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Royal Radiance

Hello, I am Royal Radiance (formerly Widgetgidget) and I love writing stories about ponies. Feel free to peruse my stories and I hope you enjoy it,if you like it or have advice,tell me, help's wanted


Sarah Strong is not your average woman. She's independent, she abhors gossip, loves science and many more things considered to be a man's interests.She attempts to build a teleportation device and things go wrong when she is teleports to Equestria. I am not a woman so if I do anything that a woman wouldn't do or leave anything out, I apologize, I will try my best.

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Comment posted by Sdrawkcabsitxetsiht deleted Jun 17th, 2015

Let's count the clichés.
•One of the rare times the term "Mary Sue" instead of "Gary Stu" is used.
•Saying a character is "strong and independent" doesn't give them an identity.
•The ponies are uncharacteristically kind to the self-insert.
•The self-insert(and this is one of my personal problems with them), is sent to Equestria to live and doesn't care about never seeing their friends or family ever again).
I read it, and I didn't like it.

human in Equestria stories... so far all with male characters

Female humans in Equestria are rare, yes, but "all" HiE stories before this have had male characters?
Um, no. There's even a group dedicated to women in Equestria. I'm guessing you just haven't been paying attention.

The errors in your story description also point to a certain lack of attention on your part.

Ok, so I haven't noticed it, so my bad, however I will continue with this. Also I might have to add some stuff to make it better, I mean even though it isn't mentioned about how she feels about leaving home, I haven't addressed if she is sad about that(which of course) also Twilight said that she would find a way to get her back home so she figures that she wants to go home so it can be inferred that she likely wants to go home because she certainly doesn't object to Twilight's offer.