• Published 23rd Oct 2019
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Power Rangers Harmony Force - Adamverse

A team of Power Rangers from Earth come to Equestria to meet with their friends; the Mane 6. But evil is returning to this land, so the humans must execpt new powers to protect this world.

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Harmony Song

Within the clouds of Ponyville, in the house owned by two members of the Wonderbolts, their human guest was sitting on the couch listening to music through her ear-pieces. Wiktoria was the only one who could hear the music, but anypony who walked past could tell what she was listening to as she hummed to the music.

Lightning Dash even sat with her and the ranger would share her ear-pod, they would listen to the music and sometimes sing along with it.

But it came to an end when Rainbow Dash walked in and told them to be quiet; I swear, when Rainbow became a mom, she turned into a bit of a bore. But she was trying to help Prism with her homework, so they understood. What they both didn't know, was that they were being watched by Lightning's brother, Thunder Dash. He peered in through the window and was laughing at them.

When they stopped, they heard his giggling, Lightning stuck her head out the window and found him. The colt gasped when he was caught, his sister pulled him in through the window and started nooging him. It took Wiktoria to pull them apart, but the girls needed some air anyway.

So the Blue Ranger took Lightning out into town, hoping to pick up some things for lunch and dinner. As they opened the front door, Wiktoria felt a strange feeling; like they were being watched by something else. She decided to ignore it as she put her ear-pods back in and used her magic to float down to the ground.

what she didn't know, was she was right. Zombra was peering through his rift in space, watching the Blue Ranger; the only ranger who hasn't unlock their special power. And just in time for the Selection Ceremony.
Zombra gathered the three remaining elements into the main chamber; Shriek, Super-Nasor & Malagore all presented their weapons.

The pool of water began to glow, the orb of dark magic shot up from the pool and spun around the room. It land on the chosen monster.... Shriek. "Yes." the female monster stated. "And I know just the plan to make sure those rangers don't cause any trouble for me." With that said, she teleported to the surface world.

Super-Nasor had to speak with Malagore, so he pulled him to the cave tunnels.

"Malagore, why do we continue to listen to that false king in there? He failed to destroy the Power Rangers with his own monsters, why must we waste away to serve him?" Malagore got a little mad at the Master of Earth. "Change your tone, Super-Nasor. That is our master in there."

"No, the real master is locked in the underworld sub-levels, waiting for the right moment to return." 'Nasor stated.

The two of them didn't know that Zombra could hear them, he muttered, "Not to worry, Super-Nasor. That Master won't be in the way for much longer. And then, you'll have no choice but to serve me." Zombra cackled like crazy, attracting the attention of the Changeling all sitting in the upper cave entrances above the main chamber.
In the capital of Equestria, Princess Celestia was pacing up and down the throne room; her sister and student were with her, they shared her look of concern. When the sun princess stopped in the middle of the room, she announced, “I going to find him.”

“Sister no!” Luna declared. “Traveling through the underworld is far too dangerous. Leaving your mortal body could have terrible consequences.” Celestia was about to perform a spell that would allow her spirit leave her body and travel to the underworld. She was going to use it to find Discord and guide him back to the surface world.

“Princess Celestia, I should go. You said it yourself that Discord was my responsibility.” Twilight stated. However, Celestia would not let the pony she saw as a daughter to travel to a dark and twisted dimension.

The princess used her magic, the spell freed her spirit from its mortal body. As the body was empty, Celestia looked so lifeless. Her eyes were closed and she just sat in the middle of the room; not moving a muscle.

Once the spirit was free, she had the ability to open a portal to the underworld. When the vortex opened, she waved goodbye to her fellow princesses; even though they couldn’t see her, then flew through the portal. The portal spat her out in a dark tunnel, the princess would search the entire underworld to find this lost creature. So she breathed in and began her search. Her horn lit up, the sense of chaos magic led the way to her friend.
Wiktoria and Lightning Dash arrived in the market, whilst they walked through the stalls, the ranger found some things that she could work into a meal for the family. However, what she didn’t notice; a street performer that was draped in a black cloak was watching them.

The ranger still had her ear-pods in, so when the music from the performer started, she couldn’t hear it. Lighting Dash listened to the music, it sound off key; but the worst part was when the performer started singing. It sounded horrible, the performer sang, “La, la, la; la, la; la, la.”

One by one, the ponies in the streets started to get headaches; Lightning included. As I said, Wiktoria couldn’t hear the music; but she noticed all the ponies start to moan. They all started to look down at the ground, the Blue Ranger was confused. Until one of them looked back up; but something was really off.

They started groaning like zombies, they had black rings around their eyes, and they were moving towards Wiktoria; like they were trying to get her. The ranger turned to her friend, and she was no different; moaning and trying to grab her. So all the ranger could do was run, until she found what was causing this.

The street performer threw off her cloak, and it was Shriek, “Foolish ranger, my zombie song has put all these ponies under my control.” The monster laughed for a second, but the Wiktoria responded with, “Yeah, but not for long.”

The Blue Ranger leaped at Shriek and kicked into the street; with the loss of her focus,, the spell broke. When the ponies saw the monster, they ran away screaming; Lightning Dash hid behind a market stall and watched as the fight between ranger and monster began.

Wiktoria pulled out her morpher, once she typed in the spell code, she chanted the magic words. “Magical Source; Harmony Force!”

Once she was morphed, she drew her Magic Staff; the two of them charged at each other, and locked in an epic battle.

The Blue Ranger started the fight by turning her staff into its spear mode, she used the spear to strike a few blows on Shrieks bone armour. She returned the favour by fighting back with her bone dagger, the ranger blocked the best she could, but one or two blows pushed her back. They finished each other of by delivering a punch to each other’s chest; they were both thrown back from the force.

Wiktoria landed by Lightning Dash, when she saw the Pegasus mare, she quickly motioned her to run. Lightning saw how dangerous it was, so she listened to her friend and flew back to her house.

Just as Shriek got up to finish the job, a strong fire blast shot her across the town square. Wiktoria looked up and saw the Red Dragon Fire Ranger; Rory land in front of her, he didn’t stop to talk, he just charged after the monster.

The other three rangers were just arriving behind her, Kian knelt down to see if Wiktoria was okay. The ranger watched Rory chase Shriek away, she opened a portal and returned to the underworld; so Rory returned to his team. They all de-morphed and re-grouped at Sugar Cube Corner, they needed to think of their next move.
Celestia's spirit wandered through the dark dwellings of the underworld, still searching for her lost friend. Her search brought to a large sum of water, the Lake of Souls; and on the shore, inches away from the water, was the creature she was looking for.

Discord was still locked in the dreaded armour, the princess knelt down next to his body; she had no idea if he was even still alive. So she used her magic to attempt to revive him; but it would cause her to return to her body, leaving him stranded down here once again. But it was the only way he'd wake up, she casted the spell.

As the magic spread across his body, her spirit began to fade; as she disappeared, Discord woke up. He caught a quick look at Celestia before she disappeared, he knew what she did to help him.

Once Discord was alone, he had to find a way out; his battle with the elements left his magic pretty depleted, so he had to find a different way out. However, as he was leaving, something jumped him.

The draconequus was blasted by a purple bolt, knocking him to the floor again. When he looked up, he saw a platoon of Ghouls surrounding him, the only way out was to fight. So Discord drew his sword and began striking down the undead warriors.

Three Ghouls charged for him, they used their swords to attack him; but Discord blocked the attack with his sword and knocked them down with his shield. Another came up behind, but the Lord of Chaos spun around and kicked the Ghoul right into the lake. The rest of them were easy to strike down; until there was only one left. The last monster charge for Discord, but this one suffered a destructive fate; the purple knight used a small portion of magic and blasted his, "Chaos Blast!" at the Ghoul. The blast was so strong, that the monster fell to the ground and exploded.

With the battle won, Discord put away his weapons and began his walk out of this horrible place.
The rangers had just left Sugar Cube Corner, with a plan of attack against Shriek, and her diabolical evil. Wiktoria had sent Lightning home, but she still worried; but she had to keep her mind on battling evil.

As the Power Rangers wandered through town, they heard a noise coming from the streets. Rory led the team towards the source of the noise. When they arrived, they saw an army of zombified ponies, all of them moaning and groaning like mindless slaves.

"Looks like Shriek's been busy." Kian stated. Rose turned to him and replied, "Yeah, no kidding Kian." The rangers had no way to get through those ponies, they knew Shriek had to be on the other side of them; but the only way through, it seems was to fight.

"We're going to have to fight our way through, if we want to get to Shriek."

Adam protested against this, "We can't hurt them, they're innocent ponies. We'll have to go around them." The rangers agreed it was a good alternative; so they turned around to go a different way.

However, when they turned, they saw the rest of Ponyville wandering towards them; all of them, zombified.

"They don't look happy." Rory joked.

Passing through all the ponies, Shriek made her way to the front of the crowd. "Now, Power Rangers, this is where you meet your end." Shriek drew her bone dagger, she held it in the air, about to give the order to her zombies to attack. But the rangers weren't going down without a fight.

Rory turned to Adam and explained, "I'm sorry Adam, were gonna have to fight them."

When Rory said that, it gave Wiktoria an idea. She turned to her friends and explained her plan, "Guys, I've been thinking. We know that our legend modes, have five codes; code one is our unique powers, code three and four activate the legend zord and code five is our full potential. But what does code two do."

The other rangers looked at their situation and thought for a sec; until Adam replied with, "There's really only one way to find out."

The Power Rangers pulled out their morphers and morphed straight into their legend modes, "LEGENDARY SOURCE, HARMONY FORCE!" They cried. Within milliseconds, they had morphed into the legend suits. Rory ordered, "Okay guys, let's try this."

All the rangers chanted, "Code 2, Mystic Spell Ceil."

The five lion staffs drew a Spell Ceil in the air, once it rose high enough, the ceil shattered into fragments of magic dust. The dust particles landed on the zombified ponies, when the magic took effect, the zombie spell had been broken.

Shriek was so mad, when she tried to sing again to put them back under her spell, all she did was cough. "Uh, my voice has lost its tune."

Wiktoria cheered when all the ponies got to safety, but was even more happy when she looked down at her staff. "My true potential." She muttered.

The Blue Ranger stepped towards Shriek, "Times up, bone bird." She stated. Wiktoria held her staff out in front of her and chanted, "Code 5, Tsunami Strike." When the spell was cast, a enormous wave was blasted towards the Master of Air; the wave through her across town.

When she was gone, the other rangers all gathered around their Blue Ranger and cheered for her; Wiktoria may been the last, but they've now unlocked their true potential.

However, the celebration was put on hold when they saw what they saw; Shriek, she had recovered from the blast and had grown into her giant form. "TIME FOR THE ENCORE, RANGERS!!" The giant skeleton bird stomped through Ponyville, it was time to titan up.

Rory chanted, "Code 3, legend of the sky, Mystic Fire Bird." His body morphed into a flaming falcon, his signature bird.

The rest of the team chanted their spell, "Code 4, legend of the jungle, Mystic Lion." The four rangers came together to form the body of a lion.

The two animals combined quickly, into the..... "Manticore Megazord." The rangers cried.

Shriek grabbed her dagger and attempted to strike the megazord, but the blow was block by the spear, the rangers fought back the best they could; but Shriek was able to land one or two strikes on them. Until the Power Rangers used the spear to knock her back, forcing her to the ground.

She got back to her feet, but she should have stayed down. The rangers fully charged the spear, filling it with power; they then chanted, "Manticore Megazord, Spin Attack!" A tornado made from fire was blasted towards the Master of Air, the blast was too much for her.

She muttered, "Well, the show... must.... go on...." she then fell to the ground, the impact caused her to explode, just like her brothers.

In the Megazord's cockpit, no one heard Wiktoria muttered, "So long, Shriek."
When Wiktoria got home that night, Lightning Dash flew to her and hugged her human friend. "I'm glad you're okay, is that bird skeleton gone."

Wiktoria let go of Lightning and replied, "Yeah, she's gone. You good?" Lightning looked at herself and said, "Yeah, I guess so. Checked me over, I'm fine."

"You wanna listen to some music?" Wiktoria asked. Lightning flew over to the couch and replied, "Together." She patted the spot next to her on the couch, the Blue Ranger sat down and shared her ear-pods again.

They listened to Wiktoria's playlist until they both turned.

On the ground of Equestria, emerging from a dark cave; a purple knight stomped out of the opening. Discord had finally found the exit, he stated, "At last, Fluttershy, I'm free."