• Published 23rd Oct 2019
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Power Rangers Harmony Force - Adamverse

A team of Power Rangers from Earth come to Equestria to meet with their friends; the Mane 6. But evil is returning to this land, so the humans must execpt new powers to protect this world.

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The End: part 1

It was the middle of the night in Equestria, the land was blanketed by a dark fog.

Digging through the rubble of the Gate to the Underworld, a human shaped figure was crawling to freedom. When his hand escaped the piles of stone and debris, he finally claimed the freedom that he had desired for so long.

The figure stood on his feet, he seemed like he was wearing a black military jumpsuit, one from Earth at that.

He began to walk forward, he didn’t know where he was going, but he would have to find someone eventually. As he walked, he muttered, “It won’t be long, soon I will have my powers back and I will succeed where Zombra and the Elements failed.”

The figure just kept walking through the fog; until, he felt a surge of energy when he stepped out of the fog and into the moon light.

“Yes, the power, I can feel it.” The man started to glow purple, almost like the moon light was giving him more power than ever seen in Equestria. “First, I will show off my new power to those Power Rangers. Then I will destroy every last ounce of good magic on the planet.”

He then turned to the other side of the night sky, “And when I’m done here, I will take my new powers to Earth. I will rule both worlds.”

The evil figure began to laugh into the night, he was finally ready to take revenge on Equestria.

During the night, Adam was sleeping in his bed in the Castle of Chaos; as the boy slept, he had a terrible nightmare.

“Fluttershy…Screwy…. NO!” he suddenly shot up, out of bed.

When he realised it was over, he looked around the room; all was safe.

After his bad dream, Adam couldn’t sleep anymore; he got up, put his robe on and walked down to the kitchen. He needed to clear his head of all these bad thoughts, and there was only one way to that; ice cream.

When Adam arrived at the kitchen, he found a familiar face sitting at the counter, she had already beaten him to the ice cream tubs.

“Fluttershy, what are you doing up?” the Yellow Ranger.

The Pegasus put down the spoon and turned to her human friend, “It’s just this feeling I have. My senses are telling me that; even though Zombra is gone, the Underworld is sealed & I have Discord back in my arms. I just keep thinking, it was all too easy.”

Adam then pretended to chuckle, and replied, “Trust me, that was not easy. Battling monsters, giant robots and gates to the Underworld; not to mention the army of Ghouls that almost conquered the surface world.” The boy then sat down next to her.

Fluttershy handed Adam a spoon, he began eating another tub of ice cream; Fluttershy then chuckle at a thought she had. “You once told me, ice cream helps drown out all bad thoughts and worries; I think it’s working.” She said as she took another spoon full in her mouth.

The two of them ate through their own separate tubs, until they were both empty.

The Pegasus then decided she would go back to bed, she suggested, “You should go back to bed, Adam; you’re seeing your friends off tomorrow.” Adam couldn’t believe it had been three days since they defeated King Zombra; and tomorrow, a space bridge was coming to take his friends back to Earth.

Adam had stuck to his plan, he had decided to stay on Equestria; Celestia even said she would give him something once he had seen his friends off.

The boy hugged his Pegasus friend before watching her fly back to her bedroom; he then made his way to his room. Adam tried his best to go back to sleep.

All the way in Canterlot, Luna was asleep in her bed. Celestia had given her a night off, she wanted to let her sister sleep a bit because of all the chaos that had been happening in Equestria.

However, she was also having bad dreams; she felt an evil presence, one she hadn’t felt for almost twenty five years.

When she woke up, she sat up in her bad; in scared words, she muttered, “No, not again.”

The next day had finally come, each ranger had packed the stuff and was saying the good byes to their pony families.

Rory and Kian were standing outside Sweet Apple Acres, Cinnamon Roll was in Kian’s arms, hugging him tight. Rory was shaking hands and hooves with Spike and Big Mac, saying his farewells to the two bros he’s enjoyed hanging out with. Kian stroked Applespike behind the ear in his baby carriage, before both rangers wandered towards where they were meeting the other rangers. They waved goodbye as they left.

Wiktoria was telling the Dash family how wonderful it’s been living with them, all while she had a crying Prism in her arms. After the little filly had shed the last of her tears, Wiktoria handed Prism to her mother and began walking off; she waved goodbye to her second family.

Rarity was giving Rose a big hug before she would let her go home, the ranger hugged her back while stroking Gemstone’s hair. Pinkie Pie and her family had come to say goodbye as well; since Rose and Pinkie shared and element. It was hard for Rose to leave this family, she had really felt at home with them. The Pink Ranger let loose one more tear before she began to walk towards the meeting point, she waved back to the ponies as she wandered off.

Charlie was waiting for Heather, she was saying goodbye to Derpy and her daughter, Dinky. The Time-Lord still didn’t understand it, but he felt and connection to that grey Pegasus; almost like he knew her, or will soon know her. Time travel is complicated.

The two of them made their way to the Tardis, Charlie decided to fly them back to Earth. As for the rangers, the space bridge was waiting for them.

The rangers all gathered where the space bridge portal was going to appear; as promised, Adam had come to see his friends off. Of course the rangers will come back and visit, hopefully not to fight for survival.

Rose walked up to Adam and asked him, “Are you sure you don’t want to come back with us? We can always just visit this planet on certain occasions.”

Adam wrapped his arm over her shoulder and replied, “I’m sorry, Rose; this is my home now. I must keep my word, and stay.”

The time had come, the portal was ready to appear and transport four of the five Harmony Force Power Rangers back to Earth. However, before they left, Adam had a little task to do.

On the floor, next to where the Yellow Ranger was standing was a wooden briefcase. He opened the case and revealed five slots; Adam didn’t need to say in verbally, the rangers had to turn in their morphers and their ranger powers. The team noticed that Charlie’s and Heather’s morphers were already in there; Adam had collected theirs the other day.

Kian stepped up first, he muttered, “I’ll miss you.” He said to his morpher; he placed it in one of the slots and said, “Mean Green, for life.” He then pounded his chest to look cool.

Wiktoria stepped up next, she placed her morpher into the case. She stated, “It’s funny, my colour represents the emotion I’m feeling about leaving.” A tear fell down her cheek as she walked over to Kian.

Rory was next, I wouldn’t he was happy to get off this planet, but he was happy that the threat had been dealt with and battle is over. He simply placed his morpher in the centre of the case and patted Adam on the shoulder, “Take care of yourself, man.” He then walked towards the others.

Finally, Rose was the last to give up her power, it wasn’t easy for her. “Goodbye, Adam; check in on Jewel for me.” Adam nodded, let her put her morpher in the briefcase.

Without another second gone, the space bridge portal appeared in front of the five humans; Adam was ready to watch his friends leave. The four teens turned back to their friend and gave him a small wave; he replied by saying, “Say hi to the Rescue Bots for me.”

Suddenly, a loud bang was heard from the distance; along with a surge of purple lightning that could be view from their location. The rangers moved past the portal to get a good look at the strange event; purple lightning was, not striking the ground, but being blasted into the sky.

Wiktoria commented, “Oh, it never ends.”

Adam’s morpher; which was still in his pocket, started ringing. When the boy answered it, Celestia was informing the rangers about the new threat that had come to their land.

“Rangers, both me and Luna can feel this dark presence; it’s the biggest dark spirit we’ve ever sensed.” The princess explained.

The whole team could hear Celestia explain, Luna could be heard to; “I don’t believe it, sister. I haven’t felt this dark power in over two decades; that monster has returned.”

The rangers knew what they had to do, but Adam still cracked one of his lines, “What do you guys say, one last time?”

The team needed no time to think about this, they dropped their suitcases, grabbed their morphers from the case and ran to where the lightning was coming from.

The streets of Ponyville were in absolute carnage, pony town’s folk were running for their lives; the rangers had no idea what was causing this. They ran to the town’s centre, a place many of their battles have taken place; only to find what they weren’t expecting.

The team of heroes stopped in the middle of the street, when they saw the creature responsible for this destruction, they couldn’t believe their eyes.


Adam was both heart broken and confused, standing before them was Adam’s former partner and best friend; the one that was killed by his arch enemy.

“Miss me, Adam?” Jack asked, with an evil tone in his voice; his hands were glowing purple and his feet left burn footprint whenever he took a step. “And the rest of you; Rory, Rose, Kian & Wiktoria. You’re all looking well.”

Rory stepped forward and demanded, “How are you even alive, Adam told us that Venom murdered you the night he was captured?”

Since he was about to destroy them, he figured he might as well tell them how this came to be.

“My story begins the night I was killed; when Venom stabbed me, I was stone dead. My soul was brought to the underworld, I had been chosen by the Master to wield his power; the power of the night and moon.” The rangers were trying to put the pieces together, Jack continued explaining.

“You see rangers; it was me who told Zombra to steal the Life Cells from Celestia, it was me who gave Zombra the spell to turn Discord into a dark warrior. I told Chrysalis to work with Zombra, I promised her this land for her children. And it was me who sent the Eight Evil Elements to the attack you; and it’s all been leading to this day. The day, Nightmare Moon, is reborn.”

A shield suddenly appeared in Jack’s hand, “This shield is made from the remains of Nightmare Moon’s armour, it also contains the eye of the Master; giving me all his power.”

The rangers were still trying to get over the fact that it was Jack who has been pulling all the strings this entire time. All they knew now, they weren’t going to let him get away with it.

Wiktoria stated, “I don’t know what you’ve become, but you’re not Jack; he truly is gone.” The rest of her team stepped beside and were ready to fight. “Let’s show him some power of our own.”

Rory said, “Ready, rangers?”





The team pulled out their morphers and called for their powers, “Magical Source; Harmony Force!”

The five Power Rangers stood before their foe, ready for what seemed to be the fight of their lives.

Jack observed his opponents, he watched them morph into their suits; once they finished, he chuckled. “Lovely light show, my friends; you never told it was a dress code party.” Suddenly, Jack pulled a purple coloured Harmony Force morpher from his pocket. “Let me just slip into something more comfortable.”

He opened the morpher and typed in a spell code, he raised the morpher into the air and it generated a purple tornado around him. When the cloud cleared, Jack was wearing the same purple armour that Discord had spent the entire year trapped inside.

“How is this possible, we destroyed that armour?” Rose cried.

Jack laughed at his enemies’ confusion, “Nothing is truly gone forever, just temporary lost in the void.” He pulled the very same sword from the shield, he raised it in the air and stated, “And now, you fall.”

With that said, both the rangers and Jack charged at each other. The battle of the ages had now begun.

The dark warrior began by swiping his sword at the rangers, Rory and Kian managed to dodge the strike, but the others were knocked down. The Red and Green rangers clashed their weapons with Jack’s sword, pushing him back and giving the rest of team a chance to get up.

Adam tried to get, but that was a powerful slash; he changed his staff into a crossbow and fired lightning blasts at Jack. Wiktoria used her spear to join the clash between the rangers and the Master; Rose tried throwing her shield at him.

But the team was out of luck; Jack pushed the three rangers to the ground, he blocked Adam’s blasts with his shield and knocked Rose’s shield out of the way.

To finish the rangers, he decided to use a powerful attack; “The power of all the darkness in Equestria; Dark Magic Strike!” the slashed blasted the rangers into the buildings behind them.

Rory was the first to get back up, “Come on guys, we’ve faced worse than this; we have to try something else.”

Rose replied, “He thinks he’s got power, well so have we. “

Rory commanded, “Let’s combine our weapons.”

The joined their weapons together to form the Celestial Sword, they were ready to finish this battle.

“Celestial Sword, Final Strike!” the shouted.

With one strike from the sword, the blast was able to knock Jack off balance; the light was too much for him, he fell to the ground.

“No!” he shouted, before he exploded into chunks of the armour.

“Jack!” Adam shouted.

Rory tried to explain, “I didn’t think that would happen.”

“How was it that easy?” Wiktoria asked.

Before their questions could be answered, they noticed something in Jack debris; the shield with the eye of the Master was floating in the air, the eye was still blinking.

“Guys, what’s that thing doing?” Kian struggled to understand.

Suddenly, the armour chunks began to re-merge, Jack was brought back by the power of the Master. “Surprise.” The Master said, before taking a bow.

The Master began marching forward to strike down his enemies, he muttered, “When you rangers destroy one of the Eight Evil Elements, their power transfers to me; so you didn’t know it, but you were helping me gain power.”

“He used Rattle Bones’ resurrection spell.” Adam stated.

The rangers’ had just about enough, they tried to use the Celestial Sword again; but something else happened.

Jack raised his shield and released a blast of dark energy, Kian; who was holding the sword, felt it being pulled from his grip. He couldn’t hold on, the sword was pulled towards the shield; the team watched it melt into energy and be absorbed by the eye.

Jack simply muttered, “Your power, fuels mine.” He then laughed like a true villain.

The Power Rangers had to stop this guy before he got too powerful; so they use what power they had left to try and beat this guy, but it wasn’t enough.

Rory charged forward, but it was a bad move; Jack use the element of water to generate a stream of purple water, the pressure from the blast pushed Rory back towards the buildings. Adam and Kian were also pushed back, the Master used a powerful tornado blast to throw them onto Rory; he moaned in pain when they landed on him.

The two girls were the only rangers left standing, so they tried to team attack him.

Rose charged at him, distracting him long enough for Wiktoria to leap over him and kick him in the back. Jack stumbled forward, it allowed Rose to swing her leg around and kick in the side of the head.

The two girls came together for the finisher, the both delivered a strong kick to the dark warrior’s chest; he stumbled back in frustration. Now Jack was really mad, and he knew what to do to solve his problem.

“Time for a real fight.” He raised his hand into the air and chanted a spell, “Somba Alicho Catastrose!”

A portal to the underworld opened and released the evil Pony of Shadows; Jack leaped into the air and grew to a bigger size. He and the Shadow Pony combined to reform the… “Centaurus Wolf Megazord!”

“Prepare to be defeated Power Rangers.” his voice echoed throughout the land.

The rangers on the ground were looking up at the evil Megazord, Adam muttered, “This can’t be good.”

But suddenly, a light came from the sky, it landed in front of the ranger team. When the light faded away, it revealed Discord, Celestia, Charlie and Heather. Discord and the other rangers were already morphed.

“Heather, Charlie; what are you guys doing here.” Wiktoria asked.

Rose stated, “We thought you guys already left.”

Charlie explained, “When Celestia saw what damage this guy could do, she called us back.”

“And gave us our powers back.” Heather said.

The whole team looked up and the evil Megazord, it was time to put a stop to this. He looked down and called out to them with his booming voice.


A sudden cloud of black mist poured out of the Eye of the Master in the shield in the Megazord’s chest, the mist travelled down to the ground, and began generating bodies.

Without warning, once again, five of the rangers’ former enemies appeared in front of them. The rangers couldn’t believe this was happening again.

“Count Venom.” Rory stated.

“Candy Cane.” Wiktoria said.

“Switch.” Adam said.

“Zombie Boss.” Kian stated.

“Cyclops.” Rose stated.

Five monsters from the past had been brought back, the rangers now had this to deal with. It was time to divide and conquer.

Discord started to call the shots, “Rangers, you five deal with these monsters; me and the others will use our Megazords to try and stop this ‘Master’.” He explained. The team knew what they had to do, so they put their plan into action.

Charlie used his morpher to call the Ponyville Express, it began to transform into the Solar Streak Megazord; Heather joined him in the cogpit, to give him some extra aid.

Discord grew to a bigger size, Celestia morphed into her giant Alicorn mode; she and Discord combined the Centaurus Uni-Zord.

While the two Megazords charged at the evil one, the rangers on the ground tried their best to beat back the monsters; even without their weapons. Rory kicked Count Venom back into a corner, Switch started a brawl in the street with Adam, Rose tried her best to avoid Cyclops’ hammer, Kian sort of got into a dance off with Zombie Boss & Wiktoria began kicking and punching the villain they called Candy Cane.

The Uni-Zord, was pushed into its partner, they almost fell to the ground; Charlie drove his Zord forward and deliver three or four punches to Jack’s chest. It knocked him, only for him to use his weapon to slash the Solar Megazord to the ground.

On the ground, Rory and Rose teamed up to face their villains together; Cyclops picked up Venom and threw him towards the rangers. However, Rory gave Rose a leg up and lift her into the air; she leaped over to Venom and kicked him to the ground.

Cyclops saw him go down, so he charged forward; but Rory leaped up and punched him in his one eye.

The two villains stumbled back, before disappearing into black mist.

Switch was locked in a fist fight with the Yellow Ranger, the villain had gained a new power from his new master’s energy. He could now fire a beam of green energy from the visor he wore over his eyes. Adam did his best to fight while dodging the blasts.

The Megazords were still in peril, the Master’s power was just too strong.

Jack yelled, “No more holding back, the dark magic within me will strike you down; for good.”

With one final slash, the Uni-Zord and the Solar Megazord both fell to the ground; the Zords began falling apart, arms and heads were too damaged to stay up.

Celestia had just enough power to teleport herself and the other to safety, but it left her very weak.

Discord crawled over to her to make sure she was okay; Charlie and Heather got up, but they had de-morphed from the crash. The White Ranger looked up, she saw the evil Megazord marching towards them.

“FOOLISH MORTALS, I AM A GOD NOW. I WIN.” The Master stated. The shield in his chest began to glow, the Charlie and Heather could feel the power being drained from them; Jack was absorbing their magic.

When Charlie pulled out his morpher, he was broken, wires were loose and it was sparking. The crystal on the end of Heather’s wand had shatters into fragments; their magic was gone.

Meanwhile, the other rangers were still fighting of their old foes.

Kian and Wiktoria were trying to hold of Candy Cane and Zombie boss, the candy villain stated, “My gobstopper cannon is going to put you two, into a sugary coma.” The villain fired candies at the rangers, blasting them away.

The Power Rangers ran over to where Discord and the others were, they had to regroup.

The villains ran to their master, waiting for orders. He looked down to them and stated, “YOU HAVE DONE WELL, THE EXTRA POWER I GAVE YOU MUST HAVE WORKED.” He then turned to the rangers, he explained, “YOU RANGERS DESERVE A BREAK. ME AND MY MINIONS WILL RETURN TO THE UNDERWORLD FOR NOW, BUT WE WILL RETURN, TO DESTROY YOU.”

With that said, a portal opened beneath the evil Megazord, it teleported him and his villains to the Changeling forest.

As they disappeared, Adam stated, “Okay, now this, can’t be good.”