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A My Little Pony fan, check. Interested in the science of magic, check. Always curious in new "what ifs?" check. Started writing to explore new situations with the characters I love so much.


A mysterious force of magic has blanketed itself over the land of Equestria. The peaceful day is suddenly plunged into a state of disarray. With something strange going on in the Crystal Empire; Princess Twilight Sparkle, her friend Starlight Glimmer, and number one faithful assistant Spike prepare themselves for the horror they are about to face as they push the boundaries of magic and comradeship.

The friends are forced to investigate the dangers and form a plan to tackle the great enemy while looking after their daily duties. With help from many of the friends Twilight made throughout her life as a student of magic and Princess of Friendship; this is a tale of strength and hope against one of the darkest adversaries Equestria has ever faced.

Author note 1: This is a story written using UK English dictionary.

Author note 2: I started writing this tale Post-season 8 Ep.13 and is adapted to the cannon of Season 8 Ep. 26.
As I'm sure will become obvious to you, I cannot adapt most of this tale to a state post-season 9. I will do my best to match it though, I have a few ideas. So for the moment please, sit back and take yourself back to a pre-season 9 Equestria.

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 3 )

This is amazing, I don’t even have half a clue as to what’s going on

Thank so much!

Got a few more chapters I will hopefully have finished this week, which hopefully should answer some questions, and raise some more new ones.

How confusing will this story be? I won't read it if it's too confusing.

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