• Published 14th Mar 2019
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Hollie's Chilly Day - Royal Radiance

When Hollie gets snowed in her unheated apartment, snuggling insues.

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The Only One

It was a warm early spring in Manehatten and Timeberwolf Square was experiencing the lunch hour rush. Plenty of stands dotted the bustling city center selling various types of foods. Among one of these stands was a rickety looking stand with the structural integrity of a log that the yaks had their way with. A mare with a white coat and blonde mane sat happily behind the stand, waiting for a customer. On the stand rested many baked goods ranging from apple pie to cinnamon rolls. The smell of them wafted about the market. Despite the enticing smell of the sweet treats, a seldom few ponies perused the mare's good due to how health conscious the ponies were.

Across the market a red pegasus mare was taking her lunch break. She passed stand after fruit stand quietly saying “no” to herself with each one she passed. The mare had enough of her fill of fruits this week for a month. Her quick stride about the market was halted when she took in the pleasant smell of baked goods. As she approached the stand her mouth watered and she licked her lips the way she would towards a handsome stallion. She finally found her way to the stand, still licking her lips which caused the mare behind the counter to look quizzically at the other's display.

“Um… hi Scarlett,” the mare behind the counter said,” can i… help you?”

“Oh, yeah, heh,” she said blushing,”sorry. I'd like some of your cinnamon rolls please.”

“Oh sure, that'll be 3 bits a piece, please,” the mare replied, bouncing a bit from excitement.

“I'll take 5,” Scarlett replied. She then wolfed down the treats, which caused the blonde maned mare to giggle quietly. After she finished the baked treats, her muzzle was covered in white and she moaned out with an audible “aaaaah.” This caused a stallion across the market to look upon the suggestive display wide eyed to which his marefriend hit his face with her purse.

“That good, hmm,” the salespony asked.”

“Yeah. Hollie, you make the best cinnamon rolls.” “Thank you.” Just then, the sound of thunder echoed across the sky which produced a worried look upon Hollie's face. “I thought the weather ponies said that it would snow tomorrow,” Hollie exclaimed, with a defeated look on her face. Almost as if on cue, a snowflake hit the mare on the nose. Hurriedly, the mare started to disassemble her cart. Usually she had one of the other stall owners help her carry the rest her stand but by then the market had cleared out. “Oh no no no no! I can't carry this all and some of my food will be ruined!”

“Don't worry,” Scarlett wiped a tear from lifted the remaining pieces along with a pie,” hmm my place is probably too far away, do you live closeby?”

“Yeah I live in Broncco,” she said barely able to lift her share of the stand. The two mares crossed a few blocks with the snow beginning to pelt them. They went from crosswalk to crosswalk and at one, they narrowly avoided being hit by a carriage who yelled obscenities at them as they passed. As the two got closer the snow began to pick up as it pelted their coats. Finally after five minutes of near running, they ended up at the apartment building where Hollie lives. The sounds of drunken ponies echoed about with the sound of a cat screeching punctuating the loudness of the building. The two scurried in to escape the cold. After trotting up six flights of stairs, the two collapsed heaving at the door to Hollie's apartment. When Hollie recovered from the panting she noticed a note on her door.

It read “Dear Hollie, while your baked goods and good demeanor are refreshing for this part of town, I'm afraid it's not a valid form of payment to the magic company, I'm so sorry but to save you from being evicted, i had to cut your heating- from your landlord, Linoleum Doors.” Scarlett's expression shrunk at her friend's predicament.

Scarlett, in an effort to help friend, decided to offer to let her stay at her place. Unfortunately for the two, the three and a half feet of snow decided against that when they opened the door to the complex to leave. Defeated, the two returned back to the apartment.

“Don’t worry, Scarlett we'll be fine. I believe I still have some hot coco,” Hollie told her friend in an attempt to get them warm. Those attempts were dashed the second she opener the cupboard to find them empty.” Oh i forgot. All well, at least I have you with me.”

“Hey, Hollie, you sure you're fine ” Scarlett asked then wrapped her hooves around Hollie to which she made an audible ‘mmm’ in contentment from the affection and heat.

“Wait, that gives me an idea,” Hollie cried happily. She then went to her closet to get a blanket. Blushing she attempted to ask,” S-scarlett? Can't I please,” he sputtered the rest of the sentence at a volume that Scarlett failed to hear.

"Scarlett please what?”

Hollie then screamed” Scarlett, could you please cuddle me?!” her cheeks flushed in a darker shade of red.

“Yeah sure. So, do you want to be the big spoon or small spoon.”

“Big what,” said Hollie quizzically, her head tilting.

“Do you want to he cuddled from in front or behind?”

“B-behind.” The two then walked to the couch with Scarlett laying down on it first. Hollie's face was blushing so hard that it was as if her entire face was red and she joined the red mare which produced an audible “eep!” as her back pressed up against Scarlett's large breasts. “S-sorry I touched t-those,” Hollie apologized sheepishly.

“No it's fine, I'm sure you mean nothing by it.” After the two were firmly pressed together, Scarlett put the blanket on top of them. Hollie sighed in contentment as the coldness of the apartment faded away and the heat of their contact spread throughout her body. “You like this,” Scarlett asked.

“Mmm. Mhm, it's so warm.” Hollie then eeped once more as Scarlett began stroking her mane,” you're so much warmer than hot coco.”

“Heh, thanks. Glad i could keep you warm.” The two laid like that for a while, basking in each other's warmth. Scarlett offered to pay for Hollie's next bill but Hollie kept saying no thanks. After insisting she pay it, Hollie finally gave in. For the next hour they just enjoyed each other's embrace before drifting off to a peaceful sleep.

Author's Note:

I know this is short and I may make it longer

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