• Published 14th Aug 2018
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Chrysalis' Terrible Disguises - Claws And Hooves

Chrysalis spies on the mane six, Spike and Starlight but seems to very unlucky with her choices of disguises.

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After giving herself a milk enema to stop the her ass from burning, as well as crying, a lot of crying from both the pain of having her plot hole pounded mercilessly by a hot sauce cover spiky strap-on and realizing this was her life now. Chrysalis decided to see if Twilight was still at the duck pond with her Shinning Armor bastard offspring, naturally she took the form of a female duck and flew over there.

"Now if I were a lonely nerd where would I be?" Duck Chrysalis said as she look around. Than she saw it, a purple horn tip. Waddling as fast she could she got close enough to see Twilight with Ocellus taking notes.

Chrysalis took a moment to look at her illegitimate offspring and her new look. "Hmm, I thought she would look more like a unicorn now that she transformed. I guess she does have her father eyes."

"I'm sorry Ocellus. Looks like we won't see any today," said Twilight.

Ocellus frowned and laid down on her stomach in disappointment. As she did she spotted the duck form of Chrysalis swimming toward her."Wait a minute. Look Headmare Twilight there’s one now."

Chrysalis stopped waddling raised an eyebrow as Ocellus’s words. ‘They haven't see any ducks today? How, there are a lot of ducks here? In fact here come a few more now,’ though Chrysalis as she saw a flock of ducks waddling towards her.

"Finally a female duck, or hen as they are called now we should get to see it. Remember to take notes and if gets too much for you just let me know," said Twilight to her student as she smiled.

"Should I try to turn into one to see what they are saying?" asked Ocellus.

Twilight shock her head. "No Ocellus. It would be a very bad idea to change into a duck during this time, especially a hen."

‘Wait, bad idea? Why would it be a bad idea?’ Chrysalis wondered while not paying attention to duck coming up from behind her.

Suddenly there was a lot quacking going on as Chrysalis suddenly found herself surrounded by ducks and what felt like a spiky drill heads made of flesh poking at her.

"Oh my. Look at them go," said Ocellus as she closed one eye in disgust.

Twilight nodded. "Yes it really isn't a pretty sight but that is nature."

"SPIKES! WHY IS DOES IT HAVE HARD SPIKES!" Chrysalis quacked. Even with numbness from her previous humiliation she could still feel the long drill picking and scraping her insides like a wine opener tearing through a cork.

Her insides felt like they were being ripped apart and just as she was sure she was going to die the pain stopped as the duck was chased off by another. "Oh thank Faust.”

Chrysalis’ retrieve was short lived as the duck that had scared off the other immediately took his place behind her and she was assaulted by a new spiky drill. “WHY?!"

"How long will this go on?" Ocellus asked.

"It’s hard to say. Every male duck, or drake, that sees her will try to have their way with her at least once. Look there already more of them coming.”

Sometime Later

As soon as got a chance Chrysalis took of flying as fast she could from the ducks," I swear the first thing I will do when I rule Equestria is force the ponies to kill every single duck!" Chrysalis screamed.

Author's Note:

If you know anything about how ducks mate, well that the joke