• Published 23rd Oct 2019
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Power Rangers Harmony Force - Adamverse

A team of Power Rangers from Earth come to Equestria to meet with their friends; the Mane 6. But evil is returning to this land, so the humans must execpt new powers to protect this world.

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Protect the Elements

"I have been chosen." Brawl-&-Chain stated.

The Master had chosen the Master of Metal to go to the surface world and destroy the Power Rangers; all of the other elements were fine with it, except Super-Nasor. "Why did he get chosen? I'm the better warrior!" Nasor cried. Thunder-Toll stepped in front of the monster and stated, "Do not question the rules of darkness." the Master of Lightning then turned to Brawl-&-Chain. "Go, defeat the rangers and see if your worthy to rule this world."

With those orders, the Master of Metal summoned a portal that took him to the surface. Leaving the rest of the monsters to wait, and see what happens.

Meanwhile, Chrysalis was watching the monsters discuss their plans, she mutters, "These creatures think they can just walk in and take over; I am still the Queen of the Changelings, and I will not be pushed around by these creatures." While she was busy trying to give herself credit, something to her side caught her eye.

It was a book, flying like a bat; the relic looked important, so Chrysalis chased after it. The book saw her coming and flew away, but she was determined to catch it.

When she finally snatched it in her hooves, she read the title of the book, "The Book of Destiny." she opened the book to see what was inside. "They say this book can tell someone's future." she muttered. As she reads the book, one paragraph catches her eye, it's about her and her son.

"It says here, 'Prince Mothball will confront Queen Chrysalis, and take his place as the ruler of the Changelings'. Could it be that my son will return to me?"

She decided to keep this book a secret, so she hid the book from the Eight Evil Elements. What she didn't realise, was one of them was watching her. "Sneaky, sneaky." Shriek states as she peers around the corner.
Ponyville was quite peaceful today, so Rory decided to take a stroll through the market; Applejack asked him to pick up some food anyway.

While he walked, Rory looked into the sky; he remembered his days as an O.S.C X-wing pilot. To him, a ship wasn't just some machine that can get you to places faster; a ship is freedom. The ability to fly, makes him feel free.

When Rory left the market, his friends were approaching him; Rose was the first to speak, "Hi Rory, were all heading to the park for a game of catch, wanna come?" Rory thought it would be nice to do something active, so he went with them.

However, before they could leave for the park, a blast of dark magic knocked all six of them to the ground. When they recovered, the team saw Brawl-&-Chain walking towards them. "Hello Power Rangers, it is I; the Master of Metal." the monster stated.

The rangers pulled out their morphers and suited up. But before they could attack, Brawl' started explaining his intentions, "Rangers, there's no need to fight, yet. I have a little game for you to play." The rangers stopped to here what he had to say.

"I will go around Equestria, capturing the original six keepers of the Elements of Harmony. If you can stop me from catching them, then I'll surrender." The rangers were concerned, no monster has played something like this. Brawl' continued, "I have six hours to capture all the element keepers, you must each choose a pony to protect; the only catch is, you can't protect your own element, you'll have to switch it up. But if I catch all your friends before time runs out, then I will release the most powerful monster from Tartarus. But if there's at least element barer left, then you win."

The rangers understood the rules, so they watched Brawl-&-Chain disappear through a portal. Before he was gone, he stated, "Your time begins now." So the Power Rangers all decided who they were going to protect, they split up and ran for their targets; this was going to be a tricky one.
At Sugar Cube Corner, Pinkie Pie was watching her triplet children play outside; the site of seeing them so happy always brought a smile to her face.

Suddenly, a blast from out of nowhere almost hit the fillies, so they ran to their mother. Pinkie held her babies tight, as she tried to figure out where that blast came from. She got her answer when she saw the monster, wrapped in chains strolling towards her business. "Element of Laughter, your mine." Brawl-&-Chain said.

The earth pony closed her eyes in fear, she kept his children close to, preparing for the worst. However, it didn't come; the monster was blasted away by a diamond that struck his armour. The White Ranger leaped down from the roof and turned to the ponies, "Get inside Pinkie." Heather ordered.

Pinkie Pie replied, "Thank you, miss White Ranger." as she got her triplets inside. Leaving Heather and Brawl-&-Chain to fight.

"I'm taking that pony, and I'll destroy anything that gets in my way." But Heather didn't listen to his plans, so she readied her magic staff, ready for a battle. But all the monster said was, "When I say 'I'll', I mean these guys." he chuckled at his statement. "Ghouls."

Suddenly, cloaked figures appeared; carrying yellow swords, their face looked like alien zombies & their eyes were a terrifying shade of red. These 'Ghouls' charged for the ranger, ready to destroy her without a thought. So Heather began the fight.

Six of them surrounded her; the first two came at her with their weapons, but she fought back hard. With her staff, she struck their chests, sending them to the ground. One more tried to pounce at her, but she saw it coming and swung her left around, kicking it away. The final three attacked at the same time, one managed to land a hit on her, but she repaid the attack by kicking them away one by one. The first one that was kicked away got back up and sliced at her with his sword; Heather blocked the strike and blasted him away with her magic.

Once all the Ghouls were down, she turned back to the monster. But he was already inside the building; Heather sprinted inside to find Pinkie Pie in the arms of the Master of Metal. She cried, "Let her go!" But Brawl' replied, "Not a chance; one down, five to go." A portal opened beneath the monster's feet, it made both him and Pinkie disappear.

Heather had failed, the Tri-Pies were in tears, out of fear for their mother's safety.
Rainbow Dash was out for a fly when she was ambushed by the Ghouls, she was about to be taken if it wasn't for Kian. The Green Ranger leaped into the scene, striking down the monsters with his axe.

Brawl' had arrived as well, to claim his second trophy. But Kian used his magic to blast the monsters away; all the Ghouls were down, leaving just their master.

The two warriors fought with all their strength; Kian started by striking his armour with his weapon, but Brawl' fought back. Using his chain weapon, the monster tied the ranger in the shackles, Kian fell to the floor. Brawl-&-Chain walked over to the Pegasus mare and tried to grab her, but this one was a fighter.

Rainbow hoove kicked him in the face, giving the Green Ranger enough time to break free from the chains and strike the monster on the back. Brawl' backed away in pain, trying to mutter what he was saying, "It doesn't matter, their are still four others I can go after." With those words, she disappeared through a portal.

Kian stepped forward and questioned, "What did he mean, four?" The worst was thought that he already caught one.
At Canterlot, Twilight Sparkle was walking through the place halls, not knowing of the incoming danger. She entered the gardens outside the castle, she hoping to get some air while she thought about her friends back in Ponyville. She would see her friends sooner than she thinks, the Ghouls appeared.

They swarmed the garden, causing the princess to scream; unfortunately, she was to far away for anypony to hear her. The Ghouls moved aside to allow their master to walk up to the princess, she was a little afraid, for she had never seen a creature like this before.

Brawl-&-Chain stated, "Nice to meet you Princess Twilight Sparkle." he pretended to bow, then continued, "I need you to come with me." But the princess stepped back and said, "Never!" That just made the monster mad.

He would have taken her by force if it wasn't for Wiktoria springing into action, she used he powers to blast the monster away; she also kicked away some of the Ghouls. She took Twilight by the hoove and pulled her away to safety; Brawl' was mad, so he cried, "This isn't the monster lounge, get them!" So the Ghouls sprinted after the ranger and unicorn.

While they did that, Brawl-&-Chain decided to go after another pony.
At Sweet Apple Acres, Applejack was already under attack by Ghouls; but Adam was doing his best to fight them off, while also protecting the children. Brawl' had just arrived to take this pony with him; but a great battle took place at this farm.

Spike was even helping fend of these monsters, he wasn't going to let his wife be taken a bunch of grave yard ghouls, so he was scaring them off with his fire breath. Brawl-&-Chain pushed past the Ghouls and snatched Applejack from behind her husband. Spike tried to stop him, but he was knocked to the side by her kidnapper.

Adam was swarmed by the Ghouls, he couldn't stop Brawl' from taking his friend. Applejack was struggling to get free from his grip, "Put me down, ya varmint. Ya know your manhandling a mare!" But Brawl replied with, "Funny looking mare." that made the pony more angry.

All Adam could do was watch him take her, they passed through a portal to where he was keeping his prisoners. Unfortunately, things were no different at the Chaos Castle.

Fluttershy was being taken by the Ghouls, some of them were knocking Mothball away. Screwball was trying to protect Zany. But the monsters grabbed the Pegasus mare and teleported away. Rose tried to stop them, but they were too strong; they overwhelmed her.

Rose made sure that Screwy and the others were okay, before she got on the phone to her team to get a meeting location. Rory called her back from Rarity's studio, he told the whole team to bring the remaining ponies to the Everfree, they would hide there until it was safe. The team did as ordered and brought Twilight, Rainbow & Rarity to the Everfree Forest.
At the forest, the rangers and the ponies were staying close together, they only had an hour before the time was up; they had to hold out for just a little longer. Why they were their, Twilight noticed something in the distance, it was a cave.

The Alicorn princess went to look in the cave, the rest of the group followed her; inside the cave was a giant tree, made of crystals.

"The Tree of Harmony." Twilight stated. "This could give you rangers a power boost." So the rangers walked closer to the tree, Heather stayed back, she wanted the others to go before her, they deserved the power up. The five rangers pulled out their morphers and presented them before the tree. The morphers began to glow, as if they were reacting to the tree; all was going great, until....

Ghouls appeared out of nowhere and grabbed the remaining ponies, the team turned to see Brawl-&-Chain standing in the cave entrance. "Hello rangers, I've got all six elements." he clapped his hands and three more Ghouls brought in Fluttershy, Pinkie & Applejack. "I think I'm going to destroy one of them now, just for the heck of it." Brawl' began thinking about which pony he would destroy.

But then a flash of light came from behind the rangers, they turned to see their elements glowing even brighter. They took the morphers in their hands and looked at the key pad, "Guys, a new spell-code." Kian stated. The rangers were given a new spell, the words came in their thoughts; so it was time to put this new spell into action.

The Mane 6 couldn't believe their eyes, the incredible power that the Power Rangers had unlocked. Brawl-&-Chain was mad, so he unleashed the Ghouls upon the rangers; the minions readied their swords and attacked.

The rangers' new staffs had numbers on them, so they used it.

Kian tried his new magic first, "Code 1, Rock Slide!" he pointed his staff at the monsters, and boulders were blasted towards them, taking some out.

"Code 1, Tornado Blast!" Rose cheered. A large portion of wind was thrown at the remaining Ghouls, blowing them into the cave wall.

"Code 1, Tidal Wave!" Wiktoria blasted the Ghouls hold the Mane 6 with a strong blast of water.

"Code 1, Lightning Strike!" Adam destroyed the defeated Ghouls with his Lightning, the disappeared in purple smoke.

Rory used his power on the last monster, "Code 1, Inferno Slash!" he slashed his staff at Brawl-&-Chain, sending the elemental master out of the cave and into the forest.

Once the fighting was over, the rangers de-morphed from their legend modes & back to their normal suits and went to check on the ponies, they were all okay. But then they got a shock when they saw Brawl' growing bigger, he rose above the trees and shouted, "I'M NOT OUT YET, RANGERS!" he began marching towards the town.

Brawl' summoned a large staff, with a key on the end; using his magic, he summoned a large door. He placed the key in the door and unlocked it; when the door opened, a large monster was released. The creature was white and had a large wheel at the front of it. It began wheeling through the town, the rangers had to stop it.

The Power Rangers ran to Ponyville, but then Rory got a call from Celestia; who had already found sensed them get their new powers.

The new Megazord's paws turned into hands, so it could hold the large spear weapon that appeared. They had to stop the two monsters from destroying Ponyville, so they began the fight.

With the spear, the struck Brawl' out of the way to get to his monster; the slice him it with a powerful strike, one the blew it apart. With one monster down, they turned to Brawl-&-Chain. "I have never seen such power." the monster stated. Rory said to his fellow rangers, "Come on guys, time to use the spell Discord taught us."

All the rangers chanted, "Ancient Powers, Mystic Spell Seal!" With this blast, the power was too much for the Master of Metal to handle. "NOOO!" he cried.

"You may have destroyed me, rangers. But my fellow brethren will destroy you, and everything you love. NOOO!" he cried once more before falling forward and was destroyed forever.

The other elemental masters watched his destruction through a rift, Shriek muttered, "Those rangers are tougher then we thought." So Thunder-Toll replied, "Then whomever goes next should learn from Brawl-&-Chains mistakes."
The rangers couldn't believe their new powers, this would give them the advantage against the forces of evil.

Now that they had legend powers, the Eight Evil Elements stood no chance.

to be continued....