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Moonknight Shimmer

I am Moonknight Shimmer! I am just a pony who loves to write and read!


You may know Equestria where 4 Princess rule in Harmony, but that is not our world. This is a Prologue to a story for another time, but now I, Queen Luna of the New Lunar Kingdom, will tell you the story of how the 8 Kingdoms and how our world changed, how gods came into our world, how magic changed forever and how this all began with one twist of fate that set us on the course to the 8 Kingdoms reign.

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I think I'll see where this goes.

Why was this cancelled?
Did you just simply get nothing done with this or?

Nuuuuuuu ive waited for its return and its just gonna be cancelled i'll come here everyday if you want me too come back

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