• Published 14th Aug 2018
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Chrysalis' Terrible Disguises - Claws And Hooves

Chrysalis spies on the mane six, Spike and Starlight but seems to very unlucky with her choices of disguises.

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After washing off as much of the disgusting smell as she could Chrysalis made her way to the Carousel Boutique in the form of a mare, both so she could spy on Rarity and so she could hopefully steal some scented soaps and perfumes. Anything that could get rid of the smell of dragon's piss that she could swear was still in her hair.

When she arrived however she found that the store was closed. Thinking quickly she went behind the store and after making sure nopony was watching, turned into a mouse and found a hole in the wall she was able to squeeze through.

Chrysalis emerged inside the kitchen of the Carousel Boutique. "Now I'll just make sure that prissy unicorn isn't around and then it is off to see what important documents I can find. Maybe I can find something I can use to close her business; or even blackmail her and make her my slave. Then I'll be the one sleeping on a bed and eating cooked meals and she'll be the one having to sleep on leafs in some cold cave eating nothing but-wait, what’s that sound?"

Chrysalis looked around to see the source of an odd sound that had penetrated her large ears. It sounded like some form of licking. And it sounded like it was extremely close.

Chrysalis looked to her left, then her right, then finally she saw it. Sitting right behind her and towering over her like a dragon was a large white Persian cat bathing itself. The cat smiled as it looked down at the small mouse with a predators grin and licked it’s lips. "Oh rut no!"

Chrysalis screamed as she ran as fast at her mouse legs could, followed inch’s behind by the cat. She ran through the kitchen and up the stars hoping the giant cat was to fat to make it up them easily.

She was wrong however as the stars barley slowed the cat down. Lucky for the former queen she was able to crawl under a closed door before she became the late former queen.

After catching her breath Chrysalis looked to make sure nopony was around and transform back into her true form. "A cat, she has a cat! One that eats mice. Even that stupid owl of princess purple butt didn't eat mice so why does-What the rut?" Chrysalis stopped her rant she eyes fell on a plush doll sitting on a nearby the counter. But not just any plush doll, but a life size plush of a certain purple dragon.

Chrysalis picked up the doll and examined it. "This looks kind of like the rut doll that dragon had. Excerpt there are no holes in this one. Where did she get it? "

"Hello is anypony down there?" came a dainty feminine voice from downstairs.

Hearing Rarity coming upstairs Chrysalis quickly hide the plushy and took its place just in time to see the curious unicorn enter the room. "That’s funny. I thought for sure I heard somepony in here?" Rarity said as she walked over to the Chrysalis turned Spike doll and picked her up.

It was then that a knock came from the door and Rarity hide what she thought was a plushy in a clothing rack. "Come in!" Rarity called out, only for Spike to walk in. "Spikey-Wikey. Just the gentledrake I wanted to see. So to what do I owe the honor of having you here?"

"Hi Rarity. Sorry for barging in but Applejack wanted to know if you can make some rodeo hats for her student?" Spike stated.

Rarity thought for a second about her schedule, and how hard it would be to fit in making a dozen straw hats. "Mmm, suppose I can. By the way Spikey-Wikey do mind if ask you something?" asked Rarity, not realizing that Chrysalis was listening to every word,
"You can always ask anything Rarity." Spike answered in his usual lovestruck voice.

"Well it is about that doll I made you. I was wonder if anything happened to it?"

‘She made that doll? Does she know what he uses it for?’ Chrysalis wondered. ‘Could I blackmail the dragon with this if she doesn’t?’

Chrysalis began to feel giddy, believing she finally might have had something useful; even if it was something small.

Spike shook his head. "No, I’ve been keeping it nice and safe."

"And on his cocks," Chrysalis muttered.

Rarity frowned. "So no rips or tears or anything like that? Because if so I can easily fix for you, I have more than enough of the fabric I used to make it." Rarity said.

"Why does she care so much the condition of a doll?" Chrysalis begin to wonder.

Spike shook his head. "Nope. Nothing like that Rarity. It’s safe and sound at home. In fact I slept with it last night like I always do."

"I can vouch for that,” muttered Chrysalis. “I still think I have some of his cream in me. Thank Faust for pregnancy prevention spells. Maybe I'll cast it again just to be safe."

Rarity sighed. "If you say so Spikey-Wikey. Now you better get back to Twilight. I know she probably has a long list of chores for you."

Spike frowned as he thought of the long list of chores and errands Twilight likely had waiting for him once he returned. "You're probably right. Bye Rarity, see you later."

As soon as Spike closed the door and Rarity was sure he was gone she made sure he was gone she looked the door and made her way back to cloth rack Chrysalis was in and pulled her from it and put her on the countertop.

Right smiled at the little doll and fluttered her lashes as she leaned in and gave the doll as deep kiss on its cloth lips.

‘What the?’ Chrysalis’s cloth eyes went wide as Rarity continued to kiss her fabric body. The alabaster unicorn began kissing her way down her body. First her beck, then her stomach, then all the way down to her legs where she started to kiss and lick her feet.

‘HA HA HA OH FAUST STOP!’ Chrysalis pressed her lips closed to keep from laughing as Rarity’s lounge licked over the soles of her hooves which were the most sensitive part of any hooved creature.

Rarity stopped her kissing and licking and frowned at the small doll as she petted the top of it’s head. "It is a shame that you don't have any hair Spikey-Wikey. Otherwise I could make you feel every naughty thing I do to this doll just like I do with the things you do to yours."

Rarity moved back in and started sucking on plushy Spike Chrysalis' toe. "HA HA HA, YOU CAN’T HA DO THAT! WAIT THAT HA DOLL WAS MADE WITH HAIR?! OH FAUST YOU'RE KILLING ME!" Chrysalis laughed.

"But then again you probably don't want to feel this." Rarity said as she pulled out a riding crop.
Chrysalis’s eyes went wide in fear. "What are you going to do with that?" She was then lifted in the air as Rarity turned her on her stomach and lifted her tail.

"You were a naughty dragon for not pleasing me like you normally do. For that you must be punished." Rarity said in a dominating voice.

‘Oh Faust no’ Chrysalis though as fear began to mount inside her.

"Now I bet a trough dragon like you can take ten hard spankings for every orgasm you normally give your lady but didn't last night. So that would bring the total to a hundred even." Rarity said as she raised the riding crop up.

‘A hundred?! Isn't that a litt-AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!’ Chrysalis screamed as the ridding crop came out upon her ass. Her ass stung from the sharp pain as she closed her eyes and tried to pretend she was anywhere else.