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I do not consider myself a brony, but I like the show. I'm also passionate about animals, both living and extinct and I just like talking with other people about them and teaching about them.



The Equestria Girls are now stranded in Bakula, the land of big cats, but what felines do they encounter? What are all the things they need to know in order to survive in this harsh wilderness ?

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Well, I have to say, you did a good job on the characterizations and action so far. And the info on the Tougarion was a great touch too.

Of course, we don't know HOW the girls ended up on this other world so far (though it's entirely possible it's either because of a malfunction with one of Twilight's inventions or the work of some evil magic user that they ended up on the wrong side of). Still, I'm going to guess that we will be finding out in later chapters.

I'm most assuredly going to be looking forward to more, but will certainly respect if real world concerns need to take top priority.

I'm glad you like it. Any ideas for a big cat? I'll gladly add it to Bakula. There are a LOT more chapters left to write, so you will find out how they got there.

Well, I can't think of any names, but maybe cats based on tigers, cheetahs, panthers, jaguars and snow leopards.

I've got some like that, along with some extinct ones as well. I have the Giant Tiger, Steppe Cheetah, Mega Jaguar, Tobar Snow Leopard, and White Cougars.

Again, this is a really good chapter with excellent action, exchanges and future chapter set-up. And really good info on the Petraiasmilus.

So, I will very certainly be looking forward to more of this.

Why thank you. Since you appear to be fond of cats in the 100-300 pound range, I think you'll really like the next one

Again, you did a great job on the action, exchanges and future chapter set-ups. Again, it's really great to see the girls adapt to this place and their circumstances (as well as the bits with frustration setting in and Pinkie being a bit too loud for what is appropriate for the situation). And I really liked the help the girls got at just the right time. Plus, very good info concerning the Machairifelis.

Thank you, as for how the girls got there, I want that to be a mystery for a little bit. Which of the animals is your favorite so far?

So far, I would have to say it is a three-way toss-up between the tiger-boys, the elephants and the monkeys .

Glad to hear it, as for cats you suggested, the next chapter is on the Mega Jaguar, and I've created the Mountain Tiger.

Hello there. Sorry I took a while to get around to reviewing, but I DID like the exchanges, future chapter set-up AND the mention of how the girls got to this realm in the first place (thanks very much for that). And I also really liked the info provided about the Mega-Jaguar.

Thanks, and there are plenty more big cats to come. I do wish I knew someone who could do some artwork for this.

Again, you did a very good job on this latest chapter. The exchanges, action, comic relief and future chapter set-up are all well done in all the right places. And Excellent info on the Megantereon as well.

I especially liked Banda's first experience with "Pinkie Sense" and Rainbow's understandable frustration about she and the others not being able to the bad luck she has been having so far.

Once more this IS quite a good piece of work concerning the exchanges, action, comic relief and future chapter set-up, in addition to the info on the Bakulan Lion. I especially liked the point out concerning how odd it is for questions of Pinkie's oddness to come from talking animals as well as the continued frustration concerning the girls' bad luck AND the other girls teasing Rainbow concerning Banda .

Thank you, bet you weren't expecting the part concerning Rainbow and Banda eh?

No, I created Bakula myself. I was inspired by the big cats themselves, and their extinct relatives.

Thanks again for getting the next chapter up. Once more, you did a good job on the exchanges, action, comic relief and future chapter set-up. And thanks once more for the added info on the Cotamuna.

Your welcome and thank you. Just one more chapter till we get to the king of Bakula, so stay tuned.

Again, you did a really good job on this latest chapter. Excellent job on the feels concerning the Miracinonyx cub (both the good feels for the cub itself and the bad feels for the cub's dead mother). Anyway, the exchanges, emotional content, action and Miracinonyx info are all quite well done.

Thank you, what did you think of Kama's backstory?

I thought it was certainly deserving of points for being quite well thought out and definitely explaining a lot. And, yeah, the girls have certainly seen stranger things than a cheetah turned into a human.

Holy shit, is this supposed to be an encyclopedia or a story?

A story, but I put the info on a big cat at the end to explain some behaviors. Anyways, thoughts on the story so far? Any ideas for a big cat, I'll gladly add to Bakula.

Again, you did a splendid job on the action, exchanges, future chapter set-up and Giant Tiger info. Once more, I can definitely sympathize with the girls concerning the frustrations of their bad luck.

Thank you, I've been looking forward to writing this chapter for a while. I'll give you the description of another animal that will appear in the story later on, see if you can think of what it is.

"He is smaller than the wolf, has a black tail, is reddish brown, and sometimes has a white underside. He lives and hunts in a pack, killing animals like boars, when he is with the pack, the tiger is the only predator known to challenge him."

Really good work on this latest chapter. The exchanges, action and future chapter set-up were all well done in all the right places. I also really liked the info on the Kris.

Yeah, I loved seeing the girls helping out that bear cub until the mama got there.

Thanks. I did end up adding another big cat species as a fan request. And I think it's quite unique.

I really like the info you gave on the Kris at the end of the chapter and thought the chapter was great. The girls are in character and look forward to the next one.

Glad you like it. The cat species you recommended will be the main cat of the next chapter. Thought of another common name for it?


Měizhōu hǔ and giaguaro are the only ones I think of right now, both mean jaguar

Wait, are you trying to say "she" is a Jaguar? When you answered Jaguar, I thought you meant it was in the genus Panthera just like jaguars.


No, I'm just saying that they mean jaguar not that she is one. Trying my best to come up with a common name. Kaua is another good name. Same with válka

Kaua, I like it, Kaua it is then. Kaua- a big cat the size of Luna, can be rather aggressive, females live in groups of 2-4 adults and young, while males are either loners or live in small coalitions of up to 3 males. How does that sound? I thought of giving them that social nature since it gives them more sets of eyes, ears, and noses to detect any Giant Tigers, which are their worst nightmare.

REALLY good job on the exchanges, action and future chapter set-up on all the right places. I particularly liked the argument with Applejack concerning her family and coyotes (including and especially the point out concerning how THAT sort of behavior has led to predators getting more aggressive), Twilight's surprise concerning social groups among big cats in areas other than the grasslands and the decision to actually HELP a wounded big cat. The info on the Kaua was great too.

Once again, I'm glad you liked it.

Thanks for the credit. I'm sure they will treat her to full health.

Again, really good job on the exchanges, action, future chapter set-up and Bakulan Leopard info. I especially liked the encounter with the Giant Salamander and seeing the Bakulan Leopard in action against those wolves. And yeah, I sympathized with Banda just as much as Rarity and Rainbow did following that bit of backstory.

Love the backstory you gave Banda. Keep the chapters coming.

It's nice to see this being updated. How have you been?
So Futters can only understand her?

So far, I'm doing alright. Yes, Flutters can only understand her as her magic allows her to do so. Honestly it feels great to be updating this. How'd you like the chapter?

Hey there. Sorry I took a while to get around to being able to think of how to help you. I thank you for the help in helping YOU.

But I digress.

Anyway, thanks very much for getting this story updated. I really appreciate you going to the effort. Very good job on the exchanges and info on the White Cougar. I especially liked the fishing scenes.

No problem, stay tuned because coming next are the Kobar Snow Leopard and Mountain Tiger.

Again, really good job on the action, exchanges, future chapter set-up and Kobar Snow Leopard info. I especially liked the girls scaring off the poachers with the "god guise" bit (I suppose it helps that having ACTUAL magic abilities can make the "god guises" a little more convincing).

Thanks for the compliment, I'm really looking forward to writing the next chapter.

Once more, really good job on the action, exchanges and Mountain Tiger info in all the right places. Once again, the gang's bad luck at hunting strikes big time, but at least they're otherwise all right for the most part.

Thank you, and what do you think about the new relationship?

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