• Published 23rd Oct 2019
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Power Rangers Harmony Force - Adamverse

A team of Power Rangers from Earth come to Equestria to meet with their friends; the Mane 6. But evil is returning to this land, so the humans must execpt new powers to protect this world.

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Giant Problem

Discord wandered through the forest, he was trying his hardest to fight off the possession of this dreaded curse; all he wanted was to return to his family, see his wife and children again. All he needed to do was get the rangers to use the Elements of Harmony on him, that kind of magic would break him out the armour.

As he walked, he began to remember some of his old memories, such as; Screwball's first day of school & Zany's birth. It was those memories that gave him hope; hope that this would all be over soon.

However, what the draconequus didn't know, was that he was being followed. The purple knight came to a stop by a tree, this tree in particular was also in his memories. It was the tree that Fluttershy was back up against, when she was cornered by Timber-Wolfs, the night she went back to Discord; he arrived just in time to save her, then they went back to the castle and confessed their love for each other.

The memorial moment was interrupted when Discord was bashed into the tree by a large hammer, he got up and gave face to face with the culprit.

"Well, well, well; this is the Lord of Chaos?" said the villain. This one was huge, slightly bigger than the Minotaur. He wore gladiator armour, a roman's helmet & a technical scope-visor that cover his one eye.

"Cyclops." Discord stated as he brushed himself off. "I was wondering when Zombra was going to release you." Legend has it, Cyclops was the strongest and meanest villain out of the all, he had the strength of twenty muscular stallions. Discord was concerned on why this villain would attack him though.

"Why have you come for me?" the purple knight asked. The villain picked up his hammer and replied, "Don't play the innocent, Discord. Zombra knows that your evil anymore, he sent me to bring you in; he's going to cast the spell on you again."

Discord was not about to lose his life again, he would not go without a fight. He drew his sword from his shield, ready to fight. Cyclops raised his hammer, this fight would go down his history.

The two warriors charged at each other, the weapons clashed upon impact; Discord swiped at the villain with his sword, trying to strike him down. Cyclops would swing his hammer around, but the draconequus would block it with his shield. The brute villain would not stop, so the fight continued.
The rangers were called to the Town Hall, Celestia had told Adam to bring Fluttershy, this matter involved her.

When the rangers arrived, the princess began the explanation, "Rangers, the time has come. Discord is out in the Everfree Forest, alone; this is the perfect time to strike, and stop his evil, once and for all." The rangers were excited to finally help Discord, Fluttershy was so happy, her husband was coming home.

Then Celestia continued, "Although, what you must understand; if Discord does not come quietly, you must do what needs to be done. Even if you have to....destroy him." That last statement made the rangers gasp, Fluttershy included. Kian stepped forward and said, "Wait, I signed up for this to help Discord, so he could come home to his family. I'm not destroying him."

The princess understood their concern, she wanted what was best for her ponies; but Discord had to be stopped, one way or the other. So the rangers pulled out their morphers, they were going to the forest to stop Discord, not destroy him.

"Magical Source, Harmony Force!" they all cried, instantly morphing into the ranger suits.

Before they left, Adam turned to the scared Pegasus and said, "Don't worry, Fluttershy. Discord will come home." With that said, she felt a feeling of goodness, she had hope. The Power Rangers made their way to the forest, to finish this fight.
Discord and the Cyclops fought with all their strength, the lord of chaos was not going back to being a evil warrior, so he decided to run for it. Discord lowered his weapons and ran through the trees; Cyclops watched him run, and muttered, "What a coward."

The villain chased the knight towards Ponyville, the rangers were coming from the same direction.

Rory was the first to see Discord running towards the town; so he drew his sword ready to fight. The purple knight stopped in front of the rangers, he dropped his weapons to prove he meant them no harm.

"Rangers, I promise; I'm no longer your enemy. My only wish is that you free me from my armour." The rangers were concerned at first, but then were happy, their job was made easier. That is until, they saw what was chasing Discord; Cyclops smashed Discord in the back, sending him flying into the rangers.

They all got up, ready to fight the villain; but Cyclops didn't attack, he stood there and spoke, "Rangers, you will give me Discord; and I'll destroy you quickly." Adam stepped forward and joked, "Give you Discord, and be destroyed. I'd hate to hear option number 2."

Cyclops was done talking, he swung his hammer and charged for the rangers. The rangers fought back, Discord fought along side them. Kian used his axe to swipe at the beast, knocking him to his knees; Adam jumped up in the air and blasted Cyclops in the chest with his crossbow. Rose, Wiktoria and Heather used their magic staffs to blast their rainbow powers at him, the magic pushed him back.

Finally, Rory and Discord swiped at him with their swords, knocking him to the ground.

The rangers celebrated their victory, until the Cyclops got back up. "You rangers haven't won, I was only the distraction." Suddenly, a portal was opened beneath Discord's feet, it dragged him down to the underworld. Adam tried to save him, but it was to late.

When Discord was gone, the ranger were still face to face with Cyclops; so the only thing they could do, was keep fighting.
Down in the underworld, the changeling soldiers through Discord in front of their master; Zombra jumped down from his thrown to confront the traitor.

"Our master still has plans for you Discord, but you will pay for what you have done." the king explained. Discord looked up at the monster unicorn, "Who is our master any way?!" he demanded to know. Zombra shook his hoove and muttered, "Not right now. We must punish you for your actions."

Zombra's horn glowed with dark power, he blasted the magic into Discord's body; however, this spell didn't turn him evil again. The draconequus could feel his magic being drained, and Zombra's body was morphing into something; the dark unicorn's shape changed into that of a man.

His new body came with; dark armour, much like roman armour, with a lance shaped like a unicorn's horn, a roman shield & hooves instead of feet. When the transformation was complete, he muttered, "I have it, I have the power. I can escape!" he cheered.

Using his new powers, he flew off into the air; he broke free from his underworld prison and rose up to the surface world.
The rangers were still battling the Cyclops when it happened.

The team of rangers saw a portal open up behind them, they watched the figure crawl out of the vortex. "Hello, rangers." Zombra said as his head came into view. The rangers all gasped at first, but then were concerned and confused, who was that.

It took Cyclops saying, "Master, you almost out." The rangers suddenly realised who the creature was; they readied their weapons, preparing for the worst.

With Cyclops behind them and Zombra coming for them, the rangers were defenceless.

"I've done it!" Zombra finally emerged from the portal. "I'm free!" he used his lance and sliced at the rangers, striking them with dark magic. The Power Rangers fell to the ground in pain, Cyclops went o his masters side. "I will serve in battle, my master." the villain said as he bowed to his master.

The two monster confronted the rangers, Zombra knew exactly what to do. "By the power of dark magic, make us grow!" With those magic words, the two of them grew to the size of titans; they began to march across the town, stomping on food carts, market stalls & even some unfortunate houses. The rangers had to stop them, before some pony got hurt.

"Alright rangers, let's titan up." Rory ordered. The pulled out their morphers and typed in the spell code. "Mystic Titans!" they chanted.

One by one the rangers changed into their titan modes, Heather grew into her giant form. The first five combined into the Titan Megazord, it drew it's sword and was ready for battle. The four giants stood face to face, ready to fight; the rangers attacked first.

The Megazord used it's power to strike the Cyclops, Heather used her diamond attack to blast the fractals at Zombra. However, the king of monsters used dark magic to summon a shield; he then summon his dark power to strike her down. "No more holding back, White Ranger. Behold the power of the master; Dark Magic Strike!" with one slash of dark power, Heather lost her strength and fell to the ground.

She shrank back to her normal size and de-morphed. Leaving the rest of the rangers against two monsters, so they tried their most powerful attack.

"Titan Megazord, take flight!" the all said. The Megazord sprouted it's Griffon wings and flew into the air, once it got high enough, the power was generating the attack. "Spirits of the Ancient Titans." the ghost of the titans appeared around the Megazord. The rangers flew back down to the ground, towards Zombra, "Titans, Attack!" the titan spirits began attacking the king of monsters, the rangers final blow was a slash from their sword.

However, Zombra blocked the attack; he then threw the Megazord across the town, it landed outside the Town Hall.
Fluttershy was still at the Town Hall, she saw the Megazord go down. She feared for the rangers' safety; but then feared for her own when the she heard someone enter the Hall.

The Pegasus hid under a table, she waited for what ever it was, to leave. The figure marched into the room, it was calling out, "Fluttershy? Fluttershy, my dear, are you okay?" the scared pony came out from hiding, only to find her husband, still in cased in the purple and black armour.

"D-D-Discord?" she muttered. "Is it you?"

The purple knight dropped his sword and shield, he wrapped his arms around her; she did not fight back, because the warmth of his body made it clear it was him. The broke apart when Fluttershy remembered the rangers, "Discord, the Power Rangers are fighting Zombra outside, you have to help them."

"Anything for you, my dear." he replied.

The draconequus ran outside, he saw the rangers being beaten down by King Zombra and the Cyclops. He decided to help the rangers, but his plan meant he would never see Fluttershy again; there was no other choice.
Zombra was about to strike the final blow, when a blast of light magic knocked both him and Cyclops away. The rangers looked to their side, they saw Discord running towards the battle.

With what magic he had left, he chanted, "I summon the Pony of Shadows."

The slash from Discord's Megazord did not destroy Zombra, it simply weakened him enough so Discord could put his plan inti motion.

Discord grabbed Zombra from behind, he then chanted a spell to summon a portal underneath them. The rangers saw what Discord was doing, he was dragging Zombra back to the underworld; even deeper this time, and Discord was going to keep him there.

"Rangers!" The draconequus yelled. "I've got Zombra, you can destroy Cyclops." the team watched the two of them being dragged below the surface. The king of monsters cried, "No! I won't go back!"

Before Discord was gone, he muttered to Adam, "Take care of her kid, please." with those words, the portal closed and Discord was gone. Leaving Just the Titan Megazord and the Cyclops to finish this battle.

Rory took command of his team, "Alright guys, lets try that spell Discord used." The others agreed, they combined their powers to create one massive attack. "Ancient Powers, Mystic Spell Seal!" the Power was transferred into the sword.

The Megazord raised it's weapon above it's head, with one slash on Cyclops, the power was way to much for him. The villain muttered, "I should have seen that coming." before exploding, just like all the others. The Power Rangers celebrated their great victory, but mourned the great loss.
When the rangers arrived back at the Town Hall, Fluttershy ran to Adam; the boy picked her up in his arms and hugged her tight. She cried into his shoulder, she had seen the sacrifice Discord just made.

"He's really gone this time, isn't he?" she asked as tears fell down her face. The rangers de-morphed, Adam pressed his lips against Fluttershy head, trying to comfort her. He answered her question with, "I made you a promise Fluttershy, we will see Discord again. I will bring him home, to his family." As the other rangers watched, he continued to hug her close; however, down in the underworld, things weren't so different.

Queen Chrysalis was trying to get her children under control; she also praying to the master for help. "Oh master, help us. Who will lead us now that Zombra is trapped forever."

The master heard her begging, so he summoned some monsters of his own. A dark blast of power was thrown into the room, appearing before the Changeling Queen, were eight monsters that looked like they had come from Tartarus itself. The creature that looked like the leader stepped forward and stated, "Oh guys, were back."

The eight monsters all started laughing like crazy; I'm afraid the fight against evil, has only just begun.

To be continued...

Author's Note:

After this chapter, I'll leave the story on hold for a while.

Just until the Spiderman story is finished.