• Published 31st Mar 2019
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Celestia and Luna are Well-Adjusted Adults - garatheauthor

Celestia and Luna prove that they are capable adults who are totally and absolutely qualified in running their kingdom.

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Celestia is a well-adjusted adult who is not the focus of this chapter so we'll instead return to Sunset Shimmer and the Mandate of Darkness.

I’m proud of you.


Those five words meant the most to Sunset Shimmer. A declaration that her former mentor was actually impressed with her, actually happy with something that she was doing for once in her life.

It was enough to make her heart soar as she floated through her luxurious penthouse apartment, passing trophies, awards, and antiques. She glided upon this high as she made her way towards the balcony that looked out upon the city of Canterlot.

It had changed greatly under her colonial mandate. Where there had once been useless parks and opulent, though inefficient, architecture, there now stood the signs of glorious progress. There was now a sea of chimneys which blew soot into the orange hazy sky. They were connected to a rolling landscape of industry and utter efficiency that went onwards for miles around.

It was beautiful.

Tenements, workshops, and factories were the only thing that remained in Canterlot. They produced all manner of goods for the markets of Equestria. And every month their tribute to Celestia continued to grow, surely making Sunset noticed back home.

“Sunset?” a familiar voice called.

She looked over her shoulder and saw Twilight approach. Her Twilight and not the one from back home. And while she wasn’t a princess, she was still an efficient second-in-command.

“Yes, hun?” Sunset asked.

Twilight held a clipboard to her chest and offered the warmest smile she could. “You seem happy this morning.”

Sunset chuckled and motioned towards the industrial paradise outside. “I received a letter from Celestia this morning. She told me that she was impressed with the work we’ve been doing here.”

“That’s fantastic!” Twilight beamed, though her smile soon slipped. “Though there is a delicate matter to attend to today, I’m afraid.”

Sunset sighed.

Wasn’t there always?

“What is it Twilight?” Sunset asked.

Twilight drew the clipboard away from her chest and started to read it. “It would appear that a few of the factories in the south-eastern part of the city have coordinated and started a teeny tiny strike. They are questioning the uh… direction you’re taking this world in. Something about taking orders from someone in their twenties.”

Sunset shook her head. “Don’t they see the good we’re doing for Equestria?”

“I think they’re more concerned about the lack of good that you’re doing for them and their families,” Twilight responded. “And I…” Twilight visibly tensed, her hands shaking. “And I can’t say that I honestly disagree with them, babe.”

Sunset turned to face Twilight, cocking a brow. “Are you questioning my leadership, sweetheart?”

“No… not questioning it.” Twilight chuckled nervously. Poor dear looked really uncomfortable. Didn’t she know that she could be open and transparent with Sunset? “Just, you know, between the stripping of basic rights, the harsh labour conditions, impossible quotas, and the fact that Canterlot looks like Isengard from The Two Towers…”

“Oh, I loved that movie!” Sunset beamed. “Do you know if Peter Jackson is still alive?”

Twilight swallowed a lump in her throat. “I believe he was taken out when you purged the last group of intellectuals.”

Sunset winced. “Twilight, Twilight, Twilight. When you use terminology like that it becomes really hard not to look like a villain. You get me?” She came over and placed a firm hand on her shoulder. “It’s all about branding, babe. I didn’t purge the intellectuals, I more…” She rolled her wrist. “I merely helped normalize the intellectual bell curve. It helps the average joe feel better about themselves. You get me?”

“Right, right, but I’m just wondering if you might be slipping back into your villainous ways?” Twilight asked, wincing. “Because no offense but…”

Sunset paused for a moment, feeling a heat try and crawled up her throat. She stifled it, however, burying it deep inside. After all, anger issues were very unbecoming of a colonial governor.

“I’m not returning to my villainous ways,” Sunset said. She stepped passed Twilight and headed towards her coffee table. “A villain doesn’t get congratulations from Celestia. And a villain definitely doesn’t keep frequent correspondence with the Princess of Friendship.”

She made it to the table and grabbed a thick folder full of letters. There must’ve been at least a whole book’s worth inside.

“See!” she chimed. “Villains don’t get this many letters from Twilight Sparkle.” She blinked, realizing what she’d said, and offered a sheepish grin. “You uh… know what I mean?”

Twilight nodded. “And have you been honest with them? Like completely and utterly honest?”

“I mean honest enough,” Sunset murmured. “I don’t bore them with every single detail that takes place. But they know that I’ve assumed complete autocratic control. Which, I mean, they’re cool with it. In Equestria, autocracy is all the rage these days. And, I mean, if Equestria does it…”

“And do they know about the police state?” Twilight asked, cocking a very accusatory brow.

Sunset rolled her eyes. “Branding Twilight. We talked about this. It’s not a police state, it’s a supervised society. Really the Pacificism Platoons only exist for the safety of my slaves.” She blinked and pursed her lips as she realized her slip up. “Labourers! I meant labourers. I… sorry… I misspoke.”

“Uh, huh…” Twilight sighed. “Are you absolutely certain that…”

“Look Twilight, while I do appreciate your concern, I don’t think it’s very necessary.” Sunset started to read the most recent letter she’d received. “This is a task I’ve received from Princess Celestia herself and I have every intention to carry it out to the best of my abilities.” She felt a single stray tear form in her eye. “She’s proud of me, Twilight… do you know what that means?”

“That she’s an expert at emotional manipulation?” Twilight murmured under her breath.

Sunset looked at her. “Pardon?”

“Nothing, nothing.” Twilight sighed. “I just… do you really think this is the route you should be going down, Shimmer?”

Sunset shook her head. “Babe, I’m reformed, you know that, right? My former teacher is proud of me, I have friends, a girlfriend, and a whole harem. I’m living my best life. I’m one of the good guys now.” She drew in a deep breath and let it out. “Anyways about these striking workers. Do we know if they have families?”

Twilight bit her lip. “Yes.”

“Then we have hostages that we can collect until they return to work and resume the flow of goods to Equestria.” Sunset waved her hand, dismissing Twilight. “Celestia wants her smartphones, porcelain, and textiles and I’ll be damned if I can’t deliver.”

“And if that doesn’t work?” Twilight asked.

Sunset shook her head. “Then find something that does. We’re the good guys, Sparky. We always win, don’t we?”

“What is this trash?” Luna grumbled, picking out a black T-shirt and inspecting it.

It was one of a dozen identical shirts in the box she had opened. A box which happened to be one of several thousand nearly identical boxes in the warehouse they were in.

Celestia shrugged as she looked at a teapot that she’d found. “I haven’t the faintest idea. But if it makes Sunset feel useful, sending these over, then so be it.”

“She sure is sending over a lot of stuff though,” Cadance commented, shaking a black brick made of glass and plastic. “What would you even build with these? They’re so flimsy.”

“I haven’t the faintest idea,” Celestia grumbled. “But at least it keeps her out of my mane and makes her complacent. And if I can keep a potential coup from blowing up in my face, then I don’t give a rat’s ass about what she’s sending over.”

“Warehouse space is expensive,” Luna commented.

Cadance hummed. “Could just dump it all in the mines?”

“See, we have options,” Celestia said, nodding towards the glowing mirror off in the distance. “Just as long as she’s happy.” She shuddered softly, dropping her voice to a whisper. “Low key but she scares the shit out of me.”

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