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I do not consider myself a brony, but I like the show. I'm also passionate about animals, both living and extinct and I just like talking with other people about them and teaching about them.

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"Life...is unpredictable. It doesn't care if a change is good or bad. This is the lesson Baagh Raaja, a prehistoric tiger form, had to learn.

The past, however........ can come back to haunt us. When two girls enter his life, everything changes once again. Will he be able to adapt, or will he go back to his old ways? "

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This story is a sequel to The Big Cats of Bakula: The Apple's Lesson

Other people have been stranded in two new places in Bakula, and now it's up to the gang to go on a big rescue mission, and what big cats do they encounter in these places? And what are the adaptations of these hunters they meet?

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This story is a sequel to The Big Cats of Bakula

During the summer, the apples have gotten into an argument over the importance of predators, and now, they must learn the important lesson.

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The Equestria Girls are now stranded in Bakula, the land of big cats, but what felines do they encounter? What are all the things they need to know in order to survive in this harsh wilderness ?

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