• Published 18th Oct 2017
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My Little Pony: The Rise of Warfang - XFangHeartX

When a young filly named Moonlight Essence shows up at the Castle of Friendship, Twilight can't seem to make sense of it...until word spreads of wolf attacks throughout Equestria.

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The sky was filled with dark, swirling clouds. Heavy rains poured from the heavens above, soaking the earth and making the soil loose and muddy. The wind howled, angrily, as the storm continued to rage on.

However...if one would listen closely, they would hear the sound of tiny hooves, pounding the earth as they galloped through the forest, which was momentarily alit as a lightning bolt cracked through the sky. Then came the sound of heavy panting as the owner darted around the trees and jumped over logs. As the figure broke throught the huge, gnarled old trunks of the birch trees...it was soon revealed to be a young unicorn filly with a grayish-blue coat, as well as a purple mane and tail with indigo streaks, and it seemed she had yet to get her Cutie Mark, for her flank was imageless. Around her neck hung a golden necklace with a red gemstone in the center, giving off a small sparkle.

The filly panted as she looked back at the woods...and she gasped upon seeing a pair of glowing yellow eyes glaring back at her. Upon seeing them, she turned and galloped away, only for her pursuer to chase after her on large paws and long legs. Its golden eyes flashed a streak of yellow as it continued its relentless pursuit. The filly panted as she kept running, her head facing forward, but her eyes glancing back at the one who was chasing her. However, she gasped as she felt her hooves go over the edge of a cliff, causing her to double back before she looked down and saw a raging river below her, filled with sharp rocks jutting out from below the surface.

"Oh, no...!" she whispered before she looked back, only to see her pursuer. As the lightning flashed...she saw that it was a large wolf with rust-colored fur and these piercing, golden yellow eyes, and for some reason, he appeared to be wearing a suit of dark red armor, covering only his torso and front legs. The wolf gave a deep growl as he approached the filly, who whimpered in fear as she began to back away, only for her hoof to nearly slip off the ledge, again.

"Wait!" the wolf suddenly spoke up, causing her to look up at him. His expression seemed...concerned as he took a small step back. "Please...you don't have to do this. You don't have to run away."

"L-leave me alone!!" the filly shouted.

"Listen to me!" the wolf urged. "I know you're afraid...and I don't blame you! But it doesn't need to end like this...I promise you, I'll leave you alone. You just have to do something for me. Do that, and I'll let you go, okay?"

The filly's breath hitched in her throat, but she nodded her head as she swallowed.

"All you have to do," the wolf started, "is give me your necklace."

The filly gasped before she glanced down at the jewel around her neck, then back at the wolf.

"Please," he begged. "Just give it to me...and you can go free."

"...What would be the point?" asked the filly. "Even if you let me go...what am I supposed to do then?! I don't have anywhere to go...or anypony to return to!!"

The wolf chewed his lip as those words left the little unicorn's mouth.

"It's bad enough you all took my family and friends away from me," she started, "but now...you're gonna take the last thing I have to remember my sister by?!"

"I-" the wolf started.

"Well you can forget it!!" the filly shouted. "There's no way I'm letting you have this!! In fact..." she glanced at the river below her. "If you want it so bad...then...come and get me!!" With that, she turned and took a huge leap off the cliff.

"No!!" the wolf cried as he ran after her, hoping to stop her before she would fall over the edge...but he saw he was too late. The filly plummeted and landed in the raging waters with a splash. The wolf gaped in horror, his ears pinned back against his head before he sighed and screwed his eyes shut.


The lupine gasped before he turned and saw several other wolves, headed by one with silvery-gray fur with a white muzzle and underbelly, staring at the rust-furred wolf with these piercing blue eyes. Like his brethren, he, too, had armor on his torso and front legs, though his was bronze in color.

"S...Stormhowl...!" the rust-furred wolf, Swiftclaw, stammered.

"What happened?" asked Stormhowl. "Where's the filly? And the necklace, too?"

"...I...I tried to talk her into giving it up," Swiftclaw began, "but...she wouldn't part with it, and before I could stop her, she jumped off the cliff and fell into the rapids!"

"She escaped?!" Stormhowl questioned.

"I-I'm sorry!" Swiftclaw apologized. "I tried to stop her-"

"Father's not going to like this, you know," Stormhowl said. "Do you realize what he's going to do to you when he finds you let her and the stone get away?!"

"...I think I might have a good idea," murmured Swiftclaw.

ARROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~!!! An eerie howl filled the air, traveling on the wind.

"Dammit..." cursed Stormhowl. "Father's calling us back."

"Oh, joy," muttered Swiftclaw, his face drooping with dread as he and the other wolves began to run back in the direction from which they came.


"AAAAAAAAAHHH~!!!" the filly shrieked as the rapids carried her downstream. "MOMMY!! DADDY!!! STARBURST!!!" A wave suddenly pushed her under the water, but she soon resurfaced and gasped for air. "SOMEPONY!!! HELP ME!!!!"

Just when it seemed that things couldn't get any worse for the little filly, she was once again proven wrong, for up ahead...she could see the edge of a waterfall. She gasped as she tried to paddle away from the falls, and even clamped her teeth on the end of an overhanging branch in a desperate to get to the riverbank. Alas, her efforts were in vain, for the freezing cold water had sapped whatever strength she had left, and her small jaws could not hold on, forever. As quickly as she grabbed on, she let go of the tree limb and screamed as she soon fell over the falls.


A bolt of lightning flashed from behind the window, which roused Twilgith Sparkle from her sleep. She gasped as she sat up in her bed, panting breathlessly before she took a good look around. Once she assured herself she was still in her bed chamber, she heaved a sigh as she lied back down.

"Ugh..." she groaned. "I knew I shouldn't have eaten one of Pinkie's Double Chocolate and Raspberry Swirl Ice Cream Cake before I went to bed." She then chuckled. "That was some party we had, today, though..." She then gave a yawn as she prepared to drift back into slumber.


"Huh?" Twilight muttered as she sat up. "Well that's funny, I thought I heard-"


"...Okay, now I know I'm not hearing things," the Princess of Friendship said before she got out of bed and headed to the golden doors. Using her magic, she opened them before she stepped out in the rain and felt the wind wildly blow her mane, tails, and wings.

"H-hello?!" Twilight called as she looked around. "Hello?! Who's there?!"

No answer came.

"...Must've been a prank," Twilight muttered before she turned to head back to bed...but then...

"Help me..."

Twilight gasped as that tiny voice reached her ears, causing her to turn to see a sopping wet, shivering little unicorn filly, staring up at her with these big, sad, scared magenta eyes as water dripped off her tiny frame.

"Oh, my goodness!" Twilight exclaimed as she approached the filly. "Are you okay?!"

"...No..." the filly squeaked, weakly.

"Well, don't just stand there!" Twilight urged as she ushered the little one inside the castle. "Get in here before you catch your death of cold!"

On that, she slammed the doors behind her before she hurried the filly into her bed chamber. At that moment, Spike sleepily entered the room, along with Starlight Glimmer.

"Twilight?" Spike asked, rubbing his eye. "What's going on?"

"Is everything all right?" asked Starlight.

"Oh, Spike! Starlight!" Twilight exclaimed. "Good, you're awake! We have an emergency!" She then gestured to the shivering filly, causing the baby dragon and the light pink unicorn to gasp.

"Uh...I-I'll go get some warm towels and blankets!" Spike declared as he ran off.

"I'll go make some tea!" Starlight added as she galloped to the kitchen. Meanwhile, Twilight curled up next to the shivering filly, wrapping her tail and wings around her in the hope that it would at least give her some warmth. The filly looked up at the alicorn before she opened her mouth and said with chattering teeth "Th-th-th-thank-k-k y-y-y-y-you..."

"Of course," said Twilight. "What's your name?"

"M...Moonlight," the filly answered. "Moonlight Essence."

"Hi, Moonlight," said Twilight a warm, gentle tone. "I'm Twilight Sparkle."

"...Hi, Twilight," Moonlight replied.

"I got the blankets and towels!" Spike called as he walked in with piles of towels and sheets in his arms...although it looked to be too much for the little dragon to handle. Twilight, seeing his load, quickly used her horn to take the towels from his arms and neatly laid them down in a stack, then took another towel to dry Moonlight off with. Spike also took a towel himself before he began to help his princess friend give Moonlight the rub-down.

"There you go," said Twilight. "Is that better?"

"A little bit," Moonlight answered before she looked at Spike. "...You have a pet dragon?"

"Hey!" Spike shouted in a defensive manner. "I'm no one's pet!"

"Spike, take it easy," Twilight assured. "This is Spike, Moonlight, and he's one of my best friends."

"Oh, I see," Moonlight said. "I'm sorry about that, Spike."

"Well, you didn't mean it, so I'll let it slide," Spike replied.

"I'm back with the tea," Starlight said as she entered the room, as well, using her powers to hold a cup of tea on a saucer. "I hope it's hot enough for you."

"Thank you," Moonlight said as she tried to use her horn to take the cup...although it seemed a bit shaky and it looked like it was about to spill.

"Uh...maybe you should let me handle that," said Starlight as she used her own magic to set the teacup down in front of the filly.

"Sorry...I'm not good at using my magic, yet," Moonlight apologized.

"That's okay," said Twilight. "Oh, Moonlight, this is Starlight Glimmer."

"Hi," Starlight greeted while she smiled softly.

"Hi," Moonlight greeted back, although she didn't really look the older unicorn in the eye.

"So, uh...how come you were out in the rain?" Spike asked.

"Spike!" Twilight scolded.

"What?" Spike asked. "I'm pretty sure we're all thinking it!"

"Well, maybe she doesn't feel like answering that!" Twilight argued.

"...I was running away," Moonlight replied, "but...now I'm lost and I don't know where I am."

"Well, I'm sure your parents are looking for you," Starlight said. "Where are they?"

Moonlight's eyes went wide before she whimpered and bit her lip. Soon after, her eyes began to tear up.

"Oh!" Twilight gasped. "No, no, it's okay! Don't cry!"

Too late. The waterworks started running, and Moonlight buried her face in her forelegs before she let out a soft sob.

"They're...they're gone...!" she whispered, causing Twilight, Spike, and Starlight to gape in shock. "My Mom...my Dad...my big sister...! They're all...gone...!!"

"Oh, no," Starlight whispered, suddenly feeling an overwhelming guilt for asking the child about her family.

"Oh, Moonlight, it's okay!" Twilight assured as she nuzzled her. "Shhh...it's okay. Everything's gonna be okay."

"Man...poor kid," Spike said, sadly.

"Moonlight," Twilight called, gently, causing the sniffling filly to look up at her with slightly red, puffy eyes. "I don't know what happened, but...whenever you wanna talk about it, we'll be here to listen, okay?"

"...Okay," Moonlight nodded. "Umm...Twilight?"

"Yes?" Twilight asked.

"...I'm still really scared. Is it okay if I sleep with you?"

"Of course you can."

Hearing that seemed to assure the filly as Twilight used her magic to wrap a blanket around her to keep her warm.



"Will...will you still be here when I wake up?"

Hearing that caused Twilight's heart to melt.

"I promise," she told the filly, who smiled up at her before she lied her head down...and soon, she fell asleep.

"You two can go back to bed, now," Twilight whispered to Spike and Starlight. "I'll watch her and see how she feels in the morning."

"Are you sure you don't want us to stay in here?" Spike asked.

"We don't mind taking turns watching her," Starlight added.

"It'll be fine," Twilight assured. "You go and get some rest."

After a moment of hesitation, Spike and Starlight turned and left the room while Twilight glanced down at Moonlight, who breathed softly in her sleep and murmured a few things, but other than that, she seemed to be at peace. Still, Twilight kept her close to her side, her wing wrapped gently around the little filly as the rain finally ceased and the clouds parted...revealing the soft, sparkling, silvery rays of Luna's moon.


Meanwhile, up in the mountain range, Stormhowl, Swiftclaw, and their fellow wolves walked along the path...where they found themselves in the company of many more wolves, all of them wearing suits of armor, just like them...and before them...was a wolf who was even larger than the rest. His fur was a deep gray color with a lighter gray muzzle, underbelly, and legs. He was clad in armor as black as coal, and upon his head was a helmet with five spikes, almost giving it the appearance of a crown.

However, his most distinguishing feature had to be his left eye. While his right was golden yellow in color, the left eye was white with a rather large scar going down it...and lying before him was the corpse of a magenta unicorn mare with a hot pink mane and tail with a streak of purple. Her cutie mark consisted of a blue star with yellow and orange fireworks bursting around it. Her neck held a large gash, and the fatal wound was still fresh while her mouth hung open with a look of horror in her lavender eyes.

"Well, well," said the large alpha wolf. "You have returned, my sons. So...where is the stone?"

"...About that, Father," said Swiftclaw. "I...I tried to get the stone from the filly who had it...but-"

"But?" the alpha wolf repeated, narrowing his eyes. "What do you mean 'but'? Where is my stone, Swiftclaw?!"

"...It's...gone," Swiftclaw replied. "The filly jumped down into a river before I could get her to relinquish it and-"

"You IDIOT!!" the alpha shouted as he struck Swiftclaw in the face with the back of his paw, sending him down into the mud. "I gave you a simple task, and you can't even do THAT right?!"

"Father, please, I-" Swiftclaw started.

"Father, let me explain," Stormhowl spoke up. "There's still a chance the stone could be out there...as well as the filly who has it in her possession. After all...we don't really have proof that she didn't survive the fall."

"...I suppose not," the alpha surmised.

"So...starting first thing tomorrow morning," Stormhowl began, "I shall take a small pack of wolves and go find this filly."

"...Very well," the alpha said. "As my oldest son, I trust your judgement, Stormhowl. I should never let your brother do your job."

"Thank you, Father," Stormhowl nodded while Swiftclaw sneered.

"Come morning, you will continue the search for the Stone of Wishes," said the alpha as a wicked grin appeared on his muzzle. "Soon...all of Equestria will be mine, and neither Celestia, nor Luna, nor Mi Amore Cadenza will stand a chance against me, Warfang, the King of Wolves!!"

On that, he threw his head up to the sky and gave a long, haunting howl, and the other wolves soon joined in. Only Swiftclaw remained silent as he turned and walked away from the scene. As he did, he looked down at a puddle, where he saw his reflection staring back at him...and all he could do was sigh as he looked away.

'What am I doing...?' he thought.

Author's Note:

So, this isn't really my first MLP story. I actually did some before, but I barely knew what I was doing. I just thought I'd start fresh with this.

So, yeah, comment and tell me what you think.