• Published 31st Mar 2019
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Celestia and Luna are Well-Adjusted Adults - garatheauthor

Celestia and Luna prove that they are capable adults who are totally and absolutely qualified in running their kingdom.

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Cadance is a well adjusted adult...full stop

“And that is why I believe the lands to the southwest of the Crystal Empire, should be put aside for future generations,” the petitioner stated.

Cadance nodded along; her expression neutral, hard to read.

“I appreciate you coming forward with this petition, Misses Oat. However, I must ask if your proposal offers an alternative means of addressing food security in the Empire. Something to counter Apple Brandy’s plans for a system of monocultures on these very same lands.”

“Of course, Your Majesty. If you’ll flip to page 76 of my report…”

Cadance offered a tight smile and did as instructed, allowing her eyes to rove the page.

“Ah, a system of community farming projects.” She hummed. “Paid for via a 3% tariff on imported Equestrian processed foods. That addresses food security, but still, your project would not leave any surplus produce for export.”

Golden Oat beamed. “As my report states, by preserving the discussed lands, and incorporating them into our imperial park program, we’d see an increase in tourism, while the injection of healthy food would lead to decreased public health expenditures. Those together should be able to offset the revenues gained from agricultural exports.”

“I see,” Cadance said, nodding her head slowly. “Still, I will have to further study your report before I can come to a proper decision on your petition. How about I pencil you in for another royal session two weeks from now?”

“Of course, Your Majesty.”

With that Golden Oats left with a smile on her face, only to be replaced by the next of a long line of petitioners.

Cadance’s three o’clock meeting was far more casual than she was used to, as she found herself in the middle of a construction site wearing a bright orange vest and yellow hardhat. Both of which were unusually clean considering all the mud and grime around her.

She was in the partially constructed Grand Central Station for the Crystal Empire. When finished, it would be the new terminus of all train traffic in the north, linking together the previously isolated communities of her domains with the prosperous lands of Equestria, following a rail network she designed by hoof.

“How long of a delay are we talking?” Cadance asked.

It was also turning out to be a massive pain in her butt.

The chief engineer shook his head. “No idea, Your Majesty. We desperately needed that cement shipment from Manehattan. Without it, we can’t start construction on the platforms and that delays pretty much every other aspect of the third phase.”

Cadance creased her brow. “Why don’t we begin domestic production?”


“Mr. Iron, not ten kilometres to the north is one of the empire’s most productive limestone quarries and coal can be imported from Yakyakistan for shillings on the bit. Surely, the initial sink cost of constructing a cement factory would be offset by savings over importing it from Equestria.”

“I’d have to…check the numbers.”

Cadance shook her head. “I’ve already crunched them. We’d be looking at a twelve percent savings in cement and you’d be cutting down on transportation delays, so those savings would only be amplified. Plus, it can be used after the fact. It’s not like we’ll ever run out of a demand for cement.”

Pig Iron bowed. “Of course, Your Majesty. I’ll begin drafting plans for a factory immediately.”

“Thank you, Mr. Iron.”

Tea time with the Prime Minister, a weekly ceremony that Cadance adopted from her aunt.

However, where Celestia had endured hundreds of Ministers over millennia of rule, Cadance had so far only gone through one.

Her second was a stout and elderly statesmare who looked old enough to be her grandmother. Yet, her frailty hid steely resolve, and her gray hair covered a mind sharper than any blade.

The Crystal Empire’s Renaissance would not have been possible without the work of Flurry Nimbus.

Cadance offered the mare a smile. “How are you enjoying your tea?”

“It’s lovely. Thank you, Your Majesty.”

“I was wondering if it was possible for us to discuss…”

“The Trade Treaty with Nova Griffonia?”


Nimbus chuckled. “Always right for the kill. You know, I hear Celestia lets her Prime Ministers open with something easy.”

“Well,” Cadance smirked. “I’m not Celestia.”

“Indeed, you’re not.” She sighed. “The treaty is going nowhere. Foreign Minister Davenshire has run into roadblock after roadblock. The Griffons want to drain us dry, not trade with us.”

Cadance nodded. “Maybe we should try and get some leverage.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“If Nova Griffonia won’t trade with us, then we’ll find some other partner. When they notice their advantage slipping, they’ll hopefully be far more agreeable.”


“How about the Governorship of Gillyford?”

Nimbus gasped. “Nova Griffonia would be furious. They still think of Gillyford as part of their domains.”

“Let them be furious. They’ll eventually realize they’ll play by our rules one way or another.”

“This is a dangerous game, Princess.”

“Yes, it is. Thankfully, it’s one I aim to win.”

Nimbus bowed. “Of course, Your Majesty.”

When she popped back up, she offered a warm smile. “Your aunt would be proud of you, you know. You work harder than any of the princesses and that’s a fact.”

Cadance humbly shook her head. “We all work hard in order to ensure the harmony of Equestria, Prime Minister.”

Another long day of being a Princess came to an end as Cadance returned to her royal suites. She dropped her briefcase on the floor, kicked off her horseshoes, and hung her tiara off a coatrack.

As she walked into the common room, she was greeted by her loving family.

She smiled at them and embraced Shining tightly, giving him a nice big kiss.

Then, she took Flurry from him, showering her little bundle of joy with all the affection she could manage.

With those two properly loved, she then hugged her second husband, Sunburst, giving him an equally warm kiss.

Then finally she hugged her wife, Chrysalis, doling out her final and most important piece of affection. A kiss which involved plenty of tongue and ended with some playful nipping.

As Chrysalis withdrew, she smouldered seductively.

Cadance made a note to take care of that later.

As it was already well after dinner, the four of them opted to go right to the bedroom, cuddling on their massive polyamorous-sized bed. Their harmony and love were only occasionally interrupted when Flurry cried from a nearby crib.

Thankfully with four parents, it was a lot less work to address her woes.

And that’s how Princess Cadance ended her day.

Author's Note:

I couldn't help myself. Couldn't be mean to the best princess.


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