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I do not consider myself a brony, but I like the show. I'm also passionate about animals, both living and extinct and I just like talking with other people about them and teaching about them.



This story is a sequel to The Big Cats of Bakula

During the summer, the apples have gotten into an argument over the importance of predators, and now, they must learn the important lesson.

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Really good job on the start of this story. Love the idea of AJ and that lion spirit helping Mac learn a bit of empathy toward the predators.

Anyway, the exchanges and future chapter set-up are definitely well done and I'll quite certainly be looking forward to more of this.

I'm only gonna guess you despise colored text. Oh well, so what are your thoughts other than that?

Interesting idea. Not sure if I'll follow just yet.

Really good job on the first stop concerning the lesson concerning predators and their important role. The contrast between two world views is great, as was the point out of a big difference between mercy-killing a sick and weak prey that clearly won't get better and killing healthy animals for "sport" like humans can do. And yeah, good reasoning as far as the wolves leaving the bear alone despite having the numbers advantage.

Once more, I love the work that went into the exchanges, action and future chapter set-up

Thank you my friend, wait till you read the next chapter.

Really good show of how those lions and tigers helped the humans against smaller predators.

Now, on to the next chapter.

Superb work on this final chapter. And, yeah, well thought out reason for the leopards hunting rapid dogs being beneficial.

Thanks my friend, still trying to come up with an idea for the next sequel.

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