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Redux (And Continuation) of Two Adorable Fillies Lost in Canterlot, which author Cyndaquil has graciously let me put my spin on. This is completely their idea, not mine. I just wrote this write there.

After an accident with some untested chemicals, Rainbow Dash and Applejack find themselves changed beyond recognition. With their memories gone as well, these two fillies must work together to find out who they are and where they belong.
Can the magic of friendship transcend appearances and memory? Will Twilight and Co. ever find the two missing Elements?

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So are there any different between this and other one?

Mostly it'll be the same, although some parts will be expanded and other parts will play out slightly differently. The rest of the mane six will be a bit more involved as well. I can't say anything else without spoilers, but I hope you enjoy this as much as the other one!

Ok...so when the next chapter be out?

And also are you using theirs fillies form in cyndaquil story or those his cover page form?

So what is a color of AJ new filly form?

Ok and her mane and tail?

It's the same as before...orange and pink.

So you are using the original story cover for those fillies form, so how come you didn’t show Applejack form on first part of the chapter?

The first thing the little earth pony saw when opened her eyes was broken glass.

Well, since it's semi-AJ POV, and she can't tell what she looks like yet...

So you are going to show aj for on the third chapter with rd POV.

Is Rainbow Dash still has her rainbow mane or her is light yellow with pink highlight to go with her new sea green body?

Everything about RD and AJ's new appearances is the same from the last story.

Everything will be shown in good time.

Ok so when the next chapter be out yet?

Is this cancelled?

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