• Published 14th Aug 2018
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Chrysalis' Terrible Disguises - Claws And Hooves

Chrysalis spies on the mane six, Spike and Starlight but seems to very unlucky with her choices of disguises.

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Cave Sweet Cave

After Pinkie left with the twins Chrysalis rushed to the bathroom and spend a good deal of time throwing up everything she had eaten at Sugarcube corner, along with what she was sure was some food she had eaten before arriving.

She then used all three tubes of toothpaste the bathroom had washing her mouth and fangs until she was sure they were clean. Even then she knew she would never truly get the taste out of her mouth.

Given her luck so far with spying she decide it was time to head back to her cave home. At her cave Chrysalis sat on her large rock bed thinking over everything she had learned. "Let’s see. I learn that the dragon ruts a magic doll. Not very useful considering the other party knows and enjoys it. I learned Rarity, Fluttershy, and Starlight have very odd kinks. Disturbing; but not very useful as far as blackmail goes. I learned Applejack’s kicks like a mule and ducks have disturbingly long spiky penis’s given their small size. And I learned what dragon piss and baby poop tastes like. Both of which I will erase from my memory as soon as I learn the right spells. So in short, I HAVE LEARNED NOTHING!"

Chrysalis’s eyes glowed green as her anger boiled over to levels it never had before. "ALL THAT WORK, ALL THAT PAIN, AND I HAVE NOTHING THAT I CAN USE TAKE OVER EQUESTRIA! NOTHING, AHAAAHHH!"

With a powerful scream Chrysalis fired a green bolt of magic from her horn right above her. The blast hit the case ceiling, blowing a hole in it and causing water to start coming down on her head. "I blame Starlight for this! For all of THIS! If it wasn't for I would still have my hive, still have my minions, and still have a warm bed to sleep in!”

Chrysalis was seething with rage. All she wanted at this point was a bed. She didn’t even care about world domination or revenge. She just wanted wanted a nice warm soft bed she could sleep and be cozy in. Was that really so much to ask for? “Wait a minute I think I did learn something useful after all this."

An evil smile formed on Chrysalis face as a final plan formed in her head. One that would guarantee she got what she wanted and the ponies would never discover or foil. Yes. It was brilliant, brilliant!


"AAAHHH, AWAY FROM MY DEMON BIRD!!!!!!” Chrysalis scream in horror


It was a clear day as Spike walked into the castle of friendship whistling happy tune. He walked upstairs to his room as he mused on his plans for later. "Wonder what I should cook tonight. I think I’ll cook some hay burgers."

Upon entering his room Spike was greeted with the unusual sight of his Rarity doll sitting on his bed right next to his copy of Playcolt. Spike raised and eyebrow and walked over and pick up the items. "That’s odd I don't remember leaving these out."

He then turned to clock before looking back at his doll. "I still have time before dinner, what do you say to a little fun Rarity?" He said to the doll with grin.

‘At least the dragon doesn’t have any weird kinks. And as long as I get to sleep in a soft warm bed I'm find with this.’ Chrysalis thought.

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Did I already said some things?

Maybe she even gets to feed some love from this.
Or at least lust.

And now the big question:
Does this count as an happy ending?

Lol it will be funny when Spike start to realize for some reason the doll is getting bigger and bigger not knowing he has knocked up the former changling queen lol.

And that is how dragonfile was born...

Poor Chrysalis:twilightsheepish:

Chrysalis is in it for more than just the bed.

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