• Published 14th Aug 2018
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Chrysalis' Terrible Disguises - Claws And Hooves

Chrysalis spies on the mane six, Spike and Starlight but seems to very unlucky with her choices of disguises.

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Out in the lush fields of Sweet Apple Achers Applejack was busy going about her daily routine of bucking trees and collecting apples.

As she was putting down her basket in front of her next tree she saw Spike flying towards her on his new wings. Applejack smiled and waved to her dragon friend as she give the tree behind her a strong buck. "Howdy Spike. What bring ya to these parts so early?"

Spike landed and returned the wave. "Hey Applejack. Twilight send me to see if you have everything you need for your next class field trip."

Applejack nodded while giving the tree another strong buck. "I sure do."

"So where are you going anyway?" inquired Spike.

"Why I'm taking those youngins to the rodeo coming to town. Care to join us sugarcube?" she replied as while giving yet another powerful kick to the tree.

Spike thought for a brief second before nodding. “Sure. If it gets me out of all the paper work I’ve been helping Twilight with you count me in!”

Applejack nodded as she released another powerful kick to the tree. "Glad to hear it sugarcube,"
Spike raised a brow and the unusual power behind Applejack’s last kick. "You seem to be bucking that one tree a lot?"

Applejack frowned and turned her head to glare at the tree behind her. "It’s the darnest thing. These apples look ripe yet no matter how much or hard I buck it they won't fall." Applejack pulled back and gave the tree her most powerful kick. The force of which could be heard throughout the orchard.

"Maybe you're just tired?" shrugged Spike.

Applejack took off her hat and wiped the sweet from her brow. She had been out here bucking apples since sun up and her muscles were beginning to ach from all the hard. "I reckon I could use a rest for a bit. Care to join me for some apple juice sugarcube?"

Spike nodded. "That sounds good to me."

Applejack walked over to the cart full of apples she had already bushed and hocked herself up to the front and began pulling as Spike pushed from the back. Applejack smiled; grateful for the dragon’s help as it meant the walk back to the farm house would be as hard as normal. As they walked the two continued to discuss the upcoming rodeo and field trip.

As soon as the two were out sight the tree that Applajack had been trying to buck bust into green flames; revealing Chrysalis standing on her hind legs.

Chrysalis held her crotch in pain as she fell forward onto her face. Tears streamed down her eyes from the pain as she did her best not scream out and alert anyone to her presence. "Right in the kitty, every signal one right square in the kitty; and here I thought the worst pounding I would get today was that dragon boy twin dragons. When I rule the world I’m going to torture that orange pony." Chrysalis cried as she teleported somewhere she could recover from her pain in peace.