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This story is about Shining Armor and Cadence’s youngest daughter 
called Sugar Star (an oc I made)
Unlike her older sister Flurry Heart (from the original mlp series)
Sugar Star is a pegasus and not an alicorn

Because of this she feels very sad and insecure
She feels like the world is against her and as if she’s not a true princess
Yet she has a best friend called Gemma. They are friends till the end 
and are always there to support each other

But even if her parents, her friend and her older sister tell her
that it doesn’t matter if she’s a pegasus
She is still Jealous of her older Sister Flurry who is an alicorn and will be the crystal queen

The young Pegasus tries so many different ways to become an alicorn
but sadly nothing works..
Until one day someone offers her a deal.. 
This mysterious pony tells her that if she brings her a magical item
she will turn her into an alicorn.
Will she do it?

All of this happens yet still including issues and also very interesting but sad and very true life things like:

-Feeling worthless
-Feeling overwhelmed 
-Long kept secrets

Chapters (3)
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