• Published 14th Feb 2018
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Fallout Equestria: Shaping Shadow - Book 1 - Mindrop

A prequel to Fallout Equestria, and the mission of Shadow Flare, a loyal Enclave Reconnaissance Soldier. What he does, shapes the wasteland for Little Pip and beyond.

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Is this for just this story? Because I was talking about the entire series.

This is for all 4 books and the Anthology. The series is broken up in a way to make it easier to handle, just like if you were reading a series you purchased in hard copy. Its one big story arc, just different books for readability. So, if the character is in the other books, that is how they sound. Shadow's story, and the others, continues throughout the other three books. With more specifics in the Anthology, like Golden Dawn's beginning.

The was listing through my collection again and found this song. Honestly it could be the them song of the entire first book https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HgzGwKwLmgM it fits near perfectly with the story

Wow. I have heard that song a few times. Yeah, that is a good one. I just finished updating all of Book 1 from edits. I Think I will add it to the long description. Because its fun!

No worries at all. I know I need to slip back in and read it. It's been a while and I don't have an editor, so I do my best.

Thanks. Any feedback is appreciated! Really appreciated!

Hopefully someone will take the time to read through what i've got cooking once its submitted i'll just say that right now my book is planned to be very graphic and sad but with alot of action its called Soldier Of The Wasteland and it's split up into 2 books here's my summary for the first part

Frozen Snow Blast has no one but himself to rely on his parent's murdered by the Raider's and enclave after a vicious attack on his hometown with nothing but his gear some clothes and a few med-kit’s he flees the city in hope's of finding someone to help him get revenge on the ponies that ruined his life its a battle of survival as one pony rises to lead a resistance and wage war on the gang's that destroyed everything he held dear.

I've started reading ur Shaping Shadow book's im quite intrigued man keep up the awesome work hope u will take the time to have a look at my stories once they're finished and ready for submission:twilightsmile:😃

Well, I am following you now, so I'll see the release.

I'm glad you enjoyed the first book. The writing only gets better. It all gets better. I'm still in the process of releasing Book 4: Below. I'll actually be releasong a chapter tonight. I've not missed a week basically since I start releasing Shaping Shadow when it was first published in February 2018. I'm glad you

I look forward to hearing more form you as you read through Shadow's journey!

Awesome i appreciate that man i will send u a little sneak peak of what i've been working on i myself am doing my best to increase my writing skill's each day and to make some decent steady progress.

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