• Published 14th Aug 2018
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Chrysalis' Terrible Disguises - Claws And Hooves

Chrysalis spies on the mane six, Spike and Starlight but seems to very unlucky with her choices of disguises.

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Hours later after Chrysalis’ crotch stopped hurting and she was able to walk again she decided to get back to her spying. Lucky for her she didn't have far to go this time. She had teleported herself to the edge of the Everfree forest to recover and as she approached the outskirts of it she heard strange noises.

As she exited the forest She was surprised to find the rainbow maned element of harmony Rainbow Dash fluttering through the air. Before the blue mare could notice her Chrysalis quickly took the form of a bush.

Chrysalis sat silently as she watched the rainbow mare speed through the air. Doing various rolls, loops, quick turns, and flips as she went. ‘I hate to say this but the pegasus is pretty good,’ thought Chrysalis. Realizing the blue Pegasus might be harder to take down then she first thought. ‘No bother. I’m sure she has some weakness I can use against her.’

"Hey Dash can to talk to you!"

Dash stopped her practicing as both her and Chrysalis looked to see Spike flying towards Dash. ‘The dragon is flying awfully fast. I wonder what is so important? Maybe some big event is coming up I can use to take over Equestria.’ Chrysalis said as she saw the dragon and pony land not far from where she was hiding.

The two of them begin to talk and seem excited about whatever it was. The dragon could barely hold still. ‘Blast it. I can't hear anything from here. Cure my inability to read lips.’


Hearing Spike’s voice Rainbow stopped and looked toward the dragon flying toward her. His speed told her she had something important he wanted to talk about and decided to land as she felt to tired from her training to hold a conversation and fly at the same time. "Hey Spike, what up? Finally decide to take me up are my offer to train you?"

Spike landed but seemed to keep moving back and forth for some reason as she shook his head. "I'm afraid not Dash. Twilight still thinks your training would be too dangerous for me."
Rainbow groaned in frustration. "Oh not this again. I told her you’re natural skills would definitely get you in the academy. Especially since Spitfire would love to have something as cool as a dragon on the team; but she’s all 'Those air shows are far too dangerous for my little dragon to be part.'" Dash said in her best Twilight impression.

Spike gave a smirk. "Probably didn't help that you keep talking about how Fleetfoot and Blaze try to rut all the newbies, and that High Winds has a dragon fetish," He said with a chuckle as he fidgeted.

Rainbow frowned, and then puffed out her chest with a smug look. "Hey those two hasn't gotten me yet,” she said, then gave Spike a predatory grin. Besides I saw you smiling when I told you that last part," she said, causing Spike to blush.

"So anyway what do you need to talk to me about little guy?" Rainbow asked. "It is about the field trip? Is Twilight going to need someone to take some of Applejack’s work for her while she on and, and-" It was only now that Rainbow took notice of the fact Spike was hoping on one leg. "Spike are you okay?"

By now Spike was biting his lip while bouncing between legs. "I had too much apple juice and I really gotta pee now!"

Rainbow Dash blinked. "Well there plenty of bushes and trees around here and we're the only ones around and I'm sure as Tartarus aren't going to look so why don't go camping style.”
Spike quickly nodded. His need to relieve himself far outweighing any embarrassment he might have had. "Okay just turn and cover your head please!" he said, now having tears in his eyes.
"Okay okay." Rainbow Dash said as she turned her head and placed her hooves over her eyes.

Back with the former ruler of the horse flies

‘Why is that dragon coming over here?’ Chrysalis thought as she watched the purple dragon make a bee-line for her. "Has he figure out I'm here?! Is he looking for me?! That impossible my transformation is foo-Wait what he AAAAHHHHHH!’


"Must get clean, must get clean!" Chrysalis screamed as she scrubbed her hair down in the river she was bathing in. "I CAN STILL SMELL IT! Why did the first warm shower I have had in months have to be a golden one!?"

be a golden one!?" Chrysalis cry out