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Power Rangers Harmony Force - Adamverse

A team of Power Rangers from Earth come to Equestria to meet with their friends; the Mane 6. But evil is returning to this land, so the humans must execpt new powers to protect this world.

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It's Morphing Time!

A space bridge portal opened up outside Canterlot Castle's main gate; from this portal, came a group of five humans. Rory, Kian, Adam, Wiktoria & Rose; coming to this years Grand Galloping Gala. In front of the gate; Twilight Sparkle was waiting to greet them.

"Welcome human friends; how was your trip?" The Princess of Friendship asked. Adam responded with, "Fine; just a simple space bridge travel." She guided them to the entrance and they all entered the grand palace. Once inside; the six of them met up with the other ponies.

Rory walked over to the Apple Family, to see his friend; Big Mac. They had both bonded over the interests and skills.

Kian met up with Applejack and Spike; they were discussing life on the farm, Kian began telling his stories of his life as Ant-man.

Adam ran straight for Discord and his family. Screwball saw Adam coming and quickly rapped her hooves around him. She said, "Its so good to see you." And Adam responded with, "How's Mothball been treating you?" She turned her head to see her coltfriend watching them and waving to the other humans. Screwball quickly said, "He's fine."

Wiktoria greeted Rainbow Dash and her family; they started comparing stories about Dash's adventures as a Wonderbolt and Wiktoria's adventures as The Wasp.

Finally; Rose started speaking to Rarity and Fancy Pants about their life. Rose asked how Rarity was doing in her condition, "So how long until your due?" Last Hearts Warming; Rarity announced she was pregnant, Gemstone was excited about having a new brother or sister. Rarity answered Rose's question with, "Well darling, I'm not due until September." Rose couldn't help but shed a tear from what she heard, Rarity embrace her in a kind hug. Rose whispered, "I so happy for you."

In all the talking; no one noticed Princess Celestia enter the room. In a serious tone; she said, "Discord, I need to speak with you at once." Everybody and pony wondered what this could be about.
In a meeting room; Celestia sat Discord down and began talking, "Discord; there is a crisis in the Everfree Forest, my troops reported seeing.... Changelings.

Discord's eye turned red with fire, "No. I will not even look at one of those creatures again! Besides my daughter's coltfriend." Celestia looked at Discord, she didn't like his answer. She said, "Discord; only you have the power to put a stop to the Changelings, I need the Elements of Harmony here in Canterlot during the Gala." Discord thought for a minute.

"Fine; I'll investigate, just keep my family safe while I'm gone." Discord explained. "Make sure nothing happens during the Gala." Celestia put her hoove on her heart and said, "You have my word Discord. Your family will be safe."

Little did they know; that their whole conversation was being watched by a creature peeking in through the window; a Changeling. The bug-like pony muttered, "I must report this to the queen, she'll wanna here this." With those words; the Changeling flew away with a evil smile on his face, made up of his fangs and sharp teeth.
The night before the Gala; everybody and pony was in the dinning room, the Mane 6, their families and the rangers. Everyone was there; all except Discord, who was off on his secret mission. Fluttershy was the first to notice Discord's absence; she asked, "Has anypony seen Discord?"

Celestia; who sat at the end of the large table, turn to the yellow Pegasus and said, "I sent on a secret mission to the Everfree Forest, I'm sure he'll be back before the Gala." Adam was not at the dinner table; he was on the floor playing with the really young ponies, Zany, Applespike and Twinkle Sparkle. Adam was a little autistic; so no one really thought it was weird for Adam to be doing. Adam would just sit in the middle of the floor and let the children climb on him; he would have Twinkle in his arms, Applespike on his left shoulder & Zany sitting on his head and Adam would just tickle them.

When dinner was finished; the children went to bed and all the adults went to a sort of living room and began talking about things. The groups were the same as before; Adam spoke with Fluttershy & her daughter, Rory was asking Big Mac if any help was needed at Sweet Apple Acres, Kian and Spike were playing "Go Fish" on the coffee table, Wiktoria spoke to Rainbow Dash about life in the Wonderbolts & Rose sat Gem Stone on her knee and spoke with Rarity.

"How's your brother Adam?" Screwball asked. Adam turned to the purple pony and explained, "I think he's doing fine; I mean he has good friends, he's on a good team and he can do great things with his powers." Screwball and her Mother smiled to hear the good news. A small question came to Adam's mind, "Screwball; did anything happen last year? Because there was a large portion of chaotic energy emitting from Ponyville." Screwball quickly realized what Adam was talking about, "Oh; that was Daddy, he had a bit of a melt down. There was this whole thing with the Changelings and Dad thinking Mom didn't love him anymore, but we managed to solve it and stop the Changelings."

Rory was speaking to both Big Mac and Applejack; "How's parent life for you AJ?" he asked. Applejack smiled and responded with, "Well; me and Spike have had some ruff patches through the years, but we've always worked things out." Rory couldn't help but feel happy for her. A bit of a evil grin was drawn on Applejack's face, "You and Rose thinking about taking things further?" she asked. Rory's face turned bright red, "Whoa! It's a bit early for that AJ. We're both only seventeen after all." He tried to explain. The grin on Applejack's face grew bigger, "But you love her don't you." she nagged. Rory tried to block out the sound by putting his face in his hands.

Kian and Spike were to busy to talk to anyone else; they were too stuck in their card game, "Do you have any Two's?" Kian asked. "Go fish." Spike responded.

Wiktoria and Rainbow Dash spoke about their great adventures; including the recent battle with the Changelings, "So you dropped Prism from the sky?" Wiktoria asked. Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes and sighed, "Come on; I thought she was a Changeling." The two adventurers couldn't help but laugh at each other's stories; Rainbow Dash enjoyed hearing about the monsters Wiktoria and the other rangers defeated.

Rose was just bouncing Gemstone on her knee; Rarity was explaining their ideas for the baby's room. "Maybe we'll paint it purple; since we don't know if its a boy or girl yet." The white unicorn explained. Rose had an idea, "On Earth; we have a device that can tell you the gender of the baby, we can take you to Earth and find out." she explained. Rarity politely shook her head; her and Fancy Pants wanted to make it a surprise, like Gemstone when she came along.
That night; Discord was hovering through the Everfree Forest, he was searching for the crisis. He couldn't shake the feeling like he was being watched, little did he know, he was.

"There's nothing here; no crisis, no danger, no nothing." Discord was about to call it, until....

A swarm of Changelings charge from among the trees; blasting Discord with little green beams, knocking the draconequus to the ground. When the smoke cleared; Discord was surrounded by Changelings and one of them he recognised.

"Hello Dissy-dear."

The draconequus looked up; only to find....


Standing before Discord was the Queen of the Changelings; Chrysalis, one of Discord's oldest enemies.

Hate grew in Discord's eyes, "What are you doing here you parasite?!" he cried. "I thought I saw...."

"The last of me." she finished. "Oh Discord; when will you learn you'll never be rid of me." The Changeling Queen began to circle Discord and talk, "You and your family will not stop my plans this time. Especially now that I have a partner." Discord was confused, what did she mean "partner"?

"Chrysalis! Stop confusing the foolish creature." cried a voice coming from above. Discord looked up, only to find another familiar face. Discord looked even more confused, "King Zombra; why are you helping Chrysalis?" The shadow pony hopped down from the cliff and walked towards the draconequus, "I'm simple getting my payment." The false king explained.

Discord asked, "Payment? What is she giving you?" The king of monsters responded with, "A warrior. One that will serve me, her and our master." This whole thing was really making Discord's head spin, what were they talking about?

"Answer me this, lord of chaos; doesn't a bit of you miss being evil?" Zombra asked. "Because this goody-two shoes life can't be that good, can it?" Discord didn't understand; until two Changelings grabbed his arms, holding him to the ground. Zombra stepped towards the draconequus; his horn began to glow dark purple, "I think I've found my warrior."

Before Discord could teleport away; he was blasted with a dark magic beam. Before it took effect; Discord let out a large, "NOOOO!"

Fluttershy woke up in the middle of the night; she thought she heard someone cry "no". Now she was awake; she couldn't sleep, so she went to the castle's kitchen. She flew out of bed and wrapped herself in her soft night gown.

When she arrived; Fluttershy found one of her human friends sitting at the main table. The yellow Pegasus asked, "Adam; what are you doing up?" Adam put down his spoon and replied, "My spider-sense has been going of all night; so I came down to clear my head, with ice-cream." Fluttershy sat next to her friend, still with a worried look on her face.

"You still worrying about Discord?" Adam asked. Fluttershy slightly nodded, "He's never been away from me this long; apart from the Changeling crisis, what if he's hurt or in trouble." Adam put his warm hand on her shoulder, "Don't worry Fluttershy; he's the ex-lord of chaos, I'm sure he's fine." Fluttershy wiped the tears from her face, "You really think so?"

Adam embraced her in a warm hug, "I know so." he whispered.

He let go of his friend; she said, "Why do you do so much for us? Your not even from our world." Adam said what he would always say to anypony who asked that, "Fluttershy; this planet, it's inhabitants are precious to me. Your precious to me." he said as he took her hoove. "I will defend your planet until my last breath and that's a promise."

Fluttershy embraced him in one more hug before she flew off back to bed, "Good night." she whispered. Adam managed to respond with, "Good night, my dear."

Up in the tower; Luna was watching the night, until she was approached be her sister. "What are you doing up sister, you need your rest." The night princess asked. Celestia appeared with a concerned look on her face. "I am worried sister; Discord has not yet return from his mission." Celestia said. She looked through her telescope took try and spot the draconequus.

"He'll be fine sister." she heard from Luna. "He can handle himself." Celestia turned to her little sister, "How can you know that Luna?" The princess of the night smirked a little, "Well, he's put up with you." Both princess's began to laugh at Luna's joke.
The night of the Grand Galloping Gala; everypony in Canterlot came tonight, even Princess Luna stuck around for this one.

Fluttershy was dressed in her classic green butterfly dress, Screwball wore the same red dress as last year, Mothball wore a dark blue tuxedo & Zany had a little red suit to match his eyes.

Rarity's family wore the type of fancy clothes they would usually weir.

Rainbow Dash's family hand a verity of clothes; Rainbow and Zoarin had they're Wonderbolt uniforms, Lightning and Prism wore similar light blue dresses, while Thunder had his blue tuxedo.

Pinkie Pie's family surprisingly had sensible dresses; the Tri-Pies had dresses to match their colours, red for Cherry, blue for Blueberry and pink for Raspberry. Pinkie Pie wore a yellow dress; while Red Shoes wore his magicians outfit.

The Apple Family all dawned the same outfits as last years Gala, only because they didn't want to trouble Rarity in her condition.

Twilight wore her royal gown; made by the best tailors in Canterlot, (no offence Rarity.) Flash Sentry wore his soldier armour; while their daughter had a small pink dress.

Finally; the rangers wore their O.S.C uniforms, which included a black military jumpsuit with their iconic colour covering the left arm and shoulder. Red for Rory, blue for Kian, green for Adam, yellow for Wiktoria & pink for Rose. Everyone gathered in the ball room to join the party.

This years Gala wasn't really any different from the others; The Cutie Mark Crusaders had come to perform, the Wonderbolts were going to do their stunt show & Screwball and Zany were pranking someponies. Fluttershy sat at her table; watching her children from a far, only to be joined by Rarity and Rose. "How've you been Fluttershy? We never got a chance to talk earlier." Rose explained. Fluttershy was still worried for her husband; it had almost been a day since he left.

"Has Discord sent any message? Where is he? I don't want him to miss our dance." Fluttershy mumbled. Rarity put her hoove on her best friend's shoulder, "It's okay darling, he knows what he's doing."

Before anypony could do anything else; a bolt of lightning struck the stain glass window, shattering it into fractals. Everyone noticed that it started raining...….. chocolate milk.

Finally; from the broken window, Changelings flooded the air around the ponies; knocking any Pegasus to the ground, blasting away the royal guards and hovering over their new hostages. Zombra and Chrysalis entered the room; follow by a man shaped figure, he wore purple and black armour, his shoulder pads looked like silver wolf heads & he carried a purple shield containing a large purple sword. Zombra was the first to speak,

"I suppose a comment about crashing the party would be in order, HAHAHA!" he cackled. "I don't suppose you've noticed the weather?" Everyone drew the attention back to the chocolate rain; there are only three creatures in Equestria that can do this and Screwball & Zany didn't do it.

"Discord, step forward." Chrysalis commanded. Then the purple knight stepped in front of his queen. Adam quickly figure out who that was, "Discord? What have then done to you?!" he cried. The purple knight drew his sword and swiped it at Adam; blasting his with a small portion of chaos magic, knocking him over. Fluttershy quickly ran to her human friend's aid; hold him in her hooves, "Discord, what are you doing? Stop it now!" Adam gestured her to be quiet; then explained, "No Fluttershy; that's not Discord, not anymore."

Rory then stepped forward and help Adam up, "Lets show this guys how we handle party crashers on Earth." he said. Him and the rest of the rangers step in front of the crowd, pulling out their morphers.

"You guys ready?!" Rory cried. Each rangers announced their response.





With those words they all called out their battle cry, "OSC, EMERGANCY!!"

With that; five Power Rangers stood before the King of Monsters, each one with enough power defeat evil. Kian was the first one to speak, "Now you could just surrender; or we could do it the fun way." All the ponies in the room ran out the back door; all except the Mane 6 and their families, even though the parents told their kids to run. Chrysalis cried out to her children, "Children, destroy the humans!"

With those words; all the hovering bug-like ponies shot form the air like bullets towards the rangers. The team broke apart; scattering themselves around the room.

Rory took centre stage in the middle of the room; surrounded by Changelings, he struck his battle pose. As each Changeling charged at him; he knocked them back with a kick to the face, sending them into each other like bowling balls and pins.

Kian was in the corner of the great hall; the Changeling tried to attack but, Kian used his weapon to fend them off. "Delta-Striker!" he cried as he drew a sword like baton from his belt. Each Changeling was struck down by a swipe of his Striker; knocking them unconscious on the floor.

Adam used a long range weapon; to blast the enemy out of the sky. He set his Delta-Striker for blaster mode and fired stun beams at the Changelings.

Wiktoria did the same; blasting the Changelings with her Striker. She hit all her targets and leaped into the air; she hit the last one with a strong kick to the stomach, sending him flying to the floor.

Rose was using her acrobatics to dodge the enemy attacks; she was able to land some punches on the creatures, sending them to the ground in pain.

When Kian finished of his group of Changelings; he tried to attack the Discord, he attempted to throw a hook to his face. However; Discord was quick and grabbed Kian's fist before it hit him, the Lord of Chaos squeezed hard on the Blue Ranger's hand. "Ah!" he cried as the pain sunk in. Wiktoria came up behind him, delivering a kick to the back of his head. Discord responded with throwing Kian on top of the Yellow Ranger; making them both moan in pain. Adam and Rose tried to attack the purple knight; they sent karate kicks to his chest but he didn't even flinch, instead he took the by the ankle and threw them into the other rangers.

Rory; being the only one left, had to stop this once and for all. "Delta Blasters!" he cried a he drew two small, red pistols from his belt. Rory began firing at Discord; trying to knock him of balance; but all it did was push him a back a little. Discord drew his sword and slashed Rory's chest; causing him to de-morph, as did the rest of the rangers.

They were all just lying their in pain; as Zombra moved towards the Mane 6, "I'll take your Elements now." he commanded. "Never!" Twilight cried as she marched up to him. Zombra simply smiled at the purple alicorn; then turned his head to Rarity, "I hear this one's with child and I loathe children. Grab her!" Two armoured Changelings grabbed the white unicorn, "No Mommy! Mommy!" Gemstone cried as her father tried to hold her back. Zombra unhooked her Element from around her neck; he held it in his hoove, "Thank you, my dear." Zombra said as he knocked Rarity to the floor. The other Element keepers attempted to use them to stop Zombra, but he simply blasted them to the back wall; their families went over to help them.

Zombra placed the Element of Generosity a small black box; the rangers tried to get up but they were to weak, "Get up rangers, we have to help them." Adam cried. Kian got up and said, "Adam's right, were Power Rangers. We can't give up."

From the other side of the room; Twilight had an idea, "Rangers! Take these!" With those words, the ponies threw their Elements to the rangers. Each ranger caught an Element; then it started to glow, like it was filled with raw power. When the glow vanished; the Element changed into.... cell phones.

"Guys; I think they're morphers." Adam said. "I think we just got new powers." The rangers looked at each other with excitement. Kian was the first to ask, "What do we say to morph?" With those words, the phrase suddenly sprung into everybody's mind. Rory called out to Zombra; he didn't realise what was happening, "You want the Elements?....."

"You guys ready?!" Rory cried. Like before....





The whole team called out their new morph phrase, "MAGICAL SOURCE, HARMONY FORCE!!"

When the smoke cleared; five multicoloured rangers stood before Zombra and his minions. The rangers began to call out their titles....

Kian cried, "Element of Honesty; Green Harmony Ranger!"

Rose cried, "Element of Laughter; Pink Harmony Ranger!"

Wiktoria cried, "Element of Loyalty; Blue Harmony Ranger!"

Adam cried, "Element of Kindness; Yellow Harmony Ranger!"

Finally; Rory cried, "Element of Magic; Red Harmony Ranger!"

The Mane 6 looked upon the rangers; they couldn't help but be proud of them, "Great job rangers." Twilight stated. King Zombra stared at his brand new enemies and said, "Well, this has been an entertaining evening. Chrysalis, destroy them!"

With those words; the Changelings and their Queen charged at the new team of rangers, only to be knocked down by their new abilities. The rangers drew their weapons; Magic Staffs, and blasted light energy at the swarm. Anything that was hit instantly on the floor; unconscious. Chrysalis dove for Adam; he point his staff at her trying to defend himself, then she was blasted with lightning. A new phrase came to Adam's head, "Magic Staff, Crossbow Mode." Instantly; his staff transformed in a crossbow-like blaster, he began firing at the Changelings. The other rangers witnessed his new weapon; they thought they would try it.

"Magic Staff; Axe Mode." Kian said.

"Magic Staff; Spear Mode." Wiktoria said.

"Magic Staff; Shield Mode." Rose said.

"Magic Staff; Sword Mode." Rory said.

Now with their new weapons; the Power Rangers knew they couldn't lose, "This is how it's done, Earth style." Kian stated. The rangers charged at the remaining Changelings; however, they all fled in fear. Their Queen was frustrated; but she excepted defeat and flew away to, leaving just Zombra and Discord. Zombra stepped towards the team, "It doesn't matter, I have one of you Elements and that's all I need to conquer this world." he said. But the rangers saw a widow of opportunity; their staffs returned to normal and Rory said, "Your not conquering this world."

With those words; the rangers blasted Zombra with their magic, encasing him in a rainbow. Zombra tried to fight back but it was no good; the magic was too strong, he was defeated.

A final flash of light struck the room; Zombra disappeared, suddenly Celestia and Luna entered the room with the royal guard. Discord was left standing in the room; he remained silent as the guards surrounded him, until.....

"You rangers fight with honour; I will not destroy you now, but we will meet again. When that day comes; I will not hesitate to destroy you and everyone you love." Discord snapped his fingers and disappeared in a flash of light. With all the threats gone; everyone in the room relaxed, all except Fluttershy. She ran crying to Adam; wrapping her hooves around him, Adam removed his helmet and embraced her. The yellow Pegasus muttered, "He's gone, Discord's gone!" Adam lowered himself to her eye level, "Fluttershy, me and my team will do everything in our power to bring him back." Adam promised. "I give you my word."
When the night ended; everypony went to bed, all except Twilight, Celestia & Luna, they gathered the rangers in the meeting room. Twilight was allowed to speak first, "Rangers, me and my friends can no longer protect Equestria. We have our families to look after and until Discord is returned to normal, our home is not safe." Adam interjected her speech, "If we want to turn Discord back to normal, we need all six Elements and Zombra took one with him to wherever he went."

Celestia thought for a while, "Discord deserves our help; I ask you rangers, will you help us?"

Rory stood up, "I don't know much about this planet, but I do know that its precious to Adam. Freedom is the right of all sentiant beings...."

Kian cried, "Hey! That's Optimus' line."

All the rangers and the princess's came to an agreement; the rangers were going to stay, protect Equestria, retrieve the lost Element & save Discord.

Wiktoria said, "Yes, the Power Rangers are back."

Author's Note:

Why was it in Power Rangers Mystic Force, only the boy rangers got weapons.

P.S, the rangers in the videos are not the rangers in the story.