he cursed the Yellow Ranger and turned him into Man-Spider.

In the Everfree; Adam and Discord battled until one was destroyed, Adam struck the Lord of Chaos with his magic staff. He backs away from the yellow suited hero; he said, "You fight well Yellow Ranger, for that; I will let you live for now." Adam placed his staff back in his holder on his belt; then de-morphed, returning to himself. "Why do you not remember her Discord?" Adam asks. "She misses you, she loves you. Fluttershy, Screwball, Zany, even Mothball; they want you back."

The draconequus raises his shield; the eye in the centre stares directly at Adam, "I leave you with a curse ranger, you will become your inner monster." With those words; Discord blasts the boy with a strong chaotic blast, sending him flying into a tree. When Adam gets up; preparing to start fighting again, he notices Discord is gone.

Discord was not proud of that day, now he was himself again, he regretted every bad thing he ever did to the rangers. However, he knew that they knew he wasn’t in control; once he was free from this armour, he would help the Power Rangers destroy Zombra and the rest of those monsters.

First Discord had to find his way out of the forest and make it back to Ponyville, or at least to his castle.
Deep within the underworld, Chrysalis had entered the main chamber; Malagore and Super-Nasor had gone to do other things in the caverns, the Changeling queen came to speak with her old partner.

“King Zombra, it’s time we did something about those Power Rangers.” Zombra face-hoofed himself, he then explained to Chrysalis, “My Changeling friend, I’ve been telling myself that for the last year. If I knew how to do that, don’t you think I would have done it already?”

Zombra hopped down from his throne and began to think back to when things seemed like they were going to go like planned.

“Remember when we turned Discord into of Night Warrior, he was a powerful soldier in my monster army.”

"There's nothing here; no crisis, no danger, no nothing." Discord was about to call it, until....

A swarm of Changelings charge from among the trees; blasting Discord with little green beams, knocking the draconequus to the ground. When the smoke cleared; Discord was surrounded by Changelings and one of them he recognised.

"Hello Dissy-dear."

The draconequus looked up; only to find....


Standing before Discord was the Queen of the Changelings; Chrysalis, one of Discord's oldest enemies.

Hate grew in Discord's eyes, "What are you doing here you parasite?!" he cried. "I thought I saw...."

"The last of me." she finished. "Oh Discord; when will you learn you'll never be rid of me." The Changeling Queen began to circle Discord and talk, "You and your family will not stop my plans this time. Especially now that I have a partner." Discord was confused, what did she mean "partner"?

"Chrysalis! Stop confusing the foolish creature." cried a voice coming from above. Discord looked up, only to find another familiar face. Discord looked even more confused, "King Zombra; why are you helping Chrysalis?" The shadow pony hopped down from the cliff and walked towards the draconequus, "I'm simple getting my payment." The false king explained.

Discord asked, "Payment? What is she giving you?" The king of monsters responded with, "A warrior. One that will serve me, her and our master." This whole thing was really making Discord's head spin, what were they talking about?

"Answer me this, lord of chaos; doesn't a bit of you miss being evil?" Zombra asked. "Because this goody-two shoes life can't be that good, can it?" Discord didn't understand; until two Changelings grabbed his arms, holding him to the ground. Zombra stepped towards the draconequus; his horn began to glow dark purple, "I think I've found my warrior."

Before Discord could teleport away; he was blasted with a dark magic beam. Before it took effect; Discord let out a large, "NOOOO!"

Suddenly, Zombra was snapped out of the Flashback when the two remaining evil elements walked into the room; Malagore explained, “It is time for the Selection Ceremony; the last two elements, one will rise, one will fall.”

Super-Nasor replied to that statement with, “Yeah, no pressure Malagore.” The two monsters presented their weapons to the pool of water in the centre of the room; the Master’s magic was projected into the air, it placed itself on the Master’s chosen monster.

Finally, after a long time of waiting, one monster got his chance. “Yes, at last!” Super-Nasor cheered when the dark magic placed itself on his fan-blade. “My time has finally come, the Power Rangers will face a real challenge and I will destroy them all.”

Super-Nasor needed no plan from his masters, he just summoned and portal and went to the surface world.

Malagore turned to King Zombra and asked, “What happens if he fails, my king?” Zombra sat back on his throne and replied, “It matters not, Malagore. My time has almost come, with just a little extra power, I will be able to generate my warrior form and once again leave this hateful place.”

Zombra and Malagore began to chuckle like true villains, Chrysalis stood there watching the two laugh like mad.
The rangers (including Heather and Charlie), were all at Sweet Apple Acres, they decided to take some time thinking about all adventures. Adam remembered the day him and the rangers first arrived on this planet, coming to this year’s Grand Galloping Gala. Rory remembered a more recent event, the day he was sprayed with Hecka-Toad’s bad luck slime; he spent the whole day having bad things happen to him.

Kian suddenly remembered his greatest memory of being a Harmony Force Power Ranger; he asked his team, “Do you guys remember the day we got our legend powers?” They remembered that day, Rose replied, “How could we forget, those powers were so incredible.”

The rangers' new staffs had numbers on them, so they used it.

Kian tried his new magic first, "Code 1, Rock Slide!" he pointed his staff at the monsters, and boulders were blasted towards them, taking some out.

"Code 1, Tornado Blast!" Rose cheered. A large portion of wind was thrown at the remaining Ghouls, blowing them into the cave wall.

"Code 1, Tidal Wave!" Wiktoria blasted the Ghouls hold the Mane 6 with a strong blast of water.

"Code 1, Lightning Strike!" Adam destroyed the defeated Ghouls with his Lightning, the disappeared in purple smoke.

Rory used his power on the last monster, "Code 1, Inferno Slash!" he slashed his staff at Brawl-&-Chain, sending the elemental master out of the cave and into the forest.

“Those powers are by far the best thing to come out of being a Power Ranger.” Wiktoria stated. But then Charlie replied to that statement with, “Now, come on; you guys are forgetting the real best part about being a ranger.”

All the others didn’t know the answered, so the Gold Ranger said, “Protecting the innocent and saving the world.”

Today was going so well, the call from Celestia made the good feeling go away. Rory pulled out his morpher and answered, “What’s up, Princess?”

Celestia explained the new situation, “Rangers, another Evil Element has surfaced in Ponyville; the Master of Earth.” With their answer, the rangers all ran towards the town; on the way, Adam stated, “Don’t worry guys, with all our new powers; this one with be easy.”

The Power Rangers had it in their mind they could beat this monster in record time.
Super-Nasor scared all the resident ponies away, like he was searching for the perfect spot to hatch his evil plan. His search was over when he found a small patch of dirt in the ground; he reached in a small pouch he carried and pulled out small plant seeds.

Using his weapon, he dug a hole in the dirt, then dropped the seeds into the soil; when he covered the seeds with the dirt, he muttered, “That’s it babies, grow for daddy.”

Suddenly, small plants began to grow out of the ground; the vines and plants grew bigger than normal ones, they began to sprout out of the ground everywhere, wrapping themselves around the buildings.

The Master of Earth admired his work, “Yes, this world will soon become my own private plant garden. Or maybe, even a jungle.” He laughed like a true villain, not knowing that his enemies were on the way.

The rangers arrived at the town’s centre, they saw all the plants that had grown over the buildings. “This reminds of that song, ‘Welcome to the Jungle’.” Kian said. Heather turned her head and saw the thing they were looking for, “There, that’s him.” She shouted, pointing at Super-Nasor.

“Welcome rangers, welcome to my brand new jungle. My new kingdom.” The monster explained. “You will have to go to great lengths to defeat me.” He then laughed like crazy again.

Rory stepped forward and said, “Okay guys, let’s show this over grown pot-plant how trip hedges on Earth. It’s Morphin Time.”

The five main rangers pulled out their morphers and began the morph sequence, shouting out, "Magical Source, Harmony Force!"


Once the team was morphed, they each called out their titles.

"Element of Honesty, Green Harmony Ranger!" Kian cheered.

"Element of Laughter, Pink Harmony Ranger!" Rose announced.

"Element of Loyalty, Blue Harmony Ranger!" Wiktoria stated.

"Element of Kindness, Yellow Harmony Ranger!" Adam cried.

"Element of Magic, Red Harmony Ranger!" Rory said as he stood in the middle of his team. He then turned to Charlie and Heather, asking, "You guys ready to join the party?"

Charlie morphed first, "Solar Sound Morpher." he said as he pulled out his morpher. "Magical Source, Harmony Force!"


When Charlie had his armour on, he cheered, "Power of the Sun, Celestia's Knight!"

The ranger to morph was Heather, using her wand, she began the chant. “Magical Source, Harmony Force!”


“Element of Generosity, White Harmony Ranger!” Heather said.

With the whole team morphed now, they could begin the battle against Super-Nasor; Rory ordered, “Alright rangers, let’s get him.” The team drew their weapons and charged at the monster, the Master of Earth used his weapon to fight back.
Meanwhile, at the Castle of Chaos; Fluttershy was in her garden, watching Zany play with the rabbits. She sighed in awe as she watched her baby boy laugh and play with the animals, her motherly love for her children was her magic; it was all the magic she needed in life.

Suddenly, a figure came stumbling out of the forest, a walking suit of armour. “Fluttershy, are you here? Fluttershy, my love?” The yellow Pegasus turned to where the voices were coming from, then her eyes filled with tears, “Discord!” she cried.

She flew over to her husband and wrapped her arms around his neck; Zany watched his mother hug the strange purple knight, he didn’t understand why.

Discord dropped his sword and shield and hugged his wife, never letting go of her again. Fluttershy released him from the hug to look into his eyes; though they were still behind a helmet, “Discord, the rangers; they can use the elements to set you free.” The lord of chaos remembered that very thing, so he put his wife down and turned towards Ponyville. “I must find the rangers, so they can undo this dreaded curse.” He stated.

He quickly turned back to his wife and caressed her face, “Wait for me?” Discord asked. She stroked the hand that was on her face and replied, “Always.”

Discord picked up the sword and shield, he then ran all the way to Ponyville; Fluttershy watched him run, knowing he’s coming back this time.
The battle between the Power Rangers and Super-Nasor had already begun, he used his fan-blade to block any sword or axe attacks. Heather, Rose and Wiktoria used their magic staffs to blast him from the distance; along with Adam and his crossbow.

‘Nasor blocked the blasts with his weapon, while also striking Rory, Kian and Charlie. With one final strike, the monster knocked those three rangers into the rest of their team; they all collapsed to the ground.

Charlie sat up and muttered, “We may need some back up.” The rest of the rangers tried to get up as well, but the fight had taken so strength out of them. Super-Nasor walked towards them, saying, “You rangers destroyed my brothers and sister; for that, prepare to meet your destruction.”

‘Nasor raised his weapon for the final blow, until another blast out of nowhere knocked off his feet and blasted him towards a building.

“No today, Super-Nasor.”

All the rangers turned to see Discord walking towards them, he said, “Time for you to leave, or be destroyed yourself.” The ranger team got up and ran towards their friend, Adam was the first to hug Discord. He said, “You’re okay, Fluttershy will be amazed.” But Discord explained that she already knew, he then said, “It’s time to get me out of this armour.”

Kian said, “Let’s do it. Charlie, can deal with Super-Nasor while we handle this.” The Time-Lord turned to the monster and replied, “Watch me.”

As the gold knight ran towards the Master of Earth, the two of them clashed into a battle of their own. Meanwhile, the six barers of the Elements of Harmony stood in a circle around Discord; he was ready for this, ready to go home.

The six rangers drew their magic staffs and began the chant, “Ancient Powers, Mystic Spell Ceil.” A gold ring was generated around Discord’s body. The ranger said the spell, “Gowen Mysto Relinkvor!” Suddenly, each magic staff fired a rainbow blast at Discord, the magic was breaking away the armour.

Piece by piece, bit by bit; the armour was falling off his body. Until….

There was a flash of light, the rangers all covered their eyes; when the light disappeared, so did the armour. Standing before the Power Rangers, was Discord himself; he was free.

The Draconequus looked at his hands, he didn’t see black gloves, he saw a lion paw and an eagle talon. He muttered, “I’m free….. I’m back.” He quickly checked himself, all his animal parts were still there; his tail, his antlers and his one tooth. “I’m FREE!!” he cheered.

The rangers admired their work, they had finally done it; Adam had done what he had promised Fluttershy, saved Discord.

However, as the rangers were celebrating; Charlie was flung towards the group, he couldn't hold Super-Nasor back any longer. "Sorry, Rangers. I tried to beat him." Rose patted him on the shoulder and replied, "Don't worry, Charlie. Let's beat him together." she insisted.

But, before the Power Rangers could charge forward, Discord put out his hand to stop them. "Stay back rangers, I'll handle this over grown leaf."

Super-Nasor was surprised to see the lord of chaos willing to fight, "I thought you were out of power." the monster muttered. Something suddenly appeared in Discord's hand, a morpher. "I'm not."

Discord opened the morpher and typed in the spell code, he could now use the power he gained for and to defeat evil. "Magical Source, Harmony Force!"


The rangers watched their friend morph back into the wolf armour, the difference being; it was red.

"Burn Heart of Chaos, Draconequus Warrior! Defender of Peace!" Discord announced.

Super-Nasor could not believe his eyes; neither could Zombra, him and Chrysalis were watching the whole thing through the rift. The Changeling Queen stated, “First five rangers, then six, then seven; now eight. This is getting ridicules.”

Back at the fight, Discord drew his sword from his shield, “I’ll give you one chance, Super-Nasor; leave, go back to the underworld and never come back.” But the monster lifted his weapon and replied, “I’m not going anywhere, you are the one that will be leaving. Now, I’m going to do what Zombra and Chrysalis should have done months ago.”

With that said, the two warriors charged into a mighty battle; ‘Nasor used his fan-blade to strike his enemy, but Discord was able to block it with his shield. Once he had an opening, the Lord of Chaos was able to strike the plant monster, forcing him to stumble back.

Discord decided to finish this, he channelled all his power to his sword, reading the final strike. “In the name of Chaos, Blazing Storm Slash!” he cried. The Draconequus brought his sword down and slashed Super-Nasor with the might of fire.

The strike was too much for the monster, ‘Nasor muttered his final words, “You may think you’ve got me; but we plants always grow back.” He then fell forward and exploded into moss chunks.

Discord muttered, “It’s good to be back.”

Zombra watched his monster be destroyed, but he didn’t look mad; Chrysalis looked at his face, he was smiling. “What’s got you so happy, now there’s only one evil element left.” King Zombra turned to her and replied, “Down get your wings in a bunch, watch.” He said while pointed back at the rift.

The vines from the buildings began to slither off the walls like snakes, they made their way to where Super-Nasor was destroyed. The rangers all turned their attention to moving plants, the started wrapping around each other; like they were forming something.

Once all the plants had joined the merge, Rory could see what they doing; once they had finished, there was a flash of green and standing before them was a giant Super-Nasor. “SURPRISE POWER RANGERS; DID YOU REALLY THINK I DIDN’T HAVE A BACK UP PLAN!!”

The rangers had to stop this guy before he levelled the whole town, Discord figured he wouldn’t be able to help in this situation; however, he was wrong.

Just as the rangers were about to use their Titan Powers, Princess Celestia flew down from the sky to meet them. “Discord.” She said, happy to see her old friend. The draconequus put his weapons down to hug his first friend; they broke the hug when they remembered the problem they had. Super-Nasor was still going to destroy the town, so they had to act fast.

Suddenly, a glow came from Discord’s belt; he grabbed the source of the glow, his morpher. When he opened it, three numbers were glowing on the keypad; “A spell code.” Discord muttered. He already knew what this could do, so it was time to see if it works.

He turned to Celestia and asked, “You ready?”

“Always.” The princess replied.

The draconequus typed in the spell code and chanted the spell, “Somba Guliose Equestras!” he then grew into a giant. Celestia used her magic to grow into her giant mystic Alicorn form; the two of them ran towards each other.

Discord leaped into the air and began to combine with Celestia. Where the combination was complete, Discord cheered, “Power of the Sun, Power of Chaos; Centaurus Uni-Zord!”

This new Megazord was incredible; Celestia had formed the arms and the legs, Discord was placed in chest piece, forming part of the torso and the head. Celestia’s Alicorn head became a sort of helmet for the Megazord; and her tail had created a cutlass-like sword.

Once they were ready, Discord and Celestia charged towards Super-Nasor; the two giants clashed together, trying to knock the other over. “You can’t beat me, you won’t beat me; I’ve waited too long for this.” ‘Nasor stated. But Discord replied, “Well then, this will be a let-down.”

But suddenly, the monster pushed the Megazord back; once he had some space, Super-Nasor sprouted vines from his hands. The vines wrapped around Discord, stopping his movement; even his sword couldn’t cut through it.

The rangers on the ground were watching the battle, they saw that there friends were in peril. “Let’s give them a hand, rangers!” The Power Rangers used their weapons to blast magic at Super-Nasor, the blasts were strong enough to break his concentration; the vines around Discord dropped, he now had an opening.

“I’m ending this.” The draconequus cried.

He channelled all his power to his weapon, using an even more powerful attack. “Chaotic Strike!” he yelled.

Discord’s sword slashed Super-Nasor with so much chaos magic, the final strike was enough to defeat him. The monster cried, “No! It was my time! All that waiting, for nothing!” he then fell forward and exploded for the last time.

It was over, the rangers had won the day again. Rory stated, “That weed’s been wacked; one monster left.”
When the fighting was over, all the rangers returned to their homes; meanwhile, Adam had a promise to keep.

The human and the draconequus approached the Castle of Chaos, standing by the front door, was the family Discord once lost. Screwball had her hoof around Mothball’s neck and Fluttershy was holding Zany in her wings.

Screwy couldn’t believe her eyes when she looked towards the rope bridge; and saw her father crossing it. “Daddy!” she cried as she ran towards him. The two of them gave each other the monster of all hugs, the rest of the family joined the group hug; in the mist of it, Fluttershy and Discord shared a passionate kiss.

Adam watched the family become close again, he stood behind them, watching them be happy. Screwball turned to the human and held out her hoof, “Come on Adam, your apart of this family now to.” She pulled him in and Adam joined the hug.

The rangers had done it, they saved Discord. And with just one evil element left, this fight was coming that much closer to ending.

The Underworld Rises

View Online

Not too long ago, a planet like no other was in terrible danger; from a threat that could not be stopped by natural causes. The threat was the power of the underworld, trying to conquer the surface words.

King Zombra, his power to command the monsters of the deep and the army of the undead, allowed him to attack the peaceful world known as Equestria. The ponies of this world were no match against the evils of the underworld, they could not stop the rising darkness.

Zombra would have destroyed them all, if it weren’t for a team of brave heroes; warriors that would give their lives to protect the innocent. They are… the Power Rangers.

Kian; the team’s muscle. He would fight to win and protect those who can’t protect themselves; never telling a lie. The Element of Honesty and the Green Harmony Force Ranger.

Rose; she helps the team up when they feel down. Showing all the care she can for the good inhabitants of Equestria; able to turn the biggest of frowns upside down. The Element of Laughter and the Pink Harmony Force Ranger.

Wiktoria; the one you can rely on. Fighting for what’s right and would stick by her friends no matter what the circumstances; she would put her friends needs above her own. The Element of Loyalty and the Blue Harmony Force Ranger.

Adam; the brains of the team. This ranger believes freedom is the right of all beings and that this planet is precious to him; he would never let anyone insult or mistreat them. The Element of Kindness and the Yellow Harmony Force Ranger.

Finally, there’s Rory, the team leader. He holds the ranger team together, leading them to victory against the rising evil. The Element of Magic and the Red Harmony Force Ranger.

During the time being Power Rangers, they were joined in their fight by friends and allies. Friends that also excepted ranger powers, learning to use them for what is right.

Charlie; otherwise known as the Doctor. He accepted the power of the sun; and became Celestia’s Knight.

Heather; using the final Element of Harmony and becoming the White Harmony Force Ranger; chosen by Adam when the situation needed her the most. She finds happiness in giving instead of receiving; including giving all she's got in the fight against evil.

And now with Discord fighting by their side as well, they believe their job couldn't be easier. If only they knew, how wrong they were.
In the underworld, King Zombra sat on his throne of evil and waited for his time. Malagore stomped into the main chamber, he asked, "My master, it is time for the Selection Ceremony." but Zombra looked at him and growled, "You are the only one left you fool! There is no need; however, we will be going to the surface together."

The fire monster wondered what he meant, until he remembered what Zombra's been telling him over the last few days. "You mean, it's time?" the Master of Fire asked. The King of Monsters got of his throne and replied, "Yes."

Zombra began to glow purple, his horn was channelling all the magic in his body to accomplish his goal. His body started to change form, he started to grow ever so slightly; his body shifted into a different shape.

When the transformation was complete, Zombra had morphed into his warrior form; his legs were that of a human but with hooves for feet, he carried his lance that was shaped as a unicorn's horn, his body was suited in black roman armour & his horn grew out of the top of his helmet.

"Yes! At last!" Zombra cheered. Malagore couldn't believe his fiery eyes, his king had regained the power to escape this underworld prison. The King of Monsters turned to Malagore and explained his plan, "The Gate of the Underworld, if the gate was to be opened, all our soldiers could attack the surface world at once."

Malagore reminded his leader about a certain fact, "But Zombra, the only one who can open the gate passed away years ago." Zombra replied with, "I never thought I'd say this, but we need those rangers. Their powers have the ability to raise and open the gate."

"Once the gate is open, I will return to the surface with my army. You will attack the Power Rangers; distract them so Chrysalis..." Zombra then pointed at Chrysalis who had just walked in. "Can grab one of them and use their magic to raise the gate." Zombra then turned to the Changeling Queen, she had a big role to play. "Once you use a ranger's power to raise the gate, bring them back here. Drain them of their power and use to open the gate."

Chrysalis understood her job, so Malagore summoned a portal and went to the surface world. Zombra went back to his throne and muttered, "Every creature in Equestria will be destroyed, the underworld will populate the world." The Changeling Queen then realised what that meant, "Every creature, master."

"Yes, this underworld will conquer and destroy everything." Chrysalis moved closer to the throne and said, "But my son is up there, if I can convince him to..."


Chrysalis was blown to the ground, Zombra explained, "Your son betrayed your kind, he will be destroyed along with his mare-friend and his in-laws." Chrysalis stood up and replied, "Yes, master." With that said, Chrysalis wandered down the caverns and almost cried.

"He may have betrayed me, I may have no heart; but he's still my son."
Adam was sitting on the couch in the Chaotic Castle, looking at something in his hands; the picture of the Draconequus family that they gave him for his birthday. H just feels happy that he had a hand in bringing the family back together.

He remembered the day he arrived on Equestria, the day they came to the Grand Galloping Gala; the heart warming moment he shared with Fluttershy.

As he was strolling down memory lane, Screwball walked into the room and joined him on the couch. The boy place his arm over her shoulder and she rested her head on his; Adam loved this pony like a sister, she was the most peaceful creature on the planet.

All those bullies who gave her a hard time when she was a filly, he'd like to give them a piece of his mind. After a while the rest of the family joined them on the couches; Fluttershy floated in the air, Zany in one hoof and the other hoof around Discord's neck.

Mothball floated to the couch as well, Screwy sat up off Adam and hugged onto her colt-friend.

A world of peace is the world Adam wants to be a part of. The moment of silence ended when Discord started speaking. "Adam; I can't thank you enough for keeping my family safe, they are the most precious treasure. And you protected them for the time I was gone."

Adam blushed with embarrassment for a moment, he replied, "It was an honour and a joy to watch over them." he then smiled as he turned to Screwy and Mothball. "They are precious to me too." Discord then asked something else, "And what's this I hear about you wanting to stay on Equestria?"

"I have found peace on this world, I can't throw something like that away." Adam explained. Fluttershy smiled and said, "Well remember, you're always welcome to stay here as long as you need to."

Adam was thankful for this life, he is has truly found his home.
Kian and Rory wandered around Sweet Apple Acres, the farm that they've called their home for the last year or so. Their lives as Power Rangers was something they always enjoy talking about; Kian said, "Remember the day I got frozen in ice by Fifty-Below, I was so cold." Rory laughed and replied, "Yeah, that was also the day you unlocked your full potential, and built up the guts to ask Wiktoria out."

Kian sighed when he mentioned that, him and Wiktoria did agree to just be friends after that; they didn't want things to be weird between them. "She told me we shouldn't become an item until after this whole Power Ranger thing is over; just so we're can stay focused on the job."

Rory thought that must have been harsh, get shot down like that. "But you want to be with her, don't you?" Kian looked down and sighed. The Green Ranger then replied with, "Of course I do; but she's right, we need to focus on the mission."

Rory and Kian wandered towards the house, still talking about old times; just before they walked into the house, Kian asked, "Hey, how come you want to get off this planet?" Rory then sighed again and explained, "I don't want to get off the planet, I just miss Earth, our home. We should be on Earth right now, defend our own home planet; but instead were here defend ponies who can't man up and defend themselves."

Kian pretended he didn't hear that, "These ponies are our friends, we defend them because we care about them." Rory started to walk away, "Sorry Kian, I have accepted these ponies as friends; but I'm only here because the O.S.C ordered us to be here." With that said, the Red Ranger wandered off.
Wiktoria was sitting in the her room with Lightning Dash and Prism, just three girls gossiping. "So get this, Thunder Dash's date with Apple Blossom ended early because he was afraid to go on the rollercoaster." Lightning explained. Wiktoria asked, "But you can all fly, except Prism, how is he afraid of roller coasters?"

"Apparently he hates going fast when he's not in control." the Pegasus teen replied.

Prism rolled onto her back and started laughing at the thought of her brother being scared. Wiktoria turns to the little filly and states, "Come on now, Prism; let's not laugh. Even though it is funny." The three of them giggled a little more before changing the subject.

Prism turned to the Blue Ranger and asked, "Are you going back to your home, once your job is done." she looked a little upset when she asked this. Wiktoria opened her arms and invited the little pony in for a hug. "You and I both know that me staying here was going to be temporary." she said as she wrapped her arms around Prism.

"I've loved living here, but Earth is still gonna need me once the job is done. But don't worry, I'll come back and visit sometimes." Prism nuzzled into her human friend's arms, Wiktoria held her tighter. She then stretched her arm out to let Lightning Dash join in; the three of them let all the bad thoughts go away.

Suddenly, Rainbow Dash called them down for lunch, Wiktoria let the two ponies go downstairs. She sighed at the two of them, let them know she had appreciated the friendship they've given her.
Rose was walking through town; Jewel in the stroller she was pushing, with Gemstone walking along with her. The little unicorn was happy with her new baby sister, she had been helping Rose look after here during the times Rarity and Fancypants were too busy.

“Hey Gemstone, you want to hold Jewel for a second?” Rose asked as she stopped walking and lifted the baby out of the carriage. Gemstone was more than happy to hold her baby sister; Rose handed Jewel to the filly, she sat on the ground with the baby in her hooves. Meanwhile, Rose dug through the baby bag to try and find the bottle.

Gemstone just sat there, making silly faces at her sister and making her laugh. The day was going so well, Rose found the bottle and handed it to Gemstone; she began to feed he sister with the bottle, Rose sighed at the two of them.

Suddenly, a blast of fire was shot at the baby carriage; thank Celestia Jewel wasn’t in it. Rose jumped and grabbed the children to moved them out of the way, she looked back at the carriage; it was completely destroyed.

The Pink Ranger turned her head the other way and saw the one responsible for its destruction; Malagore was stomping through town, shooting fire balls at whatever he came across. When he saw the ranger with the two fillies, he roared, “It’s time, this world will burn! And you with it!” Rose had no time to take Gemstone and Jewel home, so she did the next best thing, “Gemstone, take your sister and hided somewhere. I’ll find you once I’m done with hot-head.”

The little unicorn ran for one of the market stalls, Rose was left with the Master of Fire; she stated, “You either leave peacefully, or I kick you back into the volcano you crawled out of.” But the monster did nothing but laugh. He explained, “Fool, you may have destroyed every Evil Element you’ve fought, but I’m not like the others. I was born in the planets core, I don’t just have power, I am power!”

When he finished, he released a giant fireball at the building; once it struck the structure, the roof came down, the ponies inside just made out.

Rose wasn’t going to let this monster get away with this, she decided to take action. The ranger pulled out her morpher a spoke the magic words, “Magical Source; Harmony Force!


Once she was at full power, Rose charged towards the monster; as she ran, she leaped into the air and chanted another spell. “Legendary Source, Harmony Force!” the legend from her legend mode made Malagore cover his eyes for a sec, giving her the chance to kick him away.

As the monster stumbled back, she used one of her special attacks to knock him off his feet; “Code 1, Tornado Twirl!” the whirl wind blew Malagore into a wall. Rose was cheering because of how easy this was; she didn’t think she needed the rest of the team, however, she called them anyway.
Adam received the call from Rose, so he pulled out his morpher and chanted the spell; “Magical Source, Harmony Force!”


Now that he was morphed, he used his magic to teleport to the fight scene.

Rory, Kian and Wiktoria were all in different places, but they all got the call and morphed at the same time. “Magical Source, Harmony Force!” the cheered in unison.




The three of them teleported as well, all of them meeting with Rose at the battle.
Malagore got back up when the other rangers arrived, Rose de-morphed from her legend mode; the whole team stood in a line, ready to take down the last of the Eight Evil Elements.

Rose stated something to the others, “Don’t be afraid rangers, this one’s easy.” But when the Master of Fire was ready, he stated, “Fools, I was barely even trying. Prepare to face the full power, of fire!” Malagore’s claws then caught fire, he threw two fire balls at the rangers, striking them to the ground. Kian recovered from the blast and leaped at the monster, but the fire creature just slashed him with his claw.

Just as he was about to blast the rangers again, a white blast came out of nowhere and knocked him to the ground again.

The rangers turned their heads and saw Heather, morphed and aiming her staff at Malagore. When the monster got back up, the white ranger charged at him; the two of them met in a brawl with the weapons. The Master of Fire’s mace was swung left and right, trying to knock the ranger to the ground; but Heather was quick, kicking and punching him.

The other rangers began blasting him with their staffs, Malagore was knocked of guard; letting Heather kick him once last time. The monster was knocked to the ground and rolled away, the White Ranger joined the group; they were ready to finish him.

Just as the team would combine their weapons, a blast of green energy was shot at them from afar. Chrysalis flew down towards the group of rangers, she grabbed Heather by her arm and dragged her away from her friends.

Heather tried to resist, yanking her arm free and kicking the changeling away. While the two of them started fighting, Malagore got up again and unleashed his full power on the Power Rangers.

Adam tried kicking him, but he grabbed the Yellow Rangers leg and threw him across the street; Rose and Wiktoria met similar problems when Malagore slashed them both with his claws and knocked them to the ground. Rory kicked him away from the girls, and Kian leaped into the air and kicked him again.

The White Ranger tried her best to defeat Chrysalis, but she was no match for the Queen of the Changelings; Heather was knocked down of guard and was trapped by the fore-legs of the changeling. Once Chrysalis had an element barer, he began to put the plan in action; “By the power of an Element of Harmony; let the Gate of the Underworld rise up.” Heather couldn’t stop her, she could shout, “No!”

The ground suddenly started to shake, in the distance, the ground started to crack open; when the gorge was wide enough, a terrifying structure began to rise from the deep. The Gate of The Underworld was as big as a giant monster, opening that would let the whole underworld loose on the surface world.

The rangers attention then turned to Malagore, who had grown into his giant form; he roared, “NOW THAT YOU HAVE HELPED RAISE THE GATE, I HAVE THE HONOUR OF CRACKING IT OPEN!!” he turned and marched towards the gate. Chrysalis watched him moves towards the gate, she stated, “Now that the gate has been risen, you’re coming with me to open it properly.” She summoned a portal and was taken back to the underworld, pulling Heather down with her.

Adam cried, “Heather!” as the rangers watched their friend be pulled down to the pit. They then turned back to the monster who was punching the gate, trying to open it. “We need to stop this, once and for all.” Rory ordered; the ranger team then Titan-ed Up. The team typed the spell code into their morphers and changed form.

“Mystic Minotaur!” Kian cheered.

“Mystic Breezy.” Rose stated.

“Mystic Aquamare!” Wiktoria chanted.

“Mystic Griffon!” Adam announced.

“Mystic Phoenix!” Rory said as he stepped in front of his team. “Alright rangers, let’s turn this lava guy into charcoal!”

The five Titans had got Malagore’s attention; he turned to see them chanting another spell. “Gowan Mysto Odious!” the spelled. The five of them began to combine; Kian’s Minotaur spun it’s head around and awaited the rest, Wiktoria shifted into leg armour, she attached herself to Kian’s legs. Adam shifted into the wings, locking himself on Kian’s back; Rose and Rory combined to form the chest piece, which them locked onto the rest of the Megazord.

When the transformation was complete, the rangers cheered, “Titan Megazord!” The five of them sat in the cogpit, ready to fight.

Malagore stopped punching the gate when he noticed the Megazord marching up behind him; he turned to the rangers and started attacking them. Rory ordered the team to try and punch back, but the Master of Fire grabbed them and held them in a bear hug.

“HAVE YOU HUGGED YOUR ZORDS TODAY?” he joked. Malagore then through the Megazord at the gate; when the rangers impacted, the zord had taken some damage. Sparks were flying around in the cogpit, the Megazord tried to stand back on its feet; until they got a surprise from behind.

An arm reaches out from the gate and grabs the Power Rangers by the shoulder, when they turn to see what’s going on, they see Zombra; trying to break through. “Hello rangers; long time, no see.” Malagore raises his arms and cheers, his master his finally free. Zombra explained, “Your Megazord cracked the gate’s lock, enough for me, to slip through.”

When the Megazord steps away from the gate, they see Zombra breaking through. Once he slips through the crack, he states, “Oh rangers, I’m back.” He then slashes them with his lance, with the power of dark magic.

The Titan Megazord was thrown across town by that blast; Zombra walked out of the gate, it instantly closed again once he escaped. Zombra muttered, “Now it’s up to Chrysalis to open it fully."
Down in the underworld, Chrysalis dragged heather into a chamber; then through her to the ground. The White Ranger was sitting in a circle drawn on the ground, it generated a shield that was keeping her trapped; Chrysalis summoned an hour-glass with her magic.

She explained, “When this runs out of sand, your power will drained into the gate and it will open. Releasing the army the undead on the surface world.” She turned back to the hour-glass and turned it over. “It isn’t long, my dear; no it isn’t. We can’t wait forever for our victory.”

The Changeling Queen then leaves the room, leaving Heather to have her powers drained.

Every few minutes, Heather would receive an electric shock from the force-field; that was the power leaving her body.
Meanwhile, at the Castle of Chaos, Discord and his family were gathering all their friends together; giving them a safe place to stay until the fighting is over. The Lord of Chaos and Charlie were making sure nothing attacked them while they were off guard.

“Charlie, head inside; keep yourself safe.” Discord ordered. But Charlie shook his head and replied, “Not a chance Discord; were both the last of our kind, but you’ve got a wife and kids in there. You’re the one who should stay safe.”

As the two of them spoke, they heard something from the distance; suddenly, a group of Ghouls sprung from the trees. The monster minions charged towards the castle, and it was up to Discord and Charlie to stop them. So the two of them chanted, “Magical Source; Harmony Force!” and morphed into their armour; they then charged towards the incoming Ghouls.

The two rangers fought off the ghouls, Screwball watched her father and his friend protect the castle from the window. She wanted to run out and help them, but she knew that her father wouldn’t let her, nor would her mother if she saw her run out to the battle.

The only thing the chaotic pony could do, was use the communicator that Adam gave her to try and contact the other rangers. “Adam, come in? Do you copy?”

Adam replied, but it sound like it was a bad signal, “What is… it, Screwy?”

“My dad and Charlie are trying to keep the ghouls from getting into the castle, we may need some back up.” Screwball explained. Adam responding with, “Screwball… were a little… busy at the… moment!”

Screwy got her prove when she looked in the distance and saw the Megazord struck down, and standing over it, was a giant King Zombra titan and the Master of Fire.

Charlie and Discord stopped fighting for a second, they saw the Megazord go down; Discord turned to the gold knight and said, “Go help your friends, I handle these guys.” He said as he struck down another Ghoul. Charlie nodded and ran away from the castle, towards the other battle.
Back over at the Megazord fight, the rangers were not able to fight both these monsters at once; last time they fought Zombra and another monster, Discord came to save them. But this time, they had to deal with it themselves.

Rory said to his friends, “I’ve got a plan. Titan Megazord, Dragon formation!”

When he said that, the Megazord changed shape; Rory’s zord disconnected from the rest and waited for the others to form the dragon before jumping on its back. The dragon flew into the air, shooting fire balls at the two monsters; being the Master of Fire, Malagore caught one of the fire balls and threw it back at the rangers.

The blast was a strong one, so strong that Rory fell of the dragon and the dragon fell apart. The ranger titans all were on the ground, too weak to get back up. “You rangers are too easy to destroy; I thought you’d at least put up a challenge.” Zombra insulted.

Suddenly, a fiery blast knocked the king of monsters of balance and sent him flying into Malagore. The rangers turned their heads to see the… “Solar Streak Megazord!” Charlie announced. He used his special attack again to give the Power Rangers a chance to recover, “Furnace Blast!” he stated, the blast knocked both the monster off their feet again.

King Zombra was open to a final strike, if the rangers combined their powers with Charlie’s; they could finally defeat Zombra. Some the team of titans concentrated their magic to give it to the gold Megazord; “Power Transfer.” They said in unison.

Once Charlie had the power, he opened his chest piece to fire one last blast of power. “Powers United.” Charlie shouted. Once the cannon was fully charged, the Gold Ranger yelled, “Fire!” A beam of gold light was fired at King Zombra.

However, just before the blast hit him; Malagore jumped in the way of the beam, it hit him instead. The rangers couldn’t believe what they just saw, that blast will surely destroy him; Malagore muttered, “Finish… them… my lord.” He then fell forward and exploded in a large ball of fire; the last of the Eight Evil Elements, was no more.

Zombra stared at what used to be his last loyal monster, he then turns to the rangers and cries, “I will destroy you, all of you!” he raises his lance in the air and chants, “Behold the power of the Master himself. Dark Magic Strike!” Zombra uses the dark power to strike the rangers to the ground, they cried out in pain as they crash into each other.

The Power Rangers were too weak, they de-morphed from their titan forms and tumbled to the ground. Charlie’s Megazord crashed into the hills, causing powerful damage; enough so that he fell out of his zord and landed next to his team. They tried to get back up, but they’d lost too much power.

“What do we do now?” Wiktoria asked. Rory got up and replied, “We need to stop Zombra from destroying Ponyville; and we also need to stop Chrysalis from opening that gate.” The whole team waited to hear their leader’s plan. “You guys try and stop Zombra from doing any more damage, me and Charlie are going to save Heather from the underworld.”

“Right.” The four rangers said in unison. They brought themselves to their feet and chanted the titan spell again; Kian, Wiktoria, Rose and Adam transformed into their large titan forms. They combined into the dragon, to try and work together to defeat King Zombra.

“Come one, Rory. We might be able to slip through the gate.” Charlie explained as they ran towards the large underworld-ly structure.

When they reached the opening, they were ambushed by Ghouls; “Where’d you guys come from?” Rory asked. The two rangers drew their swords and began the fight against these undead creatures. As they fought, Charlie shouted, “Rory, go find Heather, I’ll handle this.” Rory nodded in agreement and ran towards the gate, kicking down any Ghoul that got in his way.
Heather was still trapped in the spell ceil, unable to call her friends or use her magic to escape; Chrysalis watched the sand in the hour-glass fall, waiting for the gate to open.

Suddenly, the Red Ranger pounced into the room and kick the hour-glass over; shattering it. He then stated, “I’m not leaving without my friend, witch.” But all Chrysalis did was chuckle, they she revealed something that she’s been hiding from her master.

“Behold, Red Ranger; Toxic Jack’s stone of the undead. He could use it to resurrect the fallen monsters you and your friends have destroyed.” Her horn begins to glow and she places the rock on the ground. “Rise fallen warrior, rise and live once again.” She chanted.

The stone only had enough power left to bring back one monster, and Chrysalis chose wisely before selecting. When the monster’s body was formed, Rory couldn’t believe his eyes, “Cyclops?!” he said.

“That’s right Red Ranger, I told you I’d be back to get you.” The monster explained. With that said, the villain swung his war hammer and slammed Rory through a portal & out of the underworld. He landed next to where Charlie had finished of the Ghouls, only to see his friend being followed by a fallen enemy.

“Two rangers, this’ll be fun.” Cyclops said, before charging towards the Power Rangers. Charlie helped Rory up and the two of them got ready to fight; they charged towards Cyclops.

When their weapons clashed, all three of them grunted and tried to push the other back. Until Rory leaped backwards and kicked Cyclops in the stomach; the monster stumbled back for sec, giving Charlie a chance to cast a spell.

“Bassalitchy El Fraido!” with that spell, a portal appeared behind Cyclops, it was a one way ticket back to the underworld. “Time to send you back you belong, big guy.” Charlie stated. Him and Rory stood side by side, they got ready for when Cyclops was going to attack.

When the villain ran towards them, the two ranger delivered a strong kick to his chest; the kick was so strong, Cyclops went tumbling backwards into the portal. When the vortex closed, Cyclops was trapped in the dark pit. “Alright.” Rory cheered.

But the fight wasn’t over yet, the rangers failed to save Heather and their friends were still losing in the fight against Zombra. Rory didn’t know how to help his team, he was supposed to be the leader, and he can’t think of a way to help them.

Charlie turned to him and said, “We have to find a way to give you and the other rangers an edge in the battle.” Rory thought of a way to do just that, but he had no way of accessing it. “If only I had the Pony of Shadows, the last time we combined, the power was incredible.” The Red Ranger explained.

“Then you’ll have to do it again,” Charlie stated. “Maybe we can combine our magic to find a way to take control and summon him.” Rory was up for it if Charlie thought they could do it. So the two of them did it, they grasped their hands together and concentrated their power, their hands began to glow together, a mixture of gold and red light.

Until suddenly, there was a flash in the sky; suddenly, the giant Pony of Shadows was looking down at them. “Whoa.” Charlie and Rory said in unison. Charlie then turned to his friend and said, “Go, go help your team. I’ve got to go check on Discord at his castle, and make sure everypony got there safely.”

So as the Gold Ranger ran off, Rory looked up at the new zord; he shouted, “Hey, remember me?!” he then turned into his titan mode and leaped onto the Pony’s back. The two of them rode towards the battle between the rangers and the King of Monsters.

However, Charlie stopped when he looked back at the gate; the ranger began to mutter, “It took the power of the dark to create the gate, the power of the light should be enough to destroy it.” Charlie channelled all the power of the sun he had, creating a power ceil; he threw it at the gate, filling it with light magic.
Zombra fired another wave of dark power which knocked the rangers to the ground again; to them, it seemed all hope was lost. Adam said, “I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I can take another hit like that. Kian replied and said, “Don’t give up, we have to keep trying.”

The monster king heard their words and laughed, “Fools, you really have no chance against me. Who can stop me now?!”

Suddenly, a blast of light magic struck the gate; Zombra turned to the only way for his army to escape, something was happening. When the gold light disappeared, the large gate began to crumble, the magic had destroyed the gate. As the Monster King watched the gate turn to rubble, he roared, “Who has done this?!”

“That would the Power Rangers!”

The Power Rangers and King Zombra turned to see Rory and the Pony of Shadows charging towards the fight; as they past Zombra, Rory struck his armour with his sword, sending the mighty king to the ground.

“Okay Pony of Shadows, just like last time.” With that command, the Phoenix and the stallion began to combine. “Centaurus Phoenix Megazord!” The other ranger saw the mighty Megazord before their eyes once again, this gave them some hope.

Zombra got up and charged towards Rory, “Arh!” he cried. But Rory turned around and struck him with the Megazord’s large flaming weapon. To deliver a power attack, Rory used this… “Fire Tail.”

The long tail at the back of the Megazord’s head swung around and sliced through the king of Monsters; he fell to the ground once again and was weakened from the blow. Now that they had an advantage, the Power Rangers came together to finish this; once and for all. “You guys ready?” Rory asked for the final time. The rest of the team replied, “Yeah!”

The Pony of Shadows was sent back to the underworld, and the five titans combined into the Titan Megazord one again. The ranger were ready to finish this false, for good; the two giants charged into each other, their weapons clashing upon impact.
Meanwhile, Heather was still trapped in the underworld; but now that the gate had been destroyed, her magic was no longer being drained. Chrysalis had left the chamber to go and watch the final battle between good & evil.

“I have to help my friends, but I’m still trapped.” That’s when she remembered a spell that Celestia personally taught her. “I can help the rangers, but I need to concentrate.” She muttered.

She raised her arms in the air and began to chant the spell, “Velco Alister, Velgo Astrabba.” Heather could feel the magic, it was working; she was projecting her spirit out of her mortal body, now she could help her team.
Zombra was ready to destroy this team of Power Rangers for all the times they’ve beaten him; but he thought, ‘Not this time, and never again’. Chrysalis was standing on a hill, watching the battle and rooting for her master. Zombra charged at them, but stopped when he saw the bright light coming from the Megazord.

Inside the cogpit, the rangers looked up and saw a colourful light; the lifted their magic staffs into the air and they absorbed the power. Adam asked, “Where’d this energy come from?” And Wiktoria replied, “I don’t know, but it couldn’t have come at a better time.”

Rory said to the team, “Who cares where it came from, let’s use it.” The Power Rangers channelled all the power to the sword, “Ancient Powers, Mystic Spell Ceil.” The Megazord slashed through the ceil; Zombra filled his lance with dark magic and was ready to block it.

When the two weapons clashed, something strange happened; Zombra’s lance was turning to crystal, the whole weapon was now made of diamond. “What?” the Monster King question, until his lance shattered from the pressure, causing him to stumble back. Meanwhile, all the rangers were questioning what they just did.

“How did we do that?” Wiktoria asked.

“We turned it to diamond.” Kian replied.

“It’s got t be…” Rory started.

“Heather?” Rose finished.

“You mean the White Ranger?” Adam corrected.

Suddenly, a ghostly hand caressed the hand of the Megazord; the Rangers turned to see the spirit of the White Ranger standing beside them. “Heather.” Adam and Rose said in unison. That’s when Rose realised something, “Guys, we have all six Elements of Harmony.”

Rory replied, “Yeah, now we can’t lose. Ready guys?”





“Together!” they said in unison.

The Megazord lifted the sword above its head, the power of the White Ranger boosted the energy; the whole team cheered, “Harmony Strike!”

That one final slash won them the day, the light magic was too much for Zombra; he roared, “No! You insolent little… ANTS!!” he began to fall to his knees, but first stating his final words. “The great King Zombra has been defeated, but the Master will prevail!” the King of Monsters was done for, he fall backwards and exploded, chunks of him were blasted into space; he was finally defeated.

Chrysalis cried, “Zombra, it can’t be!”

The Power Rangers cheered, Rory saying this to his friends, “Great job, rangers; King Zombra’s gone.”

“Finally.” Kian said.

“Forever.” Rose replied.

“Nice.” Wiktoria stated.

“Sweet.” Adam said.

Megazord raised its sword in the air, to celebrate this great day; it was over.
Heather was able to use the rest of her power to escape the underworld, she teleported to the Castle of Chaos; where the Mane 6, and their families were waiting with Charlie.

“Heather.” The Time-lord said as he gave the White Ranger a friendly hug, she hugged him back, happy to see him.

As all the ponies and other creatures came outside to join them, the rest of the ranger team arrived to join the celebration. Screwball ran up and hugged Adam, Wiktoria was ruby tackled and hugged by the Dash Twins, and Kian kneeled down to hug Cinnamon Rolls.

Suddenly, Celestia, Luna, Twilight and her family teleported to the celebration; the sun princess had some things she wanted to say to the rangers. “My human friends, you have done incredible things for our world; you defeated the Life Cell villains, defeated the Eight Evil Elements and now you have finally saved our world from evil, by defeating King Zombra.”

Everybody and pony came together for one giant group hug, this world was finally safe; the darkness had been destroyed, and it was not coming back.

However, as the group hugged, Adam couldn’t help but remember the thing Zombra said before was destroyed; ‘the Master will prevail’. “Who’s the Master?” the boy whispered.

“Tomorrow’s problem.” He then said, letting himself have this moment. The Power Rangers had done it again.
However, at the site of the Gate’s destruction, something was causing the rubble to move. Something, no one knows what, was digging its way out of the mess.

Suddenly, a hand broke through, a human hand; this being muttered something as he crawled from the rocks, “I….am….FREE!!” he then laughed like a monster, the Power Rangers’ work, wasn’t over yet.

The End: part 1

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It was the middle of the night in Equestria, the land was blanketed by a dark fog.

Digging through the rubble of the Gate to the Underworld, a human shaped figure was crawling to freedom. When his hand escaped the piles of stone and debris, he finally claimed the freedom that he had desired for so long.

The figure stood on his feet, he seemed like he was wearing a black military jumpsuit, one from Earth at that.

He began to walk forward, he didn’t know where he was going, but he would have to find someone eventually. As he walked, he muttered, “It won’t be long, soon I will have my powers back and I will succeed where Zombra and the Elements failed.”

The figure just kept walking through the fog; until, he felt a surge of energy when he stepped out of the fog and into the moon light.

“Yes, the power, I can feel it.” The man started to glow purple, almost like the moon light was giving him more power than ever seen in Equestria. “First, I will show off my new power to those Power Rangers. Then I will destroy every last ounce of good magic on the planet.”

He then turned to the other side of the night sky, “And when I’m done here, I will take my new powers to Earth. I will rule both worlds.”

The evil figure began to laugh into the night, he was finally ready to take revenge on Equestria.


During the night, Adam was sleeping in his bed in the Castle of Chaos; as the boy slept, he had a terrible nightmare.

“Fluttershy…Screwy…. NO!” he suddenly shot up, out of bed.

When he realised it was over, he looked around the room; all was safe.

After his bad dream, Adam couldn’t sleep anymore; he got up, put his robe on and walked down to the kitchen. He needed to clear his head of all these bad thoughts, and there was only one way to that; ice cream.

When Adam arrived at the kitchen, he found a familiar face sitting at the counter, she had already beaten him to the ice cream tubs.

“Fluttershy, what are you doing up?” the Yellow Ranger.

The Pegasus put down the spoon and turned to her human friend, “It’s just this feeling I have. My senses are telling me that; even though Zombra is gone, the Underworld is sealed & I have Discord back in my arms. I just keep thinking, it was all too easy.”

Adam then pretended to chuckle, and replied, “Trust me, that was not easy. Battling monsters, giant robots and gates to the Underworld; not to mention the army of Ghouls that almost conquered the surface world.” The boy then sat down next to her.

Fluttershy handed Adam a spoon, he began eating another tub of ice cream; Fluttershy then chuckle at a thought she had. “You once told me, ice cream helps drown out all bad thoughts and worries; I think it’s working.” She said as she took another spoon full in her mouth.

The two of them ate through their own separate tubs, until they were both empty.

The Pegasus then decided she would go back to bed, she suggested, “You should go back to bed, Adam; you’re seeing your friends off tomorrow.” Adam couldn’t believe it had been three days since they defeated King Zombra; and tomorrow, a space bridge was coming to take his friends back to Earth.

Adam had stuck to his plan, he had decided to stay on Equestria; Celestia even said she would give him something once he had seen his friends off.

The boy hugged his Pegasus friend before watching her fly back to her bedroom; he then made his way to his room. Adam tried his best to go back to sleep.

All the way in Canterlot, Luna was asleep in her bed. Celestia had given her a night off, she wanted to let her sister sleep a bit because of all the chaos that had been happening in Equestria.

However, she was also having bad dreams; she felt an evil presence, one she hadn’t felt for almost twenty five years.

When she woke up, she sat up in her bad; in scared words, she muttered, “No, not again.”

The next day had finally come, each ranger had packed the stuff and was saying the good byes to their pony families.

Rory and Kian were standing outside Sweet Apple Acres, Cinnamon Roll was in Kian’s arms, hugging him tight. Rory was shaking hands and hooves with Spike and Big Mac, saying his farewells to the two bros he’s enjoyed hanging out with. Kian stroked Applespike behind the ear in his baby carriage, before both rangers wandered towards where they were meeting the other rangers. They waved goodbye as they left.

Wiktoria was telling the Dash family how wonderful it’s been living with them, all while she had a crying Prism in her arms. After the little filly had shed the last of her tears, Wiktoria handed Prism to her mother and began walking off; she waved goodbye to her second family.

Rarity was giving Rose a big hug before she would let her go home, the ranger hugged her back while stroking Gemstone’s hair. Pinkie Pie and her family had come to say goodbye as well; since Rose and Pinkie shared and element. It was hard for Rose to leave this family, she had really felt at home with them. The Pink Ranger let loose one more tear before she began to walk towards the meeting point, she waved back to the ponies as she wandered off.

Charlie was waiting for Heather, she was saying goodbye to Derpy and her daughter, Dinky. The Time-Lord still didn’t understand it, but he felt and connection to that grey Pegasus; almost like he knew her, or will soon know her. Time travel is complicated.

The two of them made their way to the Tardis, Charlie decided to fly them back to Earth. As for the rangers, the space bridge was waiting for them.

The rangers all gathered where the space bridge portal was going to appear; as promised, Adam had come to see his friends off. Of course the rangers will come back and visit, hopefully not to fight for survival.

Rose walked up to Adam and asked him, “Are you sure you don’t want to come back with us? We can always just visit this planet on certain occasions.”

Adam wrapped his arm over her shoulder and replied, “I’m sorry, Rose; this is my home now. I must keep my word, and stay.”

The time had come, the portal was ready to appear and transport four of the five Harmony Force Power Rangers back to Earth. However, before they left, Adam had a little task to do.

On the floor, next to where the Yellow Ranger was standing was a wooden briefcase. He opened the case and revealed five slots; Adam didn’t need to say in verbally, the rangers had to turn in their morphers and their ranger powers. The team noticed that Charlie’s and Heather’s morphers were already in there; Adam had collected theirs the other day.

Kian stepped up first, he muttered, “I’ll miss you.” He said to his morpher; he placed it in one of the slots and said, “Mean Green, for life.” He then pounded his chest to look cool.

Wiktoria stepped up next, she placed her morpher into the case. She stated, “It’s funny, my colour represents the emotion I’m feeling about leaving.” A tear fell down her cheek as she walked over to Kian.

Rory was next, I wouldn’t he was happy to get off this planet, but he was happy that the threat had been dealt with and battle is over. He simply placed his morpher in the centre of the case and patted Adam on the shoulder, “Take care of yourself, man.” He then walked towards the others.

Finally, Rose was the last to give up her power, it wasn’t easy for her. “Goodbye, Adam; check in on Jewel for me.” Adam nodded, let her put her morpher in the briefcase.

Without another second gone, the space bridge portal appeared in front of the five humans; Adam was ready to watch his friends leave. The four teens turned back to their friend and gave him a small wave; he replied by saying, “Say hi to the Rescue Bots for me.”

Suddenly, a loud bang was heard from the distance; along with a surge of purple lightning that could be view from their location. The rangers moved past the portal to get a good look at the strange event; purple lightning was, not striking the ground, but being blasted into the sky.

Wiktoria commented, “Oh, it never ends.”

Adam’s morpher; which was still in his pocket, started ringing. When the boy answered it, Celestia was informing the rangers about the new threat that had come to their land.

“Rangers, both me and Luna can feel this dark presence; it’s the biggest dark spirit we’ve ever sensed.” The princess explained.

The whole team could hear Celestia explain, Luna could be heard to; “I don’t believe it, sister. I haven’t felt this dark power in over two decades; that monster has returned.”

The rangers knew what they had to do, but Adam still cracked one of his lines, “What do you guys say, one last time?”

The team needed no time to think about this, they dropped their suitcases, grabbed their morphers from the case and ran to where the lightning was coming from.

The streets of Ponyville were in absolute carnage, pony town’s folk were running for their lives; the rangers had no idea what was causing this. They ran to the town’s centre, a place many of their battles have taken place; only to find what they weren’t expecting.

The team of heroes stopped in the middle of the street, when they saw the creature responsible for this destruction, they couldn’t believe their eyes.


Adam was both heart broken and confused, standing before them was Adam’s former partner and best friend; the one that was killed by his arch enemy.

“Miss me, Adam?” Jack asked, with an evil tone in his voice; his hands were glowing purple and his feet left burn footprint whenever he took a step. “And the rest of you; Rory, Rose, Kian & Wiktoria. You’re all looking well.”

Rory stepped forward and demanded, “How are you even alive, Adam told us that Venom murdered you the night he was captured?”

Since he was about to destroy them, he figured he might as well tell them how this came to be.

“My story begins the night I was killed; when Venom stabbed me, I was stone dead. My soul was brought to the underworld, I had been chosen by the Master to wield his power; the power of the night and moon.” The rangers were trying to put the pieces together, Jack continued explaining.

“You see rangers; it was me who told Zombra to steal the Life Cells from Celestia, it was me who gave Zombra the spell to turn Discord into a dark warrior. I told Chrysalis to work with Zombra, I promised her this land for her children. And it was me who sent the Eight Evil Elements to the attack you; and it’s all been leading to this day. The day, Nightmare Moon, is reborn.”

A shield suddenly appeared in Jack’s hand, “This shield is made from the remains of Nightmare Moon’s armour, it also contains the eye of the Master; giving me all his power.”

The rangers were still trying to get over the fact that it was Jack who has been pulling all the strings this entire time. All they knew now, they weren’t going to let him get away with it.

Wiktoria stated, “I don’t know what you’ve become, but you’re not Jack; he truly is gone.” The rest of her team stepped beside and were ready to fight. “Let’s show him some power of our own.”

Rory said, “Ready, rangers?”





The team pulled out their morphers and called for their powers, “Magical Source; Harmony Force!”


The five Power Rangers stood before their foe, ready for what seemed to be the fight of their lives.

Jack observed his opponents, he watched them morph into their suits; once they finished, he chuckled. “Lovely light show, my friends; you never told it was a dress code party.” Suddenly, Jack pulled a purple coloured Harmony Force morpher from his pocket. “Let me just slip into something more comfortable.”

He opened the morpher and typed in a spell code, he raised the morpher into the air and it generated a purple tornado around him. When the cloud cleared, Jack was wearing the same purple armour that Discord had spent the entire year trapped inside.

“How is this possible, we destroyed that armour?” Rose cried.

Jack laughed at his enemies’ confusion, “Nothing is truly gone forever, just temporary lost in the void.” He pulled the very same sword from the shield, he raised it in the air and stated, “And now, you fall.”

With that said, both the rangers and Jack charged at each other. The battle of the ages had now begun.

The dark warrior began by swiping his sword at the rangers, Rory and Kian managed to dodge the strike, but the others were knocked down. The Red and Green rangers clashed their weapons with Jack’s sword, pushing him back and giving the rest of team a chance to get up.

Adam tried to get, but that was a powerful slash; he changed his staff into a crossbow and fired lightning blasts at Jack. Wiktoria used her spear to join the clash between the rangers and the Master; Rose tried throwing her shield at him.

But the team was out of luck; Jack pushed the three rangers to the ground, he blocked Adam’s blasts with his shield and knocked Rose’s shield out of the way.

To finish the rangers, he decided to use a powerful attack; “The power of all the darkness in Equestria; Dark Magic Strike!” the slashed blasted the rangers into the buildings behind them.

Rory was the first to get back up, “Come on guys, we’ve faced worse than this; we have to try something else.”

Rose replied, “He thinks he’s got power, well so have we. “

Rory commanded, “Let’s combine our weapons.”

The joined their weapons together to form the Celestial Sword, they were ready to finish this battle.

“Celestial Sword, Final Strike!” the shouted.

With one strike from the sword, the blast was able to knock Jack off balance; the light was too much for him, he fell to the ground.

“No!” he shouted, before he exploded into chunks of the armour.

“Jack!” Adam shouted.

Rory tried to explain, “I didn’t think that would happen.”

“How was it that easy?” Wiktoria asked.

Before their questions could be answered, they noticed something in Jack debris; the shield with the eye of the Master was floating in the air, the eye was still blinking.

“Guys, what’s that thing doing?” Kian struggled to understand.

Suddenly, the armour chunks began to re-merge, Jack was brought back by the power of the Master. “Surprise.” The Master said, before taking a bow.

The Master began marching forward to strike down his enemies, he muttered, “When you rangers destroy one of the Eight Evil Elements, their power transfers to me; so you didn’t know it, but you were helping me gain power.”

“He used Rattle Bones’ resurrection spell.” Adam stated.

The rangers’ had just about enough, they tried to use the Celestial Sword again; but something else happened.

Jack raised his shield and released a blast of dark energy, Kian; who was holding the sword, felt it being pulled from his grip. He couldn’t hold on, the sword was pulled towards the shield; the team watched it melt into energy and be absorbed by the eye.

Jack simply muttered, “Your power, fuels mine.” He then laughed like a true villain.

The Power Rangers had to stop this guy before he got too powerful; so they use what power they had left to try and beat this guy, but it wasn’t enough.

Rory charged forward, but it was a bad move; Jack use the element of water to generate a stream of purple water, the pressure from the blast pushed Rory back towards the buildings. Adam and Kian were also pushed back, the Master used a powerful tornado blast to throw them onto Rory; he moaned in pain when they landed on him.

The two girls were the only rangers left standing, so they tried to team attack him.

Rose charged at him, distracting him long enough for Wiktoria to leap over him and kick him in the back. Jack stumbled forward, it allowed Rose to swing her leg around and kick in the side of the head.

The two girls came together for the finisher, the both delivered a strong kick to the dark warrior’s chest; he stumbled back in frustration. Now Jack was really mad, and he knew what to do to solve his problem.

“Time for a real fight.” He raised his hand into the air and chanted a spell, “Somba Alicho Catastrose!”

A portal to the underworld opened and released the evil Pony of Shadows; Jack leaped into the air and grew to a bigger size. He and the Shadow Pony combined to reform the… “Centaurus Wolf Megazord!”

“Prepare to be defeated Power Rangers.” his voice echoed throughout the land.

The rangers on the ground were looking up at the evil Megazord, Adam muttered, “This can’t be good.”

But suddenly, a light came from the sky, it landed in front of the ranger team. When the light faded away, it revealed Discord, Celestia, Charlie and Heather. Discord and the other rangers were already morphed.

“Heather, Charlie; what are you guys doing here.” Wiktoria asked.

Rose stated, “We thought you guys already left.”

Charlie explained, “When Celestia saw what damage this guy could do, she called us back.”

“And gave us our powers back.” Heather said.

The whole team looked up and the evil Megazord, it was time to put a stop to this. He looked down and called out to them with his booming voice.


A sudden cloud of black mist poured out of the Eye of the Master in the shield in the Megazord’s chest, the mist travelled down to the ground, and began generating bodies.

Without warning, once again, five of the rangers’ former enemies appeared in front of them. The rangers couldn’t believe this was happening again.

“Count Venom.” Rory stated.

“Candy Cane.” Wiktoria said.

“Switch.” Adam said.

“Zombie Boss.” Kian stated.

“Cyclops.” Rose stated.

Five monsters from the past had been brought back, the rangers now had this to deal with. It was time to divide and conquer.

Discord started to call the shots, “Rangers, you five deal with these monsters; me and the others will use our Megazords to try and stop this ‘Master’.” He explained. The team knew what they had to do, so they put their plan into action.

Charlie used his morpher to call the Ponyville Express, it began to transform into the Solar Streak Megazord; Heather joined him in the cogpit, to give him some extra aid.

Discord grew to a bigger size, Celestia morphed into her giant Alicorn mode; she and Discord combined the Centaurus Uni-Zord.

While the two Megazords charged at the evil one, the rangers on the ground tried their best to beat back the monsters; even without their weapons. Rory kicked Count Venom back into a corner, Switch started a brawl in the street with Adam, Rose tried her best to avoid Cyclops’ hammer, Kian sort of got into a dance off with Zombie Boss & Wiktoria began kicking and punching the villain they called Candy Cane.

The Uni-Zord, was pushed into its partner, they almost fell to the ground; Charlie drove his Zord forward and deliver three or four punches to Jack’s chest. It knocked him, only for him to use his weapon to slash the Solar Megazord to the ground.

On the ground, Rory and Rose teamed up to face their villains together; Cyclops picked up Venom and threw him towards the rangers. However, Rory gave Rose a leg up and lift her into the air; she leaped over to Venom and kicked him to the ground.

Cyclops saw him go down, so he charged forward; but Rory leaped up and punched him in his one eye.

The two villains stumbled back, before disappearing into black mist.

Switch was locked in a fist fight with the Yellow Ranger, the villain had gained a new power from his new master’s energy. He could now fire a beam of green energy from the visor he wore over his eyes. Adam did his best to fight while dodging the blasts.

The Megazords were still in peril, the Master’s power was just too strong.

Jack yelled, “No more holding back, the dark magic within me will strike you down; for good.”

With one final slash, the Uni-Zord and the Solar Megazord both fell to the ground; the Zords began falling apart, arms and heads were too damaged to stay up.

Celestia had just enough power to teleport herself and the other to safety, but it left her very weak.

Discord crawled over to her to make sure she was okay; Charlie and Heather got up, but they had de-morphed from the crash. The White Ranger looked up, she saw the evil Megazord marching towards them.

“FOOLISH MORTALS, I AM A GOD NOW. I WIN.” The Master stated. The shield in his chest began to glow, the Charlie and Heather could feel the power being drained from them; Jack was absorbing their magic.

When Charlie pulled out his morpher, he was broken, wires were loose and it was sparking. The crystal on the end of Heather’s wand had shatters into fragments; their magic was gone.

Meanwhile, the other rangers were still fighting of their old foes.

Kian and Wiktoria were trying to hold of Candy Cane and Zombie boss, the candy villain stated, “My gobstopper cannon is going to put you two, into a sugary coma.” The villain fired candies at the rangers, blasting them away.

The Power Rangers ran over to where Discord and the others were, they had to regroup.

The villains ran to their master, waiting for orders. He looked down to them and stated, “YOU HAVE DONE WELL, THE EXTRA POWER I GAVE YOU MUST HAVE WORKED.” He then turned to the rangers, he explained, “YOU RANGERS DESERVE A BREAK. ME AND MY MINIONS WILL RETURN TO THE UNDERWORLD FOR NOW, BUT WE WILL RETURN, TO DESTROY YOU.”

With that said, a portal opened beneath the evil Megazord, it teleported him and his villains to the Changeling forest.

As they disappeared, Adam stated, “Okay, now this, can’t be good.”

The End: part 2

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The rangers rushed Celestia to Canterlot, Luna and Twilight were waiting for her there; they were worried sick after they heard what happened.

Discord carried her through the doors to her bed chamber, he laid her on her bed and pulled the covers over her body. Luna went to her sister’s side, praying she’ll be alright. “Is she okay?” Twilight suddenly asked.

Discord clenched her hoof and tried to wake her up, “I don’t know, Twilight; I don’t know.”

Rory was at the back of the group, he was angrier at his team and himself than ever; they had finally been defeated after a whole year of fighting the darkness. “I don’t believe this, the one thing we think we can do and we fail.” He stated.

Kian replied, “Will you calm down, you sound like a second grader, man.”

Rory turned to the Green Ranger and said, “Well I’m sorry, I’m not the one that got shot down by candy.”

“Rory, stop it.” Wiktoria interjected. “Kian’s right, you’re acting like a child.”

The Red Ranger then storms off, leaving the other to try and help Celestia; Adam knew what he had to do, so he went after his friend.

Rory stood on the balcony of the castle, he looked over this small planet; what was he doing here, a planet they found by accident three years ago and suddenly he’s a sworn protector of a planet of intelligent horses.

“You don’t like it here, do you?”

The Red Ranger turned to see the Yellow Ranger standing in the doorway, Adam then started looking at Canterlot; this world was small, but it was so much more. “What do you have against this world?”

Rory sighed, “Aliens, were fighting to protect aliens; only because their too peaceful to fight for themselves.”

“Rory, that’s not fair, you know they wouldn’t last an hour on their own; if we didn’t help them, their world would already be in the hands of evil.” Adam explained. Rory, however still had his doubts about what his friend is saying.

“I just don’t understand what a conflict between good and evil on a world we don’t live on, has to do with us. Highly trained officers of planet Earth, protectors of our home planet; not some little girl’s imagination land.” He then gestured to Equestria.

“Careful, Rory careful. Otherwise I’m going to take you over to that balcony and see if the Pegasi have changed the laws of gravity.” Adam threatened; he rarely did that to his friends, so this was serious.

“How do you expect me to feel? We had the whole universe to choose from when we crashed our ship that day; we could have landed on Skaro and be destroyed by the Daleks, or Naboo and have a week’s holiday. Oh no, not you, you decided to go to wonderland.”

Adam suddenly lost it, he tackle Rory and wrestled him to the ground, the Red Ranger fought back by trying to push him off.

Rose walked over and saw the two of them fighting, she panicked and used her magic to split them apart. When Rory got up, he’d had enough.

“That’s it, I quit.” He pulled his morpher out of his pocket and threw it to Rose’s feet. “Find yourself another Red Rangers, I’m done protecting fairy land; I’m done.” The former Red Ranger then stormed out of the castle.

Before he left completely, he used his communicator to send a message to Earth, “Send a Space Bridge, I’m coming home.”

Night had fallen on Equestria, and down in the underworld, things were not looking so go.

“Idiots!” The Master shouted.

Candy Cane, Zombie Boss and Switch all turned to their master that had just entered the room; Jack began charging an energy blast in his hand. “You villains are worthless, you let the rangers get away.”

Switch stepped forward, “Master, we didn’t let them escape; if my memory serves me correctly, it was you who told us to retreat.”

Jack didn’t like the sound of that, Switch backed away as the energy in Jack’s hand grew bigger. “However, I could be wron…”

Before he could finished, Jack released the energy blast; it struck Switch and turned him to ash. The Master stepped closer to Zombie Boss and Candy Cane, the zombie was hiding behind the candy man; “I trust you two aren’t going to make me cross.” Jack said.

The two villains nodded their heads, out of fear for their lives.

Chrysalis then walked in, Jack noticed her and sighed, “Ah, my Queen of the Changelings; I hope you have my army ready.”

“Of course, my master.” She then bowed to him. “And our agreement is set? When you take control of Equestria, Discord and my traitorous son are mine to destroy.”

Suddenly, Jack started laughing, like had been exposed to laughing gas. “Foolish bug, I not taking over Equestria; I’m destroying it.”


The Master explained, “I am destroying this miserable mud ball, and once it’s gone; I will take my dark magic to Earth and rule that world.” He began laughing again.

Chrysalis muttered, “But, that wasn’t in our agreement; you told me we would rule this world together, not destroy it.”

Jack suddenly blasted the changeling queen into the wall with a blast of purple lightning; the changelings flying around above them were about to attack the one that harmed their queen, but Jack planned for that.

He threw a magic spell up to the swarm and it sent a wave of energy through each and every one of their minds, putting them completely under his control.

Before they would be allowed to attack the surface world, Jack had one last trick up his sleeve. He pulled a small bag pouch out of his pocket, “Behold, the remaining four Life Cells, they will give us the final push in Equestria’s destruction.”

The Master used his dark magic to set the worst of the villains free, “Behold, the monsters King Zombra should have used.”

The dark magic released the villains into the room…

“Ghost Pirate Red Beard.” The villain appeared to be the ghost of the galaxy feared pirate villain; with an eye mask made from bandages, his right arm replaced with a squid cannon and a laser cutlass sword in his left hand. And to top it off, a long red beard growing under his chin.

“Medusa.” This villainous snake wore a black tank top, and long black trousers; her hair wasn’t hair, but rather snakes. With her power, she could turn anyone to stone her magic eye beams.

“Merlin, the Warlock.” This evil adaptation of the wizard, who served King Arthur, was filled with knowledge of dark magic. A dark blue rope, grey beard, and a very powerful wizard staff.

“And finally, Phibious; the Fish Man.” This creature’s scales were a dark as swamp water; two tanks were hooked plugged into his back, so he could brief out of water. He could also shoot darts from his wrist to temporarily paralyse his enemies.

The four villains stepped before their master, and politely bowed to him; they said in unison, “What is you command, lord of the night?”

The Master got up off his throne and stated, “At last, the end has come.”

The next day had finally come, in the town hall, Twilight had the told the Mane Six and their families to meet with her there; along with the rangers.

When the ranger team arrived, Wiktoria was the one to ask, “Where’s Rory?”

Only Adam replied, “He went home.”

The Blue Ranger didn’t understand, but they had other things to worry about; when everybody and pony was here, Twilight started the talk.

“Alright everyone, we have to talk about what we all know is coming. Nightmare Moon has somehow returned.” The members of the Six’s families began mumbling among themselves, they were unaware that it was this bad. “All we know, is she’s back; not through Luna, but threw one our human friends.”

Kian stepped forward and took over from the princess, “Jack, he was one of our friends on Earth; until he passed away. But somehow, Nightmare Moon’s has used her dark magic and brought him back; but also filled with dark power. He’s now as corrupted as King Zombra or Chrysalis, or any of the creeps that have shown their faces here.”

Everypony was now worried sick; Rarity tried to rock baby Jewel in her hooves to try and get her to sleep, Screwball held hooves with Mothball, Pinkie Pie’s mane began to deflate. It took Rainbow Dash to break the silence in the room.

“I suggest we all go home and keep our families safe; surely the rangers can handle this. They’ve beaten every threat they’ve come across since they got here, this should be a walk in the park.” The Pegasus explained.

The rangers agreed with her statement, but they did have their doubts; since they were down a ranger and two members of their team had lost their powers. Heather whispered, “And without Rory, you guys can’t use the Titan Megazord.” She did have a point.

However, the others did agree with Rainbow Dash, they all decided to go home and wait out the danger; the rangers had to do their best to protect the innocent.

“It’s time.”

A portal to the underworld opened, an army of Ghouls marched onto the surface world; the residents of Ponyville did what they had to do. They grabbed their young ones, they took what they needed and they ran for their lives; the Ghouls began terrorising the entire town.

Twilight had heard about the attack, so she called the rangers. Adam, Rose, Kian and Wiktoria came together and ran to the battle; this was it, they’re final battle, for real this time.

Meanwhile, at the Castle of Chaos, Charlie was told to meet Discord there; he had something for them both to do.

“Discord, I’m here; what’s up.”

The draconnequus turned to him and said, “We need to go to Canterlot and protect Celestia; in her current state, she’ll be easy to attack.”

Charlie was up for protecting the princess, but he had no powers. “Discord, Jack took my ranger powers, remember?”

“I’ve thought about that.”

Discord used some of his chaos magic and gave it to Charlie, the doctor then suddenly morphed into his armour. ‘How could this be?’ he thought.

“I used some of my magic to temporally restore your powers, now let’s go.” Discord then morphed into his armour and the two them teleported to Canterlot.

The Power Rangers arrived at the scene of the battle, it was as bad as they thought it would be, Ghouls were everywhere; and not just Ghouls. Changelings were flying around the air, picking things up and dropping them on other things. Some ponies, including some of the Mane Six we trapped by the monsters.

This monstrous attack was led by four of the six villains Jack had used to attack Equestria; Red Beard turned to the rangers and said, “Well mates, look who we have here.” Merlin, Medusa and Candy Cane turned around as well, and smirked at the rangers.

Rose stated, “Looks like Jack has some more hired help.”

“Don’t talk about our master with your common tongue!” Medusa said with a hiss. “The Master couldn’t be here at this time, he’s finishing other business.”

“So you’ll have to play with us until he gets here.” Candy Cane chuckled.

The Power Rangers had to stop these things, so it was time for them to suit up; they pulled out their morphers and morphed, “Magical Source, Harmony Force!”


The four Power Rangers were ready to end this war against evil, even without a Red Ranger; Adam stated, “Come on guys, we may not have our weapons, but we can still win.”

With that said, the monsters and the rangers charged into a mighty battle.

Adam and Red Beard started a fist fight in the middle of the street, the ranger landed a few hits on the pirate, knocking him back slightly. Red’ however, was ready for more; he aimed his squid cannon at the Yellow Ranger and fired, Adam dodged the sea creatures and charged towards Red Beard again.

Rose had to do her best to avoid Medusa’s eye beams, one touch of those lasers and the Pink Ranger would be trapped as a pink statue. The ranger kicked the snake woman away, long enough for Rose to deliver another kick to her face and knock her into the wall.

Kian avoided Merlin’s blasts and punched him in the stomach, the warlock stumbled back, but the released a more powerful magic blast. The Green ranger was blasted into the street lamp, but he had to keep fighting; he got back up and pushed forward, like a proud soldier and kicked the staff right out of Merlin’s hand.

Wiktoria followed Candy Cane up to the roof of a building, the two of them were ready to fight. The Blue Ranger kicked him in his fat stomach, but it just wobbled like jelly; Cane’ swatted her away with his cane, she tried to fight back. But the villain was tough, he knocked off the roof and she landed by her friends.

The rangers were not strong enough, these villains were just too much all at once. Merlin stated, “Let’s get rid of these rangers, for good.”

Merlin then charged his staff, Medusa gave it extra power with her eye beams; Red Beard was ready to fire at the ranger team, Merlin gave the energy from his staff to the squid in the cannon, Candy Cane even enchanted it with his candy magic.

Red Beard fired the blast, the power would surely destroy the rangers; but they had one chance.

They pulled out their morphers and chanted quickly, “Legendary Source, Harmony Force!”

Before the blast hit them, they used their legend powers to push the blast back; and it worked. The magic created a shield that threw the blast back at the monsters, Candy Cane muttered, “Oh no.”

The blast was so powerful that the villains never stood a chance, when it hit them; they all exploded on the spot, they were no more.

The rangers cheered with joy, “Yes!” Kian shouted.

The celebration would have to be put on hold, because something else was coming.

Within the walls of Canterlot castle, Discord and Charlie were already locked in a battle with Phibious and Zombie Boss; the Master was standing behind the two villains’ watching them battle the rangers.

Discord pushed the zombie back, but the villain had released his red dust; the warrior’s vision was clouded, the dust confused him. Zombie Boss’ new weapon was a dented steel pipe, he used it to strike Discord’s armour, making him stumble back; it was as if the villains’ power had been increased.

Charlie was grateful for his powers back, but he never thought it would be this hard to battle against a fish-like monster; Phibious was shooting at him with his paralysing darts, the knight blocked them with his sword.

Suddenly, Discord remembered a spell that would defeat them both, so he decide to use this mighty power.

“In the name of chaos, Blazing Storm Slash!” he cried. With one stroke of his mighty sword, the two villains were shot back to their master.

Jack wasn’t happy that his two monsters were knocked down so easily, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” He muttered. When the two villains got up, Jack placed his hands on their shoulders; they felt the power being drained from their bodies.

As the two monsters turned to dust before the rangers’ eyes, the Master stepped forward to claim his prize; “Behold, my dark power.”

“No wait!” Charlie said.

But it was too late, there was a flash of purple, and then all was dark.

The rangers were still morphed, but they were helping the towns folk repair some of the damage that had been done to their beloved town.

Adam and Wiktoria used magic to lift the heavy debris and free any trapped ponies or animals; while Rose and Kian took the other ponies to safety. Heather was waiting at the safe haven the rangers had chosen for the ponies to stay until the fighting was over.

The rangers had to be quick, they’ve gotten no word from Charlie or Discord; and Jack could arrive at any minute.

Until finally, the darkness came…

The skies turned black as night, even though it was only mid-day; and in the centre of town, the dark Megazord appeared before the rangers.

“Citizens of Ponyville, hand over the Power Rangers; your reward, we’ll let you live!” the Master commanded. Another wave from the army of Ghouls charged towards the town, this time, intending not to fail.

All the ponies ran for it, the rangers had to hold back the Ghouls long enough for them to escape, but these ghouls were stronger.

While him and his friends fought, Adam said, “I never thought I’d say this, but where’s Rory when you need him?” Suddenly, a Ghoul knocked him over, the other rangers were knocked down as well.

The Master saw his chance to do what he’s been planning to do, “Behold the Eye of the Master!” The Power Rangers felt the magic and powers being drained from them, until they de-morphed from there being nothing left.

Wiktoria reached for her morpher, but had disappeared, as had the others.

“At last, the rangers are no more; now begins the beginning of the end!” Jack used his weapon to stir the clouds, a storm of evil was coming. However, the rangers had no choice but to keep fighting.

Until Rose shouted, “Where’s Discord and Charlie?!”

The Master looked down to them again, he opened his hand and dropped two bodies to the ground; Discord and Charlie landed in front of the ranger team. Wiktoria checked them, they were still breathing.

Each ranger had a job to do, even without their powers; they broke of and started battling the Ghouls once again.

Kian fought as best he could, using his Earth ranger training to knock down a few Ghouls, they did over power him eventually, but he just got back up and kept fighting.

Above him, he heard screaming; when he looked up, he saw a familiar face. Cinnamon Roll was trapped by Ghouls, Kian was not going to let that little filly be harmed by these monsters. The Element of Honesty charged past the Ghouls and ran to a stair case; making his way to his pony friend.

When he reached her, Kian kicked the Ghouls away; even kicked one off the roof. He place Cinnamon Roll on his back, wrapped her hooves around his neck and nuzzled him; she snapped out of it when she saw they were surround again.

“Are we going to be okay, Kian?” she asked in a scared tone.

Kian replied with an honest answer, “I won’t lie to you, sweetie; I don’t know.” He caress one of her hooves, “Let’s get out of this together.”

The Green Ranger leaped at one of the Ghouls, they all plummeted to the ground; the Ghoul hit the floor first, Kian rolled across the dirt with Cinnamon Roll in his arms. They were both okay; Kian put her back on his back, he ran her to the safe camp.

Wiktoria was ambushed by small group of Ghouls, they knocked her off guard and pushing her to the ground; they would have finished the Element of Loyalty, that’s if the Dash twins didn’t jump into the action and knock the Ghouls to the side.

The twins kept trying to fight them off, Wiktoria had the opportunity to run, but she didn’t; she chose to remain loyal to her friends.

Wiktoria joined the fight again, once the Ghouls were out of the way, she got the Thunder and Lightning to the safe camp.

Rose was looking through the debris, trying to find any ponies that got left behind; until she heard familiar crying coming from the Carousel Boutique. The building was filled with Ghouls; Rarity, Fancy Pants and Gemstone were standing outside. Fancy Pants was holding Rarity back, she was trying to get inside and save Jewel; who was still in her room.

The Element of Laughter ran past the family and into the building, she kicked down any Ghoul that got in her way; until she made it up to Jewel’s bedroom.

Rose kicked the door down, she found Jewel in her baby crib; the baby unicorn saw her God-Mother, and she smiled. Rose picked up Jewel, she knew she could always make this baby laugh; she took the baby to her parents.

Rarity cried with joy when she held her baby girl in her hooves, the Pink Ranger took the family to the safe camp; they’d be safe there.

The Master still made the Changelings fly through the sky, dropping debris on Ponyville; Adam avoided the falling rocks, and fought his way through the Ghouls. During his search, he found something unusual; Mothball was helping a Changeling that had been knocked out of the sky, its wing was trapped under a rock.

The Element of Kindness knew that they were the enemy, but a wise mare told him to be kind, they may just be kind back.

Adam ran over to help Mothball get his fellow changeling out from under the rock; the boy used his strength the lift the rubble, until he pulled the stone of the creature’s wing. However, when the Changeling was free, he hissed at the two of them and then flew off. Mothy was upset, but Adam tried to comfort him; they both made their way to the safe camp.

That was it, all the ponies were safe; now the rangers could focus on fighting the real threat.

The space bridge had finally opened just outside the town, Rory had all his stuff and was ready to go back to Earth; where he belonged.

“At last, I get to go home. Goodbye guys, good luck.”

However, when he turned to the town, he saw the evil Megazord stomping about in the streets of Ponyville; he reached into his pocket for his morpher, but it was gone. He had given it back to Twilight before he left.

The former Red Ranger didn’t know what to do; he had no power, no team, no plan. What could he do?

That’s when it came to him, he needed to boost the magic; and the best way of creating Friendship Magic, was with new friendships. He dropped his bags and jumped through the space bridge, he was going to need some help.

Once everypony was safe, the ranger team ran back to where Charlie and Discord were lying unconscious; they had to stand and fight the evil, and beat it.

Before the rangers could do anything, Chrysalis appeared in front of them; she appeared unarmed and not a threat.

However, the rangers kept their guard up; Kian asked, “What do you want, your majesty?”

The Changeling Queen stepped forward and explained her actions, “I am not here to fight rangers; if the Master wins, it will mean the destruction of Equestria, all of it.” She sighed and continued, “This is my planet to, and I can help you.”

“How?” Wiktoria asked.

Chrysalis turned to the two fallen warriors on the ground, “I can revive them.” She stated. Using her horn, and some magic, Chrysalis generated an energy field over their bodies; they began to twitch and wake up.

It was a miracle, Discord rose up and so did Charlie; when this happened, Wiktoria wrapped her arms around the Time-Lord’s neck. “You’re alive.” She squealed.

“Yeah, I’m the Doctor; of course I’m alive.” Charlie replied.

The reunion was cut short by the monster of a Megazord that was still standing over them, “YOU LITTLE TRAITOR!” The Master sent a blast of dark magic at Chrysalis, she landed on a wagon of hay and was knocked unconscious.

The Power Rangers looked up to face their final challenge, they had to do something; until Discord went back to his usual ways, “I’ve got a plan, let’s run.” He said. But no ranger would follow him, Adam stepped forward.

“No, I’m threw running; I’ve found my family, I’ve found my home. I’m through running.” Adam marches forward to confront his friend turned enemy. “I’ll stay and fight.”

The other angers cheered, Rose shouted, “Yeah, we fight.”

The Master chuckled a bit before saying, “COME ON THEN!”

The Power Ranger may not be rangers anymore, but they still have power; hope, that’s true power.

Adam stated, “We will show the Nightmare Moon how powerful we really are, even without magic.”

Suddenly, a harmony spirit of Celestia appeared in the sky; she had come in her astro-form to give the rangers her guidance. “Without magic Harmony ones, you are never without magic; you just have to know, where to find it.”

Rose then asked, “’Never without magic’, what did she mean by that?”

“Maybe she meant us.”

The rangers turned to their left, they saw Rory; and behind him, every human agent from the O.S.C on Earth.

“Or maybe, she meant us.”

The rangers then turned to their right, they saw Heather; with every resident of Ponyville. The Mane Six, their families and everypony else; they had all come to help.

Rory explained, “Look, I spoke to the agents of the O.S.C, and I told them, the same lesson yu told me. The only way to stop the evil, from both our worlds, is to unit as one.”

Heather stated, “I said the same thing to the ponies; either we stay the way we were and let evil win, or we stand together and destroy the real evil.”

From the crowd of ponies, Twilight stepped forward, with baby Twinkle in her hooves; she explained, “Power Rangers, you have fought all year for us. Your magic is used up, well let us, give you some of our magic.”

Olessia stepped out from the crowd of agents, “That’s right, all of us believe in the Magic of Friendship.” She stated.

The two crowds came together and held hooves in hands, Olessia locked hand and hoof with Twilight; while she held her daughter in the other. And finally, Heather and Rory joined hands; each of the rangers even joined hands with each other.

Rory called out, “Let’s show them.”

“Together.” Heather replied.

The whole crowd cheered in unison “We Believe in Friendship.”

It was incredible, the power of the two worlds coming together was fuelling the Morphin Grid; the rangers were getting their powers back.

When the crowd moved away, it had worked; all eight fully morphed Power Rangers stood before the Master, the Power Rangers were back. The black sky disappeared, it was day time once again.

They each began to cheer their titles….

“Burning Heart of Chaos, Draconnequus Warrior!”

“Power of the Sun, Celestia’s Knight!”

“Element of Generosity; White Harmony Ranger!”

“Element of Honesty; Green Harmony Ranger!”

“Element of Laughter; Pink Harmony Ranger!”

“Element of Loyalty; Blue Harmony Ranger!”

“Element of Kindness; Yellow Harmony Ranger!”

“Element of Magic; Red Harmony Ranger!”

The eight rangers chanted in unison, “We call forth the magic, together as one, united for all times! Power Rangers, Harmony Force!”

Jack couldn’t believe it, he cried, “Impossible, I took your power, you have nothing.”

Rory stepped forward and stated, “We have something you’ll never have, Nightmare Moon; we have friendship, you can never take that away from us.”

“Give me that magic!” the monster demanded. The Eye of the Master opened, ready to absorb the power.

But the rangers shouted, “You got it!”

They released a wave of light magic, they blasted it into the Master’s Eye; they were giving him their magic.

Jack was able to absorb a large portion of it, but eventually, it became too much for him. “Oh, I devour it, and yet still it comes.”

Kian said, “Guys, it’s working, keep going.”

Adam then stated, “There is no end, to our magic.”

“Stop! It’s too much!” the Master cried. But the rangers just kept going, they even increased the flow, giving him even more. Jack muttered, “I cannot… take anymore! I have… devoured… all I can!”

Suddenly, Nightmare Moon’s Megazord body gave away, it glowed bright gold before disappearing into particles of magic dust; the dust specks scattered into the atmosphere.

The magic caused the Ghouls to disappear in a purple flash, the changelings were also free from the mind control spell they were under.

Only the shield with the Eye of the Master, remained floating in the air.

Rory said, “Come on, rangers; lets combine our weapons.”

The team had their weapons back, the combined them into the Celestial Sword; only this time, Heather locked her sceptre in place and created, The Harmony Lance.

Discord charged his sword, “In the name of Chaos, Blazing Storm Slash!”

Charlie readied his final strike, “Solar Sword, Power of the Sun!”

The other rangers held their arms together like a trampoline, “Launch Red Ranger!” the cheered. Rory had the lance in his hand, they threw him up into the air; Discord and Charlie used the final strikes to super charge the Harmony Lance, and then Rory hurled it at the shield.

“Hey yah!” he cried.

When the lance hit the Eye of the Master, but the lance and the shield exploded out of existence; Nightmare Moon was finally gone, for good.

When the smoke had cleared, the rangers de-morphed and walked among the crowd of humans and ponies; they could finally rest easy, knowing evil had been vanquished from Equestria, never to return.

Suddenly, Celestia appeared with Luna by her side; she said, “Well done, my little rangers; you have finally saved Equestria from the rising darkness; which means, the great battle is over.”

However, the celebration was put on hold when Chrysalis woke up and she had her Changeling army back; the rangers all took defensive positions, however, she didn’t order an attack.

“Well done, Power Rangers.” She congratulated. “You rangers have shown me that this can end in fighting, but peace.” She then turns to see Mothball in the crowd, she opens her hooves and invites him into a hug.

He runs to his mother and hugs her strongly, “Princess Celestia, I request there be peace between ponies and Changelings.”

Celestia didn’t need to think about this, “I accept your offer, Chrysalis.”

The whole town cheered, the battle was over; however, that meant, the power rangers weren’t needed any more.

2 days later

Adam was visiting Ponyville cemetery, the place where they had built something for Adam’s oldest friend.

When he arrived at the memorial, he revealed some flowers he had in his bag; he placed them down in front of the grave that had been put there.

“Where ever you are now, Jack; perhaps you’ve found peace.” Adam said.

The name on the grave; Jack Titley, 2002-2019.

“Goodbye, my friend.”

Adam walked away from the grave, he turned back to give a final wave to his childhood best friend; he then makes his way back to the town centre.

This time, the rangers were going to say their proper goodbyes, the families they’ve been living with walked them to the space bridge; Celestia was there as well to say her farewells, as was Twilight’s family and Luna.

The portal had opened to take the rangers back to Earth, they were all saying goodbyes to their pony families.

Rory and Kian hugged each and every last member of the Apple Family; Cinnamon Roll’s eyes were full of tears as she hugged the Green Ranger, he stroked her mane as he hugged her back.

Rory was shaking hooves with Big Mac and saying his farewells to Cheerilee, their daughter, Apple Blossom was also sad to see Rory leave. “Goodbye Rory, you’ll always be a part of the Apple Family.” ‘Blossom stated.

“Don’t worry, my little pony; I’ll come back and visit someday.” Kian said as he put Cinnamon Roll down next to her brother. He then stroke Cinnamon Sticks’ hair and roughed up his mane. “See ya round, slugger.”

The Red and Green Ranger then turned to the two that took them into their home, made them apart of the family; “Goodbye Applejack, Spike.” Rory said.

The farm pony cried into her husband’s shoulder, before hugging the two of them together. “I’ll miss you two, we all will.” She said.

When she let them go, they waved to Applespike in his stroller before walking towards the portal.

Rose, held baby Jewel in her arms, she was sad to have to leave her god daughter. She turned to Rarity and said, “If you every need a babysitter or some help with her, please don’t hesitate to call me.”

Rarity took her baby and wrapped her hoof around Rose’s neck, “You’ll make a great mother yourself, one day.”

The Pink Ranger smiled, she hugged everyone else in the family before walking to the portal; before she turned away, she waved to Pinkie Pie’s family across the path. The Tri-Pies were crying as their mother held them close, but the saw Rose’s wave.

“I’ll miss her, mommy.” Cherry said.

Pinkie replied by kissing her daughter on the forehead, “She’ll come back and see us one day.”

Wiktoria was hugging the Dash children before she left for Earth, Prism was the only one who wouldn’t let go; “Do you have to go?” she asked as her eyes flooded with tears.

“I promise, I’ll come back and we will go on great adventures, me and you.” She put the filly down and said her farewells to Rainbow Dash. “Goodbye, you guys are the coolest.”

The joined in a three way hug, went they pulled away, Rainbow gave a parting gift the Blue Ranger. “Here’ all of Daring Do’s books, in audio form; whenever you listen to them, you can think about your adventures here. It was Prism’s idea.”

Wiktoria hugged Prism one more time before walking towards the portal, she turned back to them and waved goodbye.

Heather and Charlie said their goodbyes to Derpy and Dinky, Heather was going to use the Portal this time; while Charlie used his Tardis.

Heather gave a huge hug to Dinky before walking over to the portal, leaving Charlie with the two ponies. Dinky turned to the Time-Lord, she said, “I guess this is goodbye.”

Charlie replied, “Doesn’t have to be.”

“What?” Derpy asked.

“You see, I don’t ever stay put for very long; this has been the longest time I’ve stayed in one place.” The two ponies were confused, so he continued, “I don’t know if you know, but I can travel in time. If you come with me, we could be gone for seven weeks and I can have you back in one minute.”

Derpy was thinking, Dinky did like the idea of it.

The Doctor asked, “What do you think, do you want to see all of time and space?”

The two ponies looked at each other, they then ran towards Charlie; he moved out of the way to let them in.

A few seconds later, the Tardis took off; into time they went.

It was time, the Power Rangers were going home. Adam approached his friends, he wanted to wish them luck; “I hope you guys can handle things without me.”

Rory sighed, “Come here, you numpty.” The team came together for a group hug.

When they pulled away, the rangers gave their morphers to Adam; they then walked through the vortex, home awaited them.

When the Power Rangers went back to Earth, life carried on for them; they decided to pick up where they left off.

Rory returned to the O.S.C’s Air Force, he welcomed back as legend to the younger pilots.

While flying through space one time, he was put in command of the Red-Squad; they made him Red-Leader.

“Red Squad, check in.” he ordered.

“Red Two, standing by.”

“Red Three, standing by.”

“Red Four, standing by.”

Red Two asked his commander, “So where to now, boss?”

“Let me guess, another fouled up mission we’ll need to complete with our unrivalled piloting skills.” Red Three stated and then laughed.

Rory ordered, “Cut the chatter Red Squad, were off.”

With that order, the X-Wing squad flew off into to hyper-space.

Kian and Wiktoria stayed together, they took over Pym Tech when Wiktoria’s dad retired; they now ran the company that would supply advanced technology to the whole world.

As Kian poured them some water, he turned to his partner and brought the drinks over.

He handed a glass to her and proposed a toast, “To the future.”

“To the future.” She replied.

Before either of them said anything else, Kian leaned forward and kissed Wiktoria on the lips; she didn’t fight it, she welcomed it and kissed him back.

Now that they didn’t have to fight for their lives, they could have a life together.

Rose and Heather stayed in touch, they became good friends; they even started a small business together, an art studio.

They would teach art to other people and sell their own; it wasn’t a lot, but it’s what they liked to do.

One day, Heather walked into the studio and found Rose painting a large picture; she walked over to see what it was. “What’re you painting?” she asked.

Rose was just about finished, “It was hard, but I completed my master piece.”

She turned the canvas around and revealed the painting; it was the Harmony Force Power Rangers, all standing in their iconic battle poses. Heather was impressed, it was beautiful; everyone was there, they all looked incredible.

As one Yellow Ranger, the ranger that chose to stay on Equestria; he was given something that he’d never forget.

Two weeks after the other Power Rangers had left, Adam and the Chaos family was called to Canterlot for a special occasion.

Adam walked into the main hall, standing at the end of the hall, Celestia and Luna were waiting for him. The boy walked forward to receive a new destiny, one that would make him the last of the Harmony Force.

“Adam, of Earth; we have given the Elements of Harmony to the Tree of Harmony for safe keeping. We ask you now, if we give you this power, will you defend the tree?”

Adam didn’t need to think on it, he bowed to the princesses and replied, “It would be my honour to protect the Great Power.”

Adam arose and Celestia said, “Then will this sword,” she then revealed the red sword that Discord used as a ranger, “You shall become the new Draconnequus Warrior.” The boy took the sword, the magic morphed him into the armour.

“Thank you, Celestia.”

She replied, “Good luck, and may the power protect you.”

I wrote this story as a message, explaining that no matter where someone may be in the universe, you are never alone.

Hearts Warming

View Online

A few months after the defeat of Nightmare Moon, that wonderful time of year came around again; that time, was Hearts Warming.

For those of you that don’t know, Hearts Warming is the Equestrian version of Christmas; the day to celebrate the first ever friendship between Unicorns, Pegasi and Earth Ponies.

And this year, was going to be a special one, it was Adam’s first Hearts Warming; his first holiday on his new home planet. And the boy planned to make it a special one.

It was five days before Hearts Warming; Adam was out in town, shopping for presents with Screwball and Fluttershy. He was planning on getting his new family something great and wonderful, to say thank you for taking him in.

“Hey Adam, what do you think of this?” Screwball asked. “I’ve always wanted one of these for this time of year.”

The pony was gesturing to the item in one of the shop windows, it was festive version of Screwy’s propeller hat; Screwball had always wanted one of those, to add to her festive appearance.

Adam looked at the hat in the window, he asked her, “Couldn’t you just poof one up, with your magic.”

“I could, but it’s the fact that if it came from somepony as a gift, it would make it more thoughtful.” She replied.

It was settled, Adam was going to make it his mission to get that hat for Screwball; it was going to be his Hearts Warming gift to her.

Fluttershy then called them both over, she had gotten her shopping, it was time to make a move before the snow came down anymore.

The three of them made their way home, while they walked, it was really starting to snow. In the end, Screwball just decided to teleport them all home; it was quicker and easier.

When they arrived home, they found Discord by the tree; he had Zany in one hand, while hanging up decorations on the tree with the other hand.

“Hi honey.” Fluttershy said as she flew over to her husband and kissed him on the cheek; she then took Zany from his hand and flew him over to the kitchen. “Somepony needs a bottle.” She said in her momma voice.

Screwball stated, “Come one, Mom. He’s almost two, you’re going to need to stop treating him like a baby at some point.”

But the yellow Pegasus replied, “Never going to happen, Screwy. Your all still my babies, even you Adam.” That statement made the human blush a bit.

When Adam sat down on the couch, he turned to the wall on the far side of the room; he then pulled out a note book. He had been keeping track of his growing life on Equestria, making little notes about things that had happened; he was writing his latest entry.

‘December 19th

I wish I had brought a TV, oh man, how I miss TV.’

He closed the note book and put the pen down; he then decided to go find Mothball, the one he could have guy talks with.

Mothball was in his room, the one Screwball had made to look like his room in the changeling hive; speaking of which, the former prince had been given a special role not too long ago.

Princess Celestia had made him and ambassador for the changelings, since he was the first Changeling to be reformed; Celestia told him to teach the Changelings everything the ponies had taught him.

When Adam found him, he was at his new desk, writing lessons that he could teach the his own kind.

“Yo, bro.” Adam said as he walked in.

Mothy turned to his friend a greeted him as he walked in; Adam sat on the bed and the two friends began talking.

“What can I do for you?” Mothball asked.

Adam replied, “It’s about Screwball.”


The human explained what he needed, “I want to get Screwball something for Hearts Warming, and since she’s your marefriend, I figured you know what I could get for her.”

“Do you have any idea on what to get her?”

“Well, there’s this hat that she’s been eyeballing since the start of the month.” Adam thought about it. “I would get her that, but I have no money.”

Mothball stopped him for a sec, “Wait, you still haven’t found a job?”

Adam sighed at himself, he has been trying to find a way to pay for his own food and things; he felt ashamed living of Fluttershy and Discord’s stuff. Even though Discord could just create anything he wanted with a single thought, he still worked hard to earn his own way.

“Apparently, no one wants to hire the only human on the planet.”

Mothy said, “Dude that is harsh.”

“Yeah well, you save the world one minute and when it’s all over, ponies just forget.” Adam got up and started to walk out the room. “I mean ever since Nightmare Moon was destroyed, nothing has happened.”

Outside in the snow, something was digging his way out of the icy prison; he was determined to get revenge on Discord and the Power Rangers for locking him down in the underworld.

Two filly were building a snow pony in their garden, they were having a good time in the snow; until something scared them off.

As they built, a ghostly hand rose out of the snow, they screamed and ran inside the minute they saw. So they didn’t see the rest of the figure crawl to the surface, and roar like an animal.

“Yah!” the creature cried. He then brush of the snow and saw where he was, “I’m out, I’m free. I’m free!”

The figure then leaped back into the snow and started making a snow angel, he muttered, “Hello Equestria, hello Power Rangers; I will find you, and I will have my revenge. Toxic Jack is back.”

He then looked up to the sky, and cried, “YAH! Jerks.”

2 days before Hearts Warming, Evening

Adam was sitting in the living room, he was still thinking of a way to buy that hat for Screwball; he couldn’t ask anyone for money, that wouldn’t be fair, and he couldn’t use Earth money, that wouldn’t work here.

His thoughts were interrupted when Screwball walked into the room, “Hey, how’s my favourite human?” she said as she stroked her head on his shoulder.

The two of them just sat together on the couch for a bit; this pony was like a sister to Adam, he loved her like they were truly family.

Screwball then asked, “Adam, have you heard from Thunder or Lightning Dash; Aunt Rainbow called round yesterday looking for them?”

Adam thought about it, he hadn’t seen the twins in two days; come to think about it, Mothball told him he hasn’t heard from Cinnamon Sticks in a few days.

They sat up on the seat when they heard something coming from the hallway, they got up and decided to investigate.

When they went into the next room, Adam was the first to talk, “A space bridge?”

A large blue portal had opened up in the middle of the room, just hovering there; until the castle got some visitors. From the portal, came four humans; four humans well known on this planet.

“Surprise!” Rose cheered.

“Merry Christmas, Adam.” Kian greeted.

It was them; Rory, Rose, Wiktoria and Kian. The Harmony Force Power Rangers united once again; Adam was so surprised, he welcomed his friends into a group hug.

“I can’t believe you guys are here, and in your work clothes.” Adam said; his friends were wearing the military jumpsuits, they had just resumed the roles of the O.S.C rangers and month back. Equestria may have been out of danger, but Earth still needed protecting.

Adam was happy to see his friends, “You guys didn’t have to come all this way to see me.” He said.

“Nonsense, Adam; we came to see you because were all friends, we also brought you some things.” Wiktoria explained.

Rory handed Adam a box with wrapping paper on it, a present; he said, “You can open it on Christmas Day.”

Adam corrected him, “It’s actually called Hearts Warming on this planet.”

The rangers were distracted and didn’t even notice Screwball behind Adam, “Screwy.” Rose stated, welcoming the pony into a hug. She accepted it, the whole team came in for one more hug.

“Touching, very touching.”

The team all heard a voice they didn’t recognise, so they turned around, only to find a horrible looking figure. A prisoner striped outfit, his hair was as green a grass, and he lloked truly disgusting.

“Who are you?” Rory asked.

The creep stepped closer; Screwball hid behind Adam, she knew who this guy was. The rangers took defensive positions, just in case.

“My name is Toxic Jack, the last surviving member of the three villains Zombra sent to destroy you on Nightmare Night.” He explained.

Kian said, “That night, we faced a Vampire, a Zombie and a…” he thought for a sec, “Nope, that was it. If you were supposed to work with them, where were you?”

The villain said, “I was busy, capturing the Power Rangers; and I’ve come to finish the job.”

‘Jack pulled his own finger, releasing some gas from his body, he then was able to float in the air; he flew around the room before swooping down and snatching Screwball. The ghost villain flew towards the window and said, “You’re mine, Yellow Ranger.”

Rory had to move fast, he pulled out his blaster and fired a bolt at ‘Jack; however, the blast went right through him.

The villain stated, “You can’t hurt me, humans; I’m a ghost.” he then chuckle like a maniac.

Adam couldn’t do anything, if he was a ghost, magic attacks wasn’t going to do much to him. The ghost laughed one more time before flying out the window with Screwball, the rangers ran to the front door to try and see where they went; but they both disappeared into the night.

Adam was devastated, he sat at the table in the kitchen with his head in his hands; Rose sat next to him and patted him on the shoulder.

“How could I let this happen?” Adam asked himself, “Discord and Fluttershy take Zany to see Zephyr Breeze for one day and I let their daughter get kidnapped two days before Hearts Warming.”

Wiktoria sat across from him, she said, “You can’t blame yourself for this, Adam; we didn’t know this was going to happen.”

Rory was walking up and down the room, thinking about what that ghost was talking about; “What I don’t understand is why that ghost called Screwball the Yellow Ranger? Last time I checked, Adam was the Yellow Ranger.”

That’s when Kian figured it out, “Guys, that night, our pony friends were dressed up as us; the Power Rangers. While we were busy fighting the other two monsters, he must have found them and thought they were us.”

Adam said, “So, if he thinks that they’re us, then he could destroy them.”

“We won’t let that happen, Adam; come on rangers, let’s find this creep so we can all have a happy Hearts Warming.” Rory stated.

The rangers then left the castle to find their friends, Adam also informed them about something.

“Hey guys, before I forget; did I ever tell you I got this.” Adam then showed his friends the Draconnequus Morpher, Discord gave him the power when the rangers left; he’d need it if he was going to be the Guardian of the Tree of Harmony.

At Toxic Jack’s haunted house lair, he had strapped Screwball to a science table; she looked around, she was in some kind of Dr Frankenstein lab knock off.

“What are you going to do with me?” she demanded to know.

The ghost pointed to her right, beside her was her friends; also strapped to a table, but they were wearing helmets with a tube attached to the top.

“Thunder, Lighting, Cinnamon Sticks, Apple Blossom.” Screwy gasped.

The villain explained, “My old Life-Extractor machine is draining them of their life force, once I have it, I will use it to become a living being; one with incredible powers.” He laughed like crazy again before placing one of the helmets onto Screwball.

The helmet put her into a sleep, she laid there in a trance as the machine drained her of her life.

Suddenly, ‘Jack felt a presence outside his house; “Humans.” He stated. The ghost made his way outside to deal with them.

The ranger team arrived outside the haunted building, Rory said, “Yep, this is definitely the place.” He was getting a creepy vibe from this place.

The team walked to towards the front door, only for it to open by itself; Toxic Jack stepped outside to confront the intruders. “Happy Hearts Warming, humans; why don’t you leave stopping the bad guy to the Power Rangers.” He then laughed at his own joke. “That’s right, I have the rangers.

Kian then stepped forward and said, “Let’s get something straight.”

“We are the Power Rangers.” Rory finished.

But all the ghost villain did was laugh, so it seemed they would have to prove it. Rory looked at his team, “Ready Rangers?”

“Ready.” They said in unison.

Rory, Kian, Wiktoria and Rose pulled out their Earth made morphers, “O.S.C, Emergency!”


The four O.S.C rangers were ready to fight, they may not have magic anymore, but Earth’s powers were just as powerful.

Now it was Adam’s turn, his first time using this incredible power, he needed to get it right. With that, Adam did the same hand gesture Discord used to do and chanted, “Magical Source; Harmony Force!”


Adam had done it, the armour and the power were amazing; now that Toxic Jack had his proof, his head was spinning.

“But if you humans are the Power Rangers, then who am I draining the life from in there.” The ghost questioned.

“You’re what!?” Adam cried.

The Draconnequus warrior charged forward, he drew his sword from his shield, he was determined to save the ponies.

However, Toxic Jack blasted him back into his friends; they all got back up and waited for the villain’s next move.

“While I was down in the underworld, I met some friends; perhaps you’d like to meet them.” ‘Jack chanted a spell that opened a portal to the underworld, from the portal, a squad of Ghouls emerged.

Kian was the only one to say it, “Oh man, not these guys again!”

The rangers and the Ghouls began battling in the front garden of the house; ‘Jack went back inside to finish the process.

Adam was surrounded by the creeps from the deep, they drew their yellow sword and attempted to attack; Adam fought them off with his sword and shield, but they just kept getting back up.

On the other side of the battlefield, Rory and Rose were fighting off their own set of Ghouls; Rose use her Delta Striker and turned it to the blaster mode, Rory used his Delta Blasters. They fired off a few shot, blasting the Ghouls to the ground, one even was hit so hard he flew across the field.

Wiktoria and Kian used their swords to push the monsters back; Kian leaped into the air, as did one of the Ghouls, but the Blue Ranger was able to kick him away. He landed on top of the rest of them and kicked them all down.

When the rest of the monster minions gather together, Adam got the honour of finishing them off. He raised his shield, the eye in centre opened; “Behold the power of light magic, Chaos Blast!”

A blast of light energy was fired at the Ghouls, it struck them hard; they fell to the ground and disappeared in their natural purple flash.

When the threat was dealt with, the rangers made their way inside.

Toxic Jack was watching the meter rise up, the ponies’ life force was almost completely drained. “Soon, I will have the power to rule this world, and all of its subjects.”

When the meter reached the top, the ponies had tire circles around their eyes; they were never going to wake up as long as ‘Jack had their life force. He stepped inside a chamber next to the tables, tis would transfer the power into him.

“At last, the world is mine.”

The Power Ranger came into the room, but it was too late, Toxic Jack had the power.

When he stepped out of the machine, he had completely changed; he had horns, and bat wings, his rib cage was sticking out of his chest on his left side & his eyes were as red as fire.

“Yes, yes; I am alive again. And with more power than ever.” The monster said. He used his wings and flew out the house through the wall, it smashed open and he flew towards the town.

Adam rushed over to check if Screwball was okay, her pulse was very weak; Rose scanned her with a device form her belt.

“She’s very weak, if we don’t their life force back in…” she set a clock, “forty-five minutes, they’ll be…”

The red knight turned to her, “They’ll be what?”

“They won’t be coming home for Hearts Warming.” She replied.

Rory stepped forward and took command of the situation, “We need to go after that monster and put an end to him, for good.”

Kian then stated, “And now we a chance, he said it himself; he’s alive.”

“This means, our weapons should work on him now.” Wiktoria stated.

Adam stepped towards the hole in the side of the house, “Let’s make sure our friends make it home for the holidays.”

With that, they leaped from the house and ran down to the town.

Toxic Jack wasted no time trying to destroy Ponyville; he used his new dark powers to terrorize the ponies, destroy everything in sight, and even frighten little foals.

“I am the most powerful being on the planet, who would dare stop me now?!” he cheered.

Suddenly, a red blast flew across the sky and hit the monster in the wing; he fell to the ground and tried to figure out where that blast came from.

“We dare.” Kian stated. He and the other rangers marched towards the scene, ready to end this.

Toxic Jack got up, “You think you can beat me, time to show you something you’ve never seen before.”

Wiktoria said, “Let me guess, you’re going to grow real big?”

“I’m going to gr…” he then stopped and said, “Hey, how did you know?”

It didn’t matter, he still grew into a giant; he was as big as two of the Ponyville buildings stack on top of each other.

Adam knew it was time to try something he’s wanted to try ever since he got this power, he pulled out his morpher and contacted Celestia, “Princess, it’s time.”

“I’m on my way, Adam.”

Rory did something similar, he used his morpher to contact Earth; “Olessia, we have a situation.”

At O.S.C HQ on Earth, Olessia received the call, she replied, “Let me guess, a thirty story version of a monster you we just fighting?”

Rory asked, “You’ve done this before, haven’t you?”

“Once or twice, I’m sending the Rescue Bots.” She spun around in her chair, she pressed communications button and gave the order, “Rescue Bots, roll to the rescue.”

The courageous group of Autobots transformed into their vehicle modes and drove through a newly opened space bridge portal.

When the Rescue Bots arrived on Equestria, they picked up their human partners; Arcee got Rose, Blades flew down to get Wiktoria, Chase drove passed and picked up Kian & Heatwave stopped so Rory could get in the driver’s seat.

Boulder had no driver though, his partner had found something new; he didn’t mind, he could see help the other Bots.

Celestia galloped through a portal, she met up with Adam; they both looked up to see the monster towering over Ponyville.

Rory said, “Alright rangers, let’s show this creep that it’s not Halloween. Let him have it.”

Blades started by flying around him and blasting him with yellow lasers; Heatwave and Chase changed to robot mode and started throwing rocks that Boulder scooped up.

Adam also knew a way he could help, he turned to Celestia and she asked, “Are you ready, Adam?” he nodded and was prepared to see if this would work.

The Draconnequus Warrior leaped into the air and chanted a spell, “Somba Alicho Catastrose!” Celestia changed into her mystic titan, the Alicorn. The two of them combined into one Megazord; Adam stated, “Centaurus Uni-Zord!”

The other rangers were impressed that he was able to master that so quickly, Rose said, “Hey Rory, why do we get in on that?”

“Good plan.” The Red Ranger replied.

The four O.S.C ranger said in unison, “Delta Squad Megazord!”

Boulder and Chase drove forward and changed shape into two legs; Heatwave ran forward, ready to join them’ he leaped into the air and transformed into a torso. He locked together with the legs, and a head sprouted from the top; Blades and Arcee then locked onto the combiner as the two arms.

The Power Rangers stated, “Delta Squad Megazord, online!”

The combiner stood beside the Uni-Zord, ready to take on the monster; Toxic Jack stated, “Big deal, I have powers to.”

A green fire ball suddenly generated in ‘Jack’s hand, he threw the fire ball at the two Megazords; they just managed to get out of the way. The Delta Zord equipped its blaster and fired some shells at the monster; Adam drew his weapon and charged forward, delivering a powerful slash.

Toxic Jack stumbled back, he muttered, “How, how are you hurt me.”

Wiktoria replied, “You may be all powerful, but you’re mortal.”

Rory shouted, “Let’s finish this guy!”

The Delta Squad Megazord changed up the blaster, Adam prepared his final attack.

The Rescue Bots counted down until they fired.

Arcee, “Five…”

Blades, “...Four…”

Boulder, “…Three…”

Chase, “…Two…”

Heatwave, “…One.”

“FIRE!” they all cried.

The blaster released a blast that was more powerful than ever, it stuck ‘Jacks and almost destroyed him; it took Adam to finish him off.

“Ancient Powers, Mystic Spell Ceil!”

The Uni-Zord leaped into the air and gave down on the monster; when he impacted, Toxic Jack cried, “Becoming mortal, should have thought that through.” When the two came together, the monster exploded into nothing, Adam emerged from the smoke unharmed.

The two Megazords came together and shook hands, they nodded to each other and turned back to ‘Jack’s remains; the life force flew from the ground back towards the haunted house.

Screwball started to wake up, the straps had been removed, so she could get up; she looked around and saw her friends waking up as well.

Lightning Dash asked, “Screwy, what’s going on?”

“I have no idea.” She replied.

The ponies all got of the tables and ran for the exit, they met the rangers there; they were happy to see them, but the main thing was getting the kids home.

It was Hearts Warming eve, Screwball’s family was sitting by the fire; Adam was sitting in an armchair with Zany on his lap.

The rest of the team had said hello to their pony friends, dropped of a few presents and then space bridged home for the holidays.

Adam was thinking about something, he opened his journal and wrote in an entry.

December 24th

I realised something about me living here on Equestria, I don’t need a TV, because I have this family. I may not have been able to get Screwball that hat, but I got to be her hero one last time; that’s all I wanted for Hearts Warming.

I will find work, I will pay my own way; this time next year, I’ll be a millionaire.

P.S That phrase sounds familiar.