• Published 23rd Oct 2019
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Power Rangers Harmony Force - Adamverse

A team of Power Rangers from Earth come to Equestria to meet with their friends; the Mane 6. But evil is returning to this land, so the humans must execpt new powers to protect this world.

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Forever Red

Author's Note:

Just so it's clear; the Adam here is not the regular Adam, this is the one from the Lab Rats TV show on Disney XD. So don't get them mixed up.

Also; the morph videos were all I could find, after you've seen one morph just move on to the next one.

Far from Equestria; in a whole other galaxy, was the planet Earth. Orbiting this planet was the Moon; in the Sea of Tranquillity, familiar evil is plotting a return. Among the rubble; an army of Stormtroopers were digging up the rocks. Wandering through the troops; were the last surviving generals, of the Decepticons.

Onslaught, Brawl, Swindle, Vortex & Blast Off; they had taken command of what remained of the Galactic Empire, "We finally found it." Onslaught stated. "Troops keep digging, Megatron was a fool to leave this here." The Stormtroopers were digging out a Decepticon weapon; a machine that would have won them the war.

Little did the Combaticons know; someone was watching them from above, on a cliff. It was someone in a cloak; spying on the enemy, trying to see what they were planning. When the figure removed his cloak; it was revealed that it was, Adam Davenport (from Lab Rats). "No good, they've almost dug it out." the bionic human said. As he tried to run away; he knocked some rocks down the hill, catching the attention of the Cons. Brawl turned his head; seeing Adam, "Stop!" he cried. "Blast Off, let's go!" Brawl and Blast Off converted to vehicle mode and sped after the intruder.

Adam ran for his life but the Decepticons were catching up with him; with no other option, Adam used his emergency teleporter. "Location: Earth, O.S.C Spaceport." he cried as he kept running.

With the coordinates locked in; the teleporter activated, transporting him to the new location. Brawl stopped his engines and Blast Off landed by his side; they both transformed back to their bot modes, "Let him go, it to late anyway." Blast Off said.

Back on Earth; Adam's teleporter brought him back to base, the hero had just arrived in the Command Centre. He was greeted by Olessia; director of the O.S.C. She asked, "How was your mission?" The bionic human came to his feet and replied, "They found it." Olessia gasped at the news she heard; she ran back to her desk, activating a commlink. "Jack, contact the recruits. It's time."
At a vacation home; on the beaches of Hawaii, another familiar face was enjoying his day off. Before he was rudely interrupted by a waiter bringing him a phone, "Excuse me sir, you have a phone call." The boy in the deck chair reached his arm out to grab the phone, "Hello, this Jack." he answered.

On a distant island; someone else was about to get a phone call, "King Brady, there's someone on the phone for you." Mason said. King Brady and King Boomer came tumbling down the stairs wrestling again; it to Mason having to pick them up and pull them apart, the man pulled the twin kings apart and gave Brady the phone. "Thank you Mason, hello this is King Brady." he said as he answered the phone.

In the centre of London; at ITV studios, a production assistant was trying to find one of the TV presenters. "Excuse me?" he asked around. "Has anyone seen Mr McPartlin?"

All over the world; recruits were picking up phones and receiving a location and a time to meet up.

Returning to Equestria; Charlie went to find Rory, he found the group of rangers at Sugar Cube Corner. They were all their except Adam; no one had seen him since his party last night. Charlie approached the group; they didn't notice him at first, "Rory, the Red Harmony Force Ranger." Charlie stated. Rory and the rest of the team turned to their newest member, "What is Charlie?" Charlie was wearing a red and black fireman's jacket; no one had seen him wear that for over a year, "I was sent by Olessia to recruit you for an important mission. The fate of Earth is at stake, we need you help."

With those words; Rory sprung out of his chair and went with the Time Lord. They both walked outside to Charlie's vehicle; the same blue box he always travelled in, "You remember the TARDIS don't you Rory." Charlie asked. Rory replied with a simple, "How could I forget all the times I nearly threw up in this thing."

They both stepped into the time machine; with a flip of a switch, the TARDIS materialised away.

Later that day; Charlie, Rory and their blue box appeared in a space centre on Earth. Upon stepping out of the time machine; Rory saw two other people he recognised, "Kye, Ivan? What are you guys doing here?" Kye replied, "Well I was let out of the Raft for good behaviour, and Ivan here came and picked me up."

Kye had been in prison for some time; because he once joined the Galactic Empire, he helped build the ultimate weapon. However; in the end, Kye saw the light. He betrayed the Empire and helped destroy the Death Star; although that didn't same him from sometime behind bars. Ivan on the other hand; he is a former Power Ranger, also a super hero. Ivan is Kid Arachnid; Spiderman's sidekick, same powers as the web-slinger but with two extras. Kye also was a Power Ranger before the war; Kye was the Red Ninja Storm Ranger and Ivan was the Red Dino Charge Ranger. Also; for those who didn't know, Charlie has also been a Red Ranger in the past. He took up the role of the Red Lightspeed Rescue Ranger.

Charlie broke the conversation; saying, "I guess you already know this two rangers." Then he pointed to a sports car, "And that's the Crimson Thunder Ranger." A grown man stepped from the car; Charlie explained his name, "Anthony McPartlin." The thunder ranger stopped him before he finished, "Please, just call me Ant." he explained. "And that's Adam Davenport." Adam walked up to the group; him and Rory greeted in a hand shake. "Nice of you to join us." Adam said.

Rory was amazed by who he was surrounded by; he asked, "So you guys are all Red Rangers too, what's going on?" Charlie answered his question, "We were all assembled by one ranger, our leader for this mission." Rory responded to this with, "Leader?"

Suddenly; the hanger doors opened, stepping inside was a Power Ranger legend. Rory asked, "Is that, Adam's little brother?" Ant gently slapped Rory's shoulder, "That's Jack, the Red Space Power Ranger. He's been a ranger for as long as his brother." Ant explained. Jack joined the group and was greeted by his fellow rangers; he opened with, "Thank you guys for coming on such short notice." Kye was the first to respond, "What's going on? Your call sounded urgent."

Jack had to inform them of what they were about to face, "I was hoping this day would never come, Adam here has been tracking down the last remaining forces; of the Galactic Empire." Ant asked, "But I thought the O.S.C destroyed them years ago." Jack wandered past his team, "We destroyed their leader, Astronima." The space ranger explained. "But some of their army managed to survive. And now; under the command of a team of Decepticons, the have gathered in a secret base on the Moon."

Rory stepped forward and asked, "The Moon? So how are we suppose to get their to stop them?" Kye turned to the Time Lord of the group, "Can't we use the TARDIS?" he asked. Charlie looked at him with confusion, "Kye; they're a evil military army, the last thing I want to do is pilot a super, high-tech time machine right in front of them."

"So how do we get there?" Ivan asked. "In this." They all heard Jack say. They all turned their heads and noticed lights had been illuminated; revealing a large orangey-gold space shuttle. Jack says, "May I present the Ark, mark II. Fresh from construction from Autobot city, the fastest space ship in the galaxy." Everybody stands there admiring the shuttle; before Jack turns back to his team, "Rangers; this will be a very dangerous mission, I can't force you to go, the time to decide is now."

Rory explained his answer, "To come here; I left the planet I suppose to protect without it's Red Ranger, but Earth is my home and I will always come and protect it."

"Same goes for me and Ivan." Kye stated.

"Count me in." Charlie said.

Not even a question." Ant commented. Adam stepped towards Jack, "Then it's settled." Adam said.

So with everybody going; they made their way into the ship, but they were stopped by Kye. "Wait, wasn't there another Red Ranger here on Earth?" he asked. Jack turned back to his fellow rangers, "I gave him a call; but I guess he couldn't make it, so we'll have to go without him." Jack explained.

Then everybody heard a car pull up outside; they ran for the exit, to find someone parking a yellow beetle. The driver stepped out and revealed himself to be; Nelly, the Red Wild Force Ranger. Before he left the car; he quickly said, "Thanks for the lift Bee." The car simply beeped at his comment. The newest ranger walked towards the group; greeting his old teammates. Jack was the first out of them to speak, "You had us worried, we thought you weren't going to show up." Nelly responded with, "Come on, I'm the newest Red Ranger. You guys weren't gonna do this without me were you." All the other rangers just nodded; now that everybody was here, they all boarded the shuttle.

The new Ark took off from the hanger; flying on direct path to the moon.
Far from Earth; even further than Equestria, was a jungle planet. The planet was called Marenoi; home to the Lost Galaxy Power Rangers, their leader was pulling his sword from the stone.

Whilst flying to the Moon; Jack decided to brief all the rangers about what was to come, "Let's begin; two years ago, the Galactic Empire tried to invade Earth. Myself and my brother Adam led the charge in the final battle; which led to the destruction of Astronima. But then a new threat came to our planet; the Decepticons, this was a war that lasted a whole year." All the rangers listened carefully as Jack continued. "When we defeated the Cons; Megatron joined his brother and the Autobots. But a squad of Decepticons; under the command of General Onslaught, have brought the Empire back. And now they're planning to take Earth for themselves."

Jack played the recording which Adam took of the enemy when he was spying on them; it showed all the stormtroopers digging, Ant pointed out, "They're digging for something." Kye asked, "What would they want on the Moon."

"Trypticon." Rory interrupted. He would know because he was there; battling the Decepticons along side Adam and their team. Jack nodded at what Rory said; he explained, "When Megatron was defeated, his ultimate weapon; Trypticon, was put into stasis mode and buried on the Moon." The Space ranger then played a clip on the projector; the Decepticon titan was the size of Omega Supreme, maybe even larger. Rory said, "If the Empire get their hands on that Decepticon, they're gonna have more than enough power to attack Earth."

Charlie said this confidence, "We have to stop them here, on the Moon. Were the only chance Earth has."

On the Moon's surface; inside a base for the Empire, Onslaught was giving a speech to the army. "When the Empire was defeated, we were force into the dark." the leader explained. Brawl yelled, "That's right." The Onslaught replied with, "But no more!" The whole army cheered at the statement. "With this, the greatest Zord ever built. We will be able to rebuild the Galactic Empire and have revenge on those who destroyed our great leader, Princess Astronima." With his speech over, the army gave one final cheer.
Later that day; the Combaticons were ready to put their plan into action, "Onslaught, the last of the energon reserves have been transferred into Trypticon." Vortex explains. The leader simply nods at his fellow Decepticon; the he says, "Finally, Megatron will regret the day he betrayed us." With a motion of his hand pointing towards their super weapon; Onslaught ordered, "Let's begin."

However; more they could leave, a blast of energy sent two Stormtroopers flying through the door. "You know, you should really let this little grudge go Onslaught." Nelly said as him and the other rangers marched through the entrance. Rory stepped forward and said, "Were not gonna let you bring back Trypticon."

Onslaught and his crew were then joined by a large group of Stormtroopers; Kye then asked, "How come the transformers are the same size as humans in this story?" Jack replied with, "Because the guy that wrote this story wanted to make it fair for us. If the Combaticons were giant; that wouldn't be fair at all." The Combaticon leader yelled, "Troopers, ATTACK!" The rangers and Stormtroopers charged at each other and the battle commenced.

Nelly was backed into a corner; one trooper leaped at him, but the Wild Force Ranger caught him and threw him into another. Three more enemies tried to attack; but Nelly swung his leg around, delivering a strong kick to all three of their faces.

Jack leaped up onto a higher platform; where he was met by a group of the enemy, they all underestimated him because of his size and age. Although Jack was only twelve; he was a great fighter, he kicked each and everyone of them off the platform. He watched them all plummet to the floor; knocking them unconscious.

Kye used amazing ninja skills to fight them off; as well as, "I used to be your leader, I know all your moves." Kye stated.

Ant battled the Stormtroopers with a mixer of comedy, secret agent & agility fighting skills. He rapidly punched one in the face, swung his legs around; knocking three of them over & leaped at one and started rolling around.

Adam was chased into the boiler room; his path was blocked by two more troopers, luckily he gave them a blast from his bionic sonic wave. The blast sent them to the other side of the room; one trooper even tried to sneak attack Adam, but was found and the ranger threw him out of his hiding place; off the platform, down to all the pipes.

Charlie front rolled in front of his enemy squad; he had his blaster, the ranger began firing on the Stormtroopers. The fought back by firing their own blasters a Charlie; but he repaid the attack with blasts of his own, he dodged their laser and fired at the remaining enemy.

Ivan was smart; he was using their own blasters against them, firing left and right at the enemy.

Rory finished off the Stormtroopers with his magic; using his morpher, he shot a blast of magic at the enemy. When they all turned to stone; Rory muttered, "I love magic." He then noticed the Combaticons escaping; Onslaught said, "Team, let us board Trypticon."

Rory chased the Decepticons out to the surface of the Moon; with strong words he yelled, "Stop!" Onslaught and his turned to face the ranger, "You fool." the leader said as he fired at him with his Riot Cannon. Rory managed to dodge it; but only just. The Combaticons approached the ranger, "You will be the first to feel our wrath." Swindle stated.

However; before they could attack, a red blast knocked them to the ground. Rory was then scooped up by a red speeder; the speeder was carrying two more Red Rangers. One of them said, "Hold on Rory." The other one said, "Are you okay?" Rory simply nodded as they got ready to jump off the speeder; they landed back on the ground where they were joined by the other rangers. Charlie said, "Rory; I see you've met Aaron; the Red Lost Galaxy Ranger, and this is King Brady; the Red Dino Thunder Ranger."

Brady and Aaron then de-morphed; the reunion was cut short when the Combaticons approached the group, "What? Ten Red Rangers?!" Brawl cried.

The rangers stood in one big long line; Nelly said, "Well, this is the part the readers have waiting for." All ten ranger called out the most famous line, "ITS MORPHIN TIME."

"Wild Access!" Nelly yelled.

"Red Wild Force Ranger!"

"Let's Rocket!" Jack said.

"Red Space Ranger!"

"Dino Charger Ready!" Ivan said. "Energise, Unleash the Power!"

"Red Dino Charge Ranger!"

"RPM, get in gear!" Adam yelled.

"Red RPM Ranger!"

"Go Galactic!" Aaron said.

"Go Galactic!"

"Lightspeed, Rescue!" Charlie said.

"Red Lightspeed Ranger!"

"Ninja Storm, Ranger Form!" Kye shouted.

"Red Ninja Storm Ranger!"

"Thunderstorm, Ranger Form." Ant yelled.

"Crimson Thunder!"

"Magical Source, Harmony Force!" Rory said.

"Red Harmony Force Ranger!"

"Dino Thunder; Power Up, Hah!" Brady cried.

"Red Dino Thunder Ranger!"

The Combaticons witnessed the morph of ten Red Rangers; still stood in a line, a mighty explosion took place behind them.

Onslaught was full of rage, "Combaticons! Attack!" he yelled. The rangers charged at the Decepticons and they did the same to them; two rangers took on one Combaticon each.

Nelly and Rory were thrown to the ground by Onslaught; he charged at them with rage, Rory responded by charging back. The ranger and Decepticon clash upon impact; Rory delivered three punches to his chest, but was then flung back by a kick to his chest. Nelly got up and said, "Watch how a lion does it." He then full beast mode; clawing and punching Onslaught into the side of a cliff. Rory watched and called out, "Nice."

Jack and Kye both delivered a strong kick to Brawl; the Con almost lost his balance, but the fired two missiles from his tank cannons. The rangers dodged the attack; backflipping from the Decepticon, they watched as the missiles crashed to the ground. Brawl ran for them but was stopped by Kye; his ninja kicked him in the face, sending him back a little. Jack finished him off with his special move, "I call this the Rocket to Mars!" The space ranger leaped towards Brawl and delivered a strong kick to his chest; sending him flying to the cliffs, "Ah! Aaaaah!" he cried before exploding upon impact with the cliff.

Swindle was chasing Ant and Brady down a steep hill; he fired his Scatter Blaster at the dino ranger, however Brady leaped behind the Combaticon. Swindle fired again; hitting the top of the hill, causing the rocks to begin an avalanche. The two rangers began backflipping down the hill, with Swindle still chasing them. When Ant and Brady reached the bottom; they turned back to the Decepticon. "Thunder Blaster!" Ant said. Brady said, "Tyrano-staff!" The held their weapons up and fired at the incoming enemy; the beams struck him hard, causing him to begin tumbling down the mountain side.

Aaron and Ivan began a sword battle with Vortex; the Decepticon was using his propellers, from his helicopter mode as swords. Aaron went for a swipe at him; but the Combaticon leaped high in the air. Aaron looked up to see Vortex coming back down; he blasted a powerful beam at the ranger, creating a dust cloud. Little did Vortex know; Aaron jumped up as well, striking him with galaxy saber when the passed each other. As the Decepticon got closer to the ground; Ivan decided to finish him off, "My turn, Dino Charge Saber." he said as he flew through the air; striking Vortex with his sword upon impact. Vortex the fell to his knees; before exploding out of existence, Aaron simply dropped back to the ground when the smoke cleared.

"Your finished!" Blast Off cried as he fired his Path Blaster at Adam and Charlie. The two rangers kart-wheeled across the Moon's surface; firing their blasters at the Decepticon. They needed to find cover; so they ducked behind two rocks, waiting for Blast Off's next move. He approached the rocks; still firing his gun, the rangers thought of a plan. Charlie asked, "You ready?" Adam responded with, "Lets do it!" They both leaped from their hiding places and rapidly fired at Blast Off. They dodged his blasts before Charlie kicked the gun out of the Decepticon's hand. The both then fired the weapons at him; sending Blast Off flying off the cliff and plummeting to the ground below.

To finish off Onslaught; Rory leaped and punched him directly in the Deception logo branded on his chest. He backed away as sparks began exploding from his body; Nelly said, "Still number one!"

Onslaught got up and cried, "Well I still have Trypticon!" The Decepticon charged towards the titan. He climbed inside and activated the energon reserves, "Trypticon lives again." All the rangers gathered around and watched as the Decepticon monster woke up from stasis. Charlie stated, "Man that is one ugly Zord." Trypticon then took off into the sky; Nelly said, "We've got to get back to the Ark." Before any of them could move; Rory had an idea, "We need Zords." Jack marched to the harmony ranger, "Known of us can call our Zords from the moon."

Rory stepped out in front of the group, "I can." he said.

The ranger pulled out his morpher; typed in a spell code, "Titan formation!" With those magic words; Rory began to grow and transform into his titan form, now he was big enough to fight Trypticon. The other rangers were amazed; watching their friend turn into a giant.

Rory face Trypticon; holding his large sword, the Decepticon Titan flew directly towards him. Rory whispered to himself, "For the Earth."

When Trypticon got close enough; Rory swung his sword, taking of the titan's head. The severed lizard head went flying away from the Moon; while the body began to explode from the inside. Onslaught; still in the driver's seat, began to noticed the his plan has failed. He muttered, "Astronima; I have failed you and.... the Empi...."

The Decepticon couldn't finished his sentence as Trypticon's entire body exploded; taking Onslaught with it. All the rangers on the ground began to cheer; the had won. Rory then yelled, "Red is forever!"
Back on Earth; the rangers were ready to say their goodbyes.

Jack stepped forward and began to speak, "Thank you all, Earth is safe again. I think its time we go back to where we're supposed to be." When the space ranger finished talking; he gently strolled away. The rest of the Red Rangers watched as the original "Gold" Ranger left. Charlie placed his hand on Rory's shoulder, "Time to get you home." the Time-Lord said.
When the TARDIS materialized outside Sugar Cube Corner; Rory was the first to step out, only to find a real shock. The other rangers; joined by Screwball, Fluttershy, Rarity and Gemstone; were all running towards Rory.

Rose wrapped her arms around Rory; he was confused as for what was going on. Rory stroked the back of Rose's and asked, "What's going on?" Fluttershy answered, "It's Adam, something has happened to him."

Kian stepped forward and said, "Rory, it's happened again."