• Published 14th Aug 2018
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Chrysalis' Terrible Disguises - Claws And Hooves

Chrysalis spies on the mane six, Spike and Starlight but seems to very unlucky with her choices of disguises.

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After Rarity and had left the room Chrysalis changed back into a mouse and scampered out and away from the house as fast as her swollen red ass could. Not stopping until she reached Fluttershy’s cottage. Hopefully the gentle and timid pegasus won't kick, spank, rut, or pee on her like everyone else has today.

She infiltrated Fluttershy's cottage in the form of a squirrel thinking she would blend in with the many animals there, only to find strangely that there were no animals around or ponies. "That’s odd. Doesn't she normally have vermin running all around here?" Chrysalis said as she transform back to her true from.

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth Chrysalis used her opportunity to search through the yellow mare’s cottage. Going from room to room to try and find something she could use against either Fluutershy or the elements of harmony as a whole.

Not seeing anything down stairs she whent upstairs to Fluttershy's bedroom. The room itself looked as normal and homey as the rest of the house. All except for an extremely long pillow sitting on the bed. One that was over twice the length of a pony and had some kind of picture on the pillow case.

Walking over to the bed she picked up the pillow she saw that it had a life size picture of the chimeric god of chaos Discord on it, both on the front where it had a certain type of toy sticking out of its crotch, and on the back where it had a hole in the same location as the front.

"Okay why does she have this? And does Discord's dick really look like that? Why does it have a suction cups on it? And why is there a hole in back? She is a mare, it’s not like she can use it?" Chrysalis said while examining the pillow.

It was then that she heard two voices coming from down stairs.

"Are you sure you don't what to join me and Ocellus duck observing down at the pound?" came the unmistakable voice of Twilight Sparkle.
‘Ocellus?’ thought Chrysalis ‘Wasn't that the name that changing couple I force to adopted that larva Shining Armor knock me up with?’

"Oh no Twilight that’s far too much for me. Besides now that all my animal friends are out for the day there are some things I need to do at home," came Fluttershy’s voice.

Next there was the sound of hooves and Fluttershy saying. “Alright, see you later! Twilight.” followed by the sound of a door closing.

Soon Chrysalis heard the sound of hoof steps coming upstairs. She quickly hid the pillow under the bed and took its place on top of it. Thankful that she landed face down as she was sure her sore ass couldn’t take sitting down.

She heard the door open and Fluttershy unmistakable voice. However this time her voice was different. Instead of being the normal weak timid voice, it was a low sultry voice as she touched the backside of the pillow.

"So my big, strong, handsome stallion we're all alone today?"

‘So she going to rut me,’ thought Chrysalis. ‘At least I get to be the one that gives it this time,’
Fluttershy observed the position the pillow was in with some thought. "You know sense you're already in the position why don't I play the stallion tonight?"

Though she couldn’t see the yellow mare Chrysalis's eyes went wide at the sounds of straps being tightened. "Wait what!? No, No, No, That hole isn't for-AAA!’

Pain surged through Chrysalis’ still sore ass as Fluttershy slammed the rod into her in one stoke. ‘OH FAUST WHY CAN'T YOU At LEAST USE LUBE! I USED LUBE ON SHINNING ARMOR!’

"Oh no,” came Fluttershy’s worried voice. “Did I forget the lube again? I better fix that?"

Chrysalis felt the thick rod leave her and breathed a sigh of relief and she mentally cried out. ‘Oh thank you merciful Faust oh thank!’

She heard Fluttershy rummage around followed by the sound of a bottle squirting. She tried to prepare herself for what she knew would be a painful, but hopefully now more endurable, evening.

"You're going to love this special lube I got from Pinkie. Its made from hot sauce."
The color drained from Chrysalis’ face which was only not noticeable due to her already being in the form of a bleach white sheet. ‘S-S-She’s joking. She has to be joking. There no way any living thing would make something like that! It would be some of the worst pain possib-‘

If Chrysalis could make any sound in her pillow form it would be mixture of screams and weeping as the element of kindness showed her that the burning sting of hot sauce didn’t bother hard rubber.