• Published 14th Aug 2018
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Chrysalis' Terrible Disguises - Claws And Hooves

Chrysalis spies on the mane six, Spike and Starlight but seems to very unlucky with her choices of disguises.

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It was a late at night in Ponyville and those that won't already asleep were getting ready to. Such was the case at the castle of friendship where its three inhabitants were busy trying to finish their paperwork before bed time.

What none of them knew was there was another being in the castle tonight, a large rat running through the halls looking around for something. Seeing a partly open door the rat entered and took a look around to check if anyone was there before closing said door.

Than in flash of dark green fire the rat changed into the former ruler of the changelings, Chrysalis! "Those clones may have failed me, but once I learn more about my enemies I will be able to form a plan that cannot fail. One that will leave me ruler of Equestria; and allow me to force Starlight Glimmer to watch as I destroy everything she holds dear.

Chrysalis lit her horn with a faint glow of green magic. Just enough to look around the dark castle to try and get her baring’s. She moved quietly down the hall, making sure her hooves made no sound on the crystal floor as she looked for the room of the pony that had twice vexed her.

Soon she came across a room with a sign on it that read ‘Spike’s Room’. “Spike? I believe that’s the name of the little dragon who is always helping out those ponies. I ignored Starlight as a threat and it cost me dearly. Better not take any chances, besides he bound to have something I can use on those ponies."

Quietly Chrysalis opened the door and stepped inside. Inside was a pony sized crystal bassinet with a headboard ordained with multiple gems. Against the left was a disorganized bookcase filled with book and in the center of the room was a low sitting table with strewed with papers. She walked towards the table hoping to find some notes or other paperwork she could use to learn about both the dragon and ponies but as she did her eye’s caught on an object sitting on the small dragon’s bed. It’s white color sticking out against the dark night.

Curious Chrysalis walked over and picked up the object in her magic and found to be a pony doll. "What is this? Is this a doll of that unicorn Rarity? Why would he have…wait” As Chrysalis examined the doll in her magic she sensed a pulse of energy radiating from inside. “There is some kind of magic in this toy?" Chrysalis spoke to herself as she studied the doll and turned it over, finding a hole in the dolls rear. "And why is there a pocket in between its hind legs? Why does he even have this thing?"

Suddenly she heard footsteps coming down the hall. In a panic she threw the doll across the room and under the bookcase. She quickly transformed into the doll and fell into the bed. The feel of the plush full mattress and silk bed sheets were heaven to her aching bones. “Mmmm, this bed is so soft. It is so much better than that bed of leaves I have been sleeping on lately," Chrysalis said just as the young dragon entered his room, closing the door behind him.
Spike walked over to his bed and picked up what he believe to be his doll and brought it up to eye level. "So Rarity how you doing tonight?" Spike asked.

‘Is this kid really talking to his doll?’ Chrysalis thought. Making sure not to speak out load or move so as to keep in character.

"That’s great to hear! Hey can I tell you a little secret about today?" Spike asked.

Crysalis’s anticipation grew as she did her best not to outwardly show her excitement. ‘A secret! Yes tell me your secrets little lizard, tell me!’

"Today when you were showing those dance moves I could only watch your plot, your big marshmallow like plot." Spike said with a predatory smile.

‘What? Wait is the whole reason he has this doll is that he has crush on that unicorn?’ Chrysalis wondered. Her opinion of the dragon began to rapidly shift from cute annoyance to disgusting pervert and she wished she hadn’t taken the form she was in..

"I just couldn't help but imagine all the things I could do that perfect plot of yours if you only let me." Spike said with an even larger smile.

‘How did he even get this doll? Did he make or did he get somepony else to? Wait, do the other ponies know? Can I use this for blackmail?’ Chrysalis thought. Hoping she could salvage something from this increasingly botched mission.

"What’s that? You want me to show you what I would do? Oh Rarity all you had to do was ask." Spike said as he sat down on his bed and sat the doll in his lap.

‘Wait what?! What the-By Faust he has two! And their huge! I guess all those things about dragons are true after all-wait what he planning-oh no.’ It was now that Chrysalis remembered the hole in the doll. The hole that she had unintentionally copied when she transformed herself into an exact replica.

"What’s that Rarity? You want both at once?" Spike said as he picked up the doll and held it above his lap.

No no no-BY FAUST!!!’ Chrysalis mentally screamed to herself as she got a taste of the Spike’s double dragon’s.

The Next Morning

Chrysalis awoke the next morning still in the form of the Rarity doll and sorer then she had ever been in her whole life. She took a look around to see that Spike had already gotten up to go about his day, leaving her all alone in the room. In a flash of green fire Chrysalis transform back into her true self and imminently fell face first onto the floor as she seemed to have trouble standing on her hind legs.

"Seven times?! Seven times in one night?!" Chrysalis said as her horn started to glow as she cast a spell on herself. She felt her insides grow warm as she spell worked it’s magic. "There, don't want any little dragonflies coming from that." Chrysalis said as she started to stand, barely. "By Faust when I rule Equestria, have the elements as my personal weapons of war, their bearers as nothing more than slaves, the alicorn sisters as my playthings, and leave Starlight Glimmer as nothing more than a broken shell of her former self; I am going to keep that dragon as my own personal pet!"

“But I think I'm going to need an ice pack first." Chrysalis muttered before teleporting back to her cave.