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Mediaeval Equestria is in a time of upheaval, when Unicorn magocrats rule Canterlot and Archmage Starswirl has been succeeded by a sinister warlock named Yisrach L’ulaamun, who seeks to consolidate all magical and political power in the Capital.

Amidst it all, a gifted but overlooked young magician named Eventide Coruscate has been assigned his first position out of apprenticeship. Uncannily procuring a high-ranking position as Assistant Royal Astrologer, the stallion has been unwittingly thrust into the center of Canterlot’s darkest plots and intrigue.

In this, his diary, those turbulent episodes of his life are recorded.

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Comments ( 3 )

Nice chapter and if anyone says you need to improve your wording just ignore them and write your story your own way of writing

I am interested in where you'll take this story. Your descriptions of the environments are good and I already like the setting. I will add this one to my favorites and possibly tell some of my friends about it. Good job man :twilightsmile:

It's really well written, and you handle the journal style writing nicely. It's vague, like you'd expect of a journal entry, but you also managed to balance in some nice character interactions. Though in an authors note it would be nice to explain the meaning behind the sun and moon phases and the lunar manse, etc. to have some understanding of how the calendar works back in this time. I'm guessing you went with a zodiac calendar.

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