• Published 23rd Oct 2019
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Power Rangers Harmony Force - Adamverse

A team of Power Rangers from Earth come to Equestria to meet with their friends; the Mane 6. But evil is returning to this land, so the humans must execpt new powers to protect this world.

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The Red Ranger's Bad Day

Hecka-Toad and Super-Nasor arrived back in the meeting room of the elements; Malagore, Shriek & Rattle-Bones were just standing around. The Master of Water was the first to speak, "My brothers and sister, we found King Zombra. But he is being guarded by the Lord of Chaos." he explained.

Malagore stepped forward and replied, "Then we must strike now; we wait for the Master to choose his next warrior, then we march on Discord. Where did you find him?" Super-Nasor answered, "We found them both trapped in the Lake of Souls."

Just as they were talking, the Master's eye opened; the remaining elements took their positions in a circle and presented their weapons. Before the ceremony started, Super-Nasor asked, "Wait, where's Thunder-Toll?" But then Shriek replied, "He was destroyed by the Power Rangers, as was Fifty-Below."

The dark energy rose up from the small pool of water, the glowing orb flew around the room; then presented itself to the chosen element.

"It's me." Hecka-Toad cheered. "The Master chose me." He wasted no time, he summoned a portal to the surface world; he already knew what he was going to do. However, the others had job of their own to take care of.

"Super-Nasor, Rattle-Bones; we're going to get Zombra. we will destroy Discord and anyone else who stands in our way." Malagore led the to chosen monster through the tunnels, he brought Super-Nasor because he knew where it was & Rattle-Bones came for extra support. Leaving Shriek with the viewing orb, she watched what Hecka-Toad had planned.
At Sweet Apple Acres, Rory was wandering through the orchard. If I'm being honest, Rory didn't really like this planet; sure he enjoyed the thrill of battle against Zombra and the evil elements, but he wanted to get back to Earth. All Rory wanted was to go home and live the life he left behind. Sure he was friends with the inhabitants of this world, but he never thought he'd live here.

The ranger began to make his way inside, until he was stopped by a familiar face. Applejack came out to the orchard to check on him, "How you doing, Rory?" But the Red Ranger just sat down against a tree, he watched the pony mare sit next to him.

"I don't want to offend you AJ, but I'm not really into this planet." Rory explained. She was shocked at first, but then understood, "I get it, Sugarcube. Not everyone likes what others like; I mean Adam likes living on this planet, but that doesn't mean you have to." Rory agreed.

He then said, "That's the thing with Adam; I think he cares more about your species, then his own. I mean I know Adam, he would give his own life for your planet." Applejack put her hoove on his shoulder, "Let's hope he doesn't have to do that. Hope that none of you do."

When the conversation ended, the two of them walked back to the farm house.

When they were just outside the house, a portal opened behind them. From that portal, the Master of Water emerged; with his hammer in his right hand. "Hello there, Red Ranger." he greeted. "Give me your element, and I won't destroy your pony friend." Rory motioned Applejack to get back inside, he then confronted the element.

"Your not getting my element, or my friend." the ranger stated. Rory pulled out his morpher, he then chanted the spell to morph. "Magical Source, Harmony Force!"

Once Rory had morphed into his suit, he drew his sword, "Time to dissect this frog." Hecka-Toad didn't like that statement, so he charged at the one ranger.

Their weapons clashed together, the power of the Red Ranger was one of the strongest in the team. With the two of them fighting, they didn't notice Shriek was hiding behind the hay bail; she watched the monster and the ranger fight to destruction.

"Maybe Hecka-Toad might be the one to defeat the mighty Red Ranger." she whispered. But On cue, another ranger leaped into the battle. The Green Ranger landed on top of Hecka-Toad, kicking him away. Rory had been knocked to the ground, so Kian helped him up to his feet. When Shriek saw the new ranger, she decided to split; she made her way back to the underworld.

The first thing Rory said was, "What took you so long?" Kian replied with, "Sorry, AJ just woke me up from my power-nap." When the two of them had stopped talking, Hecka-Toad decided to use his special attack. The Master of Water's mouth opened and he sprayed a strong blast of slimy water. Kian ducked out of the way, but Rory wasn't so lucky; the water beam blasted him to the wall of the farm house.

When the water stopped, Hecka-Toad summoned a portal and disappeared. Rory got up and de-morphed, Kian ran over to him to see if he was okay; he also de-morphed.

When the Green Ranger went to help Rory up, he said, "Okay Rory, take my right hand." But Kian offered his left hand. As he was pulling Rory up, he realised, "Wait a minute, that's me right hand." he said pointed to the right hand. But then he saw he had let go of Rory and he'd fallen to the floor again. "Oops." Kian muttered.
For the rest of the day, things were going really badly for the Red Ranger. On his way to meet with Rose, he tripped on a tree branch, fell in the Ponyville lake & got chase through the streets by a gang of bees.

When he finally arrived at Sugar Cube Corner, she Rose, Pinkie and the Tri-Pies standing outside the café, looking up at the roof. Rory walked to his friend and asked, "What's going on?" The Pink Ranger turned to him and replied, "There's something wrong with the chimney, Red Shoes is trying to find the problem."

She then pointed to the roof, Rory saw Red Shoes climbing a lander to the roof. Whilst he climbed, his wife shouted up to him, "Now careful, honey; there's a loose slate up there somewhere." But on cue, Red Shoes slips on the loose slate. The slate falls from the roof and, unfortunately, lands on Rory's head. "Ow!" he cries as he grasped his injured head.

As Red Shoes kept climbing, more and more slates began to fall from the rooftop; each one managing to land on Rory's skull. Even if the ranger moved out of the way, they would still seek him out and bash him on the head. Until he fell to the floor, unconscious.

Rose tried to wake him up, but he was out cold; Rose had to slap him to wake him up. When he came around, he decided to handle the problem himself.

Red Shoes got down from the ladder, like Rory told him to do; then he climbs up the ladder, to fix the problem himself. Once the Red Ranger reaches the roof, he hears a small rumble; he decides to ignore it and keep climbing. Once he reached a certain spot on the roof; it collapsed.

Rory fell through the roof and landed on one of the tables, all the others rushed inside, to see if he was okay. They found him lying on top of the now destroyed table, and he was rubbing his head. He would have been really hurt if the table hadn't broken his fall; when he got up, he stated, "I don't believe this. This is just not my day."
Meanwhile, in the quarry; Charlie, Adam & Heather were looking for any sign of chaos magic.

"Come on, Discord. Where are you?" the Yellow Ranger asked. He sat down on a rock, he really wanted to help; but Discord was no where in Equestria. Heather sat down next to him, she place her hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry, Adam. We'll find Discord, even if we have to search the entire planet."

What the Power Rangers Didn't know, was that Discord was somewhere in Equestria; below it.

Near the Lake of Souls, Malagore, Rattle-Bones & Super-Nasor had arrived to claim their king. When they reached the waters, a figure jumped from the lake and landed in front of the three monsters. Malagore stepped forward to confront the figure.

"Why have you come back, elements?" the figure asked as he drew his sword. When the creature stepped into the light, it was revealed to be Discord, holding the large purple sword which came with the shield & shadow armour. Rattle-Bones spoke in his accent and replied, "Well, amigo. We have come for King Zombra. Si?"

Super-Nasor stepped forward and asked, "How were you able to escape the Lake of Souls?" So Discord replied with, "My magic is far more powerful than underworld magic; the lake cannot hold a being like me."

The three monsters drew their weapons, Discord readied his sword; they charged at each other.

Malagore was pushed back by the Lord of Chaos' shield, then took a strong strike from his sword. Super-Nasor grew vines from his arms, these vines trapped Discord in their strong grip. With the opening, Rattle-Bones used his cutlass to strike Discord to the floor. With their enemy down, the three of them approached the lake.

With their combined powers, they were able to pulled Zombra's soul from the lake. Suddenly, Zombra appeared in front of them, he had return to his stallion form. Malagore stated, "My King, we have saved you. We will take you to safety." The monsters all teleported back to the main chamber, leaving the defeated draconequus on the ground; very weak.
Rory and Rose walked through the streets; but wherever they went, the bad luck kept following the Red Ranger. He had a bird fly after him when it thought he was after her eggs, he tripped and face planted in the dirt & a bucket of pink paint fell on his head. No matter what he did or where he went, something bad would happen to him.

When Rory was just about finished with his bad luck, he heard something from around the corner; him and Rose ducked behind a building and looked to see what was happening.

Around the corner, Hecka-Toad was walking down the street, muttering to himself. "I can't believe my bad luck water actually worked. The Red Ranger must be having a really bad day." Rory and Rose heard all he needed to hear, that blast of water is what's making Rory have all this bad luck. So he decided to put a stop to his bad day."

The two rangers quickly morphed into their ranger suits; when they sprang from the corner, the monster stumbled back in fear. "How did you find me?!" he demanded to know. Rose replied with a demand of her own, "What ever you did to Rory, you better reverse it!" But the monster just laughed at the demand.

The three of them drew their weapons, the Power Rangers charged at the monster; their weapons clashed together.

Hecka-Toad's hammer bashed Rose away, so Rory struck him with his sword. When the monster stumbled back; the ranger morphed into their legend modes, for extra power. "Legendary Source, Harmony Force!" with that magic spell, the became the Legend Warriors again.

It was after they morphed, Rose realised something about Rory; two something's. For that entire moment, Rory had not experienced any bad luck. She then looked at his lion staff, the fifth code was glowing. "Rory, you've unlocked your most powerful attack." she commented. So the Red Ranger use his new attack, this one was unlike the others.

Before he could use the spell, Hecka-Toad summon a squad of Ghouls; they surrounded Rory, thinking they had him. Boy were they wrong.

"Code 5, Red Dragon Fire Ranger!"

The new battlizer was the most powerful thing any ranger had ever been granted, Rory had unlocked the full power of the dragon. Rose couldn't believe it; and the other rangers had just arrived to witness the final showdown between the Dragon Ranger and the Master of Water.

While the rest of the team watched on the side lines, Rory and Hecka-Toad charged at each other; their weapons would have clashed together, but the Red Ranger just blasted the monster back to the wall.

The two of them leaped over to the main street, it scared off any pony bystanders; leaving the two of them to continue the fight.

Hecka-Toad started the fight by throwing his hammer at them, but Rory used his batons to knock the weapon to the side; he then leaped into the air and began shooting fire balls at the monster. Each one struck his armour, hard; so Hecka-Toad had to try something else. His mouth opened wide, out came another blast of water; but this time, it didn't work. Yes the water hit the ranger, but Rory was spinning in the air; all the water was just bouncing of him.

The Red Ranger decided to finish this monster; with all the fire power he could handle, he threw a large fire ball at Hecka-Toad. The element wasn't strong enough to stop it, so he cried, "Oh! That was lucky of you!" before he exploded to his destruction.

All the other rangers met up with Rory, they were all so amazed by this cool new power.

Little did they know, Shriek was watching them from afar; she was hiding on the roof of a building. She turned to her right, then suddenly, Rattle-Bones appeared. "What took you so long?" Shriek demanded to know. But the Master of Undead replied, "We found King Zombra. Why did you call me out here?"

She pointed to where Hecka-Toad was destroyed, Rattle-Bones knew what she wanted him to do. "Fine." he complained. Then he began to chant his resurrection spell, "Evil spirits of toil and strife, give this fallen beast new life!"

A blast of purple, dark magic was shot from the skeleton's hand; it blasted itself towards the remains of Hecka-Toad. When the spell was complete, the monster's pieces re-assembled themselves, and he began to grow into a giant. The rangers watched the monster grow bigger, they could hear him shout, "TIME FOR THIS WORLD TO SINK BENEATH MY WAVES!" So the rangers called their new Megazord.

All five of the rangers morphed into their legend modes, and began to chant the spell to activate their Manticore.

"Code 3; legend of the sky, Mystic Fire Bird!" Rory cheered. The power transformed him into a giant falcon, with flaming wings.

The rest of the team chanted, "Code 4, legend of the jungle, Mystic Lion." The four rangers came together and transformed into one Lion Zord.

The two Zords quickly combined into the... "Manticore Megazord!" the rangers cheered.

When Hecka-Toad saw the Zord in front of him, he wasn't impressed; so he blasted his wave of water at them. The Megazord blocked the attack with it's spear, then returned the favour with a attack of it's own.

The rangers chanted, "Legend of Mythology, Spin Attack!" The Megazord's spear pointed towards the monster, it then began to spin at a fast rate. Without warning, a flaming tornado was blasted at Hecka-Toad; sending him flying backwards.

With that final attack, Hecka-Toad was finished; before he went, he cried, "I ate to much for this ride. NO!" Then he fell to the ground and exploded.

All the rangers cheered with joy, another element defeated. Adam stated, "That's half of them gone, already."
Down in the underworld, Malagore sat Zombra on his throne; the King of Monsters was happy to be returned to his leadership. Zombra said, "Now that I have returned, my plans can continue."

Suddenly, Shriek and Rattle-Bones entered the chamber, they had some news. "Hecka-Toad has been destroyed." the Master of Wind stated. That didn't seem to bother any of the others; all they knew was that he failed, and that they had to wait to be chosen by the Master, in order to battle the ones that destroyed him.

All Zombra knew, was that now, he could finally take his revenge on the Power Rangers.
Rory arrived back at Sweet Apple Acres that night, he walked past Cinnamon Rolls' room; he could see the little filly sleeping in her bed. He could watch her all night, he then saw why Adam cared so much for these creatures; they're so peaceful, so beautiful.

Rory kept on walking to his room, where he found Kian sleeping in his bed.

The Red Ranger turned in for the night, he felt like he actually had some good luck after all. Having friends as amazing as his.