• Published 26th May 2019
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Kamen Rider Hattari in Equestria - Lupone335

A story about Kamen Rider Hattari, a shinobi from earth in the year 2022. He somehow transported to Equestria and adventures ensue

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Hattari! Kenzan!!

In the future of 2022, the world relies on Ninjitsu for natural resources, weather, and day to day use. This is a future of ninja!
But even a future like this, has a shadow to threaten it! The Dark Ninja clan!!
But this world is not without protection!!
Enter!! Kamen Rider Shinobi!! A hero who works in the shadows to protect the light! Along with Kamen Rider Hattari!! The two ninja Kamen Riders fight with their mastery of ninjutsu to defend the world!!

—This is were the story began—

It was another typical day in Tokyo, the sun rose as day began anew.


A loud explosion occurred! People ran from the approaching forces of Ninja dusters, the foot soldiers of the dark ninja clan. Then a sound came from a rooftop. “Are-ja?Ore-ja? Ninja!! Shinobi! Kenzan!! Down flew Kamen Rider Shinobi. “Shinobi is written with “heart” and “blade”! Kamen Rider...Shinobi!!” He yelled as he ran into the fray. Not too far behind him was Kamen Rider Hattari.
“Henshin!!” A large metal wasp appeared behind him, and a cry comes out “Fundari? Kettari? Hattari! Kamen Rider Hattari!!” His armor comes out of the wasp and he charged forwards towards his foes! He and Shinobi clash against the dusters, their combined Ninjitsu caused their enemies to fly around and explode!!
“Finish Ninpu!!” Both their belts yelled out. They then delivered the final blows and the rest of their opponents were finished. Then a black smoke swirled around them, engulfing the two ninja! Shinobi was able to blow away the smoke, but Hattari wasn’t so lucky. He was sucked away by the smoke and when it finally dissipated, he realized he wasn’t in Japan anymore. Around him was lush and colorful landscapes, large mountains, and a...castle? It looked to be European, but none that he had ever seen. His transformation wore off and there stood Isamichi Konjo.
“Excuse me?” A female voice called out. He looked around but only saw a bizarre looking girl with hooves, petite arms and hands, a horn in the middle of her forehead, wings, and purple fur with hair to match, who looked oddly equine. “ my name is Twilight Sparkle. Who are you?” She asked with a smile. He then fainted due to shock.
She poked his face with a finger and looked at him closely. He didn’t look like anyone from around here. She took him back to her library in Ponyville to do further research.
Little known to her is that a dark figure watched her lift up the passed-out Ninja with her magic, and take him to her home. The figure fallowed her closely.
Twilight brought the knocked-out ninja into her home, raising several questions from her neighbors. She levitated him on to a bed and patiently waited for Him to wake up.
The dark figure turned smoke watched the Princess pace back and forth across the floor. The smoke flowed inside the house undetected, it floated above the unsuspecting alicorn girl and into her bedroom. The smoke then took the form of Princess Luna. Her extravagant dark blue dress flowed down to the floor. Her
delicate facial features were framed by her physics-defying Star-lit hair. She gently walked over to the door of her bedroom and peaked down to where her sister’s apprentice was fussing over what to do with the strange furless creature.

Isamishi slowly woke up, he looked around the strange room. “Where am I?” He asked. “You’re in my library in Ponyville! Equestria to be precise.” Twilight answered with a smile. “Aaaaaaahhhh!!! What are you?!” Isamishi yelled. Twilight plugged her ears to tune out his yelling. “Okay...I get it! You’re shocked! Can we move past the part where you panic and to the part where you tell me who you are, please?” See said with a glare.
Isamishi resized he wasn’t being the most manly in that particular moment. He then took a deep breath and calmed down, he then sat up on the bed and braced for the strange girl’s line of questioning.

“Okay, lets get to the questions. I made a list while you were passed out.” Isamishi looks at Twilight “Okay, I have some questions of my own.”

“Fair enough.” She responded. She then began her questions. “Where are you from?” “I’m from Japan, it’s a country on Earth.” Twilight wrote his answer down in a notebook. “Now it’s my turn to ask a question. What are you?” She looked up from her notes. “I’m an princess, an alicorn princess. I can use magic, fly, and I help those who need me and my friends.” She responded.
Luna listened in on the conversation, she wondered what the gord-shaped bottle on his side was for.

Hours passed of back and forth questioning, Twilight finally asked “ what is that weird bottle on your belt?” “ It’s a mysic artifact from my world. It helps me transform, into a Kamen Rider.”

“What is a ‘Common Rider’?” She asked.
“It’s Kamen Rider, I pour the liquid in the bottle out and it turns into a belt and henshin device. I go through a sequence and spin the henshin device and a large metal wasp appears behind me and my armor is shot at me, I then become a Kamen Rider.”

She looked at him with a confused look on her face. She wrote down it down and drew a little doodle of the bottle.

Luna heard all that she needed to know, she turned back into smoke and slipped out the window. She flew back up to her room in Canterlot, she solidified into her original form. To her surprise, her sister, Princess Celestia stood in her doorway. Her Amazoness frame, with flawless porcelain skin, flowing rainbow hair, and amazing hourglass figure that could stop traffic.

“Hey sis! How was our visitor from another world?” She asked with a smile. She and her sister walked over to the balcony, the looked over at their kingdom. “ we’re gonna need all the help we can get.”

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Look! It's him, Bayblade-kun!

What's a Hattari?

Kamen Rider Hattari is a superhero character from Toei Studios ongoing series called Kamen Rider. ☺️

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