• Published 14th Aug 2018
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Chrysalis' Terrible Disguises - Claws And Hooves

Chrysalis spies on the mane six, Spike and Starlight but seems to very unlucky with her choices of disguises.

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Waste Bin

After spending the whole night in Starlight's ass Chrysalis spend the early morning scrubbing herself with stolen soap in a lake trying to get clean. It was mid day when she decided to get back to spying, picking Pinkie Pie as her next target.

Getting to Sugarcube Corner was no problem, nor was any issue getting into Pinkie room where she could hope to finally find something that would make all the pain she been through worth it.

“The pink pony is responsible for planning all of the parties for everyone in this stupid down. Even some of those royal a-holes. She must have a wealth of knowledge to know exactly what kind of parties to plan for them all.”

Chrysalis spent the next half and hour tearing Pinkie room apart. Going through every drawer and closet, and stack of papers she could find. "Streamers, balloons, a party canon, baking recipes, AHH!” screamed Chrysalis. “Where are the plans, the secrets! This airhead plans all of the parties in this backwater and some from royal a-holes! She has to know something, anything I can use!"

Finding nothing useful in Pinkie’s room she took the form of a rat again to sneak around the rest of the house. Unfortunately she immediacy found herself in the jaws of another being gummed before being spat out.

Chrysalis looked up from her place on the floor into the large unblinking eyes of gummy the alligator. "That thing is alive?! I thought it was a toy!"

Not wanting to wind up being eaten after everything that had happened Chrysalis ran as fast she could; leaving Gummy alone with his thoughts.

‘Poor misguided creature, trying so hard to reclaim what has been taken from you without bothering to learn why it was so easy to taken in the first place. With the uncertain web of destiny that the fates have written for us perhaps one day you will learn your lesson and make amends for your monstrous past; or will you instead continue on this lonely road of pain and madness with only the cold emptiness oblivion as your outcome. But is that not all our paths in the end of this maelstrom of chaos and uncertainty we call life.’ Gummy thought as he fell over.

Chrysalis’s wandering through the house eventually lead her to the bakery area where her nose immediate was assaulting by the smell of delicious pasties. Transforming back to normal Chrysalis’s eyes glazed over at the delicious spread before her. Cakes, pastries, donuts, éclairs, scones. All covered in or lacking frosting of various fruity flavors.

Chrysalis couldn’t contain herself as she devoured every pastry within her reach. Eating what had to be half her weight in food. When she was done her stomach ached and she felt as though she was going to throw up. “Ugh. I guess my eyes are bigger than my stomach…BURP!”

Chrysalis’s eyes widened as she put a hoof over her stomach in fear that someone had heard her. It was then she heard a noise coming from the room behind the main store area. A a noise she knew well.

Transforming back into a rat Chrysalis entered a room where she saw two foals in their crib flaring there limbs. Seeing nopony around she transformed into her true form and closed the door as she approached the crib. "Foals, so full of new life and new love. Sweet delicious love." Chrysalis said, her mouthwatering.

The two small foals looked up at the demon bug queen and giggles as she stretched their hooves out to her. "Why aren't you two brave and cute, in fact you two are so cute I could just eat you all u-OH FAUST WAS IS THAT SMELL!" Chrysalis screamed as she backed away from the crib. Her stomach lurched and she had to force herself to hold down the food she had recently eaten.

Suddenly a voice was heard coming down the stars and toward the nursery. "Pumpkin, Pound! Are you two up from your naps?"

Acting quickly Chrysalis kicked aside some kind of toy bucket with a frog mouth lid that was sitting next to a table next to the crib and took its place just in time for Pinkie to enter the room.

Pinkie approached the crib with her usual chipper attitude and smile. "Aw did you two wake up already? Well at least now we can go to the park and-pew.” Pinkie held her nose as soon as the foul and unmistakable stench reached her nose. Looks like you two made some stinkies!"

Chrysalis watched as Pinkie picked up the foals and placed them on the table she was sitting beside. A powerful stench soon assaulted her nose as she opened up the twin’s diapers and began changing them. ‘UGH! That stench. Does she have to do that right here? This is why I force other changelings to adopted all me kids, well one of the reasons anyway.’

Pinkie scrunched her nose as she took off the two dippers and gently wiped the foal’s bottoms. She saw never going to get used to the smells foal’s produced. As she saw the odd streaks inside the dippers she let out a small sigh. "Did you two get into my chocolate laxatives again? You know that’s only supposed to be for funny pranks. I really need get Twilight to put a magical baby proof lock on it."

Balling up the diapers Pinkie bent down and used one hoof to open Chrysalis plastic frog mouth. "OH FAUST! I can't believe you touched me after cleaning those brats! And on the mouth too! I'm going to have steal more soap and some toothpaste to feel clean again you little- wait what are you doing with thos-"

To the everlasting horror of Chrysalis Pinkie threw the dirty diapers away into the waste bin she had transformed into.