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I’m a fan of toukusatsu, Japan, MLP, Super Sentai, and anime.


Kamen Rider Hattari is a ninja Kamen Rider from the year 2022, where everyone is a ninja. But the world is under siege by the dark ninja clan. While he and Kamen Rider Shinobi were fighting off ninja dusters, Hattari was somehow warped to the land of Equestria. He must continue to fight off the dark ninjas in this colorful land of talking equines. Can he accomplish his mission or is the kingdom doomed?
(I don’t own the rights to Kamen Rider Hattari, all rights to this character and Kamen Rider Shinobi belongs to Toei Studios in Japan)🎌

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Look! It's him, Bayblade-kun!

What's a Hattari?

Kamen Rider Hattari is a superhero character from Toei Studios ongoing series called Kamen Rider. ☺️

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