• Published 14th Aug 2018
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Chrysalis' Terrible Disguises - Claws And Hooves

Chrysalis spies on the mane six, Spike and Starlight but seems to very unlucky with her choices of disguises.

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Right now Chrysalis was both grateful for and hated her shape changing ability. On the one hand they had brought about the most painful day of her entire life. Maybe even the most painful day any creature had ever had to endure. On the other had she was grateful as it was only her ability to alter where her organ were that allowed her to not suffer organ damage from her last encounter.

With the sun going down Chrysalis thought about giving up and returning to her cave. She shook her head. ‘No I refuse to left all this pain and humiliation be for nothing. I’m going to find something I can use against those worthless ponies. More importantly I’m going to find something to use against that wench Starlight if it’s the last thing I do.”

Her mind made up Chrysalis head toward the castle of friendship to find something she could use against the pony that had ruined her. She was also hopeful she could play her cards right and get to sleep in a warm bed for the second night in a row. Sneaking into the castle the same way she did the first time Chrysalis eventually found her way to Starlight’s room.

After making sure the room was empty Chrysalis transformed to her normal self and took stock of the magenta unicorn’s room.

"Let’s see, books about kites. Photos of her friends. Wait a minute;” Chrysalis picked up one of the photos and found it to be a photo of Spike taking a shower with his eyes closed. Looking at some of the others she saw a photo of the blue unicorn, what was her name, Tricky, sleeping. “Hmm. Unwanted private photos of her friend. Could be useful. But I need something more incriminating."

It was then she saw something on Starlight bed that caught her eye. Walking over she saw a black glass necklace which she picked up. "Hmm, not bad, but why are the beads so large? And why leave it out. Is she going on a date? Is there some form of formal event happening tonight? Perhaps I should tag a log to find out." Chrysalis pondered as she put the necklace in a nearby desk.

Chrysalis soon heard the sounds of hooves clacking against the crystal hallway outside. "Perfect timing." With an evil smile Chrysalis as she took the form of Starlight’s necklace and placed herself on the bed just as Starlight entered the room. ‘No one ever does anything perverted with a necklace.’

Starlight entered the room carrying her favorite green and purple dragon themed kite which she hung next to her two toned blue kite. "Today was was a fun day. Flying kites with Maud and Trixie. Helping Yona with her swimming lessons, and I heard Ocellus finally got to see ducks mating." Starlight said to herself as she was putting away her kite.

"Trust me there was nothing fun about that last one." Chrysalis mumble to herself,

Starlight walked over to the bed and picked up the Chrysalis necklace with her magic. "I wonder if I should play my special game tonight?"

‘What game?’ Chrysalis wondered.

Starlight’s face scrunched as she weighed the ramifications of what she was considering doing. "Maybe I shouldn't. If Twilight found out she would be so mad she might give me a spanking.” A smile made its way onto Trixie’s face at the thought Twilight’s hooves slapping against her ass. “Ya, a nice long hard spanking."

‘If you want that go to that white unicorn. My cheeks are still sore from that.’ Chrysalis said.

"And if Spike saw he might become so aroused he might just mount right there on the table," Starlight said with an even larger smile.

‘.What kind of sick game is this?’ Chrysalis asked herself.

"So there really is no downsides, is there." Starlight said as she took out a bottle and started to rub the gel from it all over Chrysalis with her magic.

‘What? What is going on here? Why is she doing this? Why would she do this to a neckla-‘

Chrysalis stopped questioning when she saw Starlight turn around and lifted up her tail.

As Chrysalis’s head moved slowly towards the underside of Starlight’s lifted tail she began to inwardly panic and her blood turned cold as she realized the horrible mistake she had made. "No! The necklace, it wasn't a necklace at all!"

Suddenly Twilight’s voice could be heard coming from down the hall, "Starlight dinner ready, Spike made spicy bean burritos with a side of bean salad!"

"Just a second I'm just putting a few things away!" Starlight said as Chrysalis found herself about to get a inside look at Starlight.
No!’ Chrysalis inwardly screamed in dread in a voice of dread, ‘Oh Faust no no NO NOO NOOOOOO!’

Later that night Starlight when to bed deciding to not remove her beads while Chrysalis spend the night in very warm place, crying.